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Council approves purchase of tasers for PD By CARMEN ENSINGER Scott County Times Winchester City Council unanimously approved the purchase of four tasers for the city’s police officers at the June 6 council meeting. Winchester Police Chief George Lindsey pointed out the need for the alternative to physical contact to deflect a dangerous situation. “Several events have occurred lately that have proven we are in dire need of tasers,” he said. “I brought it

up before a different council and at that time they were concerned about liability. Well, we need to be concerned about the liability of not having them. We have officers who have physically sustained an injury trying to subdue an individual.” Lindsey said he called Workman’s Comp and if the city buys two, they will buy the other two. “That right there should tell you something – if they are willing to match our purchase then I would say that is send-

ing out a pretty strong message,” Lindsey said. “These things keep us from having to have physical confrontations.” Lindsey said the statistics provided show that officer injuries went down 60 percent in departments which had tasers and suspect injuries went down 40 percent. Individual cost of the tasers is around $1,500 each but with Workman’s Comp matching the city’s purchase, the total expenditure, which would come out of the police fund, would be around $3,000.

Training would be provided free of charge by Police Chief Terry Gross of Carrollton. All of the officers, except Lindsey, are already certified. “We are the only department in the area who still doesn’t have tasers in their arsenal,” Lindsey said, “I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t think we really needed them.” Mayor Rex McIntire said he had a meeting with representatives from Ameren recently regarding the city’s Christmas decorations. Last year the city entered into an

agreement with a company that comes in and installs Christmas decorations on the light poles and then comes back after the season is over and takes them down. “They no longer want people hooking up to existing lines for Christmas decorations,” he said. “They said that will no longer be allowed, but I did find out that they would furnish, install and maintain decorative lighting which will be a substantial savings to the city.” (See, TASERS, A2)

Civic Group updates council By CARMEN ENSINGER Scott County Times Winchester Civic Group President Chuck Frost updated the city council at the June 6 meeting as to the progress of the group, noting that participation in the group has greatly improved over the winter months which saw a decline in participation. “We want to thank the city council for their participation and their financial support of the Mapping Program earlier this year,” Frost said. “From this five week program, three committees were formed to address the needs of the community.” These committees include one for the retail and dining sector of the community, one for outdoor recreation and one for entrepreneurship and small business retention. “At last month’s meeting, the Civic Group increased its Board of Directors from 5 to 8 members to include the chairperson from each of these three committees,” Frost said. “One thing that came out of the mapping session was a successful Cash Mob at Dorsey’s Hardware. There were 35 people who met up at the Outreach Center who then went down to Dorsey’s Hardware to spend at least $20. I guess you could say that it was the first ‘legal’ mob action in Winchester’s history.” The group is currently in the process of developing a logo for the Civic Group. “We pretty much have the logo designed but we don’t have a color picked out yet,” Frost said. “The main focus will be for people to shop local. This logo will go on

“One thing that came out of the mapping session was a successful Cash Mob at Dorsey’s Hardware. There were 35 people who met up at the Outreach Center who then went down to Dorsey’s Hardware to spend at least $20. I guess you could say that it was the first ‘legal’ mob action in Winchester’s history.”

Chuck Frost Winchester Civic Group President T-shirts, stickers that will be displayed in businesses and maybe even on bumpers.” Frost said the Civic Group would like to use the city’s website and calendar as the group’s website and calendar. “Also, we would like to see the tabs expanded to include the Civic Group with its own tab on the city’s website,” he said. “We would be willing to offer some monies to help with that so we don’t have to create our own page.” (See, UPDATE, A3)

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Scott County Courthouse getting fresh coat of paint

Workers from C and C Masonry work at removing the peeling paint Monday on the Scott County Courthouse in Winchester preparing it for a fresh coat of paint.

WWII veteran donates medals, uniform to Old School Museum

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Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

World War II Veteran Bob Freesen, Jr. stands next to the uniform he wore during his two years in World War II. Freesen also donated replicas of his four medals he received for his heroic actions, including a Purple Heart along with a detailed history of his time during the war.

By CARMEN ENSINGER Scott County Times Winchester’s Old School Museum received a priceless donation from World War II Veteran Bob Freesen, Jr. Freesen donated the uniform he wore during World War II along with several medals and a detailed history of his two years in the Army. Freesen was born on Sept. 2, 1925 and lived on his family’s farm south of Bluffs. He attended elementary school in Campbell Hollow, a one-room schoolhouse near Oxville, and graduated from Bluff’s High School. Freesen remembers those days almost like they were yesterday. “I took two years of typing and a bunch of us guys were good enough at typing that the teacher had us type up draft papers for the draftees,” he said. “The first thing


in the

you know, I was a draftee myself. In those days, all the boys when they turned 18 were required to register for the draft.” The year was 1944 and Freesen was shipped to Sheridan for his induction, followed by Camp Stewart in Georgia for basic training in aircraft detection. “But they also found out that I was good at typing so they sent me to clerk typist school down there,” Freesen said. “My dad was very happy about that because he thought if I was a clerk typist I wouldn’t have to go fight in the war.” After that, he was sent to Fort Bliss in Texas for more aircraft detection training. “Basically, we would listen for planes and we could identify all kinds of planes in those days,” Freesen said. “When basic training was over, I was sent to Virginia


kicks off

Beach to be assigned to watch for enemy planes coming on the east coast.” He wasn’t there very long until things started heating up in Europe. “I was transferred from aircraft detection to infantry and received more basic training – this time in infantry training as a rifleman,” Freesen said. “When I finished that training it was the end of the year, so I was allowed to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my parents before I was told to report to duty in New York.” Freesen boarded the Queen Elizabeth and started his long journey to Europe. “They had to go into Glasgow, Scotland in order to have deep enough water for that big of a ship,” Freesen said. “They docked, I got off and was shuffled to a troop train that took us down (See, MUSEUM, , A2)

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

A huge crowd gathered Thursday evening on the Winchester Square for the first Music in the Park of the summer featuring the band Tapestry. Each week a different band and musical style will be presented free of charge, with the Odd Fellows providing something to eat for those who might want to grab supper before attending the concert.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

TNR program seeking recognition by Winchester City Council

By CARMEN ENSIGER Scott County Times. Members and organizers of the Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program being started in Winchester called Winchester’s Wild Cats, were in attendance at the June 6 City Council meeting to ask the council to recognize the group and its efforts to control the stray and feral cat population in Winchester. Becky Lashmett, founder of Scott County Dog Rescue, addressed the council on behalf of the group. “We want to try to control the cat population, and what we want to do is to let people know what a TNR program does,” Lashmett said. “People need to take care of their own cats, and the city needs to notify people that there is a leash law and their cats need to remain on their own property.” If they are owned cats, the responsibility for those cats falls onto the owners, however there are many cats, who have no owners, either born feral or dumped. These cats become what are called community cats. “What we would like to do, if you recognize this group as feral caretakers is trap these cats, get them fixed at the Animal Protection League in Springfield, and then return them to where we got them from,” Lashmett said. “We have our own traps and the APL will not only fix them, but vaccinate them as well as tip their ears so we will know they have been altered.” The cost to get the cat altered and vaccinated at the APL will cost $25 per cat. “It is an alternative to euthanasia, which is costly and not popular at all,” Lashmett said. “We already have enough pledged to fix 20 cats.” Lashmett said the idea would be to find someone who works in Springfield, who could drop the cats off in the morning for a small

stipend, and then volunteers could make the trip up the next morning to bring them back. “Also, we would like to keep a registry of people wanting barn cats who can call city hall if they would like some after they are fixed,” Lashmett said. “You don’t want to eliminate the cats within the city, because then we would be overrun with rodents. I think it is the most viable option we have as a community for the cats.” Because they did not get on the agenda, the council could not officially recognize the group, but they will be on the agenda for next month. Once they are officially recognized by the council, they are covered by what are known as the Good Samaritan Laws. Winchester Mayor Rex McIntire donated $50 to the group, which will fix two more cats, bringing up the numbers of cats that can be fixed to 22. For anyone wishing to make a donation to help with the TNR program, members of the group will be set up each Thursday evening during the Music in the Park. They even have their own “mascot” a tiny fourweek old kitten named Grayson that was found in the backyard of a residence in Winchester abandoned by its mother, still in its sack. “This is what we are trying to prevent with this program,” Winchester Wild Cat’s organizer Troy Eddinger said. “This poor little guy was probably delivered by a mother that was probably not even six months old, and didn’t know what was happening to her. She went into labor, got scared at what was happening to her and ran off. We have no idea what happened or even if there were more, but this little guy got lucky that the owner of the home heard his cries for help.”


Winchester VFW will host a cookout June 16 behind Scotties filling station in Winchester beginning at 10 a.m. On

the menu, pork chops, 1/4 pound hot dogs and brats. Proceeds benefit the scholarship program.


Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

Katherine Howard, owner of Massage on the Square in Winchester, gives the thumbs up after a donation was made to the newly formed Trap, Neuter, Release program to spay and neuter feral and abandoned cats in Winchester called Winchester’s Wild Cats. Howard was set up during the first Music in the Park, which is going on each and every Thursday on the Winchester Square after the Farmer’s Market. Howard was collecting donations for the program. Every $25 collected will spay or neuter one cat through the Animal Protection League in Springfield.

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

This little kitten has been made the spokes-kitten for the Winchester Trap Neuter and Release program, which goes by the name of Winchester’s Wild Cats. Four-weekold Grayson epitomizes the need to get stray and feral cats fixed to keep them from reproducing. Grayson was found in the backyard of a Winchester residence, just minutes old, as he was still in his sack. No mother was in sight. Grayson was given to a rescuer who is currently bottle feeding him.


