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WINTER 2010-2011

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Magazine exclusively for Camping Cheque Gold Card holders

TOUR Across the Balkans to the Gateway to Asia A trip through the mountains of South-eastern Europe

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CITY BREAK Lyon, the City of Light A stroll through one of France's most beautiful cities

DESTINATION The Four Colours of Périgord Discover the many faces of an historic region and its delicious local fare

Set off for Morocco on an exceptional Gold Card camping trip

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CIRCUIT Journey through the Balkans

Content Editorial Letters from our readers Infos Infos Campings Events in 2011 My diary Morocco, an invitation to dream Event European Museum Night Destination Le Périgord Circuit Journey through the Balkans City Break Lyon Top Camping 2011 My Gold Card the Gold Card celebrates its fifth anniversary Special Offers Leisure User instructions Zoom 't Weergors Serra de Prades International de Jablines Vampire

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From the start of the First World War to the recent breakup of ex-Yugoslavia at the end of the 20th century, South-East Europe is often considered the powder keg of the continent. Peace has returned and it is time to discover the beautiful region of the Balkan Mountains. 3 seasons invites you on a trip through the most touristic areas of Greece and Istanbul, as well as often unknown parts of Bulgaria and Montenegro

DESTINATION Le Périgord, a region with four faces... Sarlat with its elegant white stone buildings or the caves of Lascaux with its mural paintings have to be the most well-known sites in the Perigord by far. And indeed, these sites are an essential part of any visit to the Perigord. However they only reflect a small part of a region that has so much more to offer. These sites are associated with only one of the four faces of the Perigord that is divided up into the Purple, the Green, the White and the Black region. Each one of these regions has a charm all of its own. 3 Seasons takes you on a tour through the different colour shades of the Perigord.

CITY BREAK Lyon, the city of light For many travellers, Lyon is often regarded as a traffic black spot on the congestion road map that needs to be avoided at all costs during the summer holiday period when driving down to the south of France. However, you would be missing out if you only thought of this discreet and reserved city as just a stopover between Paris and Marseille. Those who take the time to explore this city that was once the capital of Gaul will discover a beautiful town with its two thousand years of history and where eating is an art. That's why 3 Seasons proposes a food itinerary between the Rhone and the Saone.

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© Philippe Bastie / Office de Tourisme de Lyon

You start to get used to things after 5 years. I'm always surprised by our incredible ability to get used to things. For example, when I was a child, TV shows started late in the morning and there were only 3 channels. Today, nobody is surprised that there are TV shows on at any old time on such a multitude of channels. My nieces – for whom a day without television is inconceivable – ask me how I ever managed to fill up my mornings in the holidays back then. To someone in the camping profession! Only 10 years ago, words like Wi-Fi and USB were mysterious acronyms to most of us. People who can still remember working back in the day, when documents of fifty odd pages couldn't be sent to the other side of the planet in a few seconds over the Internet. Sometimes the things that make our everyday life easier also have a less attractive flip side. Do you remember how great it was to leave the office for the holidays and become completely unreachable? – A time before mobile phones and when teenagers had more real, flesh and blood friends than they did on Facebook!



some of .. .I 'm s u re th at w you r ho yo u e ve n wo n d e h o u t th is it w y b t o g r e v e ld plastic little piece of go

Still, I wouldn't dream of trading in my internet account, laptop and digital camera for a typewriter and pocket full of rolls of film – and I'm sure that most of you wouldn't like to toss out your Gold Card and go back to paper Camping Cheques. The Gold Card has only existed for 5 years and it already feels like we've been using it forever. I'm sure that some of you even wonder how you ever got by without this little piece of gold plastic; so easy to use and so perfectly adapted for off-season camping. We just happen to have collected some of your feedback on this particular topic in an article dedicated to the Gold Card anniversary. Over the years, the Gold Card has become more than just a method of payment. Today it is a genuine club card that offers you countless advantages. The latest is a camping trip across Morocco we've cooked up just for you. Come along, and succumb to the magic of this spellbinding country.

Camping Cheque Europe 16 route de Louhans 71330 Simard - France Téléphone : 0825 740 730 in France, 00 333 59 59 03 59 outside France. Fax : +33 3 85 72 29 91

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Acknowledgements: Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, European Museum Night, Dordogne Tourist Office, Périgueux Tourist Office, National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, Lyon Tourist Office. Cover: A far cry from our image of the Greek islands, Greece is actually a mountainous country with the bulk of the country over 1500 metres high. More like the Metéora region with its distinctive rocky pitons.

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LET TERS FROM OUR READERS Would you like to share stories of your

experience using Camping Cheques? Or share anecdotes about

your holidays spent at one of the network's campsites? Do you have a comment about 3 Seasons Magazine? Do you have a

question to ask, or would you like to solicit advice of some kind? 3 Seasons is listening.

Send us your letters, all will be read, and some will be published. ”While reading my Camping Cheque guide I noticed that the Gold Card looks different now. I have a Gold Card with the old design. Is it still valid? Will I receive a new card soon ?” Answer 3 Seasons/Camping Cheque As you pointed out, the Gold Card has a new look to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Entirely in gold, it still offers holders the same advantages. Your Gold Card with the old design is still perfectly valid! Camping grounds have been notified of the change and continue to accept payments made with your Gold Card, whichever version it may be. You will also see both designs on the various documents related to the Gold Card.

”When we arrived at the camping ground the manager told us we had to pay a visitor's tax in addition to the nights of accommodation. Isn't this included in the price of the Camping Cheque ?” Answer 3 Seasons/Camping Cheque The visitor's tax, like the environmental tax in certain countries, is an obligatory tax that goes to the community or the legislative authority in the country you are staying in. This amount varies and is set by the local authorities. The camping ground collects this money from its clients and forwards it to the appropriate organism. It receives the money directly and transfers it. For all of these reasons, these taxes cannot be included in the price of Camping Cheques.

”I just ordered some electronic cheques for my Gold Card. In the Camping Cheque documents it says that the cheques are valid for 4 years. Is this 4 years from the date of purchase, or calendar years” Answer 3 Seasons/Camping Cheque The validity of Camping Cheques is counted in calendar years: from 1 January to 31 December (a camping season). Paper Camping Cheques are valid 2 years (exchangeable at the end of this period) while electronic cheques are valid 4 years (non-exchangeable at the end of the 4 years) e.g. a Gold Card electronic Camping Cheque that was bought in January 2011 will be valid from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2014. FYI: anywhere in Europe, when you buy cheques in November and December, you already receive cheques for the new season. For example, if you bought electronic camping cheques for your Gold Card on the 6th December 2010, they will be valid until 31 December 2014.

Send your letters to:

SAS KAWAN GROUP 3 Seasons / Courrier des lecteurs 16, route de Louhans 71330 Simard - France 3 Seasons n°117 - 4

”I would like to organise rganise a camping tour, but some of the camping grounds I have selected are partner camping grounds. Do I have to use paper Camping Cheques at these destinations ?” Answer 3 Seasons/Camping Cheque Starting this year, all of the camping grounds in the Camping Cheque network accept payments by electronic cheque. Consequently, you no longer have to carry paper cheques with you to pay for nights in these camping grounds. However, the procedure for debiting cheques from your card may be different. It will be done without an electronic payment terminal. You may notice a difference between your real account balance of cheques and the estimated balance on the internet. This difference will be corrected the next time you use your Gold Card (to add or withdraw cheques). The partner camping ground will systematically print you out a receipt with the number of Camping Cheques that will be debited

”We had such a great holiday this year that we would like to share our experience with other Camping Cheque users. How can we do this ?” Answer 3 Seasons/Camping Cheque On the Camping Cheque website you can create a travel log to share in the My Camping Cheque section. To do so, you need to create a camping trip by selecting the type: Travel Log. Specify the camping grounds that you visited and add a comment for each of them if you wish. Your Travel Log will be visible to all the Camping Cheque members in the section Camping Trips. You can also rank the camping grounds you visited on the website and leave comments! Like this, you can make recommendations to other Camping Cheque users!

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INFOS Campings

Pictures from the Gold Card camping trip As we announced in our spring issue, several Gold Card members took part in the Gold Card camping trip in south-west France last June. The 12-day camping trip stopped at three different camping grounds in south-west France: Kawan Village le Talouch (p.116 in the 2011 guide), Ô Kiri (p. 126) and Côte d'Argent Labenne Océan (p. 122). The trip brought together 8 groups of campers including 3 nationalities. The group meals, tastings (Armagnac, Jurançon, goat's cheese, etc.) and visits (Auch, Pau, San Sebastian, the Cantabrian coast) all took part in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We're sure the campers all went home feeling like they'd like to do it all over again. How about a camping trip in Morocco? We'll tell you more about it in this issue.... Friendly atmosphere and succulent meals

At the programme, visits of tourist sites…

Caravanpark Am Brahmsee Schleswig Holstein (DE)

Spaces for camper vans in the Brahmsee campsite The Caravanpark Am Brahmsee (p. 377 of the 2011), in Northern Germany, has just created new pitches for camper vans, particularly large ones. The ground is stabilised to stop vans getting stuck in grassy pitches. Very practical in the winter...

…and various entertainments

Kawan Village le Futuriste Charente - Poitou (F)

New swimming pool at Le Futuriste Kawan Village le Futuriste (p. 83 in the 2011 guide) opened its new swimming pool in February. The new covered and heated pool measures 8 m x 16 m and comes equipped with a hot tub, ergonomic benches and a paddling pool. Just another thing to make winter camping here more pleasurable. The camping ground is right opposite the Futuroscope in Poitiers and open all year.

3 Seasons n°117 - 5

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INFOS Campings Kawan Village Domaine de Champé – Vosges (F)

Le Val de Trie – Picardie (F)

Hot and cold in the Domaine de Champé

Guided plant walks for the Bird and Nature Festival

It is always pleasant to warm up in a sauna or steaming bath when you return from the ski slopes. Kawan Village Domaine de Champé (p. 186 of the 2011 guide) is well aware of this and has opened a well-being centre in typical Vosges chalet.

In a comfortable setting, bathed in warm soft lighting, you will enjoy the well-being area with steaming baths, designed for light therapy, a sauna, hammam and a massage room where you will be in expert hands for a taste of Indian massage relaxation techniques.

on its doorstep, the campsite is definitely a favourite for winter sports. For more information on the Domaine de Champé kawan village, contact the campsite:, tel. : +33 3 29 61 61 51.

The centre opens at the end of the afternoon and in the evening (massages subject to booking) during the whole of winter as the Domaine de Champé Kawan Village opens all year 'round. With the main ski resorts of the Vosges

Campingpark de Bongerd – (NL)

De Bongerd campsite re-opening weekend For its reopening weekend on 8 April, De Bongerd campsite (p. 302 of the 2011 guide) has a special offer for 3 Seasons readers. This campsite North of Amsterdam is ideal for family holidays with children, only asks for one camping cheque for a stay from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. To benefit from this special offer, book by telephone

3 Seasons n°117 - 6

(tel : + 31 226-391481) and mention the 3 Seasons offer. An excellent opportunity to take your children or grandchildren to Holle Bolle Boom leisure park for younger children, on the campsite. More information:

During the Bird and Nature Festival held in the Somme Bay from the 16th to the 25th of April 2011, Marie-Louise, the owner of Val de Trie (p.36 in the 2011 guide) is organising plant walks in French and English as well as cooking courses with recipes including wild plants. For every stay of 7 nights, one plant walk is free for every pair taking part. It makes the Somme Bay region an even more appealing destination during the festival, which is a must for bird watchers:

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INFOS Campings Mané Guernehué – Brittany (F)

Well-being in Brittany

In brief

Spas and saunas are increasingly common in European camping grounds, and some of them don't stop there. Mané Guernehué camping ground (p.63 in the 2011 guide) in Baden is opening its fully-equipped well-being centre in 2010 to make your holiday in Brittany just that more relaxing. The well-being centre includes a spa, sauna, hammam and multi-sensory showers. In addition, two massage rooms are available for massages (Chinese, Californian, Ayurvedic, Abhyanga, etc.) and facials. You're guaranteed to finish your session with the camping ground's masseurs feeling completely relaxed. The well-being centre at Mané Guernehué camping ground has a variety of packages to suit your needs and the length of your stay: from access to the hydro-relaxation area (sauna, showers, spa, etc.) for 12€ up to 3 and 4-day packages including a full programme of

beauty care and massages.

Close to the campsite Vakantiepark Eiland van Maurik (p. 300 of the 2011 guide), enjoy the Betwuse Fietsvierdaagse, the "four days of cycling", which will take place from 2 to 5 June. This event enables you to discover the campsite surroundings with a hundred other participants.

For more information about Mané Guernehué and the well-being centre, feel free to contact the camping ground: Ph: +33 2 9757 0206

L'Estuaire – Poitou-Charente (F)

Luttenberg – (NL)

More time to discover the Gironde estuary

News in De Luttenberg In 2011, the campsite Domaine de la Rive (p. 119 of the 2011 guide), in Biscarosse, will welcome you in a brand new restaurant, in an unusual atmosphere and with a refined menu.

L'Estuaire campsite (p.94 in the 2011 guide) next to the Gironde estuary, between Royan and Bordeaux, is extending the period that it accepts camping cheques. They now welcome customers paying by camping cheques all year long, without exception. Now you can explore the exceptionally beautiful region of the Gironde estuary and its vineyards, and the breathtaking city of Bordeaux in July and August too. This is a great opportunity for anyone who dreams of spending summer in the south-west of France.

There’s a lot of new features at De Luttenberg camping ground (p.295 in the 2011 guide). The family-friendly camping ground in the east of the Netherlands renovated its store this winter so it could enlarge its restaurant and bar. What's more, the camping ground now has a lounge area with a TV and library. However, the most exciting new feature is really for the kids. In 2011, De Luttenberg will be offering pony rides around the camping ground. In 2012 a new covered swimming pool will also be opening, but in the meantime, De Luttenberg will provide you with free tickets to the Tijenraan swimming pool nearby.

