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APRIL 2010

our members taking the time to

Welcome to Spring!

meet with these important partAs you prepare to open your campground

ners of our industry. For those of

for the 2010 season, we hope that you will take

you in areas 7, 8, and 9, there is

some time to review the articles in this issue of Update. still time to register for the April It’s jam packed full of information that will be important

10 meeting in Elliot Lake. The 2010 Show season is al-

to your business this year. Since our last issue, many things have kept the Board

so behind us as well. Attendance

and association staff busy. We held our first ever Camp-

at the RV shows this year was up across the province, as

ing and RV Lobby Day at Queen’s Park, in partnership

were trailer sales. This is great news for our industry. Keep

with our friends at ORVDA. It was a tremendous success!

your fingers crossed for great weather to go along with the

More than 20 meetings with MPPs were held, we attend-

camper enthusiasm!

ed Question Period, and had a great reception at the end

Once again, if you were not full last year, I urge you to

of the day. It was evident that MPPs were interested in our

consider the online reservation system. 1 out of every 2

story and our industry, and we plan to make this an an-

accommodation reservations are now made online, and

nual event.

that includes camping. If you have empty sites, then you

The Regional Meetings were a great source of infor-

should be taking advantage of this free tool that is grow-

mation. The 3-hour sessions on HST were lively, with lots

ing in popularity with campers. For more information, call

of questions for the Canada Revenue Agency representa-

the office and speak to a staff person.

tives. Our suppliers were very supportive at the Cambridge and Trenton events, and I was pleased to see so many of

Here’s to a great opening day! Bob Trask

president camping in ontario

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Executive Director’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Campers Helping Disabled Campers . . . . . . . . . 2010 Minimum Wage Increases . . . . . . . . . . . . General Coach Canada Offers Lease Program . . Bill 168: Countdown to Compliance . . . . . . . . . .

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Member Benefit Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Health and Safety training for Returning Staff. . 9 Welcome New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Dates to Remember . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Our Day at Queen's Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

New Minister of Tourism and Culture . . . . . . . . 13 2010 Ontario Tourism Summit in Muskoka . . . .15 Associates At Your Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17


The Board of Directors met for two days at the beginning of January to plan for the coming year. W cussion – and much debate - took place! The end result is a strong forward direction in terms of ad Our main goal this year, aside from the day to day issues, is research. This is the year that we will tion from you that will help us tell our story at Queen’s Park. Please help us by participating when

Executive Director’s Message Branding of the association w ww.m er it g ro u p. c a • 7 59 H yd e Pa r k Ro a d , Lo n d o n , O N N 6 H 3S2 • ca m pgr o u nd s@meri tg r o up . ca

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At the January board meeting, it was determined that in order to grow our brand recognition, we n identity. To that end, the board has asked that we begin promoting the association as Camping In O It’s April already. TimeCampground flies, doesn’tAssociation it? It second. What does this mean to you, the campground member? It mean seems like only yesterday that we were ciation will get a bigger push and that all our communication pieces will begin to be identifiable as

driving the oldest one off to her first year at University, and now she’s telling us it’s An example to illustrate why this is a good move: We recently had an incident where a staff membe time to come pick her up. First year is over. senting the Ontario Private Campground Association to a potential funding source – this person imm Where did the time go? the funding source could not and would not support any projects for private clubs. She focused in o Like our budding scholar, weit. have get past Bybeen using the Camping In Ontario name, we get around the “private club” issue and focu very busy over the winter months here at industry in Ontario. the Association office. We’ve been attending shows across the province and experiWe will keep our OPCA name – it is our history, our roots – but we will actively use the Camping In encing big crowds. We’ve just returned from the two Regional Meetare dealing with outside entities. ings in Cambridge and Trenton, and what great meetings they were! With over 100 people at each event, you can imagine the networking Assessment Update and learning that took place. And we’ve been answering the phones and emails campers front, as you know, Mark and I had an opportunity to make a pre-budget presen On thefrom assessment have also recently met with senior staff at the Ministry of Finance. Both occasions gave us the oppo that are eager to go camping earlier than ever. an immediate moratorium on the assessment of seasonal trailers while the appeal of the Carsons C So before the busy season starts, take a few minutes now to update the Minister that campgrounds are small businesses and that we would like to stop fighting assessm your Camping In Ontario listing on the website. Thousands of people ing camping in Ontario. A copy of our written brief is on the web site should you wish to reference will see your campground information first on the Camping In Ontario may have with your MPP or municipal representatives. website, so make sure that it is current and up-to-date. Do you have vacancies for the upcoming season – if you do then tell us and we will post your information in our vacancyUnfortunately, report. It’s free with Minister Sorbara is not willing to impose a moratorium at this point, stating that he comment while this matter is before the courts. A copy of this letter is also on our web site. your membership and it works! We know becausefurther we see the number of hits that page receives on a daily basis. We know that you have lots to do before you welcome your first I am now in the process of getting meetings set up with the Conservative and NDP parties so that w campers into the park this year. That’s why this issue is packed with in- this issue. I will update you weekly in the Forum – keep checking there and on move forward with formation to help you before the campers arrive. ments on this issue. So whether you are already open, will be opening soon, or you still 6 weeks to prepare, read this issue of Update. It will help ensure that you Until next time, have a great start to the season. Happy Spring! Beth Potter

