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UPDATE I can’t believe that a year has gone by since being elected President of Camping In Ontario. I am humbled to have been elected to a second term and I plan to continue to represent our association to the best of my ability. We have two directors that are moving on: Director at Large from Region 7 and Secretary/Treasurer Darci Lombard of Summer House Park and Director from Region 3,Doug Dinan of Flamboro Valley Camping Resort. It has been a pleasure working with Darci; her energy at the table and behind-the-scene contributions will be missed. I have enjoyed working with Doug and we wish him well in his new project. Thank you both for your time and commitment to Camping In Ontario. All the best as you go forward. At the AGM, we installed a number of new Directors and I would like to welcome them to the Board: Region 3 Sue Moelker, Pine Valley Park Region 11 Walter Geisser, Bayview Lodge Director at Large Ed Miklavcic, Bissell’s Hideaway Water Park & RV Resort Director at Large John O’Brien, Carefree RV Resorts Congratulations, and I look forward to working together. Your elected Executive Officers for 2013–2014 are: President Bruce Dressel, Region 2 1st Vice President Tammy Gillespie, Region 13B & C 2nd Vice President Leonard Koekkoek, Region 7 Secretary/Treasurer Wendie Dupuis, Region 1 Past President Robert Trask, Region 7 The AGM went smoothly this year with the financial report being accepted as reported and a very positive Executive Director’s report. The largest agenda item was the proposed update to the by-laws.

The board was charged with updating the by-laws to conform to the new Not for Profit Law that is being brought forward by the government. Although the law has not yet come into effect, we needed to make certain changes to our by-laws to ensure we protect the long term interests of the association. The by-laws will need to be amended again within 3 years of the proposed legislation being enacted. It has been an exciting year culminating with a Convention that will be a challenge for our office staff to surpass. The accommodations were superb; the food started on Sunday and did not stop until after the departure on Wednesday. It was a bit of a challenge having breakfast on the move, but it did allow us to visit all our suppliers at CampEx and network at our leisure. The sessions were informative and extremely well attended with a large variety of topics and numerous cracker barrels to share information and ideas. Congratulations to Alexandra for a job well done. Our thanks also go to Guida, Samantha, Krista and Lisa. Without their dedication to our association and everyone’s effort, it would be impossible to have as successful a convention. This issue of Update has photos and highlights of the 2013 Convention & CampEx.Thank you to our CampEx suppliers and sponsors and of course to all who attended. I hope everyone had a wonderful time, found new and innovative ways to make money and were able to meet up with old friends and make new ones. I hope to see everyone at the Regional Meetings and of course at Blue Mountain next year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years. Bruce Dressel president

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Camping In Ontario Board of Directors. . . . . . . . 4 New Board Member Profiles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Summer 2013 Occupancy Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Congratulations Cohen Highley. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Welcome New Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Accessible Campgrounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10


The Reward Is Within. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CCRVC Update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mandatory Occupational Health and Safety Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introducing Krista and Samantha. . . . . . . . . . . Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Campers Helping Campers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013 Convention Highlights and CampEx. . . . . . CampEx Attendees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Legal Evictions Process. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Draft Regional Meeting Agenda . . . . . . . . . . . . Regional Meeting Registration Form. . . . . . . . .

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Executive Director’s Message Welcome to the last issue of Update for 2013. How quickly this past year flew by. We said goodbye to members and welcomed new owners and members. The industry lost some of its leaders this past year – their dedication and contribution to our industry will not be forgotten. Many people I have spoken to have said that 2013 was a challenging year and while we agree, the office was able to accomplish the following: • Launching the new website days before the August long weekend. This would not have been possible without your assistance! Thank you for taking the time during your busy season to update your information. • Refreshing the layout of the campground information in the 2014 Directory. • Working with GoRVing and BC Lodge and Campground Association on the production of 10 YouTube videos. It was a wonderful experience to work with the film crew. • Having OPCA By-Law#2 be adopted by the membership at the AGM in November 2013. • Surpassing full convention attendance from the previous year. The 2013 Convention featured great speakers, informative sessions and an outstanding location which made it one of the best conventions in years. • Distributing all 170,000 copies of the Camping in Ontario Directory for the 2nd year in a row. • Becoming a founding member of the new Canadian Camping and RV Council. • Attending 11 Outdoor and RV shows in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.