Small error concerning De Kuilart campsite (p. 291 of the 2011 guide) in the 2011 guide. The campsite takes cheques from 01/01 to 30/04, from 07/05 to 01/06 and from 14/06 to 02/07 and not to 01/07 as stated in the guide.

3 Seasons n°117 - 7

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INFOS Campings Am Hohen Hagen - (D)

Am Hohen Hagen camping ground is opening a new restaurant to celebrate its 50th birthday. Am Hohen Hagen (p.397 in the 2011 guide) is a camping ground in Dransfeld, central Germany, that is celebrating its 50th anniversary

in 2010. This camping ground at the forest’s edge is opening a new restaurant, Torte's Inn, to celebrate the occasion.

You will now find a restaurant run by a chef who has worked in many prestigious kitchens, notably on board the Queen Elisabeth II, located at the entrance to the camping ground in the middle of the countryside. The menu has a wide variety of dishes including local specialities as well as Mediterranean cuisine. The meals are all very reasonably priced. Torte's Inn also has a large beer garden and a terrace that can hold 300 people. Here you can taste German and Czech beers and home-made ice-cream and sweet pastries while you admire the beauty of the landscape. Just another reason to stay in this very pretty camping ground which is open all year round and includes a well-being centre (hot tub, pedicures, massages, sauna, etc.) For more information about the Torte's Inn restaurant or Am Hohen Hagen camping ground, contact the camping ground directly. Ph: +49 5 502 2147.

Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer – Périgord (F)

The Château Le Verdoyer turns 25 In 2011, Kawan Village Château Le Verdoyer (p. 99 in the 2011 guide) is celebrating its 25th year... the equivalent of a silver wedding anniversary. By visiting the camping ground's website at you can find information about this season's special events' programme: song night, "25th anniversary" theme night, etc. For every stay of one week or more, in high or low-season, Château Le Verdoyer will offer you a 25 euro gift voucher for the camping ground restaurant. Just quote the discount code 3SE25VERD when you book and the camping ground will send you your voucher.

3 Seasons n°117 - 8

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INFOS Campings Le Vieux Port - Landes (F)

Always more quality in the Camping Chèque network

In brief

Small error in the guide concerning the campsite Adria Ankaran (p. 473 of the 2011 guide). The campsite will open on 5th April and not 15th April as stated in the guide.

French legislation is changing for camping grounds. From now on, camping grounds can have a 5-star ranking and the quality of camping grounds will be taken more rigorously into account. Camping grounds have up until 2012 to prepare for inspections to evaluate their new ranking based on the new standards. However, the network already has one camping ground with a 5-star ranking: Le Vieux Port (p. 120 in the 2011 guide) in Messanges. Le Vieux Port camping ground is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, at the edge of the Landes forest. Those of you who know this camping ground will hardly be surprised to learn that it was one of the first sites in

France to obtain a 5-star ranking. The vast camping ground has a very high-standard of service, including an impressive aquatic centre with a swimming pool that looks like a pirate ship, several bars and restaurants, an equestrian centre with horse treks along the beach, sports facilities and a well-stocked superette. The perfect spot for enjoying the Landes region with all the home comforts within arm's reach. For more information about Le Vieux Port please contact the camping ground: Ph: +33 8 2570 4040.

On the second weekend of May, Comtes d'Erill holds its marathon. If you wish to take part in the race of simply watch, you can stay in Baliera campsite (p. 590 of the 2011 guide).

C'est si Bon – France

Discover France with the "C'est si bon... " rally From 26 April to 19 June, the 7 "C'est si Bon" campsites have organised a rally that will enable you to discover 7 different faces of France, from Brittany to Burgundy, Paris and Perigord. During those 4 weeks, enjoy visits, tastings and meals in restaurants. For the full programme of the rally, check the website The rally costs 700 € for two people plus 27 camping cheques for accommodation.

Kawan Village l'Hirondelle (Swallow village) (p. 223 of the 2011 guide) has finished new luxury spaces with individual facilities this winter. 10€ supplement for these particularly roomy pitches, in a wooded area and views on the hills of the Drôme

3 Seasons n°117 - 9

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INFOS Campings Coin Tranquille – Alpes Dauphiné (F)

Foodie rally in Dauphiné It has become a classic for Camping Cheque users. Le Coin Tranquille (p. 216 of the 2011 guide) welcomes you once again this year for a rally that enables you to discover the specialities of the Dauphiné region. On the menu: delicious food and plenty of fun.

The cost of this trip is 588€ per couple or 294€ per person + 10 camping cheques for 11 nights (those who wish to stay in chalets or mobile homes can pay using Holiday Cheques). It includes outings, meals and activities in the

programme as well as bikes which will be freely available during the trip so that you can explore this pretty region, between mountains and plains, for yourselves.

Recreatiecentrum De Noordduinen – Holland (NL)

La Sierrecilla – (E)

The face of spring

The Courtyards Festival in Cordoba

On 16 April, the flower-adorned floats of the "Face of Spring" parade will cross the country of tulips over 40 km between Noorwijk and Haarlem, in the Western Netherlands. Fifty floats will be decorated to the theme "Voyage through Europe", and will parade to the sound of brass bands. To watch this very popular event, you can stay in Katwijk, on the parade's route, at the Recreatiecentrum De Noordduinen campsite (p. 304 of the 2011 guide). This show attracts crowds, and you are advised to book a pitch on the campsite ahead.

3 Seasons n°117 - 10

For the full programme and to book, contact the campsite:, tel.: +33 4 76 32 13 48


Gilles and Martine Vallon, owners of Le Coin Tranquille, will welcome you from 20 June to 1st July this year. On the programme for these 11 days in Dauphiné, at the foot of the Alps, are plenty of visits (walks, coach trips in the Chartreuse massif, cruise on the Bourget lake), meals, tastings and activities (petanque, trout fishing etc). However the main activity will be cooking lessons, during which you will learn to cook "Trout with fresh herbs" and "Crepe Suzette" pancakes.

In the second week of May the city of Cordoba opens the doors to the courtyards of its historic city centre (even private courtyards) and invites members of the public to visit during the Courtyard Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover a side of this superb Andalusian city that the public rarely gets to see. It's also an opportunity to visit Cordoba with its Cathedral Mosque and the Azahara Medina while staying at La Sierrecella camping ground (p.617 in the 2011 guide), located half-way between Cordoba and Malaga on the highway to Portugal.

International Palamos – Costa Brava (ES)

Holy Week in Catalonia Holy Week is always a very festive time all throughout Spain. This year, from the 21st to the 25th April, celebrations will be held all through the country and particularly in Girona. The town will become a theatre for a variety of processions and celebrations on the theme of

Christ's passion with notably, processions of Roman soldiers in the city's streets. To make the most of Holy Week in Girona, why not stay at the International de Palamos camping ground (p. 599 in the 2011 guide).

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INFOS Campings Château de Montrouant – Burgundy (F)

Discover Burgundy's wine and local products

In brief

As they do every year, Château de Montrouant (p. 195 in the 2011 guide) in Gibles, in the south of the Burgundy region, invites you to come and discover the pleasures of wine in three different weeks dedicated entirely to wine – one of which is entirely in French.

Tordesillas, a stone's throw away from El Astral Kawan Village (p. 581 of the 2011 guide), on the 7th June, celebrates the signing of the Tordesillas treaty, which defined the rules governing the conquest of the New World between Spain and Portugal in 1494. For the occasion, colourful parades are held in the streets. A fun way to discover the town.

It goes without saying that Jean-Michel Gruel (owner of Château de Montrouant) is really a passionate winemaker who just loves his job. As such, he takes tremendous pleasure sharing his love of wine with campers staying at the vineyard. This year, Château de Montrouant has cooked up three different programmes. Week one, from 11th to the 18th June is based on "Wine and Local Products" and includes a traditional Burgundy meal, a cooking lesson with a local chef, a bus tour to visit Mâconnais and Beaujolais wine-growers, a visit to a Burgundy snail farm and a wind-up dinner.

but includes an extra morning grape-picking with Jean-Michel. The wine weeks will be held from the 3rd to the 10th December and the 10th to the 17th September. The first of the weeks is entirely in French, and the second week and the week in June are in English. Each of the weeks costs 160€ per person + the nights are paid with Camping Cheques. For more information or to register, contact the camping ground: Ph: +33 3 8584 5113

The other weeks will be held in autumn and are based on the theme of the grape harvest. The programme is similar to the one in June

For 9 days, from 26 March to 3rd April, the rythms of the Magdalena festival take over the town of Castellón de Plana. These festivities retrace the story of the city's creation, mixing history with legend. For 9 days, Castellón de Plana is a stage for shows, fireworks, concerts, parades etc. Nine colourful days... To make the most of it, you can stay on the Altomira campsite (p. 611 of the 2011 guide).

Kawan Village Domaine de Louvarel – Burgundy (F)

The Domaine de Louvarel has new owners Kawan Village Domaine de Louvarel (p. 194 in the 2011 guide) just changed hands. In 2011 campers will be received at this pretty camping ground between Burgundy and the Jura by Christophe and Marije Ivangine. These two will already be familiar faces for some Camping Cheque users because the Ivangine family managed the Domaine des Plantas in the Ardèche up until 2006.

Kawan Village Ardèche Camping (p. 230 of the 2011 guide) is in the process of creating a series of theme holidays for the months of May, June and September. At the time this went to press the programmes still hadn't been finalised. They will be available on the camping ground's website at the beginning of the year: These holidays are a good opportunity to benefit from the camping ground's 20=30 discount.

3 Seasons n°117 - 11

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INFOS Campings Bestcamp – Belgique

Falles in Valencia

Belgian campsites on the Internet

© / Sebastián Andrés Vecchi

Altomira – Costa Blanca (ES)

Falles is a traditional festival in Valencia, from 16 to 19 March, to celebrate Saint Joseph, patron saint of Carpenters. On this occasion, all the neighbourhoods of the city make huge statues from various materials on a wood structure. These constructions are admired for 4 days before being burnt during the night of the 19 March, from midnight, in the midst of celebrations know as Crema. Make the most of a stay in the Altomira campsite (p. 611 of the 2001 guide), watch this great popular show.

Several Belgian Camping Cheque campsites among the best in the country (Chênefleur, p. 275 if the 2011 guide, La Clusure, p. 277, Ardennen Camping Bertrix, p. 276, Petite Suisse, p. 276 and Spa d'Or, p. 279) have grouped under the name These campsites have in common a location in a natural environment, are the starting point of

footpaths, have large pitches, serve Belgian beer, have quality services and heated swimming pools. Note that when you stay over 3 days in April or September, you will be given a map of footpaths and hikes.

Hampen Sø – Danemark

Spring cultural and festive events in Andalusia

Hampen Sø camping ground's winter programme ©

Kawan Village Cabopino – Andalousia (F)

Andalusia gains colours throughout the spring festivals. Kawan Village Cabopino (p. 618 of the 2011 guide) invites you to take part in several of these colourful festivities in the region. The first celebrations of Holy Week (from 21 to 25 April) in Malaga, followed by the Férias de los Pueblos in Fuengirola in Seville (3 to 8 May 2011) and in Marbella (11 June). Finally, for the night of Saint John, the beaches of Andalusia are lit up by hundreds of bonfires.

3 Seasons n°117 - 12

Winter is usually the quiet season for camping, but Hampen Sø (p. 361 in the 2011 guide) is making an exception to this rule. All winter long, this camping ground in central Denmark, just a stone's throw from Lake Hampen, invites you to take part in a variety of events. To celebrate the beginning of the year, the camping ground is organising a champagne brunch on the 15th of January that will last from 10 am to 1pm in the Hampen Sø restaurant. It will be a very festive mix of a traditional brunch and champagne tasting. On the 5th of February, there will be a traditional Danish cod evening where you can learn different ways to cook this national fish. This will all be followed by music and dancing. On the 12th of March you are also warmly invited to enjoy a traditional Danish dinner – all in an equally festive atmosphere. Nevertheless, Hampen Sø is just as much fun outside of these dates: all winter long, you can enjoy hiking through the forest in the beautiful snow-covered countryside of the Lake Hampen region.

Hampen Sø's festivities are very popular with campers. For this reason we recommend booking ahead: Ph: +45 7 577 5255.

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INFOS Campings Camping Parc la Clusure – The Ardennes (B)

Repos del Pedraforca – Spanish Pyrenees (ES)

Winter holidays at La Clusure


Tucked away in a charming natural area of the Ardennes in southern Belgium, the Parc de Clusure camping ground (p. 277 in the 2011 guide) has created a package that allows you to explore the Ardennes in winter without having to tow your caravan around. The idea is simple. Up until the 22nd of April, you can park your caravan in a double camping site (2x100 square metres) and only pay for the nights that you spend there. Your only obligation is to spend at least 14 nights at the camping ground during the time your caravan is parked there. By camping in the Ardennes in winter you can really make the most of all that this untouched region has to offer – and if the weather is fine, the snow-covered countryside of the

Ardennes is perfect for cross-country skiing. Although the restaurant and bar are closed in winter, the camping ground still provides campers with a high level of comfort, including toilet blocks with floor heating. What's more, on the 15th of January, 19th of February and 5th of March, the Grand Café de la Clusure and its restaurant will open for a few special evenings. The programme for these special evenings will be available 3 weeks beforehand on the camping ground's website. For more information, contact the camping ground at Ph: +32 8 436 005050

The Pirena race is one of the major dates in the European sleigh-racing calendar. For 15 days, from the 22nd January to the 5th February, the contestants and their dogs will traverse the snow-covered countryside of the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees and Andorra. Like every year, the final stage of the race will be held at Molina ski resort, less than an hour from the Repos del Pedraforca camping ground (p.592 in the 2011 guide). This final stage is a fun-filled event at the resort. To find out more about the Pirena 2011 race take a look at the race's website:

Château de Poinsouze – Limousin (F)

Aquatic Playground Château de Poinsouze (p. 171 iin the 2011 guide) in Boussac, opened its fun-filled new paddling pool last summer to the great joy of the tiny tots. Bring your children or grandchildren to discover the joys of paddling

3 Seasons n°117 - 13

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Impor tant DATES for 2011 ts n of the even o ti c le e s a d ar you'll fin pe, not far In our calend livening up 2011 in Euro e. that will be amping Cheque campsit from C

Until 16 february


Viennese balls During the winter, Vienna celebrates its legendary balls where one can relive the heyday of the Viennese waltz for an evening. 18 march – 3 april


Spring Festival 15 days devoted to every form of art throughout Budapest: concerts, theatre, poetry, etc. 30 april

The Netherlands

Queen’ s day The entire day is coloured orange and celebrates the queen with endless parades, shows, concerts, etc 8 May


Formula 1 Grand Prix First European event of the 2011 Formula 1 season.

