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SPRING — 2015

Camp Dudley News

A Camp Dudley Association Publication Serving Camp Dudley and Kiniya The oldest camp in the country — Since 1885

The cover of this edition of the CD News is taken from the image above. It first appeared as the center pages in the 1934 Camp Dudley prospectus that was part of Dudley’s 50-year celebration. The cover of the prospectus is shown below. The

history of Dudley and Kiniya publications is featured in this issue beginning on page 20. This timeless map was also featured on the inside covers of Camp Dudley: The Story of the First Fifty Years edited by #643 Minott Osborn in 1934.

— 2015 April through October goings-on — April 24-26 Mother-Daughter Weekend May 15-17 Work Weekend June Leadership Month June 8-9 “I Honored My Leader Today!” June 11 Kiniya Division Heads Arrive June 12 Dudley Division Heads Arrive June 13 Kiniya Leaders Arrive June 14 Dudley Leaders Arrive June 14 Kiniya Staff Arrive June 19 1st Session Dudley Aides Arrive June 20 Dudley JLs, ALs and Staff Arrive June 20 Kiniya JLs and ALs Arrive June 21 Kiniya Aides Arrive June 23 Opening Day July 17 1st Session Parents’ Weekend at Kiniya July 17 2nd Session Dudley Aides Arrive July 18 1st Session Kiniya Pick-Up

July 18 1st Session Dudley Parents’ Weekend July 19 1st Session Dudley Pick-Up July 19 2nd Session Dudley JLs, ALs & Staff Arrive July 19 2nd Session Kiniya Aide – Staff Arrive July 21 2nd Session Opening Day July 23 Kiniya German Exchange Arrive July 24 Dudley German Exchange Arrive August 14 2nd Session Kiniya Parents’ Weekend August 15 2nd Session Kiniya Pick-Up August 15 2nd Session Dudley Parents’ Weekend August 16 2nd Session Dudley Pick-Up August 16 Mini Camp Opening Day August 21-23 CDA Reunion August 22 Mini Camp Pick-Up August 24 German Exchange Pick-Up October 1, 2016 Camper Application Available October 16 Open House Tour Begins

Camp Dudley News

Spring 2015

Board of Managers

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Spring 2015


Dear Friends, How many weeks does it take to understand the magic of Camp Dudley? Until the late 1970’s, nearly all Dudleyites came for the entire summer . . . eight weeks was the only option. By the time I was a Cub in 1985, every cabin still had three to four full-season boys. Today, 95% of our campers are here for a single session only. Can they possibly absorb the Dudley magic in just 27 days? As a possible clue, we’ve just had the most remarkable Father/Son weekend, filled with all of the right ingredients for any successful Camp Dudley event:

Dudley Director #13804 Matt Storey clearing the snow away on the Cub Beach Skating Rink!

We had the perfect mix of new and current campers. We had dads who had not set foot on campus since 1993, others who came on a recommendation of a trusted Dudley friend, and fathers who have been back religiously each winter.

If you are going to live in Westport, with our long, cold winter, you’d better enjoy a ton of snow to play in. With snow all week leading up to the event – and more all weekend – Camp became a winter wonderland. We skied the perimeter of campus, snowshoed through the Stacy Wilderness Area, played king of the mountain at the top of Brodie Hill, and of course skated on the ice. Which leads to . . . Our ice rink on Cub Beach has everyone talking. After a recent trip to Lake Placid where we witnessed a large pond hockey tourney, we decided to try it at Camp. The ice measured 12+ inches thick, was incredibly smooth, so the conditions were perfect. Armed with the shop shovels, the team of dads and sons made quick work of the new snow and we played for hours.* After hockey we retreated to our weekend home, MacLean Lodge, for a roaring fire and camaraderie. And of course . . . Gail Coleman and Josh Olcott led the way in the kitchen keeping us all wonderfully fed for the entire weekend. These two have become quite a team, working hard to insure everyone’s happiness. The highlight? An outdoor chicken roast followed by s’mores on the fire. “The Other Fellow First” lived strong all weekend. Older boys looking out for the younger guys. Dads helping boys, theirs and others, learn how to skate or get their snow shoes on. Three current campers leading a vesper on “Role Models” featuring several fathers, but also sons and staff members from the group. Bunk rooms mixed boys and dads from other families, with everyone insuring each other’s comfort. At the end of the weekend, everyone pitching in to make sure their “cabin” was cleaned. After an event like this, my belief in the power of Dudley . . . for a month or for a weekend . . . to inform our thinking and guide our behavior . . . could not be stronger. Matt #13804 *PS: If you are wondering, the dads won by a goal!


The Camp DuDley News

Dear Friends of Camp, I will never forget the image of Mimi Williams sitting at her desk in the sunny Kiniya office within their home. Strategically sited overlooking the tennis courts and fields below, Mimi loved the warmth of the afternoon sun and the evening sunset. Just steps away would be Jack at his beautiful, heavy cherry desk looking out toward the upper fields. There he took in the morning sun, monitored the busy bird feeders, and spent countless hours overseeing every aspect of Kiniya. Each person entering the Williams home would be met with a warm “Good Morning” or “Hello” coming from the office, where Mimi was working on her latest correspondence with a Kiniya family. Her personal touch was in every letter. She acknowledged each with a handwritten Jack and Marilyn Williams with Marnie and sister note, always with a personal PS. Every issue of the Alumnae News and Sally McDonagh in 2000. Kiniya Record was typed by Mimi and taken to the local printers to be photocopied for distribution. Jack’s annual notebooks were meticulous, with a full accounting of every camper enrolled, tuition payments made, and expenses incurred. He was a masterful businessman and, with Mimi’s personal touch, they were an incredible team. Marilyn and Jack knew every aspect of the Kiniya Operation. They not only knew every camper who came through the gates, but a unique story about each one — their hometown, their parents, their interests and their talents. As noted in the Fall 2014 CD News, Mimi passed away last September at the age of 87. A small group of family and friends celebrated her life on October 25th. Jack passed away at the age of 90 . . . just twelve days later. After spending every day together for 64 years of their marriage — 51 years as co-owners of Kiniya — it seems that spending two months apart was long enough. Recently some treasures emerged from our rich Kiniya archives which can be found on page 26, including handwritten notes, old brochures and newsletters. While Kiniya has fully embraced technology, it is comforting to know that there is such continuity between the old and the new. While our website and social media platforms are just one click away — our fundamental message of the past nine decades remains constant. I think that Jack and Mimi Williams would be pleased with today’s operation . . . that the experience Kiniya provides girls today remains inspiring; that it is camper-centered and mission-driven; and that our pursuit of excellence is fueled by creativity, curiosity and flexibility. Most importantly, I think they’d be pleased to know that we have not lost sight of the importance of genuine conversation and enduring relationships. As we look ahead to the many possibilities for our exceptional camps, I am both thankful for, and humbled by, the strong foundation on which we can build. Jack and Marilyn Williams

Warm regards, Marnie #20001 Spring 2015


Letter to the Editor . . . A letter from #7630 Bill Doescher

Hurd Cabin, 1950, with Leader Cab Woodward (top center), Pete Willmott (bottom left) and Bill Doescher (bottom right).

Poking through the 1948 Last Whistle, we found this sports report. “Cub Division Pennant Race Intense . . . Bucky Doescher pitches two no-hit games in first half.” Pretty impressive! So we tracked down in Scarsdale, NY, who shared some great memories.

“I remember that summer like it was yesterday, with #7593 Tom as my catcher. Pitching for my third no-hitter, a funny thing happened. I was unceremoniously relieved by my third baseman — Handing the ball over, I said something to my coach, , that he didn’t like. He sent me not to the bench, but to my cabin! That was a rude awakening to how a Dudley camper should act and to ‘team play.’ I had to apologize to both teams and all the campers in Cub Lane in order to get my swimming privileges back. It was an important life lesson learned as a 10-year-old. “I was lucky to discover Dudley. My father’s boss, Townsend Foster, CEO of the Foster Brothers Manufacturing Company, encouraged my brother and me to try Dudley. We went to a Utica reunion that Morgan Bisselle organized. His son, and I were on the Westminster Presbyterian Church basketball team and his older brother, was our coach. I was sold. “I spent five glorious summers at Dudley. My first leader in Burr was a teddy bear of a man named Everybody at Camp had a nickname and a number. I loved baseball and basketball, but even learned to like a 5-day canoe trip. I played both a girl and a boy in H.M.S. Pinafore in 1951. I’ll never forget #6511 Norm antics every 4th of July or the annual Indian Pageant. My Aide year (1952), #8481 Zenro Osawa was our Junior Leader. It was the first time I had met a Japanese national and we quickly became friends. That friendship helped prepare me for future travel to Japan and 32 other countries while working for Dun & Bradstreet. “I never went to Prep School, but as I think back on this, Dudley really was my prep school, preparing me not just for college but for the life that lay ahead of me. “My brother, #7004 Bob, came as did another pal who passed away in 2007. We lived a football field away from one another in Utica and always stayed in touch. Dick was the only person to be in both of my weddings, which I noted at his memorial service. The mourners laughed, but I was serious because it was a great honor to have him with me on both occasions. “On a golf outing in the mid-2000s, Dick and I were in the foursome that won a Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) golf tournament. Established in 1973 by Rachel Robinson, now 92, in honor of her husband, the JRF is one of the nation’s premier education and


The Camp DuDley News

leadership development programs for minority college students. I am proud to have served its Board for 18+ years where I also ran into Dudley alum er. He and I once did the D-U-D cheer in their boardroom! “ ‘The Other Fellow First’ may not always have been top of mind, but that Dudley phrase has had an enormous impact on my life since 1948. On occasion, I used it to make a point in a corporate or non-profit organizational setting. Other times I’d find myself doing things for others without even thinking about it. and his wife, #13283 Holly, lived that motto each time they visited my father and step-mother in Hamilton, NY, when they were ailing in their later years. “Dudley has also meant lifelong friendships. Once a Dudley friend, always a Dudley friend. I can recall competitive games with Dudley pals such as the extra inning game when and were locked in a pitchers’ duel on the Junior Diamond by the dining hall and lasting through lunch! (Clark beat Maynard, 2-1, in 15 innings.) Others on the field and diamond those summers were and others. Many remained friends long after Dudley days were over. At Colgate, Dohm was a fraternity brother and and #7480 Bill Knowles were students. “Over the years, ‘Dudley meetings’ just seemed to happen. One time , my Leader in 1950, and a tremendous role model and who was then Vice Chairman of ITT, invited me to his office. When I arrived, he said, ‘C’mon, I want you to meet somebody.’ The next thing I knew we were in the Chairman’s office performing the Dudley cheer for him! The CEO loved it! In Scarsdale, I still see Dudleyites , and Dudley parents Kevin and Anne Lyons. “Long after the failed no-hitter, , former FEDEX CEO, retired from Carson Pirie Scott in Chicago. The Wall Street Bill Doescher with public relations students from Journal ran an article that reported his severance package. I wrote City College of New York, May 2014, when Bill received to him saying, ‘I wouldn’t pay you $5 to be my third baseman.’ My the John W. Hill Award. The award “recognizes leadership in the development of public relations practices and phone rang promptly the next day! the highest standards of integrity.”

“Camp has served me and so many others well. Good night, ” Following his no-hitters, Bill Doescher became a sports writer in Binghamton, NY, and then built a 50+-year career in public relations and corporate communications. He graduated from Colgate University, and the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He was with Dun & Bradstreet for 22 years before forming the Doescher Group, a communications/consulting firm, where he is President and CEO. Remembering “The Other Fellow First,” he has sponsored JRF students and established the Doescher Campaigns Lab for Advertising & Public Relations at Newhouse and an annual award to recognize top PR students. He and Linda Blair, a noted Interior Designer, have been married for 37 years. Together they have four children and seven grandchildren. Spring 2015


Dudley and Kiniya Welcome Six New Board Members! Rich is an executive coach specializing in coaching senior leaders and senior leadership teams, with special emphasis on creating organizational cultures characterized by teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. He has been coaching since 1996 and has worked with leaders in hospitals, hospices, the hospitality industry, wholesale distribution, NGO’s, and the wealth management industry. Prior to this, Rich was a hospital executive for twenty years.

Sarah Page, Page, and Rich Maxwell

Rich was a Cub in 1961 and attended Dudley for 13 summers, including a summer in the German Exchange program, progressing through the leadership program and serving on the staff in the Hike Hut. He also served as Vice President and President of the Camp Dudley Association (and as an ex-officio Board member) from 1999 - 2003, and was then elected to serve on the Board from 2003 - 2008 during the expansion of Dudley’s mission to include girls and women, and the acquisition of Camp Kiniya. Rich and his wife, Page, live on Seabrook Island, SC. Their daughter, Sarah Page, attended Camp Seafarer in North Carolina, and their late son, attended Dudley from 1991 – 1995.

Ever since he received his MDiv in 1988 from Andover Newton Theological School and his DMin from Hartford Seminary, Pete has maintained a focus on the religious and spiritual lives of young adults. During his career, Pete has served various churches, led charity work with Simply Smiles, and participated in the life of his community and the wider church, many times as a Youth Pastor or leader for youth mission trips. He currently is Senior Pastor at Hingham Congregational Church, UCC, in Hingham, MA, where he lives with his wife, Tracy. Pete Allen


The Camp dudley news

Pete believes that being asked to serve on Dudley’s Board of Trustees is an incredible honor, yet he hopes it will also feel very natural to him. Pete’s father #5242 Bruce and uncle #5070 Craig attended Dudley in the ’30s and he has been associated with camp since his Cub summer in 1974. Both of Pete’s sons, and #18708 James, were nurtured and challenged at Dudley, experiencing tremendous growth and unparalleled fun. Each summer, as he makes his way to Westport or Colchester to preach, give a vesper, lead a hike, or ump a game, it feels like coming home. As a Trustee, Pete hopes to bring his knowledge and experience as an ordained minister who cares deeply about the spiritual and social development of youth and young adults.

Patrick arrived at Camp Dudley in 1977 and spent 12 summers as a camper, leader, and division head. Six summers were spent within his beloved Cub Division, which anchored Patrick’s belief that life has the potential to be one endless “Extravaganza!.” The Dudley tradition has firm roots in the Butler family. It continues with Patrick’s daughter #21482 Natalie, his brother , John’s wife #22041 Kim and their children: , and . Patrick writes, “It is truly remarkable how Dudley has engaged and challenged me in new ways at different stages of my life. Something from Camp Dudley – an old friend, a precious memory, a philosophy or concept – positively impacts my life almost daily.” Patrick is the CFO of Starworks Group, a creative agency offering advertising, public relations, branded entertainment, and celebrity casting for the fashion and luxury industries. Prior to his current role, Patrick spent 15 years in banking, serving in management roles based in New York and London. Patrick began his career in financial services as a member of Merrill Lynch’s Junior Executive Training Program. A former United States Naval Officer, Patrick holds degrees from Columbia Business School and the University of Colorado. He has served as an executive committee member on the Board of the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. Patrick lives in New York City with his wife, Sarah, a literary agent, rare book dealer, and archivist, and their daughter, Lucy. “Dudley has been a defining influence on me. It is always a unique pleasure to share the Dudley tradition with others, and I look forward to continuing to do so in new ways as a member of the Board.”

After a twenty-eight year absence from Dudley, Sean attended the 2014 Reunion. He saw that very little had changed since he had left. He was honored to speak with Dudley brothers from his era, as well as show his family where their dad’s childhood stories took place. He knew that whether it was Willie Schmidt, the Carr family or many other kind people, his four-year Dudley experience had an immeasurable impact on his life. Sean realized, too, that Dudley was not just a part of his past, but that it could be a part of his family’s lives in years to come. He and his wife, Samantha, live in East Meadow, NY. They have two daughters Camille and Caitlin, who hope to attend Kiniya in 2015 and a son, Sean Jr., who hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps at Dudley.

Pat, Lucy, Sarah, and Natalie Butler

#10643 Chairman Matt Quigley bid farewell to five Board Members who rotated off the Board in December 2014. #19230 Anna Carter Florence, #12152 Charlie Johnson III, #12764 Chris Perry, #12188 Dennis Ryan and #10524 Pete Treiber received individual testimonials provided by different members of the Board of Trustees. Said Quigley, “We are deeply indebted for your dedication and service to Dudley and Kiniya over the past five years. Thank you!”

Sean McCalla with Samantha, Camille, Caitlin, and Sean, Jr.

spring 2015


Sean is an alumnus of St. John’s University and served on several committees of the Black Alumni Association. As a project manager for Henegan, a commercial construction company, Sean is keenly aware of the importance of attention to detail and the obligation to complete projects. Based on his construction management experience, Sean feels capable of significantly contributing to the Plant and Property Committee and the numerous capital improvements for our Camps. Serving on the Board of Managers of Camp Dudley is even more special for Sean because his service is motivated by a genuine passion for, and pride in, the Dudley/Kiniya experience.

Jay first arrived at Dudley in 1986. Though he’d attended other camps, Dudley was unique in that it was focused on helping him become the best person he could be. He quickly came to love the culture of “putting the other fellow first,” and he returned for seven summers including several as a leader. He later returned to camp in a role with the Camp Dudley Association in 2010. Jay graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and received his MBA in 2004 from The UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Jay and his wife, Robin, live in Raleigh with their three children. Jay, Robin, and family

Jay’s career has been in information technology. He currently serves as Vice President for Customer Advocacy for mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc. in Morrisville, NC. Jay believes that it has been a great industry to be a part of, helping him to grasp the absolute criticality of constant evolution, and to be on the lookout for opportunities to change in smart and forward-looking ways. He sees similar challenges with Camp, and is interested in assuring that Camp adapts well to change, builds stronger ties with alumni, and maintains a diverse culture. He is also looking forward to being on campus in Westport and Colchester more often!

Robin has been employed by the New Jersey Department of Transportation since 2013. She is a Management Case Presenter in the Bureau of Employee Relations, Division of Human Resources. In this position, she represents Management at Departmental Hearings for major and minor disciplinary actions.

Paige and Robin Johnson

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Robin is a graduate of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, Cheyney State University and Temple University Beasley School of Law. She has lived in New Jersey for 25 years. She is married to her husband Gregory, also an attorney, and has two children, Matthew and , who has attended Kiniya for four years. As a member of the CDK Board, Robin brings an appreciation and personal experience of the bonds that can be created at camp. Her first camp experience was as a Jr. Counselor at Camp Jewell in Connecticut. She is also an alumna of an all girls high school, still close to her GHS sisters 35 years later. Robin has a deep appreciation for camps like Dudley and Kiniya, where the environment both nurtures and challenges young people to be their best by valuing traditions, spirit and lifelong friendships.


The Camp dudley news

Small World Two middleaged guys are on a ferry from the island of St. Thomas in the Caribbean en route to Tortola. Yes, we know — life can be hard sometimes. They wind up sitting Bob Stroud and Rick Tomlinson on the ferry to Tortola! back to back to each other. Midway through the trip, having completed their coffee and newspaper, they decide to chat. “Where are you from?” asks the slightly older gentleman. “Northern New York State,” the slightly younger one responds. “Ah, I used to go to Camp up that way,” gent #1 responds. “Which one?” asks gent #2. “Camp Dudley,” responds gent #1. “9606,” shouts . “8608,” responds Bob followed by loud hoots and hollers. “I remember you,” said Rick. “I was on the Cub Diamond, supposedly playing baseball, but was easily distracted. You were a Coach and yelled at me.” That would have been the summer of 1960, a mere 55 years ago, when young Rick was a Cub in Watson and Bob was Cub D-Head in Burr. Ah those Cub Diamond memories. Said Rick, “What are the chances of running into your Cub D-Head on a ferry in the British Virgin Islands?” Rick and Julie had a great week on a 46-foot catamaran with #9555 Randy and Sib Quayle. Bob and Tuey spend time on Virgin Gorda each winter.

Kiniya camper and Dudley staffer Nicoll wrote to Marnie after seeing the “small world” note and picture of her brother marrying a Kiniya woman, waterfront early 2000s. “Couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw the small world note in the CD News!! What a hoot! The plot thickens though – Shaina married , my brother, who was at Dudley from Cubs – JL, as was my Dad, . . . small, small world. Shaina is another addicted to the tradition! Will share the “zine” with them and have them update their addresses when they move. Give #15017 Evan and #18079 Diana a hug for me . . . miss them dearly.” wrote to Matt, “My roommate and best friend at Fordham, Madison, ran the NYC marathon yesterday for Camp Korey, a Seattle based summer camp for terminally ill children. (http://campkorey. org) The children and families attend for free, thanks to fund raising throughout the year. I was at the after party speaking to the “guest of honor” who had run his first marathon in 17 years and has been battling cancer. Camp Korey offered support to him and his family. He asked me where I was from and I said a tiny town in Upstate NY. He proceeded to tell me he went to camp when he was younger on Lake Champlain and at the same time we both said ‘Dudley.’ His name is and he went Plebe through Senior years. We reminisced on Dudley stories and traditions and it was so great to see him light up over Dudley. He has a son, Charlie, who is 13.”

Colin Loher Joins Dudley Staff as Outdoor Program Director Matt Storey announced that joined the Westport year-round staff in January. Said Matt, “Colin hails from Wilmington, NY, and plans to take the Outdoor Program to yet another level of excellence. Colin has worked with our AL Winter Program as an ice climbing guide and has provided rope training for the Dudley Hike Hut. He will lead all things outdoors at Camp Dudley, working with Kiniya’s Mollie Farnham. Colin has been the climbing program director at St. Lawrence University and also worked at Plattsburgh State and the Welcome to the team, Colin! Frost Valley Y. A NYS Licensed Guide, he has guided school groups in rock, ice and back country skiing for Adirondack Rock and River for 15+ years. Colin has already earned the deep respect of and for his expertise and professionalism. His wife, Erica, is a science teacher at Westport Central School, where their two children are currently students. Spring 2015


by #22375 Jean Stowell

Jean Stowell, nurse extraordinaire!