(continued from A1) Scotland and through England, to the English Channel where we got on a ferry and went across the channel and then over to LaHavre, France. Right away, I was ushered into a 40 and 8 boxcar, which was called that because they could haul 40 men or 8 mules.” This boxcar took Freesen into Belgium to the front lines. “When I got up there we were close enough that I could hear artillery fire,” he said. “They gave me a rifle and some cosmoline and told me I should clean the rifle with it because I would need it. It was very cold there and that night we slept in a barn.” He might have been thousands of miles from home, but Freesen was able to make the acquaintance of a man from White Hall in the same company. “His name was Kenneth Armstrong and I never knew of him before that day even though we lived only 30 miles apart,” Freesen said. “I was happy to be able to find somebody that close and we got well acquainted and became good buddies all through the rest of the war. We traveled together and talked about our lives.” After the Battle of the Bulge was over, Freesen’s company found themselves traveling on foot – unless they could hitch a ride on a British tank, that is. “They took us to the Rhine River at Dusseldorf where the Germans had blown up all of the bridges, so we had to wait for the engineers to build temporary bridges so we could cross the river,” Freesen said. “We were then able to get across the bridge and then traveled on foot. I could hear those buzz bombs going over and they said that the Germans were sent to England to bomb London.” During this trek, Freesen saw many dead American and German soldiers alike. “They were just lying in the fields and it was a dreadful sight,” Freesen. “But when we got up to Hamm, Germany, it was a railroad town, and we were going along the railroad and there were machine guns on each side of the railroad as we passed, and I could hear the bullets going by me, but fortunately none of them hit me. However, I saw my First Sergeant right ahead of me get a row of bullets across his chest and it killed him


Winchester, Illinois

instantly.” Freesen might have escaped that incident unscathed, but danger was ahead for him. “There was a railroad station, and they had stairways going from the street down into a lower level on each side of the street, so I came down the stairs on one side and this German guy came down the stairs on the other side and we met at the bottom,” Freesen said. “As it turned out he was dressed in American paratrooper clothing, and he had what we called a 'grease gun', which is an automatic weapon that the paratroopers carried. When he saw me, he opened up on me and I got a bullet in the leg and three across the face – I still have the scars.” Medics were close by and picked Freesen up, though he doesn’t remember anything until walking up in the back of an ambulance. “Apparently the medics had given me some sort of anesthetic, because I don’t remember being loaded in the back of the ambulance, but the next thing I knew I was awake and I could hear two guys in the front of the ambulance talking, and they must have been Italian or something because it was a foreign language to me,” Freesen said. “I thought I had been captured so I reached down to find my steel helmet to conk one of them on the head and take over the ambulance. When they heard me scuffling one of them turned around and said ‘What’s the matter, Mack,’ and so then I knew I was OK.” Freesen was taken to a field hospital overnight for treatment and then sent to Nancy, France to a hospital that had once been a resort hotel. “I was treated for my wounds here and was about fully recovered from that when I came down with appendicitis,” Freesen said. “Before I was completely healed up from that, the war was over. I was lucky and was sent back to my unit where they, once again, saw that I had typing experience so they made me a company clerk.” Freesen was a Private First Class at the time and the clerk typist position called for a Corporal rating, so he applied for a Sergeant rating, one level above Corporal and it was approved. “I had gotten acquainted with a guy and was seeking a discharge because I had gotten word from the Red Cross

that my dad was very sick,” Freesen said. “He put in papers for himself , also – mine was approved but his wasn’t.” Freesen found himself back in LaHavre, France where he got acquainted with a guy there who was a medic. “When we got ready to get on the boat to go home, they called for all medics and this guy grabbed my arm and said, ‘Let’s go,’” Freesen said. “I told him I was not a medic, and he said all I would have to do would be to pass out seasick pills and aspirin, so as it turns out, I served as a medic with him and we had our own quarters and had a guy clean our room every day. It was a good deal for us.” Once back on American soil, Freesen and his brother took over the family farm operation from his dad who had suffered a heart attacked while Freesen was serving in the war. Once his father had recovered from the heart attack, the elder Freesen, who was a veteran of World War I, saw a sale bill in the paper which had a Caterpillar tractor listed. They purchased the tractor and went into the construction business as Freesen Bros. “We went into the road building business and each time we would finish a job we would say that was going to be our last,” Freesen said. “But another bigger, better opportunity would come along to bid on a bigger project and we just kept on building roads.” Starting out with just a single tractor, the operation grew into a multimillion dollar construction company that builds bridges, highways and many other large projects. At one time the company had more than 1,000 employees. Freesen met his first wife, Alice Jane Albright, in Bluffs. “When I left for the army, she was still in high school and when I got out of the army I went to a high school dance with her and the rest is history,” he said. “We got married and had four sons.” After Alice Jane passed away, Freesen married his second wife, Deb, and together the two traverse the country in a motor home. Freesen retired in 2001 and contributes to many charities and community organizations in the area.

(Continued from A1) The city had been contemplating installing new lighting around the square through the USDA grant they received last year but this deal is much better and will save the city a lot of money. “Ameren would do everything but put in the conduit, which our guys could do when they pour the new sidewalks,” he said. “They will provide, install and maintain the lights. The only charge to us would be the monthly fee which we already pay. We can take the money we were going to spend on lighting and make more improvements.” Bill Sleeman with Benton and Associates reported that he sent out three requests for bids for landscaping around the square. The only offer returned was from Tipsord’s in Winchester who came in under the $12,500 bid by just a few dollars. Mayor McIntire said he was approached by someone who wants to start up the Winchester Car Wash again, along with revamping the convenience store, but it would require the installation of video gaming along with a “pour” license to allow for the consumption of alcohol on the premises. “The man who took over the station known as Fanco has hit some hard financial times, and he has an interested buyer looking at that facility,” McIntire said. The owner currently owns a convenience store in Beardstown and the mayor there gave McIntire good reviews. “She told me he come in there and bought a run down store, cleaned it up and improved it,” McIntire said. McIntire said the man guaranteed to have the store and car wash up and going in 30 days, but there was one hitch. “He said the only way it could work would be to have video gaming, which also requires a consumption license on premises,” McIntire said. “I know people are against it and I’m not a big gaming fan myself, but he said people don’t go in there

to drink, but you still have to have the license to get the gaming.” Bill Jacquot said he is all for encouraging new business owners in Winchester. “It sounds like he has a bonafide potential buyer and I think the city should do all we can to help,” he said. “On the other hand I don’t think that is a proper place for liquor on site.” Lawrence Coultas agreed, but cited the lesser of two evils. “I’m not crazy about them having a pour license either but what I like even less is having another empty building on a main corner in this town,” he said. “If it goes under, which it is going to, how many suitors are you going to have for that building? To me, that is our main corner in town. I hate to think that that corner lot would be empty and deteriorate. Do we let another building go down or swallow our pride over not wanting more liquor served?” McIntire said the gaming machines would be located behind the counter in what is now the office. “If I agreed to give him this license, it would only be under the contingency that the liquor stays in that room and it won’t come out in the lobby,” he said. “I think it is worth a shot to get the car wash and business going again.” The council narrowly approved the football field bleachers easement with Ron Bell voting No and Bill Jacquot abstaining. The issue concerned the school district already starting work on the project of installing new bleachers, which will be on the opposite side now, before the city approved the easement. The city’s easement was for water and gas lines in the area. The bleachers would be in within the 10 foot easement granted to the city. Council members felt they were being backed into a corner by the district starting construction on the project before the city approved the easement.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


BY IRENE TREECE 217-371-1386

Hello Scott County: It turned out to be a bad day for the citywide yard sale Saturday. I am sure it was a big disappointment to the merchants as well as to the out of town people looking for bargains. Perhaps there will be a second one in the fall to make up for this one. Just a reminder there is citywide cleanup the next few days. Get your discards out so the men can take it away for you. There is a list of certain items they will not be picking up like old TVs, computers and a few other items. If you are not sure, call city hall and the ladies there will help with the list of items that will not be

taken away for you. The new coffee shop is certainly getting a new face-lift. What an improvement. I am looking forward along with everyone to see the inside as well as try the delicious items being served there as soon as it is open and ready for business. The Music on the Square Thursday night had a very good turnout. Tapestry Band played and the music was very good. It was a most enjoyable evening with the food stand there also. There are also other options for food at our regular restaurants on the square as well. It will be a summer of good music Thursday nights, and I believe the movies will

be Friday nights. So let’s enjoy all the entertainment together. L a s t week’s trivia: - - - The Y2K bug had people in a frenzy in late 1990 because of a flaw in the programming, it was believed that the computer systems could not process the dates once the year reached 2000. It came and went like a charm even though the programs were build in the 1960`s A Little Trivia: - - - Why does Helium alter the human voice?



Hello from Alsey. Clouds but not much rain in Alsey. Seems as though Sam has all the hummingbirds this year. I have only three but I enjoy them. Remember our men and women in uniform and the leaders of our country in your prayers. Others on our prayer list include Harold Jefferson, Edna Layne, Connie Sturgeon, Elma Rodmon, Rod Sturgeon, Judy Bigley, Michael Ryan, Dale Ford, Bronya Sanders, Shelia Daniels, Dean Howard, Betty Ballard, Gina Hazelwood, Jean Howard, Keith Wells, Ray Wills, Ed Crabtree, Amy Newton, Jeffery Thomas family, Hunter Carriger. Happy Birthday to Scottie Fundel, Jaxon Fry and Matt Clayton, June 15, Junia Day, Candance Evans and Kim Harmon, June 16, Jim Winningham, June 18, Bev Pahlman, June 19, Julie Hettinger and Chris Parker, June 20-D.D. Moore, June 21. Happy Anniversary to Dan and Genise Hatcher, June 15, Mancel and Julie Day, June 15, Danny and Carrie Burke, June 17, Tom and Dorothy

Benton, June 18, Ray and Nance Steele, June 20. Royal Neighbors Chapter 3190 held their regular monthly meeting June 4. Present were members Peggy Clemons, Patty Brown, Judy and Josh Cannon and Janet Ingram. Summer activities for the Chapter were discussed. Alsey Burgoo Picnic meeting was held June 4. The picnic homecoming will be Aug. 4. Mark the date on your calendars Aug. 4, 2018. For information call Rachel at 473-8841 or Neil at 3204119. Alsey Baptist Church will host a huge rummage sale Friday, June 22 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, June 23 from 7 a.m. to noon. Also a bake sale and cook out. All proceeds go to the youth group. Vacation Bible School at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 122 State Route 106 South. One-and-half miles south of Alsey, Sunday, June 17 through Thursday, June 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. A van will pick up children K to sixth grade in Alsey. For info

call Dorothy Cox at 370-6029 or email jdcox@irtc. net A l s e y Baptist C h u r c h Va c a t i o n Bible School June 25-28. Supper at 5:30, Bible School at 6 p.m. Children ages 3-11. Older children welcome to help. For more info call Rebecca Daak 630-607-2520. MacKinsey Hester spent Friday night and Saturday will her “Meme” Peggy Clemons. Judy and Josh Cannon, Peggy Clemons and Kinsey Hester enjoyed fish at the Red Devil Saloon Friday evening, joining Elsie Gibbs and Janet Ingram. Judy and Josh Cannon traveled to Greenville, Saturday, to attend a train show. Patti Gregory and Beth Kaegy joined them for a meal before they returned home. That’s all folks. Have a good week. Be a friend to someone in need this week.

“They are trying to get their last credentials for their master’s degree so they have to serve in the community,” Frost said. “We would need to find them office space and provide housing for this person and maybe provide a cell phone – other than that, little cost to the group. The person will be the paid person to get things done the Civic Group wants taken care of in this 11 month time frame. The person will do grant writing and all the different things the committees have put forth. They will organize everything and see that

Bluffs to do own landscaping By BETH ZUMWALT Pike Pres The Village of Bluffs will do their own landscaping. The idea was finalized at the June 6 meeting of the board. The board had asked for a bid to do the work, but maintenance supervisor Duane Cawthon said the village workers could do the work. “They say we will have to go get the plants, the bushes and the rocks,” Cawthon said. “If we’re going to do that, we might as well do the work ourselves.” The board also voted to spend approximately $500 to install security cameras around the village, particularly village hall and the water plant. “I know there has been some activity at the water plants,” Cawthon said. “I’d like to know whose out there.” The board also discussed properties that need attention. “We have an ordinance,” Linda Sapp, mayor, said. “But do we need to put some fines in it?” Currently, the village sends a letter to owners of unkept properties, but the

idea of adding fines to those that do not comply is new. The board recently sent seven letters giving the property owners five days to remedy the situation. The board discussed the fines and agreed to research the matter more before setting amounts. “A property with weeds and tall grass shouldn’t be fined as much as one with derelict cars,” Chuck Pine, trustee, said. Sapp said she wanted to emphasize the measure is not to increase revenue in the village but instead to keep the village looking nice. The village park will not get an upgrade to its electrical service. The village had talked to the park board about an upgrade but the cost was approximately $10,000. The village had been willing to share the cost with the park board. “The park board doesn’t think it’s needed, since it is really only used for the picnic,” Sapp said. “The work can not be done in stages so it would cost $10,000 at all once.” The picnic is scheduled for Aug. 18

Crimestoppers Crimestoppers of Morgan & Scott County are requesting information to assist the Jacksonville Police Department in their investigation of a recent case of criminal damage. Sometime between 7 p.m. on June 5 and 7:30 a.m. on June 6: unknown person(s) used a rock to damage windows of a van belonging to a business parked in the 900 block of West Morton. The police are asking that anyone who has information concerning this incident or any other crimes within

the two-county area submit a tip online by going to www.morganscottcrimestoppers. and clicking the leave a tip button on the home page or calling Crimestoppers at 243-7300. Tips may also be submitted by texting 274637 (CRIMES). The first word of the text tip must be “payout”. More information can be found at www.morganscottcrimestoppers.