© Leslie Banks -

29 May



Cannes Film Festival The key event for world cinema located on the shores of the Riviera.

The most prestigious event in the Formula 1 calendar taking place in the streets of the principality of Monaco.

This festival has a programme that includes drama, opera and music. 22 – 26 june

10 – 12 june


For one weekend, the Isle of Wight relives the legendary concert staged at the end of the 1960s.


Prague spring music festival 3 weeks of classical music concerts performed by internationally famous artists in Prague.

Festival of sacred music Festival of sacred music in the streets of Fes with a range of music from Spanish gypsy flamenco to Sufi chants.


French Tennis Open at Roland-Garros One of the Grand Slam tournaments gathering together the best tennis players in the world. Assisi

Holy Week Organized over an entire week, the processions, shows and Easter Mass draw many people to the town of St Francis of Assisi. 3 Seasons n°117 - 14


JS Bach Festival One of the most important classical music festivals in Germany, with the works of JS Bach performed in St Thomas's church. June – July

21 – 24 april

A rock festival that follows in the footsteps of Woodstock and the great concerts of the 1960s and 70s. Barcelona

Barcelona Festival A festival with a programme that includes music, dance and theatre. 24 – 25 june


St John's Festival 10 – 19 june

17 May – 5 june



Glastonbury Festival

17 june – 1 august 3 – 11 june

12 May – 4 june


Zurich Festival

Isle of Wight music festival 11 – 22 May

10 june – 10 july

Formula 1 Grand Prix


Festival of Athens A festival of dramatic arts, dance and music that takes place in the remains of the Odeon theatre, at the foot of the Acropolis.

On the Friday and Saturday nearest to 24th June, festivals take place throughout Sweden to celebrate the shortest night in the year.

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ZOOM > The Netherlands > Zuid Holland > 't Weergors

't Weergors I

n the south of the Netherlands, just a few kilometres from the mouth of the Rhine and Haringvliet inlet, the 't Weergors campsite welcomes you in a haven of nature and calm. It is the ideal place to relax and recharge. The history of the 't Weergors campsite goes back 46 years. The Riedijk family decided to welcome campers on family land just next to their farm, never suspecting that 50 years later, the 4th generation would carry the torch for a campsite that has earned quite a reputation over the years. Of course, the area has changed since 't Weergors was created. Campers now enjoy all the comforts they need, including heated bathroom and shower facilities, a mini-market, and Wi-Fi and cable television access. Nevertheless, the former ambiance and spirit remain at this 140year-old farm, where you'll find the reception area and restaurant, which is now in the old barn. Although the region's outward appearance has changed, a natural reserve was created along the Haringvliet, preserving the beautiful landscapes of the southern Netherlands. The best way to admire them is undoubtedly by bike, along the small paths that run alongside the inlet and which take you through picturesque villages such as Heenvliet and Geervliet. You can take the former railroad that gives splendid views over the polders. If the im-

mediate surrounding area of the campsite isn't enough, you can easily visit Rotterdam, The Hague, Antwerp or the impressive dykes built at the mouth of the Scheldt. n

THINGS TO SEE NEARBY Rotterdam - 35 km

The little extras: - Familial atmosphere - Ideally situated to visit the southern part of the Netherlands and northern Belgium. Camping Cheque accepted from 01/04/2011 to 09/06/2011 from 14/06/2011 to 15/07/2011 from 13/08/2011 to 31/10/2011

Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, has one of the biggest ports in the world. It was destroyed during the Second World War, but rebuilt on the same location. Contemporary architecture lovers will get their fill here.

Special offer(s) 6=7

Delta Region - 9 km

Special Gold Card offer 2-week stay = 1 regional product

Zuiddijk 2 NL-3221 LJ Hellevoetsluis +31 18 131 24 30

The Delta Region is the area that spreads out from the Belgian border to the south of Rotterdam, and is where the mouths of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt rivers all meet, creating a region of islands and estuaries. Visitors can see both its natural treasures and the magnificent dykes built on the Scheldt river and Haringvliet inlet. Droogdok Jan Blanken – 2 km

Here visitors can see docks dating from the 18th century. Today, they house a museum about boats and the life of the docks.

3 Seasons n° 117 - 15

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MY DIARY Morocco

ship In partner Tourism inistry of with the M m of Morocco gdo in the Kin

Morocco, an invitation to dream Camping Chèque invites you to discover Morocco during a 26-day rally

Morocco is a fascinating and alluring place. Explore this authentic and varied country bathed in oriental fragrances. A multitude of warm colours awaits you as you travel between ocean and desert, through the peaks of the Atlas mountain range. So that you may delve into the culture of this enchanting country, Camping Chèque, with its six campsites located throughout the country, has created a route that will lead you to some of the most beautiful landscapes of northern Africa. Give yourself over to temptation...

3 Seasons n°117 - 16

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 07/12/10 17:16 Page15 Mhamid Relais Hamada Dudraa

Agadir Agadir Terre d’Océan

Taliouine Camping Toubkal

Essaouira Marrakech Amerchich Manzil la Tortue

Ouarzazate Marrakech

d’Arfoud - Erfoud Tifina Caravansérail

MohammediaCamping Océan bleu

Casablanca Camping Meknès Fès Mohammedia






MY DIARY Morocco



Camping Bellevue Zerhoune

Casablanca Camping Meknès Fès Océan bleu Mohammedia

Manzil la Tortue Marrakech Amerchich

Essaouira Stage 1 : 10 April All the teams meet at the Tarifa (Spain) campsite to prepare the route with the tour guides

Terre d’Océan Agadir


Marrakech Ouarzazate Camping Toubkal Taliouine

Tifina Caravansérail d’Arfoud - Erfoud

Relais Hamada Dudraa Mhamid

Stage 2 : 11 April - 14 April After crossing the Mediterranean, all the teams will meet at the Océan Bleu campsite (p. 626 of the 2011 guide) in Mohammedia. During your stay on this site, you'll have the opportunity to visit Rabat (Tour Hassan minaret, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, etc.) and Casablanca (Hassan II Mosque). Mint tea, Moroccan pastries, and couscous only add to the experience.*

The rally takes place from 10 April to 6 May 2011. It will take you from Tangiers to Agadir and Erfoud in 9 stages. You'll have nearly a month to discover the magic of Morocco in the company of the owners of Camping Chèque's six campsites

Stage 3 : 14 April - 18 April The teams will head off to Meknes and the Bellevue campsite (p. 625). Here you'll discover Meknes, the royal city of Moulay Idriss, the imperial city of Fez and the souk of Sidi Ali (which you can visit on a donkey). The programme also includes lunch in a traditional restaurant, a Moroccan dinner with folk dancing, and a traditional breakfast. *

Stage 4 : 18 April - 22 April As they cross the Middle Atlas range, the teams will stop in Erfoud at the Tifina Caravansérail (p.624) campsite. The teams will have the chance to ride off into the desert in a Jeep, see oases, admire the sunset over the dunes or visit the Tafilalet region (visit to the city of Sijilmassa). On the menu: a folk dinner with a dance troupe, a meal under a Berber tent, a tasting of Medfouna (a local culinary specialty) and a Moroccan dinner. During the free days, you can get a massage, visit the souk or go to a hammam (some options are paying).*

Stage 5 : 22 April - 26 April Travel to M'Hamid and the Relais Hamada Dudraa campsite (p. 623). Various tours will allow you to visit an oasis, go for a camel ride in the Draa desert and spend a night in the desert under a nomadic tent. In addition to the tours, a Berber dinner will be planned.*

Stage 6 : 26 April - 27 April One night in the Toubkal campsite in Taliouine (campsite outside of the Camping Chèque network).

Stage 7 : 27 April - 1er May Travel to Taghazout and the Terre d'Océan (p. 621) campsite. Among the visits offered are

3 Seasons n°117 - 17

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MY DIARY Morocco

© Vincent Ruf -

a day in Paradise Valley and the Cascades of Imouzzer, as well as a walk through the streets of Agadir. Also on the programme are a dinner of local specialties and a grill night around a wood fire with a performance by fire breathers. During the free day, you can get a massage or go for a walk in the surrounding area of the campsite. *

Stage 8 : 1er May - 5 May Travel to Marrakech and the Manzil la Tortue (p. 622) campsite. In this stage, you'll discover the Ourika Valley and the city of Marrakech (Majorelle Gardens, Bahia Palace, souk, and more). A grill night, an evening at a restaurant, and a méchoui, or spit-roasted lamb, will complete the tour. During the free day, you can go for an MTB or dune buggy ride, or treat yourself to a massage. *

Stage 9 : 5 May - 6 May Travel to Mohammedia at the Océan Bleu campsite (p. 626) then departure at Tangiers for the return ferry.

© Graerne Purdy -

To book

Practical information

contact directly: Per post: Rallye Maroc 2011 Centrale de réservation KAWAN GROUP 16, route de Louhans 71330 SIMARD France

Dates: From 10 April to 6th May Admission: 2200 € per 2 person crew. For a crew of one person only, admission is 1500 €. The price includes 2 guides during the rally, a roadbook sent to you 1 month before your departure, your route plan for journey between campsites, the return ferry ticket (open ticket possible for return - ask when booking) and services stated and included in the programme. The price does not include the car or camper van, fuel, tolls, car parks and services not mentioned or not included in the programme, personal spending, holiday cancellation/interruption insurance (80€ per crew, optional), 12 Camping Cheques. Nights: payable directly to the campsites using Camping Cheques according to usual terms and conditions. Twelve Camping Cheques required. Terms and conditions, complete programme: Available on demand in paper version and online on

Per telephon: 0825 740 730 for France 0033 (3) 59 59 03 59

* Some options are extra charged

© narvikk -

3 Seasons n°117 - 18

Per Email:

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ZOOM > Spain > Costa Daurada > Serra de Prades

Serra de Prades Costa Daurada seen from above


nland from the Costa Daurada, in the countryside and 900 metres above sea level, lies Serra de Prades campsite. The site was opened thanks to the Guiu Family's commitment to regenerating the village of Prades, 120 inhabitants, which was not experiencing the growth of coastal villages despite being only a few dozen kilometres away. Although at the time camping as a type of holiday was still in its infancy, Serra de Prades was successful in attracting tourists from all over Europe in the mountainous natural parks of Poblet and El Monsanto. Despite the region not having the obvious attractions of the Mediterranean coast, it did have many advantages, particularly an exceptional natural environment with mountains reaching to 1000 m above sea level, two natural parks and a 37000 acre forest. All of this basking in the pleasant warmth of the Mediterranean climate. This location was therefore bound to attract campers in search of pure mountain air and unspoilt landscapes. To complement the surroundings, Serra de Prades added all the comforts needed for a good holiday, with leisure facilities (swimming pool, climbing wall, gym, ...), toilet and washing facilities adapted to all seasons as well as a gastro-

nomic restaurant serving local specialities and a takeaway service. Many campers come to Vilanova de Prades for its unspoilt environment, the campsite therefore offers open air activities such as potholing, canyoning, fresh water fishing and hikes on signposted paths, as well as guided hikes. Those who wish to discover authentic Spain, outside of seaside towns, will love this region and its rich natural and cultural heritage. n

The little extras: - exceptional natural environment - open all year Camping Chèque accepted: from 01/01/2011 to 17/04/2011 from 26/04/2011 to 14/07/2011 from 29/08/2011 to 30/12/2011 Gold Card offer: 6=7 • 11=14

ThINGS To See NeArBy The wine trail The wine trail crosses the Conca de Barbara vineyards as well as those which produce the Priory wines. Visits and tastings along the way.

The Cistercian trail On the doorstep of the campsite, the Cistercian trail links 65 historical villages and several Cistercian monasteries, including the famous Poblet monastery.

Port Aventura – 55 km One of the largest leisure centres in Europe with many attractions and rides as well as shows and an aquatic area. Perfect for a day out as a family.

C/ Sant Antoni s/n ES-43439 Vilanova de Prades (Tarragona)

+ 34 977 86 90 50

3 Seasons n° 117 - 19

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© Musée national de Préhistoire

E VENEMENT European Museum Night

European Museum N ight European Museum Night provides a unique opportunity to pay a free visit to some of the most beautiful European museums, which stay open until very late for the occasion

Since 2005, thousands of museums across Europe open their doors to visitors once a year free of charge on European Museum Night. In 2011, this event takes place on Saturday, May 14. This will be your chance to visit museums throughout Europe, wherever you may be on holiday, with Camping Cheque.

