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Coroner rules on tragic death of man swept over Elk Falls in front of onlookers By Neil Cameron Campbell River Courier-Islander

File Photo

Members of Campbell River Search and Rescue are shown after rappelling down the treacherous Elk Falls canyon walls and readying themselves to continue the search by swimming further down the canyon in July 2011.

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The tragic death of Cornelis Johannes Bot who was swept over Elk Falls while a family member and several others looked on in horror, has been ruled accidental and the coroner will make no recommendations on the case. That decision was made public by Coroner Heather Pate Tuesday about the July 18, 2011 incident. In her report Pate said that Bot, a 42year-old German tourist, and one family member made their way down to the falls from the upper parking lot while another member of the family waited in the car. At 10:25 a.m. Bot “walked onto a rocky promontory almost to the edge of the falls and was taking photographs when he slipped and fell into the water a few metres upstream of the falls,” wrote Pate. “He was immediately swept over the edge, a total height of 25 metres with a rocky outcropping directly below the falls at about 15 metres.” Pate said Bot’s body was found about 100 metres downstream of the falls. Members of the Campbell River Search and Rescue had to rappel down the canyon wall and swim past the falls to reach Bot. A helicopter eventual aided in recovering the body. “At no time were any signs of life detected,” wrote Pate. “Mr. Bot had suffered a severe head injury and multiple blunt force traumas.” Continued on page A3.


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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rex sniffs out trail of alcohol to 2 impaired drivers By Neil Cameron Campbell River Courier-Islander

Police service dog Rex wasn’t the only one needing a Breathalyzer as he sniffed out two impaired drivers who tried to evade police custody. On Friday April 26, at 10:41 p.m, a Campbell River RCMP officer stopped a white

1995 GMC pickup for suspicion of impaired driving on the Island Highway near Barlow Road. When the vehicle stopped, the driver fled on foot, leaving other occupants behind in the vehicle. Rex was on duty, arrived minutes later and tracked the driver several blocks from the scene to an empty lot of brambles where the

n o s r e P r Rive

driver was found. There are several charges being recommended including impaired driving and obstructing a police officer. The male driver is an 18-year-old Campbell River man. Then on Saturday, April 27, at 12:06 a.m. Campbell River RCMP were called to a complaint of an impaired driver on the Island Highway near the Duncan Bay Store. A witness had come across a vehicle on the side of the road facing the wrong way and they were concerned for the occupant. The witness

stopped, offered assistance, but realized the person was intoxicated and called 911. The driver fled the vehicle and into nearby bushes. Rex was on again on duty and tracked the driver who was apprehended a short distance away. The driver, a 53-year-old male from Sointula, was charged with impaired driving and his vehicle was impounded.

Checked out man, checked out and charged Campbell River RCMP executed a search warrant on a hotel room in Campbell River in search of drugs and money and a suspected drug trafficker in February. The room was empty, however cocaine, heroin and evidence of drug trafficking was found. Officers persisted in their investigation, prepared court documents and two charges of


Age: 4 Likes: Bike riding Favorite Food: Strawberries Favorite TV/Movie: Little Einsteins Favorite Book: Smash Crash Favorite Animal: Penguins Dream: To go to Disneyland

possession for the purpose of trafficking under the controlled drugs and substances act were recently laid against a 26-year-old Campbell River man. Robert Allan Stiglitz made his first appearance in Campbell River Court on April 29, and remains in custody until his next court appearance on May 13.

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2013-05-05 9:58 AM....................... 6.51 feet 2013-05-05 3:10 PM.....................11.58 feet 2013-05-05 9:14 PM........................8.29 feet 2013-05-06 2:54 AM...................14.24 feet 2013-05-06 10:42 AM......................5.48 feet 2013-05-06 4:12 PM.....................12.19 feet 2013-05-06 10:20 PM ......................9.04 feet 2013-05-07 3:32 AM....................14.12 feet 2013-05-07 11:22 AM ......................4.63 feet 2013-05-07 5:04 PM ................... 12.77 feet 2013-05-07 11:20 PM ......................9.60 feet 2013-05-08 4:07 AM...................13.90 feet 2013-05-08 11:58 AM......................4.02 feet 2013-05-08 5:50 PM ...................13.25 feet 2013-05-09 12:14 AM ................... 10.02 feet 2013-05-09 4:40 AM....................13.61 feet

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013



Wrong arm of the law

Thieves stole an expensive davit off a boat in the Discovery Marina, but without the boat it’s almost worthless. Campbell River RCMP investigated theft April 23. The davit is a custom built lifting arm for bringing a dinghy on and off a vessel into the water. The cost to rebuild the stolen arm is approximately $3,920. The davit was specially designed to fit that boat, so it should be of no use to the thief except possibly the built-in electric winch, police said. If you have any information about this, please call the Campbell River RCMP or Crimestoppers. Also on Tuesday, April 23, a resident from the 200 block of McCarthy Street reported a possible break and enter to his residence File photo overnight. Authorities check out the perilous area from which a 42-year-old man was swept over Elk Falls in July 2011. He said that on April 22 between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. he heard his downstairs door slam. He thought it was a family member and didn’t think anything of Continued from page A1. 2006 and recommendations from but “only one warned specifically it until he went out to his pickup Pate said various agencies disthe Coroner’s office at that time about slippery rocks and staying truck in the morning to find it had cussed the tragedy and concluded addressed three concerns. away from fast moving water. That been rummaged through. Campbell that many visitors didn’t realize how They included improved signage, sign was written in English, with no River RCMP Forensic Identification dangerous the falls can be and may installing fixed anchor cables (lifesymbols. Section attended and is processing not have been able to understand the lines) for someone who had fallen in After the 2006 incident, a warn- exhibits. interpretive signs. the river to grab in order to prevent ing sign was placed on the rocks On Thursday Campbell River “The uneven rock surfaces are being swept away, and placing baradjacent to Elk Falls. But it was RCMP responded to a complaint of worn smooth and can be very slipriers or fencing along the river’s damaged by winter flow and debris, a break and enter and theft from a pery due to algae growth,” wrote edge to prevent access. removed and not replaced. residence in the 1300 block of Leed Pate. “Once caught in the flow BC Parks said no to the cables After Bot’s death more signage Road. of water in narrower sections of because of ensuing debris collection with symbols were put in place as The complainant was house sitthe upper canyon, extrication is and the danger to workers maintainwell as a permanent indicator of the ting for the owners and came home extremely difficult if not imposing the cables. safest upstream area from which to and noticed items missing from the sible.” At that time warning signs talked view the falls. kitchen counter. A further examinaA similar tragedy occurred in of fluctuating river levels, said Pate,

‘Many don’t realize the danger’

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tion found a screen missing off a window and the window open. On Tuesday a resident on Thulin Street, between Evergreen Rd and 1st Ave. reported that the tie downs straps attached to their ATV in the back of their pickup had been cut, but the ATV had not been stolen. This is consistent with other motorized vehicles stolen in the same area within a week. Campbell River RCMP responded to a complaint of a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk at 11th Avenue and Shoppers Row on Thursday. A 54-year-old Campbell River man driving a black Izuzu Trooper stopped at the three-way stop, waiting his turn to go and started to proceed, but did not see a 77 year old Campbell River woman starting to walk into the crosswalk and bumped her, knocking her to the ground. He stopped and rendered assistance as did other witnesses on scene. The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance with minor injuries and the driver was issued a violation ticket under the motor vehicle act for failing to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk.

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Campbell River Courier-Islander

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The only refuge is in humility, an utterly convinced, completely self-effacing humility before the complexity of truth and the even greater complexity of human nature, in the solemn certainty that complete impartiality and complete honesty are beyond the power of man, no matter how he may strain for them. In this there is a measure of help towards the proper balance of head and heart and law that yields a fair decision. - Roderick Haig-Brown

Our View Not worth deciding upon The televised debate among the leaders of the parties in the BC Provincial election produced no winners, and really no losers. None of the candidates stood out, most had some uncomfortable times in front of the cameras and there was no knock out punch delivered by anyone. Liberal leader Christy Clark and NDP leader Adrian Dix had the uneasy task of answering questions about their moral judgements. Clark was queried on running a red light, with her 11-yearold son in the car and Dix was asked about changing the information on a piece of evidence that forced him to resign. If there was something solid to be taken away from the debate by voters it was that Clark and Dix showed incredibly bad judgement and both broke the law. It is patently unfair to the process that such debates can have such significant impacts on elections. They at best skim vital issues. They at best bring out the worst in politics, contrived words to make the moment seem like truth. There’s still a long way to go until May 14. There is still a lot of time to make an educated decision, not one that’s based on frugal time limits and stage presence. Previous poll question: Should another vote be taken on the Robron fields project? 92% said no. New poll: Who do you think did best in the leadership debate? Vote at


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From our readers Park survey was not a slam dunk I am confused by the constant reiteration from Councillors Adams and Moglove that the Robron upgrade has been “identified by the public” as the park the community would most like to see upgraded. From what I read on the city parks survey, this was a self-selected survey conducted from Oct. 22, 2010. Mr. David Reid, the consultant from HB Lanarc who conducted the survey, said the survey “was not statistically valid because it was self selected” but that the “priority seems to be to develop Robron”. This is hardly the slam dunk being presented by these councillors. Seeking clarification of this term I looked online, and a “self-selected survey” is

defined there as when “the surveyor chooses who he or she wants to ask the survey question to. So the people surveyed are not random at all and the surveyor can easily manipulate results”. Questionable results, at best, and hardly representative of the majority of the public (ie taxpayers). Am I missing something? Interestingly, in that same survey, Reid recommended the Parks Parcel Tax be set at $50 per year until 2015 when it should be raised to $60. That recommendation seems to have been ignored. Jennifer Smith

Platitudes and oil spill realities By Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee The federal government’s recently stated intention to establish a “worldclass oil spill response and prevention” plan is clearly designed to assuage public fears in British Columbia over the dramatic increase in oil tanker traffic that would accompany the Enbridge Northern Gateway project and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion. Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver’s announcement, however, does little to diminish the risk or change the nature of shipping oil on the BC coast. The reality is that human nature and physical nature are the forces that produce tragedies at sea. Unforeseen events that inevitably occur in narrow channels, high-traffic corridors and bad weather increase the risk of oil tanker accidents on BC’s coast. Major oil spills show that despite assurances of low risk and advanced technology, poor decisions still lead to major incidents. Groundings, collisions, equipment failures and explosions are all cited as causes for accidents, but these are consequences, not causes. Root causes of incidents are more insidious, with human error, costcutting and miscommunication foremost among them. Lost in all the minister’s warm and

fuzzy rhetoric about increased tanker inspections, tanker safety panels and new navigational aids is the fact that human failures account for up to 80 per cent of the world’s oil spills. Underscoring the fact there is no accounting for human error, BC’s largest oil spill response vessel ran aground en route to Oliver’s news conference last month. The federal government’s public relations exercise does, however, speak to timing. It occurred before the conclusion of the federal review process for Northern Gateway, immediately preceded the 24th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster and coincided with the launch of a provincial election in which pipelines and oil tankers are certain to figure prominently in the outcome of the campaign. Oliver’s announcement is viewed by many as nothing more than empty pandering to the legitimate concerns of British Columbians as the phrase “world-class oil spill response and prevention” is a meaningless platitude. There is no such thing as world-class oil spill response and prevention. The existing yardstick is wholly inadequate as estimates of open-water recovery by mechanical equipment recover only 10 to 15 per cent of the oil from a marine spill at best. As we have learned from previous

spills, no response is possible in rough weather, high seas and dangerous conditions. Importantly, these conditions often precede, or follow, oil spills. Pumping and skimming recovery options are impossible in over one knot of tide or in waves over two to three metres. In rough conditions or offshore spills, response is limited to the use of dispersants, as containment is not an option. Dispersants have proven to be largely unsuccessful on water-in-oil emulsions and on oil that has weathered, and will not likely be successful on bitumen. Furthermore, reliable knowledge regarding the extent of dispersant toxicity is lacking. With grossly overstated oil spill response capabilities revealed after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, it was evident that improvements to oil spill technology have been negligible. Responders in the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill indicated that cleanup technology was no further ahead than in the 15 years previous. Responders in the Deepwater Horizon spill claimed that cleanup technologies were essentially the same as in the Exxon Valdez spill. Thus, despite some minor improvements, oil spill recovery remains largely unchanged in the last 35 years. Importantly, the spill response in these situations was nothing like what had been promised by the oil companies.

The Canadian coast guard has also identified uncertainty around the effectiveness of spill recovery with the products that Enbridge plans to transport. In its submission to the joint review panel assessing Northern Gateway, the coast guard stated it was “not aware of a scientific consensus regarding how these products will behave once introduced into the marine environment or the effects over time of the products being in the water. The Canadian coast guard therefore is uncertain whether or not traditional oil spill recovery methods would be effective.” The coast guard’s fear that bitumen could submerge or sink has recently been reinforced by top Canadian and US chemical scientists. But this would not be the only impact of a diluted bitumen spill. If a slick hits the water, it would immediately release dangerous components that are acutely toxic to fish and animals. Currently, no technology can recover those volatile diluents. The bottom line on the BC coast, as has been shown elsewhere, is that having the ability to respond does not necessarily translate into effective cleanup of an oil spill. (Chris Genovali is executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Misty MacDuffee is Raincoast’s wild salmon program director.)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The huge body of the dead humpback whale lay silently on the beach at White Rock, BC, as if it had chosen this spacious stretch of sand as a conspicuous and welcoming place to die. Its death on June 12, 2012, seemed important, perhaps because of the great size of its corpse, perhaps because of the incongruity of such a massive shape on a flat and vacant beach (Globe and Mail, Dec. 29/12). The whale looked serene in death, like a dark grey boulder that was reverently placed there by some mysterious force from the deep ocean. As if to confirm this, its body was ringed at a respectful distance with yellow police tape. And beyond this hallowed zone stood hundreds of people who had come to witness such an enormous dying. Everyone looked solemn and thoughtful. A few talked quietly in small groups. But most simply gazed at the dead humpback, trying to comprehend the significance of this death. Some people had placed flowers on the whale’s forehead, near its twin blowholes. The stem of three red peonies, the bouquet of mauve gentian and a single white lily turned the body of the dead whale into an honoured shrine. This humpback, perhaps 16 metres long, weighed about 40 tonnes. It was once weightless in the gentle buoyancy of the ocean. Now the unkind pull of gravity dragged down its flesh, accentuating the bones of its skull, the curve of its ribs and the long ridge of its spine — the graceful span of its great tail fluke forever immobilized. Its two enormous pectoral flippers — always too big to be credible — were now still, one folded close to its left side and the other splayed flat on the sand. The only part of its body that looked comfortable was the forward part of the head, the rostrum. It

Knowing Whales

had sunk into the huge soft pillow of its lower jaw, the elastic pouch with baleen that once filtered tonnes of water in a single minute. The long line of its closed mouth, arcing from eye to eye, formed the contented curve of resolution. Death, it seems, must even come to whales. What does it mean for a huge thing to die? Does its heart, weighing nearly 200 kilograms and having the volume of three adult humans, shudder to a sudof den stop? Whalers say that such animals can take 30 minutes to Ray Grigg die, even with explosive harpoons. Does all the life needed to power such an animal surrender with a slow reluctance, with a special hesitancy? Is death bigger for creatures that are so big? Perhaps this explains why hundreds of people came to witness the whale’s death. They were not being macabre or ghoulish. The whale’s dying was a rare opportunity to confront the most persistent secret to haunt their own consciousness. Death has always escaped any description of human experience. It is the black void from which no words or answers ever return. And this was a death “writ large”, a statement too obvious and clear to be avoided. Attending the whale’s dying was an invitation to come closer to death; it was an act of communion, and thus an opportunity to confirm their kinship with another living being. But would they notice the death of a gnat,

a grasshopper, a caterpillar or a spider? How many anonymous moths flutter to exhaustion around the hot light of a night bulb? How many summer bugs spatter on the windshield of a speeding car without a moment’s concern from the driver? Industrial fishing of the oceans drags millions of tonnes of individual fish to the decks of trawlers where they each flap frantically and drown slowly in the terrible air. When a forest is cut down and bulldozed for a road, a building or a parking lot, a complex and living civilization of plants, animals, insects and fungi dies. Thousands of whales, as large and noble as the one on White Rock’s beach, are hunted and killed yearly. So much dying dissolves into a turmoil of death so large that human concern is easily numbed by its enormity. Of all the species that ever existed on Earth, 99.9 per cent are now extinct. For the seven billion people who are presently alive on our planet, an estimated 100 billion of their forebears have died. Death is so common that we can easily become inured to it. So we learn to avoid it with a dismissive indifference. Or we deliberately separate ourselves from it — abattoirs do not have glass walls. The ethical implications of killing, cutting and mincing flesh are avoided by silence and sanitized with styrofoam trays, plastic wrap and the hygienics of cheerful merchandising. Feigned ignorance is supposed to absolve us of discomfort. Selective innocence

Shades Green

The Many Talents of Vinegar

Vinegar is vastly under-appreciated for its many uses. But May is Vinegar Month, brought to us by the Vinegar Institute,, so it is a good time to take another look. Vinegar has so many uses that this column cannot come anywhere close to giving vinegar the space it deserves. Previous generations knew what it could do, but few of us are holding on to that knowledge. People have been using vin- Nickie Polson egar for a very long time, possibly more than 10,000 years. The word vinegar comes from the French for sour wine — vin aigre. Vinegar is, of course, most popular for its uses in food preparation. Some of the common vinegars are apple cider, balsamic, red wine, rice, white wine, malt and white distilled vinegar. But vinegar’s role in cooking, interesting as it is, makes up only part of its potential value to us. Vinegar can do the jobs of cleanser, disinfectant, deodorizer, pest repellent, stain remover, fabric softener, hair conditioner, skin softener, digestive aid, and so much more. In the realm of non-toxic household cleansers, white vinegar is second only to baking soda. A cautionary note: If you are tempted to experiment with vinegar as an alternative cleanser, please look up recipes for the particular use you have in mind. Vinegar is an acid, and can be quite strong-smelling, taken straight from the bottle. It is not a highly dangerous acid, like battery acid — after all, we eat the stuff. But it still deserves respect. Be cautious until you are fam-

iliar with it — particularly when using it around your child, yourself, your pet, or your valuables. The internet and the library offer many resources. One good source of ideas is 1,001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar at White vinegar mixed 50/50 with water is an excellent cleaner, very good at cutting through grease and oils. The secret of its success is that it contains acetic acid, which is a weak acid that will react with many of the organic molecules in the grime in our lives. Because it is an acid, once the job is done most things cleaned with vinegar should be rinsed off. Vinegar can be used for dusting, and cleaning windows and blinds. It is good for cleaning pots and pans, and removing glue left by stickers and price tags. In the days before commercial cleaners, drains were often unclogged and deodorized with a combination of vinegar and baking soda. This method breaks up greasy lumps that clog pipes. It works best if used before the clog gets too bad. Vinegar works as a disinfectant, killing many kinds of viruses and bacteria. At the University of Florida, researchers tested a variety of disinfectants on contaminated strawberries. They found the vinegar mixture reduced bacteria by 90 per cent and viruses by about 95 per cent. Vinegar is also effective against mildew on almost any surface. It can be used straight for the tough cases, or diluted 50/50. Using a spray bottle helps reach into spots difficult to get at otherwise. Vinegar can be used to clean chrome and stainless steel. Combined with baking soda, it was once favoured to polish silver, brass and

