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Best Cooking Utensils to Use when Cooking Food Over a Campfire Cooking over an open campfire is one of the joys of going on a camping trip. There is just something about preparing your own meals out in the wilderness over an open campfire. With several ways to cook your food while on a camping trip, you need to research which option is the best for the type of food that you will be cooking during your trip. Dutch Oven The Dutch oven has long been a camping staple as it is versatile and convenient. These handy camping accessories allow you to cook a wide variety of food in a fairly fast manner. When you combine a Dutch oven with a tripod, you can easily prepare all of your meals over an open campfire. Dutch ovens are best suited for cooking chilies or stews but can also be used to cook other meals or even boil water. If you will be doing some serious camping and want to prepare your own food over an open fire, you will want to make sure you have a Dutch oven on hand. Camp Grill A camp grill is another excellent way you can cook your food over an open campfire. This handy contraption has fold down legs that prop the grill up over your campfire. Once assembled, you can cook your food directly on the grill itself or put your food in a pot on the grill. With a camp grill included in your camping gear, you will be able to prepare any type of food you could possibly want. Also, bringing a frying pan or pot will enable you prepare even more food with your camp grill as you will not be limited to just placing meat on the grill itself. Roasting Stick or Basket Perhaps the most popular way to cook food over an open campfire is with a roasting stick or basket. Roasting sticks are commonly used to cook hot dogs or marshmallows in a campfire while a roasting basket is used to cook meats that have bones in them such as chicken and steak. The best part of using a roasting stick or basket to cook your food is that they come equipped with an adjustable handle, allowing you to sit a safe distance away from the campfire but still thoroughly cook your food. In order to quickly cook your food over a campfire, you need to get your food close to the hot coals at the bottom of the fire. With the adjustable handles of your roasting stick or basket, this goal is easy to accomplish without burning your hand in the process. Preparing your meals over an open campfire just adds to the overall camping experience. In order to easily prepare your meals, you need to have the right cooking utensils. Packing a Dutch oven, camp grill

and roasting sticks and baskets will provide you with more than enough cooking utensils to prepare any type of meal you could want while camping out in the woods. For more tips regarding the best and important Cooking Utensils to use during your camping trip, CLICK HERE

Best Cooking Utensils to Use when Cooking Food Over a Campfire