When I was in Pinga, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo working with Doctors Without Borders this past year, I spent countless hours on the back of a motorbike traveling through unbelievable muddy and arduous paths in the jungle. I thought a lot during those rides – about the people I served there, who live under the umbrella of violence and a level of chaos unimaginable to most of us. I thought about how lucky I was to work alongside some exceptional colleagues. I thought about reading Heart of Darkness in high school, a book about the mysterious, dangerous jungle of Congo, and how many twists and turns carried me to that very place twenty some years later – this year for the second time. I was barely even aware back then that Congo was a real place with real people. But sometimes, I thought, on those arduous trips, about camp, too . . . what I might want to say to you if I was standing here again some summer, giving a Chapel Talk. There are things I wish I knew, way back when I was 12 and 15 and 20 . . . struggling to find myself, like perhaps some of you are. I was often afraid to do anything that would make me stand out in a way that might make me look weird or uncool. I was nervous for a long time I wouldn’t do things exactly “right.” By choosing the wrong college, the wrong major, the wrong paths . . . because absolutely everyone knows the wrong major can completely ruin the rest of your life! Word of advice: Thankfully, it does NOT! Once, when I was 22, I turned down an opportunity to be a nanny in Paris for an American family for a year because I thought it was more responsible to use my nursing degree. Plus, I’d just bought my first car and I didn’t speak a word of French. (Remember the French part. It will come up later, because nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.) Sadly, we don’t get a chance to talk to our younger selves, which is somewhat unfortunate because it turns out . . . you learn some cool stuff over the years. Some years ago, I read this sentence in a column – I no longer remember who wrote it, but it forever changed my perspective. “I am not usually aware that I am happy, but I often know I have been.” Do not let this happen. Never let a chance to truly notice when you are filled with joy. Just the act of noticing will make you more present in the moment. When you really pay attention like this, your heart might tell you something important. Joy like this may happen for you at strange and sporadic times. Sometimes, it will happen on the summit of a mountain or after a particularly difficult accomplishment. But it might simply be as you drive alone down the highway, a sky deep and cloudless blue, and with just the perfect song playing on the radio. These will be times when life feels like – just for a moment – like it’s all falling into place. Really notice this. Memorize this feeling, even if you forget the memory itself. Memories are strange, elusive things and some of the best ones fade a little bit over time. Some of the girls on my canoe trip this session might remember what I call


The Camp DuDley News

“go to memories.” There are going to be times in your life, as I mentioned, where everything is exactly as it should be, for whatever reason. Hopefully, you have had a moment or two like this at camp this summer. Take a snapshot of these moments with your heart. You will need them sometimes — these “go to” memories. You will need them to give you courage, to make you laugh, to give you strength to make leaps of faith. Before standing up here this morning, because public speaking is one of my least favorite things on earth, I reminded myself of a speech I gave to our staff in Congo just a couple of months ago at my going away party . . . in somewhat imperfect but very heartfelt French! I have a container of cool rocks at home. I have picked them up around the US and the rest of the world over many years. This is a piece of volcanic rock from the piste (trail) in Pinga, to be added into the mix next week. In that bowl is one from Kiniya’s beach as well . . . sometimes it surprises me I can’t remember anymore exactly where each one came from. When I look into that bowl, I am overwhelmed with how many irreplaceable experiences are contained in those memories even though I can’t always identify them in a linear way. I wish this for you too, as you remember your summer here at camp: that it be a jumble of laughter and challenges and pride and love and trust. I’m going to charge you with a couple of challenges this year. Say yes to at least one invitation to do a thing that scares you because it is unfamiliar. Say no to something too, if it doesn’t feel right at the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. In fact, being comfortable being alone is an important life skill. You will, over time, figure out this balance if you listen to your heart. Practice saying yes to yourself. The second thing I encourage you to do is to make a list of things you want to do . . . a so-called “bucket list.” Some of you have already started these, and I absolutely love hearing your ideas! Maybe yours will be 20 before 20, 30 before 30, even 100 things before 100. Dream big when you do this — but think close to home too. Among things on my current list are to ice climb in the Canadian Rockies, learn to make sourdough bread, teach my nephew to ski, and write a thank you letter to a high school teacher who inspired me. Look at your list over the years from time to time and make changes if you want to. There are no penalties for not finishing but you will be amazed at what happens when you put your intentions on paper! I assure you . . . when I wrote this list several years ago. I had absolutely no idea that I would be leaving for India in late October, to work for the next nine months. Number nineteen: go to India . . . check. You will probably forget all of this right after breakfast. Maybe you should. The hardest, hugest, most beautiful work for each of us is to make our own way in the world, and this involves making our own choices, our own mistakes. So let me simply make a promise, one that I am absolutely positive is true for each one of you, and maybe even still for me. The best things you’re ever going to do . . . you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Jean Stowell, back center, with some soggy Kiniya campers.

#22375 Jean Stowell presented this chapel talk at Kiniya in 2012. Originally from Burlington, VT, she has an M.S. in Nursing, is a Family Nurse Practitioner and certified Midwife. She has also served with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) providing medical aid to those most in need in some of the world’s most difficult places. When on summer break, she has served as Nurse at Kiniya.

As we prepare to part ways again tomorrow I am confident every one of you will go back home and do well. But what I hope is that each of us will also go out into the world and do good, too. Spring 2015


Several of our recent leaders are now working in education. Imagine having a Dudley or Kiniya leader in your classroom! How AWESOME would that be? Here are the some of the details on nine of our leaders.

Penn State



ton College

Ridge Elementary School, Ridgewood, NJ Children’s Literature, Penn State University General Ed., Special Ed., Grade 5 My recent work on the Challenge Course Catherine is equally at at Kiniya inspired me to look home on the Kiniya at learning with a whole new Challenge Course or in the classroom. perspective. What interested me most was how I could foster community growth and trust within groups of campers and leaders. It is truly amazing how much we discover through team building exercises. Now as I work in 5th grade I incorporate this type of learning as often as I can! Back in Time — Kenyon College Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT Math and Economics, Grades 9-12 9th Grade Advisor, Basketball and Lacrosse Coach I chose to become a teacher because I wanted to continue to guide, mentor, and coach kids during the academic year and not just during the summer. The profound impact former camp leaders made on me inspired me to continue climbing the Dudley leadership ranks and ultimately bring the spirit of Dudley to other communities. Cowboys and Indians Manhunt Caleb, right, searches for the best way to engage others in the activity of the day.


The Camp DuDley News

The Island School, Eleuthera, Bahamas Literature, Grades 10 and 11 Tom works on his recitation skills and lesson delivery on the Dudley stage.

Dudley models the ideal classroom. At Dudley the classrooms are small, every student is supported, and learning happens in the middle of a community that is committed to having a good time. My job now is to lead discussions around a table--something I’ve been learning how to do from peers and leaders during vespers since I was a Cub. Dudley absolutely put me on the right path to effective teaching. Pirate Ganza, 2013

Williams College Castlemont High School, Oakland, CA Math, Grade 10 Math Recovery Classes, Assistant Coach, Jordan Mickens Varsity Boys’ Basketball, Graduate Classes Ever since I was in 6th grade, I knew I wanted to work in education. I loved being in front of a classroom at an early age and, growing up with much younger siblings, I loved working with young men and women even more. My time at Camp Dudley only helped to solidify this sentiment. As a leader, we battle the exhaustion of supervision and teaching life lessons to our young men 18 hours a day, only to wake up at first whistle to do it all over again. But the unwavering passion and energy that our kids bring to the table every day makes us glad to share such great experiences with our campers, regardless of how

tired we may be. These feelings are synonymous with those that I experience every day teaching. I wanted to love what I chose to do as a career; I love the times spent at Camp Dudley, and teaching became the natural extension of that – during the off-season, at least. The Quidditch Ganza, 2010

West Chester University Currently looking into employment and graduate programs English, Grades 7-12; Student Teacher for 7th Grade Reading Based on my summers at Camp, I knew that whatever I did in my life I wanted to help children and youth. One of my favorite aspects of Kiniya is watching the girls learn new skills. Kiniya taught me how to incorporate personal growth and team building into fun activities, which is a skill I utilize in my classroom often. One of my teaching goals is to present new educational material in a fun, memorable way. Ridiculous Epic, 2012 – completing ridiculously epic challenges to win points for your team.

Chloe Potash (left) and Mary Piazza (right), both cultivated their passion for working with kids at Kiniya.

Wake Forest University Match Charter Public School, Boston, MA, serving high-need and English language learner students Math, Grade 5 I knew I wanted to spend a year working with high need students, working to give them the support I have found at camp through the years. My students at Match are the same age as the girls who lived in my cabin, and I continue to stand by my statement that there are few people as hilarious, inquisitive, and challenging as 10 and 11 year olds! The Vacation Ganza. All the Junior Leaders pretended to take the day off, skipped break-

fast and then arrived in the golf cart to surprise the girls after breakfast ended.

Ithaca College Northfield Mount Hermon, Gill, MA Director of Student Activities and Assistant to Multicultural Chris practicing the art of get- Programs, Grades 9-12 ting them engaged. Growing up and seeing people like Pete Maiurano, James Mayo and Ryan Joyce, who were role models for me. What they did inspired me and caught my attention. Minute to Win It — University of Vermont School of Engineering Community School, Sun Valley, ID Biology, Intro. to Engineering, Grades 9, 11, 12 I found my Monkeyman makes a good passion for teaching through call. Loves teaching! my camp experience working with kids; camp affected every part of my decision to become a teacher! Saratoga Morning

Morgan State University Harlem Park Elementary/Middle All subjects, 4th Grade/5th Grade I love being with kids. I think the most Dom on the Dudley Stage. influential thing for me at camp that pushed me into education was vespers. I love teaching my campers life skills and making connections with them as individuals. That same framework has been the foundation of my teaching career. Mardis Gras Ganza Spring 2015


Dudley Summer 2015


he summer of 2014 was an exciting one in Westport. Now we’re gearing up for the summer of 2015 . . . our 131st at Camp Dudley! It promises to be another amazing season up on Lake Champlain. We have many of our key staff returning and we are welcoming some new additions to our community as well.

Blair Dils will make sure the A-Hut stays busy!

The A-Hut will be filled with veteran staff members again this summer. Led by the recipient of 2014 Last Whistle dedication, #16404 Blair Dils, Dudley will be offering another high quality athletics program that will feature a wide variety of team and individual sports. For the second year in a row, Witherbee Hall will be led by the lovely and talented She’ll be working with a great team of returning staff members as well. In particular, port, who will be spending more time in the Hall in his role as Head of the Arts. Last summer, Davo did a terrific after-third production for JLs through Staff. Davo plans to produce another great after-third performance in 2015. The Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion added a whole new dynamic to our theatrical offerings last year. In 2015, the MOP will continue to expand our ability to offer new and fun performing arts opportunities for the boys.

Diana McGuigan-George with her cast of “Sandlot” from the summer of 2014.

As you’ve seen on page 9, we’re welcoming a new Outdoors Program Director to campus this summer. #23685 Colin will be overseeing all things outdoors, with particular focus on our climbing program as well as learning about all that a full summer at Dudley entails. Consider this Colin’s Cub year! Colin will be working closely with a solid group of returning and new Hike Hut staff to make sure that the boys continue to have the highest quality experiences during their adventures in the Adirondacks. Finally, as always, our spirituality programs will continue to be at the heart of it all. As of press time, we haven’t finalized our complete list of Chapel speakers for 2015. However, we do know that we’ll have visits from Francis Flynn and And each Sunday, of course, will end with a rousing Hymn Sing led by the incomparable

Sunday Chapel is always a highlight of the week!


The Camp DuDley News

Kiniya Summer 2015 ith the expansion of our Outdoors Program and the addition of the Kiniya Challenge Course last summer, we’re excited to set our sights on enhancing our other Program Pillars for summer 2015 to ensure the quality of the experience remains at the same high standard. #21054 Kissy Rowley, Head of Athletics, will be returning for her 8th summer and is thrilled to welcome on board Assistant Athletics Director, . Brinley has a wealth of experience as a coach and teacher at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT, and brings a passion for tennis, archery and field hockey to the team. Kissy and Brinley are excited to add more coaching clinics to Choice Time offerings to allow those girls focused on a particular sport the opportunity to strengthen their skills. We’re recruiting our line up of instructors for all sports currently and are excited to get working on the preparations!

Kissy Rowley, Head of Athletics

Head of Arts, is returning for her 10th summer and is working closely with Marnie on the recruitment of all key hires within the Arts Program. We’ll be bringing on board a new Theater Director this summer and are excited to continue welcoming in Guest Directors for Saturday Night Shows, including who will return for his 3rd annual visit. Our Arts Team is excited to offer the best possible programs in our much loved facilities: The Treiber Arts Center, The Music Studio and The Lodge. recipient of The Spirit Recognition in 2014, will be returning this summer for her 12th year as Head of Waterfront. With the addition of four brand new Pico Sailing Boats in 2014, we’re now investing in a new waterski boat to continue offering this very popular program to our older girls.

Megan Oliver, left, Head of Arts

Lastly, we’re thrilled with our Sunday Chapel Speaker lineup for the coming summer. Please consider joining us for one of our Sunday Services featuring:

Sunday, June 28th – #12764 Chris “Pear Bear” Perry Sunday, July 5th – Nicole Caldwell-Gross Sunday, July 12th – #19231 Kari McKinley

Sunday, July 26th – #18500 Rev. Bill Harper Sunday, August 2nd – #21883 Kelly Dale Sunday, August 9th – #19806 Patty Murphy

Mary Piazza, Head of Waterfront

Spring 2015


t Dudley and Kiniya, we pride ourselves on fostering a workplace culture that encourages and inspires continued growth and professional development. Throughout the off-season, members of our year-round team participate in networking, professional development, and conference opportunities. Here’s a snapshot of our adventures: they participated in the annual consortium gathering of independent not-for-profit camps. The group of 100+ camping professionals discussed common challenges and shared best practices while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of New England. meeting in January where presenter, Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect, discussed the challenges of the digital age and the importance Camp’s “unplugged” initiative play in youth social development (YOHA!) #20595 Kat Nelson and represented our Camps in New Orleans in February for the National American Camp Association Conference. Says Mollie, “Going to the ACA national conference is both tinder and spark to my off-season work. I like hearing about other camps best practices. I find the presentations informative, especially if I go in looking to reflect on what we already do well and what we can improve. I came back with a list of “To-Do’s” to integrate ideas including updating leader/staff training, creating fresh and new experiences for our campers, and managing people effectively. The conference crowd is affirming, and I walked away feeling we provide a high quality experience for our campers.” and participated in the Camp Food Industry Conference in March, where Josh presented on Sustainability Initiatives at Dudley. and set off for the American Camping Association Maintenance Conference in late March. manager positions set off for a NOLS Leadership Expedition in Tucson, AZ.


The Camp DuDley News

Dudley and Kiniya staff members on the NOLS trip: back, left to right:Lefty Loughman, Josh Olcott, Colin Lohr, Jeff Schwoebel, Matt Storey, Dave Langston, and Evan George. Front, left to right: Kat Nelson, Dawn Gay, and Marnie McDonagh.

NOLS Staff Trip s we enter into our 4th summer with our NOLS/ Dudley partnership, we couldn’t be more proud of where we’ve been and where we are going. This summer we’ll send more than 40 young leaders into the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming to further their leadership training. Another exciting fact is that we have 41 members of this summer’s leadership team at Dudley and 14 at Kiniya that have graduated from one of our NOLS programs. That’s a remarkable number of which we are very proud. “What’s next?” Marnie and Matt asked themselves last fall during the season ending review. They realized that they would truly benefit from their own Dudley/Kiniya Staff Leadership trip, and in March, ten managers on the yearround team headed to Tucson, AZ, for a week-long backpacking expedition. They focused on topics such as Leadership, Teamwork, Wilderness Skills, Risk Management, and Environmental Impact, while getting first-hand knowledge of the

NOLS program that so many of our young leaders are encountering. The group attending is currently functioning at a high level, but we believe that they can become even stronger managers, and the leadership trip will allow them to do just that. “Each of us was challenged in a way that we were unaccustomed to, and each of us had to live outside of our comfort zone, which is something we ask of our entire community each summer. To partner with NOLS on yet another wonderful leadership program is very exciting,” said Matt.

Spring 2015


Lost . . . and Found Sheep! By #15932 Charlie Zabriskie


ur efforts to be in touch with, and reach out to, alums from our Camps is a never-ending process. We are pleased to be reconnected with the great group of folks listed below. WELCOME HOME! While the recent addition of the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya Evertrue app (see page 37) is the latest tool we have to support the networking process, YOU are our best resource to help your Dudley and Kiniya friends become reunited. The next time you are talking about Camp with your friend, ask them if they have heard from us or seen this magazine. If not, it is up to YOU to plug them back in. Here are some quick ways to restore communications: Send us an email ( with the “lost sheep’s” contact info, or

Please let us know if you know where any of these folks can be found. #5600 Paul Field Jr. #6139 Addison Grant Noble Jr. #7482 Winthrop M. Chappell #8609 Thomas R. Williams #9285 Alan Grant Burton #9948 David Bourne Jones #10946 John Canfield #11374 Craig Urciuoli

#12567 Ross M. Weale #13600 Riccardo Vezzosi #14284 Steven K. Halasz #15999 Matthew Chevalier #16678 Sarah Whitney #17711 Larry Scott #19207 Cameron Willis

We are also looking for alumni in North and South Dakota. We are missing Dudley representation in those states.

Call Camp (518-962-4720) and pass on their contact info, or Get them to visit reconnect/ and complete a short form, or Invite them to join “the app.”

We are pleased to be reconnected with our friends below and welcome them back to the “shores of Lake Champlain.” #6072 Scott Halstead #9004 C. Gilbert Storms #9452 Greg Lambert #11931 David Hendricks #12006 Blair Foster #13751 Joshua Mayer #14560 Tate Sullivan #14942 Peter Spaulding


The Camp DuDley News

#15005 Jonathan Goldfuss #15058 Brian Brennan #15949 Michael Flanagan #16335 Axel Meyer #16400 Trevor Koob #17544 Henry von Klencke #18334 David Wilkins #18343 James Wilkins

“LOST SHEEP” Ask ’em! we’ll

Winter Construction Projects “What do you guys do up there all winter?” is a question that we hear occasionally. Well, making sure that two camps are full, capable leaders and summer staff are recruited, scholarship funds are available, and that both campuses are in top shape are things that don’t happen by accident! The maintenance teams in Westport and Colchester work 12 months a year, in all kinds of weather to assure a top flight physical plant. Leaf raking, building closings and openings, winterization (water fountains don’t do well in sub zero Champlain weather!), snow plowing, and spring playing field preparation are ongoing tasks. But our maintenance teams also tackle bigger projects including:

to the generosity of ready for campers in June.

. The new cabin will be

John Tompkins and Scott Farrell working on the new compost building at Dudley.

porch/deck last year.

Parking Lot. “Continuing our sustainability efforts on a year-round basis is the right thing to do,” said Westport Shop Foreman. “We ‘ll now be able to make some of the best compost in Essex county,” he added. main campus. There’s plenty to do at Camp year round . . . all part of insuring the “best summer ever!”

Ark is getting a brand new interior to keep up with its new front porch, while an entirely new cabin is being built where Pinecrest used to be! All done in the snow!

Spring 2015


#7289 Ace Scharges | Dudley Archives January 2015



HISTORY & HERITAGE Created By Brendan Loughman | Dave Langston | Marnie McDonagh So what does it take to preserve the history and archival material of our two great camps? To be sure, the hard work and dedication of many Dudleyites. Camp's Directors have maintained collections of historic documents, photographs and memorabilia from every Dudley era. The archiving process took a major step forward in the late 1990s when a gift from Reed and Nan Harman of California made possible the outfitting of two rooms in MacLean Lodge for a permanent archive. The work of organizing and preserving materials is no small feat. Through the years, alums have played a key role in the preservation process, but there is still so much to do. #7289 Ace Scharges is currently working to further the archival work of others who served in the past. Says Ace, “The mission for preserving our past began 30 years ago. Ever since, steps have been taken to accomplish this task. Today we stand ready to take some giant steps toward the organization and preservation of the history of this unique camp that means so much to so many.” The following collection of materials, summarizing Dudley and Kiniya's history and traditions in the world of publications and communications, shows the value of having that “magical mirror.” This is only a small representation and not a definitive narrative.

Enjoy the trip into our past...

Recruiting Prospectus 1906 brought a new look to the Camp Dudley Prospectus.

Recruiting Prospectus 1889 - Throughout our history, filling the bunks with great kids has been a top priority. The recruiting prospectus became an important tool to help tell the story.



Camp Dudley War Song 1903 - Prospectus with the Camp Dudley War Song reflecting the Spanish American War.



"Camping on Champlain" 1910 - An early version of a yearbook later to be called "The Last Whistle.”





Fund Raising

1907 - Fund Raising appeal to build the “Lodge” - today called Beckman Hall.


Recruiting Prospectus, 1899

YMCA Newsletter

1904 - YMCA Newsletter features Camp Dudley.

Recruiting Prospectus


Chief Beckman publishes letters written to him from Dudley boys in the Service.

"Early CDA News" In 1937, the Camp Dudley Association Periodic Publication was first circulated. This was the precursor to the CDA News that began in 1948 and continues today as the CD News.

Acceptance Letter An acceptance letter from 1930 for #4581 Norman Hamilton.




Camper Handbooks





50th Year Prospectus

1913 - Throughout the years our information to campers and families have taken a variety of different forms.

Last Whistle #1 Reunion Dinner Program 1929 –1940 - Reunion dinners and alumni gatherings offered camper recruitment and fellowship opportunities.

Christmas Cards

Chief’s Christmas card to the community, 1946.

Chief’s Memorial Service, 1966

Witherbee Hall

100 Years!

2001 - Witherbee Hall is restored.

So many tools to help us celebrate the first century.

Welcome Kiniya! 2006 - Camp Dudley Welcomes Camp Kiniya.







2006 The Dudley Doings

1906-2015: Dudley Doings zaniness moves up a notch in the 1990s thanks to legendary editor, Scotty Sly.

75th Anniversary Campaign 1959 - Supporting camp financially has always been part of our heritage.

Annual Giving Program 1973 - Annual Giving takes on a renewed importance.

2015 -Today the Camp Dudley website and various social media outlets enables us to communicate instanty with more Dudleyites than ever before.



In search of inspiration for this year’s Open House Tour, I came across the most incredible treasure in Kiniya’s Archives – an original brochure from 1928, approaching Kiniya’s 10th Season! The brochure begins by stating: The Camp’s purpose lies in its name for Kiniya, which means “to inspire,” “to recreate.”

to feel that the Camp is not only run for them but, to a large extent, by them – that is, that they themselves are responsible for the happy atmosphere of the Camp, for the success of its work and for the well-being of their fellow campers.

As we approach Kiniya’s 10th summer as a part of the Dudley family, I have found great comfort in knowing that there are many similarities between the experience of 1928 and the one we share today.

• The first building one comes to, driving through the grounds is Taku Tipi (now known as the Welcome Center). “Taku Tipi” was the generous gift of patrons, campers, staff and friends in 1923.

Here are some direct quotes:

• Kiniya is a small camp, maintaining a large staff, which enables it to render the highest possible service to the individual girl. Its sunny fields, sandy soil and beautiful wooded shores, its gently sloping beach and magnificent views, both of the • Field sports stand next in popularity to water Adirondacks and the Green Mountains, combine in sports. They are considered most important in making for Kiniya a promoting health, happiness and certain fine traits splendid situation. of character. • Eligibility is based solely upon a girl’s ability to be an influence for good in the very intimate group life that is led at Kiniya. • The girls are made 1928 Kiniya Prospectus: Kiniya’s Greatest Treasure

• The “Trips from Camp” that are taken each summer, to new shores and mountain regions, are not only interesting but they bring into the girls’ lives experiences of primitive life and impressions of nature that are of priceless value. • The quiet hours spent in the Arts Building develop the girl an individual. Group consciousness, for the time being, is lost and

individuality given free rein. The girl is here able to create something of her own imagining and accomplish it through her own effort. • Sunday at Camp is a quiet day for reading, writing and resting . There is a picnic supper servied by the Aides, and after supper, the Song Service.

• Some of the happiest hours of the summer are often spent singing, dancing, rehearsing plays, playing games or enjoying more quietly an evening fire. And no atmosphere fosters better camp friendships and group spirit. It’s so nice to circle back to our founding years and realize that there are a lot of similarities between the “now and then.”