The Conserver

copper. Vinegar works as a deodorizer. Like baking soda, vinegar can help get rid of odours. A shallow bowl of white or cider vinegar will often remove undesirable smells in a day or so. An old remedy to freshen a musty smelling container was to put in a slice of bread soaked in vinegar. (Bread itself is good at absorbing odours. For larger areas, a pan of clean cat litter can help remove odour — change it every few days until the smell is gone.) Vinegar has a place in the laundry room too. Vinegar has been used to whiten whites, soften fabric, eliminate static, kill bacteria, remove rust and ballpoint pen marks, and clean scum in the washing machine. Many stains can be removed with vinegar. (Always experiment with a small area that won’t be seen first to be sure there will not be a problem.) Vinegar has been used to control dandruff and condition hair. Apple cider vinegar added to the bath has been used to soothe aching muscles. Diluted vinegar can be applied to insect bites, sunburn, bruises, and cold sores. Cider vinegar is used in gargles for sore throats, foot baths to fight athlete’s foot, and many other health-promoting applications. Vinegar makes a good cleaner for hummingbird feeders and keeps cut flowers fresh. Cider vinegar can be used to trap many annoying insects, including house moths, bugs in the pantry, and fruit flies. Vinegar-soaked rags have been known to repel cats and other animals from areas where they are not welcome. Vinegar even succeeds at cleaning up bird droppings. The possibilities seem endless. (Nickie Polson is a freelance writer, editor and educator. She lives in Campbell River.


is supposed to lighten the burden of caring. Meanwhile, the impersonality we give to our technology is supposed to cast a spell of forgiveness that absolves it and ourselves of all the death it causes. Death, of course, is natural. But the seven billion of us crowded onto this rare planet wreak havoc on the living ecologies that vitalize it with diversity and mystery. We terrorize life with our energized machines and their incessant hyperactivity. We would prefer not to notice this affront to nature so we dismiss their sinister work as normal, as necessary growth, as important development. And we diminish the opportunity to notice by continuing to bulldoze, build, industrialize and urbanize — more than half of humanity now lives in cities, increasingly isolated from the destructive consequences of our actions. This is why hundreds of people came to witness the death of the humpback whale on White Rock’s sandy beach. As a symbol of their caring, concern and vulnerability, they placed flowers on its great corpse. They gathered to meet and confront such an enormous dying because it was too large and conspicuous to avoid. The whale’s death forcibly reminded them of the spreading shadow of a civilization so large and consuming that it often seems unstoppable and overwhelming. The crowds were not only somber and thoughtful for the whale but for themselves, for the future of their children, and for the future of all the other living things that will make the same haunting journey. (Ray Grigg is the author of seven internationally published books on Oriental philosophy, specifically Zen and Taoism. He lives on Quadra Island.)

On the bench I have been a magistrate for about 10 years now, to the deep amazement of my friends and my own occasional surprise. I came into the job in what seemed to me an extraordinarily casual way, simply because there was no one else around who wanted to take it on. My good friend Corporal Tennyson, of the local police detachment, told me this one day and asked if he could send my name forward to the attorney-general. I thought quickly of a dozen reasons why I was quite unfitted for of the anything of the sort; Roderick Haig-Brown and at thirty I felt far too young — magistrates should be old and wise and grey. “It’s mostly by the book,” the Corporal said. “And what isn’t written down is just common sense. You owe it to the country anyway — you’ve got the education and the time.” So, in due course, I became one of His Majesty’s Stipendiary Magistrates in and for the Province of British Columbia, sworn to administer the law, doing “equal right to the poor and to the rich, after my cunning, wit and power.” I heard my first case on the day I took the oath. I sat at a desk, feeling small and confused, flanked by two magnificent policemen in the imposing uniform of the provincial force. I listened to the Corporal’s strong voice, “I declare this court open in the name of His Majesty the King.” Then my own voice read out the charge. It was a simple matter, possession of an unregistered revolver, and the accused, I could see at once, was a badly scared man. (From Measure of the Year, published in 1950.)





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Dairy Queen Campbell River

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Ken Zaharia, Sports Editor 250-287-7464 ext. 228 email:

Carihi claims second tourney title Tyees add Intersport Invitational to go with Chilliwack championship

The Carihi Tyees senior girl’s soccer team enjoyed more success with tournament play this past week as they won the Ninth Annual Intersport Invitational championship, defeating Powell River’s Brooks, 2-0, in the title game Saturday, at Carihi. Their first game saw a comfortable 8-0 win over Port Hardy Secondary. Selena Lasota continued her phenomenal scoring streak with six goals. Claire Pomeroy and Jenna Manners rounded out the scorers. Their second game saw an encounter with North Island Secondary School and once again the Tyees recorded a solid 4-0 victory. Scorers were Lasota, Carrie Gage, Alana Smith and Eilidh “Razza” Rasmussen. Meanwhile on the other side of the draw Brooks, of Powell River, had also progressed to the final. The meeting of Carihi and Brooks brought the only undefeated teams in the High School North Division. Carihi was due to play Brooks at home on Wednesday but this game was to count as a “double header” and act as both the Cup final and the final league game of the season. Brooks started the stronger team and placed the Tyees under considerable pressure in the early stages. Fortunately Tyees keeper Haley Craddock was alert and took charge whenever the ball entered her six yard area. Carihi was struggling with the pace of the Brooks forward line and struggled to retain possession for any decent passage of time. The Brooks central defence was very strong and organized leaving little if any space for the Tyees to exploit. The second half saw a much stronger performance from the Tyees. Their movement was improved and the speed of their passing increased. In doing this they were able to create more space than in the first half and they began to take control of the game. Central defenders Smith and Jocelyn Cormier took a stronghold in the middle and were ably supported by Olivia Currie, Marisa Boyle and

Baird’s 37 low score at Storey

Photo submitted

The winning Carihi Tyees senior girl’s soccer team from the Intersport Invitational included, back left, Karlyn Healy, Jocelyn Cormier, Taylor Marsh, Marissa Boyle, Hayley Craddock, Carrie Gage, Alexis Kiebelhause, Kristen Gage and Morgan McDonald. Front left, Allana Smith, Odie (the team mascot), Olivia Currie, Claire Pomeroy, Eilidh Rasmussen, Selena Lasota and Jenna Manners. debutante Morgan McDonald. Carihi went to three in the middle of the park for the opening of the second half. This required captain Pomeroy to lead the two Grade 8 debutantes Alexis Giebelhaus and Kristen Gage who joined her in the middle. The younger players can be very proud of their efforts and must have learnt much from Pomeroy who produced an outstanding second half. The wingers Razza and older cousin Carrie Gage also did well.

The kid is back in town. Scott McCormac topped Storey Creek Men’s Club play Wednesday with a two over par 38, followed by Ken Piercy who won on a count back over Scott’s dad John. Tim Baird is getting into fine form

They were able to provide the necessary width that was lacking in the first half. As the game was heading to penalties a flowing move from Carihi saw Razza score the goal to clinch the Cup. With only minutes left Brooks pushed on to try and tie the game. This left some space at the back and Lasota was quick to exploit the space and scored a second with seconds remaining. “It was a thrilling win in a very

with a low gross on the high side with a 37. Yes, that is one better than low side winner McCormac. Dan Clark has stepped up his game and is now competing in the low side and with a net 34 he takes first place on the low side with Chris MacDonald

enjoyable game of soccer where both teams played very well,” said Carihi head coach John Jepson. “We would like to acknowledge Jonathan at Intersport for his continued support and the grounds staff at SD 72 for their admirable work on making our school fields among the very best in the province.” The Tyees have now completed their regular season play. This stage of the season has been very successful with two tournament victories

posting a 32.5 to take low net on the high side. Construction Maintenance (CMAW) 2020 won the team game with Sukhy Bains, Dave Tees, Chris Flood and Gord Grubisich on the squad. Tees Kiddle Spencer came in second and

in Chilliwack and at the Intersport Invitation, a Cup Final loss at the Investors Cup and a seventh place finish in the UVic Nike Classic. League play saw them go undefeated with six wins. This week will see the team fine tune set plays and systems of play as they look to defend the AAA North Island they won last year. The North Island championship goes Monday, May 6, at Carihi with the semifinals at 11:30 a.m. and the final at 3:30 p.m. Wenger Trucking came in third. Geoff Hancock won the Chinook Scaffolding long drive on No. 8 and Brock Thompson won the Coastal Eyecare long drive on No. 4. Dave Coverdale won the coveted Coastal Mountain Fuel Explosion on No. 9.




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tennis opening mixer Sat.

The Campbell River Tennis Club is ready to go. Their opening mixer day is Saturday, May 4, at 10 a.m., at Willow Point Park tennis courts. Everyone welcome. The junior program starts today (Wednesday, May 1) and runs until June 26, with Jeremy Folster coaching. Registration is tonight at

Willow Point Park tennis courts. The Campbell River Tennis Club will be offering free clinics on Thursday, May 9 and May 16 at 6 p.m. Everyone welcome. Sid Shook and Al Folster will be giving lessons. For more information, contact Joan Wood at 250-923-8134.

May 3 to 6

Photo submitted

Campbell River Peewee All-Star team members included coach Jim Ernst, Nathan Lagos, Bryce Turko, Jayce Hudak, Kaden Barnes, Brett Henri, Chris Mack, Luka Kellerhals and Anthony Dyck. Missing from photo were assistant coach Mike Barnes, Andrew Price, Jamie Ingersoll, Mathieu Gagnon, Keegan Kelly and Heydon Campbell.

Peewee Stars skate to silver in Powell River

The Campbell River Peewee House Hockey All-Stars, played like stars capturing the silver medal at Powell River Invitational tournament, losing a thriller, 6-4, against Juan de Fuca in the title game. Nathan Lagos, Kaden Barnes, Chris Mack and Mathieu Gagnon had the four Campbell River goals. Mack was named team MVP, while the ‘Digger’ award went to Keegan Kelly. At the end of the tournament as all-star team was selected and it included three Riverites including forward Jayce Hudak, goalie, Bryce Turko and Drew Price on defence. Campbell River reached the final after going 2-1-1 in round robin play. They started off with the same

Juan de Fuca they met in the championship game and the two teams battled to a 4-4 tie. Brett Henri, Barnes, Mathieu Gagnon and Andrew Price netted the four Campbell River goals. MVP went to Barnes and the Digger award to Henri. Campbell River then knocked off host Powell River, 5-3. Hudak was named game MVP, Heydon Campbell received the Digger award. Campbell River then lost to another Powell River squad, 9-6. MVP went to Jamie Ingersoll, Digger to Andrew Price. The final round robin was a 9-7 victory over Juan de Fuca. Nathan Lagos was named game MVP, Gagnon received the Digger award.

Claire works for me. “I support Claire because of her unfailing and proactive support for women’s issues in our community.” – VALERY PUETZ

On May 14th re-elect Claire Trevena THE PROVEN CHOICE FOR THE NORTH ISLAND CAMPAIGN OFFICE 1100 Shoppers Row, Campbell River PHONE 250-914-0403 EMAIL twitter: @clairetrevena Authorized by Sandra Doran, Financial Agent, 250-914-0403

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To Enter Log On To: Make your CourierIslander hockey pool selections and then watch this newspaper for weekly standings each Wednesday starting Wednesday, May 8th

HOCKEY POOL RULES: ONE ENTRY per person. You must reside within the distribution area of the Campbell River CourierIslander newspaper to be eligible for prizes. Participants must be willing to accept one email per week. Contest winners agree to have their name and photo published in the newspaper at the conclusion of the contest. Participants will accept pool manager’s judgement as final. Any tie breaker will be determined by first, total number of goals scored. Secondly, by total number of goals scored by last place player on a team. Finally, if necessary, by a mechanism determined by pool manager. Final Entry Deadline is 6 pm PST, Friday May 3rd, 2013.

Entry Deadline for this Online Playoff Hockey Pool is 6 pm PST, Friday May 3rd, 2013






*CR Bowling Centre won both the fourth quarter title and the league championship Team W T Campbell River 8-Ball Association: P 1 CR Bowling Centre* 26.00 715.50 ‘A’ Division 2 Clippers 22.00 631.00 P Team Pt 17.00 622.00 1 Pier Street Bullys 143 3 Leeson Lake 8.00 518.50 2 Elks Elkoholics 119 4 Chances 3 Eagles Oldtimers 117 5 Boston Pizza Brutes 17.00 493.00 18.00 452.00 4 Eagles Breakers 104 6 Alley Cats Team Highs 5 Eagles Talons 103 High Scratch Game - Clippers 783 6 Pier Street Crabby Bob’s 99 High Handicap Game - CR Bowling 7 Eagles 8-Ball Addicts 89 Centre 895 8 Freddie's Tequila Shooters 81 High Scratch Series - Clippers 2,214 ‘B’ Division 1 Freddie's Leftovers 132 High Handicap Series - CR Bowling 2 Eagles Sitting Ducks 130 Centre 2,540 Individual Highs 3 JJ’s Exotic Shots 119 4 Eagles Navigators 106 High Scratch Game - Hogie McCrae 5 Elks-EZ United 103 236 High Handicap Game - Merv 6 Quinsam Q’s 96 Belanko 265 7 Pier Street Pocket Divas 78 High Scratch Series - Scot 8 Quinsam Stick Ticklers 75 Bradshaw 643 ERO’s - Ron Ramm 3; Peter Orel, High Handicap Series - Scot Steve Denroche, Bill McCannel, Bradshaw 703 Ken Chickite 2; Alex Doleman, Nick Bowler of the Week - Rob Rodgers Cooksley, Andy Yates, Alf Prevost, 92 over average (no roll offs) Kevin Olson, John Ellis, Anton Yacoboski, Christene Hanson, Art Straw, Wayne Garbe, Gerry Davis, Gene Tuesday Night Mixed League: P Team Q T Kawano, Brian Flurer, Al Wingert 1 1 U.K. Plus 63.525 229.928 2 Association Team 53.261 219.593 3 The B.U.F.F.’S 52.993 199.247 Thursday Golden Crystals Seniors 4 Screaming Eagles 44.728 191.226 League: 5 Blunder Ballz 57.464 188.905 *Fourth quarter winners 6 EZDUZIT 46.524 187.937 P Team T 7 Ryan’s Pizzeria 44.634 172.227 1 Gremlins* 28 Team Highs 2 Fiats 24 Scratch Game - Association Team 3 Jaguars 21 875 4 Firebirds 20 Scratch Series - Blunder Ballz 2,490 5 Ferrari 18 Handicap Series - Blunder Ballz 5 Tin Lizzy 18 3,273 7 Corvettes 17 Handicap Game - Blunder Ballz 8 Thunderbirds 14 1,131 Team Highs Individual Highs Points Over Series Average - Fiats Scratch Series - Men - Ronnie +360 Chickite 654; Women - Denise Scratch Game - Fiats 1.011 Kennedy 500 Scratch Series - Fiats 2,721 Handicap Series - Men - Ronnie Individual Highs Chickite 720; Women - Karen Scratch Series - Men - Richard Neal Shelton 669 627; Women - Gail Shillito 614 Scratch Game - Men - Robert Scratch Game - Men - Richard Neal Rodgers 243; Women - Marian 258; Women - Gail Shillito 243 Atkinson 202 Pins Over Average Game - Men Handicap Game - Men - Robert - Roya Campbell +93; Women - Pina Rodgers 269; Women - Marian Vanzo +70 Atkinson 243 Pins Over Average Series - Men Most Pins Over Average - Men - Ed Miskey +157; Women - Pina Ronnie Chickiten 99; Women - Karen Vanzo +111 Shelton 60 Congratulations - U. K. Plus league champs; Blunder Ballz 4th quarter Monday Nite Men’s 10 Pin League: champs

5-Pin Bowling

10-Pin Bowling

Friday Night Mixed League: P Team Q 1 Whatever Works 162 2 Bowlderdash 152.5 3 Alvin & The Chipmunks 152 4 Az-Tec 151 5 C&C 133.5 6 Minus One 132 7 CR Springs 96


The following are Campbell River Bridge Club results from last week: Wednesday Scores after 13 rounds Average: 143.0 P Pct Score Pair 1. 68.56 196.08 Roger Lucas - Ron Anderson. 2. 58.74 168.00 Rosanne Smith Steve Smith. 3. 57.69 165.00 Glenda McGrath Grace Schmidt. 4. 57.52 164.50 Lorraine Enns Karon Waugh. 5. 56.82 162.50 Nikki Johnston Jackie MacNaughton. 6. 56.25 160.88 Hans Winckler Warren Burd. 7. 56.12 160.50 Gary Priestman Dorothy Branch. 8. 55.59 159.00 Phillip Sanford Ron Toutant. 9. 55.12 157.63 Joan Walker - Roger Walker. 10. 53.32 152.50 Jackie Langdon - Lynne Godfrey. 11. 50.38 144.08 Meena Weber - Sue Hipwell. 12. 49.83 142.50 Ken Scott - Tom Cherry. 13. 47.92 137.04 Lois Westbrook - Edie Wilcox. Thursday Scores after 13 rounds Average: 91.0 1. 65.11 118.50 Grace Schmidt - Vic Vlaj. 2. 64.56 117.50 Phillip Sanford Maureen Olafson. 3. 61.81 112.50 Warren Burd - Paula Sambrook. 4. 60.44 110.00 Roger Lucas - Rose Lucas. 5. 51.10 93.00 Kathy Morrison Stephanie Tipple. 6. 50.82 92.50 Nancy Anderson Ron Anderson. 7. 49.73 90.50 Bill Kennedy - Grace Kennedy. 8. 48.90 89.00 Ed Hrechuk - Mike Beston. 9. 48.90 89.00 Rosanne Smith - Sue Hipwell.

