Orange County Real Estate Market Update - Spotlight: Huntington Beach CA by Scot Campbell

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Orange County Real Estate Market Update City Spotlight: Huntington Beach February 2020

DRE# 01235106 1720 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 101, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Let’s start with a summary of Orange County Market Conditions

According to Reports on Housing, Closed Sales activity, Demand, and the Active Listing inventory are all significantly improved from this time last year. Low mortgage rates have "turned around" the market in comparison to conditions in early 2019 months.

Mortgage Rates Drop to Lowest Level in Three Months Rates fell to the lowest level in three months and are about a quarter point above all-time lows. The very low rate environment has clearly had an impact on the housing market as both new construction and home sales have surged in response to the decline in rates, the rebound in the economy and improving financial market sentiment. At just 3.6%, 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates are now 134 basis points lower than November 2018.

Unemployment Rate Historical Trend

Orange County gains 6,200 nonfarm jobs over the month and 25,400 over the year The unemployment rate in Orange County was 2.4 percent in December 2019, down from a revised 2.5 percent in November 2019, and below the year-ago estimate of 2.7 percent. This compares with an unadjusted unemployment rate of 3.7 percent for California and 3.4 percent for the nation during the same period.

Orange County Active Listing Inventory The active listing inventory increased by 122 homes in the past two-weeks and now sits at 4,023, a 3% rise. Now that the holidays are in the past, it is time for the inventory to rise as slowly but surely more homeowners opt to place their homes on the market. The momentum will increase after the Super Bowl, picking up speed in March. More homes come on the market from March through June than any other time of the year. Last year at this time, there were 6,122 homes on the market, 2,099 more than today.

Orange County Demand Demand, the number of new pending sales over the prior month, increased from 1,434 to 1,702, an additional 268 pending sales, up 19%. Demand will continue to rise from here, peaking in late April to mid-May. The current pace of new pending sales is outstripping the increase in the active inventory, which is why the market is currently getting hotter. Last year, there were 267 fewer pending sales than today, 16% less.

Orange County Closed Sales Closes sales during most 2019 months were below the peak of previous years; however, there were 2,469 closed residential resales in December, 40% more than December 2018’s 1768 closed sales. The sales volume was on par with 2016 (the highest level of December sales in the last four years). • December marked a 10% increase compared to November 2019. • The sales to list price ratio was 97.4% for all of Orange County.

Orange County Days of Supply The Days of Supply (the time it would take to list a home today and then place it into escrow down the road) dropped from 82 days two weeks ago to 71 days today (a slight seller’s market). This is because the supply of homes increased by only 122 homes, up 3%, while demand exploded upward, adding an extra 268 pending sales, up 19%. Orange County housing market is knocking on the door of a HOT Seller’s Market (less than 60 days). Last year the Expected Market Time was at 128 days, a much slower market that favored buyers.

Orange County Days of Supply varies across price segments Everything priced below $1 million is experiencing a HOT market. It all boils down to supply and demand. Current demand is extremely strong, and the active inventory is at exceptionally anemic levels. Compared to last year, there are 34% fewer homes on the market right now, and demand (new pending sales over the prior month) is up by 19%. Moving into the highest price segments, the demand falls off somewhat, but the Days of Supply is improved in all price segments compared to last year. The luxury end, all homes above $1.25 million, accounts for 39% of the inventory and only 16% of demand.

Waiting to Buy May be Costly It is likely that interest rates and home prices will increase in Orange County in 2020 given the market conditions we are seeing today. The cost of waiting to buy can be substantial… • Consider an example where the home price today is $700,000 and mortgage rates jump from 3.75% to 4.25%. • Consider an example where the home price today is $700,000 and mortgage rates jump from 3.75% to 4.25% AND Homes Appreciate by 4% before you buy.

How is Market Trending? While the December housing market may be the slowest time of the year in terms of activity, ultimately it tees up the coming Spring Market. The New Year will start with very low inventory and decent demand. And, with rates projected to remain around 3.75% next year, the market will tilt further in favor of sellers.

Prediction: A housing warm front has arrived in Orange County, paving the way for a hot Spring Market in 2020‌ provided mortgage rates remain attractive.

City Spotlight Huntington Beach Real Estate market is gaining momentum! Huntington Beach Real Estate Sales JUMP 38.6%Year-over-year‌ Days of Supply at just 58 Days, in Seller’s Market Range

Homes Sold: In December 2019, the entire Huntington Beach market saw a total of 140 houses, townhomes, and condos sold‌ 102 detached properties were sold and 38 attached homes sold. The sales level was 5.42% higher than the five-year average for the month of December, and 38.6% higher than a year ago. Detached home sales increased 56.9% and attached home closings increased 5.6% compared to December 2018.

