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Camping Marseille 2013 Creativity workshops Playgrounds Bivouacs Ecological showers Performative objects Concerts Artistic homes Basic rooms Dining area Shared kitchen

Special notice to campers, neighbors, artists, lovers, families and all citizens! We invite you to participate in an innovative urban experience... In 2013, Marseille will be the European Capital of Culture and will attract millions of visitors. We propose to create a special venue, which will be a cheap solution for accommodation as well as a meeting place dedicated to fun and creation. Located at the foot of the new and iconic tower CMA-CGM, on a plot of 4000m2 bordered by two rows of containers, Camping Marseille 2013 is a collective production designed as a multilevel structure, supported by scaffolding, offering bivouac spaces, basic rooms, creativity workshops, artists residences, play areas, a shared kitchen… and proposing a varied cultural program.

Open share bikes Kitchen gardening

November 13 Call for proposals! → Construction of the site → Artistic Residences

December 31 Deadline for sending proposals

January 31 Announcement of selections April 1 – May 13


Get involved! Participate in the construction Propose an event Book several nights Build performative objects Spread the news!

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May 13 Opening

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13 octobre Final party

Camping Marseille 2013 Non-profit organization 5, avenue Antoine Perrin, 13007 Marseille, France

Camping Marseille 2013

The Camping is designed as a medieval village with a central square and a symbolic tower, surrounded by alleys and small squares, dotted with architectural creations, workshops and play areas to create collective experiences. Located at the base of the iconic new CMA-GCM Tower in the heart of Marseille’s largest urban renewal project, the site of Camping benefits from a powerful landscape. Characteristic of Marseille’s port identity, the double row of containers brings unity to the site.

Camping Marseille 2013 Non-profit organization 5, avenue Antoine Perrin, 13007 Marseille, France

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