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2014 Camp Catalog

From the Camp Director

Camp is magical. There’s no other way to explain the power it has in a child’s life. As adults, we recognize that campers are gaining friendship and leadership skills, self-confidence, an appreciation for the outdoors, and an awareness of community responsibility — all in an inclusive environment. They acquire these things in such a way that their lives will be touched for years to come, and for months you will hear “At camp, we . . .” Youth who attend week-long, overnight camp obtain these life skills in a way like no other. The concentrated camp experience allows children to rediscover who they are each summer in a safe, nurturing environment. Because of this, we are placing a special focus on overnight RESIDENT CAMP programs this summer. We are trying some exciting new things in the hope of giving each child an even more memorable camp experience their families can join them in celebrating. For the first time, there are maximums in every program, including All Around Camp and Outdoor Adventures. If your child has attended either of these programs in the past, and they will be at least 11 years old this summer, we encourage them to choose a Specialty Program instead. Specialty Programs allow campers to focus on a specific skill-set they can build on in future years. For example, a camper that chooses Water Otters will begin to gain skills this summer needed to progress to a future multi-day kayak or canoe trip. You will also notice that we are not offering a full week of Day Camp at Camp Okiwanee. Our stand-alone CAMP DAYS offer beginner campers the opportunity to experience typical camp activities with flexibility for your summer schedule. Register for multiple days or visit just once during the week. Various activities will be available each day and youth will choose their schedule as a small group upon arrival. See more details on the next page. If your child has experienced Day Camp, but is not ready for a full week at Resident Camp, MINI-CAMP is the perfect solution! This half-week overnight option (just one day longer than a weekend event) will introduce your child to the magic of Resident Camp in a shorter time period. Mini-Campers are always able to stay the rest of the week! Whatever your child chooses, our camp staff can’t wait to see them. We are working hard to make this summer a wonderful, rewarding experience and can’t wait for camp to start! At Camp Fire, all youth are welcome, whether or not they are current Camp Fire members. We want every child to have this experience, no matter their circumstances. Contact the Camp Fire Office if your child needs financial help to attend camp or if you have questions about anything you see listed in this catalog. Have a wonderful spring. I’ll see you at camp! Susan Bencke Camp & Outdoor Services Director

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. Light the fire within

Camp Okiwanee Camp Days | Sapulpa, OK

July 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 | $35/day OR 5 days for $160 Check-In 8:45-9 am and Check-Out 4-4:15 pm each day. Lunch will be provided daily. Age by July 1, 2014: 5-12 Years Old | Max. 70 Camp Days are the perfect way to introduce first-time campers to traditional camp activities. Attend just one day or multiple days, depending on previous camp experience. Campers can attend individually, with a best friend, or as a member of a small group (8-10 campers, with or without an attending adult). Campers attending without a group will be placed together with others close in age. Groups of up to 10 campers will be assigned a counselor and together they will create a schedule in the morning for the activities they want to do that day. There won’t be time to participate in all the activities in one day, which allows campers who attend multiple days to try something new each day!

Leader-in-Training (LIT)

Age by July 1, 2014: 13-15 Years Old | $70 | July 7 & 8 | Max. 12 We are excited to bring back LIT! If you’re looking forward to being a CIT at Resident Camp in a year or two, LIT is the best place to start! On Monday, learn basic leadership and facilitation skills so you can teach songs, games, and activities to other campers. Return on Tuesday to apprentice at two specific camp activities such as archery, waterfront, or the climbing wall. Instructors teach LITs the basics of the activity and how to teach it to campers. At the end of the day, reflect with other LITs about your experience. LITs can return Wednesday or Thursday to apprentice at additional activity areas for $30 per day.

National Inclusion Project

For the third year, Camp Fire Green Country is a proud partner of the National Inclusion Project’s Let’s ALL Play initiative. Staff at Camp Waluhili and Camp Okiwanee receive additional training to welcome and include campers with special needs or disabilities. Camp Fire’s goal is to allow ALL youth to experience everything camp has to offer!

Camp Okiwanee Activities: Archery Slingshots Parachute Games Kayaking Fishing Fire Building Climbing Wall Outdoor Skills Shooting Sports Challenge Course Crafts Sports & Games

Activities are dependent on age and weather.

Camp Waluhili

Resident Camp | Chouteau, OK Week 1 July 13-18 | Week 2 July 20-25


Age by July 1, 2014: 8-10 Years Old | $190

Not quite ready for a full week at camp? Mini-Camp is perfect for you! Enjoy an exciting half-week at camp as you arrive on Sunday and depart Wednesday evening. This shorter week is perfect for younger youth or first-time campers. MiniCampers participate in activities with those in the “All Around Camp” Resident Camp Session. Mini-Campers are always welcome to stay the rest of the week. Parents can pay the remainder of the balance by phone.

