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Discover your inspiration Experience the power of a total creative immersion Camp Creative is a place to broaden your horizons, grow imagination and curiosity, and cultivate lifelong learning.

Camp Creative is a vibrant and welcoming space for everyone, of all ages, skills and backgrounds. We offer a diversity of courses across a range of areas. You can develop your painting skills, join a travel sketching class, watch your kids discover their inner actor, release your singing voice, play with clay or get hands on with a hammer and chisel — and so We offer you the opportunity to try

renowned for its natural beauty, festivals, eco-lifestyle and vibrant arts and music

something new, or to extend and expand

scene. It’s famous for its country town vibe,

your skills. From total first-timers seeking to

combined with a unique alternative culture.

kindle a creative spark to advanced classes

We offer small class sizes, experienced

for those seeking to extend their practice,

tutors, hands-on exploration and

everyone is welcome.

participatory learning. You’ll be part of a

Our home town of Bellingen adds extra flavour to the Camp experience. An extraordinary part of the world, Bellingen is

creative community, with whom you can share your creative experiences. Discover your inspiration.

1 Welcome

much more!


A Summer Experience Start your new year in a creative space Take a holiday and immerse yourself in a world of creativity. Explore over eighty courses with experienced teachers over five days.

Discover your creative side

of hands-on courses for kids and teens.

Tap into the creative potential you never

Some adult courses are open to teens, so

knew you had. You may have always wanted

enrol together and spend a week making a

to create art, craft and make, dance, sing,

canoe or learning some Bollywood dancing.

play music — but just never knew where

Families and grandparents gather year after

to start. Discover how a good tutor, a

year as a holiday tradition — why not make

supportive classroom and the freedom to

it yours?

focus entirely on learning can help unlock your creative potential.

Step away from stress

Be part of a community Join a community of 1,000 like-minded people gathering for five days, to do what

Take some time out from a frantic lifestyle

they love. Permanent friendships often

and absorb yourself in a creative world.

grow out of Camp Creative, with friends

Slow down your pace for a while and take

returning together year after year. There’s

uninterrupted time to focus on your own

lots of opportunities to socialise and enjoy

work. Switch off and be in the moment. You

performance and exhibition events.

deserve it.

Creative family time Share the joy and fun of creating together

3 Discover

during the school holidays. There’s a range

Destination Bellingen

A different way of life A unique culture with a country town vibe One of the prettiest towns of New South Wales is also one of its most creative. Bello is renowned for its natural beauty, festivals and a vibrant arts and music scene

Quirky culture

Eco lifestyles

Famous for its eclectic mix of boutique

Bellingen has been transformed over the

shops, galleries and string of great

years into an alternative hub. Known for

restaurants, cafés, and bars, Bellingen –

its colourful monthly market, its produce

‘Bello’ to locals – was once a dairy village.

and artisan markets feature organic

Retaining its country charm, this historic

locally grown produce, gourmet foods and

town is now home to a dynamic community

handmade wares. Combining laid-back

of artists and creatives and is the host of a

charm, with a passion for sustainable living,

number of annual creative arts and music

the Bello lifestyle is quite different to the


urban norm.

Natural beauty

Coastal connection

Imagine an idyllic stay, just 15 minutes from

A fifteen minute drive from Bellingen will

the coast, surrounded by lush green rolling

have you at the long white beaches of Urunga

hills. Relax and unwind against the backdrop

and Mylestom, seaside towns and drawcards

of the beautiful Bellinger River and blue

for summer holiday visitors. They’re great

hazed mountains. The river runs through the

spots to enjoy the coast after your creative

town, perfect for swimming and canoeing.

course has finished for the day.

Up the escarpment, the mountain town of Dorrigo is home to a World Heritage national park, famous for its waterfalls and pristine rainforest.

Welcome to Gumbaynggirr country The Aboriginal people of this area are the Gumbaynggirr. Camp Creative is run on their traditional country, and we respectfully recognise their Elders, past, present and future. For a deeper experience with this land and its culture, join Uncle Michael Jarrett in his course, ‘Walking on Gumbaynggirr Homeland’.

Visual Arts


Terry Jarvis is one of Australia’s exceptional watercolour artists. He is a much sought-after watercolour tutor across Australia and the globe. An award-winning watercolour artist, he has works in public and private collections around the world.


 Terry Jarvis  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

The beauty of watercolour requires an understanding of the medium’s relationship with water – an element that can make it a daunting proposition. Working with internationally recognised teacher Terry Jarvis, be supported to develop the foundational skills required to paint beautiful watercolour art. Learn about papers, brushes, colours and how to use them. Develop techniques such as wet into wet, dry brush, glazing, mixing colours, flat and graded washes. Learn how to construct a painting from start to finish and how to use light and colour. With your new skills, enjoy with your class a session of painting ‘en plein air’ outdoors.

Visual Arts

The Beauty of Watercolour

Sketching Everywhere

 Anna Barnes  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  Town

Capture the moments of your day whilst enjoying the process. Live your life and sketch it at the same time. In this course, you’ll learn how to carry your sketch kit everywhere you go and capture the essence of what is before you. Each day you’ll learn a new skill and complete a sketch in the classroom. Then you’ll go out on location and put your skills into action, to fully explore and capture the town and environment. Discover the pleasure of sketching – whether for a personal or travel journal, or to join the growing online movement of urban sketching. Truly immerse yourself and connect with your environment. Slow down and make sketching part of your life. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS.

She currently teaches nature journaling in the Blue Mountains, regular creative sketching retreats in Vietnam and hosts Cabramatta Art Food Culture Experience.


Visual Arts

Colour It with Pencil

 Linda Weil  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Take your drawings into the world of colour! Linda will teach you how to master layering colours over and on top of one another to create colour pencil paintings of rich and luminous depth. Learn texture, reflection, form and composition, as well as basic colour theory. All your colour pencil questions will be answered. Learn the difference between wax/oil pencils and watercolour pencils, how to layer, blend, create texture, wash or not, how to include graphite, which paper to use when, as well as all the basic techniques you need to get the most out of your colour pencil. You will enjoy step-by-step guidance, and the best part is that these techniques can be learned by anyone – no matter your current skill level! THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Linda Weil is a professional artist with over forty years’ experience specialising in drawing Australian wildlife, botanical and nature studies. She has worked as a professional illustrator for national magazines, teaching and exhibiting in galleries and exhibitions throughout Australia.

Chinese Brush Painting

 Stephen Cassetari  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Enjoy the deeply peaceful technique of Chinese brush painting. Be led in the traditional manner of the six principles applied to the subjects of the four seasons, using the four treasures of bamboo brush, rice paper, inkstone and ink stick. After learning the five basic strokes, fundamental to the construction of painting and calligraphy, explore the forms of butterflies, bees and blossoms, landscape, birds and flowers, including those of the Australian bush. Learn how these themes and techniques can also be applied individually to pottery, fabric design and porcelain painting. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS.

Stephen Cassetari is a full-time Chinese painting artist with over thirty-five years’ experience. He is the author of ten published books with Angus & Robertson on various aspects of Chinese painting and has taught in adult education for over thirty years.

Layering Art — Creative Collage

Denise has a passion for giving life to her student’s self-expression. An internationally recognised artist, particularly for her quilted works, she works across a diverse array of mediums, including visual art, printmaking, bookbinding, weaving and basketry.

Visual Arts



 Denise Vanderlugt  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Do you have a collection of saved and interesting pieces of paper, tear outs, old bits of fabric and general stuff you have been saving and have wanted to use but never have – for years? Take a journey into self-expression through creative layering and collage. Open to all levels of creative experience, Denise will take you through the fundamentals of colour, design and composition to prepare you to fully immerse yourself in the creative collaging process. In abstract or realistic works, play with colour, texture, images and discarded ephemera, and combine with patterned paper and paint. Add drawn and stitched lines to create a completed two-dimensional image. Be set free to create, combining your own life experiences with new skills.

Start with Art

 Maureen Eley-Round  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Beginner  $55  High school NEW

Have you always believed you ‘just weren’t an artist’ – but deep down wanted to try? This course will open opportunities for you as a beginner to explore and enjoy different mediums and approaches to art. You’ll gain practical skills to create attractive artworks and the design tips that make all the difference. Uncap acrylic paint to explore its special effects for painting and printmaking. Discover the hidden qualities of the right paper for pastels. Maureen will simplify for you watercolour painting, wet or dry. You’ll use paper on paper to create striking images. Along the way, you’ll understand the basics of how to arrange the components of a picture and the language of art. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $55

Maureen Eley-Round began teaching as a year twelve student and has never stopped helping others unleash their creativity. She has enjoyed twenty-five years of teaching art in schools and colleges in Canada and Australia and now runs Bellingen Mixed Up Art.


Visual Arts

Life Drawing

 Adrienne Hmelnitsky  Visual Art  Full day  16+ (under 18 requires parental consent)  Everyone  $100  High school

Learn all the various techniques and styles needed to draw the human form. Practice working from life models, to learn fundamental drawing skills including line, shape, tone, proportion and perspective, whilst developing an individual style. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced drawers alike, with personal tuition and guidance for all levels of experience. Self-expression will be encouraged in response to the beauty and challenge of depicting the human form. A range of materials and techniques will be explored throughout the week. Please note that this course uses nude life models. Students aged sixteen plus require parental consent. THIS COURSE HAS ADDITIONAL MODEL FEES OF $100

Adrienne Hmelnitsky has Advanced Diplomas in Fine Art and Visual Art. She is an experienced art teacher leading regional drawing and life drawing classes. Adrienne is a founding member and the curator of The Art Space, Urunga.

Street Art

 Lunci Renshaw  Visual Art  Full day  12+  Beginners  $45  Town NEW

Walk around a corner in an urban street to encounter the work of a new generation of artists. Join them, and take your art to the street, to learn about stencil art, aerosol painting, paste-up art and freehand murals, before trying your hand at all four techniques. Lunci will help you explore ideas for works, starting with sketches and working on canvas in the studio. You’ll develop designs for your street works and learn how to take your art from the page to the street. Create artwork across the streets of Bellingen, both as individual works and larger works as part of a team. You’ll learn about the history of the graffiti and street art movements and why the Australian street art scene is considered one of the best in the world. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR A COST OF $45

Lunci Renshaw has been a practising artist, teacher and mentor for over thirty years, exhibiting nationally. With a BA in Fine Arts (Printmaking), he has a passion for street, public, festival and community art.


Sam Sosnowski has been involved in a wide range of art and design since graduating in Fine Art from the National Gallery School. Sam currently divides his time between printmaking, painting and teaching life drawing.


