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116 AUTUMN 2010

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Magazine exclusively for Camping Cheque Gold Card holders

SPECIAL REPORT Spot of skiing anyone? Our best destinations for winter caravanning

MY DIARY Enjoy the Dolce Vita in Italy Travel along the Adriatic Coast from Venice to Lecce

CITY BREAK Modern vs. Historic

© / Sergey Borisov

Discover the two sides of Valencia

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Content CIRCUIT Along the Adriatic coast Extending from the Slovenian border to the heel of Italy’s boot, the Adriatic coast offers hundreds of kilometres of sandy beaches that are perfect for long afternoons lazing in the sun, picturesque resorts steeped in history and art and spectacular rugged scenery. Explore the many faces of Italy and enjoy the wonderfully mild climate and relaxed lifestyle with 3 Seasons as we meander along this splendid coastline.

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SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning Although caravan and motorhome holidays have always been associated with the sun and hot weather, enormous progress has been made in caravan insulation and heating and you can now go camping in any season. Consequently, you can now go camping in the snow at winter sports resorts. Camping grounds that are open during the cold months make sure that their facilities and services are adapted to the weather and ensure skiing campers a comfortable stay. 3 Seasons presents you with a small selection of the destinations offering skiing and winter caravanning...

CITY BREAK Valence, a mosaic of history and modernity Somewhat overshadowed by the epic rivalry that opposes Castilian Madrid and Catalonian Barcelona, Valencia is nonetheless Spain’s third largest city. Two thousand years of history have left their mark on this sun-drenched Mediterranean gem. Its rich heritage is reflected in the juxtaposition of old and new, with gothic and baroque buildings effortlessly co-existing with cutting edge architecture. Discover the glorious past and promising future of this city with 3 Seasons.


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What about holding a camping world cup? Talking about the football World Cup in my editorial is something of a perilous exercise. As I am writing these lines, the competition hasn’t even begun. However, by the time the 3 Seasons magazine has been formatted, translated and distributed, you will already know who the winner of the World Cup is, and as you read this, some of you may be happier than others. If my biased (though somewhat improbable) hopes of seeing France win in South Africa are dashed, I may have to put up with some mockery from readers, especially if France doesn’t even get past the first round, which is far from impossible. I should probably avoid playing with fire and choose another subject for my editorial, but How many opportunities do with the buzz around the competition, Danish, English, Dutch, German, it’s nigh on impossible to talk about anything else. Despite some players French and Italian people have behaving like arrogant, over-paid children, to come together to share a whose off-field antics get more news coverage than their actual on-field common passion, let alone meet performance, and a handful of drunken on the other side of the world? fans getting out of hand, the football World Cup is still an exciting international event. It is one of those rare occasions that brings together people from every corner of the globe. I personally have very fond memories of the 1998 World Cup that was held in France. I lived in Paris at the time and shared some incredibly good times with fellow Chilean, American, Norwegian, Iranian and even Jamaican supporters in a bar near where I lived. In a certain way, this can be compared to camping. It is a fascinating intermingling of different cultures. How many opportunities do Danish, English, Dutch, German, French and Italian people have to come together to share a common passion, let alone meet on the other side of the world? Each nationality brings its good points and bad points and part of their national identity. In the same way that major sports events generate rivalry, a healthy rivalry can just as easily be found at a campsite leisure facility, but this usually ends in a friendly drink at the end of the match or a meal in the campsite restaurant. In order to encourage these « friendlies », Camping Cheque is making a dedicated community-based section available on their website ( where campers can network and exchange tips, organise rallies or simply share thoughts and experiences. And all that without the incessant din of thousands of vuvuzelas.

Thomas Lambelin

I Editor-in-Chief 3 Seasons n°116 - 3

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LET TERS FROM OUR READERS Would you like to share stories of your

experience using Camping Cheques? Or share anecdotes about your

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« I want to check how many loyalty points I have on my Gold Card, but can’t find where to look on the new Camping Cheque Internet site. »

« I am a Gold Card member, but still use paper camping cheques to pay for my stays at campsites. I have some cheques left over from 2009 that I paid 14€ each for. As the price of cheques is now 15€, do I pay the difference directly at the campsite? »

3 Seasons / Camping Cheque Answer The Camping Cheque website was revamped at the beginning of 2010 with a new look and offers a whole host of news and information as well as helpful hints and great ideas on getting the most out of your camping experience… It also now features new interactive sections for a more community-based approach. To access all the information and services available on the site (including your Gold Card account, but also the forum and new sections that will shortly be online such as « rallies », campsite ratings, etc), all you need to do is join the Camping Cheque community by registering in the « My Camping Cheque » section. Simply fill in the form by entering your Gold Card number and Identifyer, and creating a username and a password. Once registered, you can easily access your Gold Card account, consult records of previous transactions, view the balance of your digital camping cheques, find out how many loyalty points you have and much more!

3 Seasons / Camping Cheque Answer Paper camping cheques are valid for two years. A camping cheque purchased in 2009 is valid until 31st December 2010. This means you can use your cheques throughout 2010. The price increase from 14€ to 15€ that occurred between 2009 and 2010 has no effect on cheques that have already been purchased, so you won’t have to pay anything extra if you pay your campsite pitch with your 2009/2010 camping cheques.

« I have just bought a 7.20m long camper van. Are there any size restrictions that must be complied with to be able to use Camping Cheques? » 3 Seasons / Camping Cheque Answer

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SAS KAWAN GROUP 3 Seasons / Courrier des lecteurs 16, route de Louhans 71330 Simard - France 3 Seasons n°116 - 4

There are no « restrictions » as such linked to the use of Camping Cheques, however some campsites simply cannot accommodate leisure vehicles that are too long. Generally speaking, vans in excess of 7-8 metres long may have issues parking in campsites. It really depends on individual campsites and we recommend you to contact any campsites you are planning to stay in before you leave in order to avoid any disappointment on arrival. You can find the full contact details of all our campsites in the Camping Cheque Guide as well as online on our website at

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INFOS Campsites

The « Camping et Caravaning » campsites of the year Kawan Village El Astral - Castilla y Leon (ES)

El Astral campsite has new toilet facilities

Every year, readers of the French magazine, « Camping et Caravaning » select their favourite campsites in a number of categories. This year, Camping Chèque campsites ranked highly once again. Featuring amongst the prize-winning campsites in the March-April 2010 issue, were Kawan Village le Coin Tranquille (p. 210 in the 2010 guide) and L'Hippocampe (p. 236). It comes as no surprise that the campsite to win the "peaceful" category just happens to be called Le Coin Tranquille (the peaceful spot). Those who are familiar with Gilles and Martine Vallon's campsite know all about the peaceful quality of this lovely countryside campsite with 192 camping spots. L'Hippocampe, was chosen by readers for its high standard of service. The campsite is situated in Volonne in the Alps of Haute Provence and has extensive facilities that include a beautiful aquatic centre, a restaurant, a bar and even tennis courts.

This winter, El Astral campsite (p. 556 in the 2010 guide) renovated its toilet facilities. The new heated building is equipped with a non-skid floor, background music, fully equipped individual cubicles, children's cubicles and handicapped cubicles. The new toilet block has improved insulation to preserve heat and energy and has been designed with sustainable energy objectives: soft light with movement sensors, waterefficient taps and shower heads, solar heated hot water, waste-water treatment system. Find out more at:

Kawan Village le Coin Tranquille 6 chemin des Vignes F-38490 Les Abrets Tél. : +33 4 76 32 13 48 Camping Chèque is accepted from 18/08/10 to 01/11/10 Special offer: 6 =7 Special Gold Card offer: One BBQ dinner free for one person for a stay of 14 nights or more (offer excludes other promotions and discounts). Free reservation, no deposit required.

L'Hippocampe route Napoléon F-04290 Volonne Tél. : +33 4 92 33 50 00 Special offer: 6=7 and 11=14

3 Seasons n°116 - 5

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INFOS Campsites Kawan Village Neptune - Languedoc Roussillon (F)

A new swimming pool for Kawan Village Neptune on the banks of the Herault River Kawan Village Neptune (p. 139 in the 2010 guide) underwent major renovations this winter and gave its swimming pool a new lease on life. The family campsite with 160 camping spots on the banks of the Hérault River, is just a few minutes from the Grau d'Agde's beaches and now has a brand new swimming pool. Built in the same place as the old pool, the new aquatic area contains a paddling pool, a whirlpool and a large swimming pool. Alongside the bar terrace with direct beach access, the pool is just another reason for spending your holiday in this pretty, flower-filled campsite that stretches along the Hérault River not far from Languedoc's beaches.

at the landscapes (the Hérault Gorges), or visiting its historically rich cities (Carcassonne) and large beachside towns (Montpellier). For more information contact the campsite Ph: +33 4 67 94 23 94, Camping Chèque is accepted from 16/08/10 au 30/09/10. Special offer: 6=7 to 11=14 For a stay of 7 nights or more, you will receive a 10% discount on a week at another camping ground in the internet network. Special Gold Card offer: Free reservation, no deposit required.

At the Neptune you can laze on sandy beaches or bath in the heated swimming pool, but the location is also great for exploring the backcountry of Languedoc, marvelling

La Yole - Vendée (F)

Stay in shape during your stay in Vendée

Panoramacamping Petite Suisse - Ardennes (BE)

Discover the beavers of the Belgian Ardennes When we think of beavers, we immediately think of... the Canadian wilderness. However, this adorable rodent can also be found in the Belgian Ardennes. Panoramacamping Petite Suisse (p. 274 in the 2010 guide) is organising guided tours up until the 15th of September (outside school holiday periods) where you can get to know this mammal and admire its impressive constructions: some dams are 100 metres long. Reservation required, 17.50 € per person.

3 Seasons n°116 - 6

La Yole campsite(p. 87 in the 2010 guide) just opened its new fitness centre. The centre is equipped with a rowing machine, exercise bike and weight machines and has a lovely view of the campsite swimming pool. This just adds to the appeal of this campsite which is situated 2 km from Vendée’s beaches, south of St Jean de Monts, and which was already very well equipped with swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a restaurant and a grocery store. The region has a large variety of flat cycling paths so you can finish off your training session with a long bicycle ride along the coast or through the backcountry. For more information about La Yole campsite:

Kawan Village La Ferme des Aulnes - Picardie (F)

New owner and extended acceptance dates for the Ferme des Aulnes Kawan Village La Ferme des Aulnes (p. 32 in the 2010 guide) changed hands this winter season 2009-2010. Bernard Féral, who was so well known and loved by campers, has handed over the campsite to Denis Lefort, who will try and maintain the friendly atmosphere that made the campsite a favourite with Camping Chèque users. If you haven't already done so, come and meet the new owner from 16/08 to the 31/10.

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INFOS Campsites

In short...

Camping et Gîtes des Bains in St Honoré les Bains (p. 199 of the 2010 guide) has a special offer of 3=2 until the end of the season on the 3rd October. Just one more reason to visit this campsite in Morvan natural park, close to the town of Autun, Settons lake and Mont Beuvray.

C'est si Bon - France

New campsites in the C'est si Bon group The campssites group, C'est si Bon offers free nights and gifts when you stay in their campsites (details of the offer are on The growing group includes three new campsites which are already familiar to Camping Chèque users: Kawan Villages Val d'Authie (p. 33 in the 2010 guide), La Belle Etoile (p. 176) and Château de l'Epervière (p. 191).

The Bel Air campsite (p. 40 in the 2010 guide) is situated between Giverny and Rouen. It now offers free WiFi throughout the entire campsite - the perfect way to stay in touch with the rest of the family during the holidays.


Indigo Les Molières stays closed in 2010 The Indigo les Molières campsite in Sarthe (p. 71 in the 2010 guide) was supposed to open in May, but unfortunately there have been delays in construction work due to administrative authorisation problems and they have not been able to open. Rather than receiving campers in less than perfect conditions, the Indigo chain prefers to keep the campsite closed in 2010.