There was a 10 Month Sales Slump in the Huntington Beach Market, but we are now in Recovery. The sales slump persisted from June 2018 thru March 2019. We saw ten months straight of home sales volume below the five-year average. However, the slump has ended, in the last eight months, the sales volume has been higher than the five-year average in 5 of the 9 months. The December 2019 sales volume was 105.42% of the five year average.

Days of Supply Indicates the Huntington Beach Market is in a “Seller’s Market” in most price segments. On January 26th, 2020 the reading was 58 days for the entire Huntington Beach market. Days of Supply is an excellent measure of market activity as it tells us how many homes are selling relative to the number listed. In Huntington Beach, strong “Seller’s Market” conditions were observed when this measure fell into 40 to 50 day range. The weakest conditions (Buyers Market) we have seen in the last 10 years was January 2019 with a 125 day reading. “Balanced Market” conditions in the last 5 years in Huntington Beach appears to be in the 65 to 90 day range.

Huntington Beach Average Sale Price: The average price of detached homes sold in December 2019 was $1,132,078 an increase of 3.7% compared to December 2018. For attached homes the average price was $674,181 a decrease of 8.3% from the same period last year‌ but up from $613,938 last month. Price Disclaimer: It should be noted that an increase in average price and average price per square foot of sold homes does not 100% correlate with appreciation of all homes. If buyers just happen to be focusing their purchase on luxury homes, it is possible to have an increase in the average price of sold homes while appreciation is flat. The same is true on the downside if buyers chose to buy mostly “fixer homesâ€? in a particular month. The best way to value an individual home is by comparing it to similar homes recently sold in the same neighborhood.

Price per Sqaure Foot: The December 2019 Average Price per Square Foot ($PSF) for the entire market was $524. This was unchanged from last month, but up slightly 0.8% from last year. Detached homes were at $531, an increase of 0.6%, and Attached homes were at $495, a decrease of 1.0% compared to the same period last year.

Price per Square Foot Disclaimer: It should be noted that an increase in average price and average price per square foot of sold homes does not 100% correlate with appreciation of all homes. If buyers just happen to be focusing their purchase on luxury homes, it is possible to have an increase in the average price of sold homes while appreciation is flat. The same is true on the downside if buyers chose to buy mostly “fixer homes� in a particular month. The best way to value an individual home is by comparing it to similar homes recently sold in the same neighborhood.

Average Days on Market until Under Contract: The average days on market for December 2019 was 38. This measure reflects many homes selling rapidly after coming onto the market‌ the buyers are ready and waiting for new inventory. Since many of the homes which had been on the market since the summer months sold during the fall and holiday markets, most of the homes on the market now have not been listed for more than a few weeks.

Huntington Beach Market Insights & Trends: The Fall market outperformed the 2019 Summer Market: June, July, & August sales were 148, 156, & 163 respectively. September saw 174 closings and October had 168. November was a respectable 135, and December was 140 (105% of the five-year average). With Days of Supply now hovering in the “Seller’s Market” level, it can be said that the Huntington Beach Real Estate Market is strong. It is a good time to sell a home. With mortgage rates within ¼ percent of all-time lows, now is also a great time to buy a Huntington Beach home. Thousands of dollars can be saved during the life of the loan, and buyers can qualify for a nicer home while the rates remain low.

Higher mortgage rates are the biggest threat to the strength of the real estate market; however, the rates are projected to be stable as we move through the year. Orange County gained 6,200 nonfarm jobs over the last month and 25,400 over the year. The unemployment rate in Orange County was 2.4 percent in December 2019, down from a revised 2.5 percent in November 2019, and below the year-ago estimate of 2.7 percent. Wage growth has also been increasing as would be expected in an economy of low unemployment. At the present time, household income supports a stable real estate market in 2020. It appears 2020 is going to be a favorable time to transact real estate for both buyers and sellers‌ provided mortgage rates remain low.

If we sell our house, we can move closer to the grandkids

Let’s do it!

Have you had Thoughts of Selling your home? We have pre-qualified buyers looking for Huntington Beach homes! Below are the "wants" of real people who are ready to buy… I asked each of them to summarize what they want to purchase.