 Sam Sosnowski  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Beginner  $40  High school

Get surprising and creative results with the Japanese print technique of Mokulito. This drawing, design and printing course combines the graphic qualities of Japanese woodblock with the tonality of stone lithography, using a wood surface instead of stone. You’ll get an introduction to the whole process, from working on a design to transferring the design onto plywood and then producing two separate editions of your work. Sam will get you hands-on with this technique, which uses everyday non-toxic and inexpensive materials, and will equip you to further investigate the process at home. This is not a precise medium, but with a little practice, serendipity and experimentation, you’ll create interesting and rich textured prints.

Visual Arts


For the Love of Landscape

 Jason Lowe  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Beginner and intermediate  Supply own  High school NEW

Capture the magnificence of nature with an introduction into the world of landscape painting. Supported with individualised tuition and guidance, you’ll explore styles, techniques, composition and concepts, and various ways of observing nature. Start with small landscape studies to establish your creative direction, whilst Jason guides you through the technicalities of landscape painting. You’ll build from these to create a larger major work, developed with your new array of learnt skills, to take home with you. Two course days will feature en plein air sessions, weather permitting, to explore the practice of the great Impressionists with their tremendous desires to capture nature in its everchanging glory, immersed in the environment itself. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Jason Lowe is a thirty-year-old Australian visual artist. A self-taught artist from a young age, Jason has become a renown and respected artist in his own right and has been featured in various exhibitions and art prizes nationally.


Visual Arts

The Art of Drawing Birds

 Trevor Weekes  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Free yourself to draw birds with a natural fluidity, by developing a sound understanding of their structure. This course will involve field and classroom sketching, to build up a sound knowledge of how a bird is put together, using taxidermy specimens as models and photographic references. Over the week you’ll complete a series of drawings ranging from studies through to finished artworks of birds. With hands-on practical application, as well as demonstrations by the tutor, you’ll complete a series of exercises embracing anatomy, musculature, form and shape. You’ll also work with tonal studies, line drawing, light, shade and texture. Work will also include exploring colour, using coloured pencil, wash and pen and ink. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Trevor Weekes is a practising artist and educator. He is a lecturer in Natural History Illustration in the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology, University of Newcastle. He exhibits regularly, with both solo and group shows throughout Australia.

Art in Panorama — Concertina Sketchbooks

 Sharron Arnold  Visual Art  Full day  14+  Everyone  Supply own  Primary school NEW

Keep your artwork flowing across unfolding panoramic pages, to produce a unique sketchbook. You’ll create books with pages folded or stitched together, that you can open from just a single page to multiple stretches of pages, adjustable to capture the scope of what you want to draw in the moment. By binding your own books, you create space for wide, overlapping and continuous art. You’ll make use of your book’s portability and learn how to capture your environment as a flow – sketch and paint landscapes, travel, moods. Sharron will show you how to take the concertina structure and make it organic and textured, using paint and stitching. From there, you’ll learn how to apply mixed media techniques and explore combinations of different materials – ink, pens, paint and collage. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Sharron Arnold is an experienced art teacher leading workshops and classes in bookbinding, eco printing, Gelli printing, watercolour and mixed media journaling. Her work is regularly exhibited in group shows across the Mid-North Coast.

Painting Seascapes — Ocean Art

Lizzie Conner is a professional artist of over thirty years. An experienced art teacher, she runs courses and workshops from her home studio and galleries across South East QLD, as well as painting retreats in the Greek Islands and Fiji.

Visual Arts



 Lizzie Connor  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Learn how to use acrylics to portray the energy and forms of the ocean. Lizzie will show you how to capture the way light changes through and on the different parts of the waves. Learn how to paint the beachscape and create simple boat forms with all their curves and angles. Lizzie will take you through approaches to painting sky, horizons, water and light reflection. You’ll work with brushwork, different brushes and a little palette knife play. You’ll head out to the gorgeous local coastline to complete small thumbnail sketches of subjects, then work on colour swatches (mixing colour) and build painted works from these.

Art Journaling & the Secrets to Creativity

 Zom Osborne  Visual Art  Full day  18+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

Write, collage, paint and experiment with different mixed media techniques to create your own individual art journal. Explore how creativity works, how to call in inspiration and find out what slows creativity and what stops it completely. For beginners, this is a fun and open entry into your creativity. For more practised creatives, a place to play and explore Open yourself up and experiment – apply paint to create different backgrounds, collage, create borders, attach things to your journal, use stencils and masking, write in your journal, and more. You will work with hands-on writing, cutting and gluing, collaging and colouring, creatively playing as you did as a kid. Come away with an art journal of ideas and inspiration, and the ability to generate more. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Zom Osborne is an experienced art teacher leading workshops and classes in drawing, painting, art journaling and creativity. With a PhD in Visual Arts from COFA, Zom regularly exhibits in various solo and group shows across Northern NSW.


Visual Arts

Pastel Adventures

 Louise Corke  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Beginner and intermediate  Supply own  High school

Discover the versatility of pastels and a new approach for your own artistic vision. Pastels lend themselves to a variety of techniques, subjects and genres, and this course is jam-packed with exercises to assist you in your artistic journey. In a dynamic classroom setting, you’ll learn and create via demonstrations, discussions, experimentation time, inspirational sessions and critiques. You’ll learn pastel foundations, explore pastel brands and different types of pastel surfaces. Be inspired by the passion of Louise, as she combines topnotch learning with a supportive creative environment. Be prepared to scribble, draw, paint and have fun. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Louise Corke is an internationally recognised Master Pastellist, travelling the world to teach and run workshops. Her work can be found in public and private galleries and publications across the world.

Oil Painting — Loose & Easy

 Chris Blake  Visual Art  Full day  18+  Intermediate  Supply own  High school NEW

Discover the expressive world of oil painting. Begin with the fundamentals and how best to employ them in your art practice. Learn about working with oil painting materials, the fundamental skills of tone and composition, different ways of applying paint, how to organize your palette and how to name, mix and match colours. A dynamic tutor and demonstrator, Chris will share with you observation and painting approaches to landscapes in oils, creating depth using colour, tone and perspective. As a class, you’ll take your landscape work outside, in en plein air teaching sessions, where you can begin your own individual works. Chris will give you the confidence to keep your work simple, loose and vibrant. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

Chris Blake has been painting for over thirty years. He is a multiaward winning artist and is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia. He is also a dynamic and gifted art tutor.

Watercolours for Beginners

Marion Hughes has been a practising artist for over twentyfive years, working in watercolour, acrylics and oils. She is an experienced art teacher who loves passing on her knowledge and passion for art.

Visual Arts



 Marion Hughes  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Beginner  Supply own  High school

This is a perfect gateway class for absolute watercolour beginners. Learn the basics of watercolours through creative exercises and demonstrations, then spend your afternoons working on a range of works including landscape, figurative, animal, bird and flora. You will learn about papers, brushes, colours and how to use them. Learn how to paint a scene or subject in watercolour, how to use light and colour and then enhance and emphasise using ink or pens to bring your work to life. You’ll learn lots of tricks and fun things you can add to your work, without the stress. Work with Marion to find your own artistic style and become confident in your painting.

Portraiture Made Easier

 George Partos  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  Supply own  High school

The human face offers endless variation and portraiture is an immensely rewarding painting and drawing experience. However, portraiture is often avoided by many artists, being seen as too difficult. George will help you connect with the creative right brain to take a different approach. Learn portraiture principles and techniques through handson exercises and demonstrations, then work on a portrait piece of your choice. You’ll start in black and white, then apply colour and tone. Break up time on your portrait piece with fun sketch works of your classmates. George will provide a balance of instruction, demonstration, and individual help to guide you from the first loose ‘rough-in’ to a finished painting. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

George Partos commenced his artistic journey twelve years ago. Discovering the movement around working with the creative right side of the brain, his teaching technique has helped free many artists from stress around particular mediums, to create in the present moment.


Visual Arts

Japanese Brush Painting

 Riki Allsop  Visual Art  Full day  16+  Everyone  $30  High school

Start with the basics of Japanese ink painting or Sumi-E. Get an introduction to the four treasures: ink, inkstone, brushes and papers. You’ll first start with the practice of calligraphy to learn brush skills and design. Study the brushstrokes needed to paint the fruit, birds and insects of the summer season. Learn how to paint the classic subject of the pine tree, as well as touch on contemporary and creative styles of ink painting. Riki will teach you the traditional process of stretching a painting onto another sheet of rice paper to make the artwork more durable and ready for display and framing. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $30

Riki Allsop found her passion for oriental ink painting as a young woman in Japan, studying with Japanese and Australian artists. As a practising artist, her works can be found in private and public collections in Australia, Europe and Japan.


 Ian McArthur  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $160  High school

This hands-on jewellery course is an opportunity to design and make your own handmade jewellery from 100% recycled sterling silver. You’ll work on silver jewellery projects of your choice, creating a range of stone-set sterling silver rings, earrings and pendants. Become proficient with all the essential tools and equipment within a jeweller’s studio. Learn traditional jewellery making techniques such as saw-piercing, drilling, annealing, ring making, stone setting, polishing, and soldering while creating jewellery of your own design. Mac will teach you conceptual jewellery design skills, enabling you to design meaningful and beautiful pieces of wearable art. You’ll walk away with the skills and techniques needed to develop your practice at home. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $160

Ian ‘Mac’ McArthur’s experience as a designer, manufacturer and teacher gives him the ability to bring out the inherent creativity within each student. He has taught many students, in both stone cutting and jewellery manufacturing, with many continuing professionally.

17 Craft

Silversmithing Jewellery

Bush Furniture

 Leon Sinclair  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $75  High school

Use natural materials to make a unique bush chair — a piece of furniture that harks back to the bush skills of early colonial days. Leon will guide you to bring out the raw beauty of the wood and let its shape play a part in the design. He’ll help you identify readily available, naturally shaped materials and teach the skills needed for the construction of a rustic bush chair, including the handwoven seat. You’ll learn basic furniture design, joinery techniques and timber preparation. You’ll learn how to use specialised tools for rustic furniture making, basic weaving and timber finishing techniques. Take home your unique chair as a comfortable piece of furniture and a conversation piece. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $75

Leon Sinclair has an extensive background working with timber. His woodworking passion has contributed to the success of the Bellingen Men’s Shed, a local haven for woodworkers. This is Leon’s fifth year as a tutor at Camp Creative.

18 Craft

Build a Stand Up Paddle Board

 Paul Fisher  Craft  Full day  12+  Everyone  $320  Primary school NEW

Stand-up paddleboards are broader and thicker than surfboards, and much easier to balance on, making them lots of fun. There are many SUPs, but the one you have built yourself will be unique. You’ll build a three-metre long by 800mm wide paddleboard, that can easily support 100kg. You’ll use a complete pre-cut kit, with very little sawing required. Like the canoe building, it can be built by absolute beginners. The stitch and glue process will join the hull, deck and side panels together, over a spine and ribs, and then clamped until the glue cures. You’ll then plane and sand it smooth, to create a lightweight and robust board. Then you can head down to the river, hop on with a paddle in hand and get going. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $320

Paul Fisher has been doing woodwork and technical drawing for forty years. He learnt the canoe building method at Camp Creative and used it to build stand-up paddleboards. He now teaches it as an easy building method for SUP enthusiasts of any experience.

