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“My heart is in the East ( Jerusalem ) and I am way out WEST”

Camp Philosophy Camp Judah West strives to instill within each camper a love for Israel, a devotion to the Torah, and an appreciation for nature, while integrating both intellectual and Modern Orthodox views. We provide each camper with opportunities for emotional, spiritual, and physical growth by honing in on and encouraging each child’s natural abilities. By reinforcing each individual’s positive self image and strengthening the importance of religious identity, we work to develop a unified camp community. Our ultimate goal is to provide an enjoyable and exciting summer experience that motivates our campers to approach life with courage, confidence, and happiness.



At Camp

Typical Day

Camp Judah West integrates aspects of informal

Exciting activities and programming fill each day at Camp Judah West. The daily schedule affords campers the time to explore individual interests and bond with peers. Each group’s schedule is carefully tailored to their specific needs and interests, based on age as well as gender. A typical day begins with Tefillah, followed by breakfast. After cabin clean-up, campers attend three morning activities. A buffet lunch and rest hour are followed by two additional activity periods and a recreational sixth period for the oldest age group. Activities include a daily Chinuch period. Our dynamic Jewish educators have designed a unique curriculum for the summer, to specifically intrigue our campers with fascinating Torah lessons, not discussed during the school year. Our older age groups have an optional daily Beit Midrash program for both boys and girls. Night activities include theatre productions, sports leagues, and group games. Following the evening snack, lights out is scheduled according to age. Note: This typical schedule is followed during regular program days. Special event days occur approximately every fifth day. On such days, campers enjoy either a trip day off camp grounds or special programming in camp. On Shabbat we develop a unique schedule in order to elevate the significance of Shabbat and create a unifying spiritual experience.

and formal Jewish education. The programming and activities create a transformative and fun, coed, outdoor summer experience for Jewish youths of all backgrounds. Camp Judah West was built on the fundamental principals of Torah and Nature’s impact on the environment. We strive to inspire and develop the minds, bodies, hearts, and souls of each camper by nurturing their commitment to Torah, Modern Orthodoxy, and Zionism. Balancing growth in sports and the arts, with a love for Torah and nature, we nurture a community defined by kindness, sportsmanship, personal responsibility, good citizenship, and mutual respect. Your goals at camp will be to learn new things, challenge yourself at new activities, make new friends and create life-long memories. We’ll help you achieve these goals and provide activities that challenge your range of abilities. You’ll receive top instruction and the full camp experience in a broad program of enriching and creative Judaic classes, athletics, adventure, and the arts. The pinnacle of a “sleep away” camp experience is our Shabbat activities. Shabbatot are the true highlight of the summer. The camp is filled with Zmirot, camaraderie and festive meals every Shabbat.

Meals During meal time, all campers unite to strengthen our sense of community. They share well balanced meals with a multitude of options. The menu is carefully planned with the campers’ needs and desires in mind. Each meal is served with fresh fruit and incorporates vegetarian options. Highlights include mid-morning “fruit breaks,” pasta/potato bars, and homemade soups. On Shabbat we strive to create meals reminiscent of home. Our canteen, known as “The Shuk @ Machane Yehudah,” is the highlight of many evenings. Each camper receives a credit, and is given the freedom to treat themselves to snacks and delights after night activities. The entire camp is strictly kosher.


Programs • • • • • • • • • •

Basketball Baseball Flag Football Volleyball Lacrosse Soccer Leagues Gaga Pits Roller/Floor Hockey Water Polo

Arts and Crafts • • • •

Painting Ceramics Calligraphy Mosaics

Outdoors Education • • • • • •

Green House Planting Rock Shaving Hiking Tree and Plant Discovery Build-A-Hut Floral design

