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Directors Sue Lein & Kevin McDonough Founders Marv & Addie Lein 800-782-3395 212 Longview Avenue Hinsdale, MA 01235

50 Summers! Wow! When my parents, Marv & Addie started Camp Emerson, they dreamed of giving kids summers in the outdoors filled with fun and friends. I think we can all agree, that they accomplished their goal and have much to be proud of. In many ways, the Camp Emerson of 1968 (our first summer) is the same as it was this summer – our schedules are built on individual choices, the special event days are super crazy and creative, the people are the kindest in the world and the greatest friends one could ever wish for and camp is our second home where we can relax and be ourselves. This summer you thrilled to pillow fights, carnival, Club Emerson, gold rush and campers’ choice just the way campers in 1972 and 1993 and 2005 did. These shared experiences on our sacred ground bind us together as the Camp Emerson Family. At the 50th Reunion, campers and staff from every year relived their best summers. Everyone agreed that you could talk to anyone regardless of when they were here because we all understood what it meant to be at Emerson. We’re friends and family for life. We want to give a huge thanks to the 2017 campers and staff for building the tributes for our 50thsummer. The alumni were in awe of everything you created. You’ll also be happy to know that we buried the Time Capsule with all of your contributions. It will be fun to dig it up like the ones from 1968 and 1992 in 10 years. We wonder what will be the same and different. Like the Emersonians before you, you are part of a special group of people from all over the US and world who understand what the power that a summer in Hinsdale, Mass can do to shape us into our best selves. Enjoy looking at the yearbook this memorable year. Here’s to the next 50 summers!

Sue and Kevin


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Horseback Riding!

Foam Machine!