3 Seasons n°116 - 7

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INFOS Campsites La Source Hautot sur Mer - Normandie (F)

The International Kite Festival in Dieppe turns 30 also activities like kite making workshops, introductions to kite flying by professional kite flyers and children's activities The La Source (p. 37 in the 2010 guide) campsite is a comfortable and peaceful place to stay in a tree-filled environment just 3 kilometres from the beach, and is the perfect location for visiting the kite festival and exploring the town of Dieppe and the surrounding area.

For more information about the festival visit the internet site: For more information about La Source contact the camping ground by telephone: +33 (0)2 3584 2704, Special Gold Card offer: Free reservation, no deposit required.

Note that there is a tiny mistake in the 2010 guide. This campsite accepts Camping Chèque from 16 August to 15 October and not from 16 July as stated in the guide. In addition, the special offer 11=14 is reserved for Gold Card members only.

Every two years, for thirty years now, Dieppe hosts its international kite festival. With the passing years the event has grown to become the world's biggest kite festival. The festival’s thirtieth anniversary, from 11th to 19th September, is definitely an event you don't want to miss this autumn. Every two years, kite lovers from 40 countries come together for a week in 8 hectares of grass surrounded by the town and the sea. All through the festival the Norman sky comes alive with colourful kites and there are

De Luttenberg - Overijssel (NL)

Luttenberg Festival The small town of Luttenberg, where the De Luttenberg campsite (p. 286 in the 2010 guide) is located, is holding a festival from the 12th to 15th August. The four days of festivities will include games, activities and evening concerts. This is a great occasion to come and stay in this very pretty campsite (elected Top Camping in 2010) which accepts Camping Chèques from the 7th August onwards.

3 Seasons n°116 - 8

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INFOS Campsites

In short... Kawan Village la Grande Tortue - Val de Loire (FR)

New play area at La Grande Tortue Kawan Village la Grande Tortue (p. 74 in the 2010 guide), a few kilometres from Blois, has installed a brand new children's play area with a bouncy castle and trampolines. It's sure to be a hit with the little ones. Adults may be more tempted by the famous Loire valley castles nearby: Chambord, Cherverny and Chaumont castle's International Garden Festival.

Contrary to what has been stated in the guide, the l'Etang des Forges campsite (p. 183 of the 2010 guide) in Franche Comté, welcomes pets. You are warmly invited to bring your pets with you when you visit Vosges natural park and the Belfort area.

For more information about the camping ground:

Chrissa - Delphi (GR)

Free shuttle to Delphi To make it easier to visit Delphi, the Chrissa camping ground (p. 625 in the 2010 guide) offers a free shuttle service leaving from reception at 9 am and bringing you back at 2pm. The trip takes half an hour and you will be dropped off at the museum entrance in the archaeological site at Delphi. Very practical if you don't feel like driving or if you are travelling in a motorhome.

The huge "Holland Koi Show" is held from the 20th to the 22nd August not far from Klein Canadacampsite (p. 305 in the 2010 guide). During this show Koi enthusiasts will present their Koi carp

De Valkenhof - Ruinen -Recreatiepark 't Kuierpadtien Drenthe (NL)

Free entry to the theme park for children During the month of September, children staying with a parent or grandparent for five nights or more in one of the De Valkenhof camping grounds, (p. 283 in the 2010 guide) Ruinen (p. 285) or Recreatiepark 't Kuierpadtien (p. 284) will be offered free entry to Plopsa Indoor theme park.

La Sierrecilla campisite (p. 595 in the 2010 guide) is located on the Portuguese motorway in Andalusia. It accepts Camping Chèque all year long and has free WiFi in the campsite's bar/restaurant. The restaurant also has traditional Andalusian cuisine on the menu.

For more information about the park:

3 Seasons n°116 - 9

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INFOS Campsites Kawan Village Florenz - Emilia Romagna (IT)

A wellness centre on the shores of the Adriatic Sea Kawan Village Florenz (p. 537 in the 2010 guide) is a cosy spot on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by an 8 hectare forest and bordered by a long sandy beach. That's probably enough to get you dreaming about your next holiday but Kawan Village Florenz has gone one step further and just opened a wellness centre and water sports centre. The Flo Wellness centre is tucked in the heart of the countryside. It offers luxurious services and has a highly qualified team. You have the choice of relaxing in a whirlpool bath, testing out a Turkish bath or a sensory shower (with lights and music), getting into shape in the fitness centre, or having a relaxing massage from a professional masseuse (choose either a sports, relaxation, or shiatsu massage). On the other hand, the Flo Nautic water sports centre offers you the chance to sail a catamaran, do some windsurfing, or go canoeing. You can go it solo or be accompanied by one of the qualified members of staff. For more information about the new additions to Kawan Village Florenz: ph: +39 (0)5 3338 0193

Camping Chèque is accepted from 22/08 to 03/10. Special offer 6=7 and 11=14 (from the 05/09)

Kawan Village Nordsø Camping & Badeland - Vestjylland (DK)

One night free for protecting the Danish coast The Hvide Sande tourist office in western Denmark, close to Kawan Village Nordsø Camping & Badeland (p. 341 in the 2010 guide), has set up an educational programme to increase public awareness on the need to protect the coastline. Participants in the course learn to plant sea lyme grass and marram grass on the bare dunes using a spade. Nordsø Camping & Badeland, tucked between the sand dunes, is actively participating in the programme and offers a free night's accommodation to course participants. The only requirement is that you must present your course completion certificate at the campsite reception. The courses will be held on the 12th, 19th, and 26th October. You can register with the Hvide Sande tourist office by email: or by telephone+45 (0)9 659 3697.

3 Seasons n°116 - 10

For more information you can also contact the campsite:

Special Gold Card offer Free entry to the swimming pool Free reservation, no deposit required

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INFOS Campsites

In short...

Kawan Village Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägmühle Rheinland - Pfalz (DE)

VTT Marathon On the 20th and 21st August, a VTT Marathon is being held just a stone's throw from Kawan Village Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägmühle

(p. 390 in the 2010 guide) in Izerwald. Participants register on Friday afternoon and the race will take place on Saturday. There are limited places available so you'll need to visit the internet site quickly: To register and to book accommodation at the camping ground:

At the Dutch campsite Biesbosch Marina (p.300 in the 2010 guide) you can go on a horse-drawn caravan ride with music, a picnic lunch and a guide. A really lovely way to visit the delta area of the Biesbosch national park, the largest national park in the Netherlands.

Tifina Caravansérail d'Arfoud - Erfoud (MA)

A lively activity programme in Erfoud Le camping marocain Tifina Caravansérail d'Arfoud (p.602 du guide 2010) met en place, pendant l'été et l'automne, un programme d'animations avec entre autres des tournois sportifs (pétanque, volley, basket, tennis de table), des excursions dans les paysages sauvages aux alentours du camping ou encore des jeux et des animations musicales au bar du camping.

The Dutch campsite Klein Canada (p. 305 in the 2010 guide) accepts Camping Chèque from now until the 31st of December (non-stop through summer). What better moment to explore the north of Limburg with its landscape of forests and heather. Aucun risque de s'ennuyer. Une occasion supplémentaire pour profiter de l'offre 1=2 mise en place par ce terrain.

Elbsee - Bayern (DE)

Elbsee campsite is committed to the environment For many years now, the German Elbsee campsite (p. 396 in the 2010 guide) has been working hard to protect the environment. They have installed solar panels, water saving systems, and in 2006 they were the one of the first campsite to have zero CO2 emissions. The campsite is currently putting up information panels and creating an arboretum. It also created a play area based on the theme of nature that teaches children about environmental protection.

During weekends in September, Panorama Camping Petite Suisse (p. 274 in the 2010 guide) invites children to come to the Ardennes and take part in an activity programme that includes crafts, sports and drama. Children of 8 years and over will become Rangers and learn how to tie knots, light camp fires, cook their own bread and survive in the wild..

3 Seasons n°116 - 11

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INFOS Campsites Kawan Village Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägmühle Rheinland - Pfalz (DE)

« Wine and sausage » week in the Palatinate Forest Kawan Village Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägmühle (p. 390 in the 2010 guide), situated in the dense forest of Palatinate natural park, is holding a week-long celebration of autumn and the local cuisine focussing on the theme of wine and sausage. It will be held at the same time as the Bad Dürkheim sausage market which runs from the 11th to the 18th of September. During the week-long celebration, guests will be able to taste the regional specialities in buffet dinners and food tastings, take part in treasure hunts by GPS, attend tea dances, visit Trippstadt castle, Schlossberg caves, the Karls Valley Gorge, and of course, go to the sausage market in Bar Dürkheim. The sausage market is one of the oldest wine festivals in Germany. During the event, the Wine Route will be closed to traffic. Guests will be able to take time to marvel at breathtaking landscapes filled with vineyards and dotted with charming villages on foot or by bicycle. You will also be able to taste the region's exceptionally good wines, all in moderation of course. This is one event that gourmet lovers won't want to miss. The week costs 199€ per person + the price of accommodation in Camping Chèques. In other words, 6 Camping Chèques. For more information or to register, contact the campsite : Ph: +49 (0)6 3069 2190


© DZT Images

The Wine Route is dotted with charming villages and has lots of opportunities for wine tasting (1) or you can take a stroll or go for a bike ride through the vineyards (2).

Camping Chèque is accepted from 21/08/2010 to 31/10/2010 Special offer 6=7 Special Gold Card offer 1 bottle of Palatinate wine for stay of 10 days or more reservation is free, no deposit required

2 © DZT Images

3 Seasons n°116 - 12

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INFOS Campsites Marveld – Gelderland Achterhoek (NL)

Storm on the Côte D'Azur: some campsites won't be opening this autumn

A golf course at Marveld camping ground Marveld campsite (p. 290 in the 2010 guide) already has wonderful leisure facilities with its swimming pools, bowling and indoor tennis. Now it is adding to its facilities with the addition of 12 outdoor tennis courts and even more importantly, a golf course. The campsite now has an 18-hole golf course that stretches out over 9 hectares of undulating fields. The course also includes a pitch and putt. The gulf course will be open from the 1st of September and membership is not required.

In June, the Côte D'Azur was hit by torrential rain which caused major damage in some areas. As a result, Kawan Village les Pêcheurs in Roquebrune sur Argens has been extensively damaged and will not be able to receive campers for the remainder of 2010. The storms were highly localised and only some sites have been effected. However, if you have organised a trip to the Var area, please keep informed and contact the camping ground before you leave to make sure that they are ready for campers.

For more information connect to the campsite’s internet site:

© / Sculpies

Klüthseecamp – Schleswig Holstein (DE)

Gourmet holidays at Klüthseecamp The German campsite Klüthseecamp (p. 369 in the 2010 guide) has had a makeover. The new facilities include a brand new Biergarten in which 100 people

Kawan Village la Grande Tortue – Val de Loire (FR) Kawan Village Delftse Hout – Zuid-Holland (NL)

A grand parade in the streets of Delft © / Westa Zikas

can taste Germany's famous beers and a new ballroom. In the restaurant you can order regional specialities like Schnitzel, asparagus, grilled suckling, and more. Let yourself be tempted by the gourmet treats of Schleswig Holstein. For more information:

Not far from Kawan Village Delftse Hout (p. 296 in the 2010 guide), the grand Taptoe Delft parade will be held for the sixth time in Delft’s main square from the 9th to the 11th of September. For three days, different kinds of brass bands will come to the festival and perform in Delft's marketplace. This is one event that really brings the town of Vermeer to life.