1965 . . . A Change in the Air from the Archives


965 was Camp’s 81st season, and veteran Director 19th at the helm. 10,000 boys had entered the Dudley gates as Marshall, in January ’65 celebrated “The Dudley spirit and the unchanging nature of Camp Dudley.” Wrote Bob, “Each summer seems to be a continuation of the last . . . with the comparatively small turnover in Leadership each year . . . it’s easier to get down to facts and program without having to go through a shakedown period.”

At that moment, Camp and the nation were “business as usual.” Experienced leaders would all be back. #3887 Ken Hafner, at Camp since 1925, was back at the A-Hut, joined by and was in the boathouse. All veterans, everything seemed in alignment.

Director Bob Marshall, circa 1965

A dedicated Board of Managers approved a $151,000 budget for the season, with $44,000 in cash on hand and $177,000 in endowment. Annual Giving reached $11,000. Tuition was increased to $490 for eight weeks, and $250 for the 27 boys whose parents insisted on “just four weeks.” The Board planned the modernization of the Dining Hall and the expansion of Witherbee. Both were, “Built for 250 campers and are now trying to serve 500.” But nationally and internationally, major external forces were about to emerge. In February, President Johnson would authorize the first 3500 U.S. troops in Vietnam. By year end 190,000 troops would be there. Future Dudley director , a senior at West Point, would, soon after graduation, find himself as an artillery officer in Vietnam. Lifelong Dudleyite would miss the summer due to B52 navigator training in the Air Force. Before the U.S. departed in 1973, the nation would be divided, and nearly 60,000 Americans would perish. Domestically, the call for civil rights was about to explode on the national scene. In March, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested in Selma, Alabama, marching for voter registration. In mid-August, there were six days of riots in the Watts section of Los Angeles, with 34 dead, 1,000 injured. Camp Dudley, with two black campers that summer, had yet to embrace “diversity.” In this “calm-before-the-storm” summer, Dudley remained an oasis with no end of fun. Dudley “characters” such as #7681 , and #8608 kept things lively. Rhythm Ramblers led off each Saturday Night Show with “Stairway to the Stars.” The “Mystery Man,” foisting mischief upon campers, was revealed as , a future Board


The Camp DuDley News

“In this ‘calm-before-the-storm’ summer, Dudley remained an oasis with no end of fun.” Chair. The Stacy Brook Country Club ran a full-page advertisement in the Dudley Doings. Camp employed seven women that summer . . . four in the Camp Office, and three as nurses. Marshall kept an eagle eye on these women who were praised in the Last Whistle as “sweethearts.” The hottest new item at the Camp Store was something called “the Frisbee.” Cool campers wore Madras jackets to Chapel, rather than blue blazers. The German Exchange Program, forged between Walter Lutz, who spoke no English, and Bob Marshall, who spoke no German, was now five years old. Trip Leader #8070 Ben Nelson and his campers got a whirlwind tour of Germany, and Ben would become the strongest advocate of the German Exchange Program, now 55 years old. Photos from the As the season drew to a close, Dudley Doings editor penned a 1965 Last Whistle prophetic message, noting, “While we are half an earth away from South Vietnam, and 1. Vespers, Ian Crawford Berlin is thousands of miles away” . . . “we are separated from politics and from war, and from thoughts of Communism here in our Adirondack community, we should be 2. Ken Hafner, A-Hut Head 3. Last Whistle Staff ever mindful that those forces do exist.” 4. Bob Stroud, Andrews D-Head Those forces . . . of dissent, diversity, and the inclusion of women . . . would soon have a major impact on Dudley, and its leadership, program and facilities. As an early 5. George “Nellie” Nelson clue, in 1966 just 15 of the 35 “Leaders of ’65” were on hand. And no future summer 6. The lovely office staff 7. King Farook ready to hike would ever be simply “a continuation of the last.” 1

3 2

4 5

6 7

Spring 2015


Junior Division Coming to Kiniya cquired in the early 1950s, Camp Kiniya’s “Moscow” property (named for the valley road leading to the property) is nestled in Mansfield State Forest. In the 1960s girls hauled all materials by hand to build a traditional salt-box cabin, complete with bunks. During this time remembers driving girls up to the trailhead in a VW bus with provisions for several days. They enjoyed time exploring and practicing outdoor skills in the beautiful surroundings.

Marnie celebrates Pete’s birthday.

Moscow Property Creek-Kiniya’s Leaders Bath. The cabin is no longer habitable . . . the end of an era.

Saltbox cabin with bunks built by Kiniya girls in 1960.


The Camp DuDley News

Jr. Division Head #20444 Hannah McPheron on the property.

While this property has been used lightly in the last few years for base-camping to ascend to The Long Trail and “The Forehead” of Mt. Mansfield, it will become a hub of activity for our Junior campers this coming summer as they begin a new tradition of cabin overnights! The old cabin (fondly referred to now as “the old creepy cabin”) has been removed by our year-round team, and will be replaced with tent platforms. Led by their wonderful leaders, our Junior campers can look forward to a beautiful and peaceful introduction to camping in the Green Mountains.


By #14962 Josh Olcott he Dudley Cheer . . . We all know it by heart, and the smile that naturally comes to our face when we think of it makes for a good day.

When I accepted the position as Food Service Director just over a year ago, I started to recall all the wonderful times I had back in the late ’80s and early ’90s while I was a camper, and wondered if anything would be different now. Although there were a few minor tweaks to the system (all positive of course), I was shocked that so much was exactly the same. Programs, cabins, Chapel, meal time, rest period, Hymn Sing, and the Wednesday Night Show . . . so much the same. Naturally I was ecstatic about this, but what really hit me was hearing the Camp Cheer at the first Hymn Sing. When I thought back, I had forgotten how loud we screamed the Dudley Cheer. The amount of energy and emotion that is put into belting out those few words, the smiles on the kids faces as they yelled at the top of their lungs. It was an amazing feeling for someone who hadn’t heard it that way since ’92. At that moment, I knew that I had to bring that cheer into the kitchen and prepare a “Cheer Meal” at some point during the summer. originally was going to be one large pie per cabin, our supplier decided to sub us with individual shells . . . 650 individual pot pies were made in nine hours! I have made bug juice for the campers earlier in the year, and my brother, #17113 Jared, told me that back in the day the sweet drink was called Pink Music. 42 gallons!! Easiest to execute, baked a simple sugar cookie and glazed it with a white icing, 690 in total! We had to get a bit creative, as I was told the long nosed fish used to call the Lake “home” but was not available east of Michigan at the time of service . . . So, we went with the next best thing – Fried Pickles!! 137 lbs. in all! After hearing that first cheer in the beginning of the summer, I expected one during chow time. When I stepped out of the kitchen to see if everyone was enjoying the food, the cheer erupted and could have been heard in downtown Westport! I’ll remember that moment for a very long time. Spring 2015


ate last fall Davo decided to transition from his full-time role in leadership development and alumni relations to a part-time role. Fortunately for Dudley, he’ll continue to work with Dave Langston and Matt during the off-season on alumni relations on a part time basis, and full-time during the summer as the Director of the Arts program. After 15 years of fulltime Dudley employment, working 40 weekends a year, Davo is looking forward to a well-deserved break in the action. He continues to live in nearby Port Henry, NY, coach the girls basketball team in Schroon Lake, NY, and manage several properties locally. This transition also allows him to get to New York City regularly to spend more time with his wife, Kathy, and daughter, Bridget. At Camp, Davo has been working closely with Evan George, who will be taking over the reigns of the Leadership Development program.


he votes are in and the 2015 Father/Son Weekend was voted the “best ever!” With the AMAZING Dad v. Sons hockey game on the brand new Cub Beach Hockey Arena, the spectacular snowshoe trek into the Stacey Brook Wilderness Area, and the time to unplug, what could be better? Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

Longtime Dudley Staff Guy #11264 Mark “Davo” Davenport and Director Matt Storey

The dinner table with everyone was the best!

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was great to have time set aside to spend with my son and to meet the other dads and sons.” “Another positive to the weekend was being able to detach and just live in the moment. I forgot a wall charger for my phone which ensured that I could not check emails.” “Thank you all so much for a wonderful and memorable weekend. Such an amazing experience on all fronts for my boys and me. It’s beyond words to express how magical you all made our weekend together.”


The Camp DuDley News

Cub Beach Hockey Arena


espite an unseasonably warm start: (temps in the low 50°s, rain, etc); the Winter Leadership trip, led by Dudley’s own seasoned and competent hike hut leaders, and #19304 Tom Dils, was a great success. It is a testament to the inherent leadership dispositions of the participants involved that they were easily able to make lemonade from the lemon-like warm weather and lack of snow on campus. Thankfully, the High Peaks region’s thick winter coat of snow had yet to shed its layer. This made for some excellent cross-country skiing on the first day of the trip at the renowned 1980 Olympic venue – Mount Van Hovenburg. There the participants were provided with a cross-country ski lesson from Camp Dudley’s new Outdoor Program Director Afterwards they worked on refining their new-found crosscountry skiing skills exploring the venue’s many trails. The following day the group took a visit to the home of and bushwhacked up Coon Mt. while practicing outdoor leadership skills. Camp

Dudley Director joined the group to facilitate discussion on leadership styles, characteristics, and development. Winter-like weather returned for the backcountry segment of the trip. The crew hiked through John’s Brook Valley where they base camped at the Peggy O’Brian Cabin. From there, they made a winter ascent of Big Slide Mountain. For all involved this was perhaps the capstone of the adventure as they were able to utilize and refine many of the skills they had been taught on the previous days. It also helped that it was a perfect winter Adirondack day. The view from the top was sublime and offered a commanding perspective of the Great Range. This is the fifth year that Dudley has hosted the Winter Leadership trip. It is evident that this experience continues to strengthen our potential leaders’ outdoor skills, decision making ability, risk management, and outdoor professionalism. We are already looking forward to next winter!

XC- country ski lesson before heading out.

Enjoying the view from Coon Mountain

Working on fire building skills.

The crew atop Big Slide! Spring 2015


Kiniya and Dudley JLs took advantage of the new Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion during their March JL Leadership Training weekends.


The Camp DuDley News

The rank of Junior Leader at Dudley and Kiniya is pretty special because it’s the first year that our young men and women are actual “employees.” It’s also a big step for our Leadership Development Program as the participants begin to truly understand what an important role they play in the success of our two camps. For this reason, we set aside weekends in early-mid March (one for Kiniya and one for Dudley) to get our new crop of JLs on campus for a fun-packed weekend of leadership development and training. Conversations focus on understanding leadership styles, basic principles of child development, and some good old-fashioned fellowship and fun. A guaranteed outcome is that these Junior Leadership teams begin to develop for the summer while strong bonds of friendship are built among these young people.

#10643 Matt Quigley Dear Dudleyite: At our January Board of Trustees Meeting in NYC, we paused and looked back 50 years, focusing on 1965 – a summer and year of great change for our nation. We spoke of the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, being open to change and to different perspectives. This “historical moment” (see page 28) was instructive. It also reminded us of the wonderful work of the Directors, Staff, Leaders and Alumni who came before us. Change is ever-present in our lives. Change occurs at times through our actions or those of others, or due to factors beyond our control. Change can be both exhilarating and frightening – although with time, change can seem less pronounced, more manageable and even less significant.

Matt Quigley

Dudley is for most of us a source of constancy – a rock amidst shifting attitudes and values. Yet our Camps also experience regular change. On the physical side, witness the magnificent new Middlebury Pavilion on the Main Dudley Campus or the spectacular new Climbing Wall at Kiniya. On the people side, we recognize decision to transition from full-time to summer employment after decades of legendary service to our Camps. There is also change on the policy side, as this year will mark our Camps’ first year without affiliation with the Y. Each of these and other changes are important, but they take place on the bedrock of our Camps’ immutable motto and mission. The physical changes are noticed by returning alumni or parents – as investments in our Camps, our programs and our campers. They are made possible only through the remarkable generosity of the Dudley Family that loyally support our ever-growing scholarship needs and the overall stewardship of Dudley and Kiniya. At the same time, we repeatedly hear the refrain from those returning after a long absence: “Wow, it really hasn’t changed!” It doesn’t take long to see and feel that the core – the essence of our Camps – hasn’t changed. We feel “re-grounded” when we return. For returning campers, leaders and staff, the upcoming summer is another opportunity to have fun and soak in the “Dudley Magic,” experiencing anew what makes our Camps so unique. For the rest of us, life moves on and we live vicariously through them or through reunions, large or small. Each year is a different chapter in our own lives, one in which “Camp” can occupy a prominent place. As a camper might say this summer while mid mountains and lakes: “Here I am, up at Camp again, There I am, up on the stage, Here I go, playing games again, There I go, turn the page.” May this next chapter be bountiful and joyful for you and your families. As we turn the page and look toward another “best-ever” summer, please know that it is through your commitment to Dudley and Kiniya that these life-changing experiences are possible. As they were 50 years ago, they will be today and for many, many summers to come. In the Spirit of Dudley and Kiniya,


#10643 Matt Quigley, Chairman, Board of Trustees Spring 2015


Foundation (CDF) By #10643 Matt Quigley and #11889 Dwight Poler


he Camp Dudley Board is pleased to announce that we have successfully formed the not-for-profit Camp Dudley Foundation (CDF or Foundation) which will hold and oversee the endowment and long-term financial assets of Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya. Establishing a separate entity allows us to protect, preserve and focus on the long-term growth of the Camps’ financial assets, as separate from the operating assets of each camp. The Foundation has its own separate Board of Directors which will provide oversight of our Camps’ endowment and other funding sources for the long-term capital needs of the Camps. The main operating Board, the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees, will continue to set the budget for the capital needs of the Camps, toward which the Foundation Board will direct funds, such that future Dudley generations can thrive. New gifts to the Foundation will continue to be tax deductible to the same extent as allowed by law. Members of the Camp Dudley Foundation Board of Directors, elected by the Camp

Dudley Board of Trustees, serving staggered terms, include: and Additionally, the elected officers of the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees serve on the Foundation Board. These currently include: Chair; , Secretary; and #22443 Karen Ramsey, Treasurer. The CDF will meet twice annually. We are delighted to have taken this important step, helping to assure the financial viability of our Camps for years to come. Should you have questions about the CDF, or making gifts toward the endowment, please contact Dave Langston ( or Fred Guffey (


The Camp DuDley News

How long has it been? UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘVi you have been out on Lake Champlain, paddling around Albany Island?

UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘViÊyou have smelled the pine forest of the Adirondacks on a day hike with your Dudley pals?

UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘVi you sat in Witherbee Hall and were reminded of just how many of those hymns you still know by heart?

UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘVi your Plebe summer, when you last saw the kid in the bunk above you whose name and face you recall as if it were yesterday?

UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘVi you heard the water babble and wind its way down from Pete’s Pinnacle past the leanto at Site One?

UÊÊœÜʏœ˜}ÊȘVi you gazed up at the Dudley Dome and were reminded of just how many stars there really are up there?

Why wait any longer? Please plan to join us in Westport for the Camp Dudley Association Reunion this coming August. Reunion will run from Friday, The 130th celebration last summer was a terrific testament of the lasting friendships and shared experiences of all ages through the magic of Dudley and Kiniya. There will be plenty of great memories to be made this August, too. Come up with some old Dudley friends, bring your family, come by yourself, but make a plan to be there for however long you can stay. Whether you come to the reunion every year or you have not been back since you drove out of the gates as a camper 20 years ago, we would love to see you. We look forward to many of these festivities this year, along with many new memories being made during the 2015 Reunion Weekend. As always, this weekend provides a way to reconnect with Camp, fellow alumni and even add to your circle of friends by making some new

acquaintances, as well. Whether you plan on bringing a group, meeting up with some old pals, or are only able to join for an afternoon, please let us know you’re coming and RSVP via the website so that we can make sure you have a place to stay and we can have Josh and Jared prepare enough delicious food for you. Join us this August for the Reunion celebration of the 131st summer of our great Camp! If not this year . . . when? If your schedule does not allow you to make it this year you can still re-connect and stay connected to Camp and other Alums. We are excited to announce that we now have an app for that! Camp Dudley and Kiniya’s new Alumni App, powered by EverTrue, is designed to help you reconnect with friends, find alums who live or work nearby, visit alums when you travel, and make professional connections that could help you find a new colleague, employee, internship or job. It’s your new way to make the most of your lifetime, extended camp community. This is a private community, so your information is visible only to other verified alumni/ae of Camp Dudley and Kiniya. It is easy to download; search for “EverTrue” in the Apple App or Google Play stores. Our app is designed for alumni whose camper years are behind them. If you have a camp number, have completed your Aide year or are over the age of 16, you can join. To learn more you can visit our website camp-alumni-app/ Spring 2015


Development Director


ach year our amazing camp community generates the donations needed to sustain the Annual Fund. Our Annual Fund supports the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund, leadership development and facility needs not covered by tuition. 238 boys and girls benefited from your generous gifts to the Scholarship Fund last summer. During the 2013 - 2014 fiscal year (October 1, 2013 September 30, 2014) we were challenged to raise $800,000 for the Annual Fund and increase the number of individual givers to more than 1,885. (Do you remember the 1885 Donor Challenge?) We are pleased to report success on both fronts!

You helped make this summer the “best-ever!”

2,014 donors supported the Annual Fund with $826,729! THANK YOU! What an accomplishment for our community. Your contributions made such a difference to the boys and girls of our camps. In the following pages we are pleased to highlight the broad range of parents, campers, trustees, leaders, staff members and friends who made gifts to Camp. Our new “online giving ‘ganza” during June 2014 was an exciting development event that boosted the Annual Fund. We received 163 gifts and $31,695 in just 30 hours! Our goals were 130 donors and $30,000. Another grand show of support! Camp Dudley, Inc. continues to be a qualified charitable organization, 501(c)(3), so our donors are able to give generously and enjoy the benefits of tax deductions to the extent allowed by law. Thank you!

Thanks for a great summer!


The Camp DuDley News

We appreciate your support!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

enerous alumni and parents who have made an endowed or planned gift to our Camps are recognized as members of the Beckman Society. Named in honor of , this group helps assure that future generations of boys and girls will enjoy and learn from all that Camp has to offer. During 2013-2014 our membership increased to 82. Making a deferred gift to Camp is very straightforward. While most gifts are in the form of a bequest made under a will, naming Camp as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy is also popular. If you have already included Camp in your estate plans, or would like to learn more, please contact Dave Langston ( or Dawn Gay ( #3611 Mr. Craig C. Fitzpatrick , Sr. #3994 Estate of Mr. Paul King & Mrs. Carolyn King #4625 Dr. Samuel G. Warr #5031 Mr. George N. Mayer #5125 Mr. William P. Kennard #5288 Mr. David D. Coffin #6084 Estate of William Dietz #6102 Mr. M. Cabell Woodward, Jr. #6191 Dr. William W. Faloon & Mrs. Roberta Faloon #6245 Mr. W. Carroll Coyne #6377 Mr. William T. Putney, III & Mrs. Lisa Putney #6439 Mr. Carol “Chick” & Lynn Lyttle #6463 Mr. George H. Webb, Jr. & Mrs. Judy Webb #6581 Mr. Berkeley D. Johnson, Jr. & Mrs. Sue Johnson #6652 Mr. James S. Weaver, Jr. & Mrs. Marge Weaver #7083 Mr. Michael A. Poler & Mrs. Petrea Poler #7200 Mr. Paul W. Orvis, Jr. & Mrs. Celia Orvis #7221 Dr. Thomas C. Carrier & Mrs. Anne Carrier #7313 Estate of Donald L. Carr & Clara (Lori) Carr #7322 Mr. Carl W. Schmidt #7330 Mr. W. James Pashley, Jr. & Mrs. Kay Pashley #7370 Mr. Thomas H. Crowe & Mrs. Carol Crowe #7582 Dr. Stuart J. Updike & Mrs. Karen Updike #7689 Mr. Henry S. Poler & Mrs. Gail Poler #7701 Mr. Frederic E. Schrodt & Mrs. Susan Schrodt #7731 Mr. Peter S. Willmott & Mrs. Michele Willmott #7837 Mr. T. Frank James, III & Mrs. Margaret James #7905 Mr. L. George Rieger & Mrs. Nancy Rieger #7951 Dr. John C. Kotz & Mrs. Katherine Kotz #7975 Mr. Rodney F. Beckwith & Mrs. Liz Beckwith #7987 Dr. Richard N. Edie & Mrs. Linda Edie #8191 Mr. Al W. Kaemmerlen & Mrs. Mea Kaemmerlen #8276 Mr. Charles B. Updike & #19876 Mrs. Beth K. Updike #8497 Dr. Kenneth D. Hill & Mrs. Fredlyn Hill #8498 Mr. Judson H. Phelps & Mrs. Barbara Phelps #8527 Mr. Ernest F. Steiner & #21527 Mrs. Anna Steiner #8559 Mr. Bruce K. Bermann #8608 Mr. Robert R. Stroud, Jr. & Mrs. Lynn Stroud #8674 Dr. William M. Vanneman, Jr. & Mrs. Irene R. Vanneman #8686 Mr. Gene E. Little & Mrs. Sally Little

Chief Beckman

#8704 Mr. William H. Combs, III & Mrs. Lynne Combs #8767 Mr. Alexander C. Short & #19067 Mrs. Patricia Short #8798 Mr. Alfred M. Cady, III & Mrs. Toni M. Cady #8804 Mr. M. John Storey & #18204 Mrs. Martha Storey #8891 Mr. Richard K. Rogers & Mrs. Gay J. Rogers #9060 Mr. Ian R. Crawford & Mrs. Mary Ann Crawford #9061 Mr. C. Roland Stichweh & #19061 Mrs. Carole Stichweh #9172 Mr. John P. Hammond & Mrs. Suzanne Hammond #9459 Dr. Peter J. Burr #9606 Mr. Richard F. Tomlinson & Ms. Julie Welch #9675 Mr. David C. West & Mrs. Mary West #9827 Mr. Richard J. Coyle & Mrs. Lynn Coyle #9846 Mr. Douglas McClure #9968 Mr. H. Craig Treiber & Mrs. Lora Beth Treiber #10022 Mr. Kenneth B. Lauritzen #10065 Mr. William T. McCutcheon, Jr. & Mrs. Theresa McCutcheon #10067 Mr. Bruce D. Treiber & Mrs. Virginia Treiber #10215 Mr. Donald M. Meisel, Jr. #10458 Mr. William L. Flagg #10524 Mr. Peter S. Treiber & Mrs. Irene M. Treiber #10525 Mr. Scott R. Treiber & Ms. Jo-Ellen Treiber #10555 Mr. David Langston & #17855 Mrs. Lora W. Langston #10643 Mr. Matthew W. Quigley & Mrs. Nina Quigley #11156 Lt. Col. John Lowry, III & Mrs. Meleda Lowry #11333 Mr. Peter K. Ormsby #11373 Mr. G. Michael Stevens & Dr. Leila Garret-Stevens #11846 Mr. Thomas M. Canning & Mrs. Paula G. Canning #11889 Mr. Dwight M. Poler & Mrs. Kirsten Poler #12079 Mr. Joseph L. Bolster, Jr. & Mrs. Sarah “Tink” Bolster #12764 Mr. Christopher N. Perry & Mrs. Alison P. Perry #13741 Mrs. Nancy F. Seabol #13804 Mr. Matt S. Storey & #16999 Mrs. Jessica C. Storey #15328 Mr. John-David Boyle & Mrs. Molly K. Boyle #15400 Mrs. Sally P. Sword Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Sullivan Mr. Michael A. Walter Mr. Robert L. Sophia & #20001 Ms. Marnie McDonagh Mrs. Martha Sword Mrs. William Sperry The Estate of Loris Tower Spring 2015