(Continued from A1) At the final mapping meeting, several individuals were brought in from the various state agencies to help with resources for both the Civic Group and the town. “One thing presented at this last meeting was the possibility of getting someone from the Peace Corps next year,” Frost said. “There is not a Peace Corp person available this year but they want us to apply for next year.” The 11 month fellowship program runs from September through August.


Winchester, Illinois

things get done.” Sept. 9 from 4-6 p.m. a town hall meeting and ice cream social will be held at the EMS building. “This will be an opportunity for us to bring the town together to see where we are headed and what we have accomplished so far,” Frost said. The next meeting of the Civic Group will be on Tuesday, June 19 at Siebert Hall at 7 p.m. “We have got lots of projects and ideas and we need lots of people to carry them out,” Frost said.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Assembly of God Church

27 West Cherry Street Sunday School – 9:30 am Morning Worship – 10:30 am Rev. Larry Post Pastor Joe Collins, Student Ministries Wednesday Night Youth Service, 6 p.m. Everyone welcome

Alsey Baptist Church

Sunday school-9:30 a.m. Worship service-10:30 a.m. Youth Group-7 p.m. on Wednesday Grades 6th-12th Pastor Jeff Daak

Glasgow Baptist Church

Bloomfield Baptist Church Pastor Mark Norris 217-473-1967

217-473-4110 Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship - 10:30 a.m. Evening Worship - 6 p.m. Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 6 p.m. Office open 3rd Wednesday of each month from 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Bluffs Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church

112 S. Rodgers St. P.O. Box 231 Bluffs, IL 62621

Christ Lutheran Church

125 W. Jefferson 217-742-3919 Rev. Richard Harre, Vacancy Pastor Sunday, June 17: Divine Service, 10:30 a.m.

Cornerstone Baptist Church 226 Cornerstone Drive Winchester, IL 62694 Church Phone: 217-742-8000 Pastor Ted Rhoades: 217-742-5841

First Baptist Church of Winchester

Interim Pastor Jim Harper Church: 217-742-3480 Email: Website: Office hours: Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Sunday, June 17 Happy Father’s Day! 9: a.m. Sunday school 10 a.m. Morning Worship Friday, June 22 6-9 p.m. Awana Club Fundraiser Stone Painting. Must register prior to event with stone choice. Appetizers and tea provided. For more information check out our webpage at www. or call 742-3480.

First Christian Church

20 N. Main Winchester, IL 62694 • 217-742-3600 Pastor Becky Long Adult Sunday School 9:30 Children’s Sunday School 10:45 Sunday Worship 10:30

Charles Barnes - Intern Pastor 217-942-3768 Corner of Cherry and Maple Winchester, IL 62694 217-742-3382 Sunday Services 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Manchester Baptist Church 404 East Street Manchester, IL 62663 Pastor Shawn at 217-587-2761

New Song Ministries

1465 Exeter Road Bluffs Pastor David VanGiesen 217-754-3718 Morning Worship - 10:30 a.m. Childrens Church - 10 a.m. Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study - 6:30 p.m.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Route 106 - One mile south of Alsey Pastor Eric Kirgan 217-742-3202 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship 6 p.m. Everyone Always Welcome

St. Mark’s Catholic Church Winchester, IL

Winchester United Methodist Church at Work!

20 N. Walnut Rev. Robin R. Lyons: 217-742-3610 Email: Parsonage: 217-742-3320

Read the Classifieds! Alsey Baptist Church Jeff Daak, Pastor Barrow Baptist Church Gerald Day, Pastor Bloomfield Baptist Church Cornerstone Baptist Church 742-5841 Friendship Primitive Baptist Church Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Eric Kirgan, Pastor Manchester Baptist Church (217) 587-2761 or 4211 Sandridge Baptist Church

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Freedom Family Worship Center

428 N. Commercial, Winchester 217-883-3763 Pastor Gary Wells (Non-Denominational) Morning Worship 10 am Children's Sunday School during Service Country Gospel (Potluck 1st and 3rd Sundays) Come Expecting a Blessing! Everyone Welcome

New Beginnings Church 742-3459 Winchester United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Lyons Church: (217) 742-3610 Home: (217) 742-3320 St. Mark’s Church 742-5224 Winchester Assembly of God Rev. Larry Post www. WinchesterAssemblyOfGod.

Glasgow Baptist Church (217) 742-3680


Winchester, Illinois

Emerald Ash Borer coming closer; confirmed in McDonough County The presence of emerald ash borer (EAB) has been confirmed for McDonough County Illinois, with the initial finding coming from Macomb. EAB is a devastating exotic pest that attacks one of the most popular landscape trees in America, the ash tree. Unlike most native borers that only target dead or dying trees, EAB preys on healthy ash trees. However, the presence of EAB in McDonough County is not isolated to Macomb. A local Bushnell resident notified Extension of what he suspected was EAB. Upon inspection of the sample, the EAB adult beetle was identified in Bushnell. Reports of suspect EAB signs are also coming in from Blandinsville. How to manage EAB and its impact on your ash trees comes down to two choices: protect the tree with systemic insecticides or have your ash tree removed. Following are guidelines to assist you when weighing these two options. Guidelines for Treatment: According to retired Extension entomologist Phil Nixon, trees with up to 30-40% dieback have an excellent chance of survival with treatment, but with that much dieback, the tree may not be worth keeping aesthetically. Preserving your ash tree - If you observe more than 50% of the tree’s canopy living and intact, treating with insecticides is a viable option: • Ash trees with less than a fifteen-inch diameter at breast height (DBH) can be treated by homeowners using systemic treatments containing the active ingredient imidacloprid or dinotefuran. Imidacloprid is applied as a soil drench around the base of the tree and dinotefuran is used as a bark spray. Both treatments are annual applications. Make sure to follow all label directions. • For trees with a DBH greater than fifteen-inches, you need to hire a licensed applicator to make trunk injections of pesticides containing imidacloprid, dinotefuran, or emamectin benzoate. Imidacloprid and dinotefuran need to be applied annually, while

Manchester Methodist Church Rev. Robin Lyons 217-742-3320 First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) First Baptist Church Church: (217) 742-3480 East Union Baptist Church

emamectin benzoate provides two and perhaps even three years of protection according to studies from Michigan State University. Removing your ash tree - If your ash tree has lost a majority of its canopy, contact a certified arborist to have your tree cut down. The University of Illinois Extension discourages treatment of trees that have lost more than 50% of their canopy. The state has recently lifted the internal county quarantine zone, but it is still not permitted to move ash wood outside of Illinois state lines. (Moving firewood, in general, is a bad practice, so don’t do it!) Contact your local officials for their landscape waste disposal site. Do nothing – According to Phil Nixon, EAB poses a 98% mortality rate to ash trees. If your county is confirmed with EAB and you do nothing, the odds are obviously against you. However, a few ash trees, mainly white and blue ash, will survive. A dead ash tree needs to be removed soon after death. Once deceased, ash trees degrade very quickly and run the risk of injuring bystanders and causing significant property damage as large limbs fall or the entire tree pitches over. Ensure the safety of you and others by removing an ash tree as soon as possible after its death. With the presence of emerald ash borer in McDonough County, homeowners and city officials must consider costly treatment or removal of ash trees. With all this bad news, let’s shine a light on EAB as an opportunity to plan a future tree canopy filled with a diversity of species which will add value to the communities of McDonough County. Please try to plant more than just maples! University of Illinois Extension will be hosting a public meeting to inform community members on their options and address homeowner questions on EAB June 30 at 3 PM in Macomb. To register online visit http://go.illinois. edu/EAB or call Amanda Christenson at the Knox County Extension office 309-342-5108.

Pat Van DeVelde Peak Insurance Agency 16 S. Hill, 7423316 Marshall Chevrolet 103 SW Corner Sq. 742-3123

Grace Baptist Church Charles Barnes

First National Bank of Winchester 26 W. Cherry 742-3134

Christ Lutheran Church 742-3919

Waid’s Used Cars 14 S. Green 742-5687

Church of the New Song Church 217-754-3617

Buck & Jo's Too Winchester 742-3628

As the end of the school year approaches, and families begin to plan their annual summer vacations, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is reminding Illinois residents that with the right tools and a little preparation, summertime can be safe, fun, and relaxing. Each year in the U.S., an average of 37 children die from heatstroke after being left in locked cars. Heat can be more severe on children because their bodies warm at a faster rate than adults. Parents should develop a routine that will ensure the backseat is always checked before the car is locked, such as putting a purse, cell phone or other needed item in the back seat or consider opening the car’s back door every time the car is parked. Summer’s extreme heat can also lead to heat-induced illnesses, including heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Remember to check in on family, friends, neighbors, the elderly and pets to ensure they are safe. When extreme heat strikes, limit your time outdoors, seek air conditioning and drink plenty of water. If your home does not have air conditioning, you should familiarize yourself with your community’s cooling centers.

Warmer temperatures also bring an additional threat for severe weather. The month of June is home to National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. This is a great time for families to learn how to reduce their risk while enjoying the great outdoors.  Remember, if you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to pose an immediate threat. Seek shelter as quickly as possible because no place outside is safe when a thunderstorm strikes. The best way to protect you and your family is to monitor the weather when planning or attending outdoor events. It is critical for people to have multiple ways to receive notifications and updated information about severe weather warnings.  “Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, taking in a ballgame, or traveling away from home, severe weather can strike at any time so it is important that you are aware of your surroundings,” Acting Director William Robertson said. “There are a variety of ways you can be alerted to critical, lifesaving information, no matter where you may be – including: NOAA weather radios, weather apps for your smart phone, television and radio broadcasts, the internet, and outdoor warning sirens.”