Creating Outdoor Installations



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Horseback Riding

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Imagination & Creativity

Culture Night

Special Events

Hannah Ackerman

Solbee Ahina

Alexa Boden

Kaelynn Boisvert

Alysandra Fino

Audrey Fino

Zoey Frank

Malena Goldblum

Georgia Grogan

Shriya Gupta

Yoki Hong

Ellen Hussey


Leena Kumar

Jacqueline Li

Reanna Mak

Alice McLaughlin-Wilson

Lucy Murray

Taitum Pastora

Emilia Pimentel

Baeleigh Radwich

Calista Schraer

Alice Sullivan

Emerson Wood

Callie Zisson


Emilie Andrews

Nora Bellantone

Carly Brand

Amelie Calamia

Claire Cowing

Ariana Dahi

Kate Durando

Melody Gonzalez

Ella Greenfield

Lauren Huang

Fallon Marsh

Ella Mettke


Anna Murray

Maggie Murray

Issy Ojjeh

Talia Selby

Sarah Silverman

Lillian Waltz

Leah Weinraub

Natalie Yung

Ava Proulx


Rylee Ackerman

Ella Andrews

Madison Brown

Sydney Coullet

Ahrianna DePina

Daniella Freedman

Julia Goldman

Eleanor Gordon

Rebecca Gross

Sara Harris

Collette Hartcorn

Jaden Jacoby-Cooper

Isabella LaPorta

Ella Moses

Elizabeth Nixon-Chatfield

Kylie O’Hearn


Nikki Pu

Macy Rhie

Haley Rodriguez

Mattingly Rodriguez

Abigail Silver

Taylor Sousa

Logan Tavel

Sophia Tillem

Bianca Trope

Sarah Werner

Anna Zorzi


Alicia Batlle

Raichel Berman

Aned Cruz

Beatrice Docavo

Elena Forlini

Maia Forssman

Gabriella Giordano

Vanessa Gold

Mia Goldblum

Hannah Gorevic

Amanda Jimenez

Olivia Katz

Julia Magliaro

Reilly McCaffrey

Sophie Messinger

Erica Molot


Lorena Neptune

Hannah Newman

Morgan Oakes

Samara Reilly

Tatiana Rheingold

Bella Ruffalo

Lucia Schneider

Ella Shilkin

Anna Sirkus

Caroline Sorcher

Kaya Sorcher

Mila Stojanov


Phoebe Blake

Sabrina Callini

Lenise Cangey

Madison Decarolis

Silvia Duran

Gabriella Emenike

Sofia Escobar

Maria Fernandez

Skyler Fidel

Megan Gmytrasiewicz

Madden Hart

Hannah Heeger


Sarah Hoffman

Madison Hsu

Lauren Keough

Melanie Keough

Lee Kreshtool

Lucy Landzberg

Madeline Leano

Bailey Manos

Hailey Migdal

Emily Murray

Claire Svetkey

Aanika Veedon

Hannah Whidden


Brooke Ashley

Jessica Bargamian

Olivia Bell

Anabel Burtson

Nicole Ceriani

Julia Cestari

Julie DiCarlo

Anastasia Edry

Anna Fountain

Madeline Fox

Casey Gibbons

Navah Goldblum

Kayla Gorin

Lindsey Greenberg

Sophie Greve

Samantha Gross

Erin Hines

Jenna Joroff

Katie Karlen

Jacqueline Kelly


Eleanor Kriegsman

Lauren Lakra

Ruby Levitt

Merin McCallum

Tori Merkey

Haley Murray

Alyssa Peck

Diana Perez

Alayna Potter

Isabella Pou

Nellie Richards

Miranda Sanders


Violet Schimel

Angelina Soares

Madeline Steinman

Madelyn Sweeney

Jamie Trope

Kylee Wood

Sloan Wood

Yini Wu

Marley Zoltick


Nicole Abbattista

Sofya Alperovich

Julia Ashley

Scarlett Citroen

Lorelei Colina Hatt

Nara Cowing

Ali Feder

Erin Keough

Sophie Kim

Sophia LaMonica

Anna Simmons

Anya Sinha

Kayla Song

Nikki Stern

Lexie Terjanian

Sadie Vehslage

Emma Walter

Hannah Yu


Tobey Barnett

Gabriel Bruno

Cullen Connelly

Hudson Covello

Rhys Cubberley

Oliver Epstein

Andrew Glick

Alex Lakra

Casey MacCulloch

Quincy Marino

Dylan McLaughlin

Philip Moulin-Bogomolnyi

Noah Newman

Alexander Passarinho

Alfred Quelch

Jaelen Roberts

Nathan Selby

Simon Silverman

Shinichiro Tominaga

Ryan Vanterpool-Stanford


Alexander Abrams

Benjamin Atkinson

Charlie Berlack

Silas Cook

Ian Crespi

Oren DeLevie

Logan DePina

Westley Dick

Thomas Fino

Charles Flaherty

Christopher Howell

Matthew Huang

Dylan Hunter

Rohan Kumar

Joshua Levine

Daniel Manos

Azad Manoukian

Beckett Mazeau

Brenden Ness

Aรณdhรกn Otterson


William Quelch

Danny Rastauskas

Samuel Rosenberg

Peyton Shaw

Julian Singh

Shea Sorcher

Joshua Soroka

Michael Steinman

Patrick Sullivan

Marcus Throop

Andrey Weisberg

Connor Wilkins

Dylan Wilkins


Nicholas Boden

Harrison Buchhalter

Curran Coakley

Max Frank

Max Gigante

