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Campbells Creek and Guildford PS Newsletter Thursday February 16, 2017

From the principal

Creek Dates Fri Feb 17th SRC Speeches in classrooms Mon Feb 20th Whole school excursion to PGL Campaspe Downs Wed Feb 22nd School Council Meeting 7pm Campbells Creek Fri Feb 24th School Captains announced Whole School Welcome BBQ Wed March 15th Year 3-6 Cross Country Tues March 21st Castlemaine State Festival excursion Fri March 31st Last day of term 1 Mon April 18th First day of term 2

Congratulations to all of the year 6 students who stood up at assembly on Friday and gave their election speeches. The quality of speeches was very high this year and it was fantastic to hear the level of school pride evident in all the speeches. I really loved the way our students referred to helping to make our school ‘even better than it already is.’ This statement shows just how proud our students really are of our great school! I was very proud of all of the students for putting so much effort in to their speeches and for all the ideas and suggestions they made about ways we can continue to make our school the best it can be. I was a bit surprised to hear no new swimming pools were promised this year! It was lovely to see such a big turnout of parents and special friends come along to watch the speeches and I think all of the candidates have benefited from the experience. Thankyou to the community for helping to support our students. Votes for school captains will be tallied up next week and I think with such high quality applicants we can’t go wrong!

On Monday our whole school will be heading to Campaspe Downs near Kyneton to take part in a day of team building and adventure activities. Our students will all be split into mixed aged groups and will participate in activities that challenge them personally and help them to develop stronger relationships with others in the school. There is a rumour that a giant swing could be on the list of possible activities… I can’t wait to see all the staff and students challenging themselves to go as high as they can on this one! At this stage the weather looks as though it will be mostly sunny and 22 degrees. This sounds perfect for a day of fun outside! Please remember to ensure your child has their school hat and is in full uniform. Please note: We are taking all members of staff (including the office ladies) and therefore the school will not be open at all on this day. It is going to be soooooo much fun! Have a great weekend everyone ~Narissa

Goodluck to all of the year 6 students and we look forward to having the School Captains from Castlemaine Secondary come along to announce our Creek school captains at next Friday’s assembly. Congratulations to Ruby PenderHodgson for being voted in as the Guildford School Captain. Ruby will receive her school captain badge at a special assembly next Friday morning.

Main Rd, Campbells Creek, 3451. Ph: (03) 5472 2180


Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Optimism. Effort.

Parent / Teacher Catchups Thankyou to everyone who came along to the parent teacher catchups last week (and the ones at Guildford this week). The teachers all said the meetings were very useful and provided valuable insight into the personalities and educational needs of every student. We encourage you to keep in close communication with your child’s teacher and contact them whenever you have a query or issue. (We can’t deal with issues we aren’t made aware of). Don’t feel that you have to wait until the next formal interviews to speak to your child’s teacher; our staff are always available to chat. (After school is the best time as the teachers prepare their lessons at the start of the day).

Newsletter Emailing Thankyou to all those people who have responded to our newsletter survey. We have had huge support for going to a non-paper version of the newsletter (with paper copies available for those who request it). We will endeavour to change over to our new paperless system as early as next week. If you would like to request a paper copy, can you please contact the ladies in the Creek office on 54722180 or send a note in to let them know.

Breakfast Program The Creek breaky program is back! Karen is serving yummy toast, cereal, yoghurt, spaghetti/baked beans on toast (and the odd pancake or two) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:20am to 8:55am.

