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NEW FOR 2013 An American Camping & Travel Experience This unique opportunity, will truly immerse your child in the American culture. Starting with a 3 week stay at one of America’s top rated summer camps, your child will be entrenched in the American lifestyle, participating in activities and sports such as baseball, football, hiking, boating and fishing, to name a few.  To cap off this 4 week American Tour, your child will be visiting three of  America’s most famous cities: New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. During this travel week, your child will be part of a youth tour, which will be supervised by trained professionals.   Touring and visiting some of America's most iconic buildings and monuments, while learning about the city’s history will be a true educational experience.  What a fantastic way for you child to spend a part of their summer!  

Helping Your Child Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

CampLink My love for summer camp began many years ago. Following my first year at the University of South Florida, I was invited to join a summer camp as a counselor, and I've been back every year since. I have been with the same group of kids over the past five years and have watched them grow and develop from children to young adults.  Camp has been a tremendously positive experience for me,  and I consider my colleagues and campers a second family. The idea to take my passion for summer camp to the next level and make it my career came from a discussion I had with my business partner.  I met Frank Tucci a few years ago at a dinner with some dear friends. I stayed in touch with Frank on a regular basis since that first meeting.  I trusted his no-nonsense attitude and approach.  When I asked for career advise, he told to stick with something that I was passionate about, and I took this advise to heart.   As my senior year of college drew to a close, I had an idea that camping would become my career. I called Frank and ask him if he would help me develop a business plan and together we have brought CampLink to life.  CampLink is a family of teachers, coaches, former counselors, and many others who share our passion, not only for summer camp but for the children. With over 45 years of summer camp experience, our team is ready to help your children enjoy this unique opportunity, to grow as individuals, and forge lifelong friendships. Let CampLink get your children started on an adventure of a lifetime. 

CORY BENEDETTO CampLink President & Co-Founder Cory graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Finance from the University of South Florida. Cory’s passion for summer camp, coupled with his commitment to excellence, has made CampLink one of the premier referral agencies in the industry.