Strategic roadside mowing begins second year As concerns for declining pollinator species continue to buzz throughout the country, the Illinois Department of Transportation is reminding the public of a change in mowing operations designed to encourage the growth of pollinator species along state roadsides. The updated mowing routine, which began last May and was reinstituted this month, helps to re-establish plants that provide habitat for birds and that are food sources for bees and other insects native to Illinois, including the official state insect, the monarch butterfly. “By cutting down on mowing, we’ve created acres of ideal habitat for pollinators to flourish on Illinois roadsides,” Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn said. “With minimal impact to the motoring public, we are honoring our commitment to act as stewards of the environment and protect the long-term health of our state’s ecosystem.” The new mowing policy adjusted mowing frequency and timing, as well as limiting the use of herbicides on state rights of way. Except for certain areas, crews now mow

15 feet beyond the edge of the road. The untouched vegetation encourages the growth of milkweed, the only food source for monarch caterpillars. Designated the official state insect in 1974, the monarch butterfly population has gone down 80 percent in the past 10 years. Gov. Bruce Rauner has declared May as “Monarch Butterfly Month” in Illinois, calling on all Illinoisans to help in the restoration of the monarch butterfly population. Several other initiatives are ongoing throughout the state to support pollinator conservation, including IDOT’s partnership with Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Mason State Tree Nursery to disperse more than 7,000 seed packets containing milkweed and other local native flower species. Twentyfour monarch way stations were registered by Monarch Watch using state land in 2017, with the expectation to register more than 20 additional way stations this spring. In 2018, IDOT was awarded “Conservation Partner of the Year” by Pheasants Forever/ Quail Forever for its efforts.

Fasting “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting…. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting.” —Matthew 6:16-18 NIV


asting, which is abstaining from food, is a spiritual discipline which can profitably be done by almost everyone, though the extent to which one abstains should be carefully considered so that it matches the person’s ability to do so in a healthy way. Fasting should never damage one’s health. Fortunately, there is now considerable evidence that occasional fasting can actually improve one’s health. The purpose of fasting is not specifically to improve one’s physical health or to lose weight, but to improve one’s spiritual health. By fasting, one often humbles the heart and tempers loquacity. Fasting allows one to meditate and pray with a clear and sober mind and gives us the opportunity to test our resolve and offer our efforts to God and our fellow man. One can fast by simply giving up solid foods, drinking only water, juice and perhaps tea for

a whole day. A good way to fast for those who may be new to the practice is to eat one moderate meal around mid-day, skipping breakfast and supper, and then eating again around mid-day the following day. One can abstain from eating meat, or sweets, as a discipline that puts one on the way to practicing a fast where one completely abstains from food. One can live for a long time on very limited amounts of food, but you should never abstain from water. And remember, fasting is a spiritual discipline, and as such it should improve our souls. – Christopher Simon

These religious messages are published each week in the Scott County Times as a service to our churches and are sponsored by the listed business firms.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018



Public Notice is hereby given that on May 24, 2018 a certificate was filed in the Office of the County Clerk of Scott County, Illinois, setting forth the names and post-office addresses of all the persons owning, conducting and transacting the business known as Mueller Family Farm, located at 796 Mueller Road, Bluffs, IL., 62621. Dated this 24 day of May, 2018. /s/Sandra K. Hankins COUNTY CLERK 6.13, 6.20, 6.27





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ORDINANCE NO. 2018-1 ANNUAL BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE AN ORDINANCE OF THE NORTH SCOTT FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT TERMED THE ANNUAL BUGET AND APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE FOR FISCAL YEAR 2018-2019 SPECIFYING THE OBJECTS AND PURPOSES FOR SUCH APPROPRIATIONS AND THE AMOUNT APPROPRIATED FOR SUCH OBJECT OR PURPOSE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE NORTH SCOTT FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT, SCOTT COUNTY, ILLINOIS, AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. That the fiscal year of the said North Scott Fire Protection District be, and the same hereby is, fixed as beginning on the 1st day of May, 2018, and ending on the 30th day of April, 2019. Section 2. That the following sum or sums of money set out after each of the items hereinafter described, or so much thereof as may be authorized by law, be and the same are hereby appropriated for the objects and purposes herein specified to meet and defray the necessary economical expenses and liabilities of the North Scott Fire Protection District, Scott County, Illinois, for the fiscal year beginning the 1st day of May, 2018, and ending on the 30th day of April, 2019. A. ADMINISTRATION EXPENSE FUND For office supplies and printing $300.00 B. LEGAL EXPENSE FUND For legal services 1,500.00 For publication and dues 1,000.00 C. FIRE PROTECTION FUND For purchase of fire fighting equipment 5,000.00 For lease/purchase payment of fire truck 3,000.00 For repair of fire fighting equipment 5,000.00 For maintenance, improvement and repair of building to house equipment 3,000.00 For supplies and gas 1,500.00 D. SALARY FUND For salary of firemen 600.00 For salary of Treasurer 1,000.00 E. INSURANCE For tort liability, workman’s compensation and all other insurance 7,500.00 F. AUDITING EXPENSE 500.00 G. WATER, HEAT, GAS, ELECTRICITY 4,000.00 H. TELEPHONE 1,500.00 I. Loan Repayment 13,000.00 J. CONTINGENT FUND For contingent, miscellaneous and general unforeseen expenses of said Fire Protection District 5,000.00 TOTAL: $53,400.00 Section 3. That all unexpended previous appropriations be, and the same are hereby, returned into the General Fund of said North Scott Fire Protection District, to be drawn upon and disbursed for the purpose of defraying the necessary expenses and liabilities of said District for the current fiscal year in accordance with the foregoing appropriations. Section 4. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the date of its passage, approval and due publication as provided by law. Section 5. A. Cash on hand at the beginning of fiscal year on May 1, 2018 $3,235.00 B. Estimate of cash expected to be received during fiscal year from property taxes 45,100.00 C. Estimate of cash expected to be received from any other sources during the fiscal year 7,500.00 D. Total of all estimated cash to be available from all sources during the fiscal year 55,835.00 E. Estimate of expenditures contemplated for fiscal year as per appropriations 53,400.00 F. Estimated cash expected to be on hand at the end of the fiscal year on April 30, 2019 $2,435.00 Section 6. That the Secretary of said Board of Trustees of said District be, and he is hereby, ordered and directed to cause publication of this Appropriation Ordinance and Budget for the fiscal year indicated to be published in some newspaper in general circulation in said District within ten (10) days after its passage. Passed by the Board of Trustees and approved by the President of the Board of Trustees of the North Scott Fire Protection District on the 21st day of May, 2018, and deposited and filed with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of said Fire Protection District this 21st day of May, 2018. /s/ Glenn Vortman Secretary of the Board of Trustees of North Scott Fire Protection District Approved by the President of the Board of Trustees, this the 21st day of May, 2018. /s/ James Bailey President of the Board of Trustees of North Scott Fire Protection District Attest: /s/ Glenn Vortman Secretary of the Board of Trustees of North Scott Fire Protection District Published in the Scott County Times in its issue of June 13, 2018. /s/ Glenn Vortman Secretary of the Board of Trustees of North Scott Fire Protection District

Notice is given of the death of Thomas A. Lashmett, of Columbia, Illinois. Letters of office were issued on June 1, 2018, to Gordon Lashmett, 124 Quail Run, Waterloo, IL 62298 and Christinia Lashmett, 6051 Lakeside Drive, Waterloo, IL 62298, whose attorney is Bellatti, Fay, Bellatti & Beard, LLP, 816 West State Street, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650. The estate will be administered without court supervision, unless under Section 28-4 (Ill. Comp. Stat., Chap. 755, Act 5, Sect. 28-4) of the Illinois Probate Act any interested person terminates independent administration at any time by mailing or delivering a petition to terminate to the Clerk of the Court. Claims against the estate may be filed in the office of the Clerk of the Court at the Scott County Courthouse, 35 East Market Street, Winchester, Illinois 62694, or with the representative, or both, on or before December 17, 2018 or, if mailing or delivery of a notice from the representative is required by Section 18-3 of the Illinois Probate Act, the date stated in the notice. Any claim not filed on or before that date is barred. Copies of a claim filed with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered to the representative and to the attorney within 10 days after it has been filed. Dated: June 11, 2018 Gordon Lashmett and Christinia Lashmett, Independent Co-Executors, By: Bellatti, Fay, Bellatti & Beard, LLP Thomas L. Veith, of counsel 6.13, 6.20, 6.27

sales staFF Courtney Wade roger hall 217-285-2774 CeLL 248-0231 CeLL: 473-1289 taMI WeBel Karen Fox 217-285-1441 217-285-5481 CeLL 242-5193 CeLL: 473-3755 BrIan rueBush terry rush 217-370-1590 CeLL: 242-0075

real estate ACtIve SINCe 1961


with us! In the Matter of the Estate of THOMAS A. LASHMETT, Deceased. No. 18-P-9

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Winchester, Illinois


200 S. Madison Pittsfield, IL 62363 217-285-2774


Licensed in Illinois & Missouri

PITTSFIELD NEW LISTING - PITTSFIELD - 521 W. PERRY ST. Split foyer, 3-4 BR, 1 3/4 BA, 2392 sq. ft. 2 car att. garage with 25x15 workshop. C/A, hardwood floors. PRICED $119,000. CALL KAREN FOX. PITTSFIELD - BOWLING ALLEY AND LOUNGE - Situated on 7 acres. FOR SALE by new ownership. Sellers will be give Buyers concessions. FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT COURTNEY WADE AT WADE REAL ESTATE. PITTSFIELD - N. Madison St. - 2 storage bins. Masonry constructed, 12,500 sq. ft. total storage area. PRICED AT $135,000. CALL COURTNEY FOR INFO. PITTSFIELD - 310 S. Monroe St. Beautiful, brick ranch style home. 2600 sq. ft. 9 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2 fireplaces, family room, basement, att. 2 car garage, and much more. PRICED $265,000. $239,000. $229,000. CALL COURTNEY. REDUCED - PITTSFIELD - 639 E. WASHINGTON ST. 5 BR, 3.75 BA, 1.35 AC lot. 3 car garage, formal dining room, fireplace and extra large master suite. Make this home your castle! PRICED IN THE 100’s. CALL KAREN. 39162 235th AVE. - PITTSFIELD - South edge of Pittsfield, on 2.76 acres. 33 yr. old, split foyer style home, 2600 sq. ft. 9 RM, 4 BR, 2 1/2 BA, family room, large deck, 3 car det. garage and more. PRICED AT $194,500. CALL BRIAN RUEBUSH. PITTSFIELD - 420 N. Jackson St. - Remodeled 2 story home, 9 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, new kitchen, new electrical. All thermo w/d, NEW heating and cooling, NEW 16x32 IN GROUND swimming pool and more. MOTIVATED SELLER CALL COURTNEY FOR MORE INFO. PRICED $137,000. NEW LISTING - PITTSFIELD- 215 S. CLINTON ST. - 1 story frame home, 1168 sq. ft. 6 RM, 2 BR, 1 BA, HW floors, gas furn., C/A, basement, alum. siding, large carport, large lot. PRICED $77,500. CALL COURTNEYSELLER CONCESSIONS. NEW LISTING - 327 SYCAMORE ST. - PITTSFIELD - Redecorated brick ranch home. 1230 sq. ft. 6 RM, 3 BR, 1 1/2 BA, full waterproofed basement, thermo w/d, newer gas furnace and C/A, att. 1 car garage and covered patio. PRICED $119,000. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. CALL COURTNEY. PENDING NEW LISTING - PITTSFIELD - 609 LINCOLN ST. 1300 sq. ft. ranch style home, 6 RM, 3 BR, 1 1/2 BA, full waterproof basement, newer furn. and C/A, att. garage and det. 20x24 garage. MOVE-IN READY. PRICED AT $102,000. CALL BRIAN RUEBUSH. NEW LISTING - 319 N. JACKSON ST. PITTSFIELD - Remodeled 1 story frame home, 1160 sq. ft. 5 rooms, 2 BR, 1 BA, newer furnace and C/A, thermos well insulated, vinyl siding, att. 1 car garage. PRICED $59,500. CALL COURTNEY. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. PITTSFIELD - 510 N. OKLAHOMA ST. On nice lot at the Northwest edge of town. Frame home, 850 sq. ft., 5 RM, 2 BR, 1 BA, newer gas furnace, vinyl siding. PRICED AT $36,000. NEW PRICE $33,500. CALL ROGER HALL. NEW LISTING-PITTSFIELD-511 W. WASHINGTON. Large vacant lot with utilities, Zoned B-3 35’x36’ garage. CALL ROGER HALL. PRICED AT $29,500. GRIGGSVILLE/PERRY/BAYLIS/VALLEY CITY/BARRY NEW LISTING - GRIGGSVILLE - 309 S. UNION ST. Mostly remodeled 1800 sq. ft. 1 story home. 6 RM, 3 BR, 2 BA, newer heating and A/C, newer flooring and kitchen ect. det. 26x30 garage. “As Is. PRICED $79,000. CALL COURTNEY. GRIGGSVILLE - 201 N. 3RD ST. on 2 lots, 1979 Victorian Mobile home, 5 RM, 2 BR, 2 BA, gas furnace, 2 car det. garage. PRICED $19,000. CALL COURTNEY. VALLEY CITY - 31027 CO. HWY. 21. 15 year old, frame 1 story, 768 sq. ft. 5 rm., 2 BR, 1 bath, gas furnace, vinyl siding, TO BE SOLD “AS IS” $26,000. CALL COURTNEY. NEW LISTING - BARRY - 262 TREMONT ST. 1 story frame home, 1000 sq. ft., 5 rooms, 2 BR, 1 BA, aluminum and vinyl siding. TO BE SOLD “AS IS”. PRICED AT $12,000. CALL COURTNEY. DETROIT/PEARL/MILTON NEW LISTING-PEARL-48042 130TH AVE. Situated on 3 acres. 2 hours both 2 BR. 1 fair condition and 1 fixer with 4 outbuildings. Sold “AS-IS”. PRICED AT $40,000. REDUCED TO $30,000. CALL ROGER HALL.