If you have thought about selling, and your property matches up to one of our buyers, contact me so we can talk about your future plans. We are looking for: a house in one of the areas of Seacliff or Edwards Hill which is approximately 4,000+ square feet, large lot (10,000+ sqft), 3 (or more) garage spaces, pool is a plus. Price range: $3,000,000 +/- depending on condition. Please help me find: an on-water home in Huntington Harbour with 60+ foot boat dock, 4000+ square feet of living area, pool would be nice, big garage is a plus, already remodeled is a plus. Price: $3.25 to $4 million. Need seller to give me time to sell my home… contingent offer.

We are looking for: a townhouse in Huntington Harbour, Seacliff, Brightwater , or Surfcrest with attached garage (bigger the better). Preferably with a view. At least 1,600+ square feet. Price range: $900,000-$1,250,000 depending on condition. Please watch for us, we want: A Brightwater or Summerlane home with a downstairs bedroom & full bath. Our price range is $1 to $1.25 million. We need to sell our home to buy, so need someone who does not mind the sale of our home contingency. Here is what I want to buy: An offwater house in Huntington Harbour. At least 2,300 square feet with good location. Pool is a plus. 3 car garage is a plus. Do not want a major fixer. Price range: $1.2 to $1.65 million.

I am looking for: Double Lot properties in Downtown Huntington Beach that are tear downs. I like both the numbered streets and the old towne (city & state streets). I can be very flexible on the close date, I will cooperate with 1031 exchanges, and I will buy all cash in 100% "as-is" condition. Please look for me, I want: Land in Orange County that is suitable to build apartments. I have been building custom homes for years, and I want to just build and keep some apartments now. We are looking for: Fixer homes that are in very rough condition. I am a general contractor and I want to buy homes which need a lot of work, fix up, and resell for a profit. I will buy in any condition, as-is. Very flexible on close date.

Scot Campbell Broker / Global Luxury Specialist / 714.336.0394 Cell / Text

I am ready to sell & move into a single story.

“I need to buy a house closer to work!�

Buyers walk into our Oceanfront Office on Pacific Coast Hwy & 18th Street in Huntington Beach every day, so we have many others looking to purchase! My husband and I want to buy: a Downtown long and skinny between 6th and 18th St. The home must be a detached SFR w a min 3 bed and 2 baths. Under 2,000 sq.ft. & detached garage OK. Price range: up to $1.275. Our family is looking for: Anything downtown under $850K. We know it will be a total fixer, but I am handy and I have helpers. We need 3 bedrooms. I am looking for: Anything downtown but NOT a long and skinny. I need a minimum three car garage and can go up to $1.75mm. I want something with 'character'. The park area is ideal. We are looking for: A detached home in Huntington Beach or Fountain Valley for about $860,000. 3+ bed. 2 story. Open floor plan. Pool preferred.

We would like to buy: A Condo with Ocean or Bay View, preferably with a dock. We like the 'Simple Green' condos on Mariner Drive. Pre-Qualified to buy up to: $1.2 million We are hoping to find: An Income Property, a duplex or condo with a separate entrance. It must have view or dock. Price range around $1.2 million. I want to buy: a newer build house in Downtown HB, open floor plan, 3 (or more) bedrooms, 3 (or more) baths, 2car garage, price range up to $1,700,000. We are looking for: an already updated home in Downtown or Old Town HB, prefer open floor plan but will consider other layouts, 3 or more bedrooms, 3 (or more) baths, 2-car garage.

We want to buy: either a townhouse or single family home with boat dock in Huntington Harbour, 3 bedrooms is fine, 2+ baths, at least 2000 sq ft, garage is necessary, not looking for a fixer, price up to $2,000,000. Help Please! My husband and I really want to buy: a detached home on the water in Huntington Harbour, but we can only spend upto $2 million MAX for Proposition 60 Tax Transfer reasons. I know that means the house will be a "fixer", but we are willing to buy AS-IS and work with the seller on terms provided we do not exceed $2 million sale price. / / DRE #00943759

16412 Ardsley, Humboldt Island, Huntington Harbour | ON MARKET | $4,200,000 Rebuilt Luxury Waterfront Home with 97 feet of frontage on beautiful Christiana Bay in Huntington Harbour! Plenty of room on the 85 foot dock for your yacht, Duffy, skiff, kayaks, sabot, & paddle boards‌ enjoy gorgeous views from the amazing waterfront sunroom where you can watch friends & family sail & paddle the nice calm water of the bay. And, during the holidays, your fortunate guests will have a front row seat of the boat parade! No details were overlooked in the construction of this amazing contemporary home in 2011. Sound system, surveillance system, smart home features, gourmet island kitchen, climate controlled wine room, office with bay view, side-by-side aquariums, luxury quality finishes, and so much more! 4 Bedrooms + Office, 3.5 Baths | 4000+ ASqFt | 97 Feet on Water | 85 Foot Dock | 3 Car Garage