Jordan Abbasi #19958 Thomas and Susan Abell Joseph and Margaret Acerra Colin Achilles #18847 Nancy Achilles John Ackerson #9965 Paul Adams #18407 Randolph Adams #8574 Richard Adams #13988 Philip Adil #12168 Carter #12789 and Mimi Ahl Stefan Aigner Hugh and Elizabeth Aikens Susan Akin Robert #7062 and Sandra Aldrich Charles Alexander #11778 and Margaret Inui Richard #10887 and Kim Alexander James #11144 and Patricia Allen John Allen #7294 Katherine Allen Peter #11584 and Tracy Allen Phyllis Allen Roland and Katherine Allen Cynthia Alling John and Melissa Almeida Richard #8692 and Beverley Amberg Bernard Amyot and Francine Ethier Judith Andersen Margaret Anderson Robert and Lucy Anderson Andy Trayah’s Handi Construction Cyrus and Maury Anfindsen Elizabeth Ang Anonymous Angelika Antal #23588 Laura Anthony #4821 Brian and Traci Anton Richard and Mary Antonelli Jonathan #9528 and Ruth #17528 Appleyard Robert #9447 and Deborah Appleyard Peter Ardery #10756 Gerald Ardolino #10312 Gerald Ardolino #10436 Thomas Arnold #19508 and Martha Bolster Matthew #14841 and Daryn Art Laura Ascari Andrea Ascher Matthew Ator #17425 Ellie Auchincloss Robert and Catherine Avery Gordon #13652 and Kesti Aysseh Dickran and Sally Babigian Michael Badger #23274 Nadine Bahder Tom #22026 and Sarah Bailey Bain Capital Childrens Charity Limited David #13359 and Elizabeth Bainbridge William Baker #22347 Bruce Baldwin #21254 Robert Baldwin #10279 and Margaret Sieck Tina and Andrew Balfour James and Jeannie Ballentine David Ballinger #19529


The Camp DuDley News

Kenneth and Kendra Ballinger Manu Bammi and Katrina Cary Douglas and Elizabeth Banbury Jadwiga Baran #23595 Douglas and Betty Barba Matt and Jennifer Barba Lisa Barnes #20240 Christopher #13681 and Kelley Barnett Timothy #7973 and Claire Barnett Harry Barnwell #20723 Nicholas and Kate Barnwell Dave Baroody #14696 and Bethany Silva #21096 Evangeline Barquin Bill Barrett and Jennifer Millett-Barrett C. and Diana Barrett Jane Barrow Wylie and Helen Barrow Robert and Maureen Barry Karen #13322 and Bart #14209 Bartholomew David #13402 and Beth Bartlett Michael #10003 and Judith Bartlett Shannon Bartlett #20403 Randolph #13485 and Louise Barton Randolph #8323 and Margaret Barton S. Garrett Bastable #16590 S. Jeffrey and Susan Bastable Elliott Bates #6131 Albert and Elizabeth Bauer Thomas and Marguerite Bausano Gary #10164 and Hope Bazer Alexander Beal #21270 Bruce and Kathryn Beal John and Melissa Beaman Linda Beane James and Catherine Beane James Beane #20970 Nicholas Beane #21130 Paul and Sarah Bechta Edwin #12767 and Brooke Beck William Beck #10838 and Joanna Murray Rodney #7975 and Liz Beckwith Matthew Behrens #20797 Marguerite Belanich John Bell #6749 Paul and Ellen Bell Steven Bell and Wendi White Tianta Belton-Heads and Thomas Heads Olivia Belzer #21986 Ronald and Nancy Bendelius Bruce and Ann Benedict Eric #13612 and Elizabeth Benedict Peter #12786 and Amy Benedict John #6867 and Bette Ann Benfield Brian #11094 and Susan Benninghoff James #13516 and Lurleen Benzian Eleanor Beram Danielle Berg #23605 James and Catherine Berges Tomas and Margaret Bergstrand Geoffrey and Dana Beringer Arnold #11909 and Ann Berlin David #7440 and Cynthia Berlinghof

Bruce Bermann #8559 G. Wayne and Rosemary Berry Matthew Berry #17161 Richard #10361 and Carla Berry A. William #7906 and Sandra Bertsch Hilary Bertsch #13864 Anne and Clyde Bethel Christopher and Diane Betz Vijay Bhirud #15920 Roger #18678 and Bonnie Bigelow Linda Biller Joel and Audrey Bines Carolyn Bingham Mary Frances Bisselle #18141 Philip #7441 and Holly #13283 Bisselle Thomas #13744 and Julie Bisselle Thomas and Carol Bitar Kenneth #9563 and Joy Black Greg and Cathy Blackburn Roger #9119 and June Blanc John Bliss #9064 Nancy Blue Joshua Blum Adam Blumenthal and Elizabeth Hofmann Terry and Kerry Bock

April Bodman Elizabeth Bogosian #23606 Matthew and Emily Boland Barbara Bolger and Don Barley John #12268 and Megan Bolger Andrew Bolster #10935 and Heidi Paul Carrie Bolster Elizabeth Bolster #14239 Jake Bolster #20745 Joseph #12079 and Sarah “Tink” Bolster Thomas #11436 and Misuk Bolster Charles and Wendy Bolton Faith Bona #23649 John and Cathy Bonczek Bertram Bonner Bradford #14655 and Alexandra Bonner Herbert Bonnice #7379 Peter #13639 and Diana Boodell Frank Booth John and Jennifer Borenius Andrew Borinstein and Hilary Vartanian Jonathan and Anne Boucher

Glenn #11348 and Gina Boulton Robert Boulton John Bourne #15768 Andrew Bowen #17179 Charles #9979 and Frances Bowen James and Kathleen Bowers Bert and Courtney Bowler George #16144 and Meredith Boyan Holly Boylan-Flego and Edward Flego Edward #12365 and Christina Boyle Lukas Boyle #19865 Dana Bradley #20085 Megan Bradley #20086 Margaret Bragg Malcolm Brand Kirk and Stephanie Brandow Jeffrey #12743 and Mary Bransford Michael #13033 and Gretchen Bransford Robert Braumuller and Elise Desperito Valerie Brefka and Hadwen Fuller #13810 Richard and Deborah Brennan William and Cara Brennan Erik and Barbara Bresnahan James and Susan Brewer Henry and Susan Bristol James Britt #9405 Richard Broad #9163 Thomas and Katharine Brock Andrew and Terri Brode Russell and Lisa Broderick Robert and Mary Brody Paul Brooke and Kathleen McCarragher Trevor Brooks #23673 Jere and Lynne Brophy R. William Brouse #10272 Torrey and Wendy Browder Edward #7800 and Mary Lou Brower Gregory Brower #13198 and Huai-en Tsai-Brower Christy Brown Gordon Brown and Louise Howlett James #6880 and Elizabeth Brown Jimmy Brown #13894 Malcolm Brown #19882 Norman and Holly Brown Scott and Holly Brown Russell and Elisabeth Brownback Sheila Bruenn James Brust #14140 and Sophia Lin Michael Bryson and Laura Stichter Peter Buchanan #6556 Richard #9760 and Patricia Bucher William #8751 and Ethel Buck Walter and Ann Bukawyn Hamilton and Whitney Bullard Thomas and Sarah Bullock William #7261 and Edith Bullock William #12335 and Barbara Bullock Daniel and Patricia Bumgardner Paul #8855 and Cami Bunn Thomas and Emilie Burack Daniel and Susan Burke Herbert #11310 and Ellen Burke Patrick and Kimberly Burke Matthew and Tricia Burnell Donald and Elizabeth Burney Nelson #10050 and Suzanne Burns

R. Stuart #10678 and Carla Bush John and Catherine Butcher Carrie Butler Catherine Butler #21141 David and Clare Butler Patrick Butler #12082 and Sarah Funke Brent Byers C & N Manufacturing, Inc. Christopher and Alison Cabot C. Richard Cadigan #7449 Alfred #8798 and Toni Cady Benjamin Cady #15198 Jeff Cady #14828 Robert #8811 and Linda Cady James #12146 and Amy #23646 Caffry James #7075 and Cindy Caird Richard and Susan Cameron Giulia Campana #20535 Cathlene Campbell Duncan Campbell #23181 Gordon and Dorsey Campbell William #8457 and Anne Campbell Najib and Lynn Canaan

Anne Canning #20046 Regis #10974 and Doreen Canning Shane Canning #17974 Thomas Canning #17946 Thomas #11846 and Paula Canning Glen Capelo John #12845 and Jocelyn Capen A. Richard and Laurel Caputo Charles Caravati Michael #14215 and Karen Carbone Edgar #5616 and Joan Card Aaron Cardenas Caregivers of Ken Nelson Sharon and Oriethel Carey Carlie Patchen & Murphy Chad and Regina Carls David and Dionna Carlson Lee #10229 and Jane Carlson Shawn and Gail Carmody Kevin Caron and Tara Carson Jeffrey and Christa Carone Timothy #12908 and Nancy Carr Thomas #7221 and Anne Carrier J. Patrick and Beverly Carrigan

David and Elizabeth Carroll Andrew Carstensen #20977 Elizabeth Carstensen Edward Carter and Rochell Green Desmond Carter-Bey and Tenika Carter William #8545 and Joyce Cash Julian Castelli #12614 Patrick and Heidi Cazemajou Michael #10252 and Yvonne Cech Cedar Grove Fund of the Princeton Area Foundation Richard Cencelosi Arthur and Melissa Ceria Christopher #10628 and Margaret Chace Jeff and Tanya Chambers Benjamin Chaplin #22024 Hugh Chaplin #5424 John Chaplin and Jill Adams Tyler Chapman #12640 John Chappelear #7981 and Ingrid Chappelaer Robert #11754 and Nanette Chappelear Christopher Chase #13492 Frederick #10171 and Linda Chase Robert and Marilynn Chase Brian Cherry #18426 Thomas #9147 and Lynn Cherry Hilary and Katherine Childs Nicholas #11187 and Barbara Chinlund Marcus #13820 and Joan #16964 Chioffi John Christen #20735 James and Kathleen Christie Craig #11507 and Sarah Churchill Karel Churchill Peter Churchill #21507 Frank Ciancio and Clare Verre-Ciancio Cameron Cianciolo #21650 Jeffrey #12950 and Heather Cianciolo James and Alison Cirenza Les Cizek #6206 Charlie and Katherine Claggett David #9467 and Virginia Claiborne Sean and Paula Clancy Christopher #8249 and Frances Clark Christopher #11720 and Jennifer Clark Christopher Clark #13249 Elaine Clark Ian #11152 and Sian Clark James and Evan Clark Jonathan #7927 and Priscilla Clark Kenneth #8712 and Shirley Clark Richard #8041 and Linda Clark David Clarke #4971 and Carol Howes Robert Clasby #21071 Carleton #9191 and Linda Cleveland Brian and Valorie Clevenger Clientwise LLC Charles Clifford #13149 and Tara Callahan Nicholas Clifford Nicholas #12379 and Maria Clifford Barbara Close and Paul Swirbul Richard and Mary Close Nicholas and Paige Clulow #23619 Edward and Jane Cobb David #13595 and Kristen Cochran Matt and Maureen Coe David Coffin #5288 Alaina Cohen #21821

Spring 2015


Dale Cohen and Michelle Lozina -Cohen James and Kathy Colby Cole Birches Foundation David Colegrove Gail #20005 and Syd Coleman Bruce and Lee Colhoun James and Joan Colligan Charles Collings #9991 Daniel and Deborah #14008 Collins William #8704 and Lynne Combs William Combs #13001 Richard Commons #12434 and Lindsay Mc Niel Commonwealth Cares John and Dianne Condon William and Suzanne Congdon Rowena Conkling Paul and Carol Connors Lloyd #5963 and Katherine Conover James Cook Joseph #11527 and Laura Cook Stephen #13121 and Loraine Cook Michael #10581 and Colleen Coombs Peter #8707 and Niramon Coombs Larry #14707 and Helen #23221 Cooney James and Stacy Cooper Lee Corbett Rex #12928 and Stacy Corbett Kelsey Corbin Michael and Mimi Corcoran Ryan #16112 and Kristen Corey Allen #9385 and Betty Ann Cornish Bruce Cornish #5614 Kirkham Cornwell #9351 John and Jacqueline Corrado Eduardo Cortes Anne Coste Frank #10908 and Susan Coughlin Richard and Linda Cowan Timothy Cowen #10397 William Cowles #7756 Peter #8679 and Dale Coxe Alison Coyle #23594 Christopher and Elise Coyle Carol Coyne #13281 Christina Coyne #14255 and Fanning Hearon #12495 W. Carroll Coyne #6245 Robert #8580 and Jamison Craft Robert and Molly Cramer Michael and Becky Cranna Winslow Crannell #7809 Ian #9060 and Mary Ann Crawford Tom and Joy Cronin Brian Cropper #18434 David and Joni Cropper Lucy Cross #23590 Linda and John Crow Benjamin Crowder Robert Crowe #21744 Thomas #7370 and Carol Crowe Boglarka Cser #23163 Gerard and Patricia Cuddy Carl and Ellen Culbreth Robert Cummins #9851 Saoirse Cunniffe #23612 Theresa Curran Robert #10352 and Kathryn Cushman


The Camp DuDley News

Caroline and Richard Cuthbert Stephen and Barbara Cutter Collin Cutting #23273 Emilyanne Cutting #23654 Amanda D’Arbanville #20321 Joseph and Lisa D’Virgilio Emmett and Regina Daly Kevin and Cathleen Daly Christopher and Susan Damico Donald and Susannah Danforth Clara Dannemann #20371 Eric and Margaret Dannemann Rio Darlaston #23593 Alexander and Susan Daugherty Jake Daugherty #21691 Mark #11264 and Cathy Davenport Simon and Laura Davidson John and Kristin Davie Carl Davis #14820 Christopher Davis #12080 Eliza Davis #20108 George Davis #13862 and Susan Bacot-Davis J. Baird and Pat Davis William and Mary Sue Davis David and Dixie De Luca

Edwin #8336 and J. Lynn Dealy Caroline and John Deans Kim Deans William DeArment #9453 Paul and Sheila DeFelice Brian Degen #19892 Kevin and Lisa Degen Michael Degnan #15794 Gregory #14837 and Kristen deGrandpre Luciano #15841 and Julia Del Guzzo George #8676 and Elisabeth Delafield Charles and Patricia DeLana Caroline Delaney #20113 Greg Delves and Sara Beaney Deborah DeMaio Jenifer Deming John and Shelley Dempsey John #16242 and Alison Dempsey Kevin Dempsey #17342 R. Thomas #9942 and Mary Jo Dempsey Reed Dempsey #18495 Thomas and Melinda Dempsey Dominic DeMuro #21275 Rob and Karin DeMuro Donald and Victoria DeMuth

William #4918 and Barbara Denhard Caleb Denton #20668 Owen Denton #19968 Stephen #21047 and Suzanne Denton James Derryberry and Jenifer Tuck Owen Devlin Edward and Willow Dew Daryl and Arden Dewbrey Alexander #12410 and Maria Diamandis Peter Diamandis #10758 Susan Dickerson Estate of William Dietz #6084 William and Marcia Diggs Blair #16404 and Jessica #14504 Dils Miranda Dils #20404 Samuel Dils #21704 Thomas Dils #19304 Douglas #11702 and Maureen Dimitri Michelle Dimitri #20102 Claude and Elizabeth Dinaro Patricia Dingcong Kerry Dinneen and Samuel Sutphin Peter #10626 and Sally Dinsmore Timothy Ditzler and Lynn Seely Arthur Diver #10781 Thomas and Sheila Doar Leslie #21107 and Frederick Dobbs-Allsopp William Dobbs-Allsopp #18912 Ed Dodge #13814 Chad Dodson and Katharine Balfour Carl #13803 and Katherine Doerge William #7630 and Linda Doescher Kathleen #15569 and Brendon Dolan Margaret Dolan #21669 Jason and Debbie Dolby Jim and Renate Dolphin Daniel and Judith Donahue David #10801 and Elizabeth Donahue Joseph Donahue #13469 and Katharine Alfond Nicholas Donahue #19801 Charles and Beverly Donohue Douglas Doolittle #10748 and Anne Beall Roy Doolittle #10379 and Avra Friedfeld Daniel Doran and Lorraine White-Doran Peter Dott #9032 David #10333 and Katherine Doub James #9649 and Nancy Doub John #9057 and Karen Doub David #9549 and Sandra Doubleday Kaye #23622 and Kenny Douglas David and Nancy Dove John and Molli Dowd Patrick Doyle #17183 Timothy Doyle and Mary Morris Kenneth and Shelley Drake William and Adele Drake Patrick and Anne Droesch Anke Drus Andrew and Lynn Dudgeon Laurie Dudley William Dudley Dave and Jennifer Duggal Jennifer and Dave Duggal Fred and Lesley Duncan Skylar Dunklebarger #21887 Seth Dunn #13484

Thomas Dunne #11697 Sherman and Katherine Durfee Brendan Ecclesine #19174 Dillon Ecclesine #19023 Maureen Ecclesine Vivien Eckert #23154 Jon Edie #11977 Richard #7987 and Linda Edie Rick #11762 and Betsy #18762 Edie Helen Edsten #10698 Braden and Carolyn Edwards David and Shirley Edwards Ellie Edwards #10475 Stouffer and Carrie Egan Thomas and Cathleen Egan Aidan Ehrenberg #18886 George Ehrhardt #16442 Nina Churchman William and Katherine Elder George #11393 and Mary Ellen Eldridge Matthew Eldridge #21193 Damien Ellens #18050 Peter and Phebe Elliott Stephen and Sarah Elliott Thomas #11638 and Stephanie Elliott John and Barbara Emery Mark and Anne Engel Robert Entenman #5776 Danielle Epstein Robert and Shannon Erdmann Frederick #8968 and Jean Erdtmann Kristen Erickson Bass Dora Ernhardt #23156 William #9558 and Ronnie Ervin Peter and Kate Erwin Philipos Eshete and Betsy Tower Brett and Michelle Evans Marshall and Claire Evans Peter Everett #14078 Robert and Mary Everett Jeffrey Evers #13134 Christopher and Michelle Ewan Elaine Ezerins #23621 Edward and Maureen Fahy William Fahy #21154 William #10349 and Laurie Faloon Gregory #9106 and Catherine Farrell Hunter Farrell #23224 Nicholas Farrell #15910

Noah Farrell #23824 Scott #23724 and Crystal Farrell Donald and Bridget Fawcett John and Christina Fay Frank and Barbara Fee Jay and Jodi Feeney Helmuts Feifs Robert and Courtney Feingold Harvey #8732 and Arlene Feldmeier Gregory and Dana Feller Douglas Felt #8783 Bruce and Pamela Ferguson Doug Ferguson #11521 Eric and Ann Ferguson G. Neil #10085 and Bettina Ferguson David #10234 and Lissa Fernandez Sharon Ferraro Matthew and Jamie Ferrelli Thomas #13513 and Nancy Ferry James #8772 and Mary Fewlass Gerald and Deborah File Charles #9162 and Linda Findlay Ian and Lynn Findlay Joseph #17847 and Maria Finetti Frank Finsthwait #8506 John #12170 and Amy Fischer Marlon Fisher #16119 Graham Fisk #17735 R. Hugh #10154 and Constance Fitzpatrick David #12857 and Ingrid Fitzsimmons Christopher and Heidi Flagg William Flagg #10458 Dean #12739 and Jessica Flanagan John Flanagan #19965 Patrick #12090 and Erinn Flanagan Thomas and Esther Flanagan James and Christine Fleming Benjamin Fleschler #21157 Robert and Katherine Fleschler Anna #19230 and David Florence Caleb Florence #19130 Jonah Florence #19583 Justin Floyd #19182 Alexander Flynn #18080 Francis Flynn #23700 Geoffrey #12782 and Karyn Flynn James and Linda Flynn John and Vivian Flynn Michael #11948 and Julie Flynn Joany and Jeffry Foil Patrick and Bettina Forbes Gerald and Jean Forcier Douglas Forsythe #18629 Alexander Foster #22760 Chris Foster #12004 and Pauline Merrill Douglas #6707 and Ann Foster Drew #11752 and Elaine Foster Harlan #13000 and Sarah Foster Jennifer Foster Torrey #11168 and Mary Foster Torrey Foster #7114 and Anne Russell Torrey Foster #21168 Townsend #6648 and Dorothy Foster Christopher and Catherine Franck Vincent and Debra Franco Andrew #12308 and Colleen Frank

Ian #13308 and Eve Frank Peter and Kelly Frank Ramsey and Suzanne Frank Errol Frankel and Elise Falkinburg James Frankel #18534 David and Mika Frechette Amy Freeman Elizabeth Freeman Levo Freeman #23193 Julie Freeman-Moore #17264 and Aaron Freeman Timothy and Stephanie Freeth Conrad Frey #6068 Timothy #12284 and Shobha Frey Richard #13202 and Jennifer Fricke Charlotte Friedman Doris Friend #4978 David #13763 and Keri Frisch Donald Frisch #7639 Richard Frisch #7640 Peter and Elizabeth Frith Audrey Fuller #5538 Hadwen and Corinne Fuller Jay Fuller #10083 and Leta Peacemaker Warren #9698 and Maureen Fuller Frederick Gaertner Adam and Jennie Galaburda Faye Galante Paul and Anne Gambal Christopher #12437 and Leticia Gammill Lee #7234 and Jane Gammill Isidro Tomas Garbanzos and Ma Caridad Paras Ian and Amanda Gardiner Oscar Garfein #12690 John #8474 and Janet Garnjost Celia Garrett #20884 Patrick and Elizabeth Garrett Manish and Juliann Gautam Anderson Gay #21124 Dawn #19524 and Eric Gay Jonathan Gay #21224 Nathan Gay #18724 Russell #13429 and Sherry Gebhard Deidre Gehrke #8488 Daniel #15708 and Elizabeth Geiger M. Elizabeth Genetti Michael and Barbara Genetti Ann George Dan and Nikki George Evan #15017 and Diana #18079 George David Geracioti and Ann Billingsley #14238 David Geracioti #19838 Thomas Gervais and Nancy Fitzpatrick Trevor #15107 and Sarah Gibbons Louis #5593 and Carol Gibbs Alexander Gibson #20877 Peter #12877 and Cindy Gibson Charles and Kathryn Gilbert James and Kathleen Gilbert Peter #11907 and Marian Gilbert William Gilbert #21261 Reed Gilbride #18881 John Gillespie #12989 Julian and Heather Gillespie Charles Gillis #20804 John and Jennifer #14002 Gillis Sara Gillis #20204

