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Campbells Creek and Guildford PS Newsletter Th u r s d a y D e ce m b e r 1 s t, 2 0 1 6

From the principal

Creek Dates Tuesday 6th Dec Prep transition 2:303:30pm Friday 9th Dec Out of uniform day Mon 12th Dec Creek Yr 6 Graduation Wed 14th Dec Guildford end of year concert/yr 6 graduation Thurs 15th Dec Creek Christmas Concert Tues 20th Dec Last day of term

Usually at this time of the year it feels as though our students are starting to wind down and start relaxing…not this year! There have been a couple of really inspiring things going on in our school and we’re really proud of the leadership our students are showing. Recently the grade 4 class investigated and drafted a new ICT 'Acceptable Use Agreement' to be implemented in the school in 2017. The students looked at some examples of policies created by other schools and then wrote letters to one school to ask permission to use theirs as a basis for our new one. The principal from the other school was thrilled to hear our students had read through their agreement and had asked for permission to modify it for use in our school. There was great discussion about what a policy is and why we should have such a policy in place at our school. Mr Mac was very proud of how the year 4 students worked and collaborated together. Last night Mr Mac discussed the proposed policy with staff and they will now seek School Council approval to have it endorsed for use at the start of next year. Once School Council gives it the big tick, the policy will be available for viewing on our website. Well done to the year 4 students! Creating this policy has come at a good time of year as it will hopefully keep safe internet practices fresh in the minds of our students over the Christmas holiday period when they will potentially be spending more time on devices at home. In order to help parents with keeping kids cybersafe at home we have included some tips and suggestions further on in the newsletter. Speaking of rule and policy development, we had a prime opportunity to discuss how rules are formed in society this week after a

near collision at the lunchtime bike riding and scooter club on Monday. This activity is very popular and, with the number of students now participating in this activity, it is timely to start forming some safety rules for this. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to do some just in time teaching at lunchtime when two students had a near miss because of a misunderstanding of unwritten rules. (in others words, rules that some people thought existed but not everyone knew about). We were able to discuss how rules in society (eg. 40km speed limits outside schools) are often developed out of incidents and near misses and are put in place to attempt to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring again in the future. It was very pleasing to see some of the senior students take on leadership roles and put their minds together to develop some clear rules and expectations for the activity. Jeht and Lukas drafted a set of rules then consulted the riders before checking them over with Mr Mac and myself. The boys typed the rules up and read them to every class before ensuring they were clearly displayed on the top basketball court. Oh course the teachers could have developed a long list of do’s and don’ts weeks ago, but we want our students to have the experience of influencing change in their own environment and also to have ownership of the decisions (plus, we want everyone to understand that rules aren’t things bossy people create to make everyone else’s lives miserable- they are there for our own safety). Well done to all the students who showed great leadership in this activity! You are all making our school a better place to be. #bethechange ~Narissa


Passion. Respect. Inclusion. Drive. Excellence.

Prep Transition We hope everyone enjoyed the teddy bear picnic and meeting their new buddies at prep transition this week. Our final prep transition will take place next Tuesday. Tuesday 6th December - 2.30pm–3.30pm During this session your child will continue to develop the friendships formed in the two previous sessions.

Battery and mobile phone recycling A reminder to bring your old batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs to the office now for recycling. The Mount Alexander Sustainability Group will come and collect them for their amazing recycling program. #bethechange

Old Castlemaine School Boys Association On Monday both schools had a visit from Neville and David from the Old Castlemaine School Boy’s Association. Each year this association (which is over 100 years old) donates a pile of brand new books to our schools. Our students were thrilled with this year’s wonderful collection and we passed on our gratitude for the kind donation. David told us the Association is the oldest of its kind in the world! Neville let us know you need to be a past student of a Castlemaine and district school, you need to be over 30 years old and you need to be a male to join the association. (The girls thought we could look at starting our own one). They meet only a couple of times a year and every primary school in Castlemaine is grateful for their generosity! This year’s Campbells Creek collection:

Gardening News Garden Club has been continuing this term during Wednesday lunchtimes. It was great to see a bit of sunshine today without the extreme heat. Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on packing up the garden for the year so that we can start all over again in 2017! Last week we managed to clean up the shed and this week we focused on packing up the veggie garden. This included putting away all of our signs and emptying our school made planter boxes and storing them until next year. We also managed to weed, water and feed the garden beds behind the Prep/1 room. This was a lot of fun and we found tomatoes and silverbeet growing that we didn’t plant. The veggie garden looks a little overgrown at the moment as we are letting a lot of the plants go to seed. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to do some seed collection before the end of the year. A big THANK-YOU to Kathy Kuster and her Alpacas for their donation of manure. This is great as it means we can add this to our compost to be used next year when we start our garden bed preparation.

Passion. Respect. Inclusion. Drive. Excellence. Congratulations to the year 2/3 class! Ways to let us know of student absences: •

Fill in the absence form on the Tiqbiz app.

Visit to fill in an online form.

Follow the link on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our school website.

Castlemaine YMCA After School Care Gardening Tip Did you know that basil and tomato not only taste great together but are friends in the garden! Plant some basil near your tomatoes and both will thrive. Marigolds will add a splash of colour to your veggie patch and are also a great companion plant for tomatoes. Planting companion plants in your garden helps to keep down unwanted pests and encourages beneficial insects. Looking for a Christmas gift? Plants make great gifts and can truly last a life time (I actually have a pot plant that I have had for over twenty years which was a gift!). Now is a good time to put a plant into a pot to have it ready for Christmas.

The Castlemaine YMCA After School Care program is held at Campbells Creek PS every night after school. It runs from 3:30- 6:15pm. They also run a school holiday program every day over the holidays. To enrol your child in the YMCA After School Care Program you need to call 0499 983 828 before the day you would like your child to attend the program.

Thinkpad Netbooks for sale We are still cleaning out old stock and have some Thinkpad computers for sale. If you would like to purchase one for $30, please contact the office. These computers come as is and no technical support will be offered.

Happy gardening

Library News Last week was the last week for book borrowing from the library. All take home library books are due back TOMORROW. Overdue notices were sent home last week. Please help your child find these books and return them as soon as possible. Books are very expensive to replace, so it would be greatly appreciated that they be returned so other students can enjoy them too and our library remains stocked with much loved books.

Out of Uniform Day Here and Happy Award The Here and Happy results for last week are below. Prep/1










Next Friday, 9th December, we will be having an out of uniform day to raise money for the local organisation Orphund. Orphund is a volunteer organization that helps abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. They run self-sustaining community projects that provide shelter, nutrition, health care and education for children. Please bring a gold coin donation and remember all clothes need to follow our Sunsmart policy (eg. no singlet tops).

Passion. Respect.Passion. Inclusion. Drive.Inclusion. Excellence. Respect. Drive. Excellence. School Accounts Statements have been sent out this week. If you have outstanding money, can you please come in and speak with Glynis. Payment of the essential education items (stationary/materials) can be paid through our QKR app or Eftpos or cash at the office. Thank you.

Cybersafety Information This term all classes are focusing on the topic of health and safety. Cybersafety has been a big part of this topic and it is something we believe is really important to speak about. At our schools, digital technologies and the internet are used to support everyday teaching and learning. At home, however, it is often used quite differently. Not only is it a study resource for students, it is increasingly being used as a social space to meet, play and communicate. There are many positives to using the internet as a space to connect with other people, however issues can also arise. If you have the internet at home, we encourage you to get your child to show you what they are doing online. If not, see if you can make a time to visit the school to see their work and how the school uses the Internet. Bullying, stranger danger, gossip, telling the wrong people personal information have long been issues for young people growing up. These are all behaviours which now present online. These are not ‘virtual’ issues. They are real and can harm and hurt. At home we recommend you: • • • • • •

