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Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association

22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419


Dear Friends, The Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee have continued to make progress in establishing governance business practices and a vision for Camp Lutherwood. An Executive Director Succession Plan and a Board Conflict of Interest Policy were developed. Also, with the first phase of the Master Plan design completed, the advisory committee will be working with a consultant to develop a Marketing Analysis. This coming year the Board and Advisory Committee will also be working on a new Strategic Plan. Camp Lutherwood continues to be blessed with the leadership of our executive director, Andrea Scofield. At the Octoberfest Event, the Board and I recognized Andrea for her 20 summers at Camp Lutherwood. Additionally, I am always amazed with the talented, dedicated staff that Andrea has to support her. Caitlin Elwood, the Camp Lutherwood Resource Development Director, has brought endless energy and creative ideas to bring the resources needed to run the camp. Programs, communication, facilities, guest services, outreach, finances, resources…. and the challenges that come with carrying out these ministries are always tackled head on by the leadership and staff of the camp. We lost a dear friend and board member, Stephen Vorhes, this past year. Stephen served on the Advisory Committee for many years and was a member of the Board of Directors. His deep commitment and love for Camp Lutherwood will be missed. Several trees were planted at Camp this past fall in memory of Stephen and his contributions to camp. As I ponder all that has happened in 2016, I keep on coming back to - What is most important in my life? My treasures on earth are most important, these include my faith, family, friends, community and my outdoor sanctuaries. My treasures are interconnected, contributing to my daily experiences and accomplishments. Notice that none of these treasures are “things” or material goods, they are live beings that I have relationships with. You might challenge me and say that outdoor sanctuaries are “things” - but are they really? Camp Lutherwood is one of those outdoor sanctuaries. My relationship with Camp Lutherwood is not with its’ buildings, but with the people, ministries and natural places. Camp Lutherwood is truly “A Place Set Apart” for all that choose to have a relationship with it. My challenge to all of you in 2017 is “how do I strengthen my relationship with Camp Lutherwood and how do I introduce more people from our churches, communities, family and friends to this outdoor sanctuary.” I thank my fellow board members for another year of thoughtful board engagement. Thanks also go out to the Advisory Committee for completing their work on the Succession Plan and initiating work on the Market Analysis. I say goodbye to one of our board members who will not be returning. Thank you Jonathon Cavanagh for your serving on the board and executive committee these past 3 years. Also, thank you in advance to the board applicants that will be joining the board in 2017. Thank you for attending this Annual Association Meeting. I look forward to seeing you around camp in 2017 and thank you for your continued support of Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Terry Buchholz Board of Directors, Chair 22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419 | (541) 998-6444 |

22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419 | (541) 998-6444 |


February 4, 2017

Welcome and Introductions President Terry Buchholz Opening Prayer Pastor Jeremy Lucke, Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath Going Places Together Pastor Chris Kramer, Nativity Lutheran Church, Bend What Happened in 2016? Year in Review Lutherwood Staff & Video

Business meeting begins: Approval of Minutes: 2015 Annual Meeting Terry Buchholz pages 3-4 2016 Reports Andrea Scofield and Lutherwood Staff

• Organizational Update: Andrea Scofield, Executive Director pages 6-7 • Resource Development: Caitlin Elwood page 8 • Outreach & Guest Services: Kirsten Larsen pages 9-10 • Facilities Manager: Mark Ellsworth page 11 • Program: Andrea Scofield & Jennifer Pulscher page 12 • Marketing & Communication: Maddie Bernard page 13 Treasurer’s Report John Gustafson page 14

• 2016 Financial reports pages 15-18 2017 Budget Presentation John Gustafson

New Business: Approval of the 2017 Budget

Terry Buchholz, John Gustafson

Terry Buchholz page 19 Libby Isensee Thank you to Jonathon Cavanagh his years of service to the Board of Directors. We also remember and thank Stephen Vorhes for his years of service to Camp Lutherwood Oregon and the Board of Directors.

Approval of Board of Directors

Thinking Ahead: 2017 And Beyond • Staffing Update – new position: Director of Operations • 2017 Summer Program highlights • Conduct Marketing Analysis as follow-on to the Master Plan • Revise the Articles of Incorporation • Strategic Planning • Signage project to begin this spring Volunteer and Program opportunities

• High School Retreat: February 17-19, 2017 at Camp Lutherwood Oregon • Work Days April 29, May 20, and June 3, 2017 • Staff training begins June 13th & campers arrive June 25th Announcements & Adjournment Closing Prayer Andrea Scofield CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2016 ANNUAL MEETING


2015 Annual Meeting of the Association Minutes Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2015 Annual Association Meeting January 30, 2016 Location: Meeting was held at Good Shepard Lutheran in Albany, Oregon. Board In Attendance: Lennie Torgerson, Terry Buchholz, Jonathan Cavanagh, Alan Christensen, Debi Eisert, Alan Christensen, Steven Vorhes. Absent: Pastor Jon Strasman Members in Attendance: St. Luke’s Lutheran (Portland): Alan Christensen, Judy Christensen, Craig Farnstrom Price of Life Lutheran (Oregon City): Lenora Torgerson, Lars Torgerson Emmaus (Eugene): Debi Eisert (Del.), Gerry Stolp (Del.), Heidi Stolp, Steven Vorhes (Del.) Our Savior’s Lutheran (Eugene): Rev. David Paulson St. Andrew’s Lutheran (Beaverton): Robert Buchholz, Terry Buchholz, West Linn Lutheran: Pr. Tim Hertzfeldt-Kampreth, Jan Eppelsheimer, Gary Eppelsheimer Grace Lutheran (Corvallis): Wendy Geist, Donna King United Lutheran (Eugene): Ellen Krueger (Del.), Jim Krueger (Del.), John Gustafson, Pr. Tom Dodd (Del.), Lowell Nelson, Brent Hample Peace Lutheran (Salem): Donna Koehneke Beautiful Savior (Vancouver): Julie Ringnalda St. Mark’s Lutheran (Salem): Verne Deplais St. Paul’s Lutheran (Portland): Pr. Kelle Nelson St. Andrew’s Lutheran (Vancouver): Phil Isensee, Pr. Martha Maier Faith Lutheran (Junction City): Michelle Guillory Gloria Dei (Coos Bay): Sam Kost 15 members in attendance, 27 delegates in attendance (maximum of three per member church). Call to Order: Lennie opened the meeting at 1:05PM Introductions of officers and board. Ministry of Hospitality. Overview of camp by Andrea. Video presentation. Question and discussion about camp counselors and where counselors come from. Business Meeting began: at 1:32PM Prior Minutes Terry Buchholz moved to approve the 2015 annual meeting minutes and special meeting minutes, Pastor Tom Dodd seconded. Unanimous voice approval.