Payments app- QKR app The smartphone app ‘QKR’ can be used to make payments of any amount off expenses such as excursions, stationery and materials, etc. You simply download the app, sign in, select the item you would like to make a payment for and then indicate how much you would like to pay off. (You can pay off as little as you like- and as often as you like.) To pay an installment on the app, you need to clear the total cost at the top of the page and enter your desired amount instead. Newsflash: even people with “dumb” phones can access this service… you just need to go through the website instead:

Hats Just a reminder that it is currently hat season. Can parents please ensure their child has a named hat to wear. Can you please also make sure your child’s hat is in a respectable condition. We have noticed a few hats are starting to look a bit untidy and are due for a replacement. Both varieties of hats are now in stock at Hip Pocket. Wide brimmed hats = $15.10 Bucket hats= $14.60

SRC News

Creek Buddy Bench Update We received an email last week to say our brand new buddy bench is only a couple of weeks away from arriving at our school. We look forward to sitting on it soon!

Students in years 3-6 will had the opportunity to run for student representative council this week in class. SRC members will be announced at next Friday’s assembly (the same day the School Captains are announced).

Here and Happy Award The Department of Education recommends that schools strive to achieve at least 95% attendance for each student. Every week we monitor the absence rates of students and we give away a weekly award to the class with the highest attendance for the week. This award is known as the Here and Happy award. At the end of the term, the class with the highest attendance across the term wins a whole class reward.

Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Optimism. Effort. Please speak to your child’s teacher about any absences you know are coming up. Please call the office on 54722180 to notify the school your child will be absent for the day. Alternatively, you can visit our school website and click ‘contact us’ to fill in an online form. You can also fill in a form on our smartphone app ‘Tiqbiz.’ Last week’s attendance figures: Prep/1 95.2% 1/2 98.7% 3/4 89.5% 4/5 95.4% 5/6 97.2%

What’s happening in our schools? Over the year we add any events happening in our schools to an online school calendar. You can view this calendar by visiting our school website: http// and scrolling to the bottom of the front page (or clicking on ‘Calendar’ on the menu. If you use gmail you can also add this calendar to your phone so you have it available all the time. The online calendar is the most up to date calendar we have available.

Congratulations to year 1/2 class for taking home the golden boot last week!

Interruption Free Weeks You may have wondered why our events calendar is looking a bit bare at the moment. There is a reason for this: it’s exactly how we want it to look! Two years ago we did some research with our students and staff on the impact of interruptions (such as excursions, guest speakers, sports days etc) on our students’ learning data. The results could not be ignored! The more interruptions we had, the less improvement our students had in their literacy and numeracy learning. On weeks when we had lots of interruptions the student learning data (particularly in Maths) either stayed where it was at the start of the week or went backwards! After looking at this data, we made a commitment to aim to have 5 ‘interruption free’ weeks per term. This means, we try to have five whole weeks where we do not have any special events that might take students away from their daily learning schedule before lunch times. The time after lunch can still be used for guest speakers and the like; however the Literacy and Numeracy block time is now sacred and is not to be touched. Since making this change, we have seen huge differences not only in our students’ learning data, but in how the classroom s and whole school functions as well: we now have a much calmer and more orderly learning environment now. We think some interruptions are still important though and that is why we try and group all of these into the same week, where possible.

School Council We will have a school council meeting (for all the members of last year’s school council) next Wednesday, February 22nd at Campbells Creek. This will be our last official meeting for the previous council, before the newly refurbished joint council commence for 2017. (More information about nominations etc. will be posted in the newsletter once we have more details from the Department).

Student Supervision (repeat) Students are supervised in the yard by a yard duty teacher between the following times each day: 8:45-9am 11:00-11:30am 1:40-2:30pm 3:30-3:45pm Before School Please be aware that although many staff members arrive at school from 8am onwards, official student supervision does not commence until 8:45am. The yard duty at the start of the day takes place at the front of the school only.

Friday Assembly Just a reminder that all parents and community members are welcome to attend our 3:15pm Friday afternoon assemblies. They are for celebrating student awards, announcing the winner of the Here and Happy award and listening to the special achievements of all our talented students. We also sing the National Anthem (both verses). We do ask that small children are adequately supervised during these assemblies in order to ensure our school students aren’t distracted from the main event.