DISTRICT TREASURER’S ANNUAL REPORT OF ROAD FUNDS RECEIVED AND DISBURSED FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING MARCH 31, 2018. OFFICE OF THE TREASURER OF THE ROAD DISTRICT. COUNTY OF SCOTT ROAD DISTRICT #6 To the Highway Commissioner, District #6, County of Scott, State of Illinois. I, Genna Brockhouse, Treasurer of the Road District #6, County of Scott, State of Illinois, being duly sworn, depose and say that the following statement by me subscribed is a correct statement of the amount of road district funds on hand at the beginning of the fiscal year above stated, the amount of road funds received; the sources from which received; the amount expended, and the purpose for which expended, as set forth in said statement. Pages 1 through 8 is a complete list of expenditures for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018. Genna Brockhouse, Treasurer Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of May, 2018. H. Allen Yow, Notary Public (SEAL)


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning of this Fiscal Year..................................$614.22 Taxes, Property ............................... $35,992.84 Materials and Services Sold ................$107.00 From Other Government Agencies Replacement Tax ................................................$989.33 Motor Fuel ....................................... $38,491.81 Road Damage Reimbursement ... $302,457.08 Transfer from other funds - Bridge/Gravel.......... ......................................................... $42,980.49 Other Reciepts - Interest $54.08; Dividends $900; Riembursement for Culvert $3,000 ...$3,954.08 Total Receipts ............................. $425,586.85 EXPENDITURES Administration: Clerk .........................$2,502.69 Fuel .....................................................$7,785.76 Maintenance of Roads ......................$1,573.00 Purchase of Machinery .....................$7,659.97 Publications ...........................................$346.55 Dues ......................................................$160.00 Office Supplies......................................$576.74 Repairs to Machinery ..................... $19,177.69 Utilities....................................................$155.75 IL & Fed Withholding Tax, Social Security, IMRF ......................................................$359.12 Transfers to other funds - Bridge/Gravel .......... .......................................................... $29,909.04 Total Disbursements ................... $70,206.31 RECAPITULATION

Total Receipts ...............................$425,586.85 Total Disbursements....................... $70,206.31 BALANCE .....................................$355,380.54


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning of this Fiscal Year...............................$4,548.93 Taxes, Property ..................................$1,002.26 Total Receipts ..................................$5,551.19 EXPENDITURES Social Security ......................................$348.08 Total Disbursements .........................$348.08 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ....................................$5,551.19 Total Disbursements.............................$348.08 BALANCE ..........................................$5,503.11


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at beginning of this Fiscal Year...............................$4,216.44 Taxes, Property ..................................$1,002.26 Total Receipts ..................................$5,218.70 EXPENDITURES Insurance............................................$2,000.00 Total Disbursements ........................$2,00.00 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ....................................$5,218.70 Total Disbursements..........................$2,000.00 BALANCE ..........................................$3,218.70


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at beginning of this Fiscal Year...............................$5,887.61 Taxes, Property .....................................$501.17 Total Receipts ..................................$6,388.78 EXPENDITURES Workmen’s Comp. Insurance...........$1,111.00 Total Disbursements ......................$1,111.00 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ....................................$6,388.78 Total Disbursements..........................$1,111.00 BALANCE ..........................................$5,277.78


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at beginning of this Fiscal Year..................................$363.51 Total Receipts .....................................$363.51 EXPENDITURES Unemployment Tax ................................$59.90 Total Disbursements ...........................$59.90 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts .......................................$363.51 Total Disbursements...............................$59.90 BALANCE .............................................$303.61


of this Fiscal Year...............................$6,299.19 Total Receipts ..................................$6,299.19 EXPENDITURES Total Disbursements .................................. $0 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ....................................$6,299.19 Total Disbursements...................................... $0 BALANCE ..........................................$6,299.19


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning of this fiscal Year .....................................$69.31 Taxes, Property ..................................$1,803.41 Total Receipts ..................................$1,872.72 EXPENDITURES Total Disbursements .............................$0.00 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ....................................$1,872.72 Total Disbursements.................................$0.00 BALANCE ..........................................$1,872.72


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning of this Fiscal Year ..............................$6,610.01 Taxes, Property ..................................$8,966.88 From Other Government Agencies................... .............................................................$5,771.47 Transfer from Other Funds ...............$9,858.65 Other Receipts - Interest ........................$11.65 Total Receipts ............................... $31,218.66 EXPENDITURES Maintenance of Roads........................... $6,746.25 Transfer to Other Funds - General Fund.......... .......................................................... $15,583.54 Total Disbursements ................... $22,329.79 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ................................. $31,218.66 Total Disbursements....................... $22,329.79 BALANCE ..........................................$8,888.87


RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning of this fiscal Year ............................. $24,675.04 Taxes, Property ..................................$2,705.50 Transfer from Other Funds - General Fund ..... .......................................................... $20,050.39 Other Receipts-Interest ..........................$18.08 Total Receipts ............................... $47,449.01 EXPENDITURES Maintenance of Bridges ....................$7,277.38 Transfer to Other Funds - General Fund.......... .......................................................... $27,396.95 Total Disbursements ................... $34,674.33 RECAPITULATION Total Receipts ................................. $47,449.01 Total Disbursements....................... $34,674.33 BALANCE ....................................... $12,774.68

RECEIPTS Balance on Hand at Beginning



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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Winchester, Illinois

Back to school physicals at SCHD

Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland schedules public hearings The Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland has scheduled public hearings on the FY 2019-2021 Area Plan. The purpose of the Public Hearings is to accept testimony from interested individuals pertinent to the FY 20192021 Area Plan. The public hearings are scheduled as follows: June 26, 2018, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.  Jerseyville County Health Department, 1307 State Highway 109, Jerseyville. June 27, 2018 , 10:00 a.m. – 11 a.m. Jacksonville Area Senior Center, 1309

South Main Street, Jacksonville. June 27, 2018, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Scott County Health Department,  335 West Cherry Street, Winchester, Accompanying this release is a list of sites where a copy of the public information document, containing the summary draft of the area plan, is available for review prior to the hearings. The public information document is also available for review online at www. Questions concerning the Public Hearings of the Public Information Document may


Scott County Health Department will be offering back to school/sports physicals on the following dates and times. You must call to make an appointment 217-742-8203 June-11 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

be addressed to the Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland. At the Public Hearings, testimony will be accepted without discussion. Written testimony will be accepted at the Area Agency’s office through 4p.m. June 27. The Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland is a planning and service organization designated by the Illinois Department of Aging to develop and coordinate programs and support services for older adults and family caregivers in a 12 county area.

July 12-1 – 5 p.m. Aug. 9-1 – 5 p.m. Immunization clinics No appointment needed walk-ins Welcome. June 25- 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. July 19 -1:30 – 4:30 p.m. Aug. 16-1:30 – 4:30 p.m.


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Social? Nicolay Hay Day Friday, June 15 & Saturday, June 16 On the square - Pittsfield, IL FRIDAY, JUNE 15

4:30 p.m.: Period games for children 4:45 p.m.: mayor welcome 5 p.m.: Senator sam mcCann 5:15 p.m.: Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer 5:25 p.m.: Sculptor Ruth Abernethy 5:40 p.m.: Craig Rush -marine one pilot for 43rd President George Bush 5:50 p.m.: Greg Willard President Gerald Ford’s Personal Attorney 6 p.m.: Therena Bates & John Nicolay wedding reenactment HHHHHHHHHHHH


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Htake a historic carriage ride Hregister for door prizes at area merchants! Hperiod music by the pike pipers!

7-11 a.m.: Breakfast Courtyard Cafe & Free Press 10 a.m., Noon & 2 p.m.: Courthouse tours 10 a.m.-3 p.m.: Genealogy Depots Pittsfield Library, Free Press, All Wars museum 9 a.m., 11 a.m. & 1 p.m.: East School Tours 10 a.m.-4 p.m. All Wars museum Open 10a.m., 11:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.: Shastid House Tours 10 a.m.-4 p.m.: Snyder Barn museum

H R I H A F s i o n i l l i Western 4 2 0 2 e n Ju ois

in GriGGsville, ill



ests with special gu nd Ba The Longmire

~ Schedule of Events ~ WednesdAy, June 20

Poultry Show- 8 a.m. • Rabbit Show - 9 a.m. Dog Show -11:30 a.m. • Cat Show 1:30 p.m. Goat Show-5 p.m. • Sheep Show - Following Goat Show

Queen & Little Miss Pageant STARTS AT 7 P.M.

ThursdAy, June 21

Swine Show - 8 a.m. • Beef show following Swine Family Meal following Beef Show

SCHOOL BUS DEMO DERBY & ROYaL RUMBLE • 7:30 p.M. fridAy, June 22

Master showmanship - 9 a.m. • Animal Science Skill-a-thon after showmanship • Livestock auction - 6:30 p.m.