2015 Annual Association Meeting Minutes, continued 2015 Reports -Andrea gave an organizational update on the camp. Andrea discussed organizational goals and how far the camp has come in her six years as executive director. In addition, 2016 is an ACA accreditation year. -Caitlin Elwood gave presentation on development, including fundraising. -Greta Nycklemoe presented on guest services and reported on return groups. Greta discussed rental groups and transparency. -Vicky Hart presented on communication and outreach, which is a new position. Discussed social media outreach as an attempt to increase interest and promote the camp. -Andrea presented on staff and site because David was unable to make the meeting. Year round availability created additional complications, including cleaning, food preparation, and increased staffing requirements. Need for more staff. This also puts more stress on the facility, resulting in deferred maintenance, because camp was built as a summer camp with seasonal use. Treasurer’s Report -John Gustafson gave a report on the 2015 financials. Rental income was a lot better, summer campers decreased, and a wonderful year-end gift. Went from a small surplus, to a large surplus based on a $100,000 gift. -John informed the Association that MIF loans are up for review in 2017. 2016 Budget Going into 2016, the summer program rates will be by 3%. The budget is based on camper participation at the lowest tier rate. Rental rates have increased by 10%. Adding a full-time program director, along with a small increase in the current staff. We will continue working with UO design staff. Budget is balanced as presented, but will take support and donations to achieve. Andrea presented on the $100,000 unrestricted year-end gift. Pastor David Paulson moved to approve the 2016 Budget, Debi Eisert seconded. Unanimous approval. No abstentions. Bylaws Discussion ensued. Terry Buchholz motioned to approve the Bylaw, Pastor Tim Hertzfeldt-Kampreth seconded. David Paulson moved to amend “have full pulpit fellowship” be changed to “are full communion partners” in all places. Seconded by Pastor Tim Hertzfeldt-Kampreth. Unanimous approval, no abstentions to amendment. Steven Vorhes moved to amend Article VII, Section 4, to insert “or special meeting” in the first sentence after “annual Association meeting.” Terry Buchholz seconded this amendment. Unanimous approval, no abstentions to amendment. Terry Buchhlz has called the original question, as amended. Seconded by Pastor Tim Hertzfeldt-Kampreth. 27 votes in favor based on a hand vote. 0 opposed. 0 abstentions. Required approval by 2/3rds of delegates, 100% approved. Revised Bylaws are approved. Board of Directors Nominations Terry Buchholz introduced new directors. Craig Farnstrom, Donna Koehneke, Pastor Kelle Nelson, and Pastor Jeremy Lucke. Pastor Tom Todd moved to approve slate, Michele Guillory seconded. 2016 and Beyond Andrea presented 2016 changes. This includes changes to staffing structure. Discussion about design changes in partnership with UO. Volunteer and Program Opportunities Andrea mentioned work days and a great opportunity for volunteers to spend time at camp. Closing Prayer: Caitlin Elwood gave the closing prayer. Adjournment: Meeting Adjourned at 2:58PM. Respectfully submitted. Jon Cavanagh, Board Secretary CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2016 ANNUAL MEETING


2016: A Year in Photos Outdoor Schools Work Days New Life! High School Retreat Christmas Tree Hunts Snow!

Winter Summer

Spring Fall

Camp! 4th of July Staff Reunion Weddings



Harvest Fest Middle School Retreat Tree dedication New road Fall leaves!

Andrea Scofield, Executive Director

Executive Director Report “Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved Children, and live in love, as Christ loved us. -Eph. 5:1-2

Thousands of campers. Hundreds of staff. Seven years. Twenty summers. For more than 58 years Lutherwood has been “Following the Leader” by providing a place set apart that offers safe and hospitable opportunities to live in community, play, worship, pray, sing, laugh, and be out in nature. 2016 was one more year where the Gospel was shared in a variety of ways. One of the most impactful experiences for me, personally, was to say good bye to a dear camp supporter, friend, and mentor, Stephen Vorhes. Stephen served on the board of directors and also played an active role on the Advisory Committee. On my last visit with Stephen before he died, he held my hand and said “I will be cheering you on from the sideline”. I will remember that Stephen, along with others who have gone before us, are cheering us on and encouraging us in our good work. Stephen loved Camp Lutherwood. He loved Lutheran outdoor ministries and it showed in his dedication and commitment to this place and the people. Stephen is missed by many. I am thrilled that we have a living memorial at Lutherwood. We planted five Dogwood trees on the sidelines of camp in memory of Stephen. The trees are a constant reminder that we are not alone and that God, along with Stephen and others, cheer us along and support us in the ministry of camp. For that I am extremely grateful. 2016 was a challenging year in several ways. It has been seven years since I began as the Executive Director, and not including the challenging first year, this past year was the other most difficult. Our numbers reflect those challenges. Cash flow is often the most difficult. The year round staff and I are constantly working towards having a more consistent cash flow. We are thankful for our generous donors and congregations that support us throughout the year and ease the cash flow burden. The year round staff are amazing to work with and our 2016 summer staff were a great group of gifted individuals. All our staff, both summer and year round, give their heart and soul to their work serving our guests and campers. This annual report is full of statistics and information. The year round staff and I, along with the board, have been diligent in reporting all the details. If you have not found everything you are wanting to know about camp in this report, please contact me directly and we can discuss further details. I encourage you to read all the reports which gives a full look back on 2016 and some pieces of what 2017 will bring.