executive director, Beth Potter camping in ontario


8-220 Royal Crest Court, Markham, Ontario L3R 9Y2 TOLL-FREE 1 877 672 2226 TEL 905 947 9500 FAX 905 947 9501 WEB EMAIL PUBLISHER Beth Potter DESIGN Sandra Friesen Design Published six times per year, Update is the newsletter for the campground owners, operators and suppliers who belong to the Ontario Private Campground Association (opca).

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3 | APRIL 2010

Campers Helping Disabled Campers For over 40 years the OPCA and March of Dimes have enjoyed a great partnership of working together to support persons who live with a physical disability. During the past few years revenues in support of the program, Campers Helping Disabled Campers have decreased slightly. As we begin planning for 2010, it is with great excitement that we hope to experience an increase in participation from Ontario’s private campgrounds. Break-Open (Nevada) tickets and Special Events continue to be the favourite activities coordinated by campgrounds as they work in support of March of Dimes. In the past, charities were only permitted to have one break open ticket location per municipality, this has now changed and March of Dimes is able to have an unlimited number of locations in municipalities throughout Ontario. With the wireless world expanding everywhere, March of Dimes is now presenting an online fund raising campaign to assist with the raising of funds for the various programs and services they provide to residents of Ontario. Congratulations to the OPCA’s top contributors from last season,Sandy Beach Resort, Country Gardens RV Park and Bensfort Bridge Resort. Donations and contributions may be sent at anytime to: Campers Helping Disabled Campers Program, c/o Ontario March of Dimes, 10 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON, M4H 1A4.

Special thanks to our Associate Supporters: Cedar Island Sales & Service Ltd., WayFarer Insurance and Sunspace Modular Enclosures. For additional information please contact Dennis R. Ullman, Special Projects Consultant, Campers Helping Disabled Campers at 905 718 8123 or via the following email address or visit our website at If you have any questions regarding the sale of break open tickets, Cedar Island Sales & Service Ltd. is the exclusive contact for March of Dimes’ break open ticket program (OPCA Campgrounds) and they can be contacted by calling Wendy at 1 800 805 9598. March of Dimes’ vision is to create a society inclusive of people with physical disabilities. This vision is one that has been developed over the years and through March of Dimes mission of “maximizing the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with physical disabilities”, they are providing life changing services to thousands of persons in Ontario. On behalf of March of Dimes, thank you for your support.

2010 Minimum Wage Increases Amendments to Ontario Regulation 285/01 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 sees the implementation of increases to the general minimum wage. These were announced in the 2007 budget and are still in effect. The regulation increases the minimum wage rates for


students, liquor servers and hunting/fishing guides by the same percentage as the general rate. We’ve provided the following chart for your reference, but for more information please see the Ministry of Labour’s website at



General Minimum Wage

9.50 per hour

10.25 per hour

Students under 18 and working not more than 28 hours per week or during a school holiday

8.90 per hour

9.60 per hour

Liquor Servers

8.25 per hour

8.90 per hour

Hunting and Fishing Guides: for less than five consecutive hours in a day

47.50 per day

51.25 per day

Hunting and Fishing Guides: for five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive

95.00 per day

102.50 per day


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RONA_J_PUB_PCAO_2.indd 1

Jerry Cantarutti Phone : 416 241-8844 ext 501

10-03-11 1:04 PM

5 | APRIL 2010

General Coach Canada Offers Lease Program General Coach Canada is proud and excited to announce that from March 26, 2010 they have joined hands with Nationwide Leasing a division of Nationwide Hotel Supply Inc. Richmond. B. C. The two companies signed an exclusive leasing and financing program for rental cabins being produced by General Coach Canada in Hensall Ontario. “The incredible response to our line of rental cabins since their launch in the summer of 2008 has been unprecedented,” says Roger Faulkner President of General Coach Canada. Faulkner states, “When the RV industry started to slow down in 2007, 2008 the writing was on the wall as to the future of General Coach Canada, we had to look outside the park for other products that we could build.” The other product that General Coach Canada chose to pursue is simply an extension of the top of the line Park Model they were already manufacturing. We knew we had a winner when we were chosen as a “Preferred Vendor” for KOA (Kampgrounds of America) to build Lodges for their Canadian franchisees. The major challenge for most campgrounds today is to locate the extra cash needed, which will enable them to purchase the cabins because most banking institutions in Canada struggle to understand the campground model. Nationwide Leasing has established, a proven track record when it comes to leasing equipment to the hotel and lodging industry over the past 20 years and were anxious to entertain a lease to purchase plan for all General Coach Canada’s clients. The lease to purchase plan being launched will allow all campgrounds to now enter the extremely lucrative rental market. General Coach Canada prides itself on producing the very best park model in the industry today. Their new line of rental cabins is just one more example of quality, fit and finish, service and innovation. For more information please contact: General Coach Canada 519-2622600 or visit their web-site at or Nationwide Leasing 604-277-9294

Money in the Bank! Do you have sites available on the Online Reservation System? Do campers camp in the woods? You better believe it! Here is an email exchange between campground owner, Jan Maat and Manager, Finance & Administration, Alexandra Anderson. Hi Alexandra, Patricia told us to contact you about our bank info. We are down south, what would you like to know? Did we win the millions? Please transfer it and we’ll stay here longer. Thanks Jan Hello Jan, Wishful thinking. I am just sending you reservation money from the Online Reservation System (ORS) and wanted to confirm that I have the correct info. Thanks Alexandra Isn’t Technology great? Is the Camping In Ontario ORS making you money while you’re taking it easy? If you’re missing this great opportunity please call us to get started today.


Bill 168: Countdown to Compliance Ontario workplaces face a fast-approaching deadline to comply with new violence and harassment requirements under Bill 168, which takes effect June 15, 2010. Among the requirements, employers must: · assess the risk of violence; · prepare workplace policies for both violence and harassment; · develop and implement a program to protect workers from the risks identified; · include control measures/procedures, and a response process in the program that addresses: · employee reporting; · incident and complaint investigation; · emergency response for violence incidents. · inform and instruct employees on the program and procedures; · create a process for responding to complaints and threats. The legislation would also: · expand workers’ rights to refuse unsafe work, to include situations of violence; · require employers who are aware or ought to be aware that domestic violence may erupt at work, to take every reasonable precaution to protect the worker.

· boost employee engagement; · improve customer service; · reduce costs (bullied individuals waste 10% to 52% of their time at work); · preserve your reputation. Take four steps to address workplace violence hazards If you already have a violence and harassment program, your job is easier: you need to assess your program elements against the specific definitions and requirements. Performing a risk assessment would be a good start. If you don’t having anything in place, the Ontario Service Safety Alliance (OSSA) is your WSIB-approved provider of health and safety solutions, and your trusted advisor in developing a workplace violence prevention program for your organization that aligns with Bill 168. Call OSSA at 1-888-478-6772 or email info@ossa. com. Also, OSSA is currently developing a risk assessment tool, policy templates and other material that will help you prepare your program.

New violence and harassment legislation takes effect this June.