DEMOLITION DERBIES - Mike Brown Productions 7:30 p.M. Compact • Super Stock • Youth • Gut N Go

Exit 52 in the Beer Tent

sATurdAy, June 23

COUNtRY MUSIC StaRS WaLKER MCGUIRE with special guest the Longmire Band

Saturday, June 23

Entertainment starts at 6:45 p.m. Admission Prices

Wednesday: pageants: $5 for all patrons thursday: bus demo & royal rumble: $10 for all patrons Friday: demolition derbies: $10 for all patrons saturday: ConCert With WalKer mCguire & the longmire band: $10 for all patrons sunday: traCtor & truCK pull: $5 for all patrons ALWAYS FREE PUBLIC PARKING • PIT PARKING & PIT PASSES ARE SUBJECT TO A FEE For more information, visit:

Entertainment starts at 6:45 p.m. • Longmire Band in the beer tent

sundAy, June 24

Upa tRaCtOR aND tRUCK pULL • 4 p.M. washer tournament in Beer tent • 1 p.m.

Beer TenT oPen fridAy & sATurdAy JUNE 23• EXIT 52 / JUNE 24 • LONGMIRE BAND no one under 21 allowed in the beer tent

For more fair information, visit



Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Winchester, Illinois

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

First concert

Five-month-old Finley Brockhouse enjoys her first concert this past Thursday with her mom and dad, Adam and Brittney Brockhouse, during the kickoff of the Music in The Park series on the Winchester Square.


Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

Oddfellow member Chuck Frost helps with cleanup after the first Music In The Park presentation Thursday afternoon. The Oddfellows will offer a different menu each week for those who wish to attend the free concert on the Winchester Square.

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

Future musician

Three-year-old Riley Smith might just have a future in the music business as he strums away on a guitar during the first Music in the Park last Thursday.

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

Music in the Park

The band Tapestry took the stage Thursday evening for the first Music in the Park held on the Winchester Square. A different band will take the stage each and every Thursday evening beginning at 7 p.m. and running until 9 p.m., following the Farmer’s Market.

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

A new little friend

One-year-old Rosie Smith makes friends with a fourweek old kitten named Grayson during the first Music in the Park of the season last Thursday.

You caught me!

Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times

Two-year-old Avery Coonrod has a guilty look on his face as he stands on the statue of Stephen Douglas while playing with a ball during the first Music in the Park last Thursday.

Hold on – I’m coming

Three-year-old Josie Coonrod could care less about the live music on the Winchester Square last Thursday – she was too busy playing ball with her friends.

Summer Meals GRATIS!


Carmen Ensinger/Scott County Times


COMIDAS DE VERANO All children 18 and under.

Available to all families. todos los niños de 18 años y menos. Disponible para todas las familias. To find a

Summer Meals Site close to you Call/llame

(800) 359-2163 Text

FoodIL To 877877

envie ComidasIL A 877877 or visit Free Summer Meals are part of the Summer Food Service Program funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered by the Illinois State Board of Education

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Printed by the Authority of the State of Illinois . IOCI 18-0230



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Campbell Publications

The People’s Marketplace Classifieds

The People's Marketplace

CLASSIFIEDS Reaching 75,000 Readers Each Week!

Calhoun news-herald P.O. Box 367, Hardin, IL 62047 Ph: 618-576-2345 Fax: 630-206-0320


Mon.: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Fri.: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed: 12-1 p.m.

Greene Prairie Press

P.O. Box 265, Carrollton, IL 62016 Ph: 217-942-9100 Fax: 630-206-0320


Mon.: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; Tues.: 9 a.m.-noon; Fri.: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

JERSEY COUNTY JOURNAL 832 South State, Jerseyville, IL. 62052 Ph: 618-498-1234 • Fax: 630-206-0320 E-mail: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday


100 Automotive * 200 Business* 220 Collectibles* 300 Farm Market* 400 For Rent* A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County F: Miscellaneous • 500 For Sale* • 600 Help Wanted* • 610 Hobby Shop/Handicrafts* • 615 Hunting • 620 Kids For Hire • 700 Lost/Found • 710 Meeting Reminders • 800 Miscellaneous* • 900 No Trespassing A: Calhoun County

400C FOR RENT Jersey County ARE YOU someone who works from home? We have affordable offices for rent with high speed internet, receptionist on duty 6 hours a day Monday through Friday to greet customers and take messages. Convenient location in Jerseyville with ample parking. Call 618-946-1999 for more information. 6.20.18

• • • • •

ONE BEDROOM upstairs apartment for rent in Pittsfield. All utilities, gas, water, sewer, electric and garbage included, covered parking; $640 a month. Call 217-491-1014. TFN ONE BEDROOM apartment on the square in Pittsfield. Nice wood, tongue and groove. Washer and dryer in the unit. $525/mo. References and deposit required. Call 217-491-1014. TFN OFFICE SPACE. Prime location. Ample parking. West Washington St., Pittsfield. Call 217-285-2848, 217285-5925 or 217-653-0212. TFN

500 FOR SALE FOR SALE: Spinet Piano Beautiful condition $350.00 Call 217-285-6737 Cell# 217-617-5373. 6.20.18 FOR SALE: Motor home. 2004 Winnebago Vista. 19,000 miles, very good condition. Asking $22,000. Call 1-618-570-3348. 6.20.18 NO TRESPASSING ads are $60 for one year! Call to place yours today. In Calhoun: 618-576-2345; Greene: 217942-9100; Jersey: 618-4981234; Pike: 217-285-2345 and Scott: 217-742-3313. Keep unwanted people off your property! Great way to keep people off your land!

DEADLINES: Classified ads, Monday 3:30 p.m. (For placement and for cancellation.) CLASSIFIED RATES: First insertion, 25¢ per word, minimum $6. Consecutive repeat insertion, 15¢ per word, minimum $5. Prepayment is required. Any change in original ad will be considered start of a new ad. Blind Ad, $4 service charge, plus postage if replies are to be mailed. Yard Sales, $6 up to 20 words. No Trespassing notice, one year, up to 20 words, $60. ADVERTISING POLICY The following are policies of: Calhoun News-Herald, Greene Prairie Press, Jersey County Journal, Pike Press, Scott County Times and The Weekly Messenger: We are not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of display and classified advertising. One free insertion will be allowed for a classified ad with a significant mistake. Please let us know immediately. The newspaper reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement submitted for publication. Yard Sale and Work Wanted ads are payable in advance. Proper identification is required of persons placing ads. A F.O.I.D. card will be asked for when selling a firearm. No exceptions will be allowed. Newspaper reserves the right to refuse any advertising, including the right to do so after the ad has been accepted for publication but before publication occurs. The advertiser’s sole remedy for such refusal shall be the refund of the funds paid to purchase the ad. Advertisements are accepted by the newspaper upon the representation that the agency and/or advertiser is authorized to publish the contents and subject matter of the advertisement and that it is not libelous or does not infringe on the privacy of any individual or entity. All

900A NO TRESPASSING Calhoun County



CAMPER FOR sale. 217 Salem Cruise Lite 24 foot travel-trailer in Pittsfield. Power awning, stabilizers and hitch. Flatscreen TV, CD player and microwave. $17,900. Excellent condition. Call 217-285-2046 or 217-370-5538 or 217-3703446. 6.13.18 2002 INT'L Tandem Grain Truck. International 4900. 22' aluminum Kann bed. Int'l DT 530 engine with 214,000 miles. Great truck. Asking $36,000. 217-473-1343 call or text. TFN 1990 PRESTIGE double wide mobile home, 22x40. 3 BR, 2 BA. Call 217-3702629. TFN

DOT FOODS is hiring Warehouse Material Handlers. Starting pay up to $19.55/ hour PLUS a $1/hour raise after six months for all shifts. Options include: • Day and night shift • 3x12 and 4x10 schedules • Dry, frozen and cooler warehouses • Regular or Light pick zone (max lift of 35 lbs.) in dry and frozen. Apply at 6.13.18 THE PEPPERMILL in Winchester is now hiring cooks, front counter and weekend supervisors. Apply in person at 15 S. Arch St., Winchester, IL. 6.20.18 TRUCK DRIVERS: Dedicated Home Daily! $236+ per day. CDL-A required. Apply or Call 855-419-9941. 6.20.18

600 HELP WANTED HELP AT Home is accepting applications for homemakers-Hiring immediately, full & part-time. Sign-on bonus $100.00 after 90 days. Please call M-F during 8-5. Call 1-866-617-6100 or apply in person in Pittsfield. EOE. 6.13.18 BARTENDERS WANTED: Apply at Tracey’s Saloon. 901 State Highway 109, Jerseyville, IL. 6.27.18 FIND THE job you've been looking for in The People's Marketplace Classifieds. Look online every week, too!

20 words for only $6

615 HUNTING MATURE/EXPERIENCED HUNTER looking for deer lease in Pike County. Not an Outfitter. 615-289-9551. 7.11.18 LOCAL HUNTER Looking For Land In Calhoun County To Lease For Deer Hunting. Not an Outfitter. 828-7349938. 6.13.18 GREAT JOBS start here! Look here every week for new, exciting careers! The People's Marketplace Classifieds! FIVE NEWSPAPERS, over 20,000 readers every week. The People's Marketplace Classifieds!


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P.O. Box 138, Winchester, IL 62694

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B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County 1000 Pets* 1100 Real Estate* A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County 1200 Services* 1300 Wanted* 1310 Web Sites* 1400 Work Wanted 1500 Yard Sales A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County

400D FOR RENT Pike County

200 BUSINESS HARDWOOD FLOOR Sanding/Refinishing Call Mark at 217-370-6549 for your free estimate. Over 20 years experience. Full service sanding/refinishing needs. 8.1.18 IF YOU need parts for mowers and tillers, Dorsey's Hardware and Western Auto has a large selection of belts and parts and service. New equipment sales available. Winchester. Call 217-7429241. TFN RICK'S LAWN Equipment. Parts and services for all brands. Tillers, lawn mowers, chain saws, blowers and weedeaters. We sell the best and service the rest. Gravely, Stihl. Zero turn mowers on sale! Pick-up and delivery. Hwy. 54, west of the Illinois bridge, Louisiana, Mo. 573-754-5055. TFN

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900D NO TRESPASSING Pike County ABSOLUTELY NO swimming/no hunting on land owned by Fred Smith at Valley City Falls. Violators will be prosecuted. 5.22.19 NO TRESPASSING on Linda Bennet farm ground near Griggsville. Trespassers will be prosecuted. 5.1.19 MY LAND lo­ cat­ ed in Sec­ tion 18 SW of Pearl is pri­ vate prop­er­ty. Hunt­ing, fish­ ing, trap­ping, tres­pass­ing, for any pur­ pose, with­ out the writ­ten, signed per­mis­ sion of the own­er, is strict­ly for­bid­den. Vio­la­tors will be pros­e­cut­ed. Ti­mothy Brink­ mann. 6.12.19 ABSOLUTELY NO trespassing on any ground owned by Double Creek Farms, Inc. 11.7.18

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1500D YARD SALES Pike County

1300 WANTED WANTED: GRADUATES of the class of 1958- Anyone with information call Peggy Westerhold at 217-2483772. Reunion day 7/28/18. 6.13.18

CASH FOR Antlers. Looking for large piles of antler to buy. Paying cash, and coming to you. Accepting all grades, and sizes. Call or message 618 294 1260. Ask for Melanie. 7.18.18