New play area at La Grande Tortue Kawan Village la Grande Tortue (p. 74 in the 2010 guide), a few kilometres from Blois, has installed a brand new children's play area with a bouncy castle and trampolines. It's sure to be a hit with the little ones. Adults may be more tempted by the famous Loire valley castles nearby: Chambord, Cherverny and Chaumont castle's International Garden Festival. For more information about the campsite:

For more information about the festival go to: For more information about Kawan Village Delftse Hout: :

3 Seasons n°116 - 13

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NE W Campsites




L'Epi Bleu lieu dit les Gravières F-04150 Banon Ph: +33 4 92 73 30 30

L’Epi Bleu


Le Saint Gabriel

from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 10 15/10/20 28/08/2010 -

Camping Hirtenteich

The Epi Bleu campsite is located in the heart of Haute-Provence, between Luberon and Mont Ventoux, below the charming village of Banon which clings to the mountainside. It is set in a leafy 2 hectare park and surrounded by lavender fields. The ochre coloured landscapes of the Forcalquier region, so dear to French author Jean Giono, are just waiting for holidaygoers looking for a little relaxation or hiking and cycling. Things to see nearby: Banon 1 km Mont Ventoux 50 km Montagne de Lure 15 km How to get there: From the north: Follow the A7 to Avignon. Take the Avignon Sud exit and follow the signs for Apt. Drive through Apt and follow directions for Banon. 1km from the village, follow the signs for Manosque. The campsite is 300 metres on your left. From the south: on the A51, exit at Manosque. Drive through Manosque and follow the signs for Apt for approximately 10 km, then follow the directions for Saint Michel l'Observatoire. Drive through the village and follow directions for Banon. 1 km from the village, turn left towards Apt, and continue until you arrive at the camping ground.

Hasenweide 2 D-73457 Essingen-Lauterburg Ph: +49 7365 296 from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 0 01 1/12/2 01/09/2010-3

Le Saint Gabriel Route de Fontvieille F-13150 Tarascon Ph: +33 4 90 91 19 83 from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 10 20 0/ /1 15 28/08/2010 -

Things to see nearby: GEO Park of the Swabian Alb Heubach 8 km Rothenburg 80 km How to get there:

Saint-Gabriel campsite is located at the foot of the Alpilles mountain range, 10 minutes from Baux and St Rémy de Provence in a former coaching inn on the Way of St. James. The camping ground has a relaxed family atmosphere and is the area is great for hiking, cycling tours and bird watching. Things to see nearby: Moulin de Daudet 1 km Arles 18 km Camargue 20 km How to get there: From Tarascon, take the road to Arles - D970; then the road to Fontvieille - D32. Follow the camping ground signs.

3 Seasons n°116 - 14

Hirtenteich campsite is located in the Swabian Alb in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The terraced site has a range of camping spots to choose from with various degrees of shade. The area is perfect for hiking and cycling and more athletic campers will love the guided treks around the region. Others will enjoy the outdoor pool and sauna.

A7 exit at Aalen/Westhausen, direction Schwäbisch Gmünd. B29 Aalen-Schwäbisch Gmünd, about 6 km west of Aalen, head in the direction of Essingen/Skizentrum Hirtenteich.

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NE W Campsites Camping Buntspecht

Hof Biggen


Camping Hirtenteich Seecamping Günztal

Hof Biggen Campingplatz Hof Biggen Doris Boenicke KG Finnentroper Str. 131 D-57439 Attendorn Ph: +49 2722 95530 from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 10 20 31/12/ 01/09/2010 -

Seecamping Günztal Oberrieder Weiherstr. 5 D-86488 Breitenthal Ph: +49 82 82 88 18 70 from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 10 20 2/ /1 31 01/09/2010 -

Hof Biggen campsite is located just 4 km from Lake Biggesee and is set in a lush green environment. Lake Biggesee is the perfect spot for family holidays with 20km of swimming beaches and you'll have lots of opportunities for swimming and water sports. Things to see nearby: The Atta caves in Attendorn 1 km Schnelleberg castle 1.5 km Panorama Park Wildpark Sauerland 36 km How to get there:

Seecamping Günztal is nestled on the edges of a lake and is the ideal spot for swimming and water sports. It is located in pristine countryside in one of Germany's most beautiful holiday regions - Swabia in Bavaria.

A45 Dortmund-Frankfurt, exit 16 Meinerzhagen, continue 20 km towards Attendorn and then follow directions for Finnentrop. After Attendorn you will find the entrance to the camping ground on your left, opposite the Haus am See restaurant.

Camping Buntspecht Weg zum Zeltplatz 1 D-14715 Ferchesar Ph: +49 33874 90072 from ue is accepted Camping Chèq 0 01 02 /1 31 16/09/2010 -

Buntspecht campsite is nestled in the Westhavelland natural park and stretches along the shores of a lake. Buntspecht camping ground has received a prize for excellence in tourism. The campsite, tucked in the centre of an enchanting forest and Westhavelland natural park, stretches out along the shores of Lake Ferchesar which also has a swimming beach and a fishing port. The fauna and flora of this romantic area are extraordinarily diverse: make the most of the numerous hiking trails around the campsite and see for yourself.

Things to see nearby: Oberschönenfeld monastery 32 km Ulm cathedral 37 km Margarete Steiff institute 60 km

Things to see nearby: Rathenow 10 km Château de Kleßen 15 km Otto Lilienthal museum 25 km

How to get there:

How to get there:

From the A7: follow directions for Krumbach, then Obenhausen, Breitenthal. After the sign for Breitenthal turn right and head for « Naherholungsgebiet Oberrieder Weiher ».

From the A2, take the Brandenburg a.d. Havel exit and follow the directions for Rathenow on the B102. In Rathenow, take the B188 and continue towards Stechow/Ferchesar. Then follow the signs to the campsite.

From the A8: take the B16 in the direction of Krumbach, then turn right in Ort and head for A7/Illertissen. After the Breitenthal sign turn left and head towards « Naherholungsgebiet Oberrieder Weiher ».

From the A10, take the Wustermark exit, then follow the B5 to Briesen. In Briesen, take the B188 until Stechow/Ferchesar. Then follow the signs for the campsite. 3 Seasons n°116 - 15

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Impor tant DATES for 2010 f the events r o n o ti c le e s a fa ar you'll find Europe, not In our calend ing up autumn 2010 in e. psit liven that will be m Camping Cheque cam fro

August - September


Italian Opera Festival Many of the great Italian operas will be performed with an emphasis on Verdi.

One of the hundreds of images on show at the Visa pour l'Image Festival 2010

28th August - 12th September

« Ray and Brad Wood (father and son) cut down California Redwood trees aged from 50 to 80 years old. Since the Sequoia Sempervirens was discovered by Europeans just 200 years ago, 95% of the oldest trees have been cut down. Today, most of the oldest Redwood trees are found in natural reserves. »

© Michael Nichols / National Geographic. Redwood #10.


Visa pour l’image Photojournalism festival presenting the best photos from the world's leading photojournalists and examining the idea of photojournalism. 29 August


Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium The Spa Francorchamps circuit is one of the most famous of the Formula 1 season. 1st September


16th September


11th September


Nuits des Bains

Celebration of the battle of Hastings

Contemporary artists exhibit in the Rue des Bains in Geneva.

To commemorate the battle of Hastings (1066) a procession by torchlight will take place on Hastings beach.

September - October

3rd - 7th November

The Byzantine New Year Parades, medieval tournaments, and costume plays to celebrate the Byzantine New Year. For more information: 8th to the 19th September



Autumn Festival in Prague

Jazz festival, Jazzonze+

Classical music festival with famous classical orchestras and well-known soloists. For more information:

Little brother to the prestigious Monteux Festival, Jazzonze+ brings together artists from all over the world.

Montlouis sur Loire

Jazz en Touraine

24th September - 2nd October

This jazz festival is now in its 24th year. The line-up includes dozens of concerts and a wide range of jazz styles.

Festival of Contemporary Music


A music festival with avant-garde works and contemporary scores that includes, amongst other things, musical theatre.

Opening of the Cité de la Mode et du Design

12th September


Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy

26th September

In Monza, the heart of Ferrari country, the Grand Prix atmosphere is unlike anywhere else.

Oslo Marathon

15th and 26th September

Grenade 15th October

Celebrate the virgin mother in flowers on the 15th of September followed by a procession on the last Sunday of the month. All in a festive atmosphere.

Night of Culture


During the night, in 200 different places in the city, 500 different cultural events will take place in Copenhagen.


« De Matisse à Malvich » Exhibition

10th - 16th October

This exhibition presents some of France's great painters from the time of Matisse (Derain) and compares their work with that of their Russian contemporaries (Malevitch, Kandinsky). Kandinsky).

Rallye du Maroc

3 Seasons n°116 - 16


The marathon goes along the Oslo fjord and is a really beautiful course.

Festival of La Virgen de las Angustias

Up until the 17th September



A rally across Morocco in cars that were all built before 1975.


This all new Parisian museum is devoted to fashion and design. It is situated between the Gare d'Austerlitz and the Bibilothèque François Mitterand

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ZOOM > France > Les Bastets

Les Bastets Enjoy a break in the fragrant foothills of Provence


Crest Tower – 25 km


his terraced campsite nestles in the hills of the Drôme Provencale and has wonderful views over Marsanne. The setting is very attractive for a small campsite and the welcome is as warm as the glorious sunshine. The site is run by locals - Thierry and MarieJosé Guerguy - who, after a short stint in Paris, decided that city life was not for them and came back to their home region to realise their dream of working in the open air in contact with other people. In 2003 they opened the Les Bastets campsite, built on family land. Awarded a four star rating in its very first year of operation, the campsite offers high-quality facilities including a restaurant showcasing local produce and a swimming pool. In the seven years since it has opened, there has been no major change in camping facilities, however the site has been landscaped and is dotted with pretty broom bushes. An extension is planned for 2011 and this should create 30 additional pitches and a new washblock. The owners have long term plans to build a new play pool alongside the existing one as well as a well-being facility (spa, fitness lessons, etc.). What makes the campsite most appealing is probably its location and layout. The terraced landscape offers campers pitches that are not overlooked and that afford beautiful views

of the surrounding plains. The gently rolling countryside is perfect for cycling and many old stone villages are within riding distance. This is the ideal way to experience the picturesque Provence of Pagnol or Giono, especially when the lavender is in flower. Mr and Mrs Guerguy organise guided cycling and walking tours leaving from the campsite, giving campers the opportunity to discover the charm and beauty of their home region. n The little extras: • Campsite on a terraced hillside • Relaxed family atmosphere Camping Chèque accepted from 01/04/2010 to 05/07/2010 from 16/08/2010 to 15/10/2010 Special Gold Card offer Free advance booking no deposit required

Quartier Les Bastets FR-26740 Marsanne Tel. +33 4 75 90 35 03

Proclaimed as the highest dungeon in France, this huge tower dates back to the 12th century. From the top of the tower you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Drôme countryside. Admission: 6 €

Castles of the Drôme region - 30 km In the south of the region, called the Drôme Provencale, you can visit the castles of Grignan, Suze-la-Rousse, Poet-Laval, Rochefort en Valdaine and Adhémar (in Montelimar). Perched on rocky crags, these medieval palaces also hold events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace - 80 km Built stone by stone with painstaking patience by a postman, this amazing palace is a fascinating blend of styles and influences Admission: 5,5€

3 Seasons n°116 - 17

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© Paris Tourist Office - Photograhe : Amélie Dupont - Yves Klein

E VENT European White Nights

© Paris Tourist Office - Photograhe : Amélie Dupont


3 Seasons n°116 - 18

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:24 Page17

© Paris Tourist Office - Photograhe : Amélie Dupont Artiste : Compagnie Carabosse

E VENT European White Nights


he term white nights comes from the Scandinavian countries to define the period of the year during which it never really gets dark. This was not the case when Paris organised its first white night in 2002. The idea was to allow people to experience unusual, public or private places from nightfall to dawn, with artistic events of all kinds being held free of charge. Success was immediate and the operation has been renewed every year since this first edition. The success of Paris’ white night even extended to other European capitals such as Brussels, Madrid, Rome, Riga and Bucharest, then to some provincial towns such as Brighton, Bologna and Brescia. The name has thus changed, becoming « European White Nights », with each town organising its own white night on a different date, enabling them to exchange certain artists or projects, thus adding to the opportunity to promote art and the town for one night, through a real cultural exchange

Some white nights near our campsites At the time of publishing this magazine, with projects still being elaborated, some dates had not yet been confirmed. Do not hesitate, therefore, to consult the different towns’ websites to check these dates. AMSTERDAM White nights in Amsterdam are generally held in the spring (19 June in 2010).