Build a Bellinger Canoe

 Brian Jones  Craft  Full day  9+  Everyone  $260  Primary school

Build a four-metre canoe that can be carried by one adult, fit on a standard car roof rack and is easy to paddle. If you can tie your shoelaces (thread a plastic cable tie), ice a cake (spread some glue), and hold a cordless drill, then you can build this canoe. You’ll get a complete kit with all marine plywood parts cut out ready to assemble. This project is designed to be a team effort, as you’ll need at least two people to build — a great project for a parent and child, or grandchild. Your canoe will be ready for launch on the final day of the Camp, out on the Bellinger River. A single adult course fee will cover two people to build a canoe. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $260

Brian Jones is a retired primary school and TAFE teacher. He has built stitch and glue canoes with students in high schools, TAFE, the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, the Wooden Boat Festivals in Hobart and Phillip Island.

Carving & Sculpting in Timber


Bim Morton has been experienced woodcarver for over thirty years and currently teaches furniture design up to diploma level at TAFE. Bim has exhibited widely and has furniture and sculptures in collections throughout Australia and internationally.

19 Craft

 Bim Morton  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $35  High school

Master the traditional skills of creating beautiful objects in wood. Begin with the rudiments of wood carving and sculpting: a few tools, a few pieces of wood and exercises that build step-by-step into some unique pieces. Get the feel for working with wood and try your hand at a wooden spoon, a decorative cheese board with sprays of leaves around the border, and a simple bowl. Bim will give you an introduction to a variety of hand tools and their uses, traditional woodworking techniques and terminology, plus supervised access to the machine room. More experienced carvers are welcome to try their hand at a major sculpture of a subject of their design.

Resin & Wood

 Sarah Andersen  Craft  Full day  16+  Beginner  $50  High school NEW

The shine and colour of resin against timber have made it a quickly growing design trend. Resin is a versatile medium, with the ability to add a range of colour tints, as well as elements such as dried flowers, glitters, shells and stones to make each piece a custom design. In this course, you can make a range of projects, including a coffee table, serving boards, a lazy susan and small items such as jewellery and key rings. Learn skills such as making simple jigs and using moulds for pouring resin, simplified joinery techniques, chiselling designs in timber, using glues and fillers, and fine finish sanding. You’ll learn how to use power tools such as drills and drivers, hole saws, orbital sanders and grinders. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS BASE COST OF $50, WITH FURTHER COSTS FOR MORE COMPLEX PROJECTS.

Sarah Anderson is a furniture designer, making commissioned pieces and doing restorations. She also runs a local gallery with two long-time Camp Creative woodwork tutors, showcasing their work and others from around the region.

20 Craft

Bee the Change

 Trudi & Steven Hayes  Craft  Full day  12+  Beginner and intermediate  $210  Primary school NEW

Be amazed by the world of natural beekeeping. Delve into the hives of European Honeybees, Stingless Native Bees and Native Solitary Bees. Develop the confidence to work with bees in your own home, setting up hives, handling bees gently and confidently, and planting a bee-friendly garden. Learn how to harvest and work with hive products, including raw honey and comb harvesting and extracting honey. Explore cooking and fermenting with honey, making mead, purifying wax and making beeswax wraps. You’ll assemble both a native beehive and a Nucleus Honey bee box to take home at the end of the course. Bees are integral to the future of our planet and plant species – you can bee the change to help them survive. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $210

Steven and Trudi Hayes are the creators of Little Star Bee Sanctuary. Their education program provides practical training for those new to beekeeping, those interested in bees and to the experienced beekeeper in sustainable practices and hive management strategies.

Hook & Yarn — Modern Crochet

 Cornelia Schwabe  Craft  Half day mornings  9+  Beginner and intermediate  $50  High school NEW

Experience a week of sitting in a circle with others, learning the art of creating beautiful things from a ball of yarn. You’ll learn the basics of crochet, as well as more specialised stitches and techniques. Choose crochet projects according to your taste and ability, and gain confidence and satisfaction while learning in a supported environment. Walk away with new and strengthened crochet skills, an understanding of crochet patterns and stitches, and an original beautiful artwork or two. Enjoy the flow of conversation, and new connections as yarn flows through your hands — the way we have been creating textile art and community for generations. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $50

Cornelia Schwabe facilitates regular crochet circles and ongoing crochet around the Sunshine Coast. She also regularly runs workshops within larger events. She creates many of her own patterns and often commissioned to create unique crochet pieces.

Start Sewing


Nicole Ruigrok’s craft addiction started when she was very young. She runs a successful home sewing business, selling custom fabric zipper pouches online. A favourite pastime is spending hours searching for new patterns online, and her kids are always dressed in home sewn clothes.

21 Craft

 Nicole Ruigrok  Craft  Half day afternoons  16+  Beginners  $50  High school NEW

Got a sewing machine, with the basics down, but not sure how to take it to the next level? This is the perfect introduction to dressmaking and garment sewing, to get great looking results. You’ll bring along some beautiful fabric to sew two super wearable skirts, that will look gorgeous and fitted just for you. You’ll learn how to read dress patterns, do simple pattern alterations to fit your measurements, and how to cut and prepare fabric for sewing. From there you’ll sew a simple woven fabric utility skirt, learning how to sew pockets, a waistband, a zipper and snaps. For your next project, get hands-on with sewing with knits — a stylish but comfy fit stretch skirt. Nicole will show you how to use the right threads and twin needles on a standard machine, removing the need to invest in a costly overlocker.

Sustainable Sewing

 Kristy Holding  Craft  Half day mornings  14+  Everyone  $35  High school NEW

Push back against the world of disposable fashion to make unique, sustainable clothes. Take your basic sewing machine skills and learn how to transform items from your wardrobe and op-shops into new garments, giving them a second life. Work with upcycled and reclaimed fabrics for bright new colours and patterns you won’t find in any fabric store. You’ll learn how to design and plan a garment, and correctly measure yourself for sizing. Apply fundamental sewing techniques, including hem finishes, inserting pockets and zippers, gathering, and darts. Look at different fabric types and the forms of sewing they best suit. This course will have you well on the way to altering, repairing and producing beautiful garments for yourself and your family. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $35

Kristy Holding is a local textile artist focused on creating wearable art. With a BA in Fine Arts, she is a qualified secondary school teacher with an online art and design business, which also sells custom and revamped clothing.

22 Craft

Japanese Shibori with Natural Dyes

 Cathy Moon  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $65  High school

Learn the Japanese art of Indigo Shibori, using natural dyes to create crisp and organic patterns on cloth. You will learn the basic traditional shibori techniques of Arashi and Bomaki (polewrapping), Itajime (Clamping), stitching, binding and wrapping. Learn how to dye with Indigo, as well as natural dyes, including tea, onion skins, madder, pomegranate, gardenia and iron, to produce an array of colours. Learn how to use an Indigo vat create beautiful blue and white shibori designs or experiment with over-dyeing your naturally dyed pieces. More experienced students will learn advanced techniques and combinations to create more complex Shibori patterns. You’ll finish the course with several scarves, fabric pieces and items of clothing. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $65

Cathy Moon is a Brisbane-based Shibori artist, producing one-off designer clothing, scarves and accessories and commission works. She has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. Cathy has taught Shibori workshops for TAFTA, Expertise Events, Spinners and Weavers and ATASDA.

Fibre Art Coiled Basketry

 Sue Connor  Craft  Half day mornings  16+  Everyone  $40  Primary school NEW

Get hands-on with the ancient craft of basketry and transform it into a modern sculptural medium. You’ll learn the technique of hidden core coiling, a technique that involves wrapping or stitching a weaver around a core. Weave with beautiful colours of raffia, hand-dyed using botanical dyes. You will learn the fundamental skills of coiling, making a start, shaping your work, adding materials and then embellishments. Sue will demonstrate various techniques and be hands-on when teaching different stitches and wrapping styles. You’ll start with a simple basket, then move to larger baskets with more advanced stitches, as well as opportunities to weave a piece of wall art or make a unique piece of jewellery. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $40

Sue Connor has always been a maker. As well as twenty-five years as a primary school teacher, Sue is a talented textile and fibre artist and has been continuously running workshops in felting, botanical dyeing and basketry for over five years.

 Melanie Dilday  Craft  Full day  15+  Everyone  $140  High school NEW

Create unique jewellery with two wonderfully versatile mediums – silver metal and polymer clay. Silver metal clay enables you to make beautiful 99.9% silver jewellery in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional silversmithing methods. Polymer clay comes in an array of stunning colours and can be made to look like anything from glass to ivory. Melanie teaches multiple forms of bead, pendant and earring construction as well as professional finishing tips. You’ll get hands-on experience in rolling, texturing, cutting, shaping, layering, drilling, building and embellishing. You’ll learn how to fire or bake and then finish your pieces. At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with several jewellery pieces, of your own designs, - stunning, one of a kind, wearable art. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $140

Melanie Dilday has been a senior instructor for the Contemporary Clay Instructors Program for over a decade. She has taught at TAFE and travels extensively holding workshops as well as running private workshops in her studio in Mullumbimby, NSW..

23 Craft

Statement Jewellery — Silver & Polymer Clay

Build Your Own Electric Guitar

 Andy Draper  Craft  Full day  14+  Everyone  $250  Primary school NEW

One of the most satisfying creative experiences you can have is playing the guitar that you have handcrafted yourself. In this course, you will build, stain, varnish and set up your own electric guitar. You’ll be guided through the assembly by an experienced guitar builder, with a high-quality pre-cut kit with everything you need to complete your guitar. Choose from three classic instrument styles and a wide range of traditional timber stains. Unlike cheap instruments you might buy at a local store, these guitars have solid ash bodies and maple necks and fretboards. Anything can be purchased — but doing it yourself and making it exactly what you want, is a feeling that lasts a great deal longer. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $250

Andy is a physics and engineering teacher who has played bass and guitar in bands for over thirty years. He runs this course with high school students and has built many different guitars and basses over the years.

24 Craft

Contemporary Ceramics — Local Clay

 Nicholas Hannah  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $60  High school

Discover the way hands and the wheel can be used together to create beautiful ceramic forms, both functional and sculptural. You’ll start with digging local red clay from the Bellingen river and discover the differences between types of local and purchased clay. Work your clay with a range of hand-building techniques such as slab-building, press-moulding, pinching and coiling. You’ll follow on with the rewarding skill of throwing on the potter’s wheel, and use trimming tools to give your works a refined shape and texture. Nick will help you experiment with decorating and finishes, including slips, stains, oxides and sgraffito. Your work will be glazed and fired after the Camp, for collection or to be mailed to you as required. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $60

Nicholas Hannah has a BA in Photography from RMIT, but eight years ago moved into ceramics, studying in Melbourne and Sydney, and apprenticing with expert potters such as Prue Venables and Sandy Lockwood. Now based in Bellingen, he works and teaches locally.

