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THE 4TH CLEANTECH INVESTING SEMINAR 26 & 27 November 2013 MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA, Switzerland Uniting significant family offices, investors and innovators to promote investment in today’s expanding CleanTech sector

The 4th Annual Investment Seminar Uniting Family Offices and other Private Investors with CleanTech Innovators

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About the Seminar Now in its 4th edition, The CleanTech Investing Seminar offers a perfect combination of the latest investment opportunities in game-changing technologies and unrivalled programme content providing first-hand insight and opinion from senior-level CleanTech experts. Pre-arranged one-to-one meetings and extensive networking opportunities will give investors and entrepreneurs ample opportunity to identify and meet with the companies and individuals that are right for you. Developed in conjunction with our exclusive Investor Advisory Board, this year’s agenda has been comprehensively researched to cover the most up to date issues within this ever-developing sector and will provide delegates with the vital intelligence and advice needed to succeed into 2014 and beyond.

Who should attend?

Key statistics from CTI 2012

• Investors with a core interest in CleanTech • Senior representatives from major CleanTech-related corporations

17 21

Countries Represented Speakers Presenting Companies showcasing their technologies

• Family offices and private investors

30 141

• Investors with a focus on impact investing


Booked One-to-One meetings

• CleanTech early- to mid-stage companies seeking financing


Previous participants by country and sector:

New for 2013 – The Investor Advisory Board

An average of 141 delegates have attended each of the last editions of the CleanTech Investing Seminar, with these delegates representing 19 countries.

Some of the most pro-active investors in the sector, bringing their wealth of experience and insight into the CTI series.

Consulting / Other Government / Academia / VC / Private Equity / Industry Other Private Investors

• Managing Director, GreenTek Ventures, Switzerland • Advisor, Global CleanTech Capital, Netherlands • Investment Director, Akuo Investment Management SA, Luxembourg • Investment Director, CDC Climat (Caisse des Dépôts Group), France • Managing Director & CEO, Chrysalix SET, Netherlands

Cleantech Presenting Company

Supported by

Cleantech Corporate

• Founder & Managing Partner, Mountain Cleantech AG, Switzerland • Venturing Principal, BP Ventures, UK

Benefits of Attending exclusive access to 40 pioneering cleantech innovators who will showcase their latest technologies and provide investors with a diverse range of opportunities for investment. The presentations will be streamed for the benefit of the audience and will include product information, stage of business, expected growth rates, exit strategy plans and the level of funding required.

private one-to-one meetings with the innovators and investors of your choice to discuss potential business opportunities and foster future relationships. We have invested in brand new meeting software allowing you to control your event experience, both in advance and on-the-day via your own portable devices. The system will allow you to control your conference experience and make the most of your one-to-one meeting time by pre-arranging your twenty minute meetings. You will also have the opportunity to access company profiles and be able to search by selecting the demographic of your choice.

exclusive keynote presentations and interactive workshops have been designed with industry experts to provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to flourish in today’s economic climate. Key sessions include: •

What is CleanTech Today? State of the Nation Address

Investment in CleanTech Panel – The Sources of Funding and Strategies for Success

CleanTech companies pitch their investment opportunities

Drivers of Demand for CleanTech – Who Decides Which Technologies to Use?

Government Impact – Shaping the Future of the CleanTech Sector

Global Development – Strategies for Accessing Markets Worldwide

great peer-to-peer networking opportunities with leading investors, major CleanTech corporations and clean technology companies who will all be reunited under one roof, offering a chance to discuss new business opportunities.

Previous Innovators and Technology Providers presenters include:

SEMINAR PROGRAMME – DAY ONE Tuesday, 26 November 2013 08.30-09.15

Registration and Refreshments


Welcome from the Canton of Vaud Raphaël Conz • Economic Promotion Manager, State of Vaud, Switzerland


chairman’s opening remarks Prof. Daniel Favrat • Director, Energy Centre, EPFL, Switzerland


what is cleantech today? state of the nation address Clean technologies are playing an ever increasing importance in everything from political manifestos to CSR policy of the world’s biggest firms and the moral consciousness of society. Given these clear drivers of demand, what is the effect on the CleanTech investment sector? What are the biggest influencers, movers and shakers impacting the industry today? Led by an industry recognised knowledge leader giving unique insight into the latest statistics and influences driving the sector


investment in cleantech panel – the sources of funding and strategies for success Recent investments in CleanTech have come from a wide range of investors from VC’s to major corporations to angel investors. With the potential to deliver returns on a range of differing strategies and objectives, what appeals most to some of today’s most pro-active investors? How do investment strategies differ and are there proven recipes for success? • Where is investment coming from? • What are the implications of today’s VC investment cycle for the sector? • How can investment be structured for success of both investor and technology company? • Where do exit opportunities come from in today’s economic climate? Vishnu Amble • Principal, Global CleanTech Capital, Netherlands Stéphane Boudon • Investment Director, Akuo Investment Management SA, Luxembourg Pascale Siegwart • Investment Partner, Astor Capital Partners, France


Morning Networking Coffee


cleantech companies pitch their investment opportunities Venues: Presenting Company Rooms 1 & 2 These sessions are dedicated to CleanTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.


how to attract funding and successfully develop your technology Venue: Main Conference Room Interactive workshop session for technology providers and investors alike. Learn what makes a successful technology company, what do investors want to see and how to attract investors for current and later rounds.