Where can you stay with Camping Cheque 1


Paris Village Parisien Le Parc des Roches p.169

Campix p.170

Camping de Sorel p.171

PARIS 2 October 2010 The website has not yet been set up.

AMIENS 16 October

La Croix du Vieux Pont p.172

Village Parisien p.173 International de Jablines p.174

Le Chêne Gris p.175

BRUSSELS 2 October 2010

Kawan Village La Belle Etoile p.176

ROME Beginning of September - dates to be confirmed. No website as yet.

Héliomonde p.177


BRIGHTON 31 October BRESCIA Beginning of October (date not confirmed yet)

Rome Kawan Village Roma Flash Sporting p.513

Flaminio Village Camping Bungalow park p.514


Bruxelles Kompas Camping Oudenaarde p.270

Roosendael p.271


Amsterdam DroomPark Molengoet p.292

CampingPark de Bongerd p.293

Kawan Village Recreatiecentrum Koningshof p.294



Recreatiecentrum De Noordduinen p.295


1 2


Brescia Camping Cisano p.489


As well as artistic events organised in unusual places, numerous more institutional venues are open throughout the night, with access also free of charge. It is a great pleasure to discover these museums, which we may think we know by heart, in the hushed, magical atmosphere of the night. At the same time, the town centres become the theatre for festivities such as street art and concerts, transforming a night time stroll into a marvellous experience full of sound and colour.. n

Amiens Les Puits Tournants p.36

Bella Italia p.490

San Francesco p.491 3

Campeggio del Sole p.492

Photos : Nuits Blanches (all-night arts festival) offers viewers a range of colourful, surprising atmospheres to experience. Here are a few examples from past years in Paris, the original Nuit Blanches city.

Weekend p.493


Brighton Riverside Holidays p.311

3 Seasons n°116 - 19

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THE GOOD LIFE Grape -har vests

Grape harvests

A la



When you're not attending festivals to celebrate the grape harvest, take a late-summer stroll through grape-growing country and lend the grape pickers a hand (1) or contemplate the rich pageant of autumn colours (2 - Roche de Vergisson, Burgundy, FR) and vines heavy with grapes that fill the gorgeous countryside (3 - Collioure, PyrĂŠnĂŠes Orientales, FR).

3 Seasons n°116 - 20

Every year, when autumn approaches, shortly before European vineyards are decked out in their finery of warm red, ochre and yellow, the wine world comes to life for the grape-harvests. For those who gather the grapes to make the wine, these are weeks of lengthy toil. Once finished, the grape harvests are therefore often followed by festivities to celebrate the new crop. Take advantage of the end of the summer for a different discovery of the wine-growing regions. In order to help you, 3 Seasons gives you some ideas for an epicurean vacation...

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page19

THE GOOD LIFE Grape -har vests

land in festivity



he grape-harvest festivals generally take place in regions with a long wine-growing history and a tradition which goes back a long way. Thus, in Burgundy, the celebrations at the end of the grape-harvest take different forms. These include the Côte Chalonnaise paulée, a traditional end of grape-harvest meal. Depending on the vineyard, this sometimes gives rise to festivals of greater or lesser importance, which are open to the public. The same happens in Jurançon (Béarn) or Sitges (Costa Daurada), with the grape-harvest festivals beginning in September, connected to ancient

traditions. However, alongside these inherited vineyard festivals, which have been practiced for centuries, new events are being created in the young wine-growing regions. Thus, in Paris, the Montmartre grape-harvest festivals are not connected to a long tradition but, in the period between the two wars, offered Paris a colourful festive occasion with dance, accordion music and white wine. One could equally be surprised to learn that the Netherlands also produce their own wine. The Achterhoek region has had its own vineyard since 2004, whose first bottles were sold in 2006. The end

of the grape-harvest is an occasion for open days on 25 and 26 September. In addition to the organised festivals throughout the wine-growing lands of Europe, autumn offers many other reasons to explore these vine-covered regions. During some weeks, the hillsides are tinged with red, ochre and orange, creating a landscape of warm colours. It is then a true joy to take a walk among the rows of vines. A truly autumnal destination...

3 Seasons n°116 - 21

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page20

THE GOOD LIFE Grape-harvests

(p.200 of the 2010 guide) The Castle of Montrouant, which has its own vines, invites you to take part in a grape-harvest themed week from 4 to 11 September with traditional meals, tastings, etc. Price: €155 per person. Do not hesitate to contact the campsite for full programme details: Tel.: + 33 3 85 84 51 13

KAWAN VILLAGE LA COLOMBIÈRE (p.204 of the 2010 guide) The Bussat family, owners of the campsite, also own vines on the hillsides around Geneva. Campers are invited to take part in the festivals which follow the grape harvest. Do not hesitate, therefore, to contact the campsite at the end of the summer to find out the 2010 grape-harvest dates. Tel. : +33 4 50 35 13 14,

3 Seasons n°116 - 22

Camping TCS Bern-Eymatt (p.475)

JURANÇON GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (Béarn - France) September 17-18 2010


THE MONTMARTRE GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (Paris - France) October 6-10 2010


NEUCHÂTEL GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (Switzerland) September 24-26 2010

Barétous-Pyrénées (p.124) Les ô Kiri (p.125)

© Paris Tourist Office Photographe : Amélie Dupont

Some campsites where you will be able to take part in the grape-harvests:

Here we introduce you to some of the grape-harvest festivals in Europe, situated close to the campsite network. This list is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to check with the campsite where you are staying as soon as you stop off in a winegrowing region. The dates of the grape-harvests depend on the weather - do not hesitate to check the dates of the festivals before your arrival.

Village Parisien Le Parc des Roches (p.169 of the guide 2010) Village Parisien (p.173) International de Jablines (p.174) Le Chêne Gris (p.175) Kawan Village La Belle Etoile (p.176) Héliomonde (p.608)

(Hérault - France) October 24-25 2010 Kawan Village Les Mimosas (p.134) Les Vagues (p.135) Les Chanterelles (p.162)

BANYULS GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (Pyrénées Orientales - France) 2nd weekend of October Kawan Village Le Haras (p.131) Kawan Village Ma Prairie (p.132) L’Oasis (p.133)

ALSACE GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (France) October 8-10 2010 Kawan Village La Vanne de Pierre (p.181)

OPEN DAYS AT THE ACHTERHOEK VINEYARD (Netherlands) September 25-26 2010

(Toscany - Italy) 1st weekend of October

Marveld (p.290)

Amiata (p.509)

GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL IN SITGES (Spain) September 17-19 2010

KARLŠTEJN GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (near Prague - Czech Republic) September 25-26 2010

Vilanova Park (p.580)

Camping Praha Klanovice (p.406)

THE CÔTE CHALONNAISE PAULÉE (Bourgogne - France) October 15-17 2010 Kawan Village Le Château de l’Epervière (p.191) Camping des Sources Santenay (p.192) Kawan Village La Grappe d’Or (p.193)


JOIGNY GRAPE-HARVEST FESTIVAL (Bourgogne - France) October 10 2010 Camping les Ceriselles (p.196) Les Platanes (p.197) n

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ZOOM > Italy > S ardegna > La Foce Castelsardo

© Fototeca ENIT / Sandro Bedessi

La Foce


Between a nature reserve and turquoise waters


ought by the Lampati family 37 years ago, this campsite has 300 pitches and benefits from an idyllic setting on the North coast of Sardinia. Take a look... La Foce’s origins go back to the end of the 1960s. In this era, Aldo and Alberto Lampati, current campsite owner Stefano Lampati’s father and uncle, dreamed of opening a campsite. At that time, they were mechanics in Milan and in 1971, when Stefano was 13 years old, they went on holiday to Sardinia and fell for the islands charm. The following year, when they returned to the island, they camped at a campsite located in Valledoria, a little town situated at the mouth of the river Coghinas (Foce means mouth in Italian) and fell in love with it. Thirty seven years later, the Lampati family is still at the head of the campsite, which has now become La Foce. With its acacia and eucalyptus woods fringing a deserted 3 kilometre-long sand beach, we could say that this area in the North of Sardinia had more than one trump card up its sleeve. Especially as the Lampati family has sought to preserve

the natural setting, saving water and opting for photovoltaic installations which provide about 70% of the energy needed to run the campsite. Nevertheless, no compromises are made in providing the campsite’s clients with every possible comfort: spacious and shady pitches, as well as a large range of services (restaurants, pizzeria, bread deliveries, etc.) and multiple activity options, both onsite and in the surrounding area (sailing, sea fishing, river fishing, pedal boats, etc). There are many reasons for not wanting to leave the shores of Sardinia. n The little extras: • bordered by a 3 km long beach • shaded pitches

Costa Smeralda - 80 km A 55 km long coastline, extending to the North of Sardinia. Considered the Sardinian Côte d'Azur since the Aga Khan made it one of his preferred holiday destinations in the 1960s.

Castelsardo - 18 km Perched on a rocky promontory above the sea, this small town is one of the most important Sardinian settlements from a cultural and historic point of view.

Alghero - 80 km An entrancing town in Catalan style, erected on the island coast. This old fortified town is actually one of the most “Italian” of Sardinia’s seaside resorts. .

Camping Chèque accepted: from 25/04/2010 to 10/07/2010 from 25/08/2010 to 30/09/2010 Gold Card offer: Free reservations without a deposit

Via Ampurias 110 IT-07039 Valledoria Tel. +39 079 582 109 3 Seasons n°116 - 23

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page22


Along the Adriatic coast Extending from the Slovenian border to the heel of Italy’s boot, the Adriatic coast offers hundreds of Venezia kilometres of sandy beaches that are perfect Verona for long afternoons lazing in the sun, Padova picturesque resorts steeped in history Emilia Ravenna Romagna and art and spectacular rugged San Marino scenery. Explore the many faces of Italy and enjoy the wonderfully Parco Nazionale mild climate and relaxed lifestyle del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga with 3 Seasons as we meander along this splendid coastline. Lecce

Del Gargano Nazionale Ente Parco

Monti della Laga del Gran Sasso e Parco Nazionale

San Marino

Romagna Emilia







Ente Parco Nazionale Del Gargano


© iStockphoto - Danin Tulic



e begin our tour of the Adriatic coast on the Slovenian border. Both sides of the border, and indeed even further beyond into Croatia, bear the mark of Venice’s glory days. Renaissance palaces, built when the Venetian Republic, known as the Serenissima, ruled the Adriatic, are dotted along the coastline all the way from Italy to Slovenia (Piran) and Croatia (Trogir, Dubrovnick). However, at the heart of this region where Venetian dialect is spoken, Trieste, our first stop, is more representative of central European classicism. It must be pointed out, though, that this city only became Italian in 1919. Prior to that, it was placed under Austrian rule (14th century) to protect it from the Venetian Republic who reigned supreme in the region. Indeed, the abundance of cafés to be found in the city is more reminiscent of the historical tradition n n n

3 Seasons n°116 - 24


UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page23


© iStockphoto - seraficus

From the distinctly central European demeanour of Trieste’s port to the mountains of the Abruzzo region, Italy’s Adriatic coast has more than just long sandy beaches to charm visitors.