17011 Malta Circle, Huntington Harbour, CA | $1,399,900 | ON MARKET Beautifully Remodeled Contemporary Home on a quiet cul-de-sac street in the Mainland area of Huntington Harbour. This spacious two story home is stunning, it was completely and stylishly remodeled throughout in 2016. Current owners have done an additional $40,000 in recent upgrades‌ completely move-in-ready! The foyer opens to formal dining & living room with high ceilings and fireplace. The large island kitchen is open to family room with separate eating area & views of large, private, sunny (pool size) backyard. The large Island Kitchen has new shaker style cabinets & Carrera marble style quartz countertops, 36" stove top w/downdraft vent attachment, large pantry, & professional quality Kitchen Aid appliances. The Master bedroom has been redesigned with a new barn door entering the bathroom, new shower and Kohler double sinks and mirrored closet doors. All bath fixtures are Kohler. Large driveway is perfect for for loading up an RV or Boat for trips! A Must See Home!

4 Bedrooms | 2.5 Baths | 2535 ASqFt | 2 Car Attached Garage | Large Back Yard

805 Alabama Avenue: $1,999,900

807 Alabama Avenue: $1,975,900

Just Completed Model Match New Homes! Luxury Quality 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath Contemporary homes loaded with upgrades including: Professional appliances, modern fixtures, hardwood flooring, wired for cameras & multizone music, A/C, two laundry rooms, built-in spa & firepit, attached 2 car garage, & 2 car driveway! The bottom level is Open Concept with Living, Dining, Kitchen, Powder room, & Family rooms in a great room configuration. The middle level features 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Gallery, Game Room, & Laundry room with wide hallways and a spacious deck. The top floor is dedicated to the luxurious Master Suite which features a sundeck, separate vanities, luxury shower, free standing tub, stacked laundry area, and two, yes two, walk-in closets. The buyer of these homes will enjoy sunset walks on the beach, world class surfing, bike rides, fine dining, and nearby entertainment‌ the enviable location in Downtown Huntington Beach is just a short stroll to world-famous beaches, shops, restaurants, schools, and the new Pacific City Development!

805 & 807 Alabama Street

NEW HOME | 623 13th Street, Huntington Beach | IN ESCROW | $2,195,000 Beautiful Modern Farmhouse architecture‌ Ideal for an owner who wants to be "refreshed" everyday by a res idence with clean lines and lots of natural light. Exquisite Open 2,900 square foot floor plan has modern inspired architectural concepts, and is finished with wood siding and white smooth stucco. It features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, spacious landscaped front patio, and the latest efficient new home technologies. First floor great room has massive gourmet island kitchen open to the living and dining areas, mud room & two car garage. Amazing 2nd Floor Master Suite with 11' X 11' walk-in closet & Luxury Master Bath, 2nd Level laundry, 2nd Level Jack/Jill Bedrooms, and 3rd floor Bonus/Family Room with full bath, Covered Indoor/Outdoor living space + Sundeck. 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths | 2,900 ASqFt | 6 Blocks to Beach | 2 Car Garage Text 62313th to (714) 874-8161 for Additional Info & Photographs




623 13th Street Huntington Beach, CA

All measurements are approximate. While deemed reliable, no information on these floor plans should be relied upon without independent verification.

NEW HOME | 625 13th Street, Huntington Beach | JUST LISTED | $2,195,000 Custom Coastal Contemporary home! Exquisite Open Concept 2,900 square foot floor plan has modern inspired architectural concepts, natural wood siding, and smooth stucco. It features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, spacious landscaped front patio, and the latest efficient new home technologies. First floor great room has soaring two story ceilings and a massive gourmet island kitchen open to the living and dining areas, and attached two car garage. The Middle level features: family room, laundry room, and two in-suite bedrooms. The 3rd floor is dedicated to a luxury master suite with retreat, sundeck, walk-in closet, and a spacious bathroom. Ideal for an owner who wants to be "refreshed" everyday by a unique residence with clean lines and lots of natural light. 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths | 2,900 ASqFt | 6 Blocks to Beach | 2 Car Garage Text 62513th to (714) 874-8161 for Additional Info & Photographs




625 13th Street Huntington Beach, CA

All measurements are approximate. While deemed reliable, no information on these floor plans should be relied upon without independent verification.