The Ministry of Labour plans to release a compliance guideline by mid-March that will help workplaces understand what is required to be in compliance. You can find this guideline on the OSSA website as soon as it becomes available. Why now? What prompted the Ontario government to address workplace violence and harassment in the Act, which for 30 years had been silent on the topic—and why now? For one thing, Ontario lags other provinces in requiring employers to protect people who are abused, bullied and harassed on the job. And for another, statistics indicate that workplace violence is on the rise, not helped by the economic downturn, which can accentuate uncertainty, fear and misunderstanding. From April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009, the Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors made 417 field visits and issued 351 orders related to violence in the workplace. Clearly workplace violence is more prevalent than many employers think, making lack of awareness the biggest threat to employee safety. But perhaps the most compelling answer to the question, “why now?” is, what better time to put a safety net in place that will: · protect workers;

In the meantime, take these four steps now to be in compliance by June 15, 2010: 1. Be informed - understand what is required. 2. Review the ways you are and are not compliant, and involve your workers or Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) if you have one. 3. Conduct a risk assessment and develop or adapt the policies, procedures and measures you need to have in place to protect your staff. 4. Inform and train your staff on your commitment to protect them from violence and harassment, and about the program and procedures you are putting in place.

How OSSA can help What you need to know: · Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act (Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) 2009 · A chart that compares what was originally in the Act, and what has changed · A resource article that contains helpful information such as definitions, who’s at risk, types of workplace violence and harassment, etc. · A checklist you can use immediately to help you identify the risk areas in your workplace and what program elements you have vs. need. · Education and training opportunities offered in partnership with Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA), where you can learn more:

7 | APRIL 2010

· Attend Implications of Bill 168 - Ontario’s New Workplace Violence & Harassment Legislation: two-hour management briefings presented by local lawyers well versed in OHS legislation. · Attend Preventing Violence & Harassment at Work - How to Integrate Bill 168 Requirements into your OHS Program: half-day interactive workshop. · Attend Bill 168 sessions at Partners in Prevention Ontario: Health & Safety Conference & Trade Show, May 4-5, 2010, Mississauga, ON. For further information please call OSSA at 1-888-478-6772 email info@ or visit

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9 | APRIL 2010

Health and Safety Training for Returning Staff

Answer The reason that we provide training is to ensure employees have the knowledge and skills to do their job safely and productively. If an MOL inspector visited your campground, what would they want to see you demonstrating? You need to provide evidence that the employees were provided orientation and job training. This should cover their three rights, the hazards and safe work practices, and the procedures to follow in the workplace in the case of an emergency, incident or problem being detected. Most of this could have been fully covered in previous years’ training sessions.

An inspector will then want to know what you have done to ensure employees continue to know and apply the knowledge and skills they need to work safely or respond to an emergency. A review or refresher of the policies, procedures and safe work practices is an effective practice and does not need to be extensive. You do need to record that it occurred, but not the details of how or what was covered. Simple ways to do this include completing a questionnaire and reviewing the answers with them, providing a brief review or walk-through reinforcing the key work practices and procedures, and observing and coaching a returning employee doing the job to make sure they are still familiar with and following safe work practices. An inspector will then observe – watching employees doing their jobs, and asking questions. What would they see? How would your employees reply? The inspector will want to confirm that employees know where postings, MSDSs and the first aid kit are, that employees are following safe work practices and can describe the procedures to follow in different circumstances. You need to do what is reasonable and appropriate in your campground so you are confident that what you say you have done and how things are supposed to work is consistent with what the inspector sees and hears. Finally you need to make sure you highlight and provide returning employees with training on anything that has changed since the previous season; new people, job responsibilities, changes in specific job procedures, new equipment or materials or reporting procedures. If you follow these simple steps, it will ensure returning employees are safe, quickly productive and back in the swing of things creating a great experience for your campers.

Dates to Remember

Welcome New Campground Members

Question Do we need to re-train returning employees every year on their same job/ equipment? And issue them the same paper work annually on health and safety tips in the work place? Some employees have returned to their positions every year and I find it quite time consuming and monotonous paper work, if they have been trained on the job and signed the acknowledgment for that in the previous years employed by us. I do understand if there is new equipment, a new job creation, or a new employee on board, then yes, they do get proper training and issued proper documents accordingly. We also conduct a refresher day meeting with our staff before opening day and verbally touch base and review the jobs, health and safety tips, etc. However, the annual retraining and actual paper documentation issued to each returning employee every year, seems not only to be time consuming but waste of office supplies as well.