Spring 2015


Stephen Gilson #17755 Gregory Giovannoli #21300 Keith and Dawn Giovannoli William #10104 and Mary Gisel James and Deirdre Glascott Stephen and Mary Glickman Eric Godolphin and Marie-Claude Bedard Elizabeth and Lloyd Goldmark Gordyne Golly #6691 Stanislav Golubenko #16224 Ralph and Barrie Gonzalez Emily Goodwin #20466 Kelsey Goodwin #20278 Michael and Elinor Goodwin Laurance #12446 and Polly Goodyear Eleanor Gordon Richards and Catherine Gordon John Gornell Peter #9897 and Connie Gosline Darren Gough and Susan Stafford-Gough James Goulard #8923 Kathryn Grabowy #20050 Joseph and Vivian Grace Terriel and Caprina Graham Wolfe Grand #13715 and Amanda Riley Courtney Granfors #20222 Donna #23222 and Roger #11202 Granfors Robert #11201 and Susan Granfors Chris and Amanda Grant Gilson Gray #8305 and Jean Zimmerman Leslie Greeley Andrew #7825 and Lynne Green Jack Green #20743 James #9732 and Marritje Greene Greenwich Investment Management, Inc. David #12070 and Kristen Greenwood Hugh #7991 and Joy Gregg Hugh #14082 and Marisa Gregg Paul and Linda Gridley Daniel #6595 and Sarah Griffin Emma Griffin #20027 Geoffrey #13046 and Sheri Griffin Michael #12227 and Genevieve Griffin Elisabeth Griffith #17400 Jeffrey and Tracey Grills Paul #7532 and Mary Lou #17532 Grinwis Michael and Stefanie Grise Alexander #15081 and Deborah #19191 Grishman James Grohsgal #15343 Frederick #10736 and Mary Gronauer Robert #9804 and Devora Gronauer Eoin Gronningsater #21166 Kenny Gronningsater and Sile Carroll Peter #14571 and Samina Groves Thomas and Jennifer Groves Elizabeth Growney #22079 Eric and Anna Gruseke Alec Guettel and Christine Smith Frederick #17600 and Jan #18394 Guffey Sherri Guffey #19601 Parry Gulbin Ronda Gunter Joshua Gurka #21317 James Gurley #13869 Stephen and Jessica Gushee James #8556 and Ann Guthrie


The Camp DuDley News

Jack and Nancy Haar Meredith Habermann #23253 William and Cynthia Hackett Robert #7648 and Barbara Hadden Curry Hagerty Grace Hagerty #21029 John Hagerty #21169 William #12976 and Doris Hahn Eric and Charlotte Haims Finbar and Judy Hall Ivan Hall #6404 Jeffrey and Robin Hall John Hall #21792 Christopher #8504 and Lulu Hallenbeck Stephen and Mary Halloran Geoff and Catherine Halstead Kathryn and Bob Hamilton Christopher #13670 and Jodie Hamlen Kenneth and Ranson Hanau David Hanke #19316 Martin Hanley Torrence Harder #8849 William #18500 and Carolyn Harper Steven and Allison Harr Matthew Harrigan #18970 Brian Harris #15031 Peter #12521 and Sarah Harris John Hart Oliver Harvey #23167 Andrew and Kristin Harwood Mary Ann Cate George #11851 and Emily #14824 Haskell James #6976 and Margaret Hastings Nicholas #12242 and Kimberly Hastings Noah Hastings #21642 Drew #10055 and Maureen Hatcher Susan Hatcher Gerry Haughey and Marilyn Gillespie Matthew Hawes #13821 Ruppert #22832 and Edwina Hawes Mary Hayes #13302 Ilyndove Healy Leland Tyler Hearon #13488 and Lindsay Cain Virginia Hearon Mark Heilshorn Barbara Hemingway Margaret Hemingway Timothy #9165 and Anne Hemingway Andrew #12344 and Anne Henderson John Hendrie Nathaniel Hendrie #14719 Nicole Henkner #23639 Charles and Laurel Henneman Edward and Penny Henneman Richard #9122 and Eileen Henning Robert #8953 and Jean Henning George Hering #8321 Michael Hering and Elizabeth Williams Edward and Alexandra Hermes Stephanie Herrera Lacinda Hess Lambert Heyniger #6987 Chris Hickerson and Anna Aguilar Eric and Deb Hidy Edmund #10721 and Helen Higgins Peter and Bonnie Higgins

John Higley #7153 Kenneth #8497 and Fredlyn Hill William and Allison Hill-Edgar Lauren Himmel #23586 William Hodge John and Lisa #14561 Hoey Christopher #13642 and Laura Hogan Christopher and Catherine Hogan Erin Hogan #20393 William #11793 and Pamela Holding Richard #10173 and Veronica Holeton Bart Hollander and Catherine Sanderson Joel and Elizabeth Holmes Edwin #8314 and Susan Holt Louise and Murray Hood Dana #9594 and Alicia Hooper Richard #10037 and Teri Hooper Thomas Hooper #12427 Hormrich Berg, Inc. Horton’s Kids Bruce #13737 and Nona Hoskins Madison Howe #20949 Nathaniel #12449 and Mimi Howe Nelson Howe Judy Howell D. McMillan #13840 and Jennifer Howison Jay and Jennifer Howlett M. Mavin Howley David Howson #13024 Michael #13354 and Ritsuko Howson Walter and Barbara Howson Holly Howze Kenneth Hoyt #23659 Sherman and Tracy Hoyt Christine Hubbard #22425 Robert Huber #20680 Robert and Susan Huber Carol Hudson Harry Hudson #23199 Stephen #19199 and Darcy Hudson Roger and Theresa Hueglin Trevor and Susan Huffard Trevor Huffard #21460 Steven #13919 and Liza Hufnagel James and Noelle Hughes Roger Hull #7477 Kathryn Huller #20965 Stanley and Katherine Huller Andrew and Bo Humphrey

Peter and Deborah Hunsberger Jeffrey #12002 and Dariane Hunt Dorothy Hurd #19629 and George Forsythe Douglas Hurd #10074 and Cynthia Parlato Hurd John #9935 and Elaine Hurd Matthew #14935 and Catherine Hurd Peter Hurd #9284 Andrew #12221 and Wendy Hurdman James Hurley Benjamin Hynes #21678 Darmakusuma and Elizabeth Ie William Ingraham Craig and Teresa Innes Mary Interdonati #22004 Michael and Toni-Ann Interdonati Colin #12113 and Louisa Ives David #13211 and Lisa Ives Dermod and Jane Ives Todd Ives #16770 Lawrence and Rieko Ivy Allen #10811 and Lori Jackson Jeffrey Jackson and Susan Kaupie-Jackson L. Brewster #8520 and Elizabeth Jackson William #5298 and Mary Jackson Louis #23033 and Joan Jacobs Albin #12412 and Delphine Jacquemont Christian #13872 and LaĂŤtitia Jacquemont Guillaume Jacquemont #20912 Robert and Kathleen Jaeger James and Laura Jaffe Mia Jager #20331 Daniel and Melody Jagoe David #12907 and Karen Jahns Wayne Jahns Christy James E. Daniel James Michael #10131 and Barbara James T. Frank #7837 and Margaret James Larry and Cathy Jameson Daniel Janczewski and Amanda Maguire James #11460 and Susan Janik John and Margaret Jardine William #8234 and Jan Jardine Oliver #15191 and Suzanne Jeffers Blair #13452 and Bonnie Jennings Kevin Jennings Christopher Jewell Maureen Jewell Dean and Ann Jewett Barbara Johansen Lars Johansson Anita #22830 and James Johnson Berkeley #6581 and Sue Johnson Blair Johnson #19319 Blake and Lisa Johnson Brendan and Susie Johnson Charles #8252 and Martha #18252 Johnson Charles Johnson #12152 and Joan Loveland #23752 David #11544 and Susan Johnson Drew #12778 and Karen Johnson Edward #13426 and Vanessa Johnson Eric and Eunice Johnson Joan Johnson Paige Johnson #22287 Scott Johnson Thomas and Julianne Johnson

Chris Johnston #14300 Morgan Johnston #20929 R. Michael #12429 and Lisa Johnston William and Meredith Johnston Alexander #14045 and Sunan Jones Cindy Jones Curtis and Hope Jones Ellis #5647 and Anna Jones Justin Jones #21260 Livingston Jones #17962 Mathew Jones Roger and Christina Jones C. Ryan Joyce #15093 Frederick Jubitz and Judith McLean Anthony #9087 and Barbara Judge John Juzaitis Al #8191 and Mea Kaemmerlen Benjamin and Josie Kaestner Jeff and Maurine Kahn Albert #7536 and Joy Kaiser David #7838 and Siegrun Kane Matthew Kantack #16884 Robert #9683 and Anne Kantack Sheila #15305 and Fred #17537 Kapper Peter #15383 and Megan Karlen Sven and Laurie Karlen Peter Karpinski #14094 and Mettet Ducat-Karpinski Bruce and Christy Kaskey Joseph Katz and Denise McEvoy Michael Katz #23069 Dina Kaufman #17376 C. Carr #13048 and Lara Kaufmann Luke #8180 and Kathleen Kaufmann James and Marcy Kearney Michael Kearney #20750 Thomas and Jennifer Kearney Elizabeth Keating William Keeton Aris and Patricia Kekedjian John Kelleher #21179 John and Martha Keller Mark and Anne Kelley Ryan Kelley #20751 Cici Kelly Dan and Regina Kelly Daniel and Julie Kenary John #9136 and Linda Kennard Helen Kennedy #20076

Holly #19976 and J. Halisey Kennedy Judith #19700 and Daniel Kennedy William and Holly Kennedy John Kenny and Mary Beth Hogan Sean Kent John and Katharine Kern Janette Kessler Scott Kiesling George Kilby and Kathryn Keen Hoil Kim and Erin Gilligan Sebastian Kim #20683 Oliver #12455 and Elizabeth Kimberly William #8867 and Beth Kingston Robert #11945 and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Stephen Kirkpatrick #11686 Arthur Kirsch and Denise McLaughlin Marc Klaus #12938 Jane Klaus-Scarborough Frederick #4291 and Patricia Klein Kasey Klingenberg #22831 Blayne Knapp #20643 David #9600 and Kathleen Knapp George #10043 and Ellen Knapp James Knight William #7480 and Elizabeth Knowles Charles Koeniger and Rebecca Donohue Christopher and Susan Komosa Timothy Komosa #14085 Daniel Koob and Elizabeth Walton Michael and Amy Kopfler Anil and Amy Kothari David Kotz #12190 and Pamela Jenkins Ian Kotz #19136 John #7951 and Katherine Kotz Peter #12135 and Carolyn #20635 Kotz Leigh Ann Kowalchick-Porphy and Jeffrey Porphy William and Kristen Krag Cooper Kramer #15981 William Krueger #19616 Thomas and Lea Kuck Pippa Kula #20407 Christopher and Rhiannon Kuroda Richard and Dawn Kurth Susan #14247 and Greg Kuruvilla Steve and Kim Kuster Glen #12650 and Joanna Kutler William Kutler #20650 Frederic #10538 and Susan Kutscher Stefanos and Anne Kynigos Gerald #9940 and Donna LaGrange Freddie and Marissa Laing Robert and Viola Lake Charles #10013 and Heather Lalanne Douglas Lambert #15422 Eileen Lambo Mia Lambo #20898 Marshall #9101 and Billie Jo Lamison Tim and Amy Lamitie Kathleen and Warren Lammert Bradford Landers #12001 Emily Lane #20168 Lawrence and Kerry Lane Mark Langan #10084 Nicholas Langan #9988 and Donna Goodwin David #10555 and Lora #17855 Langston Matthew Langston #16855

Spring 2015


Robert #10846 and Karen Langston Christopher #11955 and Tara Larrison David and Joyce Larrison Timothy #12602 and Kitty Larrison Scott and Loryn LaShelle William Latour #10001 Philip #9158 and Dorothy Laughlin Robert Laughlin #9028 Ali Laureda Frederick #7544 and Louise Lawler Lisa Lawless Robert and Leslie Lawrence Todd #11730 and Lory Lawrence Glenn and Kate Lawton Laura and Robin Laylin Kenneth and Sarah Lazarus Molly Lazarus #21815 Thomas #15645 and Ann Leahy Jane #21219 and Nicholas Lee Margaret Lee #23219 Michael Lee #15563 Blair #12728 and Georgia Lehnert Timothy and Diane Lehnert Paul Leibfried and Laura Harrigan Steven Leigh #17730 David Leinen #17370 Diane Leinen Raymond and Anne Leinen Joshua Leland #16029 Andrew Lemberger #21262 Anthony Lemberger and Anne Coyle Luciana Lenihan Anthony #12609 and Helen Leonard Danford Leonard #11841 and Robin St Germain Daniel Leonard #15779 Doctor and Virginia Leonard John and Dorothy Leonard John-Daniel #17349 and Laura Leonard Robert Leonard Beau #13896 and Jennifer Lescott Gregory and Kelly Lesko Dmitri Levkovich #21077 George Lewis #14249 Joseph #7416 and Phyllis Lewis Michael Lewis #11080 William Lewis #7179 Peter Leyh #8546 Andrew and Heather Liberi Elena Licursi #20410 Paul Licursi #21084 Rolf and Catherine Linder Ernst and Carol Linnemann Daniel Lipin #16321 and Tal Drori #21974 Kaylee Litch #23591 Gene #8686 and Sally Little William and Margaret Little James #11615 and Janet Lloyd Peyton #12386 and Casey Lloyd Robert and Margaret Lloyd Thomas Lloyd #13386 William and Bonnie Lo Thomas Lobue Lockhart Family Charitable Trust Selina Lokko and David Croyder Bonnell and Rosemarie Lombardi David #9227 and Lynne Lone


The Camp DuDley News

Bruce Longley #11644 and Kathy Keane-Longley Robert #8391 and Birgitta Longnecker Elizabeth Longo #20859 Kevin Longo #21068 Philip and Leila Longo Mark and Stephanie Loomis Olimpia Lopez Brooke Lossmann #23201 Brendan Loughman #15877 James and Robin Loughman Mary Loughman Stephen and Cheryl Loughman Howard #11368 and Harriet Love Timothy #12319 and Loriann Low John #11156 and Meleda Lowry Robert and Daryl Lubin Todd #13785 and Aimee Lubin Dominick and Evette Lucci Richard and Kathleen Luci William #12522 and Jennifer Ludington John Ludtke #19623 Mark and Kathleen Lukens Paul #7381 and Carol Lutz Claire Lynch #20412 Esther Lyttle David MacAllaster #10740 Jeff MacBean #13564 Chelsea MacDougal #23192 Craig MacDougal #23250 Shelby MacDougal #23200 Tracy and Susan MacGregor Christie and Douglas MacKenzie Leslee MacKenzie Robert #10501 and Diann Mackenzie Scott and Karen Mackle Bruce #6322 and Virginia MacLaury John and Janice MacLaury John #7131 and Sophie MacMahon Willy #21786 and Pam MacMullen Peter Macy #13888 John #13174 and Katherine Madden William Magavern #11237 and Sara Nichols Robert Magill and Amy Frisch Stephen and Emily Magowan David #12850 and Elizabeth Mahler Joseph #15588 and Dawn #15589 Maiurano Peter #15385 and Lauren #19555 Maiurano Andrew and Elizabeth Malis Brad and Lisa Manganello John and Kathryn Mangel Anthony and Brandi Maniscalco William and Nancy Manning George and Holly Manuelian Edward and Laura Marhefka Mike #11003 and Susan Marks Andrew #12225 and Jennifer Marrus John and Candace Marsellus Ian and Laura Marsh Owen Marsh #22640 Douglas Marshall #8290 Andrew and Sharon Marston Bruce and Joan Martelle Mackenzie Martin #21289 Scott #12289 and Andrea Martin Robert and Maria Martorelli Andrew #10599 and Melissa Martzloff

Jacqueline Maruca Peter Maruca #11819 Maryland Athletic Trainers Assoc., Inc. Michael and Judith Mason Wilson and Marilyn Mathias Howard and Kristina Matteson Corey Matthews #19716 Douglas #11334 and Ann Matthews Edward Matthews Gregory #10743 and Anne Elise Matthews Mr. & Mrs. L. Churchill Matthews Michael and Michelle Mauboussin Frederick and Christine Maxfield Richard #9701 and Page Maxwell Walter and Jean Maxwell James May David and Tina Mayer Joshua Mayer #13751 Kristan Mayer #14243 and Marc Leibowitz Mathew #13747 and Christy Mayhew James Mayo #14866 Sos and Kristen Mboijana Kenneth #8200 and Marilyn McAllister Conor McAuliffe #15117 Kylie McCabe #23207 Thomas and Canace McCall Sean #14016 and Samantha McCalla Dylan McCann #19331 John McCann #20697 Madeleine McCann #20317 Robert and Suzanne McCann Tim and Catherine McCann Jack and Lisa McCarthy Cameron and Robin McClearn Peter McClearn #22511 Gordon #12787 and Krista McClellan William #11426 and Mary McClellan Cynthia McClintock William McClintock #21198 Matthew and Susie McCloskey William #9610 and Jo McConaghy Margaret McConnell Paul #12220 and Suzanne McConnell Christian McCormack #17039 Kevin McCormick #11871 and Catherine Cantwell Meghan McCormick #20071 Douglas #11741 and Elizabeth McCracken Savannah McCray #23665 Matthew McCurvin #21719 Catherine McCutcheon #22465 John and Elizabeth McCutcheon Michael #8665 and Windsor McCutcheon William #10065 and Theresa McCutcheon Sean and Dorren McDermott Thomas and Carole McDermott Marnie McDonagh #20001 and Robert Sophia Brian and Leah McDonald John #5875 and Ann McDonald Patrick McDonald #23077 Elizabeth and James McDonnell Jack McDonough #21626 Mary #13331 and Peter McDonough Sarah McDonough #21013 Thomas McDonough #18794 John #12394 and Bronwyn McElroy Matthew McElroy #17982

Neil #8894 and Sue McElroy Marissa McGhee Richard and Lorraine McGinn Neil and Ellen McGinness Peter McGlynn #12666 Ronald and Constance McGlynn Scott #13050 and Alexis McGlynn William McGlynn #19666 Peter McGoldrick #17341 Douglas and Jane McGrath Henry McGrath #21200 David and Elizabeth McGraw Juanita McGrew Bev McIntyre Christopher McKeever #13851 and Jill McGough Kevin and Elizabeth McKelvey Joan McKeown #18178 Robert #10883 and Sara #14525 McKeown Samuel McKeown #19178 Thomas McKeown #18795 William #11170 and Kerry #14256 McKeown Megan McKiernan #23668 Bolster McKinley #19399 Martha McKinley #20608 Schelling #10231 and Annie McKinley Willa McKinley #22008 Edward #11582 and Colleen McLaughlin Kevin and Barbara McLaughlin John and Susan McLean Paul and Adrienne McManus Edward and Amy McNenney Richard and Neely McNulty Hanna McPheron #20444 Zoe McPheron #20975 Kathryn McSherry #21810 Megan McSherry #21379 Michael and Sheryl McSherry Ryan McSherry #19327 Charles #11211 and Julia Meade Thomas and Joan Meade Lawrence Meier and Bonnie Christie James Meigs and Julia Talcott Donald Meisel #10215 Andrew Melitz and Tracy McVeigh Thomas Mendl #10463 Douglas #9792 and Mary Menzies Jesus Merayo and Ana Martin Jane Mercer Thomas Mero #23188 Walter #8697 and Elizabeth Merriam Jack Merrifield #19314 Marshall #10914 and Virginia Merrifield Korina Merril #23664 Nancy Mertzel Raphael Mettle #22645 Thomas Michael #22221 Michael and Mindy Mickens Edward #10915 and Margaret Midgley Brent Miller Carsten Miller and Molly Ready Catherine Miller #23150 Donald and Evelyn Miller Emily Miller Hillary Miller Howard Miller #9059 Jane Miller

Preston Miller #19556 R. James Miller #10254 and C. L. Schelhas-Miller T Perkins and Michelle Miller William and Katherine Miller Gary and Tina Millican Murray and Sharon Millican Kenney Millington #23625 Milton Academy Matthew Minford #21216 John Mingle #13081 Gerald Mitchell #23626 John and Elizabeth Mitchell Kevin Mitchell #14396 Paige Mitchell #23669 Joshua Molenaar Michele Mollihan Eric and Mary Mollman Timothy Mollman #20702 Earl and Rosetta Monroe Harvey #6766 and Elizabeth Monroe Norene Montgomery Robert Montgomery #9116 Elli Moon #15042 Charles #11886 and Susan Moore

Michael Moore Aidan Moran #19636 Mauricio and Simoni Morato Timothy and Kathleen Morawski Richard #12833 and Catherine More Joseph and Paige Morganti Andrew Morris #14359 and Eliza Russell Emily Morris #21438 Richard Morris and Lisa Caputo Triffin #13725 and Gregory Morris Brian and Nina Morrissey David and Kimberly Morse William and Margaret Morton Bruce Moses #12659 and Jisook Lee James Moses #12592 Donald Moss James and Anne Most Paul and Francesca Moum Frank #6505 and Deane Mountcastle Christopher #12248 and Lisa Mowry MT Moriah Presbyterian Church Carrol and Margo Muccia

Tim #13097 and Katharine Muccia Paul Mudie and Kathy Kelley Timothy and Caroline Mueller Richard #13193 and Shirar Mugler Peter #7865 and Jerilyn Muhlhausen Robert Muhlhausen #16265 David Mullane and Susan Hrvatin Brian and Kristen Mullaney Joe Mullendore Dawn Muller #9274 Stephen #7211 and Judith Muller Richard #9801 and Cherri Mulligan Kyle Munshower #20580 Daniel and DeAnn Murphy Daniel and Heidi Murphy James and Jenny Murphy Patty #19806 and David Murphy Erykah Murray #21384 Melissa #16963 and Tripp Murray Stephen Murray #7104 Douglas and Signe Myles Nicole Nagel-Gogolak Levente Nagy #23589 Stephen Nakamura #13807 and Ingrid Ramos Harold and Laura Napper Jesse Napper #23695 Kristy Napper #23295 Samuel Napper #21211 Pete Nash #21532 National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization Robert Natuk and Kathlenn Kolvites Robert #7680 and Judith Neale Ben #8070 and Pamela #13326 Nelson Clement and Ellen Nelson David Nelson #18070 Sara Nelson #19270 Steven #17681 and Kathryn #20595 Nelson Matthew Nephew #12886 Kevin Nesbitt #23223 Barbara and Lawrence Neugebauer William Newbold Brian and Lynne Newman Herb and Myra Newman Allen Nichols Foster Nichols Robert #11344 and Catherine Nichols James #10750 and Karen Noble Justin #16126 and Jodie #18095 Noel John and Veronica Nolan H. Peter #8258 and Kathy Norstrand D. Warner #8629 and Cheryl North David and Jane Novak Andrew and Suzanne O’Brien Peter O’Brien #19938 Scott O’Brien #19330 Patrick and Robin O’Connell William O’Connor and Eileen OConnor Sean #13161 and Deborah #22161 O’Hara Paul and Clarissa O’Hern Timothy O’Leary #18883 Megan O’Neill #22372 Daniel and Noelle O’Shea Keri O’Shea Peter and Mary O’Sullivan Shannon O’Brien Dorothy O’Hara