ONTARIO PRIVATE CAMPGROUND ASSOCIATION 305 Milner Ave, Suite 206, Toronto, ON, M1B 3V4 TOLL-FREE 1 877 672 2226 TEL 416 820 2714 FAX 647 352 0900 WEB EMAIL PUBLISHER Guida Williamson DESIGN Sandra Friesen Design Published 4 times per year, Update is the newsletter for the campground owners, operators and suppliers who belong to the Ontario Private Campground Association (opca).

While I am sure that I have missed some accomplishments – it was a good year for the Association and by extension, for our campgrounds as well. The Annual General Meeting saw three new members come on to the Board of Directors and I am looking forward to work with each and every one of them. A big thank-you to retiring board member Darci Lombard who was a great Secretary/Treasurer and someone I could always count on! Doug Dinan also retired his seat on the the Board – thank you Doug for your knowledge of septic systems! We saw new faces in the office this last year with Samantha Gomez and Krista Bethune joining our team. Erin Cacciapuoti left the Association twice last year (I know, it’s a long story)! We are pleased to report that she is enjoying being a full time mom and the warm climate in Edmonton. I hope that you all enjoy your well-deserved vacation time and we hope to see you at the upcoming RV Shows. Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2014 to all.

Alexandra Anderson

executive director


Meet Your Camping In Ontario Board of Directors President Bruce Dressel Jordan Valley Campground Region 2

Mike Tomaszewski Double M RV Resort & Campground Region 8

1st Vice President Tammy Gillespie Neys Lunch & Campground Regions 13B&C

Jan Maat North Shore RV Park Regions 9 and 10

2nd Vice President Leonard Koekkoek Hope Bay Campground Region 7

Walter Geisser Bayview Lodge Resort Region 11

Secretary/Treasurer Wendie Dupuis Lakewood Trailer Estates Region 1

Willy Hollett Almaguin Campground Region 12

Past President Robert Trask Chesley Lake Camp Region 7

Frank Brouwers Noelville Family Resort Region 13A

Susan Moelker Pine Valley Park Region 3

Director-at-Large John O’Brien Carefree RV Resorts Region 2

Bruce Martin Green Acre Park Region 4

Director-at-Large Ed Miklavcic Bissell’s Hideaway Water Park & RV Resort Region 2

Stéphane Deschênes Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort Regions 5 & 6

5 | DECEMBER 2013

New Board Member Profiles Susan Moelker, Region 4 How long have you been at the campground? Were you at a campground previously? I have been managing the camp for 13 yrs (since John and I got married). I started to camp at the age 9 at Pine Valley (parents still have a site here), working and organizing many activities as a teenager within the camp. What do you take care of at the campground? Everything except maintenance and the pool. The office, activities and store are my main priorities. What did you to do before? Before becoming a full time manager, I worked as an Educational Assistant with the school board. Why did you join the board? John was on the board for 6 years and as a result, was exposed to new things/ideas and learned a lot. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me. What would you most like to see the association accomplish? It would be nice to see the association continue to be the voice of camping within Ontario and continue to be an education source for camping.

John O’Brien, Director-at-Large How long have you been at the campground? Were you at a campground previously? I have been at Sherkston Shores since 2005. Two years prior, I was the Operations Director for 8 parks in France and before that in the UK. What do you take care of at the campground? I was originally the Sales Manager at Sherkston and then in 2006 became the General Manager. Recently I became the Vice President of Carefree RV Resorts. I specialize in sales and love helping people find the right camping solution; however, I oversee all aspects of the campground. What did you to do before? After spending 10 years as a Nuclear Weapons Engineer in the submarine service, I decided to pursue a career in sales.

Why did you join the board? I am concerned that camping will become extinct in 20 years and want to change that. I feel that my experience across three continents can bring new ideas to the table. What would you most like to see association accomplish? I would love to see growth of the industry and enabling park owners to expand and create further camping experiences.

Ed Miklavcic, Director-at-Large How long have you been at the campground? Were you at a campground previously? I have been at Bissell’s since 1988. What do you take care of at the campground? I grew up as maintenance and then took over the management and now the ownership. What did you to do before? We purchased the park when I was 17, therefore I worked throughout my life in the park. I took Business Sales in College. Why did you join the board? I was a board member 12 years ago. Then we started a family and I had to leave. Since I really enjoyed my time on the board and now that the children are older, I felt like it was a great opportunity to come back. What would you most like to see the association accomplish? I would like to see an increase in the popularity of camping and raise the bar in the industry.