Resident Camp

All sessions are one week long, beginning on Sunday and (new this year!) ending Friday evening. Choose a program based on how old your child will be on July 1, 2014. Campers participate in activities with this group each morning and with their age-level assigned cabin each afternoon and evening.

NEW! For over 60 years, Camp Waluhili campers have participated in Council Fire the last night of camp, and this year,

we want parents to join us! The Council Fire ceremony is a unique opportunity to recognize campers’ accomplishments in front of their friends and family, and a time for parents to hear stories about their child’s week at camp. Cabin counselors and Specialty Session counselors award every camper in their group a BDA (Big Deal Award) and instructors present awards to campers who show improvement in swimming, archery, shooting sports, and even crafts! Campers also receive documentation of Camp Fire Activity Beads they earn while at camp and a bead symbolizing how many years they have attended Camp Waluhili. Every camper receives at least one, if not multiple awards — and we want YOU to be there to see it! Council Fire begins promptly at 7 pm on Friday evening. Parents will sit together as an audience to watch staff and campers enter, light the ceremonial fire, and perform the ceremony. Check-Out will occur immediately after Council Fire ends, at approximately 8 pm. All campers must be checked-out by 8:30 pm.

All Around Camp & Outdoor Adventures

Age by July 1, 2014: All Around Camp 8-10 Years Old | Outdoor Adventures 11-14 Years Old $325 | Week 1 & 2 | Max. 45 combined with All Around Camp & Outdoor Adventurers

Never been to camp? No problem! Enjoy an exciting week filled with classic camp activities such as kayaking, fishing, sports and games, archery, fire building, crafts, shooting sports, and water games. Older campers in Outdoor Adventures will also participate in canoeing, rappelling, and riflery. These sessions will help you find your SPARK at camp to prepare you to focus on a specific skill-set in the future.

Sharpshooter Engineers

Age by July 1, 2014: 11-17 Years Old | $325 | Week 1 | Max. 12

Aim for the bull’s eye! Take your shooting skills to a whole new level as you learn the science behind shooting sports such as riflery, archery, slingshots, and more. Learn how trajectory, velocity, and friction affect consistency and accuracy as you spend most mornings on a range. Finally, put your newly-learned physics and engineering skills to the test to create a smallscale catapult!

Water Otters

Age by July 1, 2014: 11-17 Years Old | $325 | Week 1 | Max. 12

Jump in, the water’s fine! Spend your week on the water brushing up on boating skills, then take the next step by “swamping” your boats and learning rescue skills. Challenge friends in boating and pool games, then fish and relax on the water’s edge to catch “the big one.” At the end of the week, load up the boats for a half-day trip down Fort Gibson Lake. Campers in Water Otters must be proficient swimmers and comfortable in and around the water.

Rock Stars

Age by July 1, 2014: 11-17 Years Old | $325 | Week 2 | Max. 12

On belay! Live on the edge to learn how to tie top-rope anchors for rappelling and climbing as well as the commands and techniques for both sports. You’ll become familiar with all the nooks and crannies of Camp Waluhili’s cliff as you climb up, rappel down, and traverse across the cliff face. At the end of the week, challenge yourself in a small cave to practice your rockin’ skills!


Age by July 1, 2014: 11-17 Years Old | $325 | Week 2 | Max. 12

3…2…1…Lift off! Everything this week will be rocket science as you experiment with multiple fuels for various payloads. You’ll build rockets of varying sizes and examine how the Bernoulli Principle provides lift to planes and how it affects camp activities. Soon, whether by rocket or plane, you’ll know the science behind giving flight to anything!

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) 1

Age by July 1, 2014: 16-17 Years Old | $600 | Week 1 & 2 | Max. 12

Love working with kids? Want to become a Camp Counselor? Strengthen your leadership skills and learn about camp operations, health and safety, and implementing quality programs. Each CIT receives a notebook filled with activities and information to help you become a mentor to younger children. CIT 1 campers visit other camps to learn various leadership methods!

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) 2

Age by July 1, 2014: 17 Years Old | $550 | Week 1 & 2 | Max. 12

Apply knowledge learned in CIT 1 while completing apprenticeships around camp. CIT 2 campers assist in program areas and live with a cabin of younger campers to experience first-hand how camp staff makes a difference in the lives of children. This experience serves as a great résumé-builder for future leadership opportunities, including applying to be camp staff. Prerequisite: Completion of CIT 1

Additional Information National Inclusion Project

For the third year, Camp Fire Green Country is a proud partner of the National Inclusion Project’s Let’s ALL Play initiative. Staff at Camp Waluhili and Camp Okiwanee receive additional training to welcome and include campers with special needs or disabilities. Camp Fire’s goal is to allow ALL youth to experience everything camp has to offer!

Gluten-Free Week

Camp Waluhili was proud to start Oklahoma’s first gluten-free camp in 2010. This year, all food available and served Week 1 (July 13-18) will be gluten-free, allowing youth with gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease the opportunity to participate in a classic, co-ed summer camp . . . and parents won’t have to worry because ALL food will be safe!