Chainsaw Carving

 Matt George  Craft  Half day mornings  18+  Intermediate  $60  High school

Work with timber on a different scale. Creatively apply fundamental chainsaw skills to begin sculpting and gain the coolest hobby you’ll ever have. You’ll learn skills and techniques in planning a piece, chainsaw safety, basic operation, uses of timber and design, and expert finishing and oils. Once you’ve covered the fundamentals, you’ll create several fresh carvings of your own design. You’ll work with camphor laurel timber harvested from Bellingen river banks, a soft timber with a lovely aroma and beautiful glow after polishing. You’ll also be part of reducing an introduced species that damages local waterways and bushland. In 2020, this course will be exclusively for battery powered chainsaws. Tutor Matt George is available to discuss options with students looking to make the change. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $60

Matt George is a passionate chainsaw artist and events sculptor of over ten years. He combines creating his own detailed carved artwork with carving for the public in shows all around Australia.

Framing Your Art


Deb Wenzel is a qualified picture framer, running a framing business for over fifteen years. She has taught do-it-yourself framing in adult and community classes, and primary schools for over twenty-five years.

25 Craft

 Deb Wenzel  Craft  Half days (morning & afternoon)  12+  Everyone  $40  Primary school NEW

Bypass expensive professional framing and learn how to frame your artwork and photographs, using practical techniques you can do at home. Get an introduction to the basic principles of picture framing and the process of designing, planning, and making frames for yourself. Discover the difference between framing canvas, prints and photography. You’ll learn various hanging methods, make stretcher bar frames for canvas and learn different ways to frame canvas paintings. Deb will teach you how to measure, cut and join moulding, cut different mats, cut glass, and then assemble and finish your frame. A one-day framing basics workshop is also available on Saturday 18 January, if you would like to frame works you may have created at Camp.

Creative Metalwork & Welding

 Cameron Walmsley  Craft  Full day  16+  Intermediate and advanced  $80  High school

Ever wanted to know how to join metal for creative projects? Learn how to design, plan and fabricate in metal. Build an understanding of the use of machinery and basic welding and metalwork techniques required for small construction and art projects. You’ll start with learning how to develop an initial concept and purchase your project materials. Cameron will then help you master MIG welding, oxy and plasma cutting, lathe turning, and fabrication and construction techniques. There will be a mix of theory, demonstrations and plenty of hands-on time, as you construct a camping BBQ stove. You’ll also get an option to take on an extension project, to further develop your skills to the point where you can confidently tackle your own projects. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $80

Cameron Walmsley is a qualified Industrial Arts teacher, experienced in teaching metals-based courses. A teacher at Bellingen High School, he is familiar with the course equipment and infrastructure. His particular passion is recycling metal goods for re-use rather than landfill.

26 Craft

Carving Hebel Sculpture

 Adriaan Vanderlugt  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $65  Primary school

Step into the world of three-dimensional thinking. Hebel is a soft, stone-like material that is ideal for carving sculptures, and the structure of the blocks makes them relatively easy to carve and create smooth finishes. Hebel is weatherproof and ideal for garden sculptures. Adriaan will take you through the processes of how to design your finished product, helping you translate your reference photos or drawings into sculpture-friendly terms to fit into the block and to suit the tools. By approaching the process ‘a small step at a time,’ you will be coached through taking a block of Hebel stone from the raw state to a finished work of art. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $65

Adriaan Vanderlugt has been sculpting for over four decades, with his work in collections all over the world. He is often commissioned to create public art all over Australia, and in 2003 received a Centenary Medal ‘for distinguished service to the arts’.

Cooking Around The World


Kenton Shaw has been a chef and regional restaurateur for over twenty years. Local chef Lior Klipin joins him in the kitchen and in their shared passion for combining local seasonal foods to create excellent cuisine.

27 Craft

 Kenton Shaw & Lior Klipin  Craft  Full day  16+  Everyone  $120  High school

Take your tastebuds around the world, from the fresh summer flavours of France to the spices of the Middle East. Make entertaining easy, by learning tips and techniques to cook impressive dinner party dishes, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Learn health-conscious lifestyle cooking, utilising sustainable, seasonal produce from backyards food gardens and local growers’ markets. Grow your culinary experience and master the principles of cookery, as you create the flavours and styles of Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian and French cuisine. Got a particular dietary need? Let them know in advance, and they’ll show you how to adapt the recipes for different requirements. Take a journey with Lior and Kenton, as they take you on an eclectic exploration of the world of hospitality and the gastronomy of life.


28 Music

African Drumming

 Chinta Reiss  Music  Full day  12+  Everyone  Hire or supply own  Town

Connect with the ancient language of rhythm — share in the strength, harmony and universal power of the drum. Learn traditional African drumming for djembe, dun duns, Bougarabou and hand percussion instruments. Beyond percussion, you’ll also learn songs and chants that accompany the rhythms and their cultural significance. Explore Afro Brazilian Samba, then rove the streets of Bellingen, Carnival style. Chinta will also teach drum technique, body percussion and the art of improvisation for more advanced students. As the circle of drummers expands, so too, our connection with the rhythm of life feels strong once again. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO EITHER SUPPLY YOUR DRUM OR HIRE FOR A SMALL FEE

Chinta Reiss is a dynamic group facilitator, teacher and performer. He has studied drumming with African drum masters in Gambia, West Africa and Zimbabwe. With his enthusiastic style, he works with groups of all sizes, creating an uplifting rhythm charged experience.

Blues Slide Guitar

 Ben Goodger  Music  Half day afternoons  Everyone  Intermediate  Supply own  Town NEW

Go south into the early American blues, using the soulful steel slide guitar sound born in the Mississippi Delta by such legendary greats as Son House and Robert Johnson. If you have mastered the basics of guitar playing, you’ll be able to learn blues slide techniques and how to use them as part of your regular practice. You’ll learn the fundamentals, including the types of slides used in playing and the different sounds you can create. Ben will teach you how to open tune your guitar for slide playing and how to use a capo for blues slide. You’ll also learn the history of blues slide guitar and play some of the classics, including those by crossroads legend Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and R.L Burnside. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Ben Goodger is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has taught and performed as a classical, jazz and blues musician for the past ten years. He currently resides in northern NSW where he performs, and also teaches music privately.

Blues Harmonica Workshop


Mike Bradbury, aka ‘Leatherlips’ has been playing harp for around thirty years, and tutored individually for over twenty. He’s played in numerous electric and acoustic bands over the years and is currently gigging with local Bellingen band The Shufflemen.

29 Music

 Mike Bradberry  Music  Half day mornings  16+  Intermediate and advanced  Supply own  Primary school

This course is for blues harmonica players who have plateaued and are ready to progress to the next level. You know your scales, you know how to bend notes, and you’ve got a few licks to throw into the mix, but you want more. You’ll learn more advanced techniques to elevate your playing while maintaining your improvised blues style. Mike will work with you to focus on the specific areas you want to improve. Bring along harps in the keys of A, C, D and F and work advanced positions, including the third, fifth and even the first. Mike will expand your musical horizons so that what you currently love as a cool, but limited instrument, will now be the means to the ultimate in musical expression.

Harmonica for Beginners

 Ben Goodger  Music  Half day mornings  16+  Beginners  Supply own  Town

Get yourself a harmonica and carry an orchestra in your pocket – this expressive instrument is capable of a wide variety of sounds and is adaptable to almost any style of music. Start as an absolute beginner and learn to play the range of simple melodies and rhythms on a standard ten hole diatonic harmonica, most commonly used in folk and blues. Learn how to hold and breathe, play single notes and even how to bend notes. Ben will take you through simple harmonica rhythms and blues structures and single note techniques for various styles of music. You’ll learn to play for traditional folk and blues songs, as that of artists such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Ben Goodger has taught and performed as a classical, jazz and blues musician for the past ten years. Learning the harmonica as an adult, he remembers the feeling of learning a new instrument. This makes Ben a great teacher for beginners!

30 Music

Guitar Horizons — Intermediate

 Rose De la Montana  Music  Full day  12+  Intermediate  Supply own  High school NEW

Many guitar players will often find that their playing comes to a bit of a standstill once they pass the beginner phase. Bypass the confusion of YouTube and online tutorials, and instead fully immerse yourself in a week of playing. Be reinspired and dive deep into the magical world of the guitar, as Rose takes you on a journey through folk, Latin, classical, jazz, rock and pop. If you can play simple material, including chords, riffs and melodies, this course will show you things you never thought possible. Learn more complex techniques, as well as practical, theoretical concepts, then move into improvisation, composition and group performing. You’ll build a repertoire of new pieces as you improve your skills and bring your talent alive. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Rose de La Montaña is a fingerstyle classical guitarist with a love for solo Latin American guitar music. She is also a songwriter and arranger, with a Masters in Music Performance from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Guitar Horizons — Advanced

 Dudi Shaul  Music  Full day  12+  Advanced  Supply own  High school NEW

Do you feel that your playing has hit a brick wall, and you need a fresh approach to take you to the next level? Dudi will expand your perceptions musically and culturally, exploring folk and Latin styles through to pop, rock, jazz, classical and beyond. This course is for experienced guitar players, with an ability to play scales, more complex riffs, chord progressions, songs and an understanding of how to read either tablature or traditional notation. You’ll work on more advanced techniques to elevate your playing, then loosen things up with improvisation and composition. You’ll work in a group setting and play together in an ‘all in’ guitar orchestra at public showcase concerts. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Dudi Shaul is a guitarist, composer and teacher who has developed a unique voice in playing the classical guitar. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, he teaches and performs internationally.

Electronic Music Production


Nicholas Gilchrist is a multimedia developer and teacher, specialising in sound production. Creating under the alias ‘phortah’, he is also the founder of Nekawa, a regional collective that organises conscious dance events.

31 Music

 Nicholas Gilchrist  Music  Full day  14+  Beginners  Supply own  Town NEW

Learn the art and science of creating your own electronic music. Create and shape sounds to build your own tracks in this introduction to sound manipulation and production. Nick will take you through the basics, from using hardware like synthesisers, microphones and guitars, to software beat making using Ableton Live. Get a foundation in sound production knowledge and techniques, then get hands-on with making beats and sounds. You’ll learn how to record samples, create analogue and digital beats, melodies and basslines, explore effects, and work with vocals. It’s a course for beginners – you’ll get across all the fundamental skills of creating electronic music, as well as a whole lot of tips and techniques to take home for you to continue making your own sounds.