7 | DECEMBER 2013

Summer 2013 Occupancy Report The summer of 2013 definitely had it challenges. June was wet, July showed promise of hot weather to come – but it never really showed up. The fall was the best weather of the summer – unfortunately by then many people had given up and stopped camping. After the 2nd week of August, the traffic on the website fell to some of the lowest levels. To obtain occupancy numbers for the province, this year we changed how we asked for the information from campground owners. This change resulted in 169 campgrounds or 41% of the membership reporting their occupancy numbers for the summer. We asked for overnight and seasonal occupancy, as well as sales in campground stores. The chart below indicates that we had a range of response rates from as low as 27% of campgrounds reporting in one region to a high of 71% in another. Region 7 (Grey-Bruce-Simcoe) had the largest number of campgrounds responding to the survey with 30 responding while Region 3 (Hamilton-Halton) had the lowest rate of campgrounds responding to the survey with only 3 out of 11 campgrounds responding.


# of campgrounds reporting

% of campgrounds reporting













5 and 6





















13 A



13 B & C



Total Province



Seasonal Occupancy

Regions 4 (Waterloo), 12 (Muskokas) and 13A (East-Northern Ontario) were the only regions that did not experience any decrease in their seasonal occupancy numbers. Regions 2 (Niagara) and 7 reported the most consistent decreases in seasonal camping, with campgrounds reporting decreases from just under 5% to over 10%. Region 4 had the highest percentage of campgrounds reporting no change in their seasonal business from the summer of 2012.Region 13A had almost 28% of their campgrounds report an increase of over 10% for their seasonal camping.


Summer 2013 Occupancy Report continued

Overnight Occupancy

Regions 4 and 12, which reported no decreases in their seasonal camping, both reported 20% of the campgrounds experienced decreases of over 10% in their overnight traffic. Region 2 had the most consistent decreases in overnight camping. Regions 4, 7, 8 (Kawarthas), 10 (Ottawa), 12 and 13A all posted strong increases in overnight camping from the previous summer.

Congratulations to Official Supplier Cohen Highley! On November 24, 2013 at the Metro Toronto Conven­ tion Centre, Cohen Highley LLP was awarded the “first ever” Ontario Leader in Accessible Employment Award. The competition for the award is for businesses from all over the Province of Ontario, including thousands of businesses in the GTA.  The award was given at a Gala sponsored by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce,which

oversees Chambers of Commerce of all Ontario Municipalities. At the well-attended Gala, about 12 awards in total were distributed in various categories.

9 | DECEMBER 2013

Store Sales

Regions 7,8,13A,13B and 13C (Central and Western Northern Ontario) all reported solid increases in their store sales over the past summer. Regions 13B and 13C were the only regions of the province that did not report any decrease in sales in their stores.

Welcome New Members Campgrounds

Camp Klahanie, Region 12 Cedar Cove Campground, Region 9 Villa Inn & Suites + RV Park, Region 13B Willow Lake Park (Woodstock), Region 1

Official Suppliers

Bio-Lite Environmental Technologies (reactivated)

Brokerlink (reactivated) Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell Crock of Laffs Fresh Start Odour Treatment Java Logix Hudson Energy Mystical Fireworks (reactivated) Tourism Currents