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Saratoga Speedway’s season starts Saturday By Terry Guest Special to the Courier-Islander With the beginning of summer fast approaching, so does the start of the 32nd season of racing at Saratoga Speedway which hits the oval running this Saturday. Last season Saratoga Speedway had many new cars, new track records being set almost every other weekend, and plenty of great fans each and every weekend, and this upcoming racing season the trend is sure to continue. Thirty two years later, opening night will once again feature Saratoga’s amazing fireworks show, which has been a fan favourite each and every year. The Crash to Pass cars, Roadrunners, Hornets and the up and coming Figure 8 class will fill out the night. The following weekend marks Saratoga’s annual Brian Sullivan Memorial Race, which always brings a huge field of Bomber cars to honor Brian Sullivan. The I.M.C.A Modifieds, and the Dwarf cars will round out the night. The May long weekend will once again feature an amazing two day Monster Truck show, something that has always packed the seats at Saratoga Speedway. The Hornet cars, Roadrunners, Crash to Pass cars and the Figure 8’s will also be on display both nights. New to Saratoga Speedway this year will be drifting competitions. May 25 will mark the first round of competition, with rounds two to four to be held on later dates through the year. June 15 marks the Speedway’s first Crash to Pass boat race of the year. The Hornets, Roadrunners, Figure 8 cars and Island Mini Stocks, who will be making their first appearance of the year, will finish off the night. The second Speedway doubleheader will take place June 29-30, with the Wilroc Sprint cars making their first appearance to the Speedway. There will also be fireworks both nights, Crash to Pass, Hornets, Figure 8’s and Roadrunners to round out both nights. The Fifth Annual Bikini Contest will take place the following weekend. The number of contests has grown every year that they have hosted the popular contest, and this year is looking to be no different, with last year’s winner Megan Bergsma looking to hold on to her title. The third round of drifting will also take place that night accompanied by the Hornets and drag racing, a one time event at Saratoga, making this night one to mark on the calendar. July 20th marks their annual Car tossing competition, which is also a fan favorite. Last year’s mark of 52 feet 7 inches will be the goal for the new contestants this

year. The Crash to Pass cars, Hornet cars, Roadrunners and Figure 8’s will also be on the racing card. The August long weekend marks the second and last showing of the Monster Trucks at Saratoga Speedway. Once again, the Crash to Pass cars, Hornets, Roadrunners and the Figure 8’s will accompany the Monster Trucks. August 17 is the second Crash to Pass boat race and the return of the Big Rig Highway Thunder. Big Rigs from all around will travel to Saratoga for the event. The Figure 8’s, Hornet Cars and Roadrunners will also be featured on the night. The third and final doubleheader will take place Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, featuring the ever poplar Canadian American Demolition Derby. The American team took home the win last year, so you can bet the Canadian team will be looking for some revenge this time round. The Hornets, Crash to Pass, Roadrunners and Figure 8’s will finish of the card for both nights. The year will rap up on Sept. 14 with yet another amazing fireworks show. The Crash to Pass, Hornets, Roadrunners, Bombers, Figure 8’s, and the I.M.C.A will all be battling for their respective championships that night as well. The 32nd year of racing at Saratoga Speedway is looking to be yet another amazing year full of family entertainment and fast paced racing at the Speedway. Saratoga Speedway owner Paul Hargrave and others have been working throughout the off season to improve the seating for everyone and the overall landscape of the oval, and it looks amazing. For anymore information on ticket prices, Monster Truck rides, Go-Kart rentals and other race nights please feel free to visit for all the information you need.

A FACE IN THE CROWD If you are the individual circled in this photo, you have won a $20 gift certificate from Dairy Queen in Campbell River. Drop into the Courier-Islander office to pick up your prize.

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On track

River City Elite Track & Field Club is starting its inaugural season soon. Team members include, back left, coach Gord Hay, Chyanne Trenholm, Kristin Gage, Nairee Paulus, Callie Ann Massee, Haley Hunter, Olivia Hill, Cassidy Hinsberger and head coach Dale Trenholm. Front left, Brendan Hoff, Rio Massee and Gregory Hay.


The call to Discipleship, part 7 Protect your church (3)

River City’s first ALASKA SUPER SALE! season ready to roll

Photo submitted

Claire works for me. “For 6 years Claire has worked hard

dealing with multiple levels of authority to help get a new, full service Campbell River hospital. She has my deepest respect.” – LOIS JARVIS

On May 14th re-elect Claire Trevena THE PROVEN CHOICE FOR THE NORTH ISLAND

We shall all be judged one day, not by each other’s standards or even (by) our own, but by the judgment of God” (Rom. 14:10 Phps). Whenever you judge God’s children 4 things happen: (1) You upset their Father. (2) You expose your own pride and insecurity. (3) You set yourself up to be judged by the same standard. (4) You hurt the fellowship of our church. A critical spirit is a costly vice. Instead of harping, start helping! The Bible says, “Help others with encouraging words. Don’t drag them down by finding fault” (Rom 14:19 TM). Unity is the soul of fellowship; destroy it, and you rip the heart out of Christ’s body. So, make up your mind today to protect your Church! Excerpt from The Word For You Today, with permission from





Price includes taxes (approx. $160) and a generous shipboard credit!



UCB Canada, P.O. Box 23095 214 Pinnacle St. Belleville, ON, K8P 5J3 Free issues of The Word For You Today are available for anyone interested. Join us Wednesday night @ 7pm at the C.L.F prayer chapel, for an inspiring message “The Word made Flesh” with Andrew Womack Brought to you by Manfred Hack “FM 88.7”


1-877-722-2202 Top Vancouver Island Agency! *New bookings only. Offer valid until 5 pm PT on May 3, 2013. Price is per person based on 2 sharing and subject to availability at the time of booking. Fuel surcharges, if re-instated by the cruise line would be additional. CruisePlus Management Ltd. BPCPA #3325-0


No Vote, No Voice A Virtual Soapbox for Candidates


In Support Of

Go to the website to learn who the BETH HAMILTON MEMORIAL RAFFLE Candidates are: 14 KT GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT Visit Us At

Provincial Election May 14

No Vote, No Voice

A major supporter of the electoral process, VIREB hopes that by providing this level of 24/7 exposure voters on Vancouver Island will have the tools they need to make more informed choices on Election Day.

CAMPAIGN OFFICE 1100 Shoppers Row, Campbell River PHONE 250-914-0403 EMAIL twitter: @clairetrevena Authorized by Sandra Doran, Financial Agent, 250-914-0403

Paul writes: “Why, then …critize your brother’s actions. Why…try to make him look small?


River City Elite Track & Field Club is for athletes wanting a rep-like team atmosphere where everyone is there to be uplifting and encouraging for one another. To keep the quality of positivity and focus, the club is by tryout only where attitude, moderate talent, and positivity to learn and improve are what is looked for. The club is also a chance for those athletes ages 14 and up (the occasional 13 year old) that wants a more focused and fun older group of kids to train with. We focus on running, javelin, some high jump with some long and triple jump. Mainly due to we are but two coaches. Now that we are over the initial start up of our new club - singlets are here, jackets are soon to be ordered with the help of Gord Hay, and the weather is improving, we can begin to focus more on training and the improvement that will come for the athletes each week and each track meet. The athletes are already getting stronger and their form is improving from week to week. I am really pleased with the attitude from each parent and athlete. The support and continuity from the parents and athletes is and makes coming to the track to coach very enjoyable. To make the transition to a new club easier, manager/coach Gord Hay and Nikki Hunter played a big role putting this club together. I would like to thank them. Some may ask; why are you called

River City Elite? Well, River City Elite is about personal excellence during practice and competition. Personal excellence in practice where 100 per cent effort with attitude and training is expected and encouraged, and personal excellence in competition where 100 per cent effort is encouraged with the attitude to improve and learn from each race, jump or throw. By the end of the season, each athlete will be better both mentally, physically and I am sure their personal best, goals they set, and results will have followed. More importantly, they will have learned more of “What Is Necessary” to train and compete within themselves and against their competition. This is all I can ask from any athlete. Everyone develops differently. In addition, my daughter Stephanie Trenholm, whom runs with UVic, will be home for the summer and will be training with us. She will be able to share her experiences from training, school, give advice on nutrition and much more. Will be a great addition for the kids to learn for the summer. Also, Oren Hanscomb will make the occasional appearance to help out with fitness and share his wisdom now and when I trained him. I am looking forward how this club evolves for the future here in Campbell River. Dale Trenholm is the head coach of River City Elite.

Don’t stand in judgement looking down on those whose views differ from yours!


By Dale Trenholm Special to the Courier-Islander

“Let love guide your life, for then the whole church will stay together in perfect harmony.” Colossians 3:14 LB

Campbell River Chapter

10 Advance Raffle Tickets for the Sat. June 22nd Event Draw Available At $

• PRESTON JEWELLERS Next to the Coast Discovery Inn Now until the event!



VALUE ~ Only 400 tickets ~

donated by Preston Jewellers, Corona Jewellery Company, Neal Hamilton, Iron River Farms and Ocean Spray Cranberries



Brown, McLintick top Sequoia play

B.J. Brown came in with low gross and Danny McLintick with low net in Sequoia Spring Men’s Club play Sunday. McLintick ended up a double winner also taking the KP on No. 3. Jim McLeod had the KP on No. 14. In Monday’s Loonie Club, topping the scramble was the team of Corky Smith, Colin Vader and Henry Beaupre. Smith had the KP on No. 14.


• No Staking Required

51 Colorado Drive (Behind Ocean Grove Esso)


• Blooms For Weeks • Stunning Colours That Reach 7” Across • No Staking Required

DAILY 9:30am to 5:30pm



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Nordics’ fertilizer fundraiser this Saturday at Mariner Square This Saturday, May 4 you can buy bags of SkyRocket, a nutrient-rich mulch, in the parking lot at Mariner Square for just $5 per 30 litre bag and help out the Strathcona Nordics at the same time. The Strathcona Nordics racers have organized it, so you won’t even have to get out of your car. You can drive up in the parking lot, place your order for one or more bags, pay, and the Strathcona Nordics will load the bags into your trunk or truck for you. SkyRocket is a highnitrogen soil amendment, made of wood chips mixed with biosolids (which are cured, Photo by Wai Ling Dan

The Strathcona Nordics racers would like to help your garden grow with a SkyRocket sale this Saturday. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Mariner Square. screened, and tested by provincial and federal regulatory bodies) for use in large-scale landscaping and orchards or in residential flower gardens and lawns. According to the Comox Valley Regional District, SkyRocket “consistently meets or exceeds all of the regulations for a Class A Compost, which is the highest of the three levels that regulate

organic matter recycling.” The sale runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until supplies last. All profits will go to support the Strathcona Nordics race team travel. The team would like to thank Mariner Square, London Drugs, and Save-On-Foods for their support.


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+ Caesar salad, garden salad, soup of the day or french fries



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+ Caesar salad, garden salad, soup of the day or french fries

Offers valid for dine-in only 11-3 PM everyday at the Campbell River location. Limited time offer. Prices do not include applicable taxes and gratuities.


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Annual tour search for new gardens is now on

Campbell River’s gardens have burst into glorious bloom, just in time for the Art Gallery’s annual search for new gardens for its tour. The tour, a fundraiser to support children’s programs through the year, takes place on June 22 and 23 and is sponsored by Royal LePage Campbell River. The Gallery is looking for new gardens to add to its roster of highlights from previous years. The organizing

committee hopes to find a broad range of styles and sizes, from wilderness acreages to creatively developed city lots. Gardeners who regularly open their properties for this tour enjoy the opportunity to share their passion for growing things. Tour goers are generally fellow gardeners who delight in this opportunity to get new ideas for landscaping and tips about what plants work well in our region.

“No garden is too small or too unorthodox,” says one of the tour organizers, Denise Sharkey. “We’re interested in every size and style.” That’s part of the excitement of the tour, adds Sharkey, the delightful exchange of experiences that takes place. Call the Gallery for more details at 250-287-2261 or check their website at www. <http://www.> .

Photo by Jeanette Taylor

Laurie Jensen in her large garden at Miracle Beach. 301 St. Ann’s Road Campbell River, BC V9W 4C7 Telephone: 250-286-5700 Like us on Facebook @ City of Campbell River


Roadside weed control in early May

Photo by Jeanette Taylor

Tour goers enjoying the Cox family’s garden in Black Creek, a Victorian-style planting loaded with unusual plants.

A look at interest rates

The financial world pays very close attenon the job for quite a period of time, faced the tion to interest rates. In Canada, the Bank of global financial crisis head-on and is reported Canada sets the overnight lending rate to banks to work for one of Canada’s toughest bosses. with everyone else reacting. Even subtle chanManulife Bank followed suit with their own ges have wide ranging impacts that affect our 2.89 per cent five year fixed rate offering a currency, imports, week after BMO. Despite their brazen press exports, jobs, release, they withdrew it immediately after a mortgages, loans, staff member from Flaherty’s office put in the Murray Callaghan deposits, stocks and call. Of course, most are asking, “Manulife has bonds. In a perfect a bank?” They do and now you know it. Media world interest rates buying can be an expensive thing and why pay are kept low enough for something that the national media trips over to spur on economic to report. growth while keepI know that there are many out there waiting ing inflation under for a pay increase on their passive money. I’ve control so as to pre- always felt that this was a bit of a wash as rising serve the purchasing interest rates often accompany rising inflation power of money. and prices. On the other hand, are businesses In Campbell River and those that borrow with crossed fingers we have several mortgage lending companies hoping the cheap money will stick around. and many professionals each able to secure History would suggest that both groups will be mortgages near historic lows. This implies that unhappy at least part of the time. someone else has deposited money at an even lower rate which a bank or FINANCIAL PLANNING • INSURANCE • WEALTH MANAGEMENT other lender has loaned out secured by a mortgage. Unquestionably, today’s interest rates have been a boon for borrowers and businesses. A month back, BMO looking to grab a little more mortgage share of the market came out with a sub Murray Callaghan three per cent offering for a five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER year fixed mortgage. It was quickly withdrawn after a private chat with 625 H - 11th Avenue (upstairs) Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. The Campbell River media reported that his intention was New Clients Welcome to protect Canadians from themselves and anticipated higher rates down the 250.286.9968 road. Whatever your take, he’s been

Ask Murray

Vancouver Island

A roadside weed control program that involves applying commercially available weed killer to curbs and sidewalks along high-traffic local roads will begin early May. Priority routes including: Dogwood, Alder, Rockland, Hwy 19A, Hilchey, Petersen and the corridor along 9th Ave., Homewood and14th Ave. Herbicide will be applied to seams in sidewalks, concrete curb and gutter and centre meridians. The City will schedule herbicide application for early morning hours (starting at 5 a.m.) to minimize traffic disruption, and to ensure the product is dry and considered safe before most people are out walking. The City expects to apply herbicide twice this year in problem areas, and aims to reduce frequency of the herbicide application in future years. The City will also set up signs in during the work where herbicide application is occurring. Herbicide will not be applied during rainy or windy conditions, so the schedule could change depending on the weather. For more information: check out a Frequently Asked Questions document under What’s New on the City’s website.



MAY 3, 4, & 5

CAMPBELL RIVER COMMUNITY CENTRE, 401 11TH AVENUE FRIDAY, MAY 3 1:00 - 5:00 Workshops 5:00 - 6:45 Vendors Mall 7:00 - 9:00 Opening Reception By donation, appetizers and People’s Choice artisans present the Gallery SATURDAY, MAY 4 10:00 - 4:00 People’s Choice Gallery 10:00 - 4:00 Vendor’s Mall & Demonstrations 10:00 - 5:00 Workshops SUNDAY, MAY 5 10:00 - 4:00 Vendor’s Mall & Demonstrations 10:00 - 5:00 Workshops Workshop registrations start March 4th. For more information see Fibre Fest brochure and or contact us: Shelley Mackie: or Judy Ridgway: Community Centre 250-286-1161



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Willow Point Store

Oyster River Store

2273 South Island Highway Campbell River, B.C. V9W 1C4

2207 Glenmore Road Campbell River, B.C. V9W 3S4 (at Oyster River Bridge)

(The Village)







$ 99




Split oR Cut-Up $5.05 kg


$ 29


500 g Pkg.


3 $ 99 6 $ 99 7


$7.69 kg

Bone-In. $17.61 kg


$ 49


Random Weight Stacks $17.61 kg



Fresh From Grimms Kitchen! GRIMMS




$ 39

100 g








$ 29

$ 39

100 g


100 g








This Prize Package has a total retail value of $2,700. The BBQs have been purchased from Pioneer Home Hardware, another locally owned and operated family business. Simply enter name and phone number in draw boxes provided at store level. Contest runs April 28-June 22, 2013.



$ 29

$2.84 kg



1 BLACKBERRIES 2/$4 ¢ $ 49 1 ea




$3.28 kg




$3.28 kg



567 g Loaf







Frozen. 1.8 kg Box

3 Packs

















Assorted. 180 g Box

6 Packs


$ 2/





LA GRILLE LIQUID MARINADES Assorted. 350 ml Bottle











1 L Jug

Assorted. 1.89 L Ctn.











Assorted. 1 L Bottle






$ 2/

750 g Bag








Assorted. 300-315 g Pkg.









113-141 g Pkg.

Assorted. 473 ml Jar

2.8 L Jug








$ 49

170 g Pkg.









$ 99




Medium, Aged, Mild, Marble or Mozza 400 g Pkg


499 MJB





ICE CREAM or MAGNUM BARS 500 ml or 3-100 ml Pkg.

$ 2/


HOURS Open 7 Days a Week 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Prices Effective April 28 - May 4, 2013 • VISIT OUR WEBSITE Some limits may apply. Taxes, deposit and recycle fees where applicable.


The right home insurance quickly rebuilt his home and their friendship. Visit us at any location, online at or call 1.888.741.1010.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feature Home


OPEN HOUSE Sunday May 5 • 1:30-2:30pm

Bring the family to Maryland Estates! This two storey home has four bedrooms on the upper floor. The master offers a deluxe ensuite with soaker tub and separate shower plus a large walk-in closet. On the main floor, the kitchen is open to the family room, and provides plenty of cabinet and counter space, as well as modern stainless steel appliances. There’s a separate dining area and a formal living room. The private back yard is fully-fenced with underground sprinklers and a large patio. Asking $359,800

172 Maryland

Stop by the open house hosted by Kathryn Grant or call Brian for a personal tour.