Spring 2015


Michael and Karen O’Keeffe James O’Leary #17391 Mark O’Neal #17119 Michael and Catherine O’Neal Joy O’Neil Glinda O’Neill John and Kimberly O’Neill Charles #8859 and Susan Oakley Katherine Oakley Tom and Gretchen Oatman George Obergfoll and Cyma Zarghami Jared Olcott #17113 Josh #14962 and Jen Olcott Dirk #11725 and Jane Olin Natalya Olin Meagan Oliver #20194 Robert Olmstead #8044 Richard and Amy Olszewski David #7493 and Lindsay Ormsby Karen Ormsby #8239 Peter Ormsby #11333 Bruce #10226 and Susan Orr Kristen Orr #20625 Robert Orr #9783 William Orr #10087 Steve and Ginny Orthwein James #11743 and Anne Orvis Paul #11419 and Dawn Orvis Paul #7200 and Celia Orvis Christopher Packard #14614 R. and Gina Packard William and Nancy Packard Claudia Padilla Keith and Katy Pagnani Robert Palm and Diane Welsh Andrew and Belinda Paredes Jessica Parker Lee #8133 and Faye Parker David and Jennifer Parsekian Katie Parsons #23653 Steven and Dunia Partilo Larry and Janet Patrick Laura Patterson #13298 Maxwell Patterson #20698 William and Eliot Patty Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Warton and Garrison George and Avanel Payne George Payne #23165 JaRonn Pearson Lance Pearson and Kathryn Canas John #7093 and Marilyn Peatman Jennifer Peck Andrew and Suzanne Peisch Laurence and Alexis Pelosi Arlinda Peoples Alexandra Perrin #20435 Brian #11171 and Patricia Perry Christopher #12764 and Alison Perry Christopher Perry #17049 James #12222 and Elizabeth Perry Michael Perry #10670 Osgood Perry #20764 Scott Perry #10235 Kolby Pertak #23187 Jack and Kelly Petersen Jack Petersen #21217


The Camp DuDley News

Clark #13162 and Hadley Peterson Connor Peterson #21712 John and Jennifer Peterson Kurt and Mary Peterson W. Peter #9100 and Mary Peterson William and Nancy Petty Walter and Carmel Pezzolo Roy Pfautch Robert Pfenning #8407 Bill and Elaine Phelan Peter and Ingrid Phelan William #15898 and Meredith Phelan Christopher #12354 and Mary Phelps Judson #8498 and Barbara Phelps Whitney Phelps #22898 and Troy Soka Carolyn Phillips #5174 John and Michele Phua Mary Piazza #20203 Guido and Theresa Piccirilli David and Suzanne Picher Spencer and Eliza Pickard Fred and Mary Pickering Sean and Jane Pirtle Jack Plimpton #20795

Robert and Laura Plumb William #12430 and Virginia Plumb Nathan and Jane Podkaminer C. Chandler Pohl #8409 Christopher #16455 and Sara Pohlad Joseph Pohlad #15730 Robert and Rebecca Pohlad Tom Pohlad #15389 Dwight #11889 and Kirsten Poler Henry #7689 and Gail Poler Margareta Poler #20489 Michael #7083 and Petrea Poler Timothy #11740 and Sara Poler Werner Pollmann #23745 James Pollock #17676 Eric Pomerance and Susan Jackson David and Kathy Porcelli Matthew Porcelli #21263 Ian Porter #21503 Alex #15160 and Debbie Post Sarah Post Thomas and Nancy Post Chloe Potash #20297

D. Scott #10459 and Pamela Powell Robert Powell #17549 Timothy Powell #16849 and Jane Phelan #19496 Willard #6507 and Peggy Powell Wilson Powell #19377 John #12605 and Christina Powers Peter #8722 and Colleen Prescott Doug Prezzano #14212 E. Peter #8012 and Susan Prezzano Richard Prezzano #8517 Donald Price #9148 Marianna Price John Priesing #6790 James and Lucy Probert David and Darnney Proudfoot Nicholas and Valantina Prouty Sherika Pulsifer #23666 James and Elisabeth Purdy Michael Puterbaugh William #6377 and Lisa Putney Jacqueline Quayle #4685 Oliver #9135 and Sara Quayle Phoebe Quayle #20135 Randall #9555 and Sibyl Quayle William and Bridget Queally Andrew and Sarah Quigley Matthew #10643 and Nina Quigley Peter #11184 and Nancy Quigley Bruce and Carolyn Quinn David Quinn #23184 Randall and Amy Rabenhorst John Rabiner Sally Ragland Cristopher Ramirez #19117 Karen Ramsey #22443 and Giles Troughton S. Paul #8013 and Gretchen Ramsey Sara Rancour #23210 Amy #17589 and Matthew Rand Jack and Cindy Randall Benita Randolph Ruth Rankin John #14516 and Elizabeth Raycroft Russell and Ann Marie Raymundo Richard Read #10611 David #14992 and Emmy Ready Mary Ann Ready Kersey Reed #19338 John #6046 and Barbara Rees Adam #16464 and Mary Reese Michael and Christy Refojo David and Alison Reilly C. E. and E. J. Rennoe John #12530 and Kelly Renwick John Renwick #21230 Matthew #16323 and Emily Renwick Nicholas #14230 and Jamie Renwick Scott and Kelly Requadt Thomas and Sabrina Rettaliata David #11796 and Elizabeth Reusswig Peter #11396 and Emy Reusswig William #7277 and Nancy Reusswig Brock and Carrie Reynolds Renee Reynolds #20920 Peter #9024 and Linda Rhoads Sarah Rhoads Brenda Rhodes

James and Cynthia Rice Edward Richards and Elizabeth Bryant-Richards Kenneth Richieri and Kathryn Obler Peter Richieri #21225 David Rider and Mary McDowell Drew Rider #18801 Sarah Rider #20916 L. George #7905 and Nancy Rieger Jodine Rigg #23162 Brian and Jane Riley Margaret and Richard Riley Michael and Martha Riley Lawrence and Susan Ring Kimberly Rioux Belin and Hye Jin Robertson Heather Robinson Brian #12927 and Christina Roche Vincent #14800 and Jane Rockel C.R.P. Rodgers Christopher #13565 and Danyel Rodgers Matthew #13891 and Meghan Rogers Paul and Francie Rogers Richard #8891 and Gay Rogers Peter and Andrea Romanoff Allison and Scott Romig Jorian and Elizabeth Rose Lee #5772 and Janet Rose Scott #12263 and Patti Rose Martin and Betsy Rosen Andrew Rosenburgh #12295 and Lorraine Fontanes Carleton and Louise Rosenburgh Nicole Ross #22836 Lauren #19888 and John Roth Mark Roth Nicholas Roth #18288 William Roth #18502 Vincent and Helene Roty Samuel Routhier #17129 Catherine Rowley #21054 J. Stapleton Roy #9109 John and Mary Louise Rubin Mark and Tracy Rudd Stephen Rule Christopher #11383 and Amy Russ Dale and Kathryn Russell Hyde #13694 and Cassandra Russell John #7694 and Constance Russell Ward Russell #13559 Cynthia Rutter E. Paul Rutter #9758 Jacob Rutter #13758 and Glenn Patterson #21158 W. Whitfield #9411 and Harriett Rutter Aidan Ryan #22188 Chandler Ryan #22088 Dennis #12188 and Robyn Ryan Elizabeth Ryan Finn Ryan #23488 Jack Ryan Jonathan #12476 and Barbara Ryan Michael and Rosemary Ryan Patricia Ryan Patrick and Renee Ryan Thomas and Karen Ryan Bryan Ryczek #15933 Edward and Lacey Rzeszowski Linda Saarnijoki #19408 and H. William Davis #9408

Jonathan #10381 and Karen Sager Timothy #10924 and Margaret Sager Brandt and Margaret Sakakeeny Quentin Sakakeeny #20768 Jeff Saladucha and Katie Vogt-Saladucha Bob and Rachel Salazar Robert Salmon #15458 George Salnikoff #20769 George and Victoria Salnikoff Dorian Samboni #23152 Nixon Samboni #23585 George Sanders #8698 Jose and Amy Sandoval Jose Manuel Sanjurjo and Sara Bustinduy Sanofi-aventis Benjamin Santiago and Edith Updike #13736 Natasha Santiago Sarah Lamade White Foundation Matthew Sargent #18399 Ross #12028 and Kerry Satterwhite Della Saunders Thomas Saunders #9487 Harriet Savage H. Murray #9253 and Ann Sawyer Peter #14369 and Erin Sayer Marie-Louise and Raymond Scanlan Peter and Allison Scanlan Chris and Holly Schade Charles #11282 and Hyland Schaller Horace #7289 and Helen Ann Scharges Lee Scharges #15289 Fred and Patricia Schaum Kent #12009 and Kathleen Schaum Steven and Aree Scheff Guy and Cynthia Scheffler Nicholas Scheffler #21727 Adam #15993 and Amy Schildge Ronald Schildge Ronald Schildge #16024 Randal Schlemmer and Lauren Barley Janet Schloat Michael #15288 and Julianne #21288 Schloat Ian and Camille Schmidek Carl Schmidt #7322 Steve Schmidt #10875 and Mary Tanneberger #14251 Alexis Schneider #20302 C. William and Linda Schneidereith Ernst #8758 and Betty Schoen-Rene Julien and Chrystele Schoenlaub William and Ashley Schofield Taylor #12916 and Kim #18916 Schollmaier Gary Schopfer #9837 Charles #12868 and Leslie Schott Jacob and Lauren Schramm Aaron Schrauf #23215 John and Roberta Schuldt F. Carl Schumacher #8843 Jeffrey Schwartz and Dawn Gangi Philip and Kelly Schwehm Carol #20637 and Jeffery #22337 Schwoebel Danielle Schwoebel #21337 Hannah Schwoebel #22637 Dennis and Janice Scott John Scully #21549 Nancy Seabol #13741 Seabrook Island Club

Douglas #11301 and Yvonne #13306 Sears Luke and Jane Sears Robert and Sarah Seelert Ben #12818 and Brooke Seessel Alan Segal Madeleine Seibold #20862 Benjamin Seitz-Sitek #21234 Richard and Kristin Selvala Scott and Shana Sepkovic Albert and Deborah Serianni John and Dana Service Duncan Sewall #19658 Gordon Sewall John #7119 and Lorna Seward Edward and Kristine Shadek Mary Kate Shanahan #23603 John #12292 and Jenny Sharpless Anthony and Sheila Shaw Donald #11533 and Susanne Shaw Robert Shaw #5080 Robert #5932 and Anne Shaw Brent Shay #19517 Chung Shea and Kaori Aoyama Robert Shearer and Linda Smith-Shearer Deborah Sheldon William #9670 and Sara Sheldon Faith Shepard Thomas #12473 and Stacey Shepherd Tom and Jennifer Sheppard George #7418 and Gayle Sherman Michael and Bonnie Sherman Judith and Edward Sherry Jeffrey #12817 and Cheryl Shieh George #11262 and Jennifer Shively Zachary Shively #19962 John and Laura Shmerler Alexander #8767 and Patricia #19067 Short Justin Short #15167 Baltimore Rotary Foundation Corey Shuman #17563 Nancy Shutt Riccardo Sicheri and Doriana Russo William and Marylee Siegle Stephen and Marian Sieke Geoff and Kelly Sigg

Spring 2015


Anthony and Susan Simonelli William and Heidi Simons Peter and Merrill Simpson Raese and Ann Simpson Robert #10644 and Katharine Simpson Barbara Simpson Thomas #9663 and Elizabeth Simpson Andrew and Christy Sippel Henry Sippel #21236 Steven Sitek and Marie Seitz Joseph and Joan Skelly Thomas #12533 and Molly Skilton Yefim and Natalya Skomorovsky John Scott #11084 and Karen Slater Kelly Slater #22761 Gregory and JoAnn Slattery William Small #22374 Christopher and Adele Smiles Allen Smith and Katherine Megrue-Smith Briscoe and Lee Smith Bruce and Amy Smith Christopher #11898 and Deborah Smith Christopher #16741 and Ashley Smith Connor P. K. Smith #17920 Connor M. Smith #18754 David #11554 and Nenita Smith David Smith #11261 and Alison Gerstell Diane #23168 and Mike Smith Edward and Christie Smith George Smith H. William and Patricia Smith J. Kevin Smith Jeffrey #9944 and Marie Smith Jeffrey Smith and Kristin Allosso Jesse Smith #22827 Malcolm and Jena Smith Marc Smith and Sarah Maxwell Peter Smith #18048 Philip Smith #11119 and Jodi Duerr Beverly Smith Roger and Frances Smith Shannon and Suzanne Smith Sierra Smith #23768 Theodore #12664 and Laura Smith Andrew #14033 and Virginia Snow Hans Soderquist #17526 Charles Soderstrom #19306 Erik Soderstrom #18306 John and Ann Sorice John Sorich Frances Soverel #9756 Wesley Spahr #12762 Paul and Phyllis Spinale Sarah Spitzer Thomas #9264 and Deanne Spoor Ryan #20594 and Stacey Spring Steven and Suzanne Srebnik Michael and Elinore Standard David Starr #10455 Edward Starr #10093 Kenneth and Karen Stasiek Stacey Stater Paul #10484 and DiAnne Stebbins Rodger Stebbins #10617 Andrew Steen #14932 and Karen Lloyd #18073 Douglas #15409 and Lisa Steen


The Camp DuDley News

Rodger #9503 and Leslie Steen Scott #15509 and Leslie Steen Ernest #8527 and Anna #21527 Steiner Donna Steinhorn Robert and Margaret Stengel Paul #12230 and Kristine Stephens Sterling Name Tape Co. Yuriy Stetsyuk and Yelena Ashim G. Michael Stevens #11373 and Leila Garret-Stevens Jesse Stevens #22843 William Stevens #21373 Donald #7314 and Jeanne Stevenson Craig and Valerie Stewart John and Hannah Stewart C. Roland #9061 and Carole #19061 Stichweh Michael Stokes and Patricia Wendling Radford #7198 and Wendy Stone William and Christina Stoops M. John #8804 and Martha #18204 Storey Matt #13804 and Jessica #16999 Storey The Storey Grandchildren Dorothy Storms #3526 Thomas #10400 and Carolyn Storrier John #8436 and Edith Stovel William Stratton #15069 and Mollie Farnham #22406 Genevieve Street Robert Streett #8022 Dana Stringer #15130 Robert #8608 and Lynn Stroud Lennox #12667 and Elizabeth Stuart John and Jill Stueck C. Ronald #9177 and Barbara Sturz Jonathan Sturz #14177 Paul #9574 and Laurie Sturz Kenneth and Anne Stuzin Michael and Bridget Subak John #7881 and Ann Sudduth Mallory Sudduth #20415 Megan Sudduth #20425 Todd #13179 and Danielle Suhar Christopher #13005 and Katherine Sullivan Dean and Stacey Sullivan Denis and Patricia Sullivan George #8439 and Mary Sullivan McCulloch Sutphin #19052 Mark and Cindy Swank Catherine Sweeny and James Churchill Peter and Sarah Sweeny James and Susan Swindell Morgan Sword #16969 Martha Sword Scott Sylvester #12931 and Christina Lowery Anett Szilagyi #23596 Michael Taranto #12293 and Rocio Vargas John Taylor and Alison Rosa Ken Taylor Carsten Tech #18135 Phyllis Teeter Tracy Tenney #13288 Alfred and Patricia Tessier Ella Tessier-Lavigne #21754 Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Mary Hynes Christopher Thayer #15572 Mac #9272 and Porter Thayer The JJCJ Foundation, Inc The Mountaineer

The Rodgers Family Foundation Philip and Kathleen Theoharides Sarah Thomann #20938 J. Stuart #12426 and Jane Thomas John and Anne Thomas Steven and Arleen Thomas Wayne and Patricia Thomas Abigail Thompson #20940 Carlton #12124 and Anne Thompson Dewey #11640 and Katherine Thompson Joseph Thompson #23650 Christian #15917 and MacKenzie Thorn Sara Thorpe #18904 Peter Tillson #9388 Mackenzie Timbel #20951 Ned and Marguerite Timbel Keith and Robia Timko Patrick and Katherine Timoney Heather #13320 and Paul Titterton Paul Titterton #19667 Sophia Titterton #23601 C. Kent #8958 and Sherilyn Titus Gayle Tobin John Tomkins #22431 and Gail Tompkins Stephen #11186 and Patricia Tomlin Howard Tomlinson #10311 and Kathryn Poole Richard Tomlinson #9606 and Julie Welch Curt Tong Stephen and Stephanie Tonra Thomas and Nancy Tornga David and Alice Tornquist Matthew Tornquist #22643 Douglas Torpie #11894 Luke Torpie #19694 Roger and Patricia Torpie Roger Torpie #11839 Sylvia Tospann Christopher Tousant #15193 Csilla Tovari #22768 Harry #9123 and Bonnie Tower The Estate of Loris Tower Christopher Tozzi #19668 James Tracey and Wendy Scofield Helen Tredwell Anne Tredwell John #11164 and Susan Tredwell Bruce #10067 and Virginia Treiber H. Craig #9968 and Lora Beth Treiber John #9816 and Carol-Ann Treiber Peter #10524 and Irene Treiber Peter Treiber #17525 Samantha Treiber Scott #10525 and Jo-Ellen Treiber John #10268 and Nancy Trent Peter #8612 and Jenda Trowbridge Thomas #7714 and Delinda Trowbridge Tyrel Tryon #23635 Ciaty Tully Robert #12486 and Emily Turek Steven and Tracy Turi Philip #9784 and Barbara Turrell William #9404 and Elizabeth Tyler William and Mary Ughetta George #11630 and JoAnn Uhl Joseph #11815 and Monica Uhl John #11904 and Mary Ulin

Richard Ulin Robert and Linda Umbdenstock Bertan Unal James Underhill #10391 John Underwood and Jennifer Anda John Underwood #19871 Charles #8276 and Beth #19876 Updike Stuart #7582 and Karen Updike Peter and Ann Usher Timothy and Karla Valas Mark #15133 and Emily Valkenburgh Roger and Virginia Valkenburgh Nicolas and Meg Valls Richard and Beverly Van Duyne James #8444 and Colleen Van Hoven Sandra Van Hoven #8219 Christopher #11965 and Kimberly Van Munching Whitney and Alex Van Praagh Peter #12508 and Amanda Van Vranken Ann Vandersteel Osiris Vanible #21729 John #11673 and Kimberly Vanneck Reeve #8972 and Jane Vanneman William #8674 and Irene Vanneman Joe Vasquez and Wendy Regina-Vasquez Alexandra Vassilopoulos Bonita Vaughan #15900 Ann Veghte C. Anthony #12655 and Emily #14777 Verbeck Anne Vernon #20948 Russell and Joanne Vernon Sara Verrone Dwight Vicks #24100 Grant Voeks #21721 Wynn and Catherine Voeks William #10232 and Shawn Vogel Lippold and Christine von Klencke Andrew Vota and Cara Chinchar Greg Wach #14025 Micahel Wade and Mary Malone McCarthy Katie and Jay Wainwright Derek Waldron #23196 Diane Wall Richard Wallace #21364 William and Pamela Waller Bruno Walmsley and Kathie O’Callaghan Barney and Judy Walpole Benjamin Walsh #18104 Theodore Walsh #10402 and Amy Clifton Michael Walter Janet Walther Daniel #14155 and Maureen Walton David and Kristin Walton George #7593 and Judith Walton William and Catherine Wappler Brennan #12536 and Melissa Warble Raymond #9901 and Cornelia Wareham Cameron and Catherine Warner Elizabeth Warner #20353 Wilson and Emily Warren John and Fran Wasley Richard Wastcoat #11561 Daniel Watermeier and Roberta Kane Charles #13062 and Anne Watson Barbara Watson-Rawls John #9216 and Penelope Watt

James #6652 and Marge Weaver George #6463 and Judy Webb Michael Webb #23227 Vanessa Weber Justin Weddle #13436 and Ferrell Motlow Elizabeth Weedn Victor Weedn #21734 Peter Wehmann Edwin and Lisa Weibrecht David Weinstein and Erin Hanley Nicholas and Amanda Weinstock Alice Weissbecker #8472 Susan and Colin Welch Robert and Elizabeth Weld John and Faith Weldon Ann Welles #5445 George Wells #19674 James #14107 and Robin Wells Shelley Wells Wells Fargo Eva Wertimer #21049 John Wertimer #19649 Stephen Wertimer #10649 and Jane Bolster #13282

Thomas Wertimer #10994 and Raylene Salthouse Bernadette Wessels A. Ward #9394 and Pam West David #9675 and Mary West Felix Westpfahl #15250 Klaus Westpfahl #10442 Matthew and Kimberly Wetty Todd Wetzel Mark #14115 and Carolyn Whaling Elizabeth and Denis Whelan Geoffrey #11903 and Lisa Whelan Oliver Whelan #21203 Susan Whelan Carter White #6859 and Becky Christner David and Carrington White David White #22507 Donald #9137 and Barbara White Gerrit #8032 and Elizabeth White Gregory and Dana White Howard and Susan White Kevin White and Anne Giordano Robert and Judy White Roger and Allison White Cutler and Libby Whitman William and Heather Whitman

Stephen Whitmore #13010 and Sasha Loffredo Martha Whitney Kyle Wichser #16943 Jamie #10420 and Brooks Widdoes Bradway #12055 and Martha Widing Samuel Widing #21055 Connor Wielgus Adam Wilber #23662 L. Douglas Wilkerson Ronald Willett Alan #7896 and Luanne Williams Bruce Williams #9527 David and Carolyn Williams Marin Williams #21881 Peter Williams #9500 Thomas Williams #21496 Christopher and Virginia Williamson David #12731 and Catherine Willmott Peter #7731 and Michele Willmott Lewis Willmuth #20725 Hank and Lynne Wilson Atiba Wise Kathryn #23372 and Richard Wiseman Robert #13057 and Jennifer Withington Robert and JoAnne Withington Bernhard #8541 and Elizabeth Witter Matthew Wojciechowicz #19279 Michael and Carolyn Wojciechowicz Rebecca Wojciechowicz #21479 David and Kristen Woll Peter and Lindy Wolverton Clyde Wonderly #6001 Franklin #7086 and Leith Wood Franklin Wood #11729 Jane Wood William and Fidelma Woodley M. Cabell Woodward #6102 W. M. Cary #7071 and Margaret Woodward Lawrence and Gail Woodworth Harold Woolley and Susan Abanor Laurence and Cathy Wooters William and Tricia Workman Wesley #12824 and Melissa Wright Wesley #15284 and Elise Wright Patricia and Tom Wynn Emily Yandoh Kofi Yankey #21684 Sara Yoder #23472 Edwin #10058 and Linda Young Natanya Young #22426 Paul #7755 and Susan Younger Charles Zabriskie #15932 Patsy Zanetti and Lee Vancini ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund Eric and Stephanie Zeigler Martha Zipp Scott and Alison Zoellner

Spring 2015


News & Notes #7114 Torrey Foster, Naples, FL, celebrated his 80th birthday in a very special way. Here’s his message to Matt, “Thought you might be interested in one of the ways I celebrated my 80th birthday this past summer. Skydiving! My wife, Anne, did the same thing at a different location to celebrate her 70th birthday.

, Jamaica Plains, MA, shared the news of a Class IV white water rafting trip on the Madison River in Montana while visiting son #13258 Hans. Peter and his wife are looking forward to the next visit when they will plan a couple of nights at Fairmont Hot Springs.

