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Find the Family Spa Aromatherapy Center at Currumbin Valley in Australia Are you looking the perfect family holiday health resort center in Queensland in Australia? Through this article you will find out more about our Australian Luxury Health Resort in Australia.

Australia, Commonwealth of, Feb 14, 2012 -- Camp Eden Health Retreat is the ideal place where you can jump start with your goals. Since its inception the health resort center has been helping new guests achieve their personal goals and make positive changes in their lives. Our health resort's philosophy of transformation is what makes the program unique by inspiring, educating and empowering guests to transform their lives. Best Health Retreat Center in Australia: Camp Eden Health Retreat is one of best health resort center in Queensland. Its lush and pristine sub tropical rain forests that are located in the Currumbin Valley are some of the best you would have ever seen in your life. You just need to take a short 30 minute drive from the Gold Coast airport to reach our location. This is an experience which you will never forget and will obviously have a positive impact on your life. You will definitely have fond memories of our health resort from the moment you arrive till you return home. We make sure that all our guest's are felt welcomed through our individualistic and holistic approach to assist. Camp Eden Health Spa Retreat - Inspiration and Relaxation Place: Camp Eden Health Retreat is natural place of inspiration and relaxation. You will want to enjoy in a place where your life can be enhanced and transformed. Our health resort provides you with some of the best places where you can relax and unwind. You would be surely impressed with our natural sceneries where you can be pampered with. You will also get a renewed sense of wellbeing and focus on your health through fitness sessions, stress management therapies, health spa retreats, weight loss retreats, and personal development or relaxation techniques. Australian Resort Luxury Accommodation in Currumbin Valley: Camp Eden Health Resort offers natural environment which is very comfortable for people who wish to come alone. You can choose to have single accommodation or if

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you prefer we can match you with people who are appropriate for your age and gender. You would love to get to know more about others by sharing a twin share room. Our health retreat center will be able to revitalize you through your visits. We also offer various luxury accommodations like rainforest retreat (twin), valley view deluxe (single & twin), Eden sanctuary (single) and hillside haven (single). Camp Eden Health Resort Activity & Facilities: We provide you with health programs, therapies, and treatments that can help both in your personal and professional lives. Some of them include stress management therapy, personal development therapy, changing habits therapy, weight management packages, holistic body therapies and massage and spa beauty treatments, weight loss retreat, health fitness activity, neuroarobics, spa beauty therapy treatments, natural healing therapy, sauna steam bath, and spa aromatherapy treatments. The pure mountain air that surrounds our amazing sanctuary of Camp Eden Health Resort will enable you get relaxed. Our personnel will be there to help you perform and learn yoga lessons that are very useful for having a stress free life. At Camp Eden Health Resort, you are welcome to try out our activities like relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, education and clarity. Our 'all day every day' programme encompasses stretch & fitness classes, workshops, a range of informative talks, bush walks and environmental education, zumba, music. All this to encourage you to concentrate on your overall well being with a focus on health issues including stress reduction, weight management, changing addictive habits or moving forward from past life issues. Fine tune your body or just discover the pleasures of relaxation, reflection and pure pampering in our 5 star treatments center. This peaceful time-out will give you the opportunity to explore your potential for a happier, more productive and more fulfilling life. Fitness activities based on a rotational program including yoga, water games, cardio classes, mountain biking, bush walking, Flying Fox, Power Pole and Brave Heart challenges and much more Confirming your reservation: Our health resort sees tourist and guest coming all round the year, which is why we suggest that you make early bookings to avoid any inconvenience. Our reservations staff can be contacted on 1800 074157 (toll free) and you can discuss in detail about the availability of rooms and programs.

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Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent confirmation and 'pre-arrival' information:

Contact Information: Name: Camp Eden Company: Camp Eden Health Retreat Center Gold Coast Telephone: 180 007 4157 Email:

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Spa Beauty Therapy Treatments in Currumbin Valley in Australia  
Spa Beauty Therapy Treatments in Currumbin Valley in Australia  

Camp Eden is Australian holiday vacation packages and health spa retreat getaway in queensland. It offer spiritual resort accommodation, str...