April 30, 2010

Area 3B

Last day you may accept full payment of reservations and seasonal fees with GST only for the 2010 camping season.

Lauderdale Point Marina & Resort Inc Nottawasaga Haven Campground

May 1, 2010 HST has to be applied on camping reservations made for the period after July 1.

July 1, 2010 HST has to now be charged on all products and services.

Welcome New Associate Members Hathorn Corporation Wood Guyz Logic Communications


Our Day at Queen's Park In a milestone event, Camping In Ontario and the Ontario RV Dealers Association (ORVDA) came together and held a Lobby Day at Queen’s Park on February 24. Twelve representatives from each board joined association staff to meet with MPPs at their offices and during functions sponsored by the two groups. Camping In Ontario focused on two key issues, namely regulatory reform and access to capital. A successful day, as representatives met with 22 MPPs and key political staff. In addition, we were able to generate media coverage following the press conference conducted by Camping In Ontario's Executive Director Beth Potter and ORVDA Executive Vice President Larry Boyd. The activities were designed to raise awareness of the camping and RV industry and the economic benefit that this industry brings to the province. At the end of the day, directors from both boards were enthusiastically looking forward to hosting a second annual event next year.

Group shot of Camping In Ontario and ORVDA representatives

Beth Potter and The Honourable Monique Smith, House Leader

11 | APRIL 2010

Beth Potter at the press conference

MPP Liz Sandals and The Honourable Steve Peters, Speaker of the House

Karen Challinor, Ted Arnott, PC Tourism Critic and Bob Trask

Deb Hargrave, Beth Potter, Lisa Veritis, The Honourable Monique Smith, House Leader, Karen Challinor

Bob Trask welcomes guests to r eception

� � � �

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13 | APRIL 2010

New Minister of Tourism and Culture Camping In Ontario welcomes our new Minister of Tourism and Culture, The Honourable Michael Chan. Michael Chan was elected to the Ontario Legislature in a February 2007 by-election and, soon after, joined the Ontario Cabinet as Minister of Revenue. He served in that position until the general provincial election in October 2007. Following his re-election, Michael was appointed the provincial Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, where he served from October 2007 to January 2010. As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Michael redesigned the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to create an investment component and an international student category, enhancing Ontario’s ability to attract jobs and skilled employees. He also expanded the province’s training programs that assist newcomers with economic integration and maximize the benefits of immigration. Michael currently serves as the provincial Minister of Tourism and Culture, but from October 2007 to January 2010 he served as the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Having recently met with the Minister, Camping In Ontario’s Executive Director, Beth Potter, describes him as an individual who is business

oriented. During their discussions around regulatory reform, the Minister enthusiastically stated that this was an area that was important to him and one where he wanted to make an impact. Michael also currently serves as a member of the Treasury Board/ Management Board of Cabinet and the Economic, Environmental and Resources Policy Committee. Michael has been an active member of the Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reduction, working closely with his colleagues and community organizations to develop a strategy whereby every Ontarian can benefit from our province’s prosperity. Before beginning his political career, Michael owned an insurance brokerage in Markham – with 30 employees and hundreds of agents. He has also been a partner in two tourism businesses – a hotel in Alberta and a restaurant in Vancouver. Michael is very active in his community, hosting an Annual Summer Community BBQ and Community Holiday Reception & Food Drive,and participates in many other local events including multicultural and service organization celebrations, school visits, tree plantings, and festivals. Michael emigrated from Hong Kong almost 40 years ago. He has lived in Markham since 1995 with his wife, Elaine, and their two sons, Alex and Brian.