Uke Fun for Beginners

 Terry Stapleton  Music  Full day  16+  Beginners  Supply own  High school

Over many years this course has brought joy to so many people, particularly those who thought they would never be able to play an instrument. Many have also surprised themselves with the singing voice they didn’t know they possessed. You won’t need any musical experience — the ukulele is an incredibly accessible instrument to introduce you to playing music. Terry will take you through easy chords, basic picking, a variety of strums and styles of playing. You don’t need to be able to read music to get started, and even if you have been playing for a while, you will still have fun. Discover the social joy of learning, singing and playing with others. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Terry Stapleton founded and directs the highly successful Macleay Ukulele Group and conducts uke groups and choirs in the Brisbane area. A trainer of many years’ experience he employs the fun of ukeing at schools, in mental health programs and many community events.

32 Music

Ukulele — Melodies & Strum

 Cathy Welsford and Angie Smith  Music  Full day  16+  Intermediate and advanced  Supply own  High school

Bring your playing to life! Learn how to add off-beat strums and cool riffs to grow your basic ukulele strum and chords technique. This course is for more experienced ukers, with two separate classes: one for developing strumming and rhythm-picking skills; the other to improve ability in picking melodies and playing riffs. You’ll learn how to add musical texture through emphasis, tempo and expression to achieve diverse musical styles. You’ll also learn how to transpose a song’s key to suit your voice. You’ll use cheat chords to progress to increasingly complex songs, play the twelve bar walkin’ blues and try some improvisation during instrumental breaks. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Cathy Welsford has been playing, performing and teaching music all her life, with students and at community groups, schools and festivals. Angie Smith is a ukulele teacher, singer-songwriter with a PhD in Education, with over thirty years’ experience of teaching in universities and community arts programs.

Walton’s Wizards — Advanced Woodwind

 Mark & Jo Walton  Music  Half day mornings  12+  Intermediate and advanced  Supply own  High school

This is a special opportunity to work with two brilliant and passionate woodwind music educators and benefit from their inspirational direction through a wide range of music. This is a course for experienced musicians to gain skills on their instrument and increase confidence for performing. You’ll enjoy working with other players of similar abilities, as well as the exhilaration of performing in public concerts For blossoming musicians, there are more easy parts in the repertoire; however, you’ll need to be Grade Four and above, and a relatively fluent reader of music. Younger clarinet or flute players twelve and above are welcome. Join Mark and Jo to enjoy a combination of learning with a real love of music. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS.

Jo and Mark Walton OA are passionate music educators. For many years Mark held the position of Chair of Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. A talented teacher, Jo also runs Australian Woodwind Music Publications.

Walton’s Wizards — Ensemble Woodwind


Mark and Jo Walton are a musical double act. Mark, a worldrenowned clarinet and saxophone player, is considered by many as the second best teacher in Australia. Jo works out of the limelight — and is considered by many as the best teacher in Australia.

33 Music

 Mark & Jo Walton  Music  Quarter day afternoons  12+  Intermediate and advanced  Supply own  High school

There is no better way to improve than playing in an ensemble, where every note matters. This course is a great and fun way for woodwind players to discover the real pleasure of playing in a small group while learning essential ensemble playing skills. This is a course for advanced woodwind players, with good music reading skills — you must be able to hold your own part. Playing in a chamber music group can be considered to be like a good marriage! Lots of careful listening, a certain amount of compromising and a continual counting of blessings. This is a course to learn and dig deep to find your very best, in a friendly group of fellow musicians.


34 Dance

80s Flash Mob dance

 Marissa Treichel  Dance  Half day afternoons  6–60  Everyone  No  Town NEW

Open your heart, your pores and your jazz hands. Over five wondrous days, gradually learn and then perform The Cassettes’ amazing Dirty Dancing mash-up. This choreography is a combination of contemporary, modern dance, and pure glee. Each session will also include a range of funny and fun whole body warm-ups, from the 80s rock of Alice Cooper and KISS to the sweetness of Belinda Carlisle and the optimism of the Footloose soundtrack. Group connecting activities, yoga stretches, moving emotions, constructive rest, laughing and feeling fantastic are part of each session. Through the awesome power and hilarity of 80s and 90s music, the pure beauty of dance and even creative writing, Marissa’s unforgettable Cassettes’ dance class is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Marissa Treichel has a BA Dance, Dip Ed and is the director of The Cassettes’ 80s Flashmob Dance. She has led workshops at many festivals, and choreographs, teaches and mentors in dance in her hometown of Byron Bay.


 Zerina Millard  Dance  Full day  6+  Everyone  Primary school

It’s cheeky, colourful and joyful modern Indian dance that will have you shimmying straight to the big screen! Learn fun and energetic dance choreography that you can whip out on any film set, dance floor or lounge room disco. Zerina will have you moving with a blend of modern Indian dance combined with classical Indian, Bhangra, Afro-Latin, hip-hop and belly dance. More than just a dance class, you’ll also explore other aspects of Indian culture such as Yoga, visualisation, theatre and costuming. Get bright and colourful, with bindis, colourful jewellery, scarves, and by the end of the class, you will be shimmying across the dance floor like a Bollywood star! Zerina Millard started dancing in 2003. She has trained around the world in classical Indian, African, Latin, Bollywood, belly dance, hip hop, Butoh and South Pacific dance. She now facilitates dance workshops in Australia and overseas.

Moroccan Music & Dance


Lala Tamar has a deep-rooted Moroccan musical heritage, singing ancient women’s hymns from the Jewish-Arabic traditions of North Africa. She currently teaches at the Dunia Conservatorium for Middle Eastern Music in Jerusalem, and with choreographer Orly Portal in major dance productions.

35 Dance

 Lala Tamar  Dance  Full day  16+  Everyone  $20  Town NEW

The voices of women from North Africa have a powerful story to tell. Lala Tamar leads women across oceans on a journey that brings together the ancient wisdom of the Atlas mountains through movement, groove, voice and Henna body art. You’ll start with movement and the awareness of the breath. Lala Tamar will teach you North African tribal dance, working on the natural movement of the body and using the body weight as the base of motion. Lala brings together movement and dance with traditional songs, rhythms and scales from the Moroccan tradition. You’ll learn the art of traditional henna painting as you celebrate your time in this vibrant culture.


36 Drama

Access All Areas

 Lisa Laine  Drama  Half day mornings  18+  Intermediate and advanced  Primary school NEW

Reach further into yourself as a performer. Lisa creates a space for actors wanting to grow their performance technique to gain access to more authentic levels of emotional availability in performance. She’ll support you to identify and overcome some of the acting issues that have limited your full expression in performance and to grow your confidence to risk being fully present on stage. You’ll work individually and as a group through various exercises and explorations to safely and playfully begin to identify areas of blockage and be released into more freedom in performance. You’ll learn how to liberate yourself from the inhibiting, self-limiting habits and beliefs which have the potential to hold you back in performance. You’ll emerge with a personalised monologue which can then be used both in performance and in the audition room. Lisa Laine is an actor and acting coach. She became a faculty member of the Howard Fine Acting Studio in 2016 and has enjoyed a twenty-year stage career in some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, including La Mama and the Carlton Trades Hall.


Joy of Singing

Brian Martin is an accomplished conductor, teacher and trainer of teachers, as well as an experienced vocalist, pianist and composer. Award-winning vocalist, Imogen Wolf, has worked to help people discover their voices for more than a decade.

37 Song

 Brian Martin & Imogen Wolf  Song  Full day  16+  Everyone  High school

Experience the joy of singing in harmony and the unity of singing with others. If you’ve never sung before, this is a place for you — you’ll be supported and challenged, as you fall in love with the discovery of your voice. You’ll be singing a repertoire of world music, going on a vocal journey celebrating life, enabling you to enjoy the simple pleasure of humankind’s most natural expression of joy – singing. Before you know it, you’ll be freely singing, in harmony, songs from many styles including African, Gospel, Celtic and folk. Find ease and freedom in your voice, and discover how making song is a wonderful tool for the release of stress and the healing of the soul.

Lift Your Voice — Savvy Singers Are you a member of a community choir or church choir who would enjoy an opportunity to enhance your vocal technique? Polish up your ensemble skills and learn some exciting new repertoire to take back to your singing community. This intensive vocal fest will expand your acappella repertoire and give you the chance to work with an Don’t miss Bellingen Community Markets Saturday 19 Januaryaccompanist from 8am. while experienced vocal coach and a professional enjoying the camaraderie of like minded singers. Work with a Since 1980 (38 years) beautiful Bellingen Park, surrounded by old growth trees and meandering wide range of repertoire from medieval and renaissance creeks, has come alive on the 3rd Saturday of every month with over 260 diverse and colourfulmusic, stalls.  Rose Saunders madrigals, selections from baroque and Check out a wonderful array of local artisans with unique creations, traders of classical all kinds,periods, loads of all  Song the way through to contemporary fresh produce and a magnificent smorgasbord of multicultural food andworks, drinks;including live musicmusical by the  Full day Souls, performing on theatre andstage imaginative worksbuskers from Australian composers. band, Connecting the main from 10am; sharing their harmony throughout  14+ the park; and there’s ample entertainment for the kids (pony rides, face painting, jumping castle, swings etc). It’s an action packed, dynamic day, fullhas of afriendly and good vibes. This  Intermediate Rosemary Saunders Masterspeople of Music in Choral Conducting mega community collaboration and celebration welcomes YOU. and has had a long career as a widely recognised singing teacher  High school To find out more go to www.bellingenmarkets.com.au.  and vocal coach, in many academic and private school settings. She is also an active professional singer, in quartet and ensemble.

“Bellingen Community Markets is not just a market place, but a great place to be.“

38 Song



 Lou Walpole  Photography  Half day morning  18+  Intermediate  Supply own  High school NEW

Are you the designated “go-to” photographer for family gatherings and events? Perhaps you love to capture all the atmosphere and joy of your local fair or favourite music festival? This course will take you on a journey to uncover all the elements that make for successful event photography coverage and will leave you with a swag of tools to take your event photography to the next level! You will learn everything from what gear to take on location, mapping out and planning your event coverage, interpreting and executing a media brief, to exploring creative approaches to effectively photographing people and discovering your photographic style. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Louise Walpole is an AIPP accredited professional photographer with twenty years experience photographing large scale arts, music and cultural events such as The National Folk Festival, as well as private events and weddings.