Opportunity Awaits: The “Accessible Campground” In Ontario alone there is an underserved tourism and recreation market of 1.8 million people who have disabilities, many of whom will readily use and enjoy an outdoor camping environment that is fully “accessible” to them. In addition, Ontario legislation, through the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Human Rights Code makes it mandatory for businesses to have policies in place by which you ensure that your products and services comply with the AODA. While the Ontario legislation may be used as a “hammer”, causing some operators to just duck and fly under the legislative “radar screen”, innovative, progressive campgrounds will embrace the legislation and the tremendous marketing and business opportunities it provides. “Accessibility” compliance, in the context of a campground, does not mean that you have to make all trails,campsites,buildings and facilities fully accessible to everyone with every kind of disability.If you want to expand the market to people who have accessibility issues (including seniors…a substantial, financially independent demographic), then it is well worth considering what parts of your operation can be transformed into fully accessible facilities. In addition, employees with disabilities will provide tremendous insight to your development of accessible facilities and a great resource to campers with whom your employees will have a direct and unique connection.There are lots of examples and ideas in the industry,particularly in existing “purpose built”campgrounds for people with disabilities. In addition to making your campground physically accessible, there are strategies for communicating the accessibility features of your facility to this niche target market of people with disabilities. Communications and marketing in seniors’print and e-publications; software which makes your website “accessible” to people with a range of disabilities; and communications with agencies that provide support services to people with disabilities are all captive market targets. The CNIB, Hearing Society, March of Dimes, Community Living Ontario,“Ability First”organizations,to name but a few,are not only great potential marketing resources, but are also agencies that can put you in touch with potential employees who can really enhance the opportunities to make your campground a destination for a unique demographic.Many of these agencies will provide,at little or no cost, specialized employee training that will put your greatest resources, the human ones, at the forefront of accessible camping experiences. As for web access, on our Cohen Highley website we use a program called eSSENTIAL Accessibility which you can link to at the following site for more detail: webaccessibility/. As far as AODA compliance goes, the process is actually quite simple and a template for ensuring compliance is available free of charge at the following link: mcss/programs/accessibility/info_sheets/index.aspx. All in all, something to think about over the winter months and,

for the opportunistic among you, something to implement by the spring of 2014! Submitted by Joe Hoffer, Cohen Highley LLP. Joe is a lawyer and partner with Cohen Highley LLP and a regular contributor to Camping In Ontario seminars and events. He can be reached for questions or information at

The Reward Is Within by Bill Clennan This poem was read by keynote speaker Jody Urquhart at the closing of 2013 Convention and was requested by several attendees. Here it is in its entirety. The contest lasts for moments Though the training’s taken years, It wasn’t the winning alone that Was worth the work and the tears The applause will be forgotten The prize will be misplaced But the long hard hours of practice Will never be a waste For in trying to win You build a skill You learn that winning Depends on will You never grow by how much you win You only grow by how much you put in So any new challenge You’ve just begun Put forth your best And you’ve already won. Bill Clennan, Canadian Motivational Speaker


Canadian Camping and RV Council Update

Two representatives from each member association sit on the Board of Directors. From Camping In Ontario, Robert Trask acts as CCRVC Chair and Alexandra Anderson as Director. Other associations represented are: RVDA of Canada, CRVA, BC Lodging and Campground Association, Alberta Campground Owners Association,Manitoba Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds,Camping Quebec and NB Campground Owners Association. The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) held a Strategic Planning Session and a Board Meeting last November at JW Marriot The Rosseau Resort in Ontario. CCRVC will target the following priorities for the next 3 years (2013–2016) 1. Governance 2. Decisions based on facts a. Clarification of existing inventory b. Need of information: economic impact, statistics and data on campground revenues, sales, number of people employed b. List all regulations applicable to campgrounds in each province c. Survey to members 3. Information to members

a. Website for CCRVC b. Complete Canadian Database/mailing list for 3 sectors c. Newsletter to all 3 sectors with contribution from each sector 4. Getting the same message out across Canada a. Develop strong campground association in each province 5. Advocacy and support to provincial campground associations a. Advocate on behalf of the sector b. Support to provincial campground associations. For now, 3 specific issues: - Quebec: provincial government’s intention to tax trailers - Ontario: sewage capacity for park models - BC: trailer size c. Build Relationships with federal / provincial parks d. Funds for marketing 6. Services and benefits a. Buyer group b. Benefits to Members - Evaluation of a possible National Convention The Canadian Camping and RV Council also unveiled its logo last November. A design representing a camping scene in a campground was the most appropriate for CCRVC, with the red maple leaf symbolizing our country. Submitted by Maryse Catellier, Canadian Camping and RV Council, 2425 Narcisse-Perodeau Quebec City (QC) G1T 2J4 ,Cell: 418-4558548