1500A YARD SALES Calhoun County MCMAHON’S MOVING sale: June 14, 15, 16 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and continued on through the week. New electric snow blower, GEN 3 1000 heater, washer/ dryer, Armoire (like new), linens, dishes, tools, lots of glassware and Christmas items, lots of everything. Park in lot. 418 Porcupine Lane, Hamburg, IL. 618232-1140. 6.13.18

1500C YARD SALES Jersey County LARGE MOVING sale - every Saturday in June! 14865 Willow Street, Grafton, IL. More items will be added each week. 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM. No early birds. 6.27.18 YARD SALE season is here! Place your ad with us! 20 words for only $6

GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 16 from 8:30AM to 1PM. Tools, Chevy truck parts, house, yard and garden items, quality adult clothing, unique mid-century collectibles and much more. 110 Union Street in Nebo. 6.13.18 JUNE 15 & 16 Friday & Saturday 8-5 p.m. Rain or shine. Furniture, camping gear, housewares, collectibles, tools, yard items, etc. 45493 St. Hwy. 104 5 mi. East on 104 from Perry. 1 mi. West on 104 from Chambersburg. 6.13.18

GARAGE SALE: 517 W. Kellogg Pittsfield. June 14th- 4 p.m.- 7 p.m. 15th & 16th- 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. Women's, men's, medium to plus size clothing, household, kitchen, little girl's, misc. items. 6.13.18 GARAGE SALE: Fri. June 15 8-5 Sat. June 16 8-noon 111 North East St. Perry. Household items, some furniture, window air conditioner, grain fan mill, plumbing & electrical supplies and much more. 6.13.18 GARAGE SALE: Fri. June 15 8-6 Sat. June 16 8-? Antiques, pottery, clothes, a little bit of everything. 800 N. Orchard, Pittsfield. 6.13.18 READ THE classifieds every week for great details on cars, boats, hunting land and housing! Call and place your ad today.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Campbell Publications



FRIDAY, JUNE 22 AT 10:00 A.M.

Sale held at Brown County YMCA, 896 IL 99 850 E. St., Mt. Sterling, IL


275+ KNIFE LOTS • 150+ COINS


2 Tracts



BUSINESS LIQUIDATION AUCTION SATURDAY, JUNE 16 • 9 A.M. AUCTION LOCATION: 39637 260th Ave., Pittsfield, IL • JDL Bldg. 2: 1 mile north of Pittsfield along US Hwy 54

The Koch land is located approximately 2 miles northeast of Mt. Sterling, IL. Take North Jefferson Street (at Casey’s) north past the Brown County Fairgrounds and continue approximately 2 miles north and east to County Road 1125N, then turn right (east) 1/2 mile to the farm. The property is further described as being located in the South Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 3, T1S•R3W, Mt. Sterling Township, Brown County, IL. Both tracts represent nearly all tillable farmland that lays level to gently rolling and are ideally located in close proximity to Mt. Sterling, IL. DETAILED TERMS, MAPS & PHOTOS ONLINE @

JEROME R. "JERRY" & SHIRLEY C. KOCH REPRESENTING ATTORNEY: John B. Leonard 132 E. Main Street • Mt. Sterling, IL 62353 • 217-773-3814

1923 Model T Tank Truck • Service, Bucket & Snow Plow Trucks Cargo Trailers • Large Qty. Commerical Shop Tools & Lube Center Equip. Lawn Mowers • Food Service • Office Equipment, Furniture, Supplies Petroliana • Oil/Grease • Much More!

SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 IL LIC. #444000107 •


NOTE: The Smith Oil family has sold their convenience store businesses and will liquidate the large quantity of support equipment and inventory used to service their very successful multi-generation operation! HUGE 2-RING AUCTION!

FRIDAY, JUNE 15 • 11 A.M.


AUCTION LOCATION: Crossroads Center, 125 W. Jefferson St. Pittsfield, IL

280.9 ACRES M/L - 7 TRACTS

Adams County, Illinois FRIDAY, JUNE 22 AT 1:30 P.M. SALE TO BE HELD AT THE GOLDEN WINDMILL 902 Prairie Mills Road, Golden, IL 62339

140.46 SURVEYED ACRES • 2 TRACTS "Class A" Soils!

The Aden farm is located in Section 11, Houston Township, Adams County, IL. From Golden, IL take Hwy. 94 north approximately 1.5 miles to Hwy. 94/61 (4 way stop) then left or west 2 miles to Jct. Hwy. 94 & 61, then north 2 3/4 miles. Or south of Bowen, IL along Hwy. 61/94. Tract 1: 61.35 Surveyed Acres. “Class A” Soils with a PI of 136! Tract 2: 79.11 Surveyed Acres. “Class A” Soils with a PI of 134!

Plat, aerial & soil maps online:

C. JANE ADEN TRUST FARM REPRESENTING ATTORNEY: Steven E. Siebers Scholz, Loos, Palmer, Siebers & Duesterhaus LLP 625 Vermont Street • Quincy, IL 62301 • Ph: 217-223-3444

SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 IL LIC. #444000107 •

YARD SALE SEASON IS HERE! Get rid of your unwanted stuff with us!

PROPERTY LOCATIONS: Tracts 1-5 lie 1/2 mile south of Pittsfield, IL along the west side of CH 11 (Martinsburg Rd.) in Sections 35 & 36 of Pittsfield Twp. Tracts 6-7 are located northeast of Pittsfield at Sunny Hill. From US Hwy. 54 x IL Rt. 106 follow IL Rt. 106 east 1.5 miles then left (east) on 243rd Ave. .3 mile, take 405th St. north 1 mile in Section 17 of Newburg Twp. All in Pike County, IL. n Tracts 1-3: 178 ac. +/- Nearly all tillable, contiguous, productive farmland! n Tracts 4-5: 35 ac. +/- tillable, pond, 48’x80’ shed, building sites! n Tracts 6-7: 60 ac. +/- mostly tillable, building site potential n Well-maintained, productive farmland! n County highway frontage, tremendous homesite locations near Pittsfield!

Great Income, Investment & Homesite Potential!

TRACT 1: 42.75 acres m/l: 42.75 acres tillable m/l - A great all tillable tract with productive Winfield soils along the south side of the sealed 230th Av. building site location! TRACT 2: 77.95 acres m/l: 77.95 acres tillable m/l - South tracts 1 & 3, all tillable rolling tract has mostly Winfield soils. Access is from CH 11 and north side of 225 Lane. TRACT 3: 64.98 acres m/l: 64.98 acres tillable m/l - Nearly all tillable Winfield soils, with a small pond. Contiguous to Tracts 1, 2, 4 & 5. Access is along CH 11 and 230th Ave. TRACT 4: 20.7 acres m/l: 9.56 FSA acres tillable m/l - Productive soil, beautiful pond and fantastic building sites. Access from 230th Ave. Tract 4 borders Tracts 3 & 5. TRACT 5: 11.82 acres m/l: 6.9 FSA acres tillable m/l - Great home-building site! Productive soils (128 PI), grain bin, 1000-gal. LP tank. Tillable to gain. Corner of CH 11 x 230th Ave. TRACT 6: 22.93 m/l: 21.43 FSA acres tillable m/l - Primarily Winfield and Caseyville soils on this great tillable tract with a 114.9 PI. Good access from 405th St. and 290th Ave. TRACT 7: 39.77 m/l: 36.01 FSA acres tillable m/l - A 92% tillable, Menfro, Winfield & Orion soils. Balance is small timbered areas. Access is from 405th St. and 290th Ave. Contact Brian Curless for more information at 217-242-1665 or Attorney: Lowry & Hoskin, 130 S. Madison Pittsfield, IL., 217-285-4822


Advertising Your Yard Sale With Our Newspaper? ■ ■ ■ ■

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 7TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JERSEY COUNTY - JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation PLAINTIFF Vs. Rebecca Herrin; et. al. DEFENDANTS 17-CH-48 NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above cause on 5/9/2018, the Sheriff of Jersey County, Illinois will on July 11, 2018 at the hour of 8:15AM at Jersey County Courthouse, 201 West Pearl Jerseyville, IL 62052, or in a place otherwise designated at the time of sale, County of Jersey and State of Illinois, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, as set forth below, the following described real estate: PIN 04-373-006-00 Improved with Residential COMMONLY KNOWN AS: 206 E. Spruce St, Jerseyville, IL 62052. Sale terms: 10% down of the highest bid by certified funds at the close of the auction; The balance, including the Judicial sale fee for Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated at the rate of $1 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof of the amount paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, in certified funds, is due within twenty-four (24) hours. The subject property is subject to general real estate taxes, special assessments, or special taxes levied against said real estate and is offered for sale without any representation as to quality or quantity of title and without recourse to Plaintiff and in “AS IS” condition. The sale is further subject to confirmation by the court. If the property is a condominium

and the foreclosure takes place after 1/1/2007, purchasers other than the mortgagees will be required to pay any assessment and legal fees due under The Condominium Property Act, 765 ILCS 605/9(g)(1) and (g)(4). If the property is located in a common interest community, purchasers other than mortgagees will be required to pay any assessment and legal fees due under the Condominium Property Act, 765 ILCS 605/18.5(g-1). If the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee’s attorney. Upon payment in full of the amount bid, the purchaser shall receive a Certificate of Sale, which will entitle the purchaser to a Deed to the real estate after Confirmation of the sale. The successful purchaser has the sole responsibility/expense of evicting any tenants or other individuals presently in possession of the subject premises. The property will NOT be open for inspection and Plaintiff makes no representation as to the condition of the property. Prospective bidders are admonished to check the Court file to verify all information. IF YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEOWNER), YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN IN POSSESSION FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSION, IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 15-1701(C) OF THE ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For information: Examine the court file or contact Plaintiff’s attorney: Codilis & Associates, P.C., 15W030 North Frontage Road, Suite 100, Burr Ridge, IL 60527, (630) 794-9876. Please refer to file number 14-1715566. I3088285

6.6, 6.13, 6.20




The People’s Marketplace


The People’s Marketplace Classifieds

Delivered to one of our offices Sent via or Emailed Mailed Faxed to (630) 206-0320

Payment is required in advance. Credit card payments can still be made over the phone or through and Calhoun News-Herald 310 S. County Road, Hardin, IL 62047 (618) 576-2345