510 1st AVE # 1305, San Diego 92101 | $850,000 | ON MARKET Welcome to Horizons, the best location in the Marina District. This beautiful remodeled condo offers pristine views of the San Diego Bay, Pacific Ocean, Point Loma and the Coronado Islands. Walk across the street to the grocery store, or a couple short blocks to the Gas Lamp. The entrance flows into a generous living and kitchen area, with a fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. The patio is ample enough for a table and chairs with outstanding west facing views featuring everything from Coronado Island to the north end of Point Loma. The kitchen hosts a 5 burner cook-top with matching Jenn Aire convection oven, microwave and dishwasher. The kitchen has newer cabinets, a trash compactor, marble floors and a new tile back splash. The bedroom closets have tasteful mirrored doors. The condo association offers a large gym, a resort style pool area, multiple lobbies, two guest party rooms, and a conference room. Two designated parking spaces are assigned in the secure garage, as well as a generous storage space.

2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,156 ASqFt

16872 Clovergreen Lane, Huntington Beach | $1,125,000 | ON MARKET Welcome home to "SummerLane", one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Huntington Beach. This corner lot Ashbury Home has a quiet interior lot location and is beautifully upgraded. As you enter the home you are greeted byan open concept living room & dining areas. The beautiful island kitchen features professional quality stainless steelViking Range/Oven and matching stainless appliances… it is open to a casual breakfast nook & family room with fireplace. Just outside the a sliding door is a professionally landscaped backyard, it offers: built-in stainless BBQ, covered dining area, and gas firepit area with speakers… perfect for entertaining family & friends. Upstairs is the laundry room and 3 Bedrooms + Office (could be a bedroom). The luxurious master suite has double sinks, separate tub/shower and walk-in closet! Other features & upgrades include: double pane windows, hardwood floors, and energy efficient central forced air heating, A/C, and more! The SummerLane community offers clubhouse, pool, parks and scenic walkways… and it is just a short stroll to shopping, restaurants, & services.

3 Bedrooms + Office | 2.5 Baths | 2003 ASqFt | 2 Car Attached Garage | Entertainer's Back Yard

3446 Windspun Drive, Huntington Harbour | $1,310,000 | ON MARKET Here is the Highly Upgraded Deepwater Seagate “Davenport Model” townhouse you have been waiting for! Yes, it is on Windspun Drive, so it has a front row seat for the Boat Parade, and it is the channel closest to the breakwater (if you like to get out to open water quickly). The location could not be any better! It has ample guest parking + private 2 car garage, and is near the playground, sport court, tennis courts, clubhouse, and swimming pool! There is a large waterfront patio with direct access to your boat dock! Boats in the 40 foot (LOA) range in the boat slips on this row… come try your yacht in the slip! The Davenport Model features a downstairs bedroom + full bath, and the kitchen looks out over the dining & living rooms with views of the water and expansive rear patio… an excellent place to watch the boats & paddle boarders go by! Upstairs there is a large 2nd Bedroom, laundry area, and the master bedroom facing the water (lay in bed & look toward the sunset). The entire unit has been tastefully remodeled… it is a must see!

3 Bedrooms | 2.75 Baths | 1890 ASqFt | Boat Dock | Entertainer's Back Patio

526 10th Street, Huntington Beach | IN ESCROW Enjoy sunset walks on the beach, world class surfing, bike rides, fine dining, and entertainment‌ this enviably located home is "close, but not too close" to world-famous beaches, shops, restaurants, schools, & the new Pacific City Development! Custom-built by "Goodman Development" and subsequently enhanced to include a variety of high-end features & finishes. A tranquil & private front courtyard leads to a magnificent front door. Inside, the formal living room has access to the front patio via double French doors, and the adjacent dining area is ideal for dinner parties & family gatherings. The stunning gourmet kitchen includes custom cabinetry, large island, walk-in pantry, fireplace, & nearly new professional-grade appliances by Viking. Complete with a Firemagic BBQ & cooktop in the patio area, the downstairs area of this home is perfectly suited for entertaining guests. Upstairs is a family room with fireplace, two story ceilings, & built-in cabinets, flatscreen TV, & surround sound speakers. The 2nd level also features a powder room, Jack/Jill bedrooms, and a sumptuous master suite with its own balcony, walk-in closet, and separate shower & spa tub. The 3rd level is a versatile space, it features its own full bath in addition to a deck and living area which can be an office, bonus room, or guest bedroom. 3 Bedrooms + 3rd Floor Bonus Room | 3 Full Baths 2 Powder Rooms | 2,875 Asq.ft. | $1,699,900

6150 E Bay Shore, Long Beach, CA | $724,900 | ON MARKET Don't miss this Alamitos Bay Waterfront condominium located directly on the sand with stunning views of the bay, steps to the beach and marina. Enjoy all The Peninsula has to offer including swimming, stand up-paddle boarding, boating, kayaking, concerts in the park, and all the luxuries of Belmont Shore's shopping and dining. This single story, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home boasts an open layout, upgraded kitchen with granite countertops, master en suite, bamboo flooring, new windows and slider door, interior laundry and spacious bedrooms. Gated parking with one reserved space and locked storage cabinet.