We also went to the Greenbrier with our six kids and spouses for the big celebration.” Congratulations, Torrey!

, Bonita Springs, FL, wrote, “My 70+ tennis team is still in the hunt for 1st place (where we are now).” Sharky, remembered for his hoop shooting and card dealing at Dudley, prefers the tennis courts these days. He and his wife, Lynn, divide their year between Florida and Chadds Ford, PA.

#7114 Flying high on his 80th birthday!

, Queensbury, NY, writes, “Judy and I have enjoyed watching boys play soccer and boys play football and lacrosse during the fall. We’ve been happy to see #22593 , enjoying his summers at Dudley.” Scarsdale, NY, was the 2014 recipient of the John W. Hill Award, New York’s premier award in public relations. Read more about Bill on page 5. Congratulations, Bill! #7906 Bill , New York, NY, gathered with the rest of his family for this great holiday photo.

#8674 Dr. Bill Vanneman wrote from Ludlow, VT, “I continue doing gastroenterology north of Boston during the week, then Irene and I head to Ludlow, for long weekends. Ski season at Okemo has been good, and Irene and I traveled to Colorado to ski with Vermont friends. Son is doing 2nd year Anesthesiology residency at Mass General Hospital in Boston, and #17174 James is doing computer programming in New York. I look forward to being Camp Doc again this summer. Seems so far away now, as I watch the snow sift down from the grey 14° sky.” Topsham, ME, was at Camp 1953-55. John spends half of his year on the Maine Coast and the balance of the year in The Villages in Florida.

Left to right #12333 Will, #7906 Bill, Sandy (Bill’s wife), #13864 Hilary, and #12770 Todd. Bill and Sandy have enjoyed settling into their new Westport home and enjoy attending Chapel during the summer as residents of the community.


#8457 Bill Campbell, Exeter, NH, shared news. “I’ve stopped teaching altogether now after 55 years, the last seven just part-time. That has allowed us a bit more free time, but I need to learn how to say no to requests to get involved elsewhere. Anne and I did find time to take a cruise down the Rhine River in Europe in October, which was terrific. Both of us are in good health, which we hope continues.”

The Camp DuDley News

#8704 Bill Combs, Millington, NJ, wrote in February. “Greetings from cold, icy New Jersey! Family all well . . . has taken on more responsibility at his San Antonio parish as the pastor has taken an extended sick leave. The Whelan Family members are

News & Notes continued running in different directions as each attends their own school in London. The Cambridge, MA, gang (Van Praagh Family) all love the snow days off from school, but worry whether they will finish in time to attend second half at Dudley/Kiniya! Hope to see the five up there this summer.” Lynne and Bill got a break from winter with a canal trip from Costa Rica to Panama. #8811 Bob Cady, Naples, FL, wrote saying, “Son and I were recently in Ethiopia together (he was doing cataract surgery and I was supervising clinics that treat babies with clubfeet). I’m headed to Haiti in March where I continue to volunteer in an orthopedic clinic.” Washington, DC, has told us we can expect the 4th generation of his family to come to Dudley in the not too distant future. He also provided an update on the family lineage that begins with #4055 Fred Erdtmann who was at Camp from 19271933. What a grand family tradition! Dudley young guy #9137 , Westport, NY, arrived at the Westport Central School gym to watch his grandson, Storey, Nelson and White in the Westport gym. fin, play basketball against Seton of Plattsburgh. He and wife Barbara were quietly getting set for the game when they were rudely interrupted by NY State Athletics Section IV, Southern Tier Czar #8070 Ben Nelson and his old pal on hand to watch grandson #22504 Carter play. A solid victory for the Westport Eagles, and great photography by Griffin. Albany, NY, climbed Buck Mountain in the Lake George area in October 2014. He was with a Glens Falls group called the “Crooked Canes.” Says Kirkham, “I always look north and remember Giant with the Juniors and Marcy with the Seniors . . . and of course ‘Bug Juice’!”

, Brockton, MA, recently retired after 34 years at the Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co. where he served as the Senior Vice President and CMO. He is off to a new career as a consultant. Good Luck, Peter. Greer, SC, retired from global project management at the end of 2012 and now splits his time between living in London and in South Carolina. Says Greg, “We were blessed with a grandson born in April who will hopefully be a third generation Dudley camper!” (Send us the details, Greg, so we can spread the word in the Future Dudleyites section.) writes that he is beginning to write a journal about his trip to Germany in 1965 with leader #8070 Ben Nelson. Says Chic, “The 50th anniversary of that memorable and impressionable experience is very special to me.” We look forward to hearing more from Chic. He wrote as he was preparing to depart for an adventure in Europe. Editor’s Note: We are delighted that Chic has recon#9723 Chic Yancy (back row, far left) at age 15, nected and is and #8070 Ben Nelson next to him. no longer a “lost sheep.” , Mount Airy, MD, writes that he has just completed his 40th year of teaching at Baltimore City Community College. Recently, the fourth edition of his book, Diversity Consciousness, Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures and Opportunities (see was released. Says Richard, “My teaching and my writing reflect some of the earliest lessons I learned at Dudley; namely putting ‘the other fellow first,’ regardless of the other fellow’s race, cultural background, abilities and interests.” Richard is married, the proud father of three and the grandfather of three. Spring 2015


Burns, OR, and #8497 Ken Hill, Pasadena, CA, had a recent reunion with their wives at Ken’s home. Phil writes, “51 years had elapsed since our last communication. We had a great visit.” Editor’s Note: Rumor has it that photos were taken of the historic event but have yet to surface. Hanover, MA, writes, “I have come to the realization that ‘the other fellow first’ has guided my life quite a bit over the past 50-plus years. Thank you, Camp Dudley!” , Peterborough, NH, reports that 2014 was a year of job change for him. He is now the interim CEO at the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, but is getting closer to “serious retirement.” Larry also shared that his mom, Violet, passed away in May at 89. “She loved and supported Dudley all of her married life and she is missed,” he writes. and family celebrated at the Gettysburg College Homecoming event with the Kotz’s on November 1, 2014. is a freshman and is a senior this year. It seems like Gettysburg may become a mini Dudley empire as daughter of , and #20144 Ellie Harrigan, sister of #18970 , are both freshmen this year as well.

Homecoming at Gettysburg College. From Left #19136 Ian Kotz, #19137 PJ Kotz, #21452 Emilie Kotz, #20635 Carolyn Kotz, #12135 Pete “KotzE” Kotz, Terri McCutcheon, #10065 Bill McCutcheon, #22465 Kat McCutcheon

, Scituate, MA, writes, “Son #18720 Ted is now a Private in the US Army stationed at Fort


The Camp DuDley News

Carson, CO. He is attached to the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division and doing very well out there. We’re all a little nervous as we follow world events, but very proud of him! Son is in his sophomore year at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester and loving it. He is doing well, too.” Ed hopes to visit Camp during one of his treks to Tupper Lake this summer. Editor’s Note: Hope you can catch a Hymn Sing! from Huntington, NY, writes, “Attached is a photo of us on the hike we won during the online auction. took us up Mt. Macomb and South Dix for a great hike on a spectacular day. I brought my son, Will, and his cousin, Annabelle. Also in the photo is Paul’s friend, Josh.

Annabelle, Traylor, Will, Josh and Paul enjoying the view.

, Newcastle, ME, replied to a recent inquiry as to the origin of his nickname. “Chewy” wrote, “So . . . it’s my second day at Camp as a Cubbie in 1974. I’m headed to the Archery Range when I’m approached by two guys in front of the Dining Hall asking about my family. I explain my Dad is and they immediately connect the dots and confirm I’m younger cousin. Without hesitation they suggest, “Well . . . Craig’s not here this summer, his nickname was Chewy, so now YOU’RE Chewy!” The name stuck, and I’ve been Chewy ever since.” The story behind the gum, according to “Chewy” is this; “My dear grandmother, Helen Johnson, who summered in Westport, and actually did all the cousin’s laundry (nice!), would stash a couple of packs of gum in the bottom of our laundry bags before sending them back – this despite

News & Notes continued the fact NO gum was allowed at Camp, of course, and Willie would have had a cow. was never happy about it, but that never stopped her!” Editor’s Note: To insure accuracy, fact checking took us to #6581 Berk Johnson, Jr. who said: “As far as it goes, the story is fine and accurate . . . while it never caused me a problem about a nickname, Mother (Helen) did my laundry as well, and before the folks owned Beech Hill in Westport, that meant a round trip to Scarsdale, NY. Gum was not my game, but Toll House Cookies certainly were, and that’s what came back in the bottom of MY laundry box from home — these were always “chewy” because my young sister, Lee, would help bake them and especially liked the raw dough eaten by fingertip. At least that’s my story and I’m ‘sticking’ to it.” Got a story about your nickname? Please pass it along to France. We got a note from Scott’s dad saying, “Scott and his family have just moved back to France from Kinshasa, where they’ve been living for two years. (Scott actually, three). He is back in his old office at the UN’s High Commission for Human Rights office in Geneva, but occasionally traveling back to different countries in Africa. So far, none of the places he’s gone have any Ebola.” We shared the Fall CD News with Scott in France. , Stamford, CT, writes, “My wife Jen and I have been busy working at startups after starting up our family in 2001. Now we have three kids, one dog, a fish and a busy schedule of events.”

Columbia, MD, has been recognized with the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer award and the National Athletic Trainers’ #12135 Pete Kotz in action working with Association - SerZach Dancel who now plays for the Univervice Award. The sity of Maryland.

MAATA award will be presented during the association’s annual meeting in May. The award is “designed to recognize individuals for their service on the district and national levels.” Said Good Counsel High School Principal, Tom Campbell, “We are truly grateful for all that Pete has done and continues to do for Good Counsel and our students. The NATA service award will be presented at the national conference in St. Louis. Congratulations to him on this achievement.” Glad you are on our team, KotzE! South Hamilton, MA, is working on his “fixer-upper,” starting his own consulting firm and coaching girls lacrosse. Ed’s daughter Claire is now eight so Kiniya may be in her future plans. #12783 Jay File, Peachtree, GA, recently celebrated 16 years with Chick-fil-A Corporation in Atlanta where he is a Director of an Operations Management Group that develops and test markets new menu items, analyzes the efficiency of food preparation and timely customer service, and rigorously monitors the customer experience in the highly competitive retail food industry. His son, Brendan, is completing his junior year at the University of Alabama while his oldest daughter, Brianna, is completing her freshman year at James Madison University. Oneonta, NY, is enjoying the challenges of being the Biology Lab Coordinator of SUNY Oneonta. He writes that son #23457 is practicing “the other fellow first” everyday and hopes to see all his camp friends again this summer. #13258 Hans Norstrand, Bozeman, MT, has recently returned from the “lost sheep” ranks. He and his wife, Lacey, are avid skiers and white water rafters. Hans’ eldest daughter is finishing her junior year abroad in Granada, Spain and will graduate UMass Amherst in 2016. His two youngest children Hans Ryan (4) and Thea Mae (2) may be ready for Camp in a few years. Warrenton, VA was the recipient of a 2014 Lockheed Martin NOVA award for teamwork in conjunction with his work on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). Matt, wife Stephi, and their three sons have moved to Warrenton recently. Spring 2015


Hartland, WI, writes, “Just over a year ago I made a move for an internal promotion with Enterprise Holdings from North Carolina to Wisconsin. The family is really enjoying the experience in the Midwest so far.” #13785 Todd Los Angeles, CA, invited his old pal Matt Storey to play a little golf while Matt was in LA for a Dudley Open House. Todd is making television shows through #13785 Todd Lubin, Joshua Burrow, and #13804 Matt Storey his business, Matador Content in Hollywood, CA. Since it was Hollywood, they paired up on the links with Joshua Burrow, an actor whose most recent gig was that of the pirate “Captain Morgan.” The Dudley boys loved hearing stories from around the seven seas. #14140 James Brust, New York, NY, is still living in Harlem with his wife, Sophia (who has the pleasure of working with ), and two sons, Nicholas, and Henry (2). Doctor James is an infectious diseases specialist at Montefiore/Einstein doing global health research, studying Tuberculosis and HIV in South Africa. Medford, MA, is anxiously awaiting the passage of a few more years when Colin (5) and Avery (1 1/2) are ready for their first summers at Camp. Similarly, brother #15090 Ryan, Portsmouth, RI, has Shaelyn (5), Ayleigh (3), and Farryl (1 1/2) waiting in the wings. Still lots of time to learn the Dudley or Kiniya cheers if they don’t already know them. Thanks to parents/grandparents, Ed and Christie, for the update. Bronxville, NY, has moved out of “the City” and is now working at Bridgewater As-


The Camp DuDley News

sociates. Peter and his wife, Sameena, have two future Dudleyites Wyatt (3) and Zadie (8 months). We think the real reason that Peter moved was so he could live in a place where his camp number could be his zip code. was the subject of a note from , of Baltimore, MD. “James launched a new oratorio choir called Camerata Baltimore on Saturday evening at the Perkins Square Baptist Church here in west Baltimore. The group sang Part I of the Messiah by Handel, four neat arrangements of English choral music for Advent, some Christmas spirituals, five fabulously arranged familiar Christmas favorites, and led a Christmas sing-along. The group of 17 was handpicked by James from Morgan State’s incredible choral program. The Handel was remarkably good for such young voices. The solos by

James Mayo, third from right, surrounded by some of his Dudley buddies after the concert.

those young voices were outstanding. The carols and other songs were sung with zest and high professionalism. Patricia and I were so lucky to be there. #21952 was in the chorus, turned pages for the organ accompanist. Vivian Mayo (sister) and Helen Mayo (mother) sat in the front rows, and three Dudley guys, #16384 Taylor drove up from DC for the affair. A Dudley picture was taken and it was quite impressive to see James in the role as a classical maestro!!”

News & Notes continued of Seattle, WA, updated his contact information and reports that he is living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, staying in touch with his Dudley friends through the wonders of Facebook. Lawrenceville, GA, shared the good news that he was nominated “Pharmacist of the Year” at Emory University Hospital in 2014. Congrats Matt! He enjoyed his visit to Camp during the summer of 2014 and appreciated a beautiful outdoor chapel service while there. #15073 Ryan Barba, Dillion, MT, was recently reconnected to Camp. Our source writes, “Ryan and his family just moved from Bozeman to Dillon, MT. He owns a flyfishing and outfitter shop in Melrose, MT, The Sunrise Fly Shop, on the Big Hole River. He has owned his business for 10 years. He went to the University of Montana, worked for NOLS after graduation, and then bought his business. We’re sure his love of the outdoors and nature started at Camp Dudley. Ryan has two boys, Silas who just turned three, and knew the Dudley cheer at age two, and James who just turned one. He and his wife, Katie, have been married for five years.” Check the website: It will make you want to schedule your next fishing expedition! Welcome back, Ryan! Encintas, CA, wrote, “I spent the weekend coaching high school lacrosse with Egan and #14614 in Palm Desert, CA. We have known The palm desert with (L to R) coaches each other since #14614 Chris Packard, #15193 Chris Touswe were campers ant and #14614 John Egan. at Camp Dudley together. We all went to Cornell and continued to be close friends who enjoy getting together and catching up on old times. I believe that Dudley taught us that coaches, much like leaders, can

have a profound effect on young men and women. We learned a great deal during our time at Dudley and hope to pass on to other individuals the wonderful lessons learned during the magical summers on the shores of Lake Champlain. YOHA!” has expanded his family with another boy. Rowan A. Moon was born in May 2014. We are delighted to get this report from #15042 who was a nurse at Camp in 1989-90 and 1994. , Riverside, CA, reunited with Matt at the LA Open House at the Thompson’s home. He is a teacher and basketball coach at San Bernardino Unified School District. Randy’s son, will be a senior this summer. Matt with #16125 Randy in LA.

Lynbrook, NY, finished up at SUNY Cortland in ’03 and has been teaching Health Ed. at Massapequa UFSD for 10 years. He has coached lacrosse at MHS, and won a NYS Class A Championship in 2014. He has recently moved over to Adelphi University and is coaching lacrosse after the school day. Says Mike, “I think of Dudley often. It is a special place. I try to explain it to people, but they don’t get it. That’s okay though. I do miss it. Real life continuously gets in the way of me coming back. Love reading over the quarterly booklets.” Editor’s Note: Get the CD Reunion on your calendar, now — August 21-23, 2015 #16431 Dermell Brunson, Las Vegas, NV, reports that while he has moved to Vegas he is still engaged in serving others. He is the president and founder of Leaders of Tomorrow’s Youth Center, Inc. (LTYC) and Impacting Tomorrow’s Health Center, (ITHC). We received a clue that #16440 Jason Diggs teaches violin and viola. He also performs with different orchestras and works at a music store. Editor’s Note: Jason, Spring 2015


at the time of this writing you are a “Lost Sheep.” We’d love to have you go to so we can get you “plugged back in.” Brooklyn, NY, is married to Leyla Heckrottle. Dave works for the NYC Parks Department as a forester. “Thank you, Camp Dudley, for my first environmental experiences!” Lake Placid, NY, who was at camp in 1996-’98, was featured in the Lake Placid News recently. “Two-time Olympic medalist Andrew Weibrecht, of Lake Placid, celebrates Andrew Weibrecht, after taking fifth place in the World Cup super-G event in Kitzbuehel, Austria It was of Lake Placid, the two-time Olympic medalist’s best-ever turned in the best World Cup finish.(AP photo — Alessandro World Cup finTrovati) ish of his career January 23rd after taking fifth place in the super-G event in Kitzbuehel, Austria. Weibrecht currently ranks eighth in the overall World Cup super-G standings.” Andrew won silver in the men’s downhill at the Sochi, Russia Olympics in February, 2014. Born and raised in Lake Placid, Weibrecht raced on nearby Whiteface Mountain, which hosted the alpine events at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Weibrecht attended The Winter Sports School in Park City, Utah and graduated in 2003. He attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he is majoring in earth sciences and is scheduled to graduate in 2015. In 2012, he married his long time girlfriend, Denja Rand of Lake Placid, NY. His parents, Ed and Lisa Weibrecht, are the proprietors of the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid NY. Baltimore, MD, our “certified ethical hacker for a branch of DoD” shared the latest in branding for his new work laptop. Pat’s new “work” laptop!


The Camp DuDley News

Baton Rouge, LA, wrote to Evan in January. “I wanted to let you know that the Columbia Business School called me about two weeks ago to admit me from the wait list. I’ve just finished the first week of orientation. It’s been a hectic, whirlwind start. I now go to business school for the spring, summer, and fall semesters, and then I’ll return to Klingenstein Center in the spring of 2016, graduating with both degrees (MBA and MA) next May.” was accepted early decision at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business for an MBA. He’ll start the program in August of this year, hoping to focus on Energy Finance. Mom #19629 is “over the moon” as she is a Duke Law School 1985 grad. Boston, MA, now works with Talenar doing technology recruiting and consulting. Rob is looking for Dudley alums and writes, “After my two summers as a leader at Dudley, I finished my undergraduate at Colgate University in 2010, and then moved to NYC for a job in Technology Recruiting/ Consulting. I have since moved to San Francisco, and then ultimately to Boston with the same company. “My firm, Talener Group, has employed a couple Dudley alums in the past and has a growth strategy of hiring sharp entry-level college grads who are looking to develop skills as business leaders. I head up Talener’s Boston office and am continuously hiring. Please feel free to pass along my information to any Dudley alums looking for entry-level business development jobs in Boston (we also have offices in NYC, LA, San Francisco and Chicago).” . Martinez, CA, graduated from Lehigh University with his Masters in Structural Engineering in 2014. He is working in a firm in San Ramon, CA, while preparing to take his professional engineering exam in 2015. Editor’s Note: Thanks for the update #11582 Ed McLaughlin! Oakland, CA, is working for Nielson Neuro as a neurophysiologist and is preparing to apply to med schools. He hopes to matriculate in the fall of 2016.

News & Notes continued Westport, NY, and now at Connecticut College, had a group of Westport and Dudley fans travel to Middlebury College to watch leader Bo and Connecticut College take on the Middlebury Panthers. Middlebury won by a close margin, but Bo played great and captained his team well. A similar crowd of Dudley folks showed up in Bronxville to support Bo.

Krueger, #19666 #19304 Tom Dils and #19674 ls had a wonderful ski trip in Colorado in February.

(L to R) on the slopes in Colorado #18785 Jack Krueger, #19666 Guthrie McGlynn, #19304 Tom Dils and #19674 George Wells.

#18813 Eamon Devlin, Dallas, TX, graduated from Texas Tech in December 2014 with a degree in Finance. He took a little time off to go snowboarding at Telluride, CO, and is now getting ready to enter the world of work in Texas. While visiting NYC in July 2014, Eamon was able to reconnect with his old Dudley friend . The pals went to Jones Beach and took in a concert while together in NYC. Editor’s Note: Next time, plan a quick spin into the North Country boys. Add a Hymn Sing to that list of accomplishments.

The star and his cheering section; (L to R) #19304 Tom Dils, #20637 Carol and # 22337 Jeff Schwoebel, #19399 Bo McKinley, #22637 Hannah and Abbey Schwoebel, Hudson Stephans, #22804 Rachel Storey, Mackenzie Stephens, #16999 Jessica, #21204 Ellie, and #22504 Carter Storey.

Oyster Bay Cove, NY, gathered with a good group at the home of and Jo Ellen Treiber for brunch after Leaders’ Luncheon. Try to see if you can name the Treibers shown before you check out the caption.

(L to R) #18731 David McCann, #19331 Dylan McCann, #20697 Jack McCann, #18471 Ethan Corcoran, #19399 Bo McKinley, #22471 Ted Corcoran, #21645 Luke Bolster and #22445 Clay Bolster

(Front Row L to R) #19325 Willie Treiber with Piper, #19225 Tom Treiber with P. Ant - deceased (Back Row L to R) #19331 AaLeiyah Clifford, #19616 Will Krueger #19331 Dylan McCann, #18735 Jack Krueger, #19825 Matt Treiber, #18731 David McCann, #21625 James Treiber Spring 2015


#19496 Jane Cambridge, MA, checked in from Leader’s Luncheon this year. She reported a “robust” gathering and lots of folks catching up with friends from bygone summers.

of gathering!

Baltimore, MD, shared terrific news that he has been admitted to the Naval Academy! Congratulations, Tre! You join a long list of alums who have served our country! Thank you.

(L to R) #19496 Jane Phelan, #16242 John Dempsey, #16865 Kevin “OD” O’Donnell, and #16770 Todd Ives enjoying each other’s company at Leaders’ Luncheon.

We received a “Lesko family update,” from Darien, CT. is a sophomore at Swarthmore College. is a freshman at the University of Michigan. is a sophomore at Darien High School. Lebanon, NH, is a freshman at Northeastern University School in Boston. He sings with a men’s a cappella group called “The UniSons.” Editor’s Note: Could a “Sing-Off” star be in Dudley’s future? Stafford, VA, became a midshipman at the Villanova Navy ROTC, October 7, 2014. , Cedar Grove, NJ is a freshman at the University of Arizona. He reports that the enthusiasm at Arizona is similar to Camp Dudley. #20203 Bethlehem, PA, and an impressive “Kiniya Krew” attended the wedding reception


in Florida. What a terrific

#21081 Cassidy Boylan, Red Bank, NJ, reports that her summer trip to India in 2014 was “educational and quite a memory.” She is excited to be returning to Kiniya in 2015. Matt had a wonderful trip to visit with former board member and friend (on tip toes) in Florida last December.