Recess and lunch times At recess and lunch times there is one teacher on yard duty and one staff member allocated to take care of any first aid issues. End of the day There is a staff member on yard duty at the back of the school (Brigade avenue) between 3:30-3:40pm

Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Optimism. Effort. and a staff member at the front of the school between First we had Jakob from Ecologic Plumbing fix the inside 3:30pm-3:45pm. Any students who have not been collected by 3:45 (or the of the system and then we had Max Blackmore come and time the second high school bus arrives) are asked to sit in fix the timer. The staff were delighted to enjoy their the library until they are collected. Our lovely office ladies morning cuppa without any hassles this week. Thanks are very good at calming any uncollected students by guys! giving a quick phone call to mum and dad when required.

Whole School Excursion Just a reminder that all excursion money ($35 per child) needs to be paid by tomorrow afternoon in order for your child to attend Monday’s excursion. Payments can now be accepted through our smartphone app QKR or with cash or EFTPOS at the office.

Volunteering in our schools As per our volunteers policy (and the Department regulations), all people volunteering in our schools who are over the age of 18, must have a Working With Children Check. To apply for a Working With Children Check you simply make an application online: The office ladies are more than happy to help you with Just in case you need some reliable handymen, here are your application. Once you have evidence of your their contact details: application, you bring that in to the office and a copy goes on our files. Ecologic Plumbing Just a reminder that all of our policies are available on our Jakob Fitzgerald- 0400 862 049 website.

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) Castlemaine

Service Centre (refrigeration equipment and supplies) If you hold a current Centrelink pensioner concession, Health care card number (CRN) are a Foster parent or Max Blackmore- 54721806 Veterans affairs pensioner card, can you please complete the CSEF form (sent home with students today) and return it to the office as soon as possible. If you are eligible for Flatpack Fridays CSEF, you will be entitled to $125 that can be used for We currently have a dedicated group of students who have camps, sporting events or excursions. been learning to put together flat pack furniture each If you have any questions regarding CSEF, please speak to Friday. After whipping up all the new classroom Glynis or Jo. bookshelves, they have run out of projects and would like to offer their services to our school community. If you have anything you need put together, come in and speak to the Castlemaine YMCA After School Care The Castlemaine YMCA After School Care program is Friday Flat Packers about it (contact Tracy Trait or the office ladies). held at Campbells Creek PS every night after school. It runs from 3:30- 6:15pm. This program runs in the Banyan Building every night and Campbells Creek & Guildford PS Essential on holidays as well. Education Items (AKA Stationery and To enrol your child in the YMCA After School Care Program you need to call 0499 983 828 before the day you Materials Fee) 2017 Essential Education Items Fees cover materials for student would like your child to attend the program. use, this supplements the grant provided by the Department of Education and Training. The fee pays for:Thankyou!! • Class Consumables (eg pens, pencils) After months and months of having no urn in the staff • Photocopying/Printing room, we are delighted to say a huge thankyou to a couple of our parents for helping us get back our morning tea bliss. • Library materials

Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Optimism. Effort. • •

LOTE materials Visual Art materials

We bulk buy these stationery and materials at a substantial saving that we pass on to you. All children have the same items to use at school and are not disadvantaged in any way. The Essential Educational Items Fee for 2017 is $90 per student for the whole year. We now have many options for payment: Cash, cheque, EFTPOS and our Smartphone app QKR. Payment would be appreciated before the end of term 1 as the school has purchased these materials for your children. If the payment of the Essential Educational Items presents any problems, please contact Glynis or Narissa.

COMMUNITY NEWS Learn and explore after school at Castlemaine Art Museum! We are offering families half price entry ($5/$4) to Castlemaine Art Museum on weekdays between 3pm and 5pm until 26 February to explore our exhibitions 'Groove is in the Heart' by Minna Gilligan and 'World without World' by Michael Doolan. Celebrate Minna Gilligan and Michael Doolan's shared exploration of play and imaginary worlds, through engaging hands-on activities that are educator designed including ‘flower power’ stickups and groovy moves collages using retro papers and figure silhouettes. Call CAM on (03) 5472 2292 for more details.

Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Optimism. Effort.

Guildford Tree Talk A word from Melissa

Guildford Dates Mon Feb 20th Whole school excursion to PGL Campaspe Downs Wed Feb 22nd School Council Meeting 7pm Campbells Creek Fri Feb 24th Morning assembly Whole School Welcome BBQ at Creek Wed March 15th Year 3-6 Cross Country Tues March 21st Castlemaine State Festival excursion Fri March 31st Last day of term 1 Mon April 18th First day of term 2

Respect.Responsibility. Responsibility.Integrity. Integrity.Optimism. Optimism.Effort. Effort. Respect.

by Michael Grose - No. 1 parenting educator

Attention is the currency of relationships Being in the moment when parents are with their children boosts their confidence and resilience Article contributed by Justin Coulson There is one thing that shows our children we love them more than anything else in the world. It is taking the time to be emotionally available for them. In my book I refer to it as ‘being where your feet are’. This idea seems so simple that it might be easy to nod your head in agreement, shrug your shoulders, and move on. But to do so may mean you miss the valuable insight that practicing emotional availability provides for your family. Parents who are emotionally available will find that their children are among those most likely to grow up secure, confident and resilient. Being emotionally available requires us to pay attention – close attention – to the emotional world of our children, and to respond compassionately. In fact, Just as dollars are the currency of our economy, attention is the currency of our relationships.

Being emotionally available My eight year old daughter drove this point home to my wife and I during a recent conversation. We were conducting a parenting performance appraisal (which you can read more about on my blog). My wife asked Ella, “Do Mummy and Daddy make you feel important?” Her response: “When you are busy you don't listen to me properly. Like when Dad's on the computer or you [Mum] are doing craft you're not available to me. It feels like those things are more important than me.” Ouch. Those were her words, not mine. Our kids notice when we are not available. A father told me he was having daily battles with his teenage daughter. I suggested he go for regular walks with her each morning or evening and be emotionally available. The first few walks were awkward. She felt like he had an agenda, and she refused to talk. But within a week they were looking forward to their time together and talking more freely and pleasantly than they had for months. He complained to me (in jest) that he was thinking of making the walks less regular just so she would stop chewing his ear off!

Go out, turn off your phone, and simply be together – and listen. It may be in a park, at the beach or on a mountain trail. It might simply be wandering around your neighbourhood. Just make sure there are no distractions (so that means no movies – you can’t talk). Then ask questions, listen carefully and suspend judgement. Your children will love being in your space and will feel special. Invite them to allow you into their space. It may take more than one date. But if you put your attention into your relationships, they’ll become enriching sources of happiness and meaning for you. Mums and dads who make themselves available for their children have happier families and better functioning children. Kids do best with both parents being there emotionally, regardless of your family structure. Having happy kids and strong family relationships ... it’s about time.

Hints for being emotionally available to your children: Minimise distractions by turning off TV, radio, the internet and iPods. Ensure every child gets some one-on-one time with just you. Ask questions, listen, suspend judgement. When one of your children says something to you, stop what you’re doing and really take in their words. Try to look past the things they say to see their heart and the intent behind their words. Recognise that challenging behaviour may be your child using her limited communication skills to send a signal that she needs you.

Invite Your Children Into Your Space Whether your child is two or twenty two, being emotionally available will improve your relationships with your children. Here’s how to do it:

Dr Justin Coulson is a parenting expert and the author of What Your Child Needs From You: Creating a Connected Family. He blogs at and offers parenting coaching and workshops.

Michael Grose Presentations PO Box 167 Balnarring Vic 3926 p + 61 3 5983 1798 f (03) 5983 1722 e All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges please visit our website. 2012 Michael Grose

February 16th Newsletter Campbells Creek and Guildford Primary Schools  
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