Because of printing deadlines, the Museum Night program has not yet been fully established. To learn more about the program, consult the following sites as the event nears. You will find a list of all the participating museums, as well as the different activities organized for the occasion. For more information on Museum Night: . On this website, you will find a city-by-city program in French and English that covers all of Europe. The site has not yet been updated but will be during the first months of 2011. For more information on Museums at Night: +at+night

3 Seasons n°117 - 20


n 1999,the French Ministry of Culture created Museum Spring. On a designated Sunday in spring, French museums open their doors to everyone for free. Starting in 2001, this operation was extended beyond French borders to 39 other European countries. To attract a different audience, which would include a young, night-loving crowd, Museum Spring became Museum Night in 2005. Since then, participating museums provide visitors with free access late into the night and propose different activities. The event starts at dusk and ends around 1 a.m. The operation was a great success from the start. From Riga to Nicosia and from Bucharest to Faro,

some 3,000 museums now feature Museum Night as one of the outstanding dates of the European cultural year. In 2011, it will take place on May 14, with a few variations, such as Museums at Night in the United Kingdom, which lasts from Friday, May 13, to Sunday, May 15. Wherever you might be on this date, if you are staying with Camping Cheque, you can pay an exciting visit to sites that are rich in history and culture under a night sky filled with stars. The Louvre or the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the National Gallery in Ljubljana, the Thyssen Bornemizsa Museum in Madrid, the Miro Foundation in Barcelona or the National Gallery in London are only some of the hundreds of museums located near our network of camping sites. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit or re-visit them! n

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 13/12/10 11:44 Page19

The Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) is an older version of this event and will take place on January 29 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Berlin. Here, a €15 fee is charged for the entire night and includes access to shows and a shuttle bus service. For more information, see: To stay nearby: Jägerbude (p.391, 2011 Site Directory) Jägerbude 3 DE-15537 Erkner OT Jägerbude Tel. 0049 (0)3362 88 80 84 Camping Chèque accepted: 01/01/2011-30/12/2011 Country Camping Tiefensee (p.392) Schmiedeweg 1 DE-16356 Werneuchen OT Tiefensee Tel. 0049 (0)3339 89 05 14 Camping Chèque accepted: 01/01/2011-31/12/2011 Special offer(s): 6=7 (1/1-29/6, 31/8-31/12), 11=14 (1/1-29/6, 31/8-31/12) Special offer(s) Gold Card : free booking without deposit In addition to Museum Night, the city of Brussels organises Museum Night Fever. For this event, museums are the setting for a number of shows and activities. The next edition takes place on February 26, 2011.

For more information, see: To stay nearby: Roosendael (p.282) Schriekenstraat 27/a BE-9290 Berlare-Overmere Tel. 0032 (0)497 26 11 57 Camping Chèque accepted: 01/01/2011-30/12/2011 Special offer(s): 6=7, 11=14 Special offer(s) Gold Card: regional road map The city of Amsterdam organises a museum night along the lines of the Berlin model. For a fee, visitors have access to shows and free entry to one of the participating museums. The ticket is valid until the end of the current year. For more information, see: To stay nearby: DroomPark Molengroet (p.301) Molengroet 1 NL-1723 PX Noord-Scharwoude Tel. 0031 (0)226 39 34 44 Camping Cheque accepted: 01/04/2011-31/10/2011 Special offer(s) Gold Card : 6=7, 11=14, free booking without deposit

© Sergej Horovitz

© Musée national d'Art moderne

E VENEMENT European Museum Night

Campingpark de Bongerd (p.302) Bongerdlaan 3 NL-1747 CA Tuitjenhorn Tel. 0031 (0)226 39 14 81 Camping Chèque accepted: 08/04/2011-29/04/2011 08/05/2011-01/06/2011 05/06/2011-10/06/2011 13/06/2011-16/07/2011 27/08/2011-30/09/2011 Kawan Village Recreatiecentrum Koningshof (p.303) Elsgeesterweg 8 NL-2231 NW Rijnsburg Tel. 0031 (0)714 02 60 51 Camping Chèque accepted: 15/03/2011-14/04/2011 17/04/2011-21/04/2011 07/05/2011-01/06/2011 05/06/2011-09/06/2011 13/06/2011-09/07/2011 20/08/2011-15/11/2011 Special offer(s) Gold Card : free booking without deposit Recreatiecentrum De Noordduinen (p.304) Campingweg 1 NL-2221 EW Katwijk aan Zee Tel. 0031 (0)714 02 52 95 Camping Chèque accepted: 01/01/2011-21/04/2011 08/05/2011-01/06/2011

The Nuit des musées européene (European Museum Night) is held in museums in capital cities as well as those in the province. You'll find things happening in the south-west of France at the Musée national de la Préhistoire (national prehistory museum) in Eyzies de Tayac in the Dordogne as well as the most prestigious Parisian museums, notably The National Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Centre. In parallel, several other dates for European Museum Night allow you to explore museums in Europe's other major cities – like the Brücke Museum in Berlin during The Long Night of the Museums in the German capital.

13/06/2011-22/06/2011 26/06/2011-16/07/2011 27/08/2011-31/12/2011 Special offer(s) Gold Card : free booking without deposit Kawan Village Delftse Hout (p.305) Korftlaan 5 NL-2616 LJ Delft Tel. 0031 (0)152 13 00 40 Camping Chèque accepted: 25/03/2011-14/04/2011 08/05/2011-01/06/2011 05/06/2011-09/06/2011 13/06/2011-14/07/2011 21/08/2011-31/10/2011 Special offer(s) Gold Card : free booking without deposit

3 Seasons n°117 - 21

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Périgord, Le Le Périgord,

a region with four faces...... Brantôme

Périgueux Bergerac Monbazillac

3 Seasons n°117 - 22



Sarlat with its elegant white stone buildings or the caves of Lascaux with its mural paintings have to be the most well-known sites in the Perigord by far. And indeed, these sites are an essential part of any visit to the Perigord. however they only reflect a small part of a region that has so much more to offer. These sites are associated with only one of the four faces of the Perigord that is divided up into the Purple, the Green, the White and the Black region. each one of these regions has a charm all of its own. 3 Seasons takes you on a tour through the different colour shades of the Perigord.

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 07/12/10 17:17 Page21

DESTINATION Périgord In Saint-Jean-de-Côle, elegant ochre-coloured buildings with brown tile roofs line the edge of the River Côle which passes under a delightful medieval bridge. Its history is intertwined with that of Marthonie Castle in the village centre, which was built between the 12th and 15th centuries.


tretching across the North of the region in a crescent shape, the Green Perigord is so called because of its verdant countryside. This gently rolling countryside is irrigated by Perigord numerous water courses including the or Dronne, the Isle and the Bandiat. This piece of Perigord is different from the Perigord other three because of its abundant vegetation for which it is justifiably included in the Perigord - Limousin Regional Nature Reserve. It boasts a wide variety of orchids that flourish in the chalky soils of its meadows and wooded hills, among other assets. Patience and a keen eye are required for spotting these valuable flowers, but one's chances are vastly increased when walking ed along the Orchid Circuit that Not to be missed in the Green Perigord: eri igord: starts at Saint Pardoux la B r a n t ô m e Rivière, along which one can count as many as 22 different The small town of Brantôme is the location of a superb species. With just a few abbey nestled in between a rocky clifffff and the Dronne river. exceptions, spotting orchids is Saint Jean de Côle limited to springtime, but An enchanting little village, with its stone buildings and there are other pleasures in flowerbeds. An unmissable site in the Green Perigord store during the other sea- The Château de Puyguilhem sons. Migrating cranes can be A rare example, for the Perigord, of a Renaissance chateau observed on the banks of the inspired by the Loire Valley chateaux. lakes or enjoying an autumnal More information on the Green Perigord: feast in the gardens to taste Regional Nature Reserve website: such seasonal products as the cep mushroom Green Perigord website:

The Green the Natural


Where to stay Gorges du Chambon p.98 23/04/2011-02/07/2011 22/08/2011-17/09/2011

Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer p.99 23/04/2011-09/07/2011 27/08/2011-04/10/2011

3 Seasons n°117 - 23

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© OT Périgueux

1 and 2 – The Musée Vesunna, plunges visitors into the rich archaeological history of the Périgord. The building was designed by Jean Nouvel over the site of a Gallo-Roman villa and incorporates the Tour Vésone (tower) rising 24 metres high 3 – The fortified town of Montpazier is considered to be the perfect example of a bastide in the Périgord Pourpre-style 4 – The murals in Lascaux are one of the most impressive examples of prehistoric art. 5 – Perched on a cliff in the Dordogne Valley, Beynac is undisputedly one of the most beautiful villages in Périgord



Périgueux and the White Perigord

Blanc Pourpre

he White Perigord's name comes from the white colour of its stone. The region's capital, Périgueux, is located right at the centre of the White Perigord. Saint Front, the cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site on the route to Santiago de Compostela. The intertwining pedestrian streets that circle around the cathedral are a great place to lose oneself admiring the Renaissance facades, small courtyards or even the staircases. Périgueux is a feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes. Don't miss market day to enjoy the foie gras that takes pride of place on the stalls, as well Not to be missed in the White as the truffles and strawberries, just Perigord a few of the delicacies on sale. At Vessunnaa, Gallo-romann musseum m off Périgueux Sorges, not far from Périgueux, you Thhis museum houuses vesttiges off a 4000 sqm Gallocan go to the eco-museum devoted Roman house and reminds us that the whole reggion is to the "black gold of the Perigord" steeped in history going back to prehistoric times when Vergt became the acknowChâteau d'hautefort ledged strawberry capital of the This chateau built on a rocky spur in the 9th century has region. continually been improved through the centuries to become the beautiful residence that we now see, combining both Renaissance and Classical features.

Not to be missed in the Purple Perigord Château de Monbazillac A blend of medieval defensive architecture and Renaissance elegance, this chateau is located in the middle of the famous vineyard of Monbazillac Château de Biron Perched on its hill, on the edge of the Perigord, this chateau is a mix of architectural styles from the 12th to the 18th century More information on the Purple Perigord

Where to stay La Rivière Fleurie p.107

More information on the White Perigord

10/04/2011-30/06/2011 29/08/2011-20/09/2011


6 3 Seasons n°117 - 24


© CDT Dordogne





Périgord colour of





ocated in the south west of the department, the Purple Perigord is the country of wine and bastides. Its reputation is often associated with its prestigious vineyards that produce such wines as Monbazillac, Pécharmant, or even Montravel and the town of Bergerac. Famous because of Hercule Savinien de Cyrano, the long-nosed poet, popularized in the play by Edmond de Rostand under the name of Cyrano de Bergerac. Although the latter was from Paris, the Bergerac in his name referred to a domain located in the Paris region and he only lived in Gascony under his nom de plume. This did not prevent him from getting a statue to commemorate him in the town of Bergerac. Other than the beautiful 14th, 15th and 16th century buildings of this small town nestled on the banks of the Dordogne, the Purple Perigord has many assets including, in particular, its numerous bastides, these "new fortified towns" built in the Middle Ages, such as the bastide of Montpazier, the best preserved example of its kind in Perigord, a real jewel of medieval architecture.

6 – The Abbaye de Brantôme, at the entrance to Périgord Vert has a history that goes back 1,200 years and is set between a rock face and the River Dronne. 7 – The prestigious Montbazillac and Pécharmant vineyards are some of Périgord Pourpre's gourmet delights.

© CDT Dordogne


© Sémitour Périgord

© CDT Dordogne



Black Périgord and its pr pprestigious rereseststitigigigioiou ousus sites



f the four Perigord regions, the black ck region is unquestionably the most st famous and most visited. Indeed, it has no less than 15 UNESCO world heritage sites making it one of the most attractive regions in France for tourism. This is where the Dordogne runs its sinuous course through the limestone rocks and the forests of holm oaks, with a Not to be missed in the Black Perigord series of elegant castles perched Sarlat-la-Canéda on their rocky promontories and The old town of Sarlat is full of superb residences sculpted enchanting ancient villages made in the ochre coloured limestone. Medieval, flamboyant in stone dotting the route. Gothic and Renaissance architecture form an aesthetic mix These river banks and those of that makes Sarlat one of the most beautiful towns in the Vezere are where the first France. Europeans found refuge in caves, the walls of which tell us the story Lascaux II of our past. The Vezere valley This identical reconstruction of the cave of Lascaux, discovcontains many of the most ered in 1940 and then closed to the public in order to preinteresting prehistoric sites in serve it, provides an opportunity to admire some of the Europe, and at Eyzies, in particular, most spectacular cave paintings that have remained intact where the caves are teeming with through the ages (these works have been attributed to the signs of the lives of our ancestors ancient Magdalenian era and are therefore about 19,000 (drawings, tools, bones), there is years old). the national prehistory museum. More information on the Black Perigord

Where to stay with Camping Cheque Le Grand Dague p.100 20/04/2011-02/07/2011 20/08/2011-26/09/2011

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Domaine de la Paille Basse p.103

RCN Le Moulin de La Pique p.106

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Le Moulin du Roch p.104

Moulin du Périé p.108

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09/04/2011-03/07/2011 22/08/2011-30/09/2011 3 Seasons n°117 - 25

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

Journey through the Balkans 3 Seasons presents a journey through the Balkans

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The old town of Kotor, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, is set in an exceptional natural environment, tucked between the waters of the largest Fjord in southern Europe and the Dinarides Mountains. Set on a peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic sea, the ancient town of Budva resembles Dubrovnik in many ways, as well as other Croatian cities with a clear Venetian influence. Today, this tiny village is a very popular coastal resort.

3 Seasons n째117 - 26

From the start of the First World War to the recent breakup of ex-Yugoslavia at the end of the 20th century, South-East Europe is often considered the powder keg of the continent. Peace has returned and it is time to discover the beautiful region of the Balkan Mountains. 3 seasons invites you on a trip through the most touristic areas of Greece and Istanbul, as well as often unknown parts of Bulgaria and Montenegro.

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

Where to stay near Kotor: Crvena Glavica (p.445, 2011 Site Directory) ME-84305 Sveti Stefan Tel. 0031 (0)6 25 49 68 89 Camping Cheque accepted: 25/05/2011-30/09/2011

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Kotor Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the small town of Kotor is an architectural jewel in Montenegro. Stuck between the sea and Lovcen Mountain, overlooked by Saint Ivan's fortress, this walled city founded in the 3rd century hides behind its 4 kms of fortifications. 3 gates allow you into a charming old town, with many palaces and beautiful chapels to visit. Saint Tripun Cathedral is also worth a visit. The South of Kotor Bay offers a beautiful view of the city and its mountains. More information:

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e will start our trip on the banks of the Adriatic. A few kilometres south of Dubrovnik, we will stay in Montenegro, in the Bay of Kotor. Closed by the Verige strait, the 350 metre wide fjord is the deepest in the Mediterranean. Its steep and gullied cliffs carve their way through the landscape. The views are beautiful and still intact compared to the shores of Croatia, where tourism has often taken over. At the beginning of spring, the summits of the Dinaric Alps contrast with the turquoise seas of the Adriatic. The town of Budva, close to Kotor Bay

is another jewel of the Montenegro shores. Like many Croatian towns, it was once ruled by Venetians when the Serene republic dominated the Adriatic It is therefore unsurprising to find the same architectural elegance here as in Dubrovnik. In addition to its cultural side, Budva is a favourite seaside resort, with long sandy beaches. n n n

Veliko Târnovo Nesebâr Kotor Kiyiköy Budva Istanbul

Gallipoli Mont Olympe Meteroes

Athènes Olympia

3 Seasons n°117 - 27

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

Ancient Sanctuary of Olympia Some things remain unchanged throughout the centuries. The Olympic Games were the greatest sporting event in ancient Greece. Like today, they were held every 4 years and lasted almost 1000 years before being abolished by Emperor Theodosius I. The main difference with today's version is that only men were allowed to take part and watch. In the Ancient Sanctuary of Olympia, you can see the complex of temples, housing for priests and public buildings. The remains of the Temples to Zeus, Hera and the gymnasium enable us to imagine how magnificent this site was, even though many major buildings have not survived the passage of time. The Chryselephantine statue of Zeus, by sculptor Phidias, which stood in the Temple of Zeus, considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World by the Greeks was unfortunately destroyed.