builder for

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Mandatory Occupational Health and Safety Training On November 15, the Minister of Labour announced the new Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training regulation, which will take effect July 1, 2014. This regulation, which mandates basic occupational health and safety awareness training for all workers and supervisors,stems from recommendations made in the Expert Advisory Panel’s report on Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario (led by Tony Dean), which was released in December 2010. Building awareness across all workplaces and specifically for all workers and supervisors,is an important step in building a culture of health and safety, particularly among small businesses and vulnerable workers.  The introduction of this regulation signals a significant turning point in health and safety history that will have a profound impact on future generations.  Employers should be prepared to raise the level of dialogue and encourage more conversations – as awareness increases, so too will questions, ideas and, perhaps most importantly, commitment. Employers will be able to develop, or use existing training so long as it meets requirements outlined in regulation. Support tools are being developed by the MOL including how employers will be able to use a checklist to compare their existing training to the new expectations.  All materials and support tools will be available at no

cost, in multiple formats, and multiple languages at Service Ontario and on the Ministry of Labour website. They will also be required to maintain a record of supervisors and workers who have completed training.To assist with compliance,the MOL will be releasing additional resources including record keeping tools, a comparability checklist, guides, etc. To read more about the regulation and to see products and support tools currently available, visit the Ministry of Labour website at Submitted by Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. WSPS offers a broad range of learning tools to enable customers to effectively meet the mandatory awareness requirements. WSPS can help each employer develop and implement plans that grow the life of their businesses while supporting the implementation of health and safety ideas generated from within their workplaces.  To get a jump start, see the comprehensive course offerings, consulting expertise and resources available at Note: Camping In Ontario has several Official Suppliers who can assist with compliance. Please go to http://www.campinginontario. ca/suppliers and search under the Health and Safety category.

Campground Insurance Coverage Specific to Campgrounds Great Campground Insurance Rates Also Offer

Let Us Help With Your Campground Insurance Call Sue Gibson or Tracy Hooghiem 1-877-463-5500

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Mark Crocker is highly entertaining and uniquely funny! His age old brand of entertainment appeals to all ages. *35 years of experience * Entertained around the world *from Television and Cruise ships, to high end Resorts.


Standing Ovation from the Camping in Ontario Conference 2013


Getting to Know Krista and Samantha For those that call the office, you have probably deduced that we love to keep you guessing about who is answering the phone. Not really! But we definitely have had some new voices over the last few years and we think that you will soon be able to count on which voice you might hear. But, to make it interesting, sometimes I come into the office and answer the phone too, much to the surprise of many. (For those who don’t know, I work out of a home office in Cambridge but calls get transferred to me so it feels like I am in the Toronto office – I really am there in spirit!)

Krista Bethune, Membership Coordinator Some of you met Krista Bethune at Convention but for those who were unable to attend, we would like you to get to know her better. Krista, along with three siblings, was born and raised in Scarborough although her parents were born in Estonia. Their families had to flee to Sweden and they eventually ended up meeting in Toronto where they settled.Her sister married a “kiwi”and moved to New Zea-

land about 20 years ago and her brother lives in Vancouver,BC.While they are quite far, her other sister lives within walking distance. Krista’s 6 year old son, Miika, is very much into skateboarding, loves the outdoors and when he is not doing something athletic, he loves to play video games or watch SpongeBob Squarepants (which is actually quite a humorous show according to Krista).Her husband Jarrod works in high rise construction as a steel worker. They saved many wedding costs by eloping to Las Vegas to get married at a cute little chapel (Elvis was NOT present) and have not looked back since. A Fox Hound named Chuck and their newest addition,a Chihuahua named Jax, round out the family. Krista graduated with honours from Centennial College with a diploma in Hospitality & Tourism. Since graduating, she worked in hotels as a Sales Coordinator and Corporate Sales Manager. Her favourite foods are pizza, steak or a hearty gourmet burger. She recently discovered that she is a decent cook and enjoys finding new ideas and recipes to try out. The staff at Camping In Ontario are willing to be the judges of anything new she wishes to create!