3 Seasons n°116 - 25

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page24


n n n of Vienna and central Europe than of Mediterranean culture. On the outskirts of Trieste, the coastline is rocky, but as we approach Venice, this gives way to lagoons surrounded by vast sandy beaches. Although the City of the Doges alone is worth a trip to this region of Italy, the area has many other treasures to offer. In addition to the plethora of beautiful little medieval towns to be found as you leave Venice (Asolo, Possagno, the fortified towns of Monselice, Montagnana, Castelfranco Veneto, etc.), there are other cities that are worth a visit including Verona, famous for its Roman amphitheatre and Shakespearian lovers, and Padua where a basilica was built in honour

© Fototeca ENIT


of St. Anthony, patron saint of lost objects. There is also the Brenta Riviera that stretches from Padua to the Venetian Lagoon with a succession of luxurious palaces designed as summer residences for

Popular tourist attractions located close to our campsites: Acquileia


This ancient Roman colony became an ecclesiastic patriarchy that played an important role in the evangelisation of Europe. Its 9th century basilica and its Roman ruins were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. For more information, log onto:

Ferrara is one of the cultural capitals of the Renaissance and is renowned for its red brick buildings and straight streets. Its most emblematic monuments include the Early Gothic Duomo and the Renaissance Palazzo dei Diamanti. UNESCO declared the city a World Heritage site in 1995. For more information, log onto:

Vicenza Vicenza is the home city of the architect Palladio who designed many outstanding palaces. The city owes its reputation for fine architecture to his masterpieces including the basilica on the Piazza dei Signori and the Olympic Theatre, a theatre with a most spectacular stage. For more information, log onto:

Villa Barbaro This superb villa was built by the architect Palladio for the ambassador of Venice and is decorated with magnificent frescoes painted by Veronese. For more information, log onto:

Abbaye de Pomposa This beautiful Benedictine abbey was founded in the 6th century. Although an example of pre-Romanesque architecture, its decoration is highly influenced by Byzantine art. Concerts are held in the abbey in July and August. For more information, log onto:

3 Seasons n°116 - 26

L'Aquila This delightful little town nestled on the Gran Sasso Mountain was founded, so legend has it, by bringing together 99 villages. This number remains symbolic for the town as the town’s fountain counts 99 spouts and when night falls, the town hall bell rings 99 times.

Ostuni Built on 3 hills, Ostuni « the White Town » can be seen from afar. This medieval borough is known for its white houses that are lined along the roads that wind around the cathedral.

Lecce Known as the « Florence of the South », Lecce, with its stunning baroque architecture, has all the makings of an open-air museum. A soft limestone that takes on a golden hue was used to build these buildings. The unique quality of Lecce stone made it easy to work, and enabled artists to give free reign to their creativity. For more information, log onto:


© Fototeca ENIT

rich Venetians. We won’t explore Venice any further here, but we suggest you take a look at issue number 112 for a more detailed visit of Venice. As we continue towards the south, we enter the Emilia-Romagna region. The best word to describe this region would be « welcoming ». Its pretty, gently rolling countryside provides the most fertile land in Italy, which probably explains

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page25


Where to stay with Camping Cheque:

1 - The construction of the Estense castle (also know as the San Michele castle) in Ferrara began with the watchtower in the 13th century and continued throughout the ages, during which time it gradually evolved from being a defensive stronghold to a place of residence. For more information log onto: 2 - The Santa Croce Basilica (the Holy Cross Basilica) is a superb example of the stunning baroque architecture to be found in Lecce. For more information, log onto the basilica’s website:

why it has a reputation for good food. Many delicious specialities come from this province, no doubt earning Bologna its status as city of fairs. With a coastline dedicated to leisurely seaside pursuits, the region claims to have the longest beach in Europe, and a hinterland that showcases the region’s ‘good food’ culture, we have truly savoured our stay in Emilia-Romagna, both literally and figuratively. Our next stage takes us to San Marino, an independent Republic totally landlocked by Italy and the third smallest state in Europe (61km 2). It may be tempting to consider San Marino as an « operetta kingdom ». Like Monaco, it is an anachronism in the current European context. It does, however, have important historic significance since legend has it that San Marino, founded in the year 301, was the world’s first independent republic. Its citadels, built on the craggy spurs of impressive Mount Titan, command stunning views of the Emilia-Romagna coast and San Marino. Continuing along the sea front, we pass through the Marche region then the Abruzzi region. These regions offer contrasting landscapes, from their busy, tourist-oriented coastline dotted with seaside resorts to their less frequented hinterland that boasts some of the highest mountains in the n n n

Adriatico The Adriatico campsite is 20km south of Ravenna. Located at the entrance of Cervia, a small seaside resort nestled between a sandy beach and a natural oasis that is now where the old salt marshes used to be. The campsite offers pitches in woodland surroundings and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. In addition to various other services, the Adriatico boasts a gastronomic restaurant whose menu includes many local specialities. Cervia is easy to get to from the campsite and has a vibrant city centre with markets and shops. At just 700m from the campsite a wide range of water sports is on offer, including diving, windsailing and sailing, with beginners facilities also available.

For more information on Ravenna, log onto: Special offer: 6=7

© Fototeca ENIT

The Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna Ravenna was capital of the Roman Empire during the last centuries of its rule and seat of a Byzantine exarchate. Byzantine influence was strong and the dazzling multicolour mosaics on the walls of Ravenna’s religious buildings, whose architecture is relatively subdued, are a prime example of this. The most beautiful mosaics are to be found in the Galla Placidia Mausoleum (the cupola and the vaulted ceiling are particularly stunning) and in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo.

For more information on Ravenna, log onto: the Ravenna Tourist Information website

Adriano Camping Village p.534 22/04/2010-04/07/2010 29/08/2010-19/09/2010

Camping Adria p.536 25/04/2010-03/07/2010 24/08/2010-15/09/2010

Kawan Village Florenz p.537 27/03/2010-10/07/2010 22/08/2010-03/10/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : Free entrance to the swiming pool free booking without deposit

3 Seasons n°116 - 27

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Centro Vacanze San Marino p.532

Where to stay with Camping Cheque:

03/01/2010-31/03/2010 06/04/2010-31/05/2010 07/06/2010-30/06/2010 01/10/2010-30/12/2010

Centro Vacanze S. Maria di Leuca p.524

Hotel Camping Città di Bologna p.535

01/01/2010-31/07/2010 25/08/2010-31/12/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : 1 regional product for 10-day

13/03/2010-30/06/2010 25/08/2010-20/12/2010

Kawan Village Oasi p.538 26/03/2010-29/05/2010 03/06/2010-03/07/2010 23/08/2010-30/09/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : 6=7 (26/3-29/5, 6/9-30/9) • 11=14 (26/3-29/5, 6/9-30/9) - Free booking without deposite

Lamaforca p.525 01/04/2010-18/07/2010 23/08/2010-30/09/2010

Villaggio Campeggio Cala dei Ginepri p.526

Vela Blu Camping Village p.539

01/05/2010-31/07/2010 22/08/2010-12/09/2010

19/04/2010-22/05/2010 05/06/2010-26/06/2010 04/09/2010-25/09/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : 6=7 (19/4-22/5, 11/9-25/9)

KawanVillageVillaggio Camping 5 Stelle p.528 01/04/2010-01/08/2010 21/08/2010-30/09/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : Free access to the tennis court + swimming pool. Free booking without deposit

n n n Apennines. In the Sibillini, Abruzzo or Gran Sasso and Laga national parks, many peaks are over 2000m high and the highest point, the Gran Sasso, is not far off 3000m high. Nature lovers and open-air sports enthusiasts will enjoy these virtually untouched landscapes, considered as the greenest in Italy. Over 300 species of birds can be spotted here (golden eagles, peregrine falcons, etc.) as well as mammals such as wolves, lynxes and Marsican brown bears. It is the ideal spot for trekking, canoeing or mountain bike activities. Come winter, when the mountain peaks are covered in snow, the local ski resorts open. We now continue our route towards the heel of Italy’s boot. The coast changes and the sandy beaches give way to the rocky,

Camping Ca'Savio p.540 01/05/2010-21/05/2010 05/06/2010-25/06/2010 04/09/2010-29/09/2010

Eurcamping p.529 01/04/2010-26/07/2010 23/08/2010-31/10/2010 Gold Card Special Offer : Free booking without deposit

Centro Vacanze Villaggio San Francesco p.541

Stork p.530

Belvedere Pineta Camping Village p.542

15/05/2010-03/07/2010 23/08/2010-13/09/2010

01/05/2010-10/07/2010 14/08/2010-02/10/2010 24/04/2010-05/06/2010 04/09/2010-25/09/2010



3 Seasons n°116 - 28

© Fototeca ENIT


© Fototeca ENIT

© Fototeca ENIT

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jagged cliffs of the Puglia region. This craggy coastline is one of Southern Italy’s main attractions. The Gargano national park in particular is set in one of the peninsula’s most spectacular locations. The park covers a large part of the spur of Italy’s boot and, in addition to an abundance of caves, boasts a magnificent beech wood forest, rocky cliffs, rock arches and, towards the south, underwater caves. The stunning bays of Zagare and San Felice are the two gems in the park’s crown. Heading on south, we cannot help but succumb to the

© Fototeca ENIT

charms of this region whose unchanging landscapes seem oblivious to the passing of time. Time seems to slow down for us too as we sit in the shade of an olive tree overlooking the deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the delightful warmth of spring. n

1 - The San Venanzio hermitage is nestled in the heart of the San Venanzio nature reserve in the Abruzzo region. 2 - The Aquileia basilica, built in th the 9 century, is now a UNESCO world heritage site: 3 - The village of Anversa degli Abruzzi is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: 4 - With its magnificent white houses looking out over the sea, Vieste is one of the treasures of the Gargano promontory. 6 - The Piazza Tre Martiri (Three Martyrs Square) is the historic centre of Rimini:

For more information on Italy:

the Italian Tourist Information website: For more information on the regions mentioned:


© Fototeca ENIT : the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region website : the Veneto region website : the Emilia-Romagna region website : the Marche region website : the Abruzzo region website : the Molise region website : the Puglia region website

3 Seasons n°116 - 29

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Hungary - a feast fo F

The mere sight of the streets of Hungary’s enchanting cities or its rolling vineyards is enough to capture the true charm of this country. However, close your eyes and the smell of paprika, the romantic sound of gypsy violins and the relaxing experience of thermal baths, a legacy of the Turkish occupation, can also conjure up vivid images of this melting pot of European cultures. Hungary indulges all five senses.

3 Seasons n°116 - 30

or the discerning eye, a stroll around the streets of Hungary’s most beautiful cities provides insight into the richness of the country’s culture. The stones of its monuments bear the traces of the many influences that have shaped the history of Hungary, a country located at the crossroads of European cultures. Just as Hungarian Gothic style, with its characteristic glazed tiles, was established under the reign of the Counts of Anjou, the Turkish baths, mosques and minarets of Budapest or Pecs are remnants of the Ottoman occupation of the 16 th and 17th centuries. With the return of the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire, this middleeastern influence gave way to an array of baroque and neoclassical constructions until the turn of the 20th century when the country asserted its desire to break away from conventional styles and

moved towards a nationally inspired Secession architecture. The country’s cultural diversity is also reflected in its musical culture where gypsy violins and Austrian classical music effortlessly mingle and merge, particularly in the works of great national composers such as Bartok and Litz. Nowadays, however, after years of communist oppression, rock music is the most thriving genre and Budapest is home to the Sziget Festival, Europe’s biggest rock festival. Lovers of good food and drink will literally savour a stay in Hungary. Hungarian cuisine is without doubt the area where the various foreign influences have most successfully come together. The secret to making pastries was learned from their Austrian neighbours and the Turks were a genuine source of culinary inspiration, particularly for the use of paprika, which has now

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page29

DESTINATION Hungar y Istockphoto © Gergo Orban

A mysterious language What makes Hungary stand out from other Eastern European countries is not only the diversity of historical influences that shaped this country, but also its language. Hungarian is very different from neighbouring languages. The geographical origins of the Magyar people, the nomadic tribes that colonised Hungary between the 7th and 10th century, long remained a mystery. It wasn’t until the 19th century that a linguist identified the similarities with Finnish and Estonian. It would seem that the Magyars migrated from the Ural region, enriching their language on the way through contact with Turkish-speaking populations before settling in Hungary.


st for all five senses come to symbolise Hungarian cuisine. In fact this spice, introduced to the country during the Ottoman invasion, is used in almost all dishes. Hungary’s other speciality is wine. The vast vineyards of Eastern Hungary produce some excellent wines, the best known include Tokay and « Bull’s Blood ». The spa culture is another reminder of the Turkish occupation. Budapest, in particular, is one of the most beautiful spa resorts in the world and the city boasts hundreds of hot water springs. However, the focus of these facilities is not on providing spa treatments as we have come to understand them, but on maintaining the spa culture on a daily basis, so locals can come and take a relaxing bathe after a hard day’s work or at the weekend. Budapest is not the only place to have carried on the bathing tradition. There are many popular resorts in the

Lake Balaton region, such as Balatonfüred or Lake Heviz, the biggest thermal lake in the world, fed by a hot spring with a temperature of 40°. For those that prefer a more traditional approach to bathing, the shores of Lake Balaton, often referred to as the « Hungarian Sea », are an ideal swimming location. n


1 - Budapest’s Royal Palace casts its reflection in the waters of the Danube. The river divides the Hungarian capital into two distinct parts: Buda and Pest, which are connected by the chain bridge, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. 2 - Outside of the capital, Hungary is a land of vast plains and rolling hills, like here in the east of the country on the outskirts of Eger.