MUSKOKA TO HOST 2010 ONTARIO TOURISM SUMMIT Annual Tourism Summit examines marketing and industry priorities


March 11, 2010

Muskoka will host this year’s Ontario Tourism Summit, an annual event where tourism leaders share the latest trends, ideas and best practices in their industry. Scheduled for November 7-9, 2010, at Deerhurst Resort, the annual summit is also an opportunity for members of the industry to honour excellence and innovation in the tourism industry with the Ontario Tourism Awards. The event is organized by the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, an agency of the Ontario government, and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. About 400 delegates attended the 2009 Summit in Windsor. QUOTES “The site of this year’s G8 Summit is a fitting choice to host our annual industry forum. We look forward to bringing Ontario’s tourism leaders together to discuss the marketing and industry priorities of the day including how we can be more competitive,” said Robin Garrett, President & CEO, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC). “We look forward to gathering in Muskoka, one of Ontario's iconic destinations, for this year's tourism summit. This forum will provide the industry with an excellent opportunity to be updated on the new Ontario regional tourism structure,” said Bill Allen, President, Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. “Muskoka has so much to offer year round and the opportunity to share our region with tourism leaders from across the province is exciting for all of us. Having the summit at Deerhurst on the heels of the ‘G8 Summit’ of world leaders this June, will make for a perfect setting for this year’s meeting,” said Joseph Klein, General Manager, Deerhurst Resort and Co-Chair, Muskoka Tourism. QUICK FACTS • •

Tourism spending in Ontario in 2007 was $22.1 billion. That same year, the Ontario tourism industry's gross domestic product (GDP) was an estimated $20 billion, more than that of the forestry, mining and agricultural industries combined.

LEARN MORE Read highlights of the 2009 Ontario Tourism Summit. Discover other things to do in Ontario. Media contact: Luanne Walker, OTMPC, 416-325-0699 Emily Harper-Hawkins, TIAO, 416-483-1691 Michael Lawley, Muskoka Tourism, 1-800-267-9700

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17 | APRIL 2010

Associates At Your Service More information on Camping In Ontario/OPCA Associates available on the website

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Associations Trailer Life Directory Ventura, CA, USA TF: 800-685-6246 T: 805-667-4100 F: 805-667-4301 Woodall's Publishing Ventura, CA, USA TF: 800-323-9076 T: 805-667-4018 F: 805-667-4468 dwatanabe@aďŹƒ

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ORVDA Freelton, ON TF: 888-331-8885 T: 905-659-8800 F: 905-659-9900

Countryside Gazebos Canada Ltd. King City, ON T: 905-841-0612 F: 905-841-1767

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DMA Distributing Mount Forest, ON T: 519-323-3033 F: 888-834-1729


Sunspace Modular Enclosures Inc. Newcastle, ON TF: 800-755-3365 T: 905-987-4336 F: 905-987-4337

Harco Co Ltd’ Mississauga, ON TF: 800-387-9503 T: 905-890-1220 F: 905-890-7039

Ultra Panel Systems Inc. Thedford, ON TF: 800-860-8411 T: 519-243-2079 F: 519-243-3898

LA Barclay Wholesale Ltd. Tara, ON TF: 888-854-4344 T: 519-934-2083 F: 519-934-3590

Charity Ontario March of Dimes Courtice, ON TF: 800-263-3463 T: 905-718-8123 F: 416-425-1920

Coin Operated Equipment SEM Inc. St. Laurent, ON 888-334-7569 TF: 514-334-7569 F: 514-334-5922 Sparkle Solutions Concord, ON TF: 866-660-2282 T: 905-660-2282 F: 905-660-2268

Commercial Laundry Equipment / Janitorial and Supplies Green Diamond Industries Inc. Whitby, ON TF: 866-250-5750 T: 905-493-3423

Sparkle Solutions Concord, ON TF: 866-660-2282 T: 905-660-2282 F: 905-660-2268

Computer Software Mission Management Info Systems Inc. Niagara Falls, ON TF: 800-547-9147 T: 905-374-8643 F: 905-374-4493 TSD Software Inc. Montreal, QC TF: 514-865-9789 T: 514-272-4482

Concrete Products Brooklin Concrete Newmarket, ON TF: 888-407-6443 T: 905-895-2373 F: 905-898-3264

Consulting Engineering Services RJ Burnside & Associates Ltd. Collingwood, ON T: 705-446-0515 F: 705-446-2399

Controlled Wireless / Wired Internet RDJ Technology Solutions Caledon, ON T: 519-941-1110 Logic Communications Corbyville, ON TF: 888-753-7488 T: 613-210-2696 TFF: 866-778-0002

Docks Dewdocks Inc. Hannon, ON TF: 866-383-7001 T: 905-692-3566 F: 905-692-8811

Electrical Supplies /Products Cutler Hammer Canada Burlington, ON TF: 800-268-3578 T: 905-631-4239 F: 905-631-4161 Gaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd. Mitchell, ON TF: 888-595-8655 T: 519-348-0505 F: 519-348-0606