Networking Lunch


cleantech companies pitch their investment opportunities Venues: Presenting Company Rooms 1 & 2 These sessions are dedicated to CleanTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms.


drivers of demand for cleantech – who decides which technologies to use? In order to develop highly relevant, in-demand and therefore profitable technologies, understanding the drivers of demand will help both investors and tech companies focus on the areas where they can have the biggest impact. Where is demand coming from? • Do Government and NGO initiatives drive demand for new tech? • Does greater CSR focus in the private sector result in development of new technology? • What are the major energy companies looking for? • Does demand for tech differ between regions – should innovators target specific countries? Akira Kirtin • Venturing Principal, BP Ventures, UK Rupert Shaw • Partner, Pioneer Point Partners LLP, UK Christian Häuselmann • Co-Founder, swisscleantech, Switzerland


Afternoon Networking Coffee


one-2-one: special pre-scheduled individual one-2-one meetings will be taking place in our dedicated meeting area. this session will consist of 4 x 20min one-to-one meetings. Venue: Meeting Room End of Day One


Networking Drinks Reception Exclusively hosted by our sponsoring partner, this will be an informal reception allowing you to network with all attendees, building and extending valuable networks.

SEMINAR PROGRAMME – DAY T WO Wednesday, 27 November 2013 08.30-09.30

Registration and Refreshments


chairman’s day two opening remarks Prof. Daniel Favrat • Director, Energy Centre, EPFL, Switzerland


government impact – shaping the future of the cleantech sector Governments have the power to set green targets and support or block sectors and technologies, but what does this mean for entrepreneurs and investors? Is support from regional, national and European government always for the long-term best? How can those in power influence CleanTech development, set regulations and stimulate investment? • Are subsidies harmful to the industry? • Do European governments have a clearly identifiable agenda and strategy with regards to CleanTech development? – If so, how can Tech firms take advantage of this? • Should Regulatory Policy be used to protect certain technologies? • How can Governments support CleanTech development through non-fiscal and non-regulatory means? Rene Savelsberg • Managing Director & CEO, Chrysalix SET, Netherlands Philippe Müller • CleanTech Section Leader, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland Jürgen Habichler • Founder & Managing Partner, Mountain Cleantech AG, Switzerland


tomorrow’s world, today It is easy to be swept away with the increasingly rapid progress in the technology sector today with predictions of how future technologies will revolutionise the way we live. What technologies are improving the way we live today? What are the world’s leading companies focused on and what does this mean for the way in which we face environmental challenges?


Morning Networking Coffee


cleantech companies pitch their investment opportunities Venues: Presenting Company Rooms 1 & 2 These sessions are dedicated to CleanTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities in different sectors to an audience of investors. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation rooms.


Networking Lunch


global development – strategies for accessing markets worldwide From the developed world to emerging markets, opportunities for commercialising clean technology are arising the world over, so how can new technologies tap into these opportunities? Through understanding global markets and setting your strategy accordingly, how can your investments and technologies break into exciting new frontiers? • Are Emerging Markets purely gateways for small tech and impact investing? • What opportunities exist within established markets for start-up companies? • Build, develop, multiply – how to expand beyond your local market • Global partnering – can cooperation open doors to new projects, regions and growth? Herta von Stiegel • CEO, Ariya Capital, UK Cyril Gilot • Investment Director, CDC Climat (Caisse des Dépôts Group), France


Chairman’s Closing Remarks Prof. Daniel Favrat • Director, Energy Centre, EPFL, Switzerland


one-2-one: Venue: Meeting Room Special pre-scheduled individual One-2-One meetings will be taking place in our dedicated meeting area. This session will consist of 5 x 20min one-to-one meetings. For delegates wishing to hold additional ad hoc meetings, designated meeting space will be available at the venue beyond the official close of the conference.


End of Conference

Feedback from previous CleanTech Investing Seminars: The organisation of the event was impeccable, the atmosphere was pr ofessional and relaxed, and the quality of participant was extremely high.

” ”

Malcolm Dermit, Executive Director, Swiss Life Private Placement Life Insurance

Both the number of investors and their calibre proved unrivalled in what was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive conference. Sameer Kothari, Chief Executive, Zilico Ltd.

THE CLEANTECH INVESTING SEMINAR Ticket Options Early Bird Price: £849 / €1019 (book before 31st October 2013) Corporate Ticket “3 for the price of 2”: £1698 / €2030 (only valid before 31st October 2013)

Standard Price: £999 / €1199 (from 1st November 2013) Non-Qualifying Investor Ticket: £2000 / €2350

How to Register Visit and click on ‘Book Now’ Email: Call: +44 (0)207 214 0580

Interested in becoming a presenting company? Present your investment opportunity to an audience of business and financial families, family offices, private investors, venture capital and private equity partners and blue-chip corporations. For more information on presenting company opportunities please contact Max Garry on +44 (0)207 214 0673 or email at Organised by

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fax: +44 (0) 20 7214 0512

4th CleanTech Investing Seminar: The Roadmap to Successful CleanTech Investment  

The CleanTech Investing Seminar is now in its 4th edition. Bringing together industry leading corporations, Family Offices and private inves...

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