make some time to sit with your child to find out how they are using the internet and who else is involved in any online activities ask them to give you a tour of their ‘space’ if they are using a site which allows them to chat, publish photos, play games etc. always get them to set their space to ‘Private’ if they use a social networking site (eg. Snapchat, Instagram) use the internet in a shared place in the house – not your child’s bedroom negotiate appropriate times for your child’s online activities and use of mobile phones. ask questions such as the following when your child shows you what they are doing  how does it work, how do you set it up and can you block out people?  who else is sharing this space or game - did you know them before or ‘meet’ them online and what do you know about them?  why is this so enjoyable ?– what makes it fun?  can you see any risks or dangers in the activity - what would you say to warn/inform a younger child who was going to start to use the space?  what are you doing to protect yourself or your friends from these potential dangers?  when would you inform an adult about an incident that has happened online that concerns you?

We also encourage you to ensure your child:  does not sign up to websites/apps they are not old enough to use (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter all have a 13+ age restriction)  is not using their first and last name as their username for websites  does not have any photos of them in school uniform or sports uniform with open privacy (this information can be used to track the whereabouts of students in after school activities etc)  knows how to block people and report unsafe images/requests on the app/website they are using. If you would like more information, please visit these websites: • •

eSafety information: iParent- loads of terrific information to help keep you up to date with the latest trends and support:

Please also visit our school website: and click on the “Parent Links” page for more resources.

Guildford Tree Talk ZT

Thursday 1st December

A word from Melissa Awards

Guildford Dates Fri 9th Dec Out of uniform day Wed 14th Dec School concert

Star Award – Joe Foti – exceptional reading of chapter books. Kindness Award – Stephen Bird – for always looking out for others. Special Work – Madi Warnock – great work on her calendar.

Fri 16th Dec Grade 6 Big Day Out Tues 19th Dec Last day term 4

the night as well as conducting the grade 6 graduation ceremony. On Tuesday we will have access to the hall to decorate the hall, display artwork and set up for the Wednesday night concert. If you can help it would be much appreciated. The concert will start at 6.30 pm and go for approximately an hour. We will also have a visit from Santa on the night and have a light supper following the concert. Breakfast

School Concert Jan 31st 2017 First day of term 1, 2017

The school concert practice is well underway and the students are very excited to be performing for our parents and wider community this year. We will be singing, dancing and performing circus acts on

There will be breakfast tomorrow, Friday 2nd December from 8.15-8.45. Come along and enjoy some scrambled eggs or warm baked beans on toast!

Chickens holidays.



A massive thank you to the Foti family, who have volunteered to look after our chickens over the holidays. This is a huge effort and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you Rebecca!

Passion. Passion. Respect. Respect. Inclusion. Inclusion. Drive. Drive. Excellence. Excellence. Reports Teachers have been busy writing school reports for the past four weeks. These school reports are being sent home on Wednesday 14th December. Books It is the last day of MARC van this Friday 2nd December. Please have a good look at home for any library or school books you may have. Kim would be very appreciative if all books were returned so that she can start the MARC van stock take. Kerry will also be stocktaking Guildford Primary books so have a good look at home for these also please. Out of Uniform Day Next Friday, 9th December, we will be having an out of uniform day to raise money for the local organisation Orphund. Orphund is a volunteer organization that helps abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. They run selfsustaining community projects that provide shelter, nutrition, health care and education for children.

Big Day Out – Grade 6 The grade 6 Big Day Out will be on Friday 16th December. Kerry will accompany our grade six students to Bendigo on this day. The students will spend the day at the Bendigo Aquatic Centre. This

day is always a lot of fun and celebrates the end of the year for our grade 6 students. Last Day The last day of term 4 is Tuesday 20th December. School will be finishing at 2.30 pm on this day.

December 1 Newsletter Campbells Creek/Guildford Primary School