Calendar December 31 Supplier Renewals Due

March 6–9 Montreal RV Show

January 17–19 Toronto RV Show

March 6–9 Manitoba RV Show & Sale

January 31 – February 2 Hamilton RV Show & Sale

March 7–9 Quinte Sportsman Boat & RV Show

February 14–17 London RV Show

March 25 London Regional Meeting (Regions 1–3)

February 20 Buyer’s Guide Ads Due February 21–23 Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show February 27 – March 2 Toronto International RV Show February 28 – March 2 Ottawa Spring RV Show

March 26 Hamilton Regional Meeting (Regions 2–6) March 27–30 Quebec RV Show March 31 Owen Sound Regional Meeting (Regions 5–7, 12)

April 2 Kingston Regional Meeting (Regions 9–11) April 3 Peterborough Regional Meeting (Region 8) April 4–6 Sudbury Sportsman Show April 4–6 Kitchener RV Show & Sale April 7 Sudbury Regional Meeting (Regions 12, 13A) April 8 Sault Ste Marie Regional Meeting (Regions 13B & C) June Campground Membership Renewals Due

17 | DECEMBER 2013

Spending time as a family is a favourite past time; whether headed to her son’s hockey game, swimming lesson, soccer game or for a weekend away to a cottage or camping. She has camped many times since she was a little girl and remembers going on a camping trip with her Dad when she was about 5 years old to Temagami – possibly the furthest north in Ontario she has ever been.Krista says she is looking forward to experiencing the amazing private campgrounds with her family. Few people know that in 2012,Krista was the winner of the Greater Toronto Hotel Association’s Spirit Awards for the Administration Ambassador of the Year Award. She was very honoured and delighted to accept this award from Kevin Frankish (Breakfast Television) who was the MC for the Awards Gala.Something that embarrasses her is when people comment on the way she holds her pen.They tried to “fix”her in elementary school, but she was determined to hold her pen in the way most comfortable to her. Can you tell she is a Leo? That makes two in our office! Actually three – Alexandra is also a Leo. When asked what she most enjoys about her job, she says, “I love the people.My co-workers and the members are fantastic.I am really happy to be working in a different sector of the tourism industry and promoting a hobby that I love!” Well, we like her too so that is just perfect! In 10 years, Krista sees herself enjoying a balanced lifestyle of family, work and travel and going on vacations to different destinations a couple of times a year. She would make a great campground owner, don’t you think?

Samantha Gomez, Receptionist Most of you have not met Samantha (she goes by Sam as well) but she is our friendly part-time office receptionist. Sam is normally in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until such time as she goes back to school. Samantha was born and raised in Toronto to Hispanic parents; her mom is from Santiago,Chile and her dad is from Guatemala City, Guatemala. Sam’s parents are divorced, but still very close friends and her step-dad and dad have a good friendship as well for which

she is very thankful. She is the eldest of two sisters and has a cat that just sleeps all day. Sam is currently studying at the University of Toronto,specializing in psychology and is planning to do her graduate studies in the U.S. to become a psychologist and professor. She previously worked at Fairweather, the YMCA, and now also works at the Air Canada Centre selling merchandise for Maple Leafs, Raptors, TFC, Marlies, and Toronto Rock. Her favourite foods include seafood, chicken, and chocolate! She loves to spend what little free time she has reading, listening to all kinds of music, going to concerts and sporting events, shopping, and sleeping. Few people know that if she could go to school forever,she would, except that she needs the cash to do it.Sam has an embarrassing moment,taken right out of an America’s Funniest Video which includes walking into a glass door after her mom had just finished cleaning it, resulting in a big red spot on her forehead for the rest of the day. Clearly her mom did a very good job cleaning that glass door! Samantha most enjoys talking to new people every time she picks up the phone which is perfect as she does a lot of that.In 10 years,she hopes to have her own psychology practice and perhaps be teaching a few courses at a university (preferably Stanford). Sam has been camping since she was about 4 years old although her first outdoor camping experience came at age 14. It was great weather, except at night when it always poured torrential rain, to the point her tent flooded and she had to bunk with her best friend in her parents’ large tent. The area was beautiful and seeing the stars at night was her favourite part of camping. Even though the weather did some damage,it could never deter her from camping.She says,“I love it.It’s the only time I can get away from the city and all its stresses and finally get the ‘me time’ I need.” Now that you have been introduced to the entire team, you are more likely to know who is answering the phone, except of course when I am in and put on a fake accent, just to keep you guessing.