2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 961 ASqFt

1174 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA | $799,888 | ON MARKET Beachfront Luxury living at its finest! RARE unit located within a private gated community featuring direct Beach Access just steps to the sand and beautiful panoramic views of the Ocean, Catalina, Coastline, Marina, Queen Mary and spectacular sunsets! Designed by Jeff Lewis, the star of Bravo TV's hit show "Flipping Out", this fully remodeled beach front home is sure to impress. Located in the highly sought after 19 Unit Mid-Century, "SEACREST" complex. You must step inside to see the magic of this newly remodeled interior, meticulously done with Jeff Lewis Design products, including his fabulous Marble tile line which was extensively used in the bathroom and kitchen and is a stunning visual finish! The flooring has been done in a gorgeous ash wood finish completing the modern coastal look of the home. Also features all new dual pane windows and expanded dual pane sliders leading onto your oversized private balcony to maximize the indoor/outdoor livability.

2 Bedrooms | 1 Baths | 1,018 ASqFt | Oceanfront Property

16701 Peale Lane, Huntington Beach, CA | $2,499,000 | IN ESCROW A phenomenal, sheltered Gilbert Island location with easy access to the main channel, and out to sea. This stunning single story, waterfront home features 50ft. of water frontage with a 45ft. boat dock. Flooded with natural light, this home allows you to soak up the salty breeze, sunshine and harbor views from nearly every room. It offers an open floor plan with sliding glass doors allowing for classic indoor/outdoor California living. Master en suite with large soaking bathtub. Enjoy the outdoor patio complete with outdoor kitchen island, gas fire pit, newly refinished infinity hot tub and plenty of space to entertain year round. Close to award winning schools, shopping, and dining, including world famous Captain Jack's restaurant just a short boat ride away. Live here and enjoy all that the waterfront lifestyle has to offer.

3 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,499 ASqFt | 5,000 SqFt Lot | 2 Car Garage | 45ft Boat Dock

16791 Baruna Lane, Huntington Harbour, CA | CLOSED | $1,750,000 This Phenomenal Davenport Island estate is situated on an approximately 9200* square foot, sweeping, beautifully landscaped corner lot; one of the largest off-water lots in Huntington Harbour. The 3400* square foot home itself, features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, separate formal dining room, family room, and a large gourmet kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and custom cabinets. The floorplan layout surrounds a gorgeous, sparkling pool and spa. The large, oversized rear lot area has plenty of extra space for the children, outdoor entertaining, cooking, or gardening. Also featured is an inside laundry room and a 2-car attached garage. Just a few doors away is the Davenport Island Park area. Nearby, are schools, the Huntington Harbor Mall with great restaurants, specialty shops, and a Trader Joes. Access to the beach and open ocean is conveniently close. Enjoy the lifestyle and all that the Harbour area has to offer.

5 Bdrms | 4 Ba | 3,404 SqFt | 9,200 SqFt Lot | $1,779,000 ~ Footage is as per county records. Buyer to verify.*

414 9th Street, Huntington Beach, CA | CLOSED | $2,225,000 New Construction, just completed: 414 9th Street is a Contemporary Open Concept 2,875 square foot floor plan with modern inspired architectural concepts. It features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, spacious landscaped front patio, attached two car garage, the latest efficient new home technologies, and luxury quality finishes. First floor great room with massive gourmet island kitchen open to the living and dining areas. The 2nd Floor has Jack/Jill Bedrooms, Master Suite with 11' X 11' walk-in closet & Luxury Master Bath, and laundry room. The 3rd floor Bonus/Family Room has a Full Bath, Beverage Center, Covered Indoor/Outdoor living space + sundeck. Upgrades include: Central heating & air, tankless water heater, modern design fencing - concrete patio - firepit, designer metal gates, recessed lighting, Restoration Hardware chandeliers & pendants, European style/modern wood grain kitchen cabinetry with birch drawer boxes & soft close hardware/rollout trays, marble countertops, Premium windows, Bi-fold patio doors, JennAir: 48 inch range, 48 inch custom panel Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Under counter Wine Cooler, and Drawer style Microwave. Just a short stroll to the beach, parks, schools, Main Street, Pier & Pacific City!