39 Photography

Event Photography — People and Place

Landscape Photography — Advanced

 Timothy Poulton  Photography  Full day  16+  Advanced  Supply own  Town

Join adventure photographer Timothy Poulton to explore and shoot around the Bellinger Valley, as well as the rainforests, mountain tops, beautiful beaches and coastlines of the area. You’ll learn on location as you shoot at the best times of day, including early sunrises and sunsets. As an advanced amateur photographer, you’ll use your skills in Adobe Photoshop for daily post-processing sessions, followed by group critiques. This course is a unique opportunity to get individual level tuition with a landscape photographer whose experience and eye will support you to learn advanced techniques, improve your craft and take your photography to the next level. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Timothy Poulton leads tours to Patagonia, Antarctica and Iceland as part of his extreme photography adventure business. An international award-winning photographer, his adventure tour work aims to help people reconnect to nature and themselves through the lens.

Whitehead & Associates

40 Photography

Environmental Consultants

Waste & Wastewater Contaminated Sites Hydrogeology Engineering Geology m | 0402 608 396 t | 6651 1512 e | mnc@whiteheadenvironmental.com.au PO Box 23 Bellingen NSW 2454


 Marcus Dabb  Writing  Full day  18+  Everyone  Supply own  Primary school

Unearth the rich material of your own life and write about your own journey. Marcus will teach you how to use the insight of writing and the power of archetypes to delve into the deeper layers of your life’s journey. You’ll be supported to explore time periods of your life by writing them as stories and then gathering in small groups to share your story with others. This form of work can help you uncover the inner meaning of certain life events, and offer the release of sharing your story with others. This work builds a foundation to write your autobiography as a way to clarify your past, as well as the present, and to facilitate a shift that can bring insight into your path for the future. Writing can become more than therapeutic, it becomes transformative and empowering. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Marcus Dabb’s background as a writer and workplace trainer underpins his personal development workshop work. His teaching is built around his discovery that many people who have fallen into ruts make significant shifts in their lives after writing about their life’s events and accomplishments.

41 Writing

Writing Your Life Story


42 Lifestyle

Holistic Nutrition & Medicinal Cooking

 Cassandra Luhrs  Lifestyle  Half day mornings  16+  Everyone  $60  Primary school

Are you ready to transform your body into its optimal state-ofbeing? Learn how to use the natural healing power of food to rejuvenate yourself from the inside-out. Get hands-on experience on how to improve your general health and nutrition through food demonstrations, manufacturing of herbal creams, balms and elixirs. Delve into the world of herbal medicine and its uses in certain health conditions and enjoy an introduction into the fascinating world of iris diagnosis. Learn how to use herbs and nutrition in healthy, tasty meals and smoothies. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $60

Cassandra Luhrs is a qualified herbalist, nutritionist and remedial massage therapist, involved in the natural therapy industry for over twenty years. She has a passion for teaching holistic health, wellbeing and lifestyle management, using iridology, dietary advice and herbal medicine.

Living Lightly

 Lisa Seigel  Lifestyle  Full day  16+  Everyone  $50  Town NEW

Learn how to live more in balance with Planet Earth. Work with experienced sustainable living mentors to build your own ‘Living Lightly Plan’. Get hands-on with permaculture in the local community garden, and cook local food. Visit local, sustainable houses and meet their owners. Work with a renewable energy expert to develop a personal energy plan and learn how to make wastefree cleaning and personal care products, and ways to live a low waste lifestyle. Work on your self-sustainability and explore how to stay healthy and balanced in your day to day life, in light of increasing environmental stress and anxiety. This is an opportunity to build the knowledge, skills, and personal intention necessary to live lightly on our planet. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $50

The Centre for Ecological Learning (CEL) has been providing nature-based educational activities to children, young people, and adults since 2007. Their mentors are professional environmental educators passionate about providing an immersive, safe, and inspiring experience of reconnection to our natural environment.

 Uncle Micklo Jarrett  Lifestyle  Full day  6+  Everyone  $44  Primary school

Experience the deep and ancient culture of this land. Open yourself to appreciate the Earth, our mother, and the spirits in the land and waters of Gumbaynggirr country. Spend three days out on country, canoeing on the waters, walking and camping on the land, with Uncle Micklo, a dynamic Gumbaynggirr man with a contagious enthusiasm for life. Sit around a campfire and listen to dreamtime stories, singing the songs that hold the sounds of place. Have the thrill of learning the traditional ways of gathering and catching food, making fire and cooking. Explore another way of seeing the world. This is an opportunity to allow a less structured, Indigenous experience of country, to touch you, as a custodian of this place, shares his country with you. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $44

Uncle Micklo Jarrett is a well-respected Gumbaynggirr man. His ancestors belong to the sea and rainforests of the Nambucca River. With a BA of Teaching and a Masters in Indigenous Language Education, he is a Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal language and cultural teacher for the region. 

43 Lifestyle

Walking on Gumbaynggirr Homeland

Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong

 Matthew Sincock  Lifestyle  Half day mornings  18+  Everyone  Primary school

An ancient health practice, similar to Tai Chi, focused on moving your body with minimal physical or mental tension, creating relaxation, tranquillity and health. Da Yan translates to Great Bird and is an ancient Qigong practice originating from the Kunlun School of Daoism. Learn to mimic the movements of the Wild Goose, a bird revered in China for its gentle strengthening of body and mind for the long migratory flight over the Himalayas. Learn the Rainy-Day Practice, a shortened form consisting of twenty-six movements, while keeping all the basic principles and essence of Qi health cultivation. These gentle movements bring together the observation of the laws of nature, thousands of years of Chinese Medicine, a continuous lineage of practice over many centuries, and a reputation for improving health and longevity. Matthew Sincock teaches Okido Yoga, Qigong and first aid classes in Bellingen with workshops in Sydney and Brisbane. He has taught Shiatsu to Diploma level and is currently writing Diploma level Shiatsu courses for registered training organisations throughout Australia. 

44 Lifestyle

Zen Shiatsu & the Art of Mindfulness

 Matthew Sincock  Lifestyle  Half day afternoons  18+  Everyone  Primary school

Discover how to fine-tune your inner creativity and express it through the artistry of healing touch. Creatively express mindfulness techniques in a way that helps others as well as yourself. Discover the heart of Zen Shiatsu — a Japanese form of massage centred in mindfulness. Shiatsu translates as finger-pressure and is performed through the clothes. It can be practised on a futon, on the ground, a massage table, or in a chair. Traditionally, practitioners in Japan were blind and highly regarded for their incredible sensitivity and palpation skills, leading to a deep art form with health benefits for both Giver and Receiver. You will practice both giving and receiving Shiatsu massage, with emphasis on the mindfulness techniques that develop an empathetic connection with your inner nature, and that of another human being. Matthew Sincock teaches Okido Yoga, Qigong and first aid classes in Bellingen with workshops in Sydney and Brisbane. He has taught Shiatsu to Diploma level and is currently writing Diploma level Shiatsu courses for registered training organisations throughout Australia.  

Build Your Online Creative Business

 Emma Bond  Lifestyle  Full day  16+  Everyone  $40  Primary school NEW

Are you an artist, craftsperson or performer looking to launch your own creative business? Perhaps you already have a creative business, but aren’t sure how to take it to the next level of success? Work with Emma to define and clarify your personal strengths, your business and customers. You’ll create your own website using simple custom-building tools, and find out how to use existing online marketplaces, like Etsy. Learn how to design your own stylish business cards and how to effectively use social media like Facebook and Instagram for your creative business. You’ll learn business basics that will assist in sustaining your business. You’ll do some self-analysis as a creative business-person, exploring your talents and optimum working environment to establish creative habits. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $40

Emma Bond runs weekly classes and workshops supporting creatives to grow their business. Passionate about art, fashion, and business, she has completed study at the White House Institute of Design, Marie Forleo’s B School and the London College of Fashion.

 Mandi Levanah  Lifestyle  Full day  14+  Beginner to intermediate  $180  Primary school NEW

If you an aspiring make-up artist, or just passionate about learning new techniques, Mandi’s experience working with celebrities like Rihanna, Pink and Delta Goodrem can help you learn to create a polished look. You’ll get hands-on practical make-up sessions and theory that will help you understand all the essentials required to perfect make-up application, as well as the latest make-up trends. Start with the basics of selecting appropriate tools and products and basic skin care. You’ll then learn how to start with foundation and use highlight and and shading to contour. Follow on with blush, eye make-up and lipstick. make-up and lipstick. You’ll work on your classmates, applying make-up each day, with a final transition from day looks to a smoky eye suitable for evening and special events. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $180

Mandi Levanah has worked as a make-up artist in the television, magazine and fashion industry for over twenty years. She regularly delivers make-up workshops and masterclasses and has designed and delivered make-up artist training for several registered training organisations.

45 Lifestyle

Make-Up Artistry

Your True Voice

 Chris James  Lifestyle  Full day  18+  Everyone  High school

Everyone is born with a beautiful voice. Explore the amazingness of your voice and expression – singing and speaking! Learn that without a doubt, we all absolutely have a voice that is naturally tune-full, free-flowing, and that we can express fully. Have fun and sing as you have never sung before! Experience the potential of your speaking and singing voice. We also explore many practical life-skills – self-empowering communication, stillness, active listening and the self-care that naturally happens when we honour our expression. Chris James is a vibrant presenter, voice teacher and singer, presenting the healing power of sound, voice, self-expression and communication internationally. Chris reaches all walks of life, from corporate seminars to community choirs and to schoolchildren around the world.

46 Lifestyle

Inner Wisdom — Tarot & Numerology

 Katie Little  Lifestyle  Half day afternoons  18+  Beginner to intermediate  Supply own  High school NEW

Would you like to know what your natural strengths are, or see the reason behind limitations in your life and learn to work positively with them, instead of just feeling frustrated and confused? In an age of technology, over-saturation and instant gratification, it is more important than ever to be able to tap into inner-wisdom and guidance. Learn a method combining numerology and tarot to give you a starting point to enhance intuition, gain perspective and clarity, and have fun reading for friends. Working with tarot and numerology is a form of self-empowerment that gives you the tools to explore your intuition and gain confidence in trusting your gut instincts. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Katie M Little is a comedian, writer and blogger. She has read tarot for many years and has a passionate love of numerology (affectionately called ‘human sudoku’). She does not call herself a psychic, instead teaching methods for you to explore your intuition.

Kids & Teens

Spaghetti Circus

Kids & Teens

Spaghetti Circus is a leading Australian youth circus, fostering the development of creative physical performance skills for over twenty-five years. It hosts the National Circus Festival every second year and its founder, Leonie Mills OAM, is one of the most inspiring circus trainers in the country. ts.


 Leonie Mills  Kids & Teens  Full day  6 to 16  Everyone  High school

Over five action-packed days, you can learn a range of fun circus tricks and show them off in the performance on the final day. Learn tumbling, mini tramp, acro-balance, juggling, hula hoops, clowning, aerials and more. Each day begins with fun warm-up games and a stretch followed by activities to develop impressive circus skills. During the circus workshops, you’ll get stronger and be amazed at what you can do on your own and in teamwork with your new friends.