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8 5 5 - 2 6 2 - 2 6 0 0 | G E N E R ALCOAC H CAN ADA . CO M ThinAd.indd 1

08/11/12 4:13 PM

19 | DECEMBER 2013

Campers Helping Campers Another Successful Year Since the start of this great program, over $1.4 million has been raised by Camping In Ontario members, their campers, staff and volunteers. 2013 continued the trend with the best results we have seen in over 8 years. With donations still arriving, it is projected that over $35,000 will be raised in support of children and adults who live with a disability. Many of the people we serve live with incomes below the poverty line and are often in desperate need of support to simply enjoy the independence most of us enjoy each day. Recently I was informed of a young man who had lived in institutional settings for his young life. At one of our camps he had only one request – “Please take me out of my wheel chair and lie me on the lawn”, when asked why – He responded “I have never touched grass before”. This story like many others, once again reminds us of how something so simple can be so important to another who lives with a disability. Congratulations to all of the campgrounds who supported Campers Helping Campers in 2013. You continue to make a difference. Congrats to the following who led the way Top Contributors Candy/Gumball Machines: Emerald Lake Trailer Resort and WaterPark Break Open Tickets (Sponsored by Cedar Island Sales & Service Ltd.): Bensfort Bridge Resort


Campground, Mobile Home , Land Lease Communities


Licenses of Occupation and Land Leases


Paralegal Services


Acquisitions and Sales


Municipal Land Use Development and Approvals


Human Rights


Environmental Regulations Joe Hoffer

Hope with Art: Carson’s Camp Special Award – Associate Support: Larry Boyd, ORVDA Special Events (sponsored by Sunspace): Country Gardens RV Park Top Overall Contributor (Sponsored by March of Dimes Canada): Sherkston Shores Donations can still be made via http://marchofdimes Campers We are working on new programs for 2014 – hope to see you at the Regional Meetings. For additional information contact Dennis R. Ullman, Associate Director, Special Events and Community Relations at 905.718.8123, via email at or MODC website at

London Office 1 London Place 255 Queens Ave , 11th floor London ON N6A 5R8 519 672 9330 Kitchener Office 55 King Street West Suite 1002 Kitchener ON N2G 4W1 226 476 4444


21 | DECEMBER 2013


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ALL REASONS Our world-class Cottager Series is without equal! Northlander offers a full range of outstanding models that begin with our 47 standard floor plans, then continues with fully customized designs that include popular décor packages, cabinet and appliance options, and other unique features not found elsewhere in the industry.


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Considerations for the Legal Evictions Process 1 Firstly, a park owner must ask themselves whether or not they have a hard close at the end of each camping season. A hard close means no overnight access through the winter season. The term of occupation must start on a specific date in the spring and end on a specific date in the fall. If the above noted facts are in your favour, then you could read the following eviction principals. If the above noted facts are not in your favour, then the following will not apply. Assuming you have a hard close at your park: 2 Ask yourself, why did the renter of the site at your park go to the time and expense of moving their trailer into your park? What security, labour or money did they have to invest towards building a Florida room, a deck, or a shed on this rental lot? All that they have is the annual License of Occupation. This contract is what allows them to be on your property. 3 Since the License of Occupation is really all that stands between the camper and the park owner, it is legally unsafe to try and break that contract during the life of a current License of Occupation. In other words, you cannot kick someone out of your park when they are in the middle of a contract which allows them to be there. Unless there is a significant park management issue, for example, an all week long noisy party with no peace in sight for the majority of the surrounding campers, then you could serve a written notice of the campers need to leave the park, (allowing them the time needed to sober up). At the same time, provide a second notice for the disruptive campers to remove their trailer and personal property from the park by the end of the camping season. Refund the remainder portion of their seasonal fees, calculated from the date you gave them notice of eviction. 4 Give a disruptive camper reasonable notice or a reasonable amount of time to make the arrangements required to remove their trailer and their personal property from the park. The more the camper has invested into their campsite, for example decks, Florida rooms and/or sheds, the more notice they will need. Extend the time that they may need to remove their personal