3 Seasons n°116 - 31

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DESTINATION Hungar y Popular tourist attractions located close to our campsites Veszprém Built on 5 hills and once a seat of monarchs, Veszprém was almost totally destroyed during the Turkish invasion. The town was subsequently rebuilt and its present-day configuration dates back to the 18 th century. As a result, it boasts an array of baroque buildings and palaces as well as a very impressive castle.

Sümeg The small town of Sümeg, renowned for its medieval fortress, was built in the 12th century and was home to King Bela IV during the Mongol invasion (1241-1242).


Parc National de Tihany The Tihany peninsula is one of the most picturesque Lake Balaton resorts. It was here that Hungary’s first national park was created in 1952. The park covers 1500 hectares of stunning countryside and is dotted with limestone cones that were once active geysers. An abundance of fauna and flora can be found on the peninsula, including a number of bird species, rare plants and some 800 varieties of butterflies.


3 Seasons n°116 - 32


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Where to stay with Camping Cheque: Camping Amedi p.408 15/04/2010 - 30/06/2010 01/09/2010 - 15/10/2010

Tölgyes Strand Camping p.409 01/03/2010 - 30/11/2010

Camping Aranypart p.410 23/04/2010 - 30/06/2010 20/08/2010 - 11/09/2010

Camping Füred p.411 16/04/2010 - 19/06/2010 20/08/2010 - 02/10/2010

Camping Napfény p.412 30/04/2010 - 30/06/2010 01/09/2010 - 02/10/2010 Istockphoto © Gergo Orban

2 5


Camping Vulkan Resort p.413 01/03/2010 - 31/10/2010

Camping Bad Sarvar p.414

Nestled in a lush valley, this pretty town is a gem of beautifully preserved baroque architecture. Famous for fighting off the Turkish invasion, this small city boasts 175 listed buildings and a pedestrianised town centre. The castle offers magnificent views of the town.

01/01/2010 - 31/03/2010 06/04/2010 - 29/04/2010 02/05/2010 - 20/05/2010 23/05/2010 - 15/08/2010 02/11/2010 - 31/12/2010

1 - Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Europe and is known as the Hungarian « sea ». 2 - Sopron is one of the towns that emerged virtually unscathed from the Turkish invasion. Indeed here, more than anywhere else, a strong Austrian influence is evident. 3 - Paprika is omnipresent, like here strung out on the walls of a house on the Tihany promontory. 4 - View from the medieval fortress of Sümeg. 5 - The Danube flows through a good part of Hungary before arriving in Budapest. 6 - The town of Eger was the symbol of resistance to the Turkish invasion.

Istockphoto © Dora Pete

Parc national de Matra et Bükk The region surrounding the Matra and Bükk mountains boasts the highest peaks in Hungary and stunning protected natural landscapes. Still relatively untouched by tourism, vast forests, streams, ponds and limestone caves can be found in these mountains. 6

For more information on Hungary

Hungarian Tourist Office website: Hungarian National Tourist Office, Photogallery 3 Seasons n°116 - 33

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THE LAS FALLAS TRADITION dates back to the Middle Ages when carpenters burned leftover wood on St. Joseph’s day in fires called fallas. As the tradition evolved, the leftover wood was replaced by wooden sculptures of unpopular public figures. Since the 17th century, large pasteboard effigies have been burned. This takes place in the streets of Valencia on the last night of the festival (19th March) and street parties are held to celebrate the event.

3 Seasons n°116 - 34

Valence a mosaic of history and modernity

Somewhat overshadowed by the epic rivalry that opposes Castilian Madrid and Catalonian Barcelona, Valencia is nonetheless Spain’s third largest city. Two thousand years of histor y have left their mark on this sun-drenched Mediterranean gem. Its rich heritage is reflected in the juxtaposition of old and new, with gothic and baroque buildings effortlessly co-existing with cutting edge architecture. Discover the glorious past and promising future of this city with 3 Seasons.

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OF ARTS AND SCIENCE This avant-garde building is a vast cultural and leisure complex covering 350,000m 2 and is renowned for its futuristic shapes that are reflected in water mirrors. The complex includes Europe’s biggest marine park (with seals, penguins, belugas, sharks, etc. as well as dolphin shows), the Hemisféric cinema, designed to look like a human eye and equipped with an IMAX dome screen, and the biggest interactive science museum in Europe. For more information and bookings, log onto: or phone: +34 902 100 031 Admission Oceanogràfic = 23,9€, science museum = 7,5€ et Hemisféric = 7,5€.



Founded by the Greeks some 2000 years ago and later occupied by Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs, Valencia is a city with a rich past. Ruled by El Cid until his death, the city flourished as the Mediterranean region developed and prospered. The city experienced a highly prosperous period during the 15th century then, after the discovery of America and the Spanish monarchy’s Atlantic dreams, the importance of its port began to decline. However, in the 17th century its economy boomed once again as the silk industry developed. The city’s past and Mediterranean culture are reflected in its wide palm-lined avenues, its narrow streets and its gothic and baroque buildings such as the Silk Exchange, which is now a World Heritage site. Valencia may have a foothold in the past, but it is nonetheless a progressive, forward-looking city. Impressive avant-garde constructions like the City of Arts and Science and the Bridge over the Turia, built by renowned

architects (Santiago Calatrava and Norman Foster) are proof of that. Our tour is focused on the city’s historic centre. It must be said that Valencia’s historic centre is one of the most extensive and significant in Spain. It gives insight into Valencia’s glory days of the 15th century and the beginnings of the Golden Age of Spain. We commence our tour in Virgin Square (Plaza de la Virgen). This is where the cathedral, the Basilica of the Virgin, the elegant palaces that once housed the government and the Almudin museum are to be found. As is often the case in Southern Spain, the cathedral was built on the site of an

earlier mosque in the 12th century. Its current form is the result of subsequent additions that were made to the cathedral during the 14th and 15th centuries. The summit of the Micalet, the octagonal tower that is on the Queen’s Square façade, affords magnificent panoramic views of the city and is the ideal place to admire the glazed tile roofs of the surrounding churches. Those visiting Valencia on a Thursday afternoon will be able to see a surprising meeting taking place in Virgin Square. The Síndicos, judges representing the seven irrigation networks that water the region of Valencia, meet every n n n

3 Seasons n°116 - 35

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CIT Y BREAK Valence 1 e

2 c



1 - The Serranos Towers formed a gateway to the city during the Middle Ages. 2 -Virgin Square with Valencia Cathedral and the Micalet Tower in the background. 3 - The Plaza del Ayuntamiento where the city’s flower market is held. 4 - The Central Market offers visitors a stunning display of colourful stalls: 5 - The Valencia Concert Hall is one of the modern buildings built in what was once the bed of the Turia river by architect José Maria Paredes: 6 - Valencia’s Amphitheatre dates back to the mid 19th century.

3 Seasons n°116 - 36

n n n Thursday at noon to settle irrigation disputes, keeping alive a thousand-year-old tradition. The water tribunal delivers its decision orally and the sentence (fine, water restrictions, etc.) is final and not subject to appeal. In stark contrast to this ancient tradition, the second stage of our tour takes us to the IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art) located on the outskirts of the old town. The IVAM, in association with the original Le Pont des Arts just opposite, gives us another slant on Valencia, offering us the image of a city that is at the cutting edge of architecture. It houses impressive collections of modern art, including works by the Valencian sculptor Julio Gonzàlez, as well as a section of the medieval wall that was uncovered when the museum was being built. We can see another vestige of this wall, the Quart Towers (Torres de Quart), further south on Guillem de Castro Street. The imposing

Quart Towers and Serranos Towers, which formed the ancient gateways to Valencia when it was a walled fortress, are all that remain of the old medieval wall. As we head back towards the centre of the old town and Valencia’s old trading district, we find the Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda). This superb building is a reminder of how important the silk industry was to the local economy and how it helped the city flourish. Indeed, the building was built in the 15th century at the request of the city’s silk merchants, as the old exchange was considered too small for the volume of business conducted there. It is without doubt one of the most outstanding examples of civil flamboyant Gothic architecture in Europe. To the other side of the Exchange is the central market (Mercado central). With its pre-modernist architecture, this metal and glass structure is the venue for one of the biggest markets in

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:25 Page35

CIT Y BREAK Valence 3 a


Tourist attractions outside the old town

c d

g f


Bioparc Cité des Sciences et des Arts Cathédrale - Plaza de la Virgen Lonja de la Seda (Halle de la Soie) Tour de Quart

This nature park, located just a few kilometres from the city centre, has the biggest lake in Spain and is an ideal spot to enjoy the many species of birds that can be seen there. For more information log onto:

Arènes Université


6 f

Where the Turia River once flowed, the Turia Gardens now comprise a more than one million square metre expanse of greenery and landscaped areas spanning the whole city. Europe. To really get an idea of the size of the market, it is best to visit in the morning when the market is bustling and you can see an abundance of colours at the various stalls selling fish, fruit and vegetables. Continuing on our way, we can admire the main post office and the town hall on the plaza del Ayuntamineto. This is where the flower market is held. For those curious enough, a little further on is Valencia’s amphitheatre. Amphitheatres are usually associated with constructions dating back to Roman times. This one, however, only dates back to the mid 19th century. As we head back up towards Patriarch Square, we can see the elegant palaces of the university district where our tour comes to an end. Then we settle on the terrace of a restaurant and taste the local speciality, Valencian paella. n

For more information: Valencia’s official Tourist Information website. The site provides comprehensive tourist information and a selection of brochures that can be downloaded.

To visit Valencia: - The Valencia Tourist Card gives free access to public transport and discounted entry to museums and city attractions. Available as a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day pass. On sale in tourist offices. - A Mobile Phone City Guide can be downloaded so you can consult practical information about the attractions you visit on your mobile phone. - MP3 audio guides are available at tourist offices.

BIOPARC VALENCIA Located in the very heart of the city, this is a new-generation zoo concept where visitors can see wild animals roaming almost freely in the natural habitats that have been entirely recreated here: the African Savannah zone the Equatorial Jungle zone and the Madagascar zone. For more information and bookings, log onto: : ou or phone: +34 902 250 340 Admission: 21€

h Where to stay wit? Camping Cheque Altomira p.589

11 Tel. +34 964 71 32 www.campingaltom

Eurocamping p.590

98 Tel. +34 962 85 40 gpin am roc eu www.

3 Seasons n°116 - 37

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ZOOM > France > Camping de Sorel

Camping de Sorel A peaceful haven, at the capital’s gates


amping de Sorel was born out of one man’s desire to open a campsite. At that time, Didier Pécher, the current owner, had a company in the building sector. One of his friends, who was passionate about camping, dreamt of taking on a campsite. The two of them agreed that they would open a campsite together when they had had enough of their respective jobs. “I got bored before he did”, admitted Didier Pécher who, in 2004, took on Camping de Sorel, a site created 30 years earlier by the owner of the neighbouring château. There were many disused buildings at the time. Once the first works had been completed (a wastewater treatment plant with sanitation throughout the campsite), decisions were made to set up services such as a fitness room, a bar in the stables, a larger restaurant, a hairdressers, etc. The toilet blocks were also renovated and the whole site landscaped. The changes did not stop there, as Didier Pécher now hopes to enlarge the campsite’s surface area by one and a half hectares to build a tennis court and swimming pool. Although this will no doubt be an added bonus, it is a necessary attraction for the campsite, which needs to bring in more visitors. It offers a charming setting in a

3 Seasons n°116 - 38

peaceful haven where nature is preserved. Moreover, as Didier Pécher recognises, « campers are staying longer and longer ». A sign that they are enjoying this site a few minutes from the motorway at the heart of a region with a rich historical heritage. n The little extras: • natural and peaceful setting • hiking trails around the campsite • Nearby mains roads and Paris Camping Chèque accepted: from 01/02/2010 to 30/06/2010 from 01/09/2010 to 15/12/2010 Special Offer 6=7

N E A R BY AT TRAC TIONS Château de Compiègne This château was an ongoing country residence for the Kings of France. Built in 1380, it nevertheless owes its neo-classical style to Louis XV and Napoleon who carried out renovations. It now houses a museum on the Second Empire and a car and tourism museum, at the heart of a beautiful park full of flowers. Price: €8.50 until 19 July 2010 / €6.50 from 20 July 2010. Access to the park is free.