Executive Director Report, continued

We have taken some leaps of faith for 2017. We have hired Jennifer, the Director of Programs, and she began in January. We are also waiting to hear the results of the capacity building grant we submitted to the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust for a full time Director of Operations. We should know those results by the end of May and hopefully hire a director by the fall of 2017. The board of Directors and I have looked at where we want to be in five years and we are working towards those goals. The Director of Programs is a crucial position and I am thrilled to have Jennifer join our team as well as looking forward to our Director of Operations hire and arrival. We have nearly completed the design phase of the new buildings many of us have envisioned for Lutherwood. The next steps are a market analysis, then a feasibility study, and any re-design as necessary, then the decision of how best to phase the work to be done. The board and Association of congregations make the decisions for the future of camp. It is an exciting time to be part of creating the future of Lutherwood. I pledge to you my faithfulness in being good stewards of the resources we have been given, to include as many voices as possible, and to keep the best interest of the campers, church, and organization at heart. Thank you to our supporting congregations, the board of directors, the advisory committee, the summer and year round staff, our camper families, dedicated donors and volunteers . This is our camp and we are in this together. As our world gets a bit messier right now…..I know it is true that we all need a space for Sabbath where we can play, pray, laugh, worship, listen, and serve together. Let’s continue to make that happen. I encourage you to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to participate in the ministry of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. “DIVE IN” with us for the summer of 2017. Blessings,

Andrea Scofield, Executive Director

Income Review 2011- 2015 Jan - Dec 11 Summer-Full Week Camp

Jan - Dec 13

Jan - Dec 14

Jan - Dec 15

Jan 2011 - Dec 2015 Summer-Full Week Camp





Summer-Week-end Retreat






Summer-Mini Camp






Summer-Mini Camp


Summer-Family Camp






Summer-Family Camp


Summer-Other Groups


Summer-Other Groups Non-Summer Program Retreats Day Camp Rentals & Group Use Donations Fundraising - event non-donation Store Income Other Income Total Income


Jan - Dec 12
















































Summer-Week-end Retreat

Non-Summer Program Retreats Day Camp Rentals & Group Use Donations

635,600.50 13,929.46

31,911.60 149,084.00 180,945.30 1,848,845.57

Fundraising - event non-donation


Store Income


Other Income Total Income

14,824.00 3,056,908.55

Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development

Office of Development Report 2016 was an exciting year for Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Volunteer hours totaled over $23,000 towards inkind giving, and the organization worked steadily on laying the groundwork for new projects, positions, and programming. Camp’s partnership with Urban Collaborative on new building concepts, collaborating with volunteers on Thrivent Action Team projects, applying for a Murdock Charitable Trust grant, and meeting with constituents from throughout Oregon and Southwest Oregon, as well as much more, made 2016 an informative and transformative year. There is still a lot of work to be done as we head confidently into 2017 with a plan to increase giving and engage even further with organizations and individuals. In-kind & Volunteer

Development Highlights in 2016:

Individual & Family Other Camperships/ Scholarships



generated in volunteer

Planned Gift

hours ($15,000 in 2015)

more volunteer hours than 2015



• Submitted final report for Murdock Charitable Thrivent Choice/ Trust Office of Development Grant Gift Multiplier • Volunteer hours exceeding $20,000 in value Synod • Murdock grant funding Director of Benevolence Operations submitted ($135,000 over 3 years) Businesses • Year-End Appeal raised over $55,000 • Completion of Urban Design Lab scope of work Other Foundations

3rd Annual Fall Fundraiser: Harvest Festival Oct. 1, 2016 Thanks to these churches for donating an auction basket!


Save the Date! The 2017 Fall Fundraiser is on September 30, 2017

Congregation Foundations Congregations

Development Goals for 2017:

net raised at event

Christ the Good Shepherd, Salem Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Faith Lutheran Danish Ladies, Junction City Fire Lawn Lutheran Church, Sweet Home Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Coos Bay Immanuel Lutheran Church, Silverton Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Prineville Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath Peace Lutheran Church, Salem St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland Trinity Lutheran Church, Cottage Grove Zion Lutheran Church, Oregon City

total raised in 2016



• Signage Project • Cascara expansion and shower addition •Fundraising goal of $417,964 for 2017 • Harvest Festival Celebration & Fundraiser (September. 30, 2017) - Increased congregational involvement - Goal of $75,000 • Gray Family Foundation Deferred Maintenance grant -$35,000 ( Requiring a $17,500 match) • Continued outreach to individual and organizational donors • Five new planned giving commitments



Kirsten Larsen, Guest Services & Outreach Coordinator

Facility Rentals Report Camp Lutherwood Oregon continues to serve a variety of rental groups every month of the year, from weddings, to outdoor schools, even regional campus ministry retreats and live-action role play events. Despite turnover in the guest services position, we booked nearly a third of available rental dates. We are grateful for all the people who continue to make Camp Lutherwood their place!