Outdoor Adventures • • • • • •



Mountain Biking Hikes Wilderness Cooking Zipline Paintball Rappelling

Pioneering • • • •

Archery Rock Climbing Ropes Course Horseback Riding

Chinuch and BMP “Nachal Yehudi” • • • • • • • • • •

‫ צ ה”ל‬Army Unit

Medical First Aid Survival Tactics Create-A-Fire GPS tracking Night Hiking and Camping Basic Training Team Building Challenge Course Yom Tzionut Wildlife Defense

Drama and Movie Making • • • • •

Summer Play Judah’s GOT TALENT Mini Movie Maker Movie Trailer Galore Judah Concert Series

Water Activities • • • • • • •

Instructional Swim Lake Activity Ocean Kayaking Canoeing Surfing Tubing Sailing

• • • • • • • • • • •

Daily Classes Co-ed Beit Midrash Program 1-on-1 learning Sofer Stam Classes Practical Halacha 101 Eruv maintenance Tefillot and Services Musical Havdalla Kumzits Chazzanut Torah Reading Course

Creative Electives • • • • • • • • •

Cooking Baking iMovie Rock Band Glee Choir WoodShop Dance Gymnastics Music Mixing and Recording

Chinuch & Beit Midrash Program Our camp is built on strong torah values. This develops a culture of learning, and also creates an opportunity for our campers to engage themselves in a more intensive learning track throughout the summer. The BMP is geared toward boys and girls who want a more intimate and in-depth Chinuch track. Every camper participates in daily Torah classes, workshops, and lectures. Our Chinuch staff is made up of some of the best and most dynamic educators, with well-rounded backgrounds and impressive credentials. Rabbi Chaim Williams will serve as the Director of Chinuch and the BMP. Together with his team of High school students, College students, and post-college students, Rabbi Williams will be working closely with all the campers in regard to Chinuch, and more specifically the Beit Midrash Program.


Our Team Rabbi Aharon & Becky Assaraf “A meaningful, inspiring, and active summer in a Jewish sleep away camp setting can have a life changing influence on our youth” This quote is that of the founder and owner of Camp Judah West, Rabbi Aharon Assaraf. The camping industry is not a new area of interest of Rabbi Assaraf ’s, he has been involved in numerous camps from all over the country, and has over 15 years of camping experience. Leading “teen tours”, class trips, and day camps have been part of the DNA ingrained in him from a young age. As an educator, and his background in informal education, he truly understands the mindset of our youth today. His love for education, Judaism, and inspiring youth, has led him to opening Camp Judah West, and offer the best that the overnight camping industry has to offer. Rabbi Assaraf is rooted in the greater Los Angeles Jewish Community, and has close ties to the Jewish Communities in the Northeast Tri-state area, and South Florida. He is currently part of the Development and Administrative team at Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles. Together with his wife Becky, the Assistant Program Director, and Director of Communications and their three children, Jacob, Ruthie, and Julia, they are ready for what is going to be a magical and exciting summer. Rabbi Assaraf knows that in order to achieve his grand goals for the campers and that of a successful summer, he needs to build it on concrete fundamental principals with a commitment to Torah, Modern Orthodoxy, and Zionism. Email: and

Natalie Willams Natalie Williams M.A.T., is the Director of Camp Judah West and will act as Head of Girls campus. She will also be working closely with the program director on an everyday basis and have a major influence on the culture of camp. Natalie joined the team last year, and quickly earned a status of an immediate star. Her background in informal and formal education is amongst the top tier of current educators in the Day school system. She has extensive experience in education, programming, and leadership training. With her endless positive energy and innate talent connecting with children/adolescents, she is excited to help lead a premier camping experience. Natalie currently is the Director of Student Life and teaches at Maimonades Academy in Los Angeles. Her three energetic boys Adriel, Saadya, and Yedidya will be attending Camp Judah West this summer. The Assaraf ’s and Natalie Williams are childhood friends and grew up together in the same school and community in Miami Beach. We are thrilled to have her in the leadership of the camp. Email:

‫ב’ה‬ Shmuel Barak and Felice Gottlieb Shmuel Barak, Executive Director and Partial-Owner, will be bringing his years of experience in both the financial field as well as that of youth leadership to Camp Judah West. He will be advising on all camp related financials while maintaining an active role in the summer camp. His background in accounting along with his managerial experience perfectly compliments the qualities of the dynamic team at CJW. Shmuel’s true passion is youth leadership. He has been in youth work ever since his High School days when he served as assistant youth director for his local Synagogue in North Miami Beach. After graduating from Yeshiva University and moving to Los Angeles, he assumed the role of Youth Director at Congregation Mogen David. Currently, Shmuel runs the Teen Minyan at Young Israel of Century City. Having recognized the need for a Modern Orthodox sleep away camp on the West Coast, he is excited to work alongside his good friend Rabbi Aharon Assaraf in bringing the premier Southern California camping experience into fruition. Shmuel, along with his wife Felice, Assistant Director of Marketing, have instilled within their three children, Joshua, Brooke, and Max, a passion for Judaism and a love of Israel. It is those values that they hope to reinforce within each camper at Camp Judah West. Email: and

Rabbi Chaim Willams Rabbi Chaim Williams M.A., M.A.T., will be our Camp Rabbi and Director of Chinuch and Psychological Health. Rabbi Williams has advanced degrees in education and psychology. With his charismatic personality and experience as a Rabbi and an educator, he will lead our exciting Chinuch program and oversee spiritual matters. Rabbi Williams will also be the coordinator of our Beit Midrash Program, and oversee all Judaic operations that pertain to it. He will also train and mentor our staff in promoting and sustaining the well-being of all our campers with all of their individual needs. Rabbi Williams is a Long Island, NY native and brings with him extensive east coast sleep away camping experience. We are delighted to have such a well suited Camp Rabbi. Email:




Dates & Fees

Camp Judah West is located 2.5 hours southeast of Los Angeles, and is nestled in

July 10th – August 13th Full Session (5 weeks) $3,499 ($2,999 if paid in full by Jan 30th) July 10th – July 24th Half Session (2 Weeks) $1,599 Half Session (2 Weeks) $1,599 July 30th – August 13th Mini Session $499 July 23rd – July 28th Mini Session $499 August 7th – August 13th Camp Hoops / Camp Net “After Camp” $899 August 15th – August 21st July 28th Visiting Day

Cuyamaca State Park, just 40 minutes off the coast of San Diego. Our camp began just 4 years ago, on the same fundamental principals, with the start of our various sports day camps and traveling teen tours. Our commitment to providing a caring and exciting environment for personal growth while offering the best possible camping experience for your child remains unchanged. The Camp was founded by Rabbi Aharon Assaraf, an educator with over 15 years of camp experience, who believes that the future of the Jewish people is in the hands of our youth.

*For registration details please visit our website at

Camp Judah West


entering 3rd grade – 5th grade entering 6th grade – 7th grade entering 8th grade – 9th grade entering 10th grade

*Mini sessions available for girls & boys entering 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades

Scholarships In memory of Chaya Ruth Assaraf ob”m. A life-changing and inspiring Jewish summer camp experience is priceless. With that said, many Jewish families do not have the means or luxury to send their children to camp.

Ruthie’s Bunk Fund was created with those families in mind. Raised by his mother Ruthie, a single and hard working parent, Aharon Assaraf, the camp owner and founder, never thought he would be able to attend such camps. Due to the generosity of others and various scholarships and grants, organizations accepted him and his siblings. This inspired him to give in return. This ideology and the programming behind it remains a fundamental principal inherent throughout the camp. Our scholarship capabilities are simple and authentic – no camper will be denied a life-changing Jewish camping experience due to finances. We do not leave anyone who has a desire to come to Camp Judah West behind. All donations to Ruthie’s Bunk Fund are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. For more information, please visit

Winter Address

Summer Address

Camp Judah West PO BOX 35826 Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 788-2881

Camp Judah West 12561 Highway 79 Descanso, CA 91916 (760) 765-3000

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