Š David H. Seymour /


Where to stay near Olympia: Aginara Beach (p.440, 2011 Site Directory) Lygia Loutra Kyllinis GR-270 50 Ilia Tel. 0030 26230 96211 Special Offer(s): 6=7, 11=14 Camping Cheque accepted: 01/01/2011-07/07/2011 25/08/2011-31/12/2011 Fournia Beach (p.441a) Ionion Beach (p.441b)

3 Seasons n°117 - 28

n n n Leaving Montenegro, not without regret, we will explore the eastern boundary of Europe. Crossing Albania into Greece. Once the border passed, we discover one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, with over 50% above 1500 metres, and famous for its islands. Mount Olympus, where the Gods of Greek mythology resided is now the second highest in the Balkans, at 2919 metres above sea level. There is no lack of interesting sights in Greece. The 1400 islands and the shores are picture postcard pretty, with delightful fishing villages with colourful boats, white houses and beaches ideal for swimming and relaxing. The hinterland has a wealth of magnificent mountain and valley landscapes, where vines and olive trees grow to the delight of hikers. The island boasts a great variety of flowers, with over 6000 species of plants, including a hundred types of orchids. In the spring, the mountainous landscapes of the Peloponnese are covered in wild flowers. The main at-

traction of the area remains its extraordinary history. After the country's recent economic troubles, it is easy to forget that it once was the guiding light of the Mediterranean. Greece has retained a unique artistic heritage from this glorious past. A real open-air archaeology museum, the country boasts numerous famous sites, the most renowned being without a doubt the Acropolis, which you can see from almost all parts of the town. Although most sites date back to the classical period, other eras have left their share of surprising monuments, such as the 15th century Byzantine monasteries perched on the Meteora rocky pillars. This incredible architectural heritage is sufficient to justify spending several weeks in this welcoming country. Out of season is particularly recommended, as the months of July and August suffer from the usual ills of very touristic countries. Although Greece has left an indelible

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

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Greece has a prodigious archaeological heritage that reminds us how this small southern European country influenced the Mediterranean world for several centuries. Among the most emblematic sites from this period is the Parthenon, overlooking the city of Athens.

trace on Western countries through its artists, philosophers and scientists, it was strongly influenced by Eastern and Byzantine culture. The east of the country stretches to the Turkish border, 300 km from Istanbul and the edge of the European continent, where we are heading for the next stage on this journey. In addition to the beauty of Istanbul, Thrace, the European part of Turkey has many points of interest. You will be able to enjoy the shores of the Marmara Sea in the South and the delightful fishing villages of the Black Sea in the North. Of all these villages, we particularly like Kiyiköy. Although it has become a favourite destination for Istanbul inhabitants, who enjoy the beautiful beaches, we love the authenticity of the place. Leaving ancient history aside, in Gallipoli we stumble across the more recent past. The peninsula was the scene of one of the most horrific battles in the First World War between the Allied troops and the Ottoman Empire. 130.000 men were killed, mainly Britons and Turks. The n n n

Despite its image of seaside living and romantic islands, Greece is above all a mountainous country. The rocky peaks of the Metéora with its perched monasteries is one of its most breathtaking landscapes.

Istanbul Mocamp (p.438) Poyracik s. no:7 TR-34365 Ístanbul Tel. 0090 212 2302295 Special Offer(s): 6=7, 11=14 Camping Cheque accepted: 01/01/2011-01/04/2011 01/10/2011-31/12/2011


Istanbul Built on the banks of the Bosporus river, Istanbul is a unique city which straddles Europe and Asia. From its rich and unstable past, the city has inherited beautiful monuments, such as Topkapi palace (residence of the Ottoman Kings), the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia basilica. In addition to these monuments, Istanbul deserves to be discovered through its lively neighbourhoods and Great Bazaar. Undoubtedly one of the most enchanting cities in Europe. Where to stay in Greece: Camping Acrogiali (p.443a) Philoxenia (p.443b) Triton II (p.442a) Camping Atreus (p.442b) Glaros (p.442c) Chrissa Camping (p.442d) Thines (p.441c) Gythion Bay (p.441d)


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In addition to archaeological sites, the Greek coast contains many enchanting fishing villages abounding with blue and white houses

Where to stay near Istanbul: Semizkum Mocamp (p.437, 2011 Site Directory) Lüleburgaz Deniz evleri yani PTT alti Semizkumlar mevkii Semizkum Mocamp Sílívrí TR-34570 Ístanbul Tel. 0090 2127112058 Special Offer(s): 6=7, 11=14 Camping Cheque accepted: 01/01/2011-31/12/2011

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

© Sadık Güleç /

n n n chaos of the battleground is long gone but cemeteries, remembrance sites and museums are plentiful.

© cenk ertekin /

The Gallipoli peninsula was the scene of one of the most bloody battles in the First World War, but the vestiges of Kilitbahir castle remind us that this region has witnessed many other battles in its tumultuous history. In particular, it was here that the city of Troy is said to have witnessed a battle between the legendary figures of Homeric epics The port of Kıyıköy is a very popular beach resort with inhabitants of Istanbul and has managed to preserve all of the charm of a traditional fishing village.

3 Seasons n°117 - 30

Leaving behind the delights of the Orient, we follow the shores of the Black Sea to Bulgaria. Of all the countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain, Bulgaria is one of the lesser known. Compared to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia, the country remains a secret. What strikes us immediately is the contrast between towns and the countryside. Urban areas are growing fast and are catching up with the rest of Europe, whereas rural areas are often reminiscent of the 19th century. Although the standard of living is very low, people are incredibly welcoming and we quickly fell under the spell of this country of green plains and wooded mountains. The main attraction is its archaeological heritage. Because it borders two great Mediterranean civilisations, Greece and Turkey, the country has been influenced both by Hellenic and Byzantine culture.

Indeed, it only gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 with the help of neighbouring Russia, which has created a strong bond between the countries. In the town of Nesebâr, on a peninsula off the coast of Bulgaria, you can visit Greek remains (Acropolis, Temple to Apollo) and over 23 churches from the Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman era, the architectural proof of Orthodox culture in this part of Europe. Bulgaria is our last stage before leaving the Balkans and taking the road to Western Europe. A great end to a fantastic trip. n

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CIRCUIT Les B alkans

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Veliko Târnovo Veliko Târnovo, capital of the Bulgarian Empire in the 13th and 14th century is nestled between hills covered in forests. Yantra river crosses the city, meandering through gorges crossed by bridges. Picturesque houses hang on to the cliffs overlooking the river. From the heights of the Assumption Church, you can enjoy splendid views of the city and the foundations of the Royal Palace, which was home to 22 Tsars. One of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. More information:

More information: Montenegro tourism office: Greek tourism office: Turkish tourism office: Bulgaria tourism office:

Where to stay near Veliko Târnovo: Camping Veliko Tarnovo (p.434, 2011 Site Directory) Vasil Levsky Street, No 70 Dragizhevo Village Lyaskovets BG-5145 Veliko Tarnovo Tel. 00359 (0)619 42777 Special Offer(s): 6=7, 11=14 Camping Cheque accepted: 01/03/2011-05/11/2011 Where to stay in Bulgaria: Camping Wilola (p.435a)

© Nikolay Dimitrov /

The walls of the 23 churches in Nesebâr are covered in religious frescoes mixing Byzantine, Western European and Ottoman influences for a true slice of orthodox culture.

Veliko Târnovo

3 Seasons n°117 - 31

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2eme 5eme

la Résistance d'Histoire de Centre

Lumière Musée




Bellecour Lyon Vieux Gadagne Musée 1er Rousse Croix 4eme




Tête d’Or de la Parc




Parc de la Tête d’Or


Croix 1er Rousse


Musée Gadagne

Vieux Lyon 5eme


Bellecour 2eme


Centre d'Histoire de la Résistance

Musée Lumière


Musée Garnier





© Philippe Bastie / Office de Tourisme de Lyon

Place Bellecour is a central place in the city of Lyon. This large airy square is the third largest square in France. It is edged by buildings with Louis XVI-style symmetric façades and offers a lovely view of the Fourvière hill. In its centre, a statue of Louis XIV stands on a pedestal with two smaller bronze statues on either side


the city of light

For many travellers, Lyon is often regarded as a traffic black spot on the congestion road map that needs to be avoided at all costs during the summer holiday period when driving down to the south of France. however, you would be missing out if you only thought of this discreet and reserved city as just a stopover between Paris and Marcheille. Those who take the time to explore this city that was once the capital of Gaul will discover a beautiful town with its two thousand years of history and where eating is an art. That's why 3 Seasons proposes a food itinerary between the rhone and the Saone.

3 Seasons n°117 - 32


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LyoN, FooD heAVeN Lyon is famous for its good food. Unquestionably, this is the town in France that offers the finest food and, with a little snooping around, you can get great value for money as well. The restaurants known as the "bouchons" of Lyon serve the most traditional food. You will find local food on the menu: andouillette, quenelles (dumplings), hot sausages, etc. Most of these establishments can be found on the peninsula. An essential stopover for any stay between the Saone and the Rhone. But the fine food of Lyon is not confined to these bouchons. There are countless gourmet restaurants in Lyon. Without doubt the most famous of the city's restaurants is the Brasserie Georges. This Art Deco brasserie is one of Europe's largest with a 700 sqm dining area without columns. Although there are finer restaurants in the city, you eat well here and just visiting this venue is an experience in itself.

Lyon is without a doubt the French city that places the most importance on gastronomy. Take an evening stroll through the city streets and let yourself be seduced by the atmosphere of its bistrots and restaurants with their traditional cuisine.


everal days are needed to explore Lyon in order to appreciate its different features. One of the most endearing aspects of the city is the multiplicity of different areas that each have their own style and appeal that has developed over the centuries. The city was founded over 2000 years ago and it has a rich and prosperous history. Initially occupied by Celtic tribes, the area of Lyon was named Lugdunum in honour of the God Lug, God of the sun, of light and of arts and crafts, by the Romans who are the acknowledged founders of the city and who established it as the capital of Gaul. The Roman occupier left to be replaced by the Franks coming in from the North-East and Lyon gave up its status as capital to Paris. Nevertheless, although Lyon experienced further more difficult periods, this did not result in the city's decline and it has a prosperous history, particularly at the

time of the Renaissance, thanks to its business activity including the silk trade and banking activities in particular. At the same time the town asserted itself as a major centre of European culture with books at first and then by becoming the birthplace of film thanks to the Lumiere brothers who developed the invention in Lyon. From the God Lug to the Lumiere brothers, Lyon has come full circle. Among the most beautiful of Lyon's areas is the Vieux Lyon, that must not be missed. Made up of the St Jean, St Paul and St Georges areas, it is nestled in between the Saone and the Fourviere hillside. It was once the centre of the city. Acquiring a superb architectural unity during the Renaissance with over 300 perfectly preserved houses, it is the second largest area of its type in the world after Venice. One of the features of the area is its tra-

boules. These are the narrow arched corridors that link up the different buildings. They played an important role during an unhappy period of Lyon's history. During the German occupation of the Second World War, the city was a focal point for the French Resistance and this labyrinthine network was used to organize secret meetings. Opposite the Vieux Lyon, on the east bank of the Saone is the peninsula. This peninsula was once an island because the Rhone and Saone used to converge further to the north, at the foot of the Croix Rousse. It was only after the works carried out by Perrache, a civil engineer, that it was connected to the rest of the town. It provides the site for the city's two symbolic squares, place Bellecour and place des Terraux. The bigger of the two, the place Bellecour, is the 3rd largest square in France, no less! This is the cen- n n n

3 Seasons n째117 - 33

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CIT Y BREAK Lyon n n n tral point of the city although the place des Terraux is the more desirable location of the two. The latter looks its best at night. Spectacularly bringing to life its magnificent fountain created by Bartholdi, fibre optics that form the basis of its modern architecture are used to light up its fountains. Originally, the latter had been commissioned by the city of Bordeaux that was unable to pay. One of the Lyon's charming features is its exceptional location. At the meeting point of two major rivers, nestled in between two hillsides. To the west, Fourviere, known as the "praying hillside" with the basilica at its peak and, to the east, the Croix Rousse, the "working hillside", where many artisans used to work in former times. One can get to the Fourviere hill-

side from the Vieux Lyon by cable car. However, those who are more adventurous can get there by walking up one of its picturesque streets. Once you get to the top of the hill, the view from the piazza of Fourviere basilica is spectacular. Although the latter is of no particular artistic note, there is an observation post (260 steps) at the top of which you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lyon and the Alps.

purpose on the hillside of the Croix Rousse. This area is therefore strongly connected with the cloth making trade in Lyon and many social movements emerged among the canuts. Criss-crossed with traboules and dotted with canut houses, the slopes leading to the Croix Rousse plateau are the primary attraction to visit as well as the beautiful place Colbert in particular. n

On the other side of the water, the hillside of the Croix Rousse used to be occupied by silk workers known as canuts. With the invention of the Jacquard loom, the latter had to work in buildings with a minimum headroom of 4 metres. Consequently, they abandoned the unsuitable Vieux Lyon area to buildings designed for the

