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REEBUILD AND [B] BUILT (BE BUILT) [B] BUILT (BE BUILT) was designed with the athletic, sexy woman in mind. As a 5’9 track athlete I came upon many deficiencies in the clothing line (and running shoes) that we were provided to us through the University of Cincinnati. The uniforms had a boxed cut and the arms and torso were not long enough. The running apparel always made me (as well as my other team mates) feel self- conscious because we were constantly tugging and adjusting our running apparel. As a Fashion Designer and an athlete, I feel that it is very important to have the right fit and movement in your clothing rather you are walking down the runway or running on the track. I realize the strong psychological affect this created and how it did not contribute positive energy to my image and the way I wanted to feel. I want to be known as the athlete to be reckoned with and I want my clothes to express and exude the same quality, power, beauty, grace and strength. As a result, [B] BUILT (BE BUILT) was born. I feel that not everyone was born with a natural raw talent, but we were all born with the ability to learn and master a talent. I believe providing a person with the necessary tools to succeed whether it be running apparel, shoes or special equipment you can REEBUILD them to be a better athlete. By REEBUILDING you are REEWORKING, REEPROGRAMING, AND REEASSEMBLYING them to BE BUILT! Giving them all the necessary tools they need to build a stronger foundation and giving them the confidence they need to be a phenomenal athlete. This REEBUILDING starts with how the garment fits. When they wear there athletic apparel its should motivate them to GET UP, GET OUT and WORK OUT! It should also give them the confidence they need to be successful while also making them look attractive and appealing. The garment not only has to have an awesome fit but it has to have the same amazing feeling on their body. This is accomplished by using colors and prints that stimulate, compression materials, sweat wicking abilities, antimicrobial technology, multifunctional, and fashion forward designs. Combining all of these attributes gives them comfort and a fully functional garment that they can wear all day long. Not only is this collection design for an athlete, but also designed by an athlete who is fully aware that sometimes it’s necessary to start over and REEBUILD to [B]BUILT (BE BUILT) into something greater than what you started with.

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Reebok Project  
Reebok Project  

Activewear Project for the 2013-2014 Reebok Apprenticeship