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2014 Spring Edition

A Heap of Friends, A Mountain of Fun NEXT STOP - SUMMER!!!

Camp Reunion

Feb. 1,  2014  was  a  great  day  3illed  with   old  friends,  memories  and  lot  of  snow  

Camp Forms   Don’t  forget  to  complete  all  your  2014  

New in 2014 So much  is  happening  around  camp   and  that  means  more  FUN  for  the   Hilltop  campers!       Health  Center  –  A  new  Health  Center   is  being  built.    It  will  be  where  the   tower  use  to  be.    We  hope  it  is  a   building  you  won’t  need  to  use  but  if   you  do  you  will  LOVE  IT!   Tower  –  A  new  tower  will  be  built   below  B12.    We  can’t  wait  to  see  what   FUN  and  CHALLENGES  it  holds.       New  Basketball  Courts  –  2  new   basketball  courts  will  replace  the  old   one.    Same  spot  just  double  the  FUN!   Ski  boat    -­‐  A  jazzy  new  Ski  Natique   has  arrived  at  Hilltop.    Can’t  wait  to   see  the  campers  having  a  Mountain  of   Fun  behind  it!   WakesurDing  –  The  new  boat  has  a   tower  that  allows  us  to  add  Wake   sur3ing.  We  can’t  wait  for  our  campers   to  try  out  this  AWESOME  new  water   sport! Digital  Photography  –  Hilltop  will   continue  to  teach  photography  and   B&W  developing  but  we  are  going  to   add  digital  photography  this  summer   as  well!      

Hilltop Alumni News Campers & Staff Michael H (camper 2001-2005) and Scott, Ann Tyler & Kelsey were all hiking in the   Adirondacks in the fall and ran into each other…what are the chances! As always it is great to run into and catch up with old friends. Mike is a member of the NYPD out of the 17th precinct. He also owns his own audio/video installation business. Sara Y (camper1994-­‐2004,  Staff   2007-­‐2011  and  is  now  a  teacher  in  NYC  )   has had many Hilltop flashbacks this past year. She had a get together with Garrett  M   (camper  1995-­‐2004,  now  a  college   lacrosse  coach  at  Westminster  college)   and  Lindsay  M  (camper  ’01-­‐’04,  working  in   NJ).      One  day  when  Sara  returned  home  from   work  she  found  Alvaro  (staff’07  &  ’09)   unknowingly  leaning  on  her  front  gate.    His   company  had  just  transferred  him  to  the Secaucus office he was moving to Hoboken. Finally Sara was out and a guy started walking towards her and said "you're Sara Y... you went to Camp Hilltop!"-- turns out it was Nick L (3 year camper - brother Ross 3 year camper, sister Lucie 6 year camper), she said it was great to catch up with an old camp friend! Sara says “Hilltop is EVERYWHERE and I love it!” (Big) Sean (’12-13) is now living in Australia doing some farming and loving it! He was in Queensland and got to see Lois

Returning Staff

This list  is  growing  by  the  day!   Kirsti,  Jayde,  Nicola,  Helen,   Emily,  Ella,  Emma,  Rob,  Brain,   Brogan,  Charlie,  Connor,  Evan,   Mark  Jake  R,  Kaitlyn,  Jonny,  


Staff News

Gina (camper  ’06-­‐’09,  staff  ’14)    is studying photography and I just did an exhibition at her college. She is learning lots of activities she can teach campers this summer. Kaitlyn  (’13-­‐’14)-­‐  is  in  her  3irst  semester  of   nursing  school  and  loved  it!    She  can’t wait to see everyone back on the trapeze this summer! Joel  (’14)  –  is  a  part  of  Essex  Young  Farmers  and   their  releasing  a  Charity  Single  and  aiming  to  get   to  the  Number  1  chart  spot  They've  written  the   song,  recorded  it  at  abbey  road  studios.  Joel   actually  personally  wrote  the  storyboard  for  the   video!  All  being  released  to  buy  at  the  end  of  April!     Its  called  "put  that  hoe  down"  Here’s  the  website:!about1/c31a   Nic  (’13-­‐’14) has been traveling since leaving camp last year, living in Vancouver for awhile and now living and working in London. She can not wait to get back to Hilltop for another amazing summer!! Cal  (’11-­‐’14)  caught  up  with  Andi  in  Scotland  and   Sean,  Erika  and  Lois  on  a  trip  to  Australia.       Jonny  B  ((’12-­‐’14)  would  like  to  share  some  of  his   recent  photography  projects  with  you.    See   pics...great  work  Jonny!       Lindsay  (’14)  will  be  running  her  3irst  marathon   on  May  4th!    Good  luck!!!!   Laura  (’14)  has  just  been  to  St.  James  Palace  in   London  to  receive  her  Gold  Duke  of  Edinburgh   award…Congrats!   Sarah  M  (’13-­‐’14)  –is  the  team  manager  for   Scotland U15 Girls National Basketball Team. They are all headed off to Sweden for a Basketball Festival…Go Scotland!

THANKS... for spreading the word

Hilltop continues  to  grow   thanks  to  you!    Every  year  our   Hilltop  families  spread  the   word  and  help  the  Hilltop   community  grow  and  prosper.     Remember  you  get  a  5%   referral  discount  for  every   family  you  refer  to  Hilltop!

2014 spring newsletter  
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