Parc Astérix The park inspired by the most famous French comic book character attracts young and old alike with its numerous attractions plunging you into the period of the Gauls. Price: €39 for adults, €29 for children

24, rue Saint Claude FR-60490 Orvillers Sorel Tel. +33 3 44 85 02 74

Paris Only 3/4 hour from Compiègne by train, Paris awaits you with its museums, prestigious sites and avenues to stroll along on fine days

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ZOOM > Allemagne > Eifel Ferienpark Prümtal

Eifel Ferienpark Prümtal A natural enclave between Germany and Luxembourg


estled in the Prüm valley, one of the loveliest camp sites in the Eifel region welcomes you. Three Seasons offers you a quick visit... The Eifel Ferienpark Prümtal campsite, in the Luxembourgish/ German Südeifel natural park, was first created in the 1970s, under the impetus of Dutch company Aegon. The land was divided into two areas straight away. One for rented holiday accommodation and the other for a campsite. The latter became ensconced by the river Prüm. Some 40 years later, the physical features of the landscape remain unchanged. Caravans, tents and camper vans still enjoy a very pleasant setting by the river. The campsite has nevertheless changed hands and is now managed by Claudia Suringh. Since her arrival in 2008, she has undertaken service renovations, particularly focussing on the wash blocks to improve the level of comfort for campers. Eifel Ferienpark Prümtal now has a cosy restaurant, as well as a take-away service. In the years to come, there are plans to create a wellbeing centre, new restaurant menu and a pony club, where children will be able to look after their “own” pony during their stay. The quality of service at Eifel Ferienpark Prümtal, along with its setting, is enough in itself to merit a visit to this small corner

of Germany on the border with Luxembourg. In addition, the region offers many other attractions, with its undulating landscapes traversed by crystalline rivers and punctuated with towns laden with history. Amateur bicycle excursionists and hikers will, without doubt, fall under its spell, especially since the campsite organises guided hikes on the surrounding footpaths. n The little extras: • A natural setting on the shores of the river Prüm • Reductions for singles, disabled people and motorcyclists Camping Cheque accepted : from 01/04/2010 to 29/04/2010 from 25/05/2010 to 09/07/2010 from 29/08/2010 to 31/10/2010

NEARBY SITES Bitburg - 25 km Famous for its brewery, this little town of 14,000 inhabitants also hosts the most important folklore festival in Germany.

Trêves – 45 km Known for being the oldest town in Germany, founded in 17 B.C, Trier is the site of many roman remains, such as a monumental fortified gate, the « Black Gate », an amphitheatre and also a basilica

Château de Vianden – 30 km (Luxembourg) Schwimmbadstrasse 7 DE-54649 Waxweiler Tel. +49 6554 92000

From the top of its hill, this medieval castle, built between the 11 th and 14 th centuries, dominates the landscape. Superbly restored in the late 1970s, it frequently hosts exhibitions, shows and concerts. 3 Seasons n°116 - 39

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SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning

How about going on a skiing holiday in your caravan? 3 Seasons invites you to put on your skis and head to the slopes with Camping Chèque.

3 Seasons n°116 - 40

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:26 Page39

Š / Jeannette Meier Kamer

SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning

Although caravan and motorhome holidays have always been associated with the sun and hot weather, enormous progress has been made in caravan insulation and heating and you can now go camping in any season. Consequently, you can now go camping in the snow at winter sports resorts. Camping grounds that are open during the cold months make sure that their facilities and services are adapted to the weather and ensure skiing campers a comfortable stay. 3 Seasons presents you with a small selection of the destinations offering skiing and winter caravanning... 3 Seasons n°116 - 41

UK_MAG_07_2010_Mise en page 1 05/07/10 14:26 Page40

SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning Les Lanchettes Kawan Village Au Joyeux Réveil

Les Lanchettes Alpes – France

Kawan Village Au Joyeux Réveil Alpes – France 300 metres from Autrans village you will find Kawan Village au Joyeux Réveil (p. 216 of the 2010 guide). In an ideal location, just a few hundred metres from the ski trails this camping ground is the number one choice for cross-country skiers with 130 km of ski trails. It's also a popular spot with downhill skiers and has two ski areas and around twenty trails. The largest of the ski areas is only 5 minutes from the village and campsite. A shuttle (free for individual ski pass holders) is available to take you there. The campsite is fully equipped to receive campers during winter: heated toilet facilities, drying room for ski suits and ski boots, shed with ski racks, etc. In addition to the services at the campsite the village shops are at walking distance: superette, restaurant with regional dishes, etc.

Situated at 1,400 metres altitude at the entrance to Paradiski, one of the largest ski areas in Europe (425 km of trails) the Les Lanchettes camping ground (p.208 of the 2010 guide) is ideally located for a day skiing the slopes of famous ski fields like Les Arcs and La Plagne - a real treat for ski lovers. Access to the slopes is easy thanks to a shuttle that links the campsite to the ski lifts running every 30 minutes. To make skiers even more comfortable during their stay, Les Lanchettes provides drying rooms for ski gear (skis, socks, ski suits, etc.) and also has a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, heated by a log fire. Camping Chèque is accepted: from 04/01/2010 to 05/02/2010 from 07/03/2010 to 24/04/2010 from 29/05/2010 to 09/07/2010 from 22/08/2010 to 26/09/2010 Special offer: 6=7 (28/8-25/9) 11=14 (4/1-5/2, 14/3-2/4, 10/4-24/4, 29/5-9/7)

3 Seasons n°116 - 42

More information is available about this ski area on: For more information contact the camping ground directly: Ph: : +33 4 79 07 93 07,

For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: +33 4 76 95 33 44, For more information about Autrans village:

Camping Chèque is accepted: from 05/01/2010 to 05/02/2010 from 08/03/2010 to 31/03/2010 from 01/05/2010 to 09/07/2010 from 17/08/2010 to 30/09/2010 Special offer: 6=7 Special Gold Card offer: free reservation, no deposit required

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SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning


Kärnten – Austria

Wellness Seecamping Parth Kärnten Ossiacher See – Austria A few kilometres from the Italian border beyond the Dolomites mountains you'll find Alpencamp campsite (p.457 in the 2010 guide) which accepts Camping Chèque all winter long. This campsite has convenient access to the slopes of the Nassfeld Hermagor ski area with 130 km of ski trails, very modern services (chair lift, platter lift, etc. and most of all the Millenium Express, the longest cable car in Europe, 6 km long) Although less famous than other Austrian ski resorts, Nassfeld Hermagor holds the enviable record for the most sunshine hours, exceeding other resorts by approximately 15%. Alpencamp offers you a very comfortable stay and has a luxurious spa center including a sauna, hammam, sunbeds, massage, gym, and more. All you need for a relaxing evening after a day on the slopes. Note that the facilities are heated using a revolutionary ecological system that has earned the European Ecolabel.

The Wellness Seecamping Parth campsite (p.460 in the 2010 guide) is located at the edge of Lake Ossiach. This campsite has a superb view of the mountaintops where you’ll find the Gerlitzen ski area. The 1,911 metre high peak has 51 km of ski runs. A free shuttle bus courtesy of the local villages provides transport to the ski area.

Wellness Seecamping Parth has all the facilities you need to make your winter holiday a success (heated toilet facilities, private and family bathrooms rentals, etc.). Campers also have access to a 250 m2 spa complex (« Oasis of Wellbeing ») with a sauna, hammam, spa pool, Ayurveda massage, reflexology, and more - the ideal spot for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

Camping Chèque is accepted: from 07/01/2010 to 30/06/2010 from 01/09/2010 to 31/10/2010 Special offer: For stays of 7 nights or more: free entry to Aquarena Special Gold Card offer: 12=14 1 free pre-dinner drink in the restaurant 14 nights min.: 1 free entry to the spa (Wohlfühlstadl)

For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: : +43 4715 429

For more information about the types of skiing available around Ossiach village: For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: +43 4243 2744

Note that when Lake Ossiach freezes in winter it is possible to ice skate alongside the campsite.

Camping Chèque is accepted: from 01/01/2010 to 06/01/2010 from 01/04/2010 to 08/07/2010 from 25/08/2010 to 31/10/2010 Special offer: For a stay of 7 nights or more = free entry to the spa complex


Wellness Seecamping Parth

Special Gold Card offer: for 1 stay of 2 weeks min. = 1 breakfast or 1 meal at half price + 1 free entry for the whole family to the spa complex

3 Seasons n°116 - 43

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SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning

Repos del Pedraforca Pyrénées – Spain Tucked in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees, the Repos del Pedraforca camping ground (p. 569 in the 2010 guide) is open all year long and welcomes skiers during winter months. There is downhill skiing 30 km from the camping ground and 30 kilometres of ski trails for cross-country skiers 7 kilometres from the camping ground. Snowshoeing is also available at the campsite.

Baliera Aragon – Spain Baliera campsite (p. 567 in the 2010 guide), located in the heart of some extraordinary countryside in the Aigüestortes national park, is open all year long. It is perfectly situated next to the Boí-Taüll (35 km), Cerler (50 km), and Baqueira-Beret (50 km) winter sports resorts. These resorts offer cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and other winter sports like snowshoeing.

So that winter caravaners stay in the best conditions possible, this terraced campsite has heated toilet facilities and splendid views of the famous Pedraforca peak.

Services available to skiers include: a heated room for skis and ski boots, a recreation room open until midnight every night with free internet, a TV, billiards, children's games, and more - an ideal way to get out of the caravan for a while after a long day skiing. Note that the campsite also has free WiFi and an internet site that provides you with information about the snow conditions using webcams.

Camping Chèque is accepted from 01/01/2010 to 18/07/2010 from 16/08/2010 to 31/10/2010 from 01/12/2010 to 20/12/2010 from 26/12/2010 to 31/12/2010 Special offer: 6=7 and 11=14 Special Gold Card offer: A campsite souvenir

Special offer: 6=7 and 11=14 (except July) Special Gold Card offer: Buy 1 sauna = 1 sauna free Children stay free for 3 night stays, except in July. Reservation is free and no deposit is required.


For more information about the ski resorts near the campsite: and For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: : +34 974 55 40 16

3 Seasons n°116 - 44

For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: 34 938 25 80 44

Camping Chèque is accepted from 01/01/2010 to 31/03/2010 from 05/04/2010 to 16/07/2010 from 23/08/2010 to 03/12/2010 from 08/12/2010 to 31/12/2010

Repos del Pedraforca

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SPECIAL REPORT Skiing and winter caravanning Valmalene

Valmalene Trentino – Italy Valmalene campsite (p. 487 in the 2010 guide) on the southern side of the Dolomites mountain range is open during winter and located just 4 kilometres from the ski fields. Although the Dolomites ski fields are less well-known, they are also less overrun by tourists than ski resorts in the rest of the Alps. They also have a lot to offer holiday goers, such as a high number of sunshine hours for instance. Near the Valmalene campsite ski lovers will find the Panarotta 2002, Brocon-Marande and Lagorai ski fields. There are kilometres of downhill skiing and a number of cross-country ski options. This campsite offers a top quality service that includes heated toilet facilities and private bathrooms to rent, as well as a sauna, hammam, and relaxation room with herbal tea. On site there's also a restaurant that serves regional specialities so that you can build up your strength after a long day skiing.