Guests by Month: 2013 to 2016

Guests by  Month:  2013  to  2016  



guests served in 2016

450 400   350  

Gross Revenue by year

2013: $23,515 2014: $52,500 2015: $77,817

300 250  









2016: $81,659 Total Revenue: 2013-2016:


nu Fe ary br ua ry M   ar ch   Ap ril   M ay   Ju ne   Ju l Au y   Se gu pt st   em b Oc er   t No obe ve r   m De be ce r   m be r  


Total Guests: 2013-2016


of avaliable days were rented

in 2016


meals cooked for rental groups

Facility Rental Goals for 2017: • Establish a streamlined process for rental guests • Move towards digitizing the reservation process • Implement systems to track inquiries and reserved groups


times the number of guests in the summer


47% of groups were

• Continue strong communication and immediate response to inquiries and groups throughout the booking process

first time groups

• Review pricing to reflect costs, and create a package for outdoor schools


Kirsten Larsen, Guest & Outreach Coordinator

Outreach Report Outreach Highlights in 2016:

LW Sundays & Outreach Events*

Partnering with churches in Oregon and Southwest Washington, as well as local schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations continues to be an important value of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. In 2016, we visited 12 churches and schools for Lutherwood Sundays, chapel visits, and synod assemblies. It is always such a pleasure to be out in the community, to play, to explore, and to worship! This network of relationships continues to support and sustain Camp Lutherwood Oregon in all that we do throughout the year. Thank you for welcoming us into your community when we visit, and for your continued prayers and contributions! 2016 Chaplains:

20 Lutherwood Sundays already scheduled for 2017

Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver, WA Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Immanuel Lutheran, Silverton McMinnville Cooperative Ministries Nativity Lutheran, Bend Prince of Life Lutheran, Oregon City St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA St. Mark Lutheran, Salem Trinity Lutheran School, Bend United Lutheran, Eugene West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Zoar Lutheran Church, Canby *Area of much needed growth in 2017

Camp Chaplains provide spiritual support and prayers for our college-aged summer staff. Chaplains often give a homily at morning worship. Pr. Joe Medley, Fir Lawn Lutheran, Sweet Home Pr. Carl Hansen, Colton Lutheran, Colton Chaplains Lisa Ballard DCE, Grace Lutheran, Scappoose Pr. Chris Manisto, Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver, Pr. Andrew Rickel, outdoor Holy Trinity Lutheran, Portland schools on site



Outdoor Education: This year’s election brought exciting news for environmental education at Lutherwood: Oregon’s Measure 99 passed! Measure 99 allocates $22 million of lottery funds for every 5th or 6th grader in Oregon to attend Outdoor School. Oregon is now the only state in the U.S. with dedicated funds for Outdoor Education. Lutherwood has begun discussions with the Whole Earth Nature School, a non-profit based in Eugene, to provide curriculum for Outdoor School at Lutherwood. They have provided programs for one of our elementary schools in the past, and they specialize in outdoor immersion experiences.

Outreach Goals for 2017: • Increase presence in LCMS and other affiliated Lutheran congregations and schools • Increase the number of visits to schools and churches • Increase weekday site use in the spring, fall and winter • Host outdoor schools in the fall, and increase the total number of outdoor schools



Mark Ellsworth, Interim Project Manager

Site & Facilities Report Camp Lutherwood Oregon serves thousands of children and adults every year, year after year. There are, 71 acres, 20 buildings plus some limited hiking trails that are part of the physical plant.


Every part of our property and the structures that are contained within has its own unique and individual needs that require constant vigilance in order to have them operable throughout the entire year.

volunteer hours

We all work diligently to address deferred maintenance, plan and coordinate projects for the facilities always with the goal of how to best serve our campers and guests.

in 2016

That’s $23,000

Site & Facilities Highlights from 2016: Road & Trails

• New road and road bed extension from upper cabins to horse corral. -Thanks Emerald Excavating and Rodger Knebel and his crew • New trail blazed on new property beyond hammock village -Thanks Krueger Family Coverage Projects

• New covered wood storage rack build behind shop to store lumper under cover. -Thanks Jim Krueger, Tom Mains and Tom Hellickson • Constructed covered firewood storage area for seasoned wood -Thanks Jim Krueger and his crew

• Professionally and permanently fixed leak in lodge roof • Shop roof cleaned of thick layer of moss and gutters emptied Pool

• Back wash drain field for pool filter sytem replaced with new piping to allow better flow. -Thanks Emerald Excavating • Replaced sand and gravel in all three pool filters Office & Cottage

• Replaced and installed new roof on office. -Thanks Tom Mains • Replacement of hot water heater in cottage General projects

Site & Facilities Goals for 2017: • Replace walk in freezer and refrigerator • Replace stand up freezer • Replace three lodge exterior entry doors • Upgrade drinking water system pump and well head • Replace propane heating stove in cottage

Medley and James Miller

• Replace and install new camp directional signage

• New decking off one of the A-frame cabins -Thanks Bill Johnson

• Install new challenge course swing

and his Salem crew

• Re-grade and gravel front parking lot

• New walking bridge and sign with fresh stain -Thanks Rev. Joe

• Built and stained new craft shed tables -Thanks Rev. Joe Medley • Replaced fence around the drain field septic system • Three new large steel fire rings. -Thanks Raymond Stelzer • Lodge bathrooms completely repainted -Thanks Mark Ellsworth • Created designated burn site near horse corral



2017 projects total about $142,000 All projects are begun as cash is available. Thanks to everyone who contributes to Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Kirsten Larsen, Guest Services & Outreach Coordinator; Andrea Scofield, Executive Director

Program Report Program Highlights in 2016: In 2016, Camp Lutherwood invited 482 campers, families, leaders, and volunteers to play, relax, and reflect on God’s word. Thirteen congregations hosted Day Camp throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Each week this summer, campers on- and off-site explored what it means to Follow the Leader through feeding, forgiveness, love, service, and prayer. We learned that we are to “…be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love, as Christ loved us.” (Eph. 5:1-2)

Summer Program Campers: 2013-2016

Summer staff exemplified what it looks like to Follow the Leader during worship, campfire, and all camp activities.