property from the park whenever they ask for it. You do not want to be left responsible for it. After all, it is their property. Reasonable notice is the key. In the event that you are just tired of one trailer’s occupants, if year after year they create too many problems to have to deal with, then as soon as you realize you no longer want them in your park, give them written notice of your intention not to contract with them for the following camping season. Give them written notice to have their personal property and trailer out of the site 30 to 45 days after the season ends. Be prepared to extend that time if you are asked. The more time you give them to remove their personal property and trailer from your park, the more reasonable the notice will appear and the less chance of a legal challenge that will cost you. 5 Finally, do not provide your reasons for refusing to contract with the camper for the following season. When you are refusing to contract with somebody, the personal reasons why are not relevant. In the event that they are discussed, you will only enflame the situation and otherwise cause further difficulties with respect to the eviction process. On the other hand, if you choose unwisely but necessarily to evict someone from your park during the life of their License of Occupation, at that time you will need to specify exactly what terms of the contract have been breached and be prepared to prove those breaches. As well, the breaches will have to be significant and represent an obvious disruption to the reasonable enjoyment of the property by other campers staying at the park. In other words,do not consider breaking a License of Occupation contract during the term of that contract unless you have witnesses who have been significantly disrupted and are willing to provide evidence of that disruption firstly through a written statement and secondly if necessary, through evidence at a trial proceeding. Submitted by Leigh G. Fishleigh, Barrister & Solicitor. To contact Leigh, please go to or call 519-843-7100.

Small Systems Owners & Operators

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CAMPING IN ONTARIO UPDATE | 26 Regional Meeting Attendees receive promotional price to 2014 Convention – save the cost of your region meeting attendance!

08:00 - 09:00 Exhibitor Set Up 08:30

Registration and coffee/muffins


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Business Session: Insurance 101 Do you know what your insurance covers? This session will help you read your policy, look at what items you might need to consider and how to save money.


Marketing Session: How to Leverage the Strengths of Your Region Learn how to use your local attractions, tourism offices and municipality to leverage your marketing and draw in new customers.


Introduction of all Marketplace Exhibitors and Suppliers


Marketplace Exhibits




into Customer Service Session: Turn Your There is always someone that you can never seem to please. How do you take their negative review and turn into something positive? Learn how you can improve the customer service experience, even when dealing with difficult people.


Region Meeting and Cracker Barrel


Break/Pick up Directories if not Staying for Monitoring Session


Septic Session: Monitoring Protocol



* Agenda Subject to Change Thank you to our 2014 Regional Meetings Sponsor

27 | DECEMBER 2013

Campground Name:


First Delegate: Second Delegate: Third Delegate: Fourth Delegate: Phone Number:

Email Address:

Please list any special Dietary Concerns:

Feel free to attend the meeting which is most convenient for you. Cost to attend is only $30 + HST per person – those are still our 2011 prices – and includes lunch and breakfast muffins! Every attendee will get a special Regional Meeting promotion price for 2014 Convention registration. Region


# of delegates



March 25

London, Location TBA


March 26

Hamilton, Location TBA


March 31

Owen Sound, Location TBA


April 2

Rideau Acres, 1014 Cunningham Road, Kingston, K7L 4V3 1.5km N of Hwy 401 on Hwy 15 at Cunningham Rd


April 3

Peterborough, Location TBA

12, 13A

April 10

Sudbury, Location TBA


April 8

Sault Ste Marie, Location TBA (Meeting to be held ONLY if sufficient registration.)

*Registration Fees DO NOT include accommodation


Total Cost


HST 13% Total

Please email (, fax (1-877-905-2714) or mail form into the office with payment. Payment is preferred by cheque and must be submitted prior to attendance. Please make cheques payable to Ontario Private Campground Association (address below). You may also phone in payment to Lisa Liu at 1-877-672-2226. Each Campground will be given 2 boxes of directories. Please indicate total number of boxes if you require more: ______ NOTE: Cancellations of one week or less before scheduled event are non-refundable; however, an alternate date may be attended.

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The most advanced meters available with M-Bus International Standard communications built into the meter. A true smartmeter for your campground. Capable of communicating with Automated Reading Software in a wired or wireless network. Two completely new models to cover everything from a 15 amp 120 volt site to a 50 amp 240 volt site, or even a 100 amp Park model! The easy way for a landlord to estimate his recovery costs.

“We Know Campgrounds and RV Parks� State of the art RFID token Access Control with our own Sentinel Manager Software gives you the flexibility to control all aspects of who gets into your Park and when ! Our modular gates can be installed by local contractors, and serviced by you or your own staff.

Canmeter is an Associate Member and a Strategic Partner of OPCA, as former campground owners, we understand you.

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Camping In Ontario December 2013 Update Newsletter  

Articles including: - Summer 2013 Occupancy Report - New Board of Directors - Accessible Campgrounds - CCRVC Update - Convention & CampEx Hi...