3 Bedrooms + Bonus Room | 3.5 Baths | 2,875 ASqFt | 2 Car Attached Garage | Great Location

707 13th Street, Downtown Huntington Beach | CLOSED | $2,625,000 Magnificent Mediterranean Estate on oversize lot in the "Park Area" of Downtown Huntington Beach! Located just six blocks to the beach and a short stroll to schools, parks, Main Street Village, Doggie Beach, & the new Pacific City Development. Breathtaking Architectural Design with Lush Landscaped Tropical Gardens, Fountains, Sunny Courtyard, & Sky Lit Atrium. Unique Open Floorplan Features Sun Filled Spaces and the feel of an elegant, yet casual resort! Most Importantly, it has all the functional spaces you are looking for to entertain and really enjoy beach living: Formal Living & Dining Rooms, Gourmet Island Kitchen, Casual Dining Nook, Large Family Room with Bar, Downstairs Office (could be a bedroom), laundry room, and wine cellar (downstairs powder room could be expanded into a ž bath). Upstairs features: a luxury master suite with balcony, fireplace, separate tub & walk-in shower... 2 additional bedrooms & 2 full baths, Plus Office (could be bedroom). The Atrium is an ideal space to easily add an elevator! The 3 car garage is enormous... walls of cabinets, epoxy floor, & a full bath! RV parking space (9.5' X 25') adjacent to garage.

4 Bedrooms + Office, | 4.5 Baths | Oversize 3 Car Garage + RV Space | 4,320 ASqFt | 6,325 ASqFt Lot

16846 Bayview Drive, Sunset Beach, CA | CLOSED $1,960,000 This waterfront home on Sunset Island in Huntington Beach is a modern masterpiece with design elements and luxury finishes (Subzero & Wolf appliances, Hansgrohe Axor fixtures, & more) which will delight buyers looking for a contemporary home with clean lines. It is Located on the water with a private boat dock, yet it is just a two block stroll to the soft & uncrowded sands of Sunset Beach. Entering the home, you are drawn into the downstairs family room with flat screen TV & built-in island bar. The bi-fold doors open to a sunny waterfront patio with gangway access to a private boat dock… The 2nd level features a gourmet island kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, and laundry room. The 3rd floor is the luxury master suite with separate retreat & office areas… finally there is an enormous 4th floor rooftop deck with panoramic views! The home features attention to detail and luxury finishes throughout… it must be seen to be appreciated. Sunset Beach is a stretch of golden sand located north of Warner Avenue & south of Surfside Colony. The sand and surf are uncrowded… almost like a private beach! The area is known for its Annual Art Festival, eclectic architecture from “cottages & sand castles” to custom contemporary homes. An active community, many waterfront Sunset Island residents enjoy kayaking & paddle boarding as much as surfing and evening strolls on the sand and Duffy boat cruses. For fishermen & boaters, Catalina is just 24 miles across the sea!

Waterfront Home | 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths | 2,912 ASqFt | Boat Dock | 2 Car Attached Garage + 2 Spaces

1206 Pine Street, Downtown Huntington Beach | $2,899,900 | CLOSED NEW CONSTRUCTION: Contemporary Barn House with gorgeous upgrades & finishes! This beautifully crafted luxury quality residence in the "Park Area" of Downtown Huntington Beach is being meticulously constructed by an artisan builder and is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own. Features and upgrades seldom seen... From the Zen Master Bath, to the amazing 4 car garage with soaring ceilings, Chihuly inspired chandelier, floating 3-sided fireplace, gourmet chef’s kitchen with professional appliances, underlit blue jewel gemstone island countertop, climate controlled 260 bottle wine room with backlit quartzite wall, pool sized backyard with bi-folding La Cantina doors, custom vortex fountain and much more...