Confirmation Churches (26) Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver WA Calvary Lutheran, Hillsboro Central Lutheran Eugene Creator Lutheran, Clackamas Gloria Dei Lutheran, Coos Bay Grace Lutheran, Corvallis Messiah Lutheran, Vancouver WA Memorial Lutheran, Vancouver WA Peace Lutheran, Philomath Nativity Lutheran, Bend St. Mark Lutheran, Salem St. Matthew Lutheran, Washougal WA St. Paul Lutheran, Sherwood St. Andrew Lutheran, Vancouver WA St. Andrew Lutheran, Beaverton St. Stephen Lutheran, Gladstone Trinity Lutheran, Vancouver WA West Linn Lutheran, West Linn Zoar Lutheran, Canby

Day Camp Churches (13) Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver WA Creator Lutheran, Clackamas Central Lutheran, Eugene Faith Lutheran, Albany First Lutheran, Astoria Grace Lutheran, Corvallis Hope Lutheran, Klamath Falls Milwaukie Lutheran, Milwaukie Our Redeemer Lutheran, Eugene St. Andrew Lutheran, Beaverton Trinity Lutheran, Cottage Grove West Linn Lutheran, West Linn Zion Lutheran, Camas WA

Summer Theme 2017: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” (Isaiah 43:2) Get washed with God’s love as we study Bible stories that highlight the significance of water this summer. Water is an important symbol of how God washes away sin, His ending love, and God’s ability to hear. Plus, it reminds us of the waters of our baptism! Come Dive In with us!

High School Retreat (Feb. 19-21): “Paths Untrodden” Pr. Ron Werner Jr. encouraged us to examine our faith stories through a variety of spiritual practices. Middle School Retreat (Oct. 7-9): “Pieces of the Puzzle” Campers explored their unique identities in Christ and how we can work together in the body of Christ.

Welcome Jennifer! Jennifer Pulscher joined the Camp Lutherwood Oregon team as the Director of Programs and Spiritual Renewal. CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2016 ANNUAL MEETING


Maddie Bernard, Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Marketing & Communication Report Our marketing and communication projects continued to grow this year. 2016 was our second summer having a Media Intern position in our summer staff, and photos and weekly videos were posted frequently. Our social media accounts also grew immensely this year as we reached a larger audience. We gained more than 100 new followers on Facebook, and more than doubled our amount of followers on Instagram. We ran our second #givingtuesday campaign in November with a goal of raising $3,000 to send 8 campers to camp and “fill a cabin.” The campaign was published through Facebook, Instagram, and email, exceeded our goal, and raised $3,300 (a $2,300 increase from the 2015 campaign). It engaged nine return donors and three first-time donors though web advertising alone. On the print side, we continued to send postcards for each Lutherwood event, and even a summer staff Christmas card to campers. Our fall 2016 newsletter was met with high praise as it highlighted stories from the summer and focused on the relational aspect of camp. The stories in the publication raised $1,025 for Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Social Media Milestones:


106 like increase from 2015

total “likes” on


Top 5 Facebook Posts: (by likes) • • • • •

American Camp Accreditation (101) Snow at camp cover photo (98) Fall at camp cover photo (74) Jennifer’s arrival to camp (73) Outdoor Chapel tree (56)

Print Publications: • Annual Meeting postcard • Annual Meeting packet • High School Retreat flyer • Oktoberfest/Fourth of July Save-the-Date card • Thrivent Choice postcard • Spring Newsletter • Spring Appeal letter • Summer Program flyers • Contact Us card • Friday Post (9 editions) • Oktoberfest invitations • Middle School Retreat postcard • Fall Newsletter • Winter Appeal letter • Christmas postcard • Christmas card • Summer brochure • Staff Recruiting postcard • Thank You photo collages for volunteers • ... and more!!


new videos on

Youtube On average, we reached

535 people with each Facebook post 429 average reached in 2015

172 new followers on 285 total followers



Marketing Goals for 2017: • Continue to grow social media accounts and have 1,350 Facebook likes and 400 Instagram followers by 2018. Post interesting information that portrays Camp Lutherwood Oregon as a year-round organization • Freshen up sections of the website, such as weddings and rental group pages, so they always have current and accurate information. • Maintain up-to-date email databases and improve communication with congregational leaders


John Gustafson, Board Treasurer

Treasurer’s Report 2016 was good year at Camp Lutherwood. The cabins and pathways were completed. Further work was done with Mark Gillem and the University of Oregon Urban Design Lab on the future look of Camp Lutherwood. These accomplishments were able to be done thanks to a wonderful gift at the end of 2015. The Harvest Festival was another great success. All this being said campers were down in 2016 and so were donations leaving us with not a lot to start 2017 with. Thanks to all who came out to camp and volunteered their time and talents on the work days and other times throughout the year. It is hard to put a value on that time but this year we feel that the donated labor in 2016 was worth nearly $23,000. There is still much to do and we look forward to your continued support of Camp Lutherwood both financially and with your time and talents. Make sure you come to camp this year, bring your friends and remind your congregations about Camp Lutherwood, A Place Set Apart. Respectfully Submitted John Gustafson, Treasurer Hoorah!