Brian Toner

Personal Real Estate Corporation

RE/MAX Check Realty




This home is over 2000 square feet with 4 bedrooms and a den. The huge kitchen features an island with cooktop, plenty of counters and cabinets and an eating nook. All this on almost half an acre with RV parking and access to the fully fenced private back yard. 3838 Sutil Road #346508


Plenty of space for a country lifestyle on this almost 15 acre property. It’s ideal for horses with 5 acres selectively cleared and fencing around the entire property. The mobile on the property has been completely renovated with a new furnace, new roof, new kitchen and new flooring. Rural feel yet close to town. 2201 Shetland Rd. #342214



Fantastic views from this front facing waterfront condo in Hidden Harbour. This two bedroom has views from every room and lots of natural light. The plan is open for easy living and building location is close to the private marina, indoor pool and hot tub. 3105-26 S. Island Hwy. #354509

• 226 Marie Place: cul-de-sac lot ....................................................$133,500


2000 square feet on the main floor with a great room design opening onto a huge wrap around deck where you can enjoy the ocean and city views. There are 3 bedrooms on the main floor and room for more in the unfinished basement. The cul-de-sac location is great for kids and so is the big back yard. 2001 Holm Place

HOME & ACREAGE • $599,000

Wonderful family estate on 2.3 acres. The main home features a bright kitchen with breakfast nook, a large dining room — living room and 3 bedrooms up. The lower level is fully finished with an in law suite. There’s also a separate shop/second home with all services available. 3780 S. Island Hwy. #339128

• 704 Gemsbok: backs on to parkland ...................................................... $92,800 • 1020 S. Alder: 1.7 acres development site with ocean and mountain views.......................$399,900 • 701 Gemsbok: Building lot with foundation poured ................$152,000

ROOMY INSIDE AND OUT • $369,800 Great family home on a huge lot. Over a quarter of an acre with room for a pool, RVs and more. The house is fully finished, almost 2600 sq. ft., with a large kitchen opening onto the big back deck. Gas fireplaces up and down and 4 or 5 good sized bedrooms. Don’t miss out. 688 Nature Park Drive #352656

Large property - .71 of an acre - level and private. Home is in need of TLC. All offers subject to court approval. 4850 Gordon Road #355557

NEW LISTING NEW LISTING 11-3860 S. Island Hwy. • $19,800 2150 Joanne Drive • $349,900


Three bedroom mobile in a great park close to all amenities. This home has been updated with laminate flooring in the living room and eating area and tile in the kitchen. There are new counter tops, bathroom fixtures, lights and doors. Affordable home! 73–1160 Shellbourne #346967

WANT TO TRADE? • $349,000


Seller will consider trades for this house, acreage and shop on 3.1 acres. House is 2 bedrooms and the shop is over 1500 square feet. Development would allow up to 31 units on the property. 775 Homewood Road #347982

Exclusive 5 unit patio home development. Units feature an open floor plan with heat pump, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom with 1532 sq.ft. of living space and double garages. Call for details. 1750 Pinecrest Road #347998


NEW LISTING 4850 GordonRoad • $149,000

Very clean and well cared for 2 bedroom mobile with a 2013 electrical inspection. Great location in a well treed park and just steps to the beach. Great starter or retirement spot! 3860 S. Island Hwy. #355587

Ideal family home in Penfield West and close to all levels of school and recreation. The upper floor has a great room design with vaulted ceilings and a gas fireplace, and decks front and back. 3 bedrooms up with a den/4th bdrm. down. All this backing onto park. 2150 Joanne

Two bedroom mobile in a 55-plus park. Great location close to downtown and all amenities. Fairly new skirting and a newer roof. 42–951 Homewood Rd.

Wow! This one has everything! The home is over 3400 sq. ft. on one level and sits on half an acre with lovely landscaping and a huge shop. 3 spacious bedrooms plus an office, formal and informal living spaces, numerous sets of French doors to the private deck, loads of parking and so much more! 259 Finch Road

NEW LISTING NEW LISTING 42-951 Homewood Rd. • $19,800 259 Finch Road • $547,000


and e-mail Check my website: WIN!

Check Realty • 250-286-1187

Rhonda Third, Unlicensed Assistant



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ROYAL LEPAGE ADVANCE REALTY 972 Shoppers Row, Campbell River, BC


SANDRA PARKES Success Through Service

#312 - 9 Adams Road

OCEANFRONT CONDO Deluxe condo with its own private setting, quiet area, ocean view & on the beach. As well, it has the best location in town! Within walking distance to neighbourhood shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, doctors, dental & fabulous beach front walk way. Priced at $339,900

215 S. Alder Street

684 Birch Street



Close to town, ocean view, fabulous gardens and lane access. This is an older home with 2 bedrooms on main & one in basement. Live or rent & then build your dream home later. Private backyard with lovely gardens. Priced to sell $149,000.

470 Wayne Road

3845 Discovery Drive


3 Bedroom with a family room in this great rancher on almost 1/3 of an acre in Painter Barclay area. Big lots, big space. Lots of updates over the last 4-5 years, Including laminate & tile flooring, thermal windows, roof & gas woodstove in family room. Outside has big deck, 2 fruit trees, mature rhodos and a great shop. Fresh paint makes this a great home ready to move right in. Priced at $219,000.

#215 - 155 Erickson


Breathtaking, unobstructed ocean view from both levels and no power lines to look through. This main level basement home sits below street level allowing privacy and quiet. Master bedroom with ensuite are separate from the other 2 bedrooms and main bathroom for privacy. Living room, dining and kitchen area all open to panoramic ocean view and access 2 decks. Loads of storage space and big laundry/ hobby/sewing/craft room combo. Brand new heat pump, high efficiency furnace, hot water on demand & gas barbecue hook up plus newly enclosed double carport. Walking distance to a variety of shopping, recreation, movie theatre, restaurants, hospital, clinics, vets & churches. Public park and transportation within a few steps. This is a must view to put you in ahhhhh! Priced at $439,900

1674 Aspen Way

Lovely 4 bedroom, 4 bath level entry with walk out basement home on a huge corner lot with access on both streets. This one owner custom built family home has loads of extras and is ready to move right in. All the rooms are generous in size with 3 bedrooms, 4 pc & 2 pc bathrooms, master bedroom with walk-in closet, flex/exercise room/ 5th bedroom, wine making room (with utility sink), workshop or storage, 4 pc bathroom, storage & huge family room with bar & doors out to covered patio. Two stairways to downstairs, from grand entrance and off kitchen (perfect for teenagers). Some of the extra features include skylights, mud room, extra long garage, extra electric service, gas fireplace, security system, big deck, extra parking in front/side and paved RV parking (18’ x 82’) at back end of property with double aluminum gates. Priced at $398,000.

Great 2 bedroom condo in a 55+ building in the heart of Willow Point. This condo offers an open design, new laminate flooring, BI pantry, full ensuite, gas fireplace, sliders off living room and door off master bedroom to the expansive balcony. You also have in unit laundry, secured entry, elevator, underground parking, storage unit and backs onto green space. Within walking distance of shopping, all amenities and waterfront, plus a peek-boo ocean view. This unit can be rented and pets are allowed. Priced at $159,900

824 Merecroft Road

110 S. Petersen 3 SEWER HOOK UPS

Here’s a super buy on a 4 bedroom 3 bath family home, centrally located near shopping, schools, swimming pool and arena, movie theatres and with easy access to Beaver Lodge Lands nature trails. Sits high on the hill and enjoys panoramic mountain views and has a fully fenced private rear yard. Hot tub, deck and gazebo in one area & patio in another. The huge family room with gas stove, is a perfect place for family play time; also on the lower level a fourth bedroom, full bath, laundry room and access to oversize double garage. 3 spacious bedrooms up and the master has a full ensuite. Affordably priced, well maintained in a walk to everything location makes this home a must see on your list. Priced at $275,000

.91 Acre property in town! Live in current home while you build your new dream home. Property allows 2 dwellings plus. Home has built-in shops & loads of storage, 2 bedrooms and more. Only minutes from downtown, hospital, and all amenities. Backs onto Greta Road and is zoned RM2, plus already has 3 sewer hook ups and water lines on both roads. Priced to SELL $319,000

79 Rockland Road

3785 Stokes Road

This is a high quality custom built home with a fabulous ocean view. Situated off the road with a panhandle driveway, lots of parking, double garage & gated RV Parking. Wide open grand tile entrance with beautiful stairs to main living area with loads of windows, brazilian hardwood floors, gas fireplace, open space with two areas for dining space and open to gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops & island. Walk in pantry, double ovens, gas range, cupboards galore and even a broom closet. Master bedroom offers spacious ensuite with double shower, soaker tub & his & her sinks and entrance. Ground level offers huge media room with theatre lighting in crown ceiling, 2 big bedrooms, full bathroom, oversize laundry/freezer room with sink & fold out ironing board, wine room & storage. Basement has 2 bedroom family/nanny/guest suite with separate entrance. Lots to see and admire in this classic home.

Beautiful walk on ocean beach waterfront home on a quiet dead end side street in Willow Point. They have kept/restored some of the characteristics like the original plank hardwood floors and then tastefully updated with high quality fashion that still allows the beach home feeling. You’ll be in awe when you enter the front door at the feeling of being on the beach. The home offers a wide variety of use with 2/3 bedrooms on main floor that can be multi rooms, huge family room, kitchen that allows you to open to dining/living room or family room for either formal or great room lifestyle. Master bedroom is upstairs with sliders onto balcony, oversized walk in closet, luxury ensuite with double sinks, spa tub and wall to wall tile plus adjoining reading & computer areas. The outside has been professionally designed & landscaped, underground sprinklers, storage shed & has a private hot tub. This home requires no work and is kept immaculate. This is your dream come true!

Over 1500sqft in this 3 bedroom rancher within walking distance of the sportsplex/willow point park. Kitchen opens onto family room that has a newer woodstove and sliders onto deck and fenced backyard. Good size master bedroom with walk-in closet and 3 piece ensuite. Updates include counter tops and splash in kitchen, new laminate flooring in the main living areas, new vinyl windows throughout, and new roof in 2006/7. Comes with heated lit crawl space, BI vac, lots of closets, and 220 amps in garage. Quiet street and lovely backyard and gardens. $259,900

743 Nelson Road

Build your dream home on this gorgeous ocean view lot. This is located on the exclusive, high end of Georgia Park subdivision. 78 x 111 will allow for rear access. Building plans available. $178,000


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Great Strides Walk for CF is on for May 26

Cassandra McInnes begins and ends every day by doing several hours of demanding physical and inhalation therapy to help clear her lungs and airways of the tenacious secretions that can make breathing difficult. As well, she takes many different medications to help her digest her food and improve her nutritional status. It is essential that she include daily exercise in her regime and dances, walks her dogs and has recently taken up horseback riding. McInnes has been doing the necessary treatments since she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of eight months. She has grown up not knowing any different — dealing with CF has become a way of life for her and her family. She lives in Gold River with her family and must travel to Vancouver for specialized care at the CF Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital at least every three months and has had to stay in the hospital for intensive treatment with IV antibiotics a few times. “I mean there are times when I forget I have cystic fibrosis,” she said. “I know it affects the people around me more than I realize. This is something I live with every day I can’t hide from it. I find I need to live in the moment and what happens, happens. I don’t like to think about my CF. Cystic fibrosis a life sentence.” Currently, there is no cure for Canadians with cystic fibrosis. Each week in Canada, two children are diagnosed and one person dies

May is Cystic Fibrosis month. Cystic fibrosis is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. It is a multi-system disease that mainly affects the lungs and the digestive system. Most deaths related to cystic fibrosis are due to lung disease. Severe respiratory problems result from a build-up of thick mucus in the lungs of CF patients, where the effects are most devastating. Mucus and protein also build up in the digestive tract, making it difficult to digest and absorb nutrients from food. There are 4,000 Canadians living with cystic fibrosis. The funds raised from the Great Strides Walk will support vital CF research and clinical care. “I am so grateful to everyone who is supporting Great Strides,” said McInnes. “It means so much to know people care and want to help. “You can help by participating in or supporting the Great Strides Walk — taking strides so those who fight CF everyday know that someone is in their corner. We know it is not going to be one big step to find a cure but all of us taking little steps- together.” For more information about cystic fibrosis and how you can donate or participate in an event, visit our website at For more information, contact: Chris Black, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Campbell River, 250-9234992.

Photo by Stephanie Ogg

From left, key players in the Great Strides Walk are, Bob Nichols (CR Kinsmen), Ian Roberts (Marine Harvest Canada), Cassandra McInnes and Jim Costain (Dairy Queen). from this disease. McInnes is inviting everyone to join in the Great Strides Walk: Sunday, May 26. The walk will take place at Penfield School in Campbell River with registration beginning at 10:30 a.m. and the walk starts at 11 a.m. Walk organizer Krista Houston would like people to know it is a very family

friendly walk. People can get all the details and register on line at www. Houston said, “A special thanks to Dairy Queen owner Jim Costain who has donated hamburgers and hotdogs for the barbecue and ice cream.” Barbecuing will be done by Kinsmen Club members. Other

sponsors include Marine Harvest, Capacity Forest Management, Thrifty Foods, Quinsam Coal, Bounce-A-Rama Rentals, Courier Islander and All in One Party Shop. Houston also welcomes a new team of walkers this year from Walmart who have planned some extra fund raisers in support of the Great Strides Walk. TOP PRODUCERS


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Sat. May 5th • 1:30-2:30pm


915 Greenwood • $203,900 1815 CHEVIOT RD.

Lovely ocean & mountain views. Great family home at an affordable price. Nice open plan with kitchen, dining room, living room, master suite with an ensuite, 2nd bedroom & a den upstairs. Downstairs boasts a large family room, a full bathroom, 3rd bedroom & an office. Excellent quiet location to raise children. Huge sundeck & a good sized yard make this a great package. $239,900 MLS# 355060


522 S. BIRCH ST.

Outstanding family home in a lovely established neighbourhood. 3 bedrooms up - master with ensuite. Eating area in kitchen as well as a dining room with sliders opening to a lovely patio. Back yard and patio have full afternoon sun as well as a fabulous mountain view. Large family room down plus room for second accommodation. This is a great affordable package! $258,500 MLS# 355324


This charming cabin is adjacent to the world famous Strathcona Lodge in Strathcona Provincial Park. Move in ready, fully furnished & with almost new appliances & generator. So many options: fabulous investment, vacation retreat, romantic getaway or live there all year round. Hydro is coming to this fantastic area! Relax on the extended sundeck & enjoy the MLS# 355304 view! $179,900


• 1144 sq. ft. • Overheight shop • 3 bedrooms • Well maintained

RECENT ACTIVITY • 693 Nature Park Drive • 287 Arizona Drive • 279 Arizona Drive • 271 Arizona Drive • 531 Frederick Crescent • 283 Arizona Drive • 286 Arizona Drive • 684 Birch Street • Lot 16 Arizona Drive


#13-500 Colwyn Street $118,500

2794 Bradford Drive $319,000

661 Thulin St. $542,000

• Family friendly • Central location

• 4 bedrooms • 3 full baths • double garage • RV parking

• 3000 sq.ft • Quality Updates • Make it a B&B • Best view in town

421 Eagle Ridge Place $283,000

3935 Appian Way $649,900

262 Arizona Drive • $324,900

• Spectacular ocean view lot • .42 acre with access from Eagle Ridge and South Thulin, perfect for multi-level home!

• Walk-on waterfront • .40 acre RV parking • 20’x30’ overheight shop • 3 bedrooms & studio/ofce

156 S. ALDER ST.

Centrally located Campbell River large basement entry home. Amazing 180 degree of ocean, mountains & island vistas will totally disarm you. One of those panoramic views that come from living high atop the Pacific Ocean! 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Newly painted & floored, sunny & bright. All double windows & good roof. Lots of RV Parking. Easy to MLS# 350546 view. $279,900


New Show Home 2,050 sq. ft.

Building a sense of community. Liveable front porches.

“You Gotta Live Here!”

Call Dean today and find out why everyone is talking about this premier subdivision!




CENTURY 21® Agents are SMARTER BOLDER FASTER and OPEN HOUSE Sat. May 4 • 11am-12:30pm Talk about WOW factor! This home has it! Many high-end improvements including marble countertops with stainless steel edging and glass inlay in the high-counter and custom nook. Great location just a few blocks to the beach and across from the park. Too much to list here, so visit www.1769aldersstreet. com for more. Cannot be replaced for $339,000. CAMPBELL RIVER NEW - 3 BR high-end rancher • $339,000 NEW - 3 BR W.P. rancher • $242,000 NEW - 2 BR Den Oceanfront • $299,000 NEW - 2 BR Den Oceanfront • $309,000 NEW - Oceanfront DUPLEX • $608,000 5BR 3BA 2/3 acre immaculate • $395,000 20 3BR 2 BA strata townhomes • $3,200,000 Self-storage business • $299,900 Building Lot - Parkway Estates • $96,888 1/2 acre 3BR • $185,900 RM2 zoned Ocean Front + home • $465,000

Great alternative to condo living, or buy both and have rental income with good long-term tenant already in place. $608,000 for both with text reduced to: Country living yet close to town, 2/3 acres with 5 bedroom 3 bath family home. Fenched yard. Lots of parking. $395000 Quick-before it’s gone! Very nice Willow Point rancher with excellent rear yard for outdoor living. $242,000. To view Gold River listings visit: To view Tahsis listings visit: To view Zeballos listings visit:

Unique fund raiser at Georgia Park lets parents ‘drive’ donations Georgia Park Elementary is gearing up this week for their Spring Fling Market to be held this Saturday, May 4, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “We’re really excited to be doing a non-conventional fund raiser for the school,” says Fundraiser Coordinator Jen Ball. “You only need so many chocolate covered almonds before you know it’s time to think outside the box!” The event promises to be a big one with something for everyone. Both crafters and home-based businesses will be on site as vendors. Door prizes galore! A silent auction will take place between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. with lots of donations

from local businesses. There will be face painting, glitter tattoos and bouncearama as well for the kids. And there’s a pretty cool way for parents to get in on some fund while having a Furnaces, Stoves, Dryers, raising lot of fun doing it. Heaters, Hot Water Steve Marshall Ford will be on site Tanks, Fireplaces with a line up of cars PHONE 250-286-0718 with Ford’s Drive 4UR School event! This event is brand “THE GAS EXPERTS” new to Georgia Park 151 DOGWOOD


250-923-2111 Locally owned and operated

Janet Scotland

Visit all my listings online at or call 1-888-771-2111 to find your dream property today. 250-287-6985 Come visit me at our Campbell River location at The Village in Willow Point, #6-2231 South Island Highway or at my Gold River office in the Village Square

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Just Gas Ltd.