Creative Kids

 Fiona Davies  Kids & Teens  Full day  5 to 7  Everyone  $50  High school

Let’s get creative! This will be a fun packed week for for 5–7 year old children to let their creativity run wild. Kids will get to enjoy a range of exciting activities — weaving, tie-dying, clay modelling, soft toy making, wool and paper crafts, and mask making for reader’s theatre, and more! The focus of the course is guiding and encouraging children to express themselves creatively through a range of hands-on activities and experiences. We will have a great time singing and dancing, playing games and participating in drama activities, keeping those little bodies active. Bring your imagination and come and join in the fun! ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $50.

Fiona Davies is a local educator, mother of four and avid craftsperson who enjoys sharing her experience and expertise with our precious young people. It is her passion for children and a passion for creativity that she believes makes magic happen.

Hoopacraftarama A fabulous combination of hoop dancing and craft specifically designed for creative kids aged 7-12 years old. They’ll get hands-on with a wide range of craft activities ranging from bead and jewellery making out of colourful polymer clay, dolly peg craft, bedroom door hangers, dream catchers, string art and tie-dye shirts. Kids will make craft that will be on display for the class party on Friday


Kids & Teens


 Jesse Jeanes  Kids & Teens  Full day  7 to 12  Everyone  $50  High school

Jesse Jeans is a passionate hoop teacher, who runs hoop workshops and classes and makes custom-made hoops with her business Hulistic Hoops. She draws on her design and technology background to provide creative experiences for young people through craft projects.

Nature Kids

 Erin Chapman  Kids & Teens  Full day  5 to 8  Everyone  $100  High school and Gleniffer NEW

Nature Kids participants will have access to their very own Adventure Playground specially built for Camp, where they will be inspired to invent and play with natural resources, real tools, and loose parts. The playground design is based on Playwork principles, recognising that children’s capacities for personal learning are enhanced when they have access to a broad range of environments and play opportunities. Mornings will be spent in the Playground, before travelling to a beautiful natural space near a local river, where participants will play with natural resources, connect with nature, and stay cool. ALL MATERIALS AND TRAVEL ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $100

Erin Chapman is an experienced early childhood teacher and passionate nature playworker who facilitates wild camps, bush kinder programs, playgroups, and teacher networking opportunities. A mother of three, she is the coordinator of the Nature Play Academy, with a unique approach focused on child-directed play. Its creative play programs provide children with a variety of opportunities to make discoveries, experience nature and build resilience.


Andrew Turbill is an environmental educator and wildlife naturalist who loves sharing his knowledge of bird language, climate change science, naturalism and bushcraft skills (as well as his excellent sense of humour!) with young people and adults. He has been the lead mentor for the Bellingen Young Naturalists Club, as well as for bush camps for young people for over ten years.


 Andrew Turbill  Kids & Teens  Full day  9 to 12  Everyone  $100  Primary school and Gleniffer NEW

Explorers Club is a chance for children to get out into the beautiful natural environment of Bellingen. Experienced and passionate mentors will gently guide those who haven’t spent much time in the bush, and children who are already keen nature lovers will love the chance to explore new places. Morning sessions will include a bush experience in various spots around Bellingen, including learning bush skills such as shelter building and bird language. Afternoon sessions will be spent creatively expressing what they experienced in the morning, through painting and drawing, writing, or drama games. One of the sessions will include a guest musician who will guide a group music making session that reflects their nature experience.

Kids & Teens

Explorers Club

Recycled & Reclaimed — Enviro Art

 Fiona McAulay  Kids & Teens  Full day  10 to 16  Everyone  $25  High school NEW

Get messy, get wet and have too much fun while creating in a way that is good for the environment. Learn how to make kinetic (moving) sculptures from reclaimed junk, make an air-drying clay bowl and recycle old tiling materials to create a mosaic feature for your garden at home. Be a community artist as you work as a team to create a birdbath for Bellingen town centre gardens. Imagine seeing local birds enjoying your art every time you come to Bellingen! Go on mini excursions into nature and use materials we find like stones, vines, wood and feather to create ephemeral art – pictures, structures and sculptures that can over time, return to nature. ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $25

Fiona McAulay is a community artist with a focus on reusing, recycling and reclaiming materials. A high school teacher, she also runs community workshops for both children and adults to create public mosaic artwork installations.


Kids & Teens

Young Artists

 Kathy Taylor  Kids & Teens  Full day  10 to 16  Everyone  $30  High school NEW

Get focused on drawing – and explore painting, collage, frottage and mono-printing. Learn how to create compositions that explore proportion, distortion, expression, perspective and illusion. You’ll work with pencil, graphite, coloured pencils, aquarelles, wax crayon, chalk pastels, Conte crayon, pen, ink and a variety of paper. Observe demonstrations and participate in drawing games and activities to develop strategies for new ideas, while experimenting with materials, and practising techniques using the language of art. Draw, shade, colour, rub, press, cut, tear, glue, sand, weave, fold, and play to find your favourite processes, creating unique artworks along the way. THIS COURSE HAS AN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS COST OF $30

Kathryn Taylor has over twenty-years experience educating and creating with all ages, facilitating art workshops in Ireland and Australia. She has a B.Ed Art from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW and studied sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy.

Step-up — Hip Hop Fusion

 Tehani Vicario  Kids & Teens  Full day  10 to 14  Everyone  Town

Bring authentic moves from the streets to the studio, learning the latest moves for urban hip-hop, break, pop and lock. These infectious, energetic dances involve your whole body, opening up rhythm, swagger and self-expression. In a vibrant class environment, Tehani will help you enhance your skills, no matter what your dance experience, as you work on fun and funky routines. Her high-energy choreography is built around both old school jams and the freshest hip-hop and R&B sounds. Tehani brings her training in the styles of hip hop, jazz, contemporary dance, popping, locking and breakdancing to create an awesome dance class experience. You’ll work as a class to learn routines that will combine into a high energy finale dance performance. Tehani Vicario studied at Sydney’s Urban Dance Centre. She previously performed and toured as part of the dance crew of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with choreographer Travers Ross, and has performed in video clips, as a back-up dancer, in club shows, and cheerleading.

Young Actors — the Whole Package

Sophie Macken is an art and primary school teacher, teaching drama and performance to teenagers and kids for over a decade. She has written and directed several shows and is a group dance choreographer, leading performances at festivals across the region.

Kids & Teens



 Sophie Macken  Kids & Teens  Full day  10 to 14  Everyone  $20  High school NEW

Drama is the perfect way to learn more about yourself and your unique creativity while also having fun! Develop your skills through drama, dance and scripting and work towards a mini production to be performed at the final youth performance. You’ll work with improvisation, movement, music, dance, voice projection, singing, script writing and art. In the afternoon, get hands-on with art and craft — make and paint props, polymer clay figures, draw, paint and collage. Your art pieces will be shown in a small exhibition or incorporated into the show. This course offers space for all young people to shine.

Film Making for Kids

 Kate Fincher  Kids & Teens  Full day  8 to 11  Everyone  Supply own  High school

It’s time to make a movie! Get together with a film crew to come up with an idea for a movie, film it and then take it home to share with friends and family. It’s fun, hands-on filmmaking for all to enjoy. You’ll learn the fundamentals of filming with digital video cameras and then how to apply them as part of a film project. You’ll work as a group to create a short film with a focus on storyboarding, performing, writing and filming techniques. Finally, you’ll get in front of the camera and do some performing – it’s an excellent opportunity to do some drama and show off your acting flair in front of the camera. THIS COURSE REQUIRES YOU TO SUPPLY SOME MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT.

Kate Fincher has a BA in Theatre and Media and has been involved in musicals, drama and film most of her life. As well as working in AV production, she works at schools with young people in short film production.


Kids & Teens

Up on Stage — Drama for Teens

 Ally Aurora  Kids & Teens  Full day  13 to 16  Everyone  Town

Designed for teenagers, this course is for those who want to act or who want to further explore and be challenged by the craft of acting. In a fun and informative environment, you’ll learn the art of improvising, creating and performing a story. You’ll work with voice, to create a character and deliver dialogue. Fun exercises will help you to discover how to use the body, through mime, movement and gesture. Ally will work with the class to build characters, through observation, masks and costume. Finally, through music, dance, spoken word, action and stillness, your class will create a contemporary piece of theatre. At the end of the week, the class will showcase their talent, skills and collaboration with a final performance to a Camp audience. Ally Aurora is an award-winning Australian actress, director and producer at Mindful Productions. A former teacher and life coach, she has written and produced many films and has just completed the release of season one of her web series ‘ALL OF ME’.

Introduction to Creative Photography


Kids & Teens

Cassandra Sutton is a full-time photographer, specialising in wedding and family photography, fine art and creative event photography. She studied art teaching at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. Cassandra loves passing on her knowledge and skills in photography to others.


 Cassandra Sutton  Kids & Teens  Full day  11 to 16  Everyone  $40  High school

Learn how to take great pictures on any camera, including your phone! Each day you’ll cover some of the essential elements of photography such as composition, light and exposure, and learn about the various styles, including portraiture, macro, street, action, and black and white. You will have the opportunity to experience some of the beautiful places Bellingen has to offer as you take your new skills to various locations for themed photo shoots. Expect to have a lot of fun, get creative and learn how to take better pictures.

Camp events

Entertainment for all Socialise & enjoy live performances Camp Creative is more than just class time. Get together at events, concerts and creative gatherings and discover the talents of your tutors and fellow Campers.

Welcome Dinner  Sunday January 12, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

 Wednesday January 15, 7:00 pm

 Old Butter Factory

 Bellingen Golf Club

Start the Camp with a social gathering,

Test out your new repertoire, or impress

and get to know your fellow Campers and

everyone with your unrevealed talent. If

tutors. Enjoy excellent local food, wine and

you’re not ready to get up and perform, enjoy

entertainment. Limited tickets are available,

the show, along with a drink, a meal and time

and you can pay when you enrol online.

with new friends.

Celebrity Concert

Street Party

Camp events

 Tuesday January 14, 7:00 pm


Open Mic Night

 Stockton Hall

 Thursday January 16, 5:30 pm  Maam Gaduying Park

Enjoy performances from regional

We bring the Camp to the main street of

performers and Camp course tutors.

Bello, with an open-air stage and food stalls.

A highlight will be a special celebrity

Anyone can come along — locals, Campers

performance by the brilliant David Helfgott,

and visitors. Bring along a picnic rug and

one of the world’s most acclaimed piano

a group of family and friends to enjoy

players and subject of the Oscar Award

performances from Camp tutors and classes.

winning film, ‘Shine’.