Treasurer’s Report, continued

5% - Marketing & Outreach

January - December 2016 Expenses




3% - Capital Improvements


& Equiptments


Programs & Group Use

7% - Debt Service


2% - Consulting-

Facilities, Operations & Improvements

Building Design

January - December 2016 Income

1.15% - Fundraising (Non-Donation)

1.43% - Store 1.32% - Other


Donations 24.01%

Summer Program 14.01%

Rentals & Groups 0.85% - Non-Summer Program Retreats

4.04% - Day Camp



Treasurer’s Report, continued

Summary Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January through December 2016 Jan - Dec 16


$ Over Budget

% of Budget

Ordinary Income/Expense Income Income Accounts Summer Program





























Store Income





Other Income





Fundraising Income

















Contract Services





Payroll Expenses

Non-Summer Program Retreats Day Camp Income Rentals & Group Use Inc Rentals -Groups Lutheran Non-Lutheran Rentals-Groups Rentals & Group Use Inc Donations

Total Income Accounts Total Income Gross Profit Expense Expense Accounts





Staff Expenses










Program Expense





Administration Expense
























Kitchen Expense Non-Food





Store Purchases

















Total Expense





Net Ordinary Income









Rental Group Expense

Fundraising and Development Camperships Total Expense Accounts

Net Income



Treasurer’s Report, continued

Summary Balance Sheet Dec 31, 16 ASSETS Current Assets Total Checking/Savings


Other Current Assets Prepaid Expenses Total Current Assets

1,822.81 35,334.17

Fixed Assets Land Buildings

408,258.84 1,439,014.58

Roads & Pathways


Pool & Pool House


Equipments Office Equipment Vehicles Total Fixed Assets

73,724.04 1,750.00 12,500.00 2,462,928.12

Other Assets Total Other Assets - Climbing Tower TOTAL ASSETS

21,749.00 2,520,011.29

LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Credit Cards

2,246.62 972.25

Other Current Liabilities Prepaid Programs


Payroll Liabilities


Total Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities

23,100.54 26,319.41

Long Term Liabilities Mission Investment Fund Pool Loans Pacific Continental Bank Line of Credit Total Long Term Liabilities Total Liabilities

209,395.76 25,000.00 234,395.76 260,715.17

Equity Opening Bal Equity


Total 3000 · Equity Accounts


3015 · Retained Earnings


Net Income





2,259,296.12 2,520,011.29

Treasurer’s Report, continued

Statement of Cash Flows

January through December 2016

Adjustment to net cash increase for period Debt Service Loan Principal - MIF (Pool/Pool House)


Total Long-Term Debt Service












Roads & Pathways









Net cash after Other Adjustments



Total Begin Cash 1/1/16



Total Beginning cash and total of Adjustments to Net Income above



Cash at end of period - all bank accounts






Line of Credit Advance Capital increases

Capital increases: Buildings - Upper Cabins Completion Equipments - Washer & Dryer; Projector Purchases Road Improvements Vehicles - Toyota Pickup purchase



Board of Directors & Advisory Committee Board of Directors: Terry Buchholz President - St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton Alan Christensen Vice President - St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland Jonathan Cavanagh Secretary -Portland John Gustafson Treasurer - United Lutheran Church, Eugene Craig Farnstrom Board - St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland Rev. Kelle Nelson DeBruin Board - Jan, St. Paul Lutheran Church., Portland Donna Koehneke Board - Peace Lutheran Church, Salem Lennie Torgerson Board - Prince of Life Lutheran Church, Oregon City In Memorial of Stephen Vorhes Board - Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene

Potential Nominees for Board of Directors 2017: Libby Isensee West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn

2016 Advisory Committee: Jim Krueger United Lutheran Church, Eucgene Gerry Stolp Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Eric Elwood Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Todd Edman Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Dave Frosaker Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Brent Hample United Lutheran Church, Eugene Diane Lang Non-Profit Leader, Eugene



Camp Lutherwood Community of Support Thank you to all congregations, associations, individuals, volunteers, organizations and summer staff who support the work and ministry of Camp Lutherwood Oregon!

Association Congregations Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Vancouver Bethesda Lutheran Church, Eugene Bethesda Lutheran Church Foundation, Eugene Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Endowment, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Foundation, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Women, Eugene Christ the King Lutheran Church, Tigard Church of Christians of Seventh Day, Portland Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Emmaus Lutheran Church Women, Eugene Faith Lutheran Church, Junction City Faith Lutheran Church, Albany Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland Grace Lutheran Church, Corvallis Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Coos Bay Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Portland Immanuel Lutheran Church, Woodburn Joyful Servant Lutheran Church, Newberg Messiah Lutheran Church, Eugene Milwaukie Lutheran Church, Milwaukie Milwaukie Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, Milwaukie

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Eugene Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath Peace Lutheran Ladies Guild, Philomath Prince Of Life Lutheran Church, Oregon City Springfield Lutheran Church, Springfield Saint Mark Lutheran Church, Salem St Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton St. Mark Lutheran Church, Salem St. Paul of Damascus, Boring Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas Trinity Lutheran Guild, Tulelake United Lutheran Church, Eugene West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portland Zion Lutheran Church, Camas

Individual Donors Dave & Glenda Andersen Dave & Ronni Anderson John & Christina Andrea J. Truman Baird David Bandick Louise Bandick Denny & Jane Batterson Nancy Becker Dick & Diane Bemrose Helen Berg Jean Beriault Jack & Inez Berkey Robert Bernardy Marilyn & Arthur Bervin