19 | APRIL 2010

Environmental Consulting / Engineering Services Cambium Environmental Inc. Peterborough, ON TF: 866-217-7900 T: 705-742-7900 F: 705-742-7907 Jagger Hims Ltd. Newmarket, ON TF: 800-263-7419 T: 905-853-3303 F: 905-853-1759

Financial Service Walker Commercial Finance Inc. Nottawa, ON T: 705-444-6192 TFF: 866-717-5371

Firewood Smith's Logistics North Bay, ON TF: 866-785-6564 Wood Guyz Shanty Bay, ON TF: 877-974-9663 T: 705-728-8998


Lawn/Grounds Care & Products

Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods Inc. Mississauga, ON TF: 800-387-2273 T: 905-362-3750 F: 905-362-0121

John Deere Ltd. Grimsby, ON T: 905-945-9281 F: 905-945-4627

Lollipop Planet Inc. Milton, ON T: 905-864-3324 F: 905-864-3326

Health and Safety Ontario Service Safety Alliance Mississauga, ON TF: 888-478-6772 T: 905-602-0674

Insurance The Merit Group Insurance & Financial Services London, ON TF: 877-463-5500 T: 519-657-5500 F: 519-657-5560

Fireworks, Glow Products

Wayfarer Insurance Brokers Ltd. Beaverton, ON Tf: 800-461-0318 F: 705-426-4064

Mystical Distribution Co Ltd. Trenton, ON TF: 800-856-7556 T: 613-394-7056 F: 613-394-4957

M.B. Kouri, Insurance Brokers Ltd. Tamworth, ON TF: 800-465-6874 T: 613-379-2313 F: 613-379-5144

Pro-Power Canada Inc. Meaford, ON TF: 800-361-0907 T: 519-538-0570 F: 519-538-5552 Modern Power Products Kitchener, ON TF: 800-668-6671 T: 519-571-2345 TFF: 800-668-6677 Kubota Canada Ltd. Markham, ON T: 905-294-7477 F: 905-472-6143 RONA INC. Etobicoke, ON T: 416-241-5129

Legal Service Leigh G Fishleigh Fergus, ON T: 519-843-7100 F: 519-843-3038


Merchant Payment Processing Service Global Payments Canada GP Toronto, ON TF: 800-610-1822 T: 416-847-4200 F: 416-847-4330

Metering Services / Products Canmeter Oxford Station, ON TF: 800-391-9616 T: 613-258-2940 F: 613-258-2940 GF Tec Controls Inc. Laval, QC TF: 800-605-0501 T: 905-670-8066 F: 905-670-8366

Odour and Waste Management

Printing Services

Telamode Ingleside, ON TF: 800-263-2951 T: 613-537-2424 F: 613-537-8444

Daquin Sales & Screenprinting Ottawa, ON TF: 800-267-3493 T: 613-226-8680 F: 613-226-5877

Nature'smate Distribution Inc. Owen Sound, ON TF: 888-489-8003

Pest Control Kemfix Ste-Julie, QC T: 450 922 9884 F: 450 922 9330

Playground Equipment / Picnic Tables

Jesstec Industries Inc. London, ON TF: 800-891-9380 F: 519-659-3199

Active Playground Equipment Inc. Point Edward, ON TF: 800-463-2361 F: 519-337-3444

Northern Meter Services Hanmer, ON T: 705-969-0063 F: 705-969-8813

Henderson Recreation Equipment Simcoe, ON TF: 800-265-5462 T: 519-426-9380 F: 519-426-1132

Olameter Inc. Mississauga, ON TF: 800-903-7003 T: 905-828-0042 F: 905-820-3287

ABC Recreation Ltd. Paris, ON TF: 800-267-5753 T: 519-442-7900 F: 519-442-7378

Propane and Propane Related Services Highlands Propane Inc. Fenelon Falls, ON TF: 800-810-9289 T: 705-887-1670 F: 705-887-1579

Pumpout Systems Nuhn Industries Ltd. Sebringville, ON T: 519-393-6284 F: 519-393-5104