Vanessa Hird 250-202-4677

and they are excited at the possibilities. “The Drive 4UR School Event is a great, no pressure, no purchase necessary way to support one of your local schools,” said Ball. “For every test drive Ford Corporate donates $20 to the school, up to a maximum of $6,000 or 300 test drives. “Our goal is to reach those 300 test drives. So come on out in support of this unique and great event.”

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Advance Realty

Independently Owned and Operated Excellent Service... Plain and Simple ANYTIME FREE Home Evaluations! 1368 Hooley Road $269,900

3763 McLelan $319,900

527 Ash Street Lot $174,900


ist New L

Virtual tour online

West Coast Contemporary home in Heriot Bay!

• 1/2 acre • walk to Rebecca Spit • 1 bedrm suite • wired shop • own drilled well • HUGE master suite • lots of storage & parking • Hardwood oors • lots of updates

101B-670 Island Hwy. $169,000



The “everything you need” rancher!

3 bed/2 bath, room for a shop, oversized 28x24 garage, open concept living, heat pump. 220 wired shop in garage. Covered under warranty. MLS® 350532

64-2520 Quinsam Road $85,900

Build Your Dream Home!

This level .42 acre lot is located on prestigious Ash Street among some of Campbell River’s finest homes. MLS® 330553

790 Georgia Drive $297,000

Nice New Price!

Ocean View Condo!

2 bed, 2 bath, beautiful updates. Peaceful location in building. across from Seawalk. MLS® 342291

741 Anderson Road $599,000


Better Than Brand New!

Best location in the park. Private, landscaped, hardwood floors, new roof. Stainless appliances. Pets and kids welcome. MLS® 343139

Virtual Tour Online

Ocean View Rancher with a Shop

Architecturally timeless with the post and beam construction offering a great room that is second to none! 25-30 ft vaulted ceilings complimented by a floor to ceiling fireplace. This home is only made more valuable by the outstanding views of Discovery Passage, 6 huge bedrooms & five bathrooms. The lot is not too big but offers a 1,400 sq ft two storey shop! MLS® 350843

170 Sundance Road, Quadra $349,500 Virtual Tour Online

Come Take Another Look

This bright and modern home has had some recent renovations and is showing better than ever! Private backyard, double garage, vaulted ceilings, ocean and mountain views. MLS® 337843

#307-1216 Island Highway $239,900

Unbeatable Value!

Beautiful home and 3 stall barn on 10 acres located on the sunny south side of picturesque Quadra Island. Virtual tour online. MLS® 346102

#105-962 Island Hwy. $87,000 New Price!

BIG Ocean view

Your birds eye view of Discovery Passage is one of the best in Campbell River. Enjoy the peace & quiet of living on the top floor, it’s the best unit to own. Condo is immaculate & beautifully decorated with warm natural colours, new counter tops, fixtures, blinds, hot water tank & five newer appliances. The condo offers secure parking, BI vac, storage, BBQ area, car wash & guest suite. MLS® 352551

#304-501 9th Ave. $118500

Quick Possession

Affordable Condo!

Your carefree lifestyle begins here! Enjoy the seaside location where you can walk on the Seawalk for miles. This one bedroom condo, fitted with a special walk in shower unit, perfect for those with mobility issues. Very affordable! Really nice layout with BIG private ground level patio for summertime BBQ’s. MLS® 328938

Investment Condo!

Rentals and pet allowed in this beautifully updated top floor condo. 2 bedrooms & 1 bath with a large walk in closet in the master & a storage locker. New flooring and paint through out. Come see it today.

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“Immediately (250) 202-1021”

RE/MAX Check Realty

Personal Real Estate Corporation

950 Island Hwy.

Independently owned and operated

OFFICE (250) 286-1187







1025 Cordero Crescent

1131 Cordero Crescent



Over 1700 square feet of spacious living. Large lot. 3 bedrooms plus a den (or 4 bedrooms)3 baths, master with ensuite and walk-in closet on main. Inside, the foyer and display shelf offers a place to provide a welcoming note of greenery or perhaps some objects d’art. Great room offers a rock fireplace, vaulted ceilings and a window overlooking the covered patio at the rear. Large bright kitchen boasting a grand island and an over abundance of cupboard space. RV parking and situated close to all amenities including walking trails, shopping, schools, hospital and more. $329,800

This wonderful design begins with the wraparound porch. The island kitchen, with a boxed window over the sink, is adjacent to a large bay - windowed dinette. The great room includes many windows and a fireplace. Upstairs, the large master suite contains his and hers walk-in closets, corner windows, and a bath area featuring separate shower a double vanity and tub. Two pleasant secondary bedrooms have interesting angles, and a third bedroom in the front features a volume ceiling and an arched window. Of course located in Campbell River’s sunniest location, “Discovery Plateau” and “Living The Dream “. KLP Construction has done it again! (Plans may vary at builder’s discretion)Picture is similar, double garage only. $369,900


1037 Cordero Crescent GRAND RANCHER

Another quality rancher built by KLP Construction. Situated on a large private lot, this large rancher style home has 3 bedrooms plus a den. Almost 1700 square feet, 9 foot ceilings, kitchen features quality maple shaker cabinetry, large island and loads of space. Forced air electric furnace, heat pump, Stunning Hardwood and tile, and lots of room for the RV and toys. Situated in sunny Discovery Plateau,close to all amenities, walking trails, and in desirable Willow Point - There’s definitely quality and value here. (Plans may vary at builder’s discretion). $339,900



1005 Cordero Crescent

3284 Shoal Place “4 BEDROOMS UP!”

4 large bedrooms up and main level living. Backing onto green space for privacy, this home has it all for the family. Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in Campbell River’s “Discovery Plateau”. Featuring an economical heat pump, Hardwood and tile, new home warranty, RV parking and much much more! A KLP Construction winner once again, and a perfect fit for all. Ready to move in August 2013. Plan and measurements may vary at Builders discretion. Picture is similar. $379,900


1099 Cordero Crescent “SUPER FANTASTIC VALUE”


Attractive architectural details adorn this beautiful design with timeless curb appeal for lasting value. Careful interior planning yields little wasted space. Main level living and bedrooms up. Featuring aA drop area off the garage collects dirt and clutter before it enters the home. Backing onto protected parkland, this KLP masterpiece has it all. Campbell River’s most sought out, sunniest subdivision, “Discovery Plateau” where amenities, walking trails are right at your doorstep. Plans may vary at builders discretion, measurements are approximate. $349,900

Open floor plan with high ceilings invite you into this 3 bedroom two bath new spacious rancher on a level sunny lot. The foyer offers an immediate view of the living room with the gorgeous rock fireplace. Kitchen has large island and a pantry for lots of storage. Master with walk-in closet and ensuite. Home comes with an economical heat pump and loads of RV or additional parking. Situated on a large level lot, close to all walking trails and all amenities. Ready to move in now! $298,900

1017 Cordero Crescent

1021 Cordero Crescent


1013 Cordero Crescent BONUS

A covered walkway that will shelter visitors and family members alike is one of the thoughtful touches that sets this three - bedroom plus bonus room family home apart from the ordinary. Bonus room, great for office or theatre, boasting it’s own 2 piece bathroom and a separate closet. Another quality KLP construction home in Discovery Plateau backing onto parkland. Quality finishings include hardwood floors, 9 foot ceilings. Kitchen has a tastefully designed center island and tons of cupboard space. Energy efficient heat pump, and gorgeous stone fireplace to compliment the open floor design. Campbell River’s most sought after subdivision Discovery Plateau is close to all levels of schooling, shopping, walking trails in the Beaver Lodge Lands, and the ever incredible ocean seawalk. $349,900


“3 bedrooms plus a den (or 4 bedrooms), 3 baths, master with ensuite and walk-in closet on main. Inside, the foyer and display shelf offers a place to provide a welcoming note of greenery or perhaps some objects d’art. Great room offers an indoor-outdoor see-thru gas fireplace backing onto the fully covered rear patio. Soaring vaulted ceiling in the great room. Large bright kitchen boasting a grand island and an over-abundance of cupboard space. Separate “Media” room/bedroom for that get away and relax feeling. RV parking and situated close to all amenities including walking trails, shopping, schools, hospital and more. Plans may change at builder’s discretion. Under construction. $347,900



1117 Cordero Crescent

Spacious Rancher by KLP. Enter into the spacious open concept with vaulted living room. Bright with many windows and tastefully finished including “Maple Shaker Cabinets “, Island with power, over - abundance of cabinets and drawers. Private covered rear deck for those summertime BBQ’s, or a little shade to cool off. Situated in Campbell River’s finest subdivision, “Discovery Plateau “(Look around, you’ll see) Private back yard, and tons of sunshine! Master with walk-in closet and spacious ensuite make this the perfect package, oh, and RV parking too! All KLP homes come with a 2 -5 -10 New Home Warranty. Plans may vary slightly at builders discretion. Expected completion Mid June -July 2013. Picture is similar. $285,900


You ready for this!! Four large bedroom, 2259 sq./ft plus a den, 2 family room and 3 bathroom home with a spectacular mountain view, large deck off the kitchen and master bedroom. Electric forced air furnace with efficient heat pump. Lots of room for the RV and the whole family! Private rear yard and New Home Warranty. A real KLP Construction winner once again, and a perfect fit for all. Plans may vary at builders’ discretion. Photos are replicas of finished product. Act Now! $369,900



Situated on a large 0.21 acre lot, this large rancher style home has 3 bedrooms plus a den. Over 1700 square feet, kitchen features quality maple shaker cabinetry, large island and loads of space. Forced air electric furnace (heat pump ready) and lots of room for the RV and toys desired. Situated on a huge lot close to all amenities, walking trails, and in desirable Willow Point - There’s definitely quality and value here. Plans may very at builders discretion. $299,900


1125 Cordero Crescent


#120-350 S. Island Hwy. “Silver Seas”

Oh, but this is one of Campbell River’s finest. This Main floor, easy access condo at Silversea is over 1200 sqft of absolute luxury. Outstanding ocean and mountain views from every room, with a super large sundeck to view all of the ever changing ocean scenery. Upgraded interior from the bright kitchen with modern appliances to the real bamboo hardwood flooring (a must see!). Master ensuite is spa-like with an oversized shower. A surreal built-in sound system that is out of this world. And much, much more!! Do not let this one pass you by, this is definitely a must see.$299,900


684 Nodales

This spacious, stylish outstanding ocean view home will surely impress your guests. Grand entrance with soaring ceilings will take you up into the large grand living area with an open floor plan and a breathtaking view. Captivating kitchen with huge island and granite galore. Impressive “Mayan Aztec” engineered hardwood throughout. Master bedroom features separate shower, inviting soaker tub, and heated tile. Quality abounds everywhere from the spacious living room with gas fireplace to one of two outside decks to enjoy all the ocean and mountain views. Super sound insulated theatre room for the family, RV parking and much much more, why look anywhere else? $524,900



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How to reduce noise in the home Noise in a home is a problem that can affect just about anyone. Noise can occur inside or be the product of noisy situations outside of the home. Eventually these sounds can try a homeowner’s patience, but there are various ways to cope with noise. • Reduce the human scope of noise. One of the first steps to take is reducing the amount of noise generated by people inside of the house. If video games are noisy, encourage children to wear headphones so the entire household is not subjected to the sounds of the game. Set limits on the volume of the television and try to keep only one set on at a given time in the house, particularly if televisions are located in rooms where doors cannot be closed to block the sound. People can also lower their speaking voices inside of the house. • Use sound-dampening furnishings. There are many benefits to having hardwood flooring throughout a home, including its beauty. But hardwood flooring could reflect sound waves and cause them to echo around the house. Area rugs will do some to muffle the sound, but carpeting is a good method of sound insulation. The carpeting and the padding underneath will absorb sounds, including footfalls on floors above. Hanging pictures on the wall and using drapery on windows also can absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing off of bare walls. • Change windows. If sounds are coming from outside, it might be worth the investment to upgrade windows, although this can prove costly. Many homeowners with outdoor noise issues install triplepaned windows, which reduce sound and also provide significant energy savings. Changing the window frames is another option. Metal frames will transmit sound better than wood, fiberglass or vinyl. • Install door sweeps. A door sweep is not only effective at preventing drafts, but sweeps can prevent sounds from coming out as well. • Check where drywall ends. Most drywall is not installed flush with the floor surface. Remove the base molding and you might find an inch gap from the floor where sound can escape. You can reduce noise by using a spray foam insulation in this area and then replacing the molding. A similar tactic can be used around electrical outlets. • Add additional insulation. Thicker walls make it hard for sound to travel throughout a home. You also can install a sound-stopping wallboard over existing drywall. Putting more insulation in the attic can reduce weather sounds generated from rain falling on the roof. • Plant sound-buffering trees and shrubs. For sounds that are generated outdoors, a sound bluff, like a line of thick bushes, can dull sound and provide added privacy. Exploring different ways to reduce noise in a home can create a more peaceful environment.





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Get in on the clothing swap CHURCH SERVICES DIRECTORY Ambiguous Loss and show you have ‘heart’

With just five days left in their annual Five Easy Pieces fund raiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the staff at the BC Salmon Farmers Association is looking forward to the final celebratory Clothing Swap and Shop. On Thursday, May 2, a fund raising clothing swap will be held at the BCSFA offices — and everyone is welcome to stop by and do a little ‘new-to-you’ shopping for women’s clothing, by donation, from 4 to 6 p.m. Recommended donation is $1 a piece. “The clothing swap helps us raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation — but it’s also a happy celebration for our team now that they get to widen their wardrobe once again,” said Mary Ellen Walling, Executive Director of the BCSFA. “There’s always so much enthusiasm around this fund raiser, the clothing sale is a great part of that.” Throughout the month of April, each staff member at the association has worn just five pieces of clothing to work. Through pledges and the clothing swap, they hope to raise $5,000. This year, they’ve added the sale of Spread the Love wild flower seed bags to help them reach that goal. “We all feel so personally connected to the work the Heart and Stroke Foundation is doing that it

Lego Day at museum for moms and kids

Hey kids, take your mom to Lego Day. The Museum at Campbell River is planning a Lego Day for Saturday, May 11, (the day before Mother’s Day) from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Take mom and show her how much creative talent you have with Lego. And moms are invited to join in the fun and create something together. What better way to celebrate mothers everywhere than to explore ingenuity and celebrate having fun. Heck, take dad along too. Free coffee and tea will be available. The cost for Lego Day is $5 for kids, moms are free. Call the Museum at 250-287-3103 to register.

Fun Fair May 31

Ecole Mer et Montagne is organizing its annual Fun Fair on Friday, May 31, from 5 to 8 p.m. (1102, South Alder St). Over 20 carnival games: climbing wall, fish pond, Bounce-O-Rama, cake walk, plasma car race and many more. Lots of prizes for everybody, a silent auction and a BBQ. Go out and have a great time with your family and two languages.

makes it a lot easier to complete the five-pieces challenge,” said Colleen Dane, Communications Manager. “That said — I think we’re all looking forward to a ‘change’ next week!” The association is still accepting donations of women’s clothing at their offices for the sale (Georgia Quay building, #201-909 Island

Hwy.). All are welcome to contribute and attend the sale Thursday. Any left-over items will be donated to the Ann Elmore House. For more information about the clothing swap, email info@ or phone 250286-1636. All are welcome, and donations are being accepted now.

Claire works for me. “As a hardworking, intelligent and compassionate representative, Claire is aware of and able to help solve the needs seniors face.” – GEORGEAN PRICE

On May 14th re-elect Claire Trevena THE PROVEN CHOICE FOR THE NORTH ISLAND CAMPAIGN OFFICE 1100 Shoppers Row, Campbell River PHONE 250-914-0403 EMAIL twitter: @clairetrevena Authorized by Sandra Doran, Financial Agent, 250-914-0403

There are many situations where we experience loss ambiguously. A family member suffering from a brain injury or who is becoming progressively more senile certainly fits the criteria for ambiguous loss, because they are physically present but psychologically absent. Homesickness is also a case of ambiguous loss because the person missed can be psychologically present, on the phone, for instance, but be physically absent. Choosing to move away from home or to break up with a romantic partner are clear cases of ambiguous loss, which we may have chosen in full knowledge that we would experience some sadness or melancholy. Abductions, missing persons, and cases where someone is lost are particularly difficult forms of ambiguous loss because the family and friends of the missing person simply don’t know what to expect. In some cases, the ambiguity resolves, people regain their health or missing persons are found, but often the ambiguity remains and there may never be closure. Dealing with these situations requires the ability to live with ambiguity. Usually there is no easy answer, and the temptation to solve these problems only exacerbates the experience of ambiguous loss, because it holds out the prospect of closure or resolution when there is none. – Christopher Simon “Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you. May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry.” Psalm 88:1-2

UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA CAMPBELL RIVER An Inclusive Community Centered in Christ


Come as you are Join the Conversation

Electoral Area ‘D’ Official Community Plan Review 2013 Planning for the Future! The Strathcona Regional District is undertaking a review of the Official Community Plan (OCP) for Electoral Area ‘D’ (Oyster Bay – Buttle Lake) and we invite you to assist in developing a visionary and inspirational document that reflects the community’s desired future for Area ‘D’. We have completed the first step in the process which included three initial start-up meetings to discuss land use matters in the Strathcona Park / Upper Campbell Lake area, the Oyster River / Oyster Bay areas and the Shelter Point / Stories Beach areas. Step two in the OCP process will begin with a series of community visioning meetings that will provide a forum for the public to identify and discuss land use issues and plan content in more detail. Facilitation of these meetings will occur in a round table format to allow for a detailed exchange of information pertaining to land use matters within Area ‘D’. The first of these community visioning meetings is intended to generate discussion regarding land use issues of particular interest to the Oyster River / Oyster Bay area and is scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 Oyster Bay Resort - Horst Henning Hall 4357 South Island Highway 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. We invite you to attend to share your thoughts and ideas. Please watch for future notices highlighting upcoming meetings. For more information on the review process or to submit comments via the interactive comment form please visit our website at Further information can also be obtained from Beth Rees at, or 250-830-6711. 301-990 Cedar Street, Campbell River, BC V9W 7Z8 Tel: 250-830-6700 • Fax: 250-830-6710 Toll-free: 1-877-830-2990

Be part of a Caring Community Celebrate your faith.