FeSTIVAL oF LIGhTS Ever since 1852, the festival of lights takes place around 8th December in commemoration of the inauguration of the Statue of the Virgin Mary of the Basilica of Fourviere. As part of this celebration, Lyon is lit up with countless lights filling the city where sumptuous illuminated shows are staged. The event has become so popular that it lasts over the course of 3 nights. Anything less and you would not be able to enjoy all the shows on offer. More information on the festival of lights: Š Yenwen Lu /

3 Seasons n°117 - 34

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CIT Y BREAK Lyon © Marie Perrin / Office de Tourisme de Lyon

To visit Lyon, you can use the City Card set up by the Tourist Information office. With a one, two or three-day package, this card allows you to visit many museums and tourist attractions for free, use Lyon's public transport system and benefit from discounts on some shows. Price: 20€, 30€ or 40€ for 1, 2 or 3 days. More information at the tourist information office:

Some ideas for visits



Situated in a renaissance hotel, this museum explores the history of Lyon and presents puppets coming from all over the world. It serves as a reminder that the puppet show originally came from Lyon. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission: 8€

A museum that takes you back to the beginnings of movie-making will a hall devoted to retrospectives, meetings, special courses, etc. Closed on Mondays, 25th December, 1st January and 1st May. Price: 6€

GARNIER MUSEUM THE HISTORY OF THE RESISTANCE CENTRE This museum deals with those unhappy days of Lyon during the 2nd World War, along with an interesting perspective on the world of today through its temporary exhibition. Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and bank holidays. Price: 4€

MUSÉE DES TISSUS This museum, situated in the magnificent hotel de Villeroy, looks at the 2000 year history of clothmaking up to the Lyon's silkmaking industry to which it devotes particular attention. Closed on Mondays and bank holidays as well as on Easter Sunday and Whitsunday. Price: 6€

An open-air museum that takes you on a journey of discovery of one of Lyon's original features, its painted walls, with 25 frescos by Tony Garnier, an architect from Lyon. Closed on Mondays. Price: 6€

THE TÊTE D'OR BOTANICAL GARDENS Set in 260 acres of land, these gardens are the largest free-entry park in France. It contains a zoo, a rose garden and the botanical gardens. Perfect for a stroll with the family or for enjoying nature in the centre of the Lyon metropolis. Open from 9.30am to 4.30pm (15th October – 14th April) and from 9.30am to 6.30pm (from 15th April to 14th October). Price: 6€

1 – At the foot of the Fourvière hill, old Lyon with its historic buildings and coloured façades reflected in the waters of the Saône. 2 – The traditional, friendly atmosphere of the Bouchons lyonnais (the city's traditional restaurants) is an invitation to indulge. 3 – For the Fête des Lumières (the Festival of Lights) at the beginning of December the city walls are covered in multicoloured lights. A mustsee if you happen to be in the area at the time.

3 Seasons n°117 - 35

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ZOOM > France > Île - de -France > Jablines

International de Jablines A green haven on the doorstep of Paris LoCAL SITeS oF INTereST


aris is the most visited city in the world, playing host to approximately 30,000,000 tourists per year. This is a well-deserved achievement for this enchanting city brimming with prestigious museums and sites. Yet, there is a downside to this fame and success. Paris suffers from the problems that afflict all large cities: noise, traffic, etc. That is why we would like to invite you to stay in the countryside, in a green haven on the outskirts of Paris, when you next visit the city. The International de Jablines campsite is located on Paris' doorstep, nestled at the heart of a 450 ha country park interspersed with a dozen lakes. This relatively new campsite (it opened in 1997) allows you to enjoy Paris and its attractions whilst savouring the peace and quiet of France's countryside. The campsite, with its natural environment and warm welcome, offers you a charming setting with a family atmosphere for a relaxing stay, a place so tranquil that you may nearly forget the multitude of sites and attractions which lie within a 30 km radius. This is the principal aim of Gael Sicaud, the campsite manager: "I want to preserve a campsite with a human touch, where the hospitality and the site's cleanliness are our top assets".

3 Seasons n° 117 - 36

Tourists come to the International de Jablines campsite in order to visit Paris, Disneyland® and Provins, and stay there for the peace and quiet, the surrounding nature, the largest beach in the Ile de France and the many outdoor activities the region has to offer (swimming, water-skiing, horse-riding, mountain biking, etc.) . n Camping Cheque accepted from 09/04/2011 to 24/06/2011 from 27/08/2011 to 05/11/2011

Paris - 30 km Paris awaits you - travel there by public transport (approximately 30 minutes). With its charming districts, small boutiques and large department stores, spectacular sights and prestigious museums, there is something for everyone in this sumptuous city. More information about Paris

Disneyland® Paris - 9 km Amazing attractions and a magical atmosphere inspired by the world of Disney. Both young and old will be enchanted by this magical place. More information: :

Provins - 60 km

Base Régionale de Loisirs FR-77450 Jablines + 33 1 60 26 09 37

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Provins is a delightful medieval town built within impressive ramparts. In summer, your visit will be enlivened by outdoor shows and entertainment. More information: www.provins.netes sardes

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ZOOM > Romania > Transilvania > Vampire

Vampire The Romanian Lust for Life. This time 3 Seasons Magazine takes you on a quick tour of Vampire Camping at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains opposite the legendary Dracula's castle.


ery few people know the story of Vlad the Impaler who lived in Romania in the 15th century. But everybody knows about the famous character based on him, created by Irish writer, Bram Stoker: Dracula. Legend has it that Vlad the Impaler resided at Bran castle, a medieval fortress at the top of a hill in the heart of the forest. Although the story seems to be mostly based on rumour, the castle does strangely resemble the one in Stoker's book. Whether fact or fiction, the castle has become the real Dracula's castle by public decree. There was even a plan to build a large amusement park close to Bran village aptly entitled, Dracula Park. It was during this period that Constantin Ciocianu decided to cash in on the attraction and create Vampire Camping on land bought from the Church. A sale that helped finance the renovation of the village church and its bell tower. The bell tower just happens to be home to hundreds of bats that tourists regularly come to admire. Although the Dracula Park project was cancelled, the camping ground itself is now well established. The new owner of the camping ground has made huge efforts to ensure that campers are given a very warm wel-

come and are provided with impeccably clean toilet facilities. The camping ground has quickly won over campers with its natural setting and ample space and privacy for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention its friendly atmosphere. Out of the new projects underway, a swimming pool will soon be added to the camping ground's list of amenities. Just another reason to pay a trip to this little-known region of Europe. Don't take too long though, because tourism in Romania is set to explode. It's best to visit the area before it loses that special little something. n The + - a protected natural environment - Bran castle in walking distance

TO VISIT NEARBY Bran castle, 1 km Whether it's Dracula's castle or not, the Gothic fortress with its labyrinthine floor plan is worth visiting.

Brasov 20 km Brasov is a spell-binding medieval city with architecture ranging from Gothic to Baroque. Take the cable car to see the stunning panorama from the top of Mount T창mpa.

Bucegi National Park The region around Vampire Camping includes Bucegi National park in the Carpathian Mountains. In this protected mountain range you can admire wild animals like bears and wolves.

Camping Cheque accepted from 01/04/2011 at 30/06/2011 from 01/09/2011 at 30/10/2011 Special Offer(s): 6 = 7 (1/4-30/4, 1/10-30/10) Special Gold Card offer: free booking without deposit for Gold Card holders

Strada Principale 77 C RO-507025 Bran +40 (0)268 238 430

3 Seasons n째 117 - 37

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TO P C A M P I N G 2011

Top Campsites of 2011finally The

revealed Like every year, Camping Cheque has awarded your favourite campsites the Top Camping 2011 label. 40 this year have been awarded a mark above 9/10 on the Camping Cheque website. A quick overview of the 2011 Top Campsites

Kawan Village Camping l'Amfora Sant Pere Pescador, ES Located on the San Pere Pescador beach this campsite boasts three beautiful swimming pools, as well as 100 m2 pitches with water and electricity, and modern sanitary facilities.


Ferme de Lann Hoëdic Sarzeau, FR Ideally positioned for visiting the Rhuys Peninsula on the Gulf of Morbihan this quiet campsite is a good choice for relaxing back to nature' holidays.

Château de Poinsouze Boussac, FR This quiet family-run campsite is situated in the heart of a forested area, rich in traditions. The grounds are set amidst expansive parkland, a large fishing lake and a 15th century castle. There is an entertainment program for children under 12. Top Camping 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 « The need to be awarded a minimum mark of 9 out of 10 for each category and the fact that it is a voluntary scheme accessible by thousands of customers (satisfied or not) independently, for hundreds of campsites in Europe lends the Top CAMPING system real credibility. To be nominated, year after year, by Camping Cheque customers is a real honour, and we are proud to say we have not abandoned our values: rigour, order, respect for customers and safety, in which we believe and hold to heart. » Jean de Houdetot, Château de Poinsouze




La Croix du Vieux Pont

Sulzburg, DE

Berny Rivière, FR

This campsite is situated between Friburg and Basel, in the Markgräflerland (or the 3-border zone). You are at the foot of the Black Forest surrounded by vineyards, a perfect base for walking and regional discovery trips to Breisgau, the Black Forest and the region along the 3 borders. 404

This campsite nestles on the banks of a river. Relax in a tranquil and lush green setting or benefit from the many quality services before visiting Paris, the magnificent Chantilly Castle or the Compiègne Forest. Enjoy the new pool complex.

3 Seasons n°117 - 38

Camping Stieglitz Kawan Village Domaine de Champé Bussang, FR This family oriented campsite offers a wide range of modern amenities and services including a gastronomical restaurant, a swimming-pool complex, a wellness area and many high tech equipment to please all of our 186 guests.

Dahme, DE Enjoy your holidays in Schleswig-Holstein, by the Ostsee, a region surrounding by the sea. Come and breathe in the pure and invigorating air. This is your perfect destination en route to Scandinavia!



Arinella Bianca

Novalja, HR

Ghisonaccia, FR Arinella Bianca is one of Corsican's most beautiful campsites, set in advantageous surroundings boasting a wonderful beach and lush vegetation. An ideal place for romantics!


Autocamp Straško stretches over 57 ha of Dalmatian oak and olive wood. The beach is one of the most beautiful island beaches, with its costal area of 2000 m long pebbly surface. Ideal destination for your family holidays, fun and recreation.

458 268

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TO P C A M P I N G 2011

Kawan Village Domaine de Louvarel

Le Paradis

Gorges du Chambon Eymouthiers, FR

Champagnat, FR

Saint Léon sur Vézère, FR This old farm, lying on the banks of the Vézère River, is today an attractive 6 ha campsite covered in lush tropical vegetation, home to charming Périgord style buildings.

Situated along your holiday route in southern Burgundy, this campsite nestles near the foothills of the Jura, offering numerous walking itineraries and excursions. Domaine de Louvarel is integrated into a 20ha lake setting, home to a large leisure centre providing an ideal base for anglers.

This vast 28 ha campsite is beautifully situated on a winding river. Discover spacious pitches and a peaceful atmosphere.

Peros Nin-Zaton, HR Camping Peros is situated in Zaton, 300 m from the beach. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in a small campsite with comfortable pitches and swimming pool. Family atmosphere.

98 460



Campingpark de Bongerd Tuitjenhorn, NL

Ferienparadies Natterer See Natters, AT Close to Innsbruck this campsite boasts sunny terraced pitches, offering exceptional views over breathtaking scenery. A great stop-over if you are heading south. A multiple award-winning Camping Cheque site since 2000.

Delightful holidays are guaranteed on this quality campsite! The flowery grounds are arranged in a park and offer a perfect blend of relaxation and activities, thanks to its paradise-like atmosphere, as well as numerous sites to explore in the surrounding region.

Alpencamp Netherlands First appearance in Top Camping « Camping Cheque users have discovered that they are welcome to Bongerd Campingpark. Our nomination by the ANWB in the "Family" category, and the "Top Camping" label prove that Camping Cheque users and families go very well together. Everyone at Bongerd campsite is delighted » Peter Vriend, Campingpark de Bongerd


Elbsee Aitrang, DE Situated in the Allgäu pre-Alps, Camping Elbsee is a true holiday paradise. This site is an excellent base for walking and cycling, but also for visiting the enchanting castles of Bavaria and exploring the sites between the Zugspitze and Lake Constance. You will certainly enjoy a meal in the Elbsee- 411 restaurant!

Naturpark Schluga Seecamping Hermagor-Presseger See, AT This fine campsite is beautifully situated in the Kärnten region of Austria, well-known for its warm weather. Nestling on the banks of Lake Pressegger, numerous watersports are on offer. Whether you are looking for calm, nature or sport there is something for 485 everyone at Naturpark Schluga!


Kötschach Mauthen, AT Thanks to the stunning panorama, the pure invigorating air of this spa town and all the various activities designed for the 50+, your stay at Alpencamp will be memorable, summer and winter alike. Come and enjoy the new wellness centre with sauna, physiotherapy and massage sessions! 484

Belle Roche

Selection Camping

Lalley, FR

La Croix-Valmer, FR Just 400 m from a sandy beach this 4ha campsite is wonderfully shaded with pine, eucalyptus and mimosas trees. A good selection of activities are on offer.

Located on the road leading south, to the "Midi", you will be warmly welcomed by Patrick and Nathalie! On this lovely rural verdant campsite. An excellent base for simply taking it easy or for sports activities, such as mountain biking, paragliding, Via Ferrata and canyoning.


258 3 Seasons n°117 - 39

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TO P C A M P I N G 2011

Conditions for the award of the Top Camping prize - the campsite should be awarded a minimum of 5 votes during the year. - The campsite should be awarded a average mark equal or above 9/10 awarded by Camping Cheque users on the website

Kawan Village Le Grand Large

International de Jablines

Les Pieux, FR

Jablines, FR Located just 10 km from Disneyland® Paris and 30 km from the centre of Paris this campsite is a peaceful haven nestling in 450 ha of greenery. In addition, you will discover here the largest beach in the Ile de France region.