Real Estate Appraisers / Counsellors Canning Consultants Inc. London, ON TF: 800-443-8704 T: 519-471-8746 F: 519-471-8483 Empire Real Estate Service Ltd. Puslinch, ON TF: 800 461 9416 T: 519 767 2392 F: 519 767 1423 Realty Executives Elite Ltd. London, ON T: 519-649-6900 F: 519-649-6933;

21 | APRIL 2010

Rivington Associates Commercial Division Inc. Perth, ON T: 613-267-2121 F: 613-264-2498 Valco Consultants Inc. London, ON T: 519-667-9050 F: 519-667-9087

Recreational Equipment / Services / Supplies Bennett Golf Cars Stouffville, ON TF: 866-552-2787 T: 905-640-7822 F: 905-640-7820 Skelters Sales Service St. Thomas, ON T: 519-631-1916 F: 519-631-1916 At The Lake (ATL) Distributing Inc. Peterborough, ON TF: 877-285-3478 T: 705-743-9297 F: 705-743-5561 Central Cart Services Ltd. Fonthill, ON TF: 800-358-6088 T: 905-892-3390 F: 905-892-0539

RV Magazine Explorer RV Club / RV Gazette Beaverton, ON TF: 800-999-0819 T: 705-426-1419 F: 705-426-1403

RV Manufacturers / Services / Supplies Boss Technology St Hyacinthe, QC TF: 800-771-6728 T: 450-771-6728 F: 705-746-3756 Hydel Circa Enterprises Vaughan, ON TF: 800-263-4579 T: 905-669-5511 F: 905-669-4518 Northlander Industries Exeter, ON TF: 800-877-4892 T: 519-235-1530 F: 519-235-2789 Atlas Trailer Coach Products London, ON T: 519-680-1450 F: 519-680-1275 Breckenridge Park Models Nappanee, IN, USA T: 574-773-5353 F: 574-773-2124 index.php

General Coach Canada Hensall, ON T: 519-262-2600 F: 519-262-2340 Todd's RV Delivery & Setup Keswick, ON T: 905-476-9866 F: 905-476-5582

Sewage Treatment Service / Systems / Supplies Clearford Industries Inc. Ottawa, ON TF: 866-231-1104 T: 613-599-6474 F: 613-599-7478 Septic Newmarket, ON T: 905-868-9400 F: 905-853-5734 Make-Way Environmental Technologies Inc. Exeter, ON TF: 866-625-3929 T: 519-235-1176 F: 519-235-0570 SciCorp Systems Inc. Barrie, ON TF: 800-897-2053 T: 705-733-2626 F: 705-733-2618 Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. Rockwood, ON T: 519-856-0757 F: 519-856-0759


Hathorn Corporation Richmond Hill, ON T: 905-886-2835 F: 289-597-2800

Signage Canadian Tods Ltd. Woodbridge, ON TF: 888-263-9333 T: 905-851-1322 F: 905-851-4724

Tourism Industry Accommodation Industry Alliance for Ontario Orillia, ON T: 705-329-1790 F: 705-325-7999

Water Analysis / Management / Treatment

Solar Heating Systems

Central Ontario Analytical Laboratory Orillia, ON T: 705-326-8285 F: 705-326-9316 Ltd. Oakville, ON T: 905-845-2433 F: 905-845-2442

Jackson Water Conditioning Ltd. Woodville, ON TF: 800-721-4921 T: 705-439-2589 F: 705-439-1526

Swimming Pool / Spas Equipment and Supplies London Recreational Contracting Inc. Cambridge, ON T: 519-653-4240 F: 519-740-0276

R-Can Environmental Guelph, ON TF: 800-265-7246 T: 519-763-1032 F: 519-763-5069

Water & Ice North America Inc. Cambridge, ON TF: 888-822-5956 F: 866-745-3415

Team Aquatic Management Group Sarnia, ON TF: 800-704-4188 T: 519-542-7900 F: 519-542-3020

Toilets/Showers/Washroom Accessories

Walkerton Clean Water Centre Walkerton, ON TF: 866-515-0550 T: 519-881-2003 F: 519-881-4947

Buddsteel Architectural Products Ltd. Teeswater, ON T: 519-392-6060 F: 519-392-6061

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