Visit Catholics Come Home.Org Been away from the church for a while? Missing It? Welcome Home Mass Sat. 5pm, Sun. 9&11am Daily Wed.-Fri. 9am Confessions before all masses Shaw TV Channel 130 EWTN, 160 Salt & Light 24 Hrs, and Telus Channel 13

Worship Service & Sunday School 10:00 AM. Corner of Pinecrest and South Birch Wayne Hughes LPM, MTS

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Sunday 10:30 a.m. Wednesday 7pm Captains/Pastors Gordon & Karen Taylor 291 McLean St., (just off Alder) 250-287-3720

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Local authors team up for respective book launches Campbell River writers, Dayle Gaetz and Kristin Butcher have been friends for nearly 15 years, and during that time they’ve shared some interesting adventures.

And they’re sharing a book launch this Saturday at the library. They’ve travelled to the mainland and up and down Vancouver Island more times than they can count, get-

ting lost more times than they care to count, most notably in an underground parking lot while still in their car. (Not everyone can do that.) Individually, they have each published

Happy 50 th Anniversary

Charlotte and Bob

Photo submitted

PATRIC & KATHERINE MASSIN are happy to announce the upcoming marriage of their daughter,

STEPHANIE ANN MASSIN to TREVOR JOHN EMBLEY Wedding to take place August 31, 2013 in Campbell River

Love your family

Dayle Gaetz, left, and Kristin Butcher. over 20 books for children and young both authors having spring books, adults, but on one occasion, they Gaetz and Butcher have decided to joined forces to pen a Harlequin-type launch their new titles together. The romance. That book didn’t get pubevent takes place at Campbell River lished, but Gaetz and Butcher had a lot Regional Library, Saturday, May 4, at of fun writing it. In fact, they laughed 1:30 p.m. so hard while working on it in a resIt’s not often you have the opportaurant one day, that they nearly got tunity to be entertained by two authors thrown out. They sometimes team up for the price of one. to give writing workshops and attend Actually, there is no charge for this literary galas, and they regularly use event, but you’ll want to come early to each other as sounding boards for get a good seat. There will be refreshwhatever projects they’re working on. ments, prizes, books for sale, and an And now they’re at it again. With hour of fun.


Notice to electors within the Comox Strathcona Waste Management service area regarding A PROPOSED HOST COMMUNITY AGREEMENT At a special meeting held April 16, 2013, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) board of directors for the Comox Strathcona waste management (CSWM) service proposed to enter into a 20 year host community agreement with the Village of Cumberland (VoC) that would see the CSWM: a) Pay the VoC a host community rate fee of $300,000 per year for the term of the agreement to compensate the village for social, environmental and economic impact either incurred by or perceived by the village related to the presence of the Comox Valley waste management centre (CVWMC) within its boundaries; and b) Provide $3,000,000 to the VoC to fund the design and construction of a one-time upgrade to the Cumberland/Bevan Road corridor to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure standards to accommodate the vehicle trafÀc accessing the Comox Valley waste management centre The design and construction schedule for the corridor upgrade will include and take place as follows: 2013 – Geotechnical and subsurface surveys 2014 – Design of roadway rehabilitation 2015 and 2016 – Construction The Village of Cumberland will use its best efforts to meet the design and construction schedule as outlined above, however, reasonable delays shall not Meopardi]e this agreement, including its funding commitments Financial implications: The $3,000,000 commitment to the VoC for the road reconstruction will occur over the next Àve years as the proMect progresses This amount will be paid for through a combination of short-term borrowing, taxation, tipping fees and reserve funds Secondly, the host community rate of $300,000/year will be funded through tipping fees at a rate eTuivalent to $465/tonne for 2013 The CVRD may proceed with approving the host community agreement if less than 8,079 electors (10% of the total number of electors of the Comox Valley Regional District and Strathcona Regional District (SRD)) in the service area sign and submit elector response forms opposing the agreement 2therwise, if 8,079 or more valid elector responses are received, the board must obtain the assent of the electors by way of referendum before proceeding with the agreement

(lector responses must be in the format established by the board of directors )orms may be obtained from the CVRD ofÀce or from this website through the links provided below and may only be signed by electors of the Comox Strathcona waste management service, which includes the following jurisdictions: CVRD Jurisdictions ‡ City of Courtenay ‡ Town of Comox ‡ Village of Cumberland ‡ Electoral Area ‘A’ (Baynes Sound–Denman/Hornby Islands) ‡ Electoral Area ‘B’ (Lazo North) ‡ Electoral Area ‘C’ (Puntledge–Black Creek)

SRD Jurisdictions ‡ City of CamSbell RiYer ‡ Village of Sayward ‡ Village of Tahsis ‡ Village of =eballos ‡ Electoral Area ‘A’ (.yuTuot/Nootka–Sayward) ‡ Electoral Area ‘B’ (Cortes Island) ‡ Electoral Area ‘C’ (DiscoYery Islands–0ainland Inlets) ‡ Electoral Area ‘D’ (2yster Bay–Buttle Lake)

The deadline for delivering the original signed elector response forms to the CVRD is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 31, 2013 )orms must be received by the deadline in order to be counted Copies of the host community agreement and records relating to the project may be obtained from the CVRD ofÀces at 600 Comox Road, Courtenay, BC during regular ofÀce hours Monday to )riday (excluding public holidays) from the date of this notice until 4:30 pm on May 31, 2013 or from the CVRD website : wwwcomoxvalleyrdca For further information, or to obtain the elector response forms, please contact the Comox Valley Regional District office at 600 Comox Road, Courtenay, BC V91 3P6 or by telephone at 250-334-6000 or toll-free at 1-800-331-6007 or by e-mail at administration#comoxvalleyrdca James Warren Corporate /egislative 2fficer Comox Valley Regional District


Wednesday, May 1, 2013




SENIORS You’re never too old


At 90 years young, Campbell Riverite publishes his first book By Ben Wagg Special to the Courier-Islander

Campbell River’s Warren Thompson was delighted to get the news from his agent that two New York publishing companies were interested in his newly penned book “Earthquake”. The story portrays a ragtag band of survivors, living in post-apocalyptic Campbell River. The survivors have to work together to live in an environment dominated by earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The good news quickly evaporated when the publishers learned the author was 90 years old. Unfortunately in the publishing industry, when a publishing company adds a new writer to their roster, they want a long term commitment of at least 10 books. Obviously in Warren’s case, this was not a possibility. Unable to secure a publishing deal did not deter Warren, he simply published the book himself. He then proceeded to write a second book, this one documenting the construction of the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre. Both books are available for purchase at the Heritage Centre. Warren was born in 1914 and raised on a remote cattle ranch in Western Montana. It didn’t take him long to figure out that his slight body type was not conducive to the physically demanding lifestyle of rough rural living. After graduating high school, Warren spent time working for the forest service, frequently finding himself face to face with a roaring forest fire. It was during his time in the forest service that Warren met Rhoda, “I kind of took a liking to her and that was it. That fall we skipped off on our own and got married, I had $10 in my pocket.” Warren and Rhoda had a son they named Michael and remained together for the next 66 years. In 1936 Warren made the decision to go back to school, he wanted to be a journalist. He scrimped and saved enough money to enroll in the University of Montana. His life savings of $30 dwindled to $10 after he paid for tuition and books. Warren found a roommate and together they shared a garage that had been renovated into an apartment for the princely sum of $2 per month rent. “We lived on $5 a month, we’d go to the bakery once a week and bring home a big bag of stale bread for 25 cents.” To help make ends meet Warren worked for two years as an assistant to a psychology professor at the university for 35 cents an hour.

Photo by Ben Wagg

Warren and his Rhoda were married for 66 years, before she passed away five years ago. answered “flying”. Warren got his pilot licence and soon after was part owner of a Beachcraft Bonanza airplane. Warren estimates he has over 5,000 hours of flying time in his career as an amateur pilot but one trip in particular stands out. He departed San Francisco at 11 p.m. after a long day of business meetings and was heading home. It was a beautiful evening, not a cloud in the sky, just the twinkle of the stars. Warren had never felt so relaxed, so relaxed that he fell asleep. He quickly awoke from his slumber when the plane started into a nose dive, it was out of fuel. “That will wake you up faster than anything you can imagine.” Fortunately, Warren’s training kicked in and he was able to switch fuel tanks and land safely. Warren and Rhoda travelled the world together but one place grabbed them like no Photo by Ben Wagg other, Campbell River. After visiting several times in the 70’s, Warren and Rhoda decided Warren Thompson with his first book Earthquake, published when he was 90 years old. to make Campbell River their permanent home Warren enjoyed university but after learnof his life. in 1981. Warren became very active in the ing that news reporters of the day only earned Warren and Rhoda soon started their own community and is still an active member of $40 a month he knew a change in careers was business, a successful Pet Store that they owned the Campbell River Noon Rotary Club. Rhoda a priority. Instead of writing for magazines he for 34 years. passed away five years ago and Warren still realized he could make $80 a month selling When asked about the greatest technoresides in his comfortable ocean front condo them. Warren remained a salesman for the rest logical advance in his lifetime Warren quickly nestled in the heart of Campbell River.

“Today’s Seniors made the North Island what it is today, working hard to sustain family and build communities, and we thank them for that. I promote continuing that legacy, providing jobs with good pay and benefits so the next generation has the opportunity to live & work here, to support their community, and enjoy their elders.” — Nick Facey

On May 14th, Vote to grow the North Island economy and sustain North Island families

Vote Nick

Facey For MLA.

For more information drop by the Campaign Office in the Georgia Quay, 901 Island Hwy., Campbell River. Online at or email Authorized by David Goldsmith, Financial Agent for the BC Liberal Party 1.800.567.2257

Today’s BC Liberals






Working after retirement In Celebration of 90 Years in BC and National Naturopathic Medicine Week May 6-12th 2013

FREE TESTING Free candida test Free blood pressure Free blood sugar Blood typing $26.00 FREE TASTING Greens First Medical protein powders Fish oil Tuesday, May 7th 10-3pm at the office of

Dr. Ingrid Pincott N.D.

#300-1170 Shoppers Row Campbell River, BC (250) 286-3655 -

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There’s no longer a magic number for retirement. Some people find that they want to work past the traditional retirement age, while others discover they need to. In addition, some retirees discover that they actually liked working and want to return to work rather than settle into retirement. Sixty-five is no longer the required age to stop working. In fact, many people are foregoing retirement and staying with the workforce. Why? No single reason applies to everyone, but finances often come into play. Thanks to a troubled economy that has carried over into the workplace, pensions and severance packages are no longer the norm for retiring workers. When faced with the prospect of reduced funds and dwindling pension benefits, many choose to simply keep on working. Then there are many people who continue working because they actually enjoy it, and not because of some financial necessity. Working tends to keep the mind sharp and helps seniors feel like contributing members of society. According to a study conducted by the American Psychiatric Association, retirees who continued to work in a bridge job (meaning part time or temporary employment) experienced fewer major diseases and fewer functional limitations than those who fully retired. Researchers considered only physician-diagnosed health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke and psychiatric problems. Those thinking of remaining in the work force can check with employers to see if retirement is mandatory or voluntary. Seniors reentering the workforce may want to brush up on some skills and reconnect with former employers or colleagues to make the transition easier. Here are some other strategies to consider.

Photo submitted

Brushing up on computer skills and drafting a new resume can help older adults successfully re-enter the work force after retirement. * Refurbish your resume. Focus on what things you can do rather than what you did in the past. You may be up against younger applicants and will have to make a case for your hire. * Be flexible. You may need health benefits more so than a high salary. You can work with an employer to develop a compensation package that is mutually beneficial. * Develop computer skills. Today’s work environment relies heavily on computer skills.

It is unwise for you to think you’ll get by on experience alone. Obtain a rudimentary education in computer usage and common office programs, which can set you apart from other older applicants. * Know there’s nothing to prove. Retirees have the benefit of taking their time and finding the right fit in a post-retirement job. Unless money is an issue, shop around until you find the job that appeals to you, even if it’s part-time or for a lower salary.

Seniors deserve our respect and consideration.

“At Banners we love our Seniors and offer a great selection of specials and regular menu items designed to fit the budget and tempt the taste buds. Come see us today!”

This is why Claire and the BCNDP are committed to: Z Establishing a truly independent Seniors Advocate ZExpanding home support and community care WIRELESS INTERNET ~ 24 FLAVOURS OF ICE CREAM


Open 6:30am-9:00pm 7 Days A Week

Gray Power Bootcamps

Focus on POWER and STRENGTH during this 1-hour program. Tuesdays and Thursdays –April 30 – June 20 / 7:45-8:45 am Saturdays/8:00-9:00 am /May 4 – June 22



Aquatic Arthritis class

This class takes place in the Leisure Pool – the WARM water will help soothe joints, work on balance techniques, joint movement and strength and flexibility exercises. Monday & Wednesdays/10:30 – 11:15 am/ April 29 – June 19 You can register anytime for these classes as long as there is space. 250-287-9234 ext. 0 for program information. STRATHCONA GARDENS RECREATION COMPLEX 225 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River, BC, V9W 8C8 Tel: 250-287-9234 •

ZStrengthening health services especially in rural areas ZImproving service levels in residential care facilities ZExpanding BC’s low cost drug program

On May 14th vote for

Change for the Better

Vote Claire Trevena Authorized by Sandra Doran, Financial Agent, 250.914.0403


Wednesday, May 1, 2013






The basics of estate planning

With regards to finances, the future is a big part of many people’s financial planning efforts. Be it the kids’ college tuition or the day when retirement finally arrives, financial planning is all about the future. Though college and retirement funds garner the most attention, men and women must also make time for estate planning. Estate planning is the process of arranging for the disposal of an estate and is done to help minimize uncertainty upon an individual’s death. This planning also reduce taxes and additional expenses that might arise if a person passes away without having left a will or another means of disposing of his or her estate. Regardless of the size of an individual’s estate, there’s no reason not to have an estate plan in place. The following are some of the basics of estate planning, which should be a priority for men and women, young and old. More than just a will An estate plan is more than just a will. Though an up-to-date and specific will is an important element of a good estate plan, there are other elements as well. In addition to a will, an estate plan should assign power of attorney, which gives a person of an individual’s choosing the right to manage that individual’s financial affairs if they are unable to do so themselves. Power of attorney should be assigned in the case of a person’s death, but also if an unforeseen medical issue arises

and a person is no longer capable of managing their affairs. There are two types of power of attorney that are essential to know when estate planning. Springing power of attorney goes into effect when circumstances that the individual specified, such as incapacitation, occur. In order for this to go into effect, the agent designated must typically produce proof of an individual’s incapacitation. Durable power of attorney goes into effect immediately and the agent does not need to prove incapacitation. When choosing an agent to assume power of attorney, individuals need to make this decision wisely, choosing someone they trust who can competently manage their affairs. Assessing your assets Assets include a host of things, from investment accounts to real estate to retirement savings. Individuals must take careful inventory of all of their assets and determine to whom these assets should go if they die or who should gain control of them if individuals become incapacitated. This means leaving no stone unturned. If there are any questions about specific assets, then legal wrangling or even government taxation upon these assets is likely to take place. Understanding trusts Many people hear the word trust associated with financial dealings and immediately assume it only applies to the wealthy. Nothing could be further

from the truth. A trust enables men and women to put conditions on the distribution of their assets upon their death, including when and how these assets will be distributed. In addition, a trust might just protect these assets from creditors or lawsuits and help any heirs avoid probate court, which can be a costly and tedious process. Though trusts aren’t necessarily for everyone, they also aren’t exclusive to the very wealthy. Allocation of assets Many people make the mistake of leaving all of their assets to their spouses upon their deaths. While this is well-intentioned, it doesn’t always work out best for men and women with children. Individuals can leave an unlimited amount of money to their spouse upon their death, and that money cannot be taxed. However, when the surviving spouse dies, if he or she leaves that money to their surviving children, then they are likely going to pay significantly more in estate tax. In addition, when deciding to simply leave all assets to a surviving spouse, this is, in a sense, leaving the difficult decision of asset allocation to the surviving spouse. What’s more, should both husband and wife pass away in an accident at the same time and all assets were left to a spouse, this can make it very difficult, contentious and costly for surviving family Photo submitted members to divide up any assets left Men and women should prioritize estate planning regardless of their behind. age or financial status.


For peace of mind…

Hear it right the first time. …Consider pre-arranging your final plans with Boyd’s Funeral Services, we offer friendly, compassionate care and reasonable costs. Only Boyd’s offers Peacehold Estate Documents Services in Campbell River. We take pride in our “No Hidden Surprise” approach to open, honest, planning services.

We're more than a hearing aid company. We're part of your family's hearing care.

Campbell River’s affordable funeral service option.

Sandy Poelvoorde

#6 1040-9th Avenue, Campbell River

Local, Independent Owner/Operator


“Quality care you can trust”

Campbell River Beltone Hearing Care Center 530-1400 Dogwood St. Campbell River, BC V9W 3A6 250.286.6250 ‡






Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Healthy living could help fight dementia Many people are apprehensive about getting older because of the fear of losing their faculties. Individuals may worry that dementia could rob them of precious memories and make daily living more difficult. Many factors can contribute to the onset of dementia, and recent research notes those factors include heart disease, strokes and other serious health conditions that affect the circulatory system. But other seemingly harmless conditions can play a role, too. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could help seniors fend off dementia. Researchers in Canada studied data on more than 7,000 survey participants who answered

questions of overall health. While circulatory diseases did correlate high to dementia onset, researchers discovered additional conditions, including arthritis, sinus infections, incontinence, and poor hearing, also played a role. The correlation between circulatory issues and brain function may be obvious, but researchers aren’t exactly sure why minor health infractions could contribute to senility. The World Alzheimer Report states that more than 35 million people around the world are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. These are largely brain-destroying illnesses that have no cure. But adults might

Seniors Discounts Every Day • Men & Ladies Photo submitted

Let Us Help You With Your







220 Dogwood St.


Mon., Tue., Wed. & Thur.


Maintaining overall health is one way seniors might stave off the onset of dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease. be able to prevent or delay its onset. Placing a ibility. Water exercises are very good because greater emphasis on overall health may help. they don’t place strain on the joints. Stretching According to Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, MD, a routines, like yoga or tai chi, are also effective. professor of geriatric medicine and neurology at Exercise plans should be discussed with a health Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, care provider prior to starting. who participated in the dementia study published * Work with a nutritionist to develop a in July 2011 in the journal Neurology, “the best healthy eating plan. A healthy diet is essential to thing people can do to stay physically healthy keep many diseases at bay, including diabetes, -- and thus maintain their brains, too -- is to obesity, heart disease, and even to help maintain exercise.” Other things that can be done include proper digestion. adopting a healthy, balanced diet and keeping the * Keep the brain active by engaging in brain active as much as possible. Here are ways puzzles, like crosswords or sudoku. Reading is to do just that. a way to stimulate vocabulary and also keep the * Seniors can participate in low-impact brain sharp. Interact with people on a daily basis exercises that promote muscle strength and flex- and engage in conversation.