This quiet family campsite, situated in dunes, faces the Channel Islands and boasts direct access to a lovely sandy beach. You will certainly be charmed by the preserved nature



Château de Montrouant Gibles, FR

Kawan Village Mas Nou Castelló d’Empúries, ES A lovely site situated on the Bay of Rosas, just 5 minutes from the beach. Mas Nou boasts a rural setting, its services and facilities particularly adapted for families

Château de Montrouant is probably one of the smallest 3-star campsites in France! There are just 45 pitches spread out over 18 ha of woodland and lakes. Strongly recommended for anglers and nature lovers. Please note: accessibility to the campsite is quite difficult for motor homes.


First appearance in Top Camping « We were among the first Top Camping campsites but had never received a prize. We are therefore delighted. I think what made the difference was our new toilets. We invested a lot of time and money for a small campsite such as ours but everyone was delighted this summer. » JM Gruel, Château de Montrouant


Camping La Garangeoire St-Julien des Landes, FR Ideally situated halfway between Les Sables d'Olonne and St. Gilles-Croix de Vie and just 13 km from the family adapted beaches of Brétignolles, this campsite nestles in the heart of 200 ha of wood, walking paths and fishing lakes. Enjoy the magnificent heated water com87 plex.

Cieloverde Marina di Grosseto, IT

Tirol Camp

In the heart of the lovely Maremma region and close to the Uccellina National Park this site is encircled by pine forests and lulled by the crystal clear waters of the coastline.

Fieberbrunn, AT

531 3 Seasons n°117 - 40

In the heart of the Austrian Tirol region, close to the ski slopes, this campsite is an ideal base for hiking in the mountains. Amongst the most recent leisure facilities that have been added are a small swimming lake and pools open year round to its top-class wellbeing centre. 478

Le Septentrion

Camping Ca'Savio

Brûlon, FR

Ca’Savio, IT Ca Savio is located in the shadows of a lush green pine forest and faces a slightly sloping sandy beach. Situated just 30 minutes from Venice and the Laguna Islands, this is a good choice for your "back-to-nature" holidays.


Brûlon lies in the heart of the Sarthe Valley, inviting you to discover the charming villages and museums in the region. Take a tranquil walk along the banks of the river; come and rediscover the simple joys nature has to offer.


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TO P C A M P I N G 2011

Lago Barasona Graus, ES Overlooking a lake with its own private beach, this terraced campsite is an excellent base for exploring the natural unspoilt surroundings.

La Tabardière

Domaine de la Faurie

La Plaine sur Mer, FR This family-run campsite is located slightly inland south of the Loire about 3 km from the seaside and 5 km from Pornic... a lush green oasis amidst a rural setting!


Kawan Village Haliotis

Hourtin-Plage, FR

Lienz/Tristach/Osttirol, AT

Pontorson, FR

Situated just 300 m from the seaside and 4 km from one of the largest natural lakes in France, this spacious 20 ha campsite is shaded by a pine tree forest. You are invited to discover the famous Médoc vineyards at Margaux and Pauillac, or enjoy the vast water 95 complex and indoor heated pool.

This campsite enjoys an idyllic setting on the banks of Lake Tristach, for swimming and fishing lake, with the lovely Dolomites as a backdrop. Close to the village of Tristach (3 km) and the town of Lienz (6 km), there is not a lack of outdoor activities on offer! 483

In the heart of the Normandie region, this site is only 3 hours drive from Paris and 2 hours from Rennes. Lac des Charmilles is the ideal for discovering the region and its tourist attractions and places, ideal for families or groups. A warm welcome awaits you!




Airotel Camping de la Côte d'Argent Hourtin

Torigni-sur-Vire, FR

Situated on a hilltop with lovely views over the Causses du Quercy National Park this campsite is an excellent base for discovering the Lot and Dordogne regions. Top Camping: 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Lorenzo Lasaosa, Lago Barasona


Le Lac des Charmilles

Séniergues, FR

Spain First appearance in Top Camping « We owe this prize to 28 years of work on the site, our enthusiasm and our satisfaction in always doing our very best. We do all we can to make customers feel at home when they come to Lago Barasona. And apparently, it works. »

Adriatic Primosten, HR

Located just 9 km from the famous Mont Saint-Michel discover the stunning Gothic architectural masterpieces nearby. The campsite offers a warm welcome in a serene atmosphere.

Ravenoville-Plage, FR

Solothurn, CH This campsite is an attractive destination, situated on the Aar River near Solothurn, known as Switzerland's most magnificent baroque town.




Kawan Village Le Cormoran

Camping TCS Lido Solothurn

Campsite Adriatic is located 2 km from one of the most beautiful fishing village lying on the Adriatic sea. Located on the coastline it merges with the natural pinewood surroundings. There are beaches to suit all tastes.

This campsite is located close to the D-Day beaches where troups landed in June 1944. It is just 20 meters from the sea, near to Sainte-Mère-Eglise and in the heart of the Regional National Park of the Cotentin. This family run site is ideally located if you enjoy walking in a well-preserved environment and if you enjoy water 45 sports in a secure and tranquil area.

Mané Guernehué Baden, FR This family campsite is situated in the heart of the Morbihan Gulf, providing all the ingredients for a memorable holiday experience, including a heated pool complex, fitness room, sauna and whirlpool bath. New: heated indoor water complex! Since April 2010, you can now go horseriding from the campsite.

63 3 Seasons n°117 - 41

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. s e .n o d k o . u k .e s . r f . e . .it n l .d w w .c

The My Camping Cheque section is an area just for you. Sign up and benefit from the range of services available: rank camping grounds, organise a camping trip or find out about trips organised by other members, share your opinion about a destination and more. All this is possible now thanks to My Camping Cheque





your essential tool for holiday planning! To make the most of the Camping Cheque website, you need to create an account if you haven't already done so. Enter a username (alias) for connecting to the site and a password of your choice. Add in the required information and don't forget to mention your Gold Card number. Finally, sign in using your new username and password.


You are now an official member of the website! You can easily find a camping ground that interests you again by adding it to your list of campsites. Rank the camping grounds that you have visited and make recommendations to other Camping Cheque members and help us improve the network. Easily access your camping ground rankings and make any required changes. Check the account balance on your card in just two mouse clicks. Chat with other camping lovers in the forums.

Log file Card balance: 8 Loyalty Points: 378

Campsite/point of sale Camping Cheque France Mas Nou Itsas Mendi Mogador Les Tamaris Interpals La Masia Camping Cheque France

3 Seasons n째117 - 42

Date & time 2010-09-05 13:25:57 2010-09-10 13:25:41 2010-09-12 13:25:20 2010-09-13 13:24:33 2010-09-14 12:21:44 2010-09-15 09:25:12 2010-09-17 07:42:00 2010-10-08 07:41:17

Credit Debit +20 -3 -2 -1 -1 -1 -2 +20



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w w

Thanks to Camping Cheque you can organise your camping trips and share your love of travel and new horizons!

Suggest a Rally

The Camping Cheque website is a tool for sharing your camping experiences, telling other members about your best trips and even organising group camping trips! Meet new people and enjoy the friendly atmosphere


3 simple steps to create your camping trip 1. In the My Camping Chèque section, under "My Camping Trips", click on "Suggest a camping trip". 2. Enter a name for your trip and the start and end dates. Select the country where your camping trip will take place and confirm your selection. 3. Click on "Manage my camping trip" to edit the stages. Move around the map and add stages by simply clicking on camping grounds. Each camping ground that you add will appear in the travel log under the map. Change the name of a stage if necessary and set the dates. You can also add a comment if you wish. Change the order of stages or delete them entirely. Validate your choices and the itinerary will be generated automatically. You can look at the itinerary in more detail by clicking on "Display Google Map itinerary".





Display Google Map itinerary

I would like to register for a camping trip

How do I register ?

1. In the "Community" section, click on "Camping Trips" to access a list of all the trips. Narrow down your search by camping trip category or country and find out more by clicking on them. 2. Ask to participate in a camping trip by clicking on "Register". Leave a message for the organiser. You will receive an email from the organiser in response to your request. 3. Once you are registered for a camping trip, you will find it in the section "My Camping Cheque", in the "My Camping Trips" tab. 4. You can then leave messages on the camping trip’s page. You can also add images and videos.

3 Seasons n°117 - 43

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E VENT the Gold Card celebrates its fifth anniversar y THE GOLD CARD IN FIGURES Launched in 2005, the Gold Card drew the attention of 9,900 Camping Cheque users in its first year. The numbers of followers has continued to rise over the years. Today, there are 44,500 Gold Card club members.

Celebrating the ďŹ fth anniversary of the Gold Card, 3 Seasons takes stock

the Gold celebrates its fifth Card anniversary 5 years ago, without giving up on its paper cheques, Camping Cheque created its Gold Card. A small revolution for those who were used to spend their holidays out of season. Despite certain sceptics doubting the potential of this innovation, the success of the Gold Card, 5 summers later, is undeniable. And it doesn't seem as though it is going to stop there...


ne quickly gets used to a good thing. Travelling with your Gold Card has become such a habit that it would be easy to forget that the idea is only 5 years old. It wasn't so long ago, however, that Camping Cheque was launching the little revolution in the world of low-season holidays. Until then, when you went on holiday with Camping Cheque, you "had" to buy your cheques in advance which meant that you had to calculate how many nights you were planning to spend away from home. The arrival of the Gold Card solved this problem. It can now be simply recharged in the twinkle of an eye wherever you happen to be in Europe. You can use this to extend your holidays at any time. However, the Gold Card is not just a payment card. It goes without saying, but by subscribing to the Gold Card, you can benefit from lots of other benefits such as special offers on the network's campsites, the opportunity to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed with gifts, dis-

3 Seasons n°117 - 44

counts on tourist sites near to Camping Cheque campsites, this magazine that you are currently holding in your hands or even the opportunity to participate in activity tours organized specially for you (including the Morocco activity tour advertised in this edition of 3 Seasons). And above all, the feeling of belonging to a club of special campers. The Gold Card is now such an important part of your holidays that it would be difficult to go back. And, what's more, that is out of the question. Its success inspires confidence. We will be here in 5 years time to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 13/12/10 12:05 Page43

E VENT the Gold Card celebrates its fifth anniversar y

The campsites give us feedback on the Gold Card

José Verdaguer,

KAWAN VILLAGE L'AMFORA (p.597, 2011 Site Directory)

The Amfora campsite is the campsite in the network that has collected the highest number of digital cheques in 2010. « In recent years, the number of Gold Card holder customers has risen each time enabling us to serve them more quickly and effectively when they check out. In addition to being spared the task of filling in cheques, it is important to point out the added security provided by the personal card which can be easily blocked in the event of loss or theft. We hope that an increasing number of customers adopt the Gold Card » Floris Ausems,


Gert-Jan Engels / François Bérard,


« This represents real progress in the world of lowseason camping: for the customer as well as the campsite... a doddle to use and genuine interaction: the customer books and pays for his nights and the campsite "adds" them symbolically to the card! A conversation can then take place where we can get to know each other and pass on information. I take this opportunity to point out everything extra that can be done with the Gold Card: certain concessions on local sites, a free drink in a restaurant etc. A real idea of belonging to a club! »

(p.197, 2011 Site Directory)

« The Gold Card makes our life simpler. It is quicker to handle for us and, consequently, for customers. This reduces waiting times at reception. The number of virtual cheques increases each year in proportion to the number of paper cheques. »

Eduardo Gutierrez,

KAWAN VILLAGE EL ASTRAL (p.581, 2011 Site Directory)

Wilke (Delftse Hout),

KAWAN VILLAGE DELFTSE HOUT (p.305, 2011 Site Directory)

« The Gold Card is easy and quick to process (no need to count). At the end of the month the records on the pro site along with the receipts, allow the results to be checked. Since the last update of the terminal, the digital cheques are automatically loaded onto the card, circumventing the need for an additional 'process'. The handling process is consequently even quicker and more efficient. The remote assistance provided by the Camping Cheque office in France is always fast and efficient in the event of a fault with the terminal and the breakdown system allows you to settle any issue straight away so that the customer can continue on their journey. »

« The Gold Card caused a revolution at El Astral, customers no longer had to fill in their cheques and the payment process is quick. Everyone is better off. The administrative process is easier and more profitable for us. When there is a technical glitch, the customer is surprised to see that he can continue on his journey without any problem thanks to the emergency procedure. This gives us a technological advantage that is excellent for our image. What's more, we provide special offers for Gold Card members: discounts at the restaurant, free bookings... At the office, we notice that the customers are really proud to belong to the Gold Card club. »

3 Seasons n°117 - 45

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 07/12/10 17:17 Page44

E VENT the Gold Card celebrates its fifth anniversar y

Users give us feedback on the Gold Card 1

Mme Aubert, France Camping-car 2

Favourite campsites: 1-roma Flash Sporting (p. 537 of the 2011) 2-3 estrellas (p. 602 of the 2011) « We have been using Camping Cheque since 2005 or 2006. Camping Cheque has made travelling out of season easier for us. We are more likely to go to campsites that are members of the Camping Cheque network. As for the Gold Card, it adds flexibility: we can recharge it at any time, the cheques are valid for longer. We appreciate its practical features. »

M. et Mme Labot, Pays-Bas Caravane Campings favoris : 3-Kawan Village les ranchisses (p. 231 of the 2011) 4-Château de Poinsouze (p. 171 of the 2011) 5-Kawan Village Château de l'epervière (p. 197 of the 2011) 6-Kawan Village la Pergola (p. 192 of the 2011) 7-Le Neptune (p. 141 of the 2011) « We have been using Camping Cheque since 2005 or 2006. Camping Cheque has made travelling out of season easier for us. We are more likely to go to campsites that are members of the Camping Cheque network. As for the Gold Card, it adds flexibility: we can recharge it at any time, the cheques are valid for longer. We appreciate its practical features. »

10 3

9 6



Mme Thomas, France Camping-car

5 4

3 Seasons n°117 - 46

Campings favoris : 8-Domaine de Gaujac (p. 151 of the 2011) 9-Stork (p. 554 of the 2011) 10-Bi-Village (p. 450 of the 2011) « We have now been using Camping Cheque for 8 years. We discovered the product when we were buying a Bürstner camping-car, at the time when there was a partnership between Bürstner and Camping Cheque. We enjoy travelling with Camping Cheque. We have never had any problems whatsoever with the network's campsites. We become interested in the Gold Card in its second season. What appealed to us were the payment facilities and the 4-year validity term of the cheques compared to the usual 2 years. And I had a bad experience when my paper cheques were stolen. The problem doesn't occur with the Gold Card: all you need to do is block the card if it is stolen. One of the other advantages of Camping Cheque is the high standard of its remote assistance. »

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 07/12/10 17:18 Page45

E VENT the Gold Card celebrates its fifth anniversar y

A few questions you may ask yourself regarding the Gold Card

( What happens when the payment terminal doesn't work on the campsite where I am staying? Although this is a rare occurrence, the payment terminal may not work on the campsite where you are staying for various reasons. There is now a computer procedure for the campsites that allows them to transfer the debit onto the following campsite. When paying at the next stage of your holiday, the cheques are debited and paid to the first campsite. This procedure allows you to continue your journey with peace of mind, without being delayed by a technical problem

What do I do when a campsite does not accept my Gold Card? This is a very, very rare occurrence. However, this can happen at the campsite reception, particularly at the very beginning of the season, when the seasonal staff is still unused to this type of payment. In this case, just contact our assistance service who will contact the campsite to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, as described by Mrs Thomas, a Gold Card user: "We were on a German campsite, and, because of the language difference, I was unable to get the reception staff to understand that I wanted to recharge my Gold Card. So I phoned the Camping Cheque central office who told me to return to the reception 5 minutes later. A German speaker then phoned the campsite reception while I was there and everything was sorted out in an instant."