Scott & Kristi Beyer Jim & Nancy Bibler Don Charles Blom Katie Bode Rev. Jim & Carmen Bornzin Edgar & Marylouise Brandt Rick Brathovde, CFP, MBA, FIC Henry & Ardith Bretthauer Rebecca Brown Bob & Terry Buchholz Zach & Becci Buenau Mimi Burkholder Tim Carlisle Rev. Steve & Claudia Carlson Jake & Ruthann Carroll Robert & Lori Casteel Joseph & Suzanne Cavanagh Gayle Childress Alan & Judy Christensen Dr. Nathan & Ms. Samantha Christensen Craig Christensen Aaron Christian C.A. Coatney Charles Cole Cynthia & Ken Culpepper Cecil Dammen Lynn Danner Lorraine & Mason Davis Jana & Adrian Deiss Mark & Nancy Dickman Chuck & Arlene Dietz Trudi & James Diffendaffer Gay Kramer-Dodd & Rev. Tom Dodd Lou & Karen Drouet Elva & Marlene Duvall Charles & Sherry Eisenbach Caitlin Elwood Leslie & David Everson Margrethe Farnstrom Craig & Cindi Farnstrom Barbara Froman Jim & Nancy Fuerstenberg Betty & Elroy Fuller Henry Fuqua Debbie Gehrke

Larry & Diane George Lowell Gere Cindy & John Gibbon Kimberlee & Jim Gibbons Jerry & Joyce Gilbert Stephen & Shirley Gilbreath Mark & Sarah Gillem Robert & Kay Glathar Willard & Barbara Grabofsky Randy Greb George & Kerri Gubbins John & Courtney Gustafson Thomas & Katherine Schroeder Gustafson Rev. Walter and Mary Gustav Jack & Elsa Guthrie Mary & Paula Guthrie-Scott Brent & Monica Hample Clarene Hample Nancy & Jerome Hamren Sarah Heacock Paul & Jean Heins Ellen Heldt Doris Helikson Jennifer Helm Rev. Wendell and Rev. Netsie Hendershott Amy & Bruce Henderson James & Linda Henry Janice Henry Revs. Tim & Donna HerzfeldtKamprath Rudy & Pam Hiley Ken & Diane Hoffine Dana Howe Kathryn Hunt Joseph & Jo Anne Hynes Chris & Kim Ierien Phil Isensee & Rev. Martha Maier Rev. Harlow & Nancy Jacobson Myrtle Jaech Patricia & Dale Jamtgaard Carl & Marjorie Jensen Bill & Brenda Johnson Peter & Janet Johnson Don Johnson

Please note that we may have left names out unintentionally, please notify a Lutherwood staff member to correct this error CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2016 ANNUAL MEETING


Camp Lutherwood Community of Support, continued Individual Donors cont. Brent Johnson John & Mary Johnson Rev. Jeff & Karin Kallevig Walt & Laura Kastner Erin Kerr Beverly Killam Susan Kintner Kayla Klingman Debra & Rodger Knebel Rev. Dale A & Donna M Koehneke Aaron & Erika Kohn Patricia & Abner Korsness Sam Kost Sarah Kotchian Pamela Krause James & Ellen Krueger Marvin & Janice Kufahl Peter & Lori Kugler Chad & Bethany Lakies Frank & Naomi Larsen Steve & Kimberlee Larsen Rev. W.O. & A.L Lawson James & Darlene Leklem Rev. Jeremy & Alicia Lucke Paul & Marilyn Lund Neil & Patty MacInnes Rev. Charles & Debra Mantey Amy & Andy Mauck Clara Mays Chad & Emily McCann Debra & John McCarthy Denise Mcpherson Deb & Joe Medley Andrew & Jenny Meier Don & Judy Mertes Peter Metcalf Paul & Kathleen Michel Gretchen Miles Ron Mills Kelsey Minor Rev. Terry Moe Alvin & Violet Mohr Linda & Allen Nauman Tom & Diane Neely Lowell Nelson Rev. Kelle Nelson Bob & Maryls Newcomb Dan & Betsy Newell Paul & Debra Newkirk Greta Nycklemoe Steve & Janice Olivia Richard & Clintena Olsen Nancy Olsen

Laura Pahlmeyer Joanna Palmer Mike & Jane Paynter John & Cathy Pederson Chad & Ashley Peterson Leslie Peterson Jeffrey & Alice Phillips Ted & Yvonne Phillips Steve & Cheryl Rafoth Lisa Ramsey Rev. John & Susan ReutterHarrah Carol Rohlfing Rosemary Roth Sara & Josh Samuelson Steve & Debbie Sandau Amanda Sandau John & Lois Schrenk Laura Schroeder Joel & Mary Schuldheisz Beth Schwartz Andrea Scofield David Scofield Ray Scofield Elaine & Lester Sneff Robert & Nancy Shapiro Rod & Mitzi Shirk Dona Shoemaker Randy & Brenda Shults Manuel & Karen Silveira Phil & Nina Sjoding Nathan Skadsen Rob & Sue Skinner Patricia Smith Joyce Spence Charlotte Stelzer Raymond & Sarah Jane Stelzer Rod & Rhonda Stephens Jon Skogen & Steve Ransone Gerry & Heidi Stolp Jon & Jeranna Strasman Steve & Becky Stratton Paul & Debi Stromberg Brian & Deborah Sund J. Swanson Rev. Paul & Mary Swanson Leah Tag Cheryl & James Terrusa Elin & Rev.Paul Teyler Ronald & Carol Thompson Bill Thompson Neva Thompson Tom & Connie Thomsen Clark & Carolyn Tiecke Adalbert & Mildred Toepel Kurt & Lennie Torgerson

Rev. Roy & Edith Tribe Larry & Phyllis Vachal Gordon & Dorothy Vangsnes Sonja Vik Peter Vorhes Stephen Vorhes Thor Waage Marty & Liz Waananen Ellen Walton Allan & Sally Walton Richard & Kathy Whitwer James & Yvonne Wildish Ronald & Donna Wilsom Rev. Zane & Mary Beth Wilson Teresa Wilson Gary Wolfe Daniel Young Bruce & Vivian Zagar