Unique Journeys

Singing in the Rain Chemainus Theatre with lunch June 27 • $109

Wonders of Turkey

Coombs & Rail Trip to McLean’s Mill in Port Alberni July 11 • $79

September 18 - October 1

Pacific Tattoo in Victoria with dinner July 14 • $129

Istanbul • Ephesus • Pammukale • Antalya • Cappadocia

Nootka Sound Cruise, Gold River with lunch August 7 • $159 Celtic Thunder in Victoria with dinner September 8 • $169 10th Avenue & Alder St.

Copper Canyon Rail Journey & San Jose del Cabo

October 16 - 26


We are here to A GREAT CHOICE FOR SENIORS help you find the perfect home that fits $185,000 your lifestyle. Say good-bye to sq ft 2 Bedroom 2 Bath the stairs and Private and quiet with1193 a spacious green space surrounding the patio area. flooring. New high efficiency gas furnace as well as new gas hot water hello to carefree Laminate tank. Alarm system. 5 appliances included. Located close to shopping, medical and recreation facilities. Car garage detached. Strata Fee $170.00. living! YOUR SENIOR’S SPECIALISTS DORIS REG FLINN EATON ROYAL L PAGE ADVANCE REALTY



972 Shoppers Row Campbell River, BC



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Your Community



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Sven Donald “Don” Likness July 24, 1938 – April 19, 2013 It is with great sadness that we report that Sven Donald (Don) Likness passed away April 19th, at home peacefully in his sleep after a lengthy illness. Don is survived by daughter Lorraine (Kevin), two grandchildren, Drake and Dustin Kowbel, son Richard, and wife Joan. Predeceased by two brothers Clifford & Einar, parents Lennea, Erik Likness and paternal father Nils Edberg who passed when Don was a child. Donations may be made to the Red Cross. Peace and love Dad, you will be missed!

Bill (William Charles) Eveson was born in Fort Macleod on December 29, 1945 and died April 24, 2013 after living graciously and courageously with cancer for the past 9 years. Bill and his wife owned and operated Ocean Grove Store from 1981 until their retirement in 2008. Bill (aka Billy Ocean or Ocean Grove Bill) was a fixture at the store and in the local area. He loved his contact with people of all ages and the respect and affection was reciprocated. One of Bill’s joys was seeing the neighbourhood children who once bought ‘goodie bags’ grow into adults with children of their own. After his first cancer diagnosis, Bill became an active participant in the local Relay for Life as “Team Esso”. Following his retirement, he spent time as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity until a reoccurrence of cancer. Bill took great pleasure in the little things in life. He loved cruising in his convertible on a sunny afternoon and he was well known (and ridiculed) for his continuing support of the Calgary Flames. However, his greatest pleasure was spending time with his family. Bill will be lovingly remembered by his wife Donna, daughters Marta (Craig) and Paige (Bruce), son Christopher Linkletter (Chelsea) and granddaughters Kristin and Jayden, sisters Brenda (Ed) and Maureen (Wilf), sister-in-law Bonnie Haslett (Stuart), as well as 4 nephews and 3 nieces. Bill was predeceased by his mother, father, motherin-law, father–in-law and brother-in-law. There will be no service by request. Memorial donations may be made to the local hospital or hospice society.

(nee Roth) The family of Vicky Thomas want to announce her sudden passing at home. Vicky was predeceased by her parents Viktor and Maria Roth and her beloved older brother Willi (Bill) Roth. Vicky is survived by her loving children Ralph Thomas, Ellen Thomas, Nicole (Ed) Henri, her beloved & cherished grandchildren Sarah, Anastasia, Brett, Ashley, great-granddaughter Jaedyn, and her Brothers Viktor (Pam) Roth, Alex Roth, Kon (Barb) Roth, Arthur Roth, numerous nieces, nephews and many friends. The family wishes to express their heartfelt thanks to the grandness of mom’s close neighbours, staff & friends at Altrusa House for the love and support of mom over the last few years and all the people mom crossed paths with whom made a difference in mom’s life. A Celebration of Mom’s Life will be held outdoors on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Nicole’s home - 2132 Forest Grove Drive, Campbell River, BC starting at 1:00 pm. Mom loved her fragrant flowers, especially her roses and carnations as she would sit in her backyard on sunny days, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, visits with family & friends. Donations can be made in mom’s memory to the Campbell River and District Adult Care Society (Altrusa House), 12-142 Larwood, Campbell River BC V9W 1S2 or The Memorial Society of British Columbia, 205 640 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V52 1G4



It is with great sorrow that Barutowicz

Terry (John Terrance) Mallory −March 2nd, 1953-April 21st, 2013− Terry passed suddenly, at the age of 60, Sunday morning, April 21st, in Campbell River at his longtime friends’ place Max and Darlene. He is predeceased by his parents, Jack & Shirley, and survived by his four sisters in Michigan; Susan Himrod, Marianne Hurley (David), Julie Bickle (Jeff) and Peggy Wood (James). Born in Birmingham, Michigan, he left in the early 70’s with his teenage friends Peter Bookmeyer & Salty D. They came to BC and sailed across to Vancouver Island. In Long Beach, Terry met his first wife, ’Lil Cathy. They soon after moved to Cortes Island and Terry became a widower. Terry met his second wife, Sonia Guevremont, from Quebec, on Cortes. They had two beautiful children; a son Hugo and a daughter Myriad. Later on, his daughter gave birth to Talia, now two years old. He was blessed once again by the birth of his grandson, Kairan, who is 3 months old (Prairie Jolliffe). From Cortes to Black Creek, to Read Island and Oyster River, Terry and his family made many friends. Dump truck driver to logging truck driver, he leaves behind many co-workers who loved him. For the last 15 years of his life he made Woss Lake his working home and Baja California his sunny home, where he fell in love with a beautiful Mexican woman named Conchita and her family. He took to his laptop for an outside link and lived alone with his Gibsons guitar and close friends at his side. He was a great musician and a natural at picking up new tunes, jamming with whoever came along. His sense of humour put a smile on everyone’s’ face. Today, tomorrow and always, you will be with us all Terry. Have a Good Trip. A memorial service will be held 2:00 pm, May 4th, 2013, at the Elks Lodge in Campbell River, BC.

we report the passing of ItB is sorrow o gwith d a great n ( B o bthat by) we report the passing Barutowicz, who passedofof Ba o gh de aa nr t a (t tBaoc bk b yo)n Barutowicz, of Wednesday,who Aprilpassed 24, 2013, aafter h ebattling a r t acancer t t a c kforothe n Wednesday, April 24, past few months. 2013, after Bogdan wasbattling born incancer Poland for the past few months. on April 10, 1959, and spent Bogdan was bornbefore in his childhood and early 20’s in his homeland Poland on Aprilwith 10, his 1959, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime wife spent his daughters childhood inand earlyof20’s in his and two young search opportunity, homelandand before embarking on an adventure of a freedom beauty. lifetime with his wife and young daughters in The whole family moved to two Canada in June 1990 and searchthe of move opportunity, freedom andinbeauty. made to Campbell River 1994 when he The wholea family to Canada in June 1990 accepted job atmoved Quinsam Coal mine, where he and made worked forthe themove past to 19Campbell years. River in 1994 when he accepted a job at Quinsam Coal mine, he He was a beautiful and gentle soul thatwhere touched worked forinthe 19 years. everyone his past life, and made friends everywhere he He was a beautiful and gentle souland that touched went. He was full of life, love, passion would climb everyone infor hishis life,loved and made everywhere mountains ones. friends His love for biking he went.him He to was fullde of France life, love, passion andtravelled would brought Tour twice, and he climbsaw mountains for world. his loved ones. His love was for and much of the Being on his bicycle biking brought him to Tour de France twice, he his paradise, riding like the wind on theand Island travelled and sawpast much of theBobby world.rode Being his Highway. For the 7 years andon raised bicycle for wasthe hisBC paradise, riding like the wind Trek on the money Lung Association’s Bicycle for Island the Rock. past 7 years Bobby rode Life andHighway. Breath inFor White andwill raised money for the LungofAssociation’s He be greatly missed by BC all, most all by his wife Bicycle Trek forJolanta, Life andbyBreath in WhiteAldona Rock. and and soulmate his children, He will beson-in-law greatly missed by His all, family most of all by histo Kate and Warren. would like wife and Jolanta,friends by his from children, Aldona thank all soulmate of the amazing all over the and Kateand and Europe son-in-law family would country thatWarren. have His come forth with like to thank all of the amazing support, assistance and love. friends from all over the country and Europe come forth A celebration of life will bethat heldhave on Thursday Maywith 2 at and love. 1support, p.m. atassistance Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River. A celebration of life donations will be heldmay on Thursday 2 In lieu of flowers, be madeMay to the at 1 p.m. at Painter’s in BC Campbell Kidney Foundation of Lodge Canada, Branch.River. In lieu Columbia of flowers,Branch donations may be made to the British Kidney Foundation Canada, BC Branch. 200 – 4940 CanadaofWay British Columbia Burnaby, BC V5GBranch 4K6 200 –(604) 4940 Canada Tel.: 736-9775Way /1-800-567-8112 <tel:1-800Burnaby, BC V5GB.C. 4K6 567-8112> within Tel.: (604) 736-9775 /1-800-567-8112 within B.C. Fax: 736-9703 Fax: (604) 736-9703,>

As you share the stories and the memories of how they lived their lives and how very much they meant, may you find comfort...


Card of Thanks

We are humbled by the number of phone calls, emails and cards from friends, family and customers who called to offer their concern and support after Morris’ accident on April 13th. A simple 'thank you' doesn’t seem to be enough, but we’re at a loss for words that can express our sincere appreciation during this difficult time. A heartfelt thank you to Ed Wilcock of E&B Helicopters for taking the lead to locate Morris’ group and for your immediate action; we can’t thank you enough; things could have turned out so differently; To the Campbell River Regional Hospital Emergency Staff and Dr Stubbs on duty Saturday night , thank you for taking such good care of Morris and the others from their arrival at the hospital until they were all discharged or transferred to Victoria and Nanaimo; To Kent O’Neill from The Lodge at Gold River, your friendship, love and concern means everything to us, thank you for being there; and To everyone who called, emailed, and faxed, far too many to name personally, we can’t thank you enough for all your love and concern, and words of encouragement. We are so fortunate to have such a great support network that is worth it’s weight in gold! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love; it is that love and support that will help us to heal moving forward. Morris McNally & Sue Rich Gold River BC






VANCOUVER ISLAND FIBRE FEST 2013 Friday May 3 Saturday May 4 Sunday May 5 Campbell River Community Centre 401-11th Avenue For more information call 250-286-1161 or email

January 6, 1932 – April 22, 2013 81 years young

Bogdan (Bobby) Bogdan (Bobby) Barutowicz 269827

In Memoriums

THOMAS, Victoria (Vicky)

Bill Eveson Support when you need it most



Legals & Tenders

LAND PARCEL Sale By Tender SW 17-28-29W1 RM of Shell River, MB. 80 acres. Hay/Pasture/ Bush For Farm/Recreation/Acreage. Highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Closes 05/17/2013 204-937-7054 (Roy). 269721




Campbell River Meals on Wheels

In Memory of your loved ones. Donations will be accepted by Campbell River First Open Heart Society. P.O. Box 175, Campbell River,BC V9W 5A7.

will be held May 29th, 2013 @ 11:30am Ironwood Place 1351 Ironwood St. 250-850-2633 crfriendlyoutreach@

To place your birthday announcement visit





BIG Savings...

When You Place Your Ad in the Classifieds!


Articles For Sale

STEEL BUILDING BLOWOUT CLEARANCE SALE! 20X22 $4,188. 25X26 $4,799. 30X34 $6,860. 32X44 $8,795. 40X50 $12,760. 47X74 $17,888. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. 269720

AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions; Phone 1-800-BIGIRON. 269716

SAWMILLS from only $3997 - MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.



Articles For Sale

STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206 269718

FREE WOOD from California walnut tree. Great for carving or burning. Tree is 40’ high, truck 18', 12’ high. You pay to cut down, wood free. 250-923-3413.

Articles For Sale

2012 CRAFTSMAN ride on mower. 24 hp, 42' deck, 20 hours on mower. Asking $1500. 250-923-3053. 269749


Items Lost & Found

FOUND: Kobo reader, found downtown Campbell River April 25. Phone 250-287-8290 to identify. 269731

LOST: HEARING aids. Brown Please 269932 call 250-287-4188 18’ CAMPION boat, Arnie, or leave mesolder model, hard top, sage. 269422 70hp motor. $6500.; 2000 TOYOTA LOST: key for C A M R Y S o l a r a Hyundai Tuscan in $4500., low mileage. last 3 weeks. Single key. 250-830-0165. 250-282-3452. 269286


One Person’s Junk is Another Person’s Treasure! To advertise in your Place yournewspaper ad online atcall community



GARAGE SALES Campbell River 621 ISLAND HIGHWAY. MARITIME HERITAGE CENTRE. 9am-2pm. Saturday, May 4, entrance through lobby downstairs. All proceeds go to fund exhibits and education at the Centre. 269845

605 and 550 CORMORANT. Multi family, May 4th, 7 am-2 pm. Drafting table, poker table, fishing, tools, toys, furniture, water skiing tube, housewares, misc. 269566



Wednesday, May 1, 2013



General Help School District No. 72 (Campbell River)

School District No. 72 is seeking applications for the following positions:

Casual Janitor Casual Bus Driver


EXPERIENCED heavy duty mechanic looking for part time work. Fill in for sickness, vacation or work overload. In or out of camp. Phone John 250-202-0712 269940


For details on applying for these postings, please check the School District’s web site at 269821


Employment Wanted


Looking to help pay my way through University. Great rates H.M.A. LawncareHayden 250-895-1080 (after 2 p.m.) 268304

Director of Human Resources Reporting to the President and CEO, the Director of Human Resources is responsible for providing strategic and operational support in relation to human resource functions to the President, CEO and the Senior Management Team. The Director is responsible for leading the organizations human resource planning and practices while demonstrating an understanding of the entire business operations and positioning themselves as a strategic business partner. Key Responsibilities: • Reinforce appropriate applications of Human Resource policies, standards and procedures to ensure alignment with the organizations vision, mission and values • Ensure efficiency of Human Resources and Recruiting processes and continuous improvement of the Department service offer • Provide support to the different company departments relative to Human Resource matters • Develop, implement and promote Human Resources initiatives • Build strong partnerships with leaders and managers • Manage employee relations issues, communicating with external legal counsel as needed • Analyze employee metrics which include employee engagement surveys and exit interviews • Assist in defining action plans to drive employee engagement • Manage risk and ensure legal compliance • Ensure accuracy of employee transactions as well as management and protection of employees information • Determine training and development needs • Ensure development of team skills and competencies • Design unique programs and delivery methods that meet the needs of employees • Oversee the talent recruitment process, and manage effective onboarding of new hires • Oversee compensation and benefits including external salary surveys, market data benchmarking and plan improvements • Manage Human Resources budgets • Drive quality Human Resource service and support at all levels Qualifications: • Undergraduate Degree in business with specialization in Human Resources or Labour Relations from a recognized university required. A combination of education and experience may be considered • Minimum of five (5) years of experience Leading a Human Resources department • Knowledge of employment legislation as well as current trends and issues relevant to human resources • Excellence in promoting and maintaining effective employee and labour relations • Excellence in team building, analytical and problem solving abilities • Proven ability to diagnose and successfully handle complex employee relations and organizational development issues • Strong communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills in order to work effectively with business leaders and partners • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities and to work in a fast paced environment 920 Alder Street Campbell River BC V9W 2P8 Phone: 250.286.8045 Fax: 250.286.8047 269598

Find a

New Career Discover a World of Possibilities in the Classifieds!

Call 250-850-2527 604.795.4417 to Advertise

J.P.S.Housecleaning. Specializing in moving in/out, general cleaning, carpets. Accepting new clients. Call Judy 250-286-3963 or 250-203-1567, sit back, it’s done! 261883

YARD WORK. If you have a yard/garden and the tools I can do the labour. 250-914-2686. 269497


General Help

CONCRETE FINISHERS & Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Fax 780-444-9165. 269707


Required for Sushi restaurant Must have Serving It Right Available for all shifts + wk/ends. Full time/part time. Campbell River Lodge 1760 Island Hwy


EXPERIENCED meat cutter required for busy summer store. Part-time/full-time. Wages to be determined. Reply to or

General Help

MEAT MANAGER, Jasper Super A. Jasper Super A is looking for an experienced Retail Meat Manager. As Meat Manager you will be responsible for all aspects of the managing the department, including cutting meat. You must have working knowledge of gross margins, expense controls and human resources management. The successful candidate must have Grade 12 (or equivalent) and be able to provide a “clear” security clearance. If you have the skills and abilities please forward your resume to our Head Office, The Grocery People Ltd. (TGP) in confidence to: Human Resources, The Grocery People Ltd., 14505 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, AB, T5L 3C4. Fax 780-447-5781. Email:

Career Development & Schools


General Help


Education & Trade Schools


Music, Art & Dance Teachers

GUITAR LESSONS Beginners to advanced. All styles-Acoustic, Electric, Bass & Theory. College trained instructor. CALL GRANT 250-923-3113


Build Results



Houses For Sale By Owner


Manufactured Mobile Homes

MOBILE HOME with addition. 900 sq ft. Croation Park. Updated, fenced. 55+ $35,000.00 250-830-8041 269912

REDUCED! COZY CAMPBELL RIVER RANCHER. Beat the realty markup. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, new kitchen. All appliances included. Large private fenced back yard with fruit trees and large cedar deck. A must see. 745 Nancy Green. $211,000. 250-926-6616.


748 MARINA BLVD. 1800 sq.ft. 3-bdrm. For more info or to view call 250-203-0094. 269120


Lots & Acreage For Sale

RIDGE OCEAN VIEW lot. 75x225’. To view 55 Rockland Road. Phone Dwayne 250-286-4800 or 250-287-6064. 268571


Business Opportunities And Wanted

DO BUSINESS in Yukon! 1,831 sq ft prime ground floor retail space on the Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon, next to Starbuck’s. For floorplan/ photos, call 1-867-333-9966.




LUNCH TRUCK FOR SALE. 2008-Chev Silverado, established route (was 'Buns On The Run'. Call for details-the only mobile food truck in town! $35,000.obo. 250-203-3571 or 250-202-7961.