Classroom Exhibitions  Friday January 17, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm  Bellingen High School & Bellingen Primary School

Grand Finale  Friday January 17, 7:00 pm  Stockton Hall A spectacular showcase of the achievements

Have a wander through classrooms and view

of the performing arts classes from across the

some of the artwork and craft pieces created

week. For some it will be the first time sharing

across the week.

their new-found talent, and others a chance to

Kids & Teens Concert

take their performing talents to the next level.

 Friday January 17, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm  Stockton Hall An extravaganza event with circus, drama, dance, photography, film and music — you’ll be blown away by what kids and young


Camp events

people can pull together in just five days.

Camp information

Enrolment & Camp details For more info on enrolments & Camp structure, visit www.campcreative.com.au

studios and workshops, and entry to Camp events. Some courses include additional material and course costs. This could include you providing your own materials, or paying your tutor an additional materials fee. More information is available on the online course listings.


Camp information

Skill levels  Our tutors design their courses to suit a level of skill and experience. This includes the degree of challenge in course exercises and projects, as well as individual attention and support required for each student. Each course notes the skill level required.

Beginner Suited to those who are new to the course area or may have little or no experience.

Everyone Suitable for a range of experience and skill.


Tutors understand that there will be varying



skill levels and will adapt to the needs and

Adult T-shirts


interests of all students.

Kids T-shirts





Suited to those who have some experience,

Calico bags


but are looking to learn new techniques and

Women’s and wide brim cotton surf hat


Reusable coffee cups


explore more complex projects.

Advanced Suited to those who has been practicing in this area for an extended period of time and are confident with techniques and selfdirected projects.

Kids & Teens classes

Arts raffle Our arts raffle supports our scholarships program. Every year forty kids and teenagers across the Coffs Coast get to explore the

Ages range from 5 – 18 years. Course listings

creative and performing arts through our

specify age, to reflect the maturity required

scholarship program.

to participate in the course. Outside of classes, children are under the care of their parents. A lunchtime childcare service is available, but must be booked in advance.

Course selection 

First Prize  Handmade patchwork quilt, by textile artist Theresia Stockton

Many of our courses book out very quickly. We do have waiting lists, but we can’t

Venues & accessibility 

Other prizes  $300 Island Art Shop voucher  $300 Emporium Bellingen voucher

The two main Camp venues are Bellingen High

 Camp Creative 2021 course of your choice

School and Bellingen Primary School. Courses

 Camp Creative 2021 course of your choice

also run in a variety of community halls in the

 Two nights at Aniseed Luxury Villas

town centre. These venues are serviced with a

 $100 Bellingen Kitchen Shop voucher

shuttle bus. We are focused on making the Camp

 $100 Kombu Wholefoods voucher

as accessible as possible. Please get in touch if you

 $50 Cedar Bar & Kitchen voucher

require more information about the accessibility of venues and courses for your needs.

Camp information

your enrolment with a few courses in mind.


guarantee a place in full courses, so plan


Getting here Bellingen is mid-way between Brisbane and Sydney There’s many ways to get to Bello – you can drive, fly, train it or get social and carpool.

Bellingen is five and a half hours north of Sydney and six hours drive south of Brisbane. If you want to do eco-friendly travel, a car-pooling group is set-up on our Facebook page. facebook.com/ campcreativebellingen QANTAS, Virgin, Tiger and Fly Corporate flights arrive daily into Coffs Harbour airport from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

58 Transport

NSW TrainLink and regional coach services run from Sydney and Brisbane to Urunga, a fifteen

more information, visit our website

minute drive from Bellingen.


If you are arriving by plane at Coffs

Bellingen Taxi Service operates 24 hours,

Harbour airport, or by coach or train to

seven days a week. It offers services from

Urunga, we run a shuttle bus service.

Urunga and Dorrigo, and includes maxi taxis

Bookings must be made in advance. For

and a wheelchair accessible taxi.


Staying here Week-long holiday options Accommodation options in the Bellingen Shire are as diverse as the area itself – there’s a huge variety to suit all tastes and budgets.

Accommodation does book out quickly for the Camp, so it is a good idea to get it sorted when you make your enrolments. Across the Shire you’ll find lovely country homestays, cosy motels, classic country pubs, luxury cottages, whole holiday

and Mylestom, there’s family friendly

the local showgrounds. For a full guide to Bellingen Shire

caravan parks and cabins, motels, a holiday

accommodation options, go to

resort and holiday homes for hire. Go up the


mountain for the cool breezes of Dorrigo,

Further afield, Coffs Harbour, Sawtell,

which offers motel, pub and caravan park

Valla and Nambucca are all coastal holiday


destinations with great accommodation

Bellingen town has a great backpacker hostel and a well-equipped camping area at

options. For further information, go to coffscoast.com.au


On the coast at Urunga


homes and delightful B&Bs.

The Belfry Stay at the Belfry Guesthouse & enjoy the best views in town.  Book direct & save on 02 6655 1116

Bellingen Riverside Cottages Four beautifully appointed self-contained cottages.

 Short walk to Camp Creative hubs

 Two kilometres from Bellingen

 2 Short Street Lane Bellingen NSW 2454

 Overlooking the beautiful Bellingen river.

 www.belfryguesthouse.com

 224 North Bank Road, Bellingen.  Phone 0413 317 635

Lilypad Luxury Cabins Award-winning luxury short stay accommodation for couples seeking

60 Accommodation

comfort & relaxation.  Four kilometres from Bellingen  Two compact luxury cabins on tranquil 12 acres  Beautiful lake & gardens  Unwind & relax in natural beauty  Phone 0419 770 687  yvonne@lilypadluxurycabins.com.au  www.lilypadluxurycabins.com.au

Bellingen River Cabins

CasaBelle Country Guest House

Only four minutes from Bellingen on the

Award-winning Tuscan-inspired bed &

banks of the beautiful Bellinger river.

breakfast accommodation with mountain views & gardens..

 Calm, relaxed, untroubled.  Phone Terri on 0403 375 015

 Enjoy sumptuous breakfasts & afternoon tea

 www.bellingencabins.com.au

 Free WiFi  Air conditioned rooms  Three minute drive from centre of Bellingen  Phone 02 6655 9311  www.casabelle.com

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E Swimming Pool & WELC TS OME * Private Boat Ramp

Luxury Waterfront Villas

Fully Equipped Camp Kitchen

Brand new Unisex Amenities Block with Disabled Facilities & Babies Room

On Site Shop, Bait & Ice

Laundry & Barbecue Facilities

Call us on 02 6655 4755 • 96 Mylestom Drive, Repton NSW 2454 (mid way between Brisbane and Sydney) www.bellingerriver.com.au *Subject to the terms and conditions of our Pet Policy.


61 Accommodation

Waterfront Powered Sites

2020 Course fees Enrol online www.campcreative.com.au EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Adult :: Until 30 September 2019 Day Type


Fee + GST


Five days – Full Day

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

$360 +$36


Five Days – Half Day

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

$210 + $21


Five Days – Half Day Afternoon

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

$210 + $21


Five Days – Half Day Morning & Half Day Afternoon

9:00 to 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

$231 + $198 (Inc GST)


Five Days – Quarter Day*

1:00 to 2:30 pm & 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm

$115 + $11.50


*Two quarter day courses run as afternoon ensemble sessions for woodwind courses.


Courses & fees

Adult :: After 30 September 2019 Day Type


Fee + GST


Five days – Full Day

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

$380 + $38


Five Days – Half Day

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

$220 + $22


Five Days – Half Day Afternoon

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

$220 + $22


Five Days – Half Day Morning & Half Day Afternoon

9:00 to 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

$242 + $209 (Inc GST)


Five Days – Quarter Day*

1:00 to 2:30 pm & 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm

$130 + $13


Kids & Teens

Group booking special

Day Type

Five days – Full Day

If three or more people enrol with a single


9:00 am to 4:00 pm

booking reference, you’ll get a group

Fee + GST

$220 + $22



Adult concessions There is a $15 concession for Pension and Seniors cardholders on Full Day courses.

Kids & Teens

discount of $50. Even better, we offer an additional $50 off per additional person. For a group of four, that’s a $100 discount, five a $150 discount and so on. It’s a great way to save, particularly for a family group.

Materials & course costs Some courses include additional material and course costs. You may be required to

Kids & teens courses run from ages five to

supply your own materials for some courses

eighteen years. All Half Day & Quarter Day

or pay your tutor an additional fee for

courses options are full Adult price. Early

materials. Further information can viewed

Bird offers do not apply to Kids & Teens.

|on the website.

Mail enrolments

Need more info?

Complete and return via mail the enclosed

Visit www.campcreative.com.au, call 02 6655

application form. No course booking is

9326 or email info@campcreative.com.au


Courses & fees

guaranteed until full payment has been received.

From the team We look forward to seeing you in January! Join us in January 2020 for what looks to be a fantastic collection of activities and classes. We have twenty-seven new courses, ranging from flash mob dance through to building an electric guitar. There’s an increased focus on sustainable living, including the new bee-keeping, kid’s nature exploration and eco-living courses. Our town eagerly anticipates Camp Creative every year and is proud to be its host. The Camp is not just a week to learn new skills, but an opportunity to discover our vibrant town and visit some of the most beautiful areas in the world. You have one free night on the Monday to catch your breath and the rest of the week is jam-packed with free evening concerts each night. I look forward to sharing Camp Creative with you.

Paul Holding

Chairperson, Camp Creative

Our Patrons Gillian & David Helfgott

Founder Bill Lockley

Our Committee Chairperson​​ Paul Holding Vice Chairperson​Alison Brown ​​​Susan Priest Treasurer ​​Robert Brunnekreef Publicity​​ Alison Brown David Neville, Jackie Lee, Kim Dixon, Margot Pleasant, Merren Asquith, Paul Tipper, Suzanne Douglas Thank-you to Sooz Myhill for her photos (Instagram.com/the_wild_flower)

Our sponsors

To our Camp Creative family – thank-you

It is a big year for Camp Creative - this will be our last Camp. Our involvement began in 1999, and it’s a mix of emotions for us - we have loved our time, and Camp Creative will always be in our hearts. We are thrilled to introduce incoming coordinator, Kristen Collier, a Bellingen local, with a background in arts, music, festivals and events, and local community organisations. We couldn’t hope for a more passionate, skilled coordinator. We also farewell our outgoing Chairperson, Paul Tipper, and welcome former Principal of Bellingen High School, Paul Holding, as the new Chairperson. We would like to thank our community and our committee for their continued support. We have enjoyed our role as co-ordinators of this extraordinary week of creativity. We’d also like to thank our Camp Creative family. We have made countless wonderful friends and experienced first-hand the joy of creativity. We hope to catch up with you all over the week of Camp Creative! Creativity is just as much about exploring your inner landscape as it is about creating a finished ‘thing’. We have some beautiful courses where you can journey inwards via creativity. All in beautiful Bellingen, sometimes called heaven on earth.

Rob & Michelle Stockton

Camp Creative Coordinators


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