Camp Waluhili Activities: Swimming Canoeing Kayaking Rappelling Fishing Shooting Sports Cookouts Fire Building Tent Camping Skits Council Fire Tajar Tales Songs Sports & Games Slingshots Archery Outdoor Skills Crafts Geocaching

Activities are dependent on age and weather.

Waluhili At-A-Glance Week 1 July 13-18

Week 2 July 20-25

Mini-Camp All Around Camp Outdoor Adventures Sharpshooter Engineers Water Otters CIT 1 CIT 2

Mini-Camp All Around Camp Outdoor Adventures Rock Stars Rocketeers CIT 1 (Continued) CIT 2 (Continued)

All food available and served this week will be gluten-free.

Until camp . . . Stay connected!

Registration Process How to Register

Complete the online registration at or mail/fax a completed paper Registration Form to the Camp Fire Office. Registration must include a $35 (Resident Camp) and/or $10 (Camp Days) non-refundable deposit for each session and child registered.

Payment Types

Checks: Make checks payable to Camp Fire & mail to 706 S. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74119 Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Include card info on the Registration Form or by phone at 918-592-2267.

Campers Attending with Friends

If your child would like to be placed in the same group or cabin as a friend, simply write the friend’s name in the “Camp Pal” line on the registration. Their friend should do the same. We do our best to honor these requests, however, at Resident Camp, we place campers in cabins by gender and age, so not all requests can be accommodated.


A confirmation/invoice will be sent to you once your registration has been processed. You may choose to have the confirmation and Parent Information Packet mailed or e-mailed to you. Receiving these via e-mail speeds-up the process and helps us save paper. The Parent Information Packet is also available online at

Discounts & Scholarships Camp Scholarship Fund

A limited number of scholarships are available for boys and girls who want to attend Resident Camp or Camp Days but whose families have a financial need. Due to the high request rate, full scholarships are not awarded. To apply, complete and send the Scholarship Application with Camp Registration and deposit ($35 per each Resident Camp Session, $10 per each Camp Day). Call 918-592-2267 to request the Scholarship Application or download it by going to After scholarships are awarded, the remaining balance is to be paid 10 business days before the camp session begins. If the scholarship amount isn’t enough financial assistance and your child will not be attending camp, the deposit is fully-refundable if you notify us 10 days prior to the session.

Camp Cash

Camp Fire members that sell candy may apply earned “Camp Cash” to the camp fee or use it at the Camp Trading Post. “Camp Cash” cannot be used as part of the deposit.

Early Bird Discount (Resident Camp Only)

Each Resident Camp registration (with correct deposit amount) submitted or postmarked by April 15 earns a $10 discount for each session. Discounts cannot be used as part of the deposit.

Camp Sibling Discount (Resident Camp Only)

The first child in a family attending Resident Camp pays the full camp fee. Each additional sibling may discount their fee $25. Discounts cannot be used as part of the deposit.

Financial Policies

The $35 Resident Camp deposit and $10 Camp Days deposit are non-refundable however, either may be transferred to a sibling attending camp in 2014. Any paid camp fee is also transferrable to other sessions or siblings. Notification of cancellation is required 1o business days prior to the start of your child’s session to be eligible for a refund. Call Camp Fire at 918-592-2267 or mail your notice to 706 S. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74119. In the event of a medical condition that causes a cancellation, a full refund or transfer to another session will be made with written notification from the family, along with a written explanation by a licensed physician. To request a transfer to another session, call the Camp Fire office as soon as possible to make the change — there will be no additional charge. If your child leaves camp early or arrives late due to an accident, illness, homesickness, other activities to attend, behavior problems, or by camper or parent request, there will be no refunds or pro-rated fees. Transportation for these circumstances is the responsibility of the parent. If we are unable to place your child in a session of your choice, payment will be fully-refunded. Camp Fire reserves the right to cancel or change any program, giving as much notice as possible. You will receive a full refund if we cannot place your child in another program. $25 will be charged for returned checks. Camps cannot be financially responsible for lost or stolen items — label all of your child’s belongings carefully. Do not send electronics or other valuable items to camp. Money can be “deposited” in your child’s Trading Post “account” for safekeeping.

Reserved spots will be released if total balance is not paid-in-full 10 business days before camp session begins.

Camp Fire Green Country 706 South Boston Avenue Tulsa, OK 74119

Registration Opens Mid-February!

Looking for a summer job? Complete staff application forms on our website.

Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Permit 278 Tulsa, OK 74119

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2014 Summer Camp Catalog  

This is our 2014 Summer Camp Catalog if you have any questions contact Susan Bencke at or 918-592-2267

2014 Summer Camp Catalog  

This is our 2014 Summer Camp Catalog if you have any questions contact Susan Bencke at or 918-592-2267


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