Matt and Dick (on tip-toes).

#21602 Freddy Hayes, Manhattan Beach, CA, and his sister went to the Syracuse vs. Colgate hoop game at the Carrier Dome in late December with the Storeys. The Coynes and Guess who these guys were cheerHearons loved the big ing for? (L to R) #22804 Rachel SU win! and #21204 Ellie Storey, #21702 Sarah Hayes, #22504 Carter Storey, #21602 Freddy Hayes

(L to R) #20203 Mary Piazza, #20076 Anne Kennedy, #20194 Meagan Oliver, #21001 Randy Breeckner, #20466 Emily Goodwin, #20297 Chloe Potash

The Camp DuDley News

Oceanside, CA, received a surprise when his dad #23164 Brigadier Daniel Yoo, returned home a day early from a year’s deployment to Afghannistan. General Yoo arrived in time to see Alex take the coin toss as he captained his freshman team. Read all about the reunion. It’s a great story. Editor’s Note: Glad you are home, General, and thanks for your service and sacrifice.

News & Notes continued ton and #21547 met up after a Newark Academy football game last fall where the three young leaders reunited.

#22344 Dajour Fisher, #21249 Jordan Washington and #21547 Scotty McGraw

Moorhead, MN, reported that she graduated on December 18, 2015 from Minnesota State University. She has a BS in Exercise Science and minors in Psychology and Coaching. Editor’s Note: Just wondering if they had to bring Kaylee’s diploma to the highest point on the challenge course to make the presentation. New York, NY, sent along this great shot of “Three Dudley generations of the Haskell family . . . #5856 and #22851 !” Charlie’s mom, and grandmom, , were Dudley staffers during the 1990s.

Charlie, George, and Grampa Bill Haksell celebrate their Dudley tradition.

Former Dudley Board Chair Canning swapped his three-piece suit for bib overalls, gaiters, insulated boots, jacket and snowshoes to lend a weekend hand to #9555 Randy Quayle, and his Lake Placid Red Fox Maple operation. The goal? . . . to install 900 taps in Randy’s sugar maples. If TC’s work with financial consultation and restructuring transactions goes south, he has a new skill set that may allow him to crack the maple industry. “I like it,” said TC. “It’s organic, sustainable, and renewable.” Red Fox Maple is now up and running and waiting for 32°+ temperatures so the sap will start to run. All for a good

Join us for Dudley/Kiniya Work Weekend! A long-standing annual tradition, Work Weekend will take place Friday May 15th – Sunday May 17th. Many attendees have been coming with friends and family for nearly two decades. And though the weekend is a lot of fun and an opportunity to see friends, it’s also a huge help to our Maintenance Teams. Many tasks that are essential for getting our camps ready for the summer (in both Westport and Colchester) . . . painting, gardening, small-scale construction projects . . . are achieved during these 72 hours. We hope you’ll consider joining us this year and maybe making it an annual tradition of your own. Plus, it’s no secret that the food is fabulous and mid-May is one of the most beautiful times of year to be on Lake Champlain. No black flies, no mosquitoes — we promise! Call or email Dawn at 518-962-4720 or cause — Red Fox Maple donates the majority of its maple syrup to the Shipman Youth Center in Lake Placid which sells the syrup to help support the loTC Canning tapping into an evergreen resource. cal community youth center. Spring 2015


Weddings Weddings On September 20, 2014 married Mary Beth Coughlin in Long Island, NY. Pictured with him are best man and brother and his parents Tom and Joan Skelly. Also in attendance was #13817 James Feuer.

#21001 Randy Key West, FL, married Kenneth Johnston. Both are now serving in the Coast Guard which is where they met. The wedding was October 14, 2014. Randy was lucky enough to have a terrific Kiniya delegation present for the reception. (See News & Notes #20203 Mary Piazza.) Randy and Ken Johnston

Michael and Mary Beth Skelly, with his parents Tom and Joan and brother Dan.

was married to Ashley Conti on Saturday, November 15th in Amherst, NH. Brother was Best Man, and longtime Dudley pals and served as groomsmen. Chris and Ashley have returned to Boston after spending a wonderful honeymoon in Belize.

Remember to send us your wedding

married Ginny Taft on October 4th, 2014 at Point O’ Pines summer camp in Brant Lake, NY. They were surrounded by their loving friends and family, including many from the Dudley Family. The lake and surrounding Adirondacks provided a backdrop reminiscent of Camp and their love of the outdoors. A great time was had by all! The happy couple currently live in Brookline, MA.

Rob and Ginny with Dudley & Kiniya friends. May be a record for the number of folks carrying camp numbers at a wedding.


The Camp DuDley News

Future Dudleyites #15107 Trevor and his wife were pleased to welcome their son, Samuel Brearty on May 23, 2014.

Leaders of 1958

Honor a Camp Leader

Samuel Brearty Gibbons sporting the colors!

and are happy to announce the arrival of their twins, George Collins Degnan and Helen Louise Degnan, who arrived 10/30/2014 at 6:34pm and 6:43pm. Helen is 19.5”, while George is 19.69”, both were 6 lbs. 12 oz. Everyone is doing well and is happy and healthy. (No C-section required!)

Who: You and all the friends you can muster What: The 2015 Online “HONOR A CAMP LEADER” GIVING CHALLENGE When: June 8, 2015 at noon for 24 HOURS ONLY! Where: A computer near you Why: Each of us connected with Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya has been inspired by at least one leader. It may have been our leader, the leader of a child or a grandchild. This is a special event set aside to honor those who make summers great. Make an online gift in honor of that leader during the 24 hours starting at noon on June 8! Stay tuned for more details. George and Helen Degnan with their very proud parents, Michael and Elena. Spring 2015


Obituaries Jack Williams – Driving Force Behind Camp Kiniya Colchester, VT, passed away November 6, 2014 at age 90. He and his wife, Marilyn, were the longtime owners and directors of Camp Kiniya which Dudley acquired in 2006 as its girls’ camp. Jack grew up in Troy, NY, and entered St. Lawrence University (SLU) in Canton, NY. He volunteered for the Army in 1942, fighting in Africa and Italy. Wounded twice, he was awarded a Purple Heart. Returning to SLU, he was Class President, led the baseball team, and was a member of Beta Theta Pi. Following graduation in 1948, he worked as Field Director for the Red Cross in New England. He met Marilyn “Mimi” Pomerene, and they married in 1950. A year later, at ages 27 and 24, they embarked on their life’s work of 55 years, running Kiniya on Lake Champlain, which flourished under their direction. He and Marilyn did this while raising five children and later being “Grandpa Jack” to nine grandchildren. Said Kiniya Director Marnie McDonagh, “Throughout his 51 years as Director, Jack was an away-from-home fatherfigure to many of us. He always showed interest in whatever task we were taking on and challenged us to think about the best possible approach to ensure the ideal outcome. Jack knew every detail of the Kiniya operation and was a very savvy businessman. With Mimi by his side he instilled in all of us an appreciation for a simple life, inspired by love and guid-


The Camp DuDley News

ed by knowledge. I am so thankful to have known and learned from him, and for the wonderful experience he created with Mimi for thousands of Kiniya girls.” Jack remained in the Vermont family home with Mimi, close to his large family, until his death, hosting family gatherings, telling stories and touring the gardens in his golf cart. Marilyn, his wife of 64 years, predeceased him in September 2014. Survivors include his daughters, Sharon Williams Dennett and husband, Dr. Douglas Dennett, of Essex, and their children, David Dennett and wife, Natasha, and Jack’s first great-grandson, Maximus Williams Dennett; Sarah (Dennett) Cookler and husband, Logan; Kathryn (Dennett) Carpenter and husband, John; Mary L. Williams and partner, Jim Curlis, of Delaware, OH; and Anne Doremus and husband, Greg, of Shelburne, and their children, Jeffrey and Theodore; his sons, Kyle D. Williams and wife, Colleen, of Colchester, and their children, Mathew, Kevin, and Aidan; and John “Jay” Harmon Williams of Colchester, and his daughter, Teah; Jack’s nephew, Douglas Scott; and Mimi’s niece and nephew, Tony and Robert Pomerene. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Donations may be made to The Marilyn and Jack Williams Camp Scholarship Fund. Kiniya memories are also being gathered. (contact

Jack and Marilyn Williams, center, with their Kiniya staff

Obituaries Belmont, MA, passed away June 13, 2014 at the age of 89. He was at Camp in the late 1930s. His wife, Carolyn, wrote, “He loved Dudley! Maybe our grandchildren will want to have the same special experience.” Chan’s stepfather donated Suter Cabin and his mother’s relative (Mrs. Barksdale) donated the electrical wiring for Camp. Chan was born in Cambridge, MA, in 1925, graduated from Belmont Hill School ’43, attended Dartmouth College’s V-12 military program and served the US Navy from 1943-46. He returned to Dartmouth, then graduated from Gettysburg College in 1950, and also studied at Columbia Business School in New York. A Television Pioneer, he worked at CBS TV on the Ed Sullivan show, moved to Boston in 1957, where he founded New England Spot Sales (NESS) in 1961. He was active in the television industry, before retiring in 2000. He loved European and American history and was active in the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants; the Sons of the American Revolution and American Legion; Belmont’s Dramatic Club and Historical Society. He was a Director of Camp Allen, a NH camp for mentally and physically disabled people of all ages. Chan is survived by his wife of nearly 47 years, Carolyn (Webb) Bingham, of Belmont, his daughter Susan, twin granddaughters Rowyn and Dana, and grandson Ewan, of Waltham, and his sister Elizabeth (Bingham) Witzgall of MD. He was also the brother of the late George Hutchins Bingham III and Eugene Francois Suter, Jr.

#5774 Ronald James Lewes, DE, passed away June 7, 2014 at age 87. He attended Camp in 1938-1940, which, as his wife, Carolyn, wrote, “Was one of the best experiences in his young life.” Ron was born in 1926 in Buffalo, NY, taught at

the Small Business Administration at Temple University, where he had received his MBA degree. Ron worked for the National Gypsum Company, Kaiser Aluminum and Phoenix Steel. Ron was an Army Veteran of WW II having served in the American Theatre. He was a member of St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church, Lewes, DE, and a member of the Knights of Columbus. An avid reader, he completed two to three novels a week. He loved listening to his wife’s organ recitals and spending time with his dogs. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Carolyn W. Cullen Fogerty; two sons, #9678 Thomas Joseph Fogerty (Maureen) of Chicago, IL and #11775 James Martin Fogerty of Phoenix, AZ; two daughters Patricia Maureen Grossman of Phoenix, AZ and Margaret Ann Memoli (Mark) of Pottstown, PA; six grandchildren, Michelle, #18374 Eric, Mark, Megan, Harriet and Francesca and two great grandchildren, Darren and Andrew. Atlanta, GA, passed away on October 22, 2014 at age 87. He was at Camp in the late 193040s along with his brother #5866 Doug Smith. Their father #1683 Randolph also attended Camp. An Atlanta native, Randy graduated from The Marist School and attended Georgia Tech but joined the Army Air Corps after his first semester during WWII. He received his engineering degree at Tech in 1949 and was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Following construction experience with several firms, he started a construction company with partner John Cothran in Atlanta in 1963. SmithCothran, Inc. built new construction, renovations, and additions in the Atlanta metro area. For over 30 years, Smith’s home was in Roswell, GA, where he coached his son’s basketball, softball, and football teams. Smith was a 51-year member of the Atlanta Yacht Club, where he sailed competitively. He was also a self-taught artist who once considered painting as a career. Smith’s family admired his work ethic, quick humor, enthusiasm and energy. His first wife, Betty, died in 1995. He is survived by his wife, Charlene, his Spring 2015


Obituaries brother, Dr. Douglas Smith of Atlanta, his children, Tara Smith Whitworth of Alexandria, VA, Dr. Amanda Smith Hodges of Musella, GA, and Kevin R. Smith of Roswell, GA, stepson Charles Webb of Atlanta, and 11 grandchildren. Greenwich, CT, passed away on November 21, 2014 at age 74. He was at Camp from 1950-1953 with his brother #8659 John Schatvet. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Chuck was a graduate of Darien High School and the School of Printing Management of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon University). He was an officer in the U.S. Army, stationed in Orleans, France. He succeeded his father as president of The Adams Group, Inc., a printing firm in New York City that his grandfather founded in 1903. Chuck was active with the Printing Industries of Metropolitan New York and as president of the Young Printing Executives Club. A longtime Darien, CT, resident, his was a passionate Long Island Sound sailor. He loved his daughters’ activities, including their Y Indian Princesses and many Memorial Day parades. In his later years, he ran an oldfashioned Good Humor truck through the neighborhoods of Darien. Mr. Schatvet was a lifelong member of the Noroton Presbyterian Church. He is survived by three loving daughters and their families: Tracey and Josh Adams (and granddaughters Abigail and Jessie) of Charlotte, NC, Sandra and Scott Henry (and grandchildren Boone, Tucker, and Tilley) of Fairfield, and Lillan and Aaron Lofaro of Stamford, his former wife, Sigrid Steuer Schatvet, of Bridgeport, CT, his sister Helen S. Ullmann of Acton, MA, and brother John D. Schatvet of Topsham, ME, and three nieces. passed away December 10, 2014 at the age of 63 at the Williston, VT, Respite Center, cared for by his dear friend, Robin Gajewski and the many nurses and staff. Roy attended Camp in 1961-1963 and lived in Westport for many years. Born in Pasadena, CA, Roy attended Westport Central School in middle school and McDonough Military


The Camp DuDley News

School in Baltimore, MD. for high school. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Roy married Dana Allen in 1978 and with her had three children, raising his family in Westport. He worked for Mountain Lake Services for 35 years. He also became a Reiki Master in 2004 that enabled his continual healing of self and others. He loved the outdoors, focusing on his garden and the grounds. His great sense of humor was matched by his gentle, lovable demeanor, and his kindness. He loved to play, and was an agile athlete in tennis, platform tennis, ping pong, kayaking, golf and basketball. He loved his land from childhood, spending hours upon it, identifying trees, cleaning the dam, and listening to the sound of the stream. Roy is survived by his three children, Emma Gibbs (Matthew Brankman), #17659 Owen Gibbs, and Sarah Gibbs, his brother, #9660 Scott Gibbs (Margaret), sister, Mary Mead (Stephen); his niece and nephews, #16260 Gerrit Gibbs (engaged to Sita Sanders), #17660 Chris Gibbs (Hannah), Tyler Rathbun (Megan) and Liza Rathbun (engaged to Matt Straub) and his beloved granddaughter, Sophie (daughter of Emma and Matthew). died on December 15, 2014 at 89. He was a Dudley AHut staff member in 1965-1968 and 1970-1971. Bill was born in 1925 in Greenwich, CT, raised in Port Chester, NY, graduating from Port Chester High School where he played basketball and baseball. At age 17, Bill enlisted in the US Navy, serving as an Aviation Radio Man Second Class and Arial Gunner. He was decorated with the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Presidential Unit Citation. Bill received an undergraduate and master’s degree from New York University and a master’s degree from CCNY. In 1954, Bill married Joan M. Shea in Greenwich, CT. They raised their family in Bedford, NY. Bill worked as Athletic Director for Bronxville

Obituraries High School coaching varsity golf, track, football and basketball. Bill and his family spent many summers at Dudley, splitting their time in retirement between Vero Beach, FL, and Martha’s Vineyard, MA. His biggest and brightest joy was spending his time with his grandchildren. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Joan Shea Green, and their four children: #10562 Bill Green – of St. Peterburg, FL; Betsy Reilly (Vincent) of Darien, CT; Kathy O’Connor (Michael) of Livingston, NJ and Kerry David of Greenwich, CT. He is also survived by his five grandchildren: Matthew Reilly, Katie O’Connor, Meghan Reilly, Erin David, and Kelly O’Connor. Aspen, CO, passed away July 27, 2013 at age 40. He was at Camp from 1974-78. Brian was born in 1963, in Huntington, NY, to #7406 Donald and Karin Speck. In 1974, Brian moved to Aspen with his mother Karin and his sisters, Kim, Jennifer and Leslie Christina. A graduate of Aspen High in 1981. He studied at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan learning Japanese. He returned to Denver studying Finance and Real Estate at U. Denver. Brian worked in California before returning to Aspen where he became president of Stewart Title Company. He was active on the Aspen Planning and Zoning Board and the Elks. Brian had a big heart, loved people, had many friends, and will be very much missed. of Norwich, NY, passed away on September 21, 2014 at age 51. Tom spent four summers at Camp Dudley, 1975 -’79. At Norwich High School, he played basketball, tennis, and soccer. He attended George Washington University, and enjoyed painting, reading, and writing. He had lived in Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, and Rochester, before returning to Norwich. Tom is survived by his parents, James I. and Donna C. Dunne, his brother, #11984 James M. Dunne II, his sister, Molly Stokes (Kevin) and her family, his grandmother Ann Clifford of Binghamton, NY, his aunt Mary Ann Taranto, Jupiter, FL, Sharon C. Greene, uncle Marc Clifford, Binghamton, NY, nephews Jack and

Shay Stokes, niece Ivory Stokes, and a cousin, #12203 Michael Taranto. Tom always said that his summers at Camp Dudley were among the best times of his life. Baltimore, MD, passed away on October 9, 2014 at the age of 52. His sister Laura Rothermel wrote that, “Peter loved his Camp years from 1976-79. He attended Baltimore area reunions and we reminisced shortly before his death. His nephew #19267 Michael ‘MJ’ Rothermel also attended. Peter influenced my son Michael to attend camp. It made a positive impression in Michael’s life. I am grateful for all the memories Camp Dudley brought Peter and Michael.” Peter was the father of James A. Glauber, son of Marilyn R. and Keneth R. Glauber of Elizabethtown, PA, brother of Mary Glauber Szkalak of Rising Sun, MD, and Laura Glauber Fehr of Palmyra, PA. He is also survived by two nieces and three nephews. Pacific Palisades, CA, father of camp doctor #13469 Joe Donahue passed away October 21, 2014 at age 75. He was born in Chicago, IL, in 1939, graduated from High School in Oak Park, IL, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and earned an MBA at the University of Chicago. He retired from the Army in 1963 to pursue a career in finance at Merrill Lynch and Fieldpoint Private Bank in Greenwich, CT. “Duty, honor, country,” West Point’s motto, was his guiding principle as he dedicated his life to serving others. He was active in many community organizations, Dan and his wife, Judy, high school sweethearts, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last year. He is survived by Judy, children, Daniel, #13469 Joseph, and Laura, his daughter-in-law Katharine, (Michael), and his seven grandchildren, #22469 Henry, #22069 Samuel, #23369 Hannah, #22576 Charles, #21426 Daniel, Connor, and Ryan. of Norwich, NY, mother of #15296 “Big Joe” Maiurano, passed away January 16, 2015 at age 98. Rose was born in Waltham, MA, in 1916, and moved to Norwich, NY. In 1933 she married Joseph E. (Pep) Maiurano and was blessed with six children. She Spring 2015


Obituraries loved caring for her many grandchildren. Her greatest joy was having her entire family congregate on Sunday for her famous spaghetti and meatball dinner. Rose was predeceased by her husband, Joseph, and her son, James Maiurano. She is survived by her daughters, Rosaria Delmonico, Catherine Stewart, Mary and Richard Fern, and Joanne Tarbell; her sons, Francis (Pep) and Carol Maiurano, and #15296 Joseph P. and #15589 Dawn Maiurano, her brother, Andrew D’Ambra, 19 grandchildren, 30 great grand-children, and one great-great-grandchild.

Carolyn Beemer Westport, NY, died on September 25, 2014 at age 89. Carolyn was born in1925 in Plattsburgh, NY, graduating from Plattsburgh High School and Elmira College. She returned to Plattsburgh to work in the family business, Beemer’s, Inc. until 1983. In 1951 Carolyn married Llewellyn R. Phillips in Plattsburgh, moving to Westport, NY, in 1955 when Lew was employed by the Lake Champlain National Bank (now Champlain National Bank). Carolyn was a loyal member of the Westport Federated Church/Council, treasurer of the Scholarship Fund and the Historical Society, volunteered at the Westport Central School, Westport Day, and Church dinners. Carolyn was a keen golfer, bridge player, and will be remembered as a quiet, intelligent, and warm person who lived a wonderfully independent life. She is survived by her daughters, Cheri and Lynn, her son-in-law, Jack Ellerkamp, and her four grandsons, #19774 Theodore Bakewell, Graeham Ellerkamp, Owen Ellerkamp and Oliver Ellerkamp. Raritan Township, NJ, passed away on November 7, 2014 at age 72. Her son, #13365 Brendan was at Camp in the 1980s. Patricia was raised in Port Reading, NJ, graduated from St. Mary’s High School ’60 in Perth Amboy, received nurse training


The Camp DuDley News

at St. Francis Hospital ’63 in Trenton, and received a BA from Douglass College. A nurse for many years with the Franklin Township School System, she a volunteered with Planned Parenthood and Hunterdon Hospice. She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, #13365 Brendan and Kathryn Pribish of Austin, TX, her daughter, Heather Robinson of Chatham, her former husband, John J. Pribish of Princeton, her sister, Margaret “Peggy” Neves of Longmont, CO, as well as her four grandchildren, #22918 Morgan, #22916 Bridget, Pierce, and Hudson. Caroline passed away in Baltimore on January 21, 2015. Josh was at Camp in 2005-2009. The son of John Crump and Crystal Caroline, Josh was born March 24, 1994. Josh was raised in Baltimore, MD, and educated in the Baltimore City public schools. A gifted student, Josh was accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. He graduated Valedictorian of the Class of 2008 at Chinquapin Middle School. He graduated from Polytechnic Institute, graduating in 2012 where he was known as “the human calculator.” He then attended Penn State University where he majored in bioengineering. Josh had a winning smile, loved to boss his little sister and loved his family deeply. He enjoyed cooking, (but not cleaning up the dishes,) and had a deep love of praise and worship, initiated by his mother. Josh leaves his mother Crystal, father John Crump, grandmother Brenda Caroline, grandfathers Michael Lofton and Pastor Izelle Crump, three brothers Justin Caroline, Miles and Shawn Crump, two sisters Courtney and London Caroline, aunts and uncles, a great aunt and uncle, cousins, nieces, a nephew, a special friend Ellise Hall, a god daughter and host of other relatives and friends. The family asked that donations in his memory be made to Camp Dudley.

One Light* One Light Shines out across the sky. One Star with many roads thereby. A Beacon to draw you on; A Blessing that fills you from The Child that you carry as you go. One Lord to carry in your heart. A promise you have before you start. To bless you, to keep you, To never leave you weeping in the dark and threatening seas; To bless you, to keep you, Across the trouble waters of your gold and silver sea. *Lyrics by #11444 Henry Timm Music by #9373 Pete Edwards

The map of Camp Kiniya and the surrounding areas first appears in the 1928 Camp Kiniya prospectus, which is one of Kiniya’s greatest treasures. Read more on page 26.



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Image from the 1915 Camp Dudley recruiting brochure and used on the cover of Camp Dudley, The First 100 Years.

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2015 Spring Camp Dudley News  

2015 Spring Camp Dudley News