Other Organizations AmazonSmile Emerald Excavating InFaith Community Foundation Murdock Charitable Trust Oregon Synod-Region 1 ELCA Pacific Continental Bank Technaprint Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars YourCause Thrivent Gift Multiplies

Volunteers Don Baker John Barnum Brian Barrett Jim Barta Katie Bode Luke Broker Bob & Terry Buchholz Clara Christensen Alan Christensen Ken & Cindy Culpepper Emma Dixon Rev. Tom Dodd Cathy Duong Melody Duriel Eric Elwood John Filbert Dave & Caryl Gibson Bob Glathar John Gustafson Jack Guthrie Oscar Guthrod

Melinda Guzman Zachary Hall Mark Haverward Watty Held Tom Hellickson Ethan Hendrix Kaitlin Hergert Bill & Brenda Johnson Andrea Johnson Quinn Johnston Kara Kaufman Isabella Kenny Jim Kilgore Kevin Kim Jordyn Kleinberg Rev. Dale & Donna Koehneke Jim Krueger Jeff Krueger Art Labuhn Khiem Lam Kimmy Lam Gregg Lockwood Rev. Jeremy Lucke Rev. John Luttemann James MacDonald Tom Mains Winter Manisto-Saari Samantha Matthew Rev. Joe Medley Natalie Mosman Lowell Nelson Rev. Jim Norlie Josh Olsen Kory Plakos Ben Post Noah, Jessica & Kimberlee Reitmeier Dustin & Caleb Rosenberg JJ Russell Riley Russell Rachel Sabatka Steve & Debbie Sandau Amanda Sandau Chris Sims Phil Sjoding Vaughn Smith Becky & Elle Stehle Charlotte Stelzer Ray Stelzer Heidi Stolp Blake Strom Ethan Tait Nick Tasker Nathaniel Taylor Joanna Thurner

Please note that we may have left names out unintentionally, please notify a Lutherwood staff member to correct this error



Camp Lutherwood Community of Support, continued Volunteers cont. Clark & Carolyn Tiecke Sarah Tolleson Lennie Torgerson Patrick Urbanski Rachel Vettrus Sid Voorhees Wendy Waananen Cathy Warner Ben Warner Jordan Weber Nathan Whitwer Kris Williams Bruce & Vivian Zagar Lyle Zimerman Nick Zita

2016 Summer Staff Lukas Aberle* Kaiti Bennett Maddie Bernard Laurie Campbell* Lauren Doxsee* Samuel Ferguson* Emily Glaser* Emily Green* Peter Gustafson* Melanie Hawk* Brian Hix* Zachary Inglesby* Quinn Johnston* Kasey Kallevig* Innocent Kisanga* Jordyn Kleinberg David Lafore Hallie Larson* Winter Manisto-Saari* Nathan Matters* Samantha Matthew Josiah McAllister* Steven McCarthy Brandie Mehlhorn James Miller* Theo Miller Natalie Mosman* Jessica Norris Claire Pahlmeyer Alondra Silva-Bucio* Rachel Summers Nathaniel Taylor* Becca Tew Nathan Tew Joanna Thurner Charlotte Trent Nathan Whitwer *Indicates new staff

Year Round Staff: Andrea Scofield Executive Director, Caitlin Elwood Director of Resource Development, Jennifer Pulscher Director of Programs & Spiritual Renewal, Maddie Bernard Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Kirsten Larsen Guest & Outreach Coordinator,

Brandie Mehlhorn Guest Services & Host, Cindy Culpepper Financial Administrator, Mark Ellsworth Site & Facilities Manager,

Melissa Shults Program Consultant,

Special Thanks to Former 2016 Year Round Staff Vicky Hart, Greta Nycklemoe, David Mattson, Melanie Hawk, and Jackie Hamper

Please note that we may have left names out unintentionally, please notify a Lutherwood staff member to correct this error

Thank you for making Camp Lutherwood Oregon your “place set apart!�



Camp Lutherwood Oregon mission


core values

what we do

Camp Lutherwood Oregon offers an outdoor experience that empowers staff and guests of all ages to discover caring and affirming relationships with God, others, self and the natural world.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is a vibrant center of spirituality, service, and hospitality open to people of all ages and faiths. Lutherwood provides experiences that bring people into a deeper awareness and connection with God, self, neighbor, the community and the earth. Laughter and shared experiences result in a richer understanding of the connectedness of life to one another and to the life giving grace from Creator God. We are a sustainable organization cultivating lives of faith and service.

- Community: Intentional, life-giving relationships with Christ as the core - Faith: Nurturing faith through sacred texts, sharing and experiential learning - Leadership: Trained and dedicated professional staff and volunteers - Stewardship: Responsible use of our resources and facilities - Worship: Inspired worship through creativity and music - Creation: Caring for and interacting with God’s Creation - Play: Non-competitive play and outdoor recreation - Our Lutheran Heritage: Lutheran theology, congregations, laity, clergy - Partnerships: Collaborative relationships with congregations, Lutheran judicatories, local, regional and national organizations, various faith communities, human service organizations along with schools & universities - Discovery: Providing a safe place for personal discovery and the cultivation of servant leaders

- Provide an exposure to and experiences in the great outdoors. - Teach about our connections to the natural world and how to be good stewards of the earth - Ground participants in community with others - Cultivate lives of faith and service - Play, laugh, be still, listen and try new things - Share delicious meals - Offer hospitality to everyone - Recognize all things as a gift from God - Encourage a life of gratitude in response to all God has done for us. | 541-998-6444

2016 Annual Report  

Read about what happened at Camp Lutherwood Oregon in 2016 and see what is to come in 2017!

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