Panoramacamping Petite Suisse Ardennes – Belgium

Panoramacamping Petite Suisse

Camping Chèque is accepted: from 01/01/2010 to 20/07/2010 from 01/09/2010 to 30/10/2010 from 01/12/2010 to 31/12/2010 Special offer: 6=7

For more information about Trentin's ski resorts: For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: +39 0461 594 214

When we think of skiing, we immediately think of the snow capped peaks of the Alps or the Pyrenees, but skiing is available in Belgium too. Belgium’s ski fields are located at a short distance from Panoramacamping Petite Suisse campsite (p. 274 in the 2010 guide) - the slopes of Baraque de Fraiture are just five kilometres away. At 652 kilometres above sea level, this is the highest ski field in Belgium. The ski resort includes 3 downhill ski runs with night skiing and 4 cross-country ski trails. In the campsite skiers have access to heated toilet facilities, a restaurant and take away shop. Camping Chèque is accepted: from 01/01/2010 to 30/04/2010 from 16/05/2010 to 21/05/2010 from 24/05/2010 to 03/07/2010 from 21/08/2010 to 31/12/2010 Special offer: 6=7 and 11=14

For more information contact the campsite directly: Ph: +32 84 44 40 30,

3 Seasons n°116 - 45

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SPECIAL OFFER* Save on loyalty points




Camping Cheque Shop essentials


Black nylon bum bag Front pouch with Velcro fastening.


Washbag with 8 compartments. Metal hanging hook.



Fleece throw with contrasting stitching (12 x 180 x 0.5cm). Features a handle for easy carrying.


Bum Bag New New


Unisex watch Rubber strap Water resistant up to 50m.



35pts Insulated travel mug with aluminium interior and see-through plastic exterior. Lid with sliding open/close mechanism. Height: 18cm; diameter: 8.3cm

Travel Mug *valid until 30/09/2010

3 Seasons n째116 - 46


Dynamo / solar-powered lantern with 6 LEDs. 2 light settings to choose from: 3 LEDs or 6 LEDs. Lightweight black plastic outer with rubber finish. Hanging hook. Can be recharged by using either the wind-up dynamo mechanism or by solar power. (19.5 x 9 x 9.3cm)

Dynamo / Solar-powered Lantern

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Cool bag with 2 compartments (29 x 19 x 22cm).

60ngp- ts Lo sleeved



Cool Bag

25pts « Excursion » sighting compass. Black plastic box, turning dial, magnifying glass.

Compass New New

55orpt- ts


Sh sleeved

35pts White polo shirts 100% cotton. Camping Cheque logo embroidered on the front. Sizes: S-M, L-XL

Short-sleeved Polo shirt Short-sleeved Polo shirt

Reminder: you can also exchange 50 loyalty points to obtain 1 free Camping Cheque and 70 loyalty points to automatically renew your Gold Card membership at no extra cost.

Black or blue cotton baseball cap. Pre-curved peak. Adjustable strap with metal buckle.

Baseball Cap

A self-powered torch that never runs out of power. This torch is rechargeable and can be used as an emergency battery for telephones. Wind-up handle. 2 light settings (3 or 5 LEDs). Built-in audio alarm and compass. Supplied with 5 mobile telephone adaptors

Wind-up Dynamo Torch

For more details and orders:

Tel. :

from France or 0033 3 59 59 03 59 from outside France 3 Seasons n°116 - 47

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GOLD C ARD Loisirs


he Gold Card allows you to

benefit from many advantages:

a subscription to the Camping Cheque Site Directory and the 3 Seasons magazine, payment facilities, loyalty points, special offers in campsites, etc. Since we strive to constantly increase our offers, we have compiled a plethora of tourism special deals that we hope will satisfy you. You can indeed benefit from


d r a C d l o G THE BELFORT AND TERRITOIRE DE BELFORT TOURIST CENTRE Located between the Vosges and the Jura regions, the Territoire de Belfort is a land of contrast, bordering the Alsace region, Switzerland and Germany. Discover Belfort’s rich heritage: its famous Lion monument, the Vauban citadel, the old town... As part of the activities organised by the Tourist Centre, we can offer: Guided tours (advance booking essential) Discover the wonders of Belfort’s rich heritage and enjoy a taste of Belfort’s local produce.

10% off our advertised rates

3 Seasons n°116 - 48

Bike hire All-terrain and mountain bikes for men and women and children’s bikes are available for hire at the Tourist Centre. Cycling is an easy and practical way to go sightseeing in the Territoire de Belfort and is great fun for all the family. Ask the friendly staff at the Tourist Centre for advice on the best cycling routes in the area. 25% off our advertised rates

preferential prices on our selection by simply showing your Camping Cheque Gold Card. You will find the details of these tourist offers on these pages… Don't hesitate to go there to take advantage of the new benefits on offer brought to you by your Gold Card throughout the low season.


Campsite nearby:

Etang des Forges (p.183)

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GOLD C ARD Loisirs


THE MAISONS COMTOISES OPEN-AIR MUSEUM The Maisons comtoises in Nancray is France’s only open-air, ecological museum. The museum depicts the evolution of local housing and showcases sustainable lifestyle choices: protected and endangered animals, a preserved environment, totally organically tended gardens and orchard, events and exhibitions on bioclimatic building design, information on different cultures and ways of living… Visitors to the museum can also enjoy a leisurely stroll around the grounds, set in a 37-acre park. Gold Card holders are entitled to discount on admission to the Maisons comtoises museum and pay only 4€ (instead of 7.50€).

ACROPARK ACROPARK is a treetop adventure park set in a forest. Participants slide down zip lines, move from tree to tree on suspension bridges, swing on ropes and enjoy many exciting challenges high above the forest floor! Suitable for visitors of all ages, this is a great way to see the forest from another perspective! The park also houses the PENT’ AIR paragliding school that offers trial tandem flights with a qualified instructor. After being strapped into a double harness, you’re ready to take to the skies and enjoy the bird’s eye view.

THE POUDREY CHASM Located 24km southeast of Besançon near Ornans, the Poudrey Chasm is one of the most impressive natural attractions of the Doubs region. A 150-step stairway leads 70m underground to Europe’s biggest subterranean hall where stalactites and stalagmites take centre stage for a light and sound show. A visit to the Poudrey Chasm in Etalans is like taking a voyage to the centre of the Earth - an experience worthy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea!

ACROPARK offers 10% off advertised rates to Gold Card holders (acropark circuit and paragliding trial)

Campsites nearby:

Etang des Forges (p.183) Kawan Village Domaine de Champé (p.182) La Plage (p.184)

Gold Card holders are entitled to discount on admission: 6€ for adults

Campsites nearby:

Etang des Forges (p.183) La Plage (p.184) Camping la Roche d’Ully (p.185)

RONCHAMP CHAPEL If you are visiting the Haute-Saône region, then a trip to the Ronchamp chapel is an absolute must. This iconic monument is famous for its abstract architecture, composed of delicate, curved lines. The chapel’s design, which takes its inspiration from the modern world we live in, is a departure from traditional church architecture. Renowned the world over for its curved walls, towers of stone masonry, sail-shaped concrete roof and mastery of light, the Ronchamp chapel is acclaimed for its revolutionary role in contemporary

church architecture. This architectural delight was entirely designed by Le Corbusier.

Gold Card holders are entitled to discounted admission to the chapel at the group rate of 3€.

Campsite nearby:

Etang des Forges (p.183)

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GOLD C ARD Loisirs


THE BIOSCOPE The Bioscope’s design was inspired by the shockwaves caused by the impact of a meteorite that fell on the Alsace plain in 1492. An original and innovative way to make the most of this enormous crater was devised: create a leisure and discovery park based on the theme of health, life, Humankind and our interaction with the world around us – this was to become the BIOSCOPE. Become the actor and the spectator at the same time… In the Bioscope, you can explore and report on every dimension: with eight fun activities, a 4D interactive activity, a huge maze, two fantastic shows, two 3D films and five play areas, there’s plenty to do and see! Gold Card holders are entitled to discounted admission at the group rate which is 2€ less that the full price.

WESSERLING PARK – TEXTILE MUSEUM Wesserling Park, which spans over 42 acres of landscaped grounds, is a unique reminder of the former glory of the textile industry in Alsace. The 4 superb Wesserling gardens are listed on the National Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens. Here, visitors can discover a castle built in 1699, water features, manor houses, buildings that once formed part of the former Royal Wesserling textile factory and a textile museum. The site itself is officially registered as a Historic Monument. The textile museum is housed in a former block printing works dating from 1819. Here, you can learn all about the exciting history of this former Royal factory. The museum presents the development of textile printing in a specially converted area, providing insight into Alsace’s once flourishing textile industry. Discounted rates for admission to the museum and gardens: Adults: 6.50€ instead of 8€. Youths from 10 to 18 years of age: 3€ instead of 4€ . Children from 6 to 10 years of age: 1.50€


Campsites nearby:


DOMAINE DE LA PERDRIX Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, overlooking the coastal plains of the Roussillon, the Domaine de la Perdrix estate has over 110 acres of vines. The vineyard is located in Trouillas, just 15km south of Perpignan, in the heart of the Aspres area of the eastern Pyrenees. Their vines are grown within an A.O.C. area (a French wine classification which guarantees the geographical origin of the wine) and produced with grape varieties typical to the region: Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc, Carignan, Syrah, Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat petits-grains, Macabeu. Come and try some of the finest wines the Roussillon has to offer from the vineyard’s selection of Côte du Roussillon reds, Vins de Pays des Côtes Catalanes (white, rosé or red), or taste the famous local fortified wines: Muscat de Rivesaltes and Rivesaltes Ambré. André and Virginie Gil from the Domaine de la Perdrix will give you a 10% discount on wine purchases from the vineyard shop on presentation of your Gold Card.

Etang des Forges (p.183) Kawan Village Domaine de Champé (p.182)

Philippe Galindo and his team have been styling hair for almost 20 years. The salon has two beauty areas offering quality treatments such as L'OREAL, SALERM, SUBTIL (also available for purchase), smart all-inclusive packages (hair colour, highlights or perm + wash/cut/blow dry) and above all very reasonable prices. With its warm welcome and convenient opening hours, you’ll be pushed to find better! Get a 10% discount on advertised prices on presentation of your Gold Card.

Campsites nearby:

Kawan Village Le Haras (p.131) Kawan Village Ma Prairie (p.132) L’Oasis (p.133)

d r a C d l Go Check out all the Gold Card Leisure offers on

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GOLD C ARD User guide





1 4 5

2 3



All the information you need is printed on the receipts which the campsite will give you when you pay for your stay. FIRST RECEIPT: DEBIT RECEIPT

1 Gold Card no. 2 Balance before debit 3 Balance after debit 4 Surname 5 First name SECOND RECEIPT

6 Total balance on the card

1. Purchase. I order my digital Camping Cheques from my customary agent, stating that I am a Gold Card holder. My cheques are then credited onto my customer account, waiting to be downloaded onto your Gold Card via the payment terminal. This transaction takes place on the first campsite visited. 2. Downloading. On arrival at a Camping Cheque member campsite, I request the downloading of my digital Camping Cheques. I will be handed a ticket stating my balance; my digital cheques are now ready to be used for payment. 3. Payment. When it is time to pay for your stay, my Gold Card is inserted in the payment terminal, which will in turn debit the number of Camping Cheques due. I will receive a transaction receipt on which my Camping Cheque balance is indicated.

1. Earning the loyaty Points. I earn Loyalty Points exclusively with my digital Camping Cheques. 2. Collecting the Points. They are, in effect, automatically credited with each night spent on a Camping Cheque campsite. 3. Earning Bonus Points. Two rules apply here: 6 Camping Cheques used on the same campsite earns 7 Loyalty Points; 11 cheques earns 14 points (6=7, 11=14).

3 Seasons n째116 - 51

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Golden sunshine, a range of activities, the holidays have just begun...


1 1 6 SPECIAL REPORT Spot of skiing anyone? SPECIAL REPORT Spot of skiing anyone? of Valencia of Valencia A U T U M N Our best destinations...

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