4 Bedrooms plus Retreat , Office, 5 Baths | 4 Car Garage | 4,000 ASqFt

16231 Santa Barbara Lane, Huntington Harbour, CA | $3,075,000 | CLOSED Come experience this Amazing Waterfront Home in Guard Gated Fair Marin/Harbor Coves, it was enlarged & rebuilt in 2011 and looks like brand new! Entering, you are greeted by a Grand Foyer with high ceilings & gorgeous staircase... then you are drawn into the spacious & open living room & formal dining areas. Two steps down and you are now into the comfortable family room which is open to a gourmet island kitchen with professional quality appliances & nook table. Also downstairs is a private office & bedroom with full bath. Upstairs is a library, 3 en-suite bedrooms, and a full width waterview master suite featuring "dream" walk-in closet, retreat area, terrace, & luxury master bath including separate tub/shower, dual sinks, & vanity. The 3 car garage has direct access into the home and the driveway will easily hold 4 cars. This home has the backyard orientation you are looking for... lots of sun in the afternoon and enjoyable sunsets in the evening. There is more... this is one of the most unique waterfront homes in Huntington Harbour! At lower tides, there is a beach at the base of the seawall, and the "L" shaped patio features an award winning infinity edge pool & spa! The 36 foot side tie boat dock will hold larger boat... room to park a Duffy boat on the end cap, and even a skiff on the inside of the dock! This is a house you want to see at night... The down lighting under patio deck, pool/spa lighting, & Fire pot fountains are truly something special to see!

5 Bedrooms | 5 Baths | Office | 3 Car Garage | 4,078 ASqFt | Pool & Spa | Boat Dock

16112 Whitecap Lane (Faire Marin), Huntington Harbour, CA | $1,600,000 | CLOSED This Gorgeous Home is located in 24 Hour Guard Gated Community of Faire Marin. Grand Entry with soaring ceilings, Formal Living Room with Fireplace, Formal Dining Room with Wet bar/Wine cooler. Spacious Master Bedroom with Fireplace. Travertine Flooring, Vaulted Ceilings, Custom staircase railing, Hardwood Floors, Beautiful Granite Island Kitchen with stainless appliances, Central Air Conditioning, and Low Maintenance Back Yard. Award winning Harbor View Elementary, Public Tennis Courts, Playground, Habour Mall, and Humboldt Beach are all close by!

4 Bedrooms or 3 Bedrooms + Office | 3.5 Baths | 3,500 ASqFt | 2 Car Garage | Off Water ~ Interior Tract

Buildable Home Site For Sale: 3904 River Avenue, Newport Beach, CA | IN ESCROW | $2,350,000 The property is located along the waterfront in an area known as the Balboa Peninsula. The site is occupied by 1,782 square foot single family dwelling built in 1945 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, & 2 car garage. The lot is 28.57 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The site fronts River Avenue and backs to the Rivo Alto Waterway which is 100 feet across. The site appears to be developable for a 3-story single family residence of approximately 2,900 square feet, with boat dock, waterfront patio, 2 car garage, and rooftop living space. Sales comparables & active listings in the area support a sale price of $5,000,000 to $5,500,000 depending on the size, design merits, and finish quality of the New Structure. The seller has Preliminary Architectural Plans, Drainage & Grading plan, Landscaping Plan, Coastal Hazard Analysis Report, and Sea Wall Report.

3 Bdrms, 2 Baths | 2 Car Garage | 1,782 ASqFt | Lot is 28.57 feet wide and 100 feet deep

5801 Seashore Drive Newport Beach | CLOSED | $6,250,000 Here is the Oceanfront Home "on the sand" you have been dreaming about Plus a "Guest House" for your friends and family! This beach house was custom built to "make memories that can be treasured for a lifetime". A legal duplex, it was remodeled down to the studs in 2006, and then "refreshed" in 2019… so it is ready to enjoy now! Arguably the best location in West Newport… consider these attributes: Corner Lot, no houses behind, large patio on the sand (no walkway in front), just a few steps from public racquet ball & tennis courts, playground, and parking lot (free after 6pm)! The front house features an open concept 1st floor with kitchen, dining area, & living room, which flow out onto the front patio… with a built-in BBQ, Bar, firepit, & outdoor shower. There is also a full bath (with direct exterior access) so you can wash off the sand & salt after a day at the beach. The 2nd level has an ocean view family/game room, laundry room, luxury master suite, plus 2 additional bedrooms & baths. A spiral staircase from the second level balcony leads up to a 3rd floor sundeck… the ideal spot to watch surfers, 4th of July Fireworks, or evening sunsets. The guest house has a separate entrance and features an open concept kitchen/living/dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, & stacked washer/dryer. The two car garage has direct access into the front home, and there are two additional covered parking spaces. Luxury upgrades throughout...this bucket list property is a "must see". Main House: 3 Bedrooms ~ 4 Baths | Guest: 2 Bedrooms ~ 2 Baths | Rooftop Deck | 2 Car Garage + 2 Covered Spaces

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