David Glick

Brandon Kadakia

William Kilgallen

Miles Marino

Chase Marsh

Nolan McMenamy

Josh Morkan


Remington Page

Lucas Pratt

Austin Schiffer

Luke Schutte

Zach Sirkus

Haruki Tominaga

Joshua Wicks

Edmond Wu

Doyle Zisson


Ritesh Alwani

Thomas Berlack

Jacob Braunfeld

Thomas Breydo

Lucas Cacique

Mateo Darack

Brenner Dick

Evan Epstein

Dylan Gerstenhaber

Simon Grogan

Tyler Hack

Hawk Huynh

JP LaMonica

Milan Leroy

Theodore Levin

Nate Levinson

Quincy Levitt

Bradley McGovern

John Merkey

Evan Molyneux


Daniel Pimentel

Bradyn Potter

Matthew Pouliot

Jacob Riley

Sam Riley

Tiag Rosero Cordero

Caleb Scotch

Jackson Selby

Ryan Shaw

Aaron Siegel

Leo Silverman

Dylan Skenderian

Yi Heng (Bobby) Sun

Jonah Waltz

Mason Wicks-Lim

Chase Wood

Alexander Wu


Jack Bellantone

Matthew Bitterman

Sam Bitterman

Dylan Brand

James Burke

William Cronin

David Gelman

Max Gorin

Noah Greer

Troy Gulley

Declan Hilfers

Jack Hussey

Miles Katz

Roman Keitel

Ishan Kumar

Nate Lefkowitz

Julien Lundgren

Sebastian Malino

Harris Marino

Tate Mullineaux


Daniel Perez

Zach Pool

Charles Rastauskas

Emil Rodriguez Ramos

Liam Rosenberg

Beck Schutte

Mick Snider

Cameron Vahabzadeh

Michael VandeVusse

William Vanterpool-Stanford

Rowan Walter

Anthony Wong

Sunny Yu

Ryan Zorzi


Jackson Anderson

Kirill Banar

Jack Blake

Ethan Donovan

Jake Friedman

Harrison Gordon

Jonah Gorevic

Aaron Gruen

Bergen Hall

Payre Hartcorn

Gabe Herman

Lucas Jannett

Ryan Judge

Kenneth Kalin

Andrew Kastelman

Aidan Khan

Bryan Kopkin

Toby Leiserowitz

Gavin MacCulloch

Raffi Manoukian


Zac Millman

Jeffrey Morse

Dario Nogueroles

Maxwell Rosner

Carson Schraer

Ethan Skenderian

Jeremy Suzman

William Vianese

William Wang

William Zisson


Daniel Block

Benjamin Dennison

Sam Fechtner

Ben Gold

Spencer Hsu

Ethan Karas

Sebastian Kong

Max Levy

John Madore

John Morkan

Jack Nowlin

Noah Peretz

Eli Richmond

Harrison Song

Benjamin Sorota

Sam Stewart

Ian Svetkey

William Ungar



This year we buried the new time capsule!

“Stay Cool, Stay

The best co

Classy, Stay Clean�


t t A C a m n ! o p i t n Atte

C n o ent i


! p am

Center Row – Left to Right Sean Cary, Sarah Hatch, Gyula Glonczi, Vivien Toth, Lewis Hing, Sheri Iodice, Franciska Feher, Dave Robertson, Josh Farrell, Melissa Conyers, Sue Lein, Kevin McDonough, Tom Sheldon, Dave Weir, Jen McCabe, Danny Pandolfo, Ivan Chambers, Rachael McCabe, Romy Richman, Samantha Stuart, Abi Axon, Sean Rofe, Emily Ross, Sarah Williams

Seated – Left to Right Nick Printer, Jemima Heatley, Jessica Walsh, Luke Talbott, Laura Herron, Samantha Crawford, Jacob Newton, Alec Young, Tate Jacob, Emily Bowden, Caitlin JacksonCorbett, Sarah Bugelholl, Georgie Heatley, George Holgate, Sean Brennan, Connah Brettell, Eoghan Mooney, Nicole Strain, Tara MacAuley, Dan Levin, Sam Ford

Not Pictured: Kelsea Aaberg, Amy Arico, Pete Bosivert, Laura Brand, Chi Cuong Huynh, Linda Farrell, Stephanie Giang, Gina Hall, Michael Hall, Stacey Husted, David Iodice, Lori Keough, Alex Lein-McDonough, Gemma Lein-McDonough, Courtney Luton, Patty MacCulloch, Barbara Otterson, Maddie Palmer, Mary Rastauskas, Henry Schrader, Ariana Selby, Oliver Trager, Jay Wilson, Linda Yarmey, Ashley Yarmey

Back Row – Left ot Right Josh Masters, Heather Cook, Greg Morris, Peter Fodor, Janos Lakotos, Adam Szabo, Greta Szasz, Zsolt Temesi, Nikolett Kapuszta, Lindon Jacey, Daniel Smeaton, Ingmar Bakker, Ollie Summers, Ru Pattie, Lucy Gray, Steve Apostolakis, Kevin Duffy, Tom Redfren, Ashlee Carey, Claire Chewning, Aoife McKeever, Maura McElhaney, Rachel Frankenfield, Laura Scott, Stavros Zangoulos, Kelly Briggs, Lorna Rew, Alex Tetley, Ryan Evans, Crista Jones, James Knight, Louise Glocker, Brian Tran, Nia Comley

2017 Staff

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Profile for Camp Emerson

2017 Yearbook  

2017 Yearbook  


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