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 for work-at-home. Train with the toprated accredited school in Canada. Financing and student loans available. Contact CanScribe today at 1-800-466-1535


INTENSIVE SUPPORT & SUPERVISION PROGRAM WORKER is required by The John Howard Society of North Island in our Campbell River office. The program worker provides service to youth referred by a Youth Probation Officer. Please refer to and see employment opportunities for details. Submit resumes to Natalie Meredith by email to or fax (250) 338-6568 or mail to The John Howard Society of North Island, 1455 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2K6. Only those selected will be contacted for an interview. No phone calls please. Deadline: 4:30pm on May 10, 2013.






Properties Outside Province

NOVA SCOTIA’S Eastern Shore. Waterfront Lots for Sale Excellent Climate Near the Atlantic Ocean. Three Bedroom House for Sale or Rent 1-902-522-2343 1-902-328-4338. 269714


office/retail suites & partial houses




shared accommodation

advertise in ToToadvertise in Rentals Rentals 250-850-2527 callcall 604-630-3300

Houses For Sale By Owner


Financial Services

DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 50% & DEBT FREE in half the time! AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free Consultation. or Toll Free 1-877-556-3500 BBB Rated A+ 269711

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


Financial Services $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660. 269712


Legal & Paralegal Services

CRIMINAL Record? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540. 269717



Apartments Unfurnished

DISCOVERY RIDGE APARTMENTS 2 bdrm apts. Very clean building, catering to quiet mature tenants. On site manager. Participating in crime free housing program. No pets. References required.

250-286-1332 for appointment




Duplexes 3-Plexes & 4-Plexes

COZY 2-BDRM duplex on Petersen Rd. Available May 1. N/S, N/P, stv, fridge, W/D, gas F/P, storage locker. Adult oriented. Work and rental references req’d. Grass to cut/mower supplied. Nice treed back yard with fire pit. $675/mo. 250-287--7813 days/ 250-287-9873 eves. 269847


Garden Homes &Townhouses

3-BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE Campbell River, Robron Road. Garage, patio, mountain view. Close to schools and shopping. Well kept. Available May 15. $1050/mo. Please cal 778-475-0902.

Located across from Merecroft Village. New 2 & 3-bdrm units available June 1. 6 appliances. 269870 Non-smoking. No pets. Rents start at $850. TOWNHOUSE: New 3-bdrms, 3-baths, 5 Phone 250-926-5501. appliances (stainless 269806 steel kitchen). N/s. No BEACHWOOD pets. References required. 390 Carolyn MANOR Rd. $1095/mo. Phone Bachelor and 2 bdrm 250-926-5501. apartments available 269807 Clean, quiet building with easy access to Houses To Rent Rotary Seawalk. Furnished NO pets. C.R. PREMIERE 250-923-2816 ACCOMMODATION 269795 has executive waterSANTA BARBARA front homes, townAPT. 2-bdrm near houses and suites Merecroft Shopping fully furnished and C e n t r e . $ 6 5 0 / m o . equipped for short Available June 1. term rental. Quiet, secure build250-203-4639 ing. Adult oriented. www.campbellriverN/P. 250-923-8946. 269947 259919 CAMPBELL RIVER. 2-bdrm townhouse near Rotary Beach Park. Clean, quiet. No pets. $700/mo. Available June 1. 250-923-3990.



Houses To Rent Unfurnished

GET YOUR COMPLETE LIST of all our available rentals and for sale properties online: Call 250.286.0110, Toll Free 1.888.986.0110



Manufactured Mobile Homes for Rent

2-BDRM renovated mobile home. 5-appliances, w/shop. Quiet non-smokers. No pets. Available June 1. $825/mo, $825/DD. References will be checked. 250-202-5029. 269655


Shared Accommodation

FLAT SHARE suit shift const. worker. Exc view. Reasonable. Mature working m/f, May 1, 2013. 250-286-6518 after 6 p.m. 268878



1-BDRM ocean front, (Race Point). Private entrance. Includes all utilities. NP/NS. N/parties. One person only. Written references required from previous landlords. June 1. $750/mo. 250-286-1626. 269871


Deliver the Courier Islander Wednesday & Friday

PRICE REDUCED 2848 APPLE DRIVE, Campbell River. 4-bdrm., 2.5 bath, sauna, woodstove. 2100 sq.ft. $258,000. 250-923-6756.


All Ages Welcome * * No Collecting • 2143 - 2116-2574 South Island Highway (odd numbers) - 47 papers - $30.00 month • 2174 - Eden, Gilford, South Alder, Garden Way - 55 papers - $35.00 month • 2192 - Cranberry, Fern, Hilchey - 75 papers $50.00 month • 2408 - Pinecest, Ponderosa, South Murphy - 69 papers - $40.00 month • 2444 - Evergreen - 33 papers - $19.00 month • 2488 - Quadra, Read, Sonora, Merecroft - 78 papers $47.00 • 2452 - South Birch - 46 papers $28.00 month • 2640 - Dogwood, Ironwood, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th

For More Information Please Call 250-287-7464 269733



Cottages To Rent

FULLY-FURNISHED RV available immed. Laundry facilities available. $695/mo. Laundry facility available. All utilities incl. Campbell River. 250-923-3025. 269785

521 $248900 / 3br - 1220ft - House for sale in desirable Campbell river neighborhood (Campbell River 250-203-0569) Beautiful 3 bedroom home ready to move in, two bathrooms, a big fenced back yard. New appliances and hardwood flooring. Close to all schools in Georgia Park area, and NIC only minutes away. to view all pictures.


Crime Free Multi-Housing

SEAVIEW MANOR APARTMENTS 860 ALDER St. Corner of Alder & 9th Ave, 1 & 2 BR Apts for Rent, Includes heat, water & parking, secure building with onsite Manager 250-286-6513 269759




Dreaming of a New Home?

Certified European Masseuse. An Exquisite Escape.


By appointment only.



Psychics Spiritual Guidance

TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers, CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486


To advertise Real section. Estate Check the Realinestate

Tocalladvertise call 604-850-9600 250-850-2527

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



ELECTRICIAN Small jobs to new construction. B Connected Electrical 250-204-2168.



Auto Insurance Financing & Loans


Cars for Sale


1979 BUICK RIVIERA sedan. 350 cubic inch, V8. Auto. 179,000 original kms. $2,500. Collector plates. 250-926-6058



Cars for Sale

CASH paid for some vehicles. Fast, free removal of most others. Big or small we remove them all. 287-6969.



HIre a Lawn Care Specialist. Find one in the Home Services section.


Cars for Sale

2004 CHEV SSR Beautiful black/black hard top convertible. 26,000km.$30,000. 250-288-3369



Boats, Services & Accessories


2 SITES AVAILABLE on Lower Campbell Lake from May 1st to Oct. 31st. Call for price and amenities. 250-286-0945.

2002 TOYOTA Sienna van. 170,000km $7000obo 250-282-0098




Trucks, Vans & Buses

Boats, Services & Accessories

TIRED OF trailering your boat to McIvor Lake? Boat moorage available for summer. Call for pricing. 250-286-0945.



Don’t struggle cutting your grass.



Tent Trailers Campers Fifth Wheels


1999 HARLEY FLHRCI 62,000km - $11,000. obo. Mustang Tour saddle, Screaming Eagle exhaust, Power Commander, Hyper Charger. Dual backrests, lower fairing pods, side whitewalls, new brakes and much more. $2300 in recent motor upgrades. Barry 250-203-0838, 250-287-8609.



Motor Homes & RV’s

36FT PELAGIC f/g tri cabin cruiser. 1981. Excellent condition. GM 653 diesel. Assumable covered berthage Freshwater Marina. $59,500. 250-203-2839



BODY OFF restoration powder coated, body fab done no rust, 12 bolt posi (reblt), 4 wheel disc brakes, 350 turbo (reblt), 454 motor, new tires, rims, all on car. Roof and all parts included for you to finish. Best offer. 250-283-7270.

SAVE ON SUNDAY Trucks from $19.95 plus km


some restrictions apply Car and Truck Rental 269767


1975 BOLLER trailer. New frame. Excellent condition. $3,900.00 OBO. UTILITY TRAILER. 250-203-8865. 269937 Approximately 7 1/2' X 4'. $275.00 OBO. 250-710-3034 (Duncan).


Trailers Industrial



friends and families of alcoNon-profit only, with no charge for the event. Limit of holics. If someone’s drinking is troubling you, we can help approximately 20 words. you. There is a meeting at VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT the St. Patrick’s Church, 34 FOR THIS WEEK • CR Red S. Alder Street in room 221 Cross: Friendly, patient vol- on Wednesdays at 12 noon unteers with excellent com- to 1:00 pm. On Thursdays munication skills are needed at 1:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. and to provide front line office on Sunday evenings at 8:00 assistance to clients recover- p.m. the meetings are at the ing from surgery or injury 7th Day Adventist Church at for one 3 hour shift week- 300 Thulin St. Also there is day mornings. • Habitat a meeting at the Children’s for Humanity is looking for Centre on Quadra on Tuesday a build coordinator with a evenings at 7:30 p.m. For background in construc- more information call Lynne tion or home improvement, at 250-287-3184 or Lisa at to lead and coordinate an 250-914-4999. We care! ********* entire home build project. A volunteer is needed as soon ACOA (Adult Children of as possible to prepare for Alcoholics) 12 step meeting construction by autumn. • for anyone from an addictive CR & N.I Transition Society or otherwise dysfunctional is in need of a Kitchen Auntie family every Monday night, to cook for and with women 7:30 p.m. Location: 1040 at the Transition House one Shoppers Row (upstairs from or two nights per week. • HSBC). Contact for inforDowntown BIA: Help make mation Diane W. 250-287our downtown shine by 8253, Dave S. 250-923-9197. picking up garbage, pulling Newcomers welcome. ******** weeds, and pressure washing during the Spring Clean- N.A.D.I.S.– North Island up this Sunday, May 5th from Alcohol and Drug Information 8 am to 12 p.m. at Spirit & Education Society – We Square. All equipment and invite you to utilize the larrefreshments provided. • gest lending library of subMultiple Sclerosis Society: stance abuse & prevention Volunteers are needed to Videos in B.C. Our hours are offer carnations to the public Monday – Thursday 10:00 am in exchange for donations to till 3:00 pm. Closed Friday, the society. All monies raised Saturday & Sunday. Available stay in the North Vancouver after hours by appointment Island Area. Shifts are two – Please Phone 250-287hours on May 10th or 11th at 4771 or email nadis@crnfp. Save-on Foods, Willow Point net ******** Liquor Store and Banks. • Canadian Cancer Society is Central Vancouver Island Area gearing up for the Relay for of Narcotics Anonymous. Life event June 1st and 2nd Meetings from Ladysmith to and your support is needed Port Alberni. Help is availby volunteering one 4 hour able! Call our Free Hotline shift in a variety of areas 1-800-807-1780 for Meeting including registration, food times & locations. ******** and beverage, running activities, set-up and take-down. “Finding Freedom” One• For these and many more Thru-Twelve is a program for volunteer opportunities, people dealing with addiccontact Volunteer Campbell tions and their families for River at 287-8111 or check people dealing with some our web site www.volun- sort of brokenness in their lives. Every Friday 6:30 p.m. at the Vineyard Church, 2215 ******** Al-Anon is an anonymous Campbell River Road. It’s twelve step program for free. More info call 250-830-

1991 FORD van. $800. 1998 Travelaire 24’. Very obo. 250-923-6297, clean, no leaks. Hitch. 250-202-6279 Martina $8900. 250-287-9018 267711

1988 3/4 ton Dodge with Slumber Queen camper in good running order and condition. New fridge, 4 burner stove with oven. $3,500.00 OBO 250-287-8261 269930

Community Classifieds 8061.

******** “Make friends and explore your new city! Come to our social activities and monthly meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. The CAMPBELL RIVER WOMEN’S NEWCOMER’S CLUB meets on the first Tuesday of every month and gets together for coffee, walks, lunches and dinners and field trips throughout the month. Phone Jackee (250926-9117) or Allyn (250-9230473) or visit our website or send us an e-mail Cheers!” ******** For information on Campbell River PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbian and Gay People), please e-mail or call Ellen at 923-2907. ******** CR Pride is a GLBT Support Group. Please check out our website at or phone 250-204-2821. ******** L Chit Chat Lesbian Social/Support Group. Safe, Secure Location. Confidentiality assured. Pot lucks, Movie nights, dances. CR/Courtenay. Call 250204-2821. www.crpride. com Supported by the C.R. Women’s Centre. ******** CAT PEOPLE. Do you have an hour or less per month to help feed and care for some of our neglected felines in our community? If you wish more information please call 250-830-0965. Some food is supplied – you supply the love and care. ********* Relaxation Skills: Relaxation Program for Persons with Cancer in Their Lives and Caregivers, Tuesdays at 4:005:30 p.m. at the Hospice Society, #104-301 Dogwood Street. FREE. Funded by the BC Cancer Foundation. FMI:

Hospice Society 250-2861121 or Diane Davies 1-250338-2700. ********* TOPS #BC 4935 meets at Willow Point Lions Community Hall, on Tuesday mornings. Weigh-in is between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM with the meeting from 9:05 to 10:00 AM. ******** Toastmasters International, Where Leaders are Made. Campbell River Toastmasters offers a fun and supportive environment to develop communication and leadership skills. Come and join us on Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the Campbell River Community Centre. Guests are always welcome. For more information contact Chris 250-923-4162, ******** NEED OR WANT A BIKE? Give us a call! F.O.Eagles recovered bike program has them! Call Walter 250-2874446 or Art 250-923-6191 anytime. We also take good used for charity. Bike sales last Sunday of the month except holidays. At 900 Alder St. by the Enterprise Centre. ******** The Heart Support group meets the 4th Wed of each month, in the Campbell River Community Centre. For more information call Ken 250923-3466. ******** Overeaters Anonymous meets the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Comox Valley Nursing Centre, 615-10th Street, Courtenay beside the fire station (no meeting the first Thursday of the month. FMI call Bonnie at 250-2869781. ******** GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS. Is gambling no longer fun? Is gambling taking over your life? Is gambling taking away

so much from your life? Fridays 7-9 pm, St. Patrick’s Church, 34 S. Alder Street, Campbell River. When you’re ready, we’re here. ******** Nurture - Mothers drop-in support group for all/any mothers wishing to connect with others for fun and support. Foursquare Church (5th/ Colwyn) Mondays 11 - 1:30. Come take a load off. Join us for lunch. Preschoolers welcome. Open to all mothers. Contact Joanne for more info 250-923-8209 or 250287-7827 (Laura). ********* Are you ready for a change? Learn public speaking skills in a fun environment! Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem! DISCOVERY TOASTMASTERS Every Tuesday, from noon - 1:05 pm Room 1, Community Centre. For more information contact Marlene at 250.287.3352 during the day and 250.287.3828 after hours. ********* Bravehearts Dragon Boat Team is inviting anyone interested in paddling to come out and join us. We are looking for new members. We are an all cancer survivor and supporter co-ed team. Contact Suzanne at 250-286-0199 or Linda at 778-420-0805 for more information. ********** BNI Discovery professional marketing organization specializing in word-of-mouth referrals, meets every Wednesday 7:00 am - 8:30 am at the CR Sportsplex. 250923-0908 www.bbucabada. ca. Visitors welcome. ******** The Seventh Day Adventist Church is raising funds and equipment to address the needs of those with mobility issues, who cannot afford their own. If you have gently used equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc.

To advertise in your community newspaper call


and wish to donate, please call Betty 250-923-1426. ******** C.R. Senior Centre Open Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri 9:303:00, Tues 9:30-4:00. Everyone 55 + years of age welcome at a cost of $15 per year. Come check us out and enjoy our many activities; pool tables, yoga, crib, bridge, crafts, bingo, line dancing, ballroom dance lessons Mexican train, mall walks, beginners quilting, informative speakers, pot luck dinners plus reasonable priced lunches served daily. Closed Statutory holidays. For more info call 250-914-4401 in The Common Mall on Ironwood Rd. Check out our website ********* Drop-In meditation, every Tuesday 7PM sharp, Ocean Resort in Oyster Bay, $$donations to CV and CR food banks, 250 792-3165 APRIL 30 The APRIL-MAY Blood Clinics will be held at the Campbell River Community Hall, 40111th Avenue, Campbell River on the following dates. Please call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283) to arrange for an appointment or for further information. Drop-ins are more than welcome!! Please give the gift of life!! April 30 - 2:15 pm – 8:15 pm; May 1st - noon – 8:00 pm; May 2nd noon - 6:00. MAY 2 Thurs., May 2: Midnight Shuttles, a guild of spinners and weavers, monthly meeting at 7:30 at “the Beach House,” south of Ocean Shores Apt., 169 S. Is. Hwy. All interested welcome. Info 250 923 3889. MAY 3, 4, 5 Vancouver Island Fibre Fest Friday May 3, Saturday May 4, Sunday May 5. Campbell River Community Centre, 401-11th Avenue. For more information call 250-2861161 or email judy.ridgway@ or

MAY 5 The up and coming band 50th Parallel will help to celebrate with the Centre for Spiritual Living on Sunday, May 5th, 10 am meditation, 10:30 am celebration. All welcome. Willow Pt. Hall, 2165 S. Isl. Hwy. More info: 250 850 3064. ********* The Campbell River First Open Heart Society’s one and only ‘Walk for Hearts’ fundraiser is Sunday, May 5th. Registration starts at 1:30 PM at the Willow Point Hall with the walk along the Seawalk beginning around 2:00 PM. Prize draws, light snacks and refreshments after the walk.

MAY 6 The Campbell River Seniors’ Centre will be hosting an All Candidates Forum on Monday May 6th at 6:30 pm and is open to all residents of C.R.

MAY 8 The next meeting of the Campbell River Friendship Quilters’ Guild will be held on Wednesday, May 8th at 7:00 PM in the lounge at the Community Centre, 40111th Avenue. New members are invited to attend. Check our website at http://www. ********* The next meeting of the Campbell River Parkinson Self Help Support Group is on May 8th, 2013 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. at the Campbell River Baptist Church hall room 201. The guest speaker is from ICBC on Seniors driving. New comers are welcome, for more info please contact Pat at 250 286 1354 or Jill at 250 337 8174.

MAY 12 Island Voices Chamber Choir performs with Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir. 2 pm Sun May 12, Campbell River United Church. Tickets $15/10 at CR Visitor Centre, 250-830-0411, ext 5, Info:923-3753.






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Drop off your picks at the Courier-Islander office by 5pm, May 3rd. GRAND PRIZE: Signed Vancouver Canucks Cory Schneider jersey.

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