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Catching Up On Our Clubs

Pediatric Medicine Club

ABOUT THE PEDS CLUB? The Pediatric Medicine Club is a specialty club at CUSOM that focuses on informing and giving opportunities for medical students to explore the field of pediatrics. They host outside speakers to share their insight, knowledge, and experiences about their practice and pediatric residencies. Additionally, they organize events throughout the year that allow students to engage with kids in the community, such as their annual Field Day and Exceptional Camels Day.

HOW DOES THE PEDS CLUB SUPPORT THE STUDENT BODY? The Peds Club is a resource for students to explore any interest in Pediatric Medicine and make connections with physicians, faculty, staff, and other students involved in pediatrics. An example of this is the annual Peds Thanksgiving Dinner hosted at Dr. Mann's home. Dr. Mann, the Peds Club advisor, is a Med-Peds physician.

HOW IS CAMPBELL’S PEDS CLUB INVOLVED AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL? All club members join the national ACOP, American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, and are encouraged to go to the annual conferences. They also receive weekly emails from the AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics, concerning national updates within the field.

WHAT ARE SOME PEDS CLUB EVENTS WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO? Fall of 2019 was busy with their annual Field Day, Exceptional Camels Day, a speaking event with a Pediatric Neurologist from Duke, and Peds Thanksgiving Dinner. Field Day is an event for the local community consisting of bouncy houses, outdoor activities, healthy snacks, and health education information for kids and families in Harnett County. Exceptional Camels Day was founded this year for children with special needs and their families. Club members played games with the kids and had a discussion with the parents about both their positive and negative experiences with healthcare professionals caring for their children. With the start of the new year, the Peds Club is looking forward to more speaking events with doctors from a variety of pediatric sub-specialties and volunteer opportunities including one with the local Ronald McDonald house.

Peds Club Executive Board members at the 2019 community field day event. (L-R) - Dr. Mann (advisor), Anjali Agrawal (Social Chair), Kasey Renfrew (HUMP Day Coordinator), Kate Rhone (Vice President), Kiara Yeatman (President), Brittany Williams (Secretary), Lindsey Ash (Treasurer)