The Gold Card is a real membership card of the Gold Card club.


What is the difference between Quelle est la diffĂŠrence entre the Gold Card and the Silver Card? The Silver Card is "only" a payment mode, a digital version of the paper cheques. The Gold Card is a real membership card of the Gold Card club. It gives you the right to loyalty points, special offers on certain campsites, discounts on tourist sites located near to certain campsites, the 3 Seasons magazine three times a year, the free guide and allows you to participate in activity tours organized specially for club members, etc.

3 Seasons n°117 - 47

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 13/12/10 12:12 Page46

GOLD C ARD Leisure

d r a C d l Go France - Loire Valley



he Gold Card allows you to benefit from many advantages: a subscription to the Camping Cheque Site Directory and the 3 Seasons magazine, payment facilities, loyalty points, special offers in campsites, etc. Since we strive to constantly increase our offers, we have compiled a plethora of tourism special deals that we hope will satisfy you. You can indeed benefit from preferential prices, on our selection by simply showing your Camping Cheque Gold Card. You will find the details of these tourist offers on these pages… Don't hesitate to go there to take advantage of the new benefits on offer brought to you by your Gold Card throughout the low season.

At the foot of the royal city of Loches, just a few steps away from the chateau de Chenonceau and Amboise, come and take a look at the Bains Douches... that has something for everyone, to get back in shape and back to basics. Traditional and genuine care for the body and the face, fitness, balneotherapy, coaching, hammam... 50% off the swimming pool, sauna and exercise machines and 10% off massages and treatments.

France - Loire Valley


France - Loire Valley

ZOOPARC DE BEAUVAL Ranked among the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world by Forbes Traveler: 4000 animals over 24 hectares, the largest collection of France! A full day to discover these exceptional animals: Okapis! Koalas! Lions and White tigers! Manatees! And always its four tropical houses, its vivarium, its shows with freely flying birds of prey and sea-lions (in season), its African savanna over 3 hectares, its African elephants over 5 hectares, over 250 primates and nearly 2000 birds… 1 poster-gift for free (for a value of €3 in the Zoo's shop space).

3 Seasons n°117 - 48


Just one minute from the Chateau of Chenonceaux in Touraine, the Val Tour Air company offers you several microlight discovery tours. The microlight head pilot and instructor will be at your complete disposal to guide you throughout your flying tour and help you appreciate the sites that you choose to fly over. 10% reduction on all the services.

Campsites nearby: Kawan Village La Grande Tortue (p.75) Les Cochards (p.77) La Citadelle (p.78)

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 13/12/10 12:19 Page47

GOLD C ARD Leisure

France - Val de Loire


© Domaine National de Chambord

Discover the "Hostel du Prince", a restaurant and tea room with a Renaissance atmosphere, within the walls of the chateau de Chambord. You will be greeted into an authentic atmosphere and setting by Sir SAUSIN, the master of the premises, everyday (except Wednesdays) whether you are a family or a group. The servers, in period costumes, will suggest special dishes, seasoned with spices from the new world. You will need to pay the admission fee to the chateau to access the restaurant. France - Franche-Comté

10% off the "Escriptau des Metz" Renaissance discovery menu

Campsites nearby: Kawan Village La Grande Tortue (p.75) Les Cochards (p.77) La Citadelle (p.78)

France - Bretagne

THALASSOL PERROS GUIREC Both modern and comfortable, the Perros-Guirec sea thermal baths offer the best in thalassotherapy in 2800 m2 of reception and treatment areas. Hydrojet massage, pressure therapy, mud therapy, algae wraps with sea minerals, dermalife and lymphatic drainage massage are among the treatments on offer at this centre, which also gives you the chance to discover highly exotic cures such as “Massages d'ailleurs”, which are guaranteed to give you itchy feet!

THE POUDREY CHASM Located 24 km southeast of Besançon near Ornans, the Poudrey Chasm is one of the most impressive natural attractions of the Doubs region. A 150-step stairway leads 70m underground to Europe’s biggest subterranean hall where stalactites and stalagmites take centre stage for a light and sound show. A visit to the Poudrey Chasm in Etalans is like taking a voyage to the centre of the Earth - an experience worthy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The © Emily2k Sea! -

Gold Card holders are entitled to discount on admission: 6€ for adults / 5€ for teenagers / 4,50€ for kids 5-12 yrs old.

© Emily2k -

© Emily2k -

10% off all thalassotherapy services

Campsites nearby: Neptune Lanloup (p.53) Camping de Trologot (p.55)

Campsites nearby: Etang des Forges (p.188) La Plage (p.189) Kawan Village Domaine la Roche d’Ully (p.190)

3 Seasons n°117 - 49

UK_MAG_12_2010_Mise en page 1 13/12/10 12:20 Page48

GOLD C ARD Leisure

Free nights! As you are already well-aware, the advantages of Gold Card memin bership are not limited to tourism discounts! Camping grounds Card Gold the Camping Cheque network are also happy to offer members exclusive free nights! 6=7 or 11=14: select a destination from the following camping grounds and spend more time for more free nights!

Spain - Costa Daurada

MONT-ROIG DEL CAMP MIRO CENTRE It is located in Tarragona, 10 km from Cambrils, in a little farming village that is famous because "Joan Miró", the famous Catalan painter spent his childhood there. The centre explores the relationship between the painter and Mont-Roig.

20% of the admission price - With the Gold Card, enjoy "the Miró landscapes" for only €8 per person! - The package © Emily2k - includes the hire of a bicycle for a day and admission to the Miró Centre.

Campsites nearby: Kawan Village La Torre del Sol (p.609)

Kawan Village Le Val d'Authie (p.34, 2011 Site Directory) ....... 11=14 Kawan Village Le Ridin (p.35).............................................................................................. 11=14 Les Puits Tournants (p.37) ........................................................................................................... 6=7, 11=14 Aiguille Creuse (p.39)............................................................................................................................ 11=14 Kawan Village Les Alizés (p.54) ....................................................................................... 6=7, 11=14 L'Atlantique (p.60) ........................................................................................................................................ 6=7, 11=14 Le Ty Nadan (p.61)........................................................................................................................................ 11=14 Kawan Village Château du Deffay (p.66) .................................................... 6=7, 11=14 Airotel La Roseraie (p.67) ............................................................................................................. 11=14 La Tabardière (p.68).................................................................................................................................. 6=7, 11=14 Kawan Village L'Isle Verte (p.82) ................................................................................... 6=7 Camping La Garangeoire (p.87) .................................................................................... 11=14 Kawan Village Château le Verdoyer (p.99) ............................................. 6=7, 11=14 La Fage (p.102) ..................................................................................................................................................... 11=14 Camping des Gorges de l'Aveyron (p.113) .............................................. 11=14 Barétous-Pyrénées (p.125) ........................................................................................................ 11=14 International Luz St Sauveur (p.128)................................................................... 11=14 Le Pré Lombard (p.132) ..................................................................................................................... 11=14 Kawan Village Ma Prairie (p.134) ................................................................................. 11=14 Kawan Village Le Mas de Reilhe (p.149)........................................................ 11=14 Domaine de Mialaret (p.169) ................................................................................................ 11=14 Kawan Village Domaine de Champé (p.186) ...................................... 6=7, 11=14 La Plage (p.189) .................................................................................................................................................. 6=7 Camping Vieille Eglise (p.210) ............................................................................................ 6=7 Kawan Village Camping l'Hirondelle (p.223) ..................................... 6=7, 11=14 Kawan Village Le Couspeau (p.225) ....................................................................... 11=14 Kawan Village Ardèche Camping (p.230) .................................................. 6=7, 11=14 Les Micocouliers (p.233) .................................................................................................................. 6=7 Nostradamus (p.236) .............................................................................................................................. 6=7 Camping Kohnenhof (p.273) ................................................................................................. 11=14 Camping 't Strandheem (p.289) ..................................................................................... 6=7 Klein Vaarwater (p.290) .................................................................................................................... 6=7 't Kuierpadtien (p.293) ........................................................................................................................ 11=14 Marveld (p.299)................................................................................................................................................... 6=7, 11=14 DroomPark Molengroet (p.301) ..................................................................................... 6=7, 11=14 De Schatberg (p.313) .............................................................................................................................. 11=14 Klein Canada (p.314) ............................................................................................................................... 11=14 Rivendale (p.318) ............................................................................................................................................ 11=14 River Dart Country Park (p.327) ..................................................................................... 6=7, 11=14 Grimsbu Turistsenter (p.339) ................................................................................................ 6=7 Camping Stieglitz (p.380)............................................................................................................. 11=14 Klüthseecamp (p.382)........................................................................................................................... 6=7 Campingplatz am Bärenbache (p.396)............................................................ 6=7 Hirtenteich (p.408) ...................................................................................................................................... 6=7 Inter Nos Island Camping (p.421) ...............................................................................11=14 Zablace (p.456) .................................................................................................................................................... 11=14 Camping Marbach (p.494)........................................................................................................... 6=7 Kawan Village El Astral (p.581) ......................................................................................... 11=14 Camping Vall de Camprodon (p.594).................................................................. 11=14

3 Seasons n°117 - 50

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GOLD C ARD User guide


1) Gold Card ID number ber 2) Surname and namee of customer 3) Last balance 4) Cheques of 14 euros ordered in 2009 5) Cheques of 15 euros, ordered in 2010

at 09:56 10/10 002 On : 11/ 250036 1 .: id e 115283 Licenc 000000 0 0 0 0 Card: IG 2 JAMN 3 10,00 WERNER nce Last bala R

15,00 EU

6) Order number

2,00 : it Deb FA7FDDA 08EDCB 5 0 0 t: 31DEC13 : n o e ir Exp

5 7) Expiry date of cheques ordered 8) New balance


R 14,00 EU 5,00 6 : 2D7 it 4 b De 14962 C B 5 F 7 7 F Id.pmt : 0 31DEC12 : Expire on 7,00 o T s it b e D 3,00 8 e c n New bala MUCH OU VERY THANK Y RNEY AFE JOU HAVE A S

USE OF YOUR GOLD CARD Purchase. I order my digital Camping Cheques from my customary agent, stating that I am a Gold Card holder. My cheques are then credited onto my customer account, waiting to be downloaded onto your Gold Card via the payment terminal. This transaction takes place on the first campsite visited Downloading. On arrival at a Camping Cheque member campsite, I request the downloading of my digital Camping Cheques. I will be handed a ticket stating my balance; my digital cheques are now ready to be used for payment. Payment. When it is time to pay for your stay, my Gold Card is inserted in the payment terminal, which will in turn debit the number of Camping Cheques due. I will receive a transaction receipt on which my Camping Cheque balance is indicated.

THE LOYALTY POINTS TS Earning the loyalty Points. I earn arn Loyalty Lo oyalty Points exclusively with my digital Camping Cheques. s Collecting the Points. They are, in effect, automatically credited with each night spent on a Camping Cheque campsite. Earning Bonus Points. Two rules apply here: 6 Camping Cheques used on the same campsite earns 7 Loyalty Points; 11 cheques earns 14 points (6=7, 11=14).

3 Seasons n째117 - 51

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aning v a r a c / g n Campi

/ m

mping-c a c / e m o h obil-

Unforgettable Unforgettable hholidays! olidays! Why for a change change of of scenery scenery in in oone W hy nnot ot ccome ome for ne ooff tthe he 6655 KKawan awan VVillages? illages? to its its values values as as ever, ever, the welcomes AAss ccommitted ommitttted to the chain chain w elcomes yyou ou ttoo iits ts hhigh-quality igh-quality eestablishments, stablishments, iinn ppreserved reserved countryside countryside locations locations and and offering offering nnumerous umerous aactivities ctivities ffor or yyou ou aand nd yyour our cchildren... hildren... why SSoo w hy nnot ot you? you? Wouldn’t Wouldn’t you you like like ttoo aavoid void tthe he ttrappings rappings ooff the the Kawan Kawan holidaymaker? holidaymaker?

FFrance rFrance a n c e / /Italy I t aItalie l y / /Spain S pEspagne a i n / The T h e/ Netherlands NPays e t h ebas rlands

00 333 59 59 03 59



Set off for Morocco on an exceptional Gold Card camping trip DESTINATION The Four Colours of Périgord DESTINATION The Four Colours of Périgo...


Set off for Morocco on an exceptional Gold Card camping trip DESTINATION The Four Colours of Périgord DESTINATION The Four Colours of Périgo...