Jersey County Journal 832 S. State Street, Jerseyville, IL 62052 (618) 498-1234

Scott County Times 4 S. Hill Street, Winchester, IL 62694 (217) 742-3313

Greene Prairie Press 516 N. Main, Carrollton, IL 62016 (217) 942-9100

Pike Press 115 W. Jefferson, Pittsfield, IL 62363 (217) 285-2345

The Weekly Messenger 700 W. Quincy St., Pleasant Hill, IL 62366 (217) 285-2345



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Winchester, Illinois


IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT SCOTT COUNTY - IN PROBATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LINDA J. SUTTLES, DECEASED NO. 2018-P-11 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION -- CLAIMS Notice is given of the death of LINDA J. SUTTLES, of Winchester, Illinois. Letters of office were issued on June 8, 2018, GARY LEE SUTTLES, #3 Nettle Drive, Winchester, Illinois 62694, JEFFREY T. SUTTLES, 1426 Hettick Road, Greenfield, Illinois 62044, and MARC T. SUTTLES, 27 Stonegate Court, Groveland, Illinois 61535, whose attorney is THOMSON, McNEELY, CREWS & THIELEN, P.C., 226 West State Street, P. O. Box 970, Jacksonville, Illinois 62651. Claims against the estate may be filed in the office of the Clerk of the Court at the Scott County Courthouse, 35 East Market Street, Winchester, Illinois 62694, or with the representative, or both, on or before the 31st day of December, 2018, and any claim not filed within that period is barred. Copies of a claim filed with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered to the representative and to the attorney within ten (10) days after it has been filed. Dated: June 11, 2018. GARY LEE SUTTLES, JEFFREY T. SUTTLES and MARC T. SUTTLES, Co-Executors of the Estate of LINDA J. SUTTLES, Deceased THOMSON, McNEELY, CREWS & THIELEN, P.C., Attorneys for said Estate 6.13, 6.20, 6.27

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Notice of Availability The City of Winchester has available upon request this year’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The CCR includes basic information any contaminants that were detected in the water during 2017 and compliance with other drinking water rules, as well as other educational information. The Consumer Confidence Reports will not be mailed to each individual customer unless requested. To obtain a free copy of the report or the Source Water Assessment fact sheet, please call Randy Ford (217)742-3191 or you may pick up a copy at City Hall 121 S. Hill Winchester, Illinois. Regular scheduled board meetings are held on the First Wednesday of every month at 7:00p.m.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Winchester, Illinois

Pike County Real Estate Richard Smith ..............................217.473.3286 John Borrowman...........................217.430.0645 Chris Nichols..................................217.473.3777 Tere Boes.......................................217.491.2267 Barb Goertz...................................217.257.7865

Elaine Smith ..................................217.473.3288 Todd Smith....................................217.285.4720 Chris Little......................................217.653.3697 Scott Andress ................................217.371.0635 Robert Evans.................................217.491.2391

Rodney Borrowman .................... 630-247-0667 Nikki Fish ...................................... 217-371-2858 Cyndi Borrowman Kamp ............ 217-779-1861 Sonya Little................................... 217-653-2943


n NEW LISTING - Pike County 122 acres +/- Hadley TWP. Highly productive farm with 70 acres tillable with a PI of 121 and the remainder in timber with excellent deer hunting. n Adams County 66 acres +/- Keene TWP. Great investment farm currently earning $300 per acre cash rent along Interstate 72. n PRICE REDUCED - Calhoun County 390 acres +/- Hardin TWP. Huge hunting farm with 70 acres tillable, secluded on dead end road with older home and outbuildings. n Calhoun County 275 acres +/- Belleview TWP. Prime farm land with 190 acres highly productive soil and remainder consisting of great deer hunting and duck hunting. n Calhoun County 80 acres +/- Hardin TWP. Excellent hunting farm with 15 acres tillable. n Calhoun County 80 acres +/- Belleview TWP. Nice investment farm with 80 tillable acres. n Calhoun County 66 acres +/- Belleview TWP. Great income producing hunting property located on Anderson Lane just north of Rip Rap Landing well known for its duck hunting. n PRICE REDUCED - Calhoun County 20 acres +/- Richwood TWP. Completely remodeled 3BR farmhouse with 1 car detached garage sitting on 20 acres. n Calhoun County 7 acres +/- Poor Farm Hollow. Perfect building site with water, septic, electricity and 30’x 35’ metal shed. n Calhoun County 5 acres +/- Belleview TWP. One of a kind piece of property with cabin nestled between the wooded hills with a creek. n Pike County 1,500 acres +/- Atlas TWP. Fantastic deer and water fowl hunting farm with 1,200 a. tillable and remainder in timber and lakes with duck pits with cabin and pole shed. n Pike County 150 acres +/- Pittsfield and Derry TWP. Beautiful recreational farm with good tillable acreage, great deer density and pond. n Pike County 89 acres +/- New Salem TWP. Beautiful recreational farm with good tillable acreage, pasture with cattle set-up, stocked pond and 2BR 2BA home. n Pike County 14 acres +/- 26170 Co. Hwy. 14, Pittsfield-Great building location in the country with 2 car garage with living quarters already on the property. n SALE PENDING - Pike County 41 acres +/- Pittsfield TWP. Nice recreational farm with 11 acres tillable and nice creek. n SOLD - Calhoun County 60 acres +/-. Very nice hunting farm with small cabin and machine shed. In cooperation with Whitetail Properties. n SOLD - Brown County 28 acres +/-. House and 28 acres with nice pond. In cooperation with Land Guys.


NEW LISTING - Pittsfield - 810 W. Grant St. - Like new high efficient 3BR 2BA ranch home with attached 2 car garage. Great starter or retirement home! $100’s. NEW LISTING - Milton - 372 Blue Grass St. - Exquisite 3BR 2BA home with 2 car detached garage with many updates. $100’s NEW LISTING - Pittsfield - 626 N. Monroe St. - 4BR 2BA home with beautiful oak staircase and 1 car attached garage. Priced to sell! $30’s. Barry - 515 Green St. - 2BR home sitting on 2 lots in nice neighborhood with newer heating and air conditioning. Great rental or starter home. $50’s. PRICE REDUCED - Barry - 1211 Rodgers St. - 4BR 3BA home with 21 ft. pool with deck and 30’ x 40’ shed sitting on 8.5 acres +/-. Very motivated Seller – will not refuse any reasonable offers!!! $200’s. Barry - 1409 Pratt St. - Beautiful 3BR 2BA home with finished basement and elaborate pool, patio and back porch perfect for entertaining. A must see!! $200’s. Baylis - 415 W. Railroad - 3BR 1BA home with 1 car detached garage, covered patio, newer roof and 2 enclosed porches sitting on .95 acres +/-. $20’s. Baylis - 245 Locust St. - Maintenance free 3BR 1BA bungalow with nice fenced in yard and great 2 car detached garage/workshop. $50’s. PRICE REDUCED - Batchtown - RR1, Box 74 - 5BR 2BA brick ranch home sitting on 1 acre with new tin roof and very spacious front and back yard! $70’s PRICE REDUCED - Batchtown - 14797 S. Mississippi River Road - 3-4BR 4BA brick ranch home with 2 car attached garage sitting on 3 acres +/- with many added features. Move-in ready! $100’s. Florence - 25187 492nd St. - Cabin in the heart of Florence with a beautiful view of the Illinois River. Cabin has access from a rear gravel road. $50’s. HUGE PRICE REDUCTION - Griggsville - 202 N. Federal - 2BR home with deck and large garage/ storage shed on corner lot across from school. $30’s. Griggsville - 114 S. Stanford - 2BR 1BA home that has been totally remodeled. $40’s. PRICE REDUCED - Griggsville - 303 W. Washington - 2,484 sq. ft. 4BR home with 1 car detached garage with beautiful oak entry staircase sitting on 2 lots. $50’s. Griggsville - 301 N. Union - 3 unit apartment building earning significant income. Great investment opportunity! $70’s. PRICE REDUCED - Griggsville - 415 W. Lincoln St. - Quality 3BR 1BA home with nice screened in porch, 2 car garage and large heated workshop. MOTIVATED SELLER! $100’s. PRICE REDUCED - Hamburg - 15664 N. Mississippi River Road - Adorable 2BR cabin on the Mississippi River. Priced to sell!! $40’s. Hamburg - 408 Washington - 2BR home sitting on 2 lots with many updates with workshop and private fenced in yard. $50’s. Hamburg - 15729 N. Mississippi River Road - Updated 3BR cabin with deck sitting on 4 riverfront lots on the Mississippi River with 2 boat docks and ramp. $80’s. Hardin - 1041 St. Hwy. 100 - Adorable 3BR 2BA home with oversized 2 car attached garage with heat sitting on one acre. $100’s. Calhoun County - Golden Eagle - Riverfront lot at the end of a dead end road on the Mississippi River on Cove Rd. with electricity and water available. Kampsville - 4 lots St. Louis Ave. - 4 lots with water, sewer and electricity hookups currently used as a campground with outbuildings and camper. Kampsville - 218 New St. - 4BR 2BA home with a 22’ x 28’ separate man cave with patio and deck perfect for entertaining sitting on 2 lots. $90’s. Kinderhook - 27959 230th Ave. - 2 BR custom built home sitting on 1 acre with 10 x 12 shed. Would make the perfect retirement home or weekend getaway! $100’s. New Salem - 1000 Brown St. - Remodeled 3-4BR home with oversized 3 car garage sitting on 2 acres +/-. Move-in ready! $100’s. Perry - S. Naples St. - 3 nice building lots with utilities available. Pittsfield - 4 Quail Ridge Dr. - Grand 2 story 4BR home accentuated with beautiful hardwood, custom cabinetry and spacious floor plan. Low $300’s. PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 10 Teal Lane - 2BR 2.5BA ranch home in a South subdivision with a beautiful family room and full basement with a walk-out. $200’s. DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION - Pittsfield - 429 Piper Lane - Beautiful, spacious 3-4BR 2BA home with full finished basement and oversized 2 car attached garage sitting on 2 lots. $100’s. PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 3A Dove Lane - Newer very efficient 2BR 2BA duplex with a new enclosed 4 season room in a nice subdivision setting. $100’s. Pittsfield - 690 Walnut - 3BR ranch home with 1 car garage and full finished basement in nice location. Would make a great starter home! $100’s. Pittsfield - 913 N. Orchard - Nice 3BR maintenance free ranch home with 2 car garage and large storage shed. $90’s. Pittsfield - 509 Jill St. - 3BR 2BA home with 1 car garage and nice back yard. $80’s. Pittsfield - 428 N. Monroe - Large 4BR home on nice corner lot. Motivated Sellers!! $60’s. Pittsfield - 527 Meadow St. - 3BR 2BA home with 1 car attached garage in great location. $50’s. PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 521 N. Dutton - Large 5BR, 2BA two story home with a family room in the lower level/basement that opens out to the back yard! $50’s. Pittsfield - 223 E. Perry - 2BR home with 1 car attached garage. Would make a great starter or retirement home. $30’s. PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 830 N. Orchard - Nice home building site that consists of 2 80’ x 160’ lots . Pleasant Hill - Deer Ridge Estates - Large building lot with City sewer and water available. Pleasant Hill - 803 S. Main St. - 2BR 1BA 952 sq. ft. home selling as is. Interior needs some TLC. Priced to sell! $20’s. Pleasant Hill - 204 Fairgounds Rd. - Totally remodeled 2BR home with 1 car attached garage. Like new!! $40’s. Pleasant Hill - 405 Commerce - Nice building lot with partially finished workshop with heat and office space. $50’s. PRICE REDUCED - Pleasant Hill - 702 Houston - Move-in ready 3BR 2BA manufactured home on permanent foundation with 2 outbuildings. $70’s. Pleasant Hill - 408 Commerce - 4BR 1BA home with oversized 1 car garage sitting on .9 acre. $80’s. Rockport - 16934 St. Hwy. 96 - Custom built pine log home with 1 car attached garage and open loft located on 2 acres. $100’s. PRICE REDUCED - Rockport - 17620 Hwy. 96 - Old schoolhouse converted into 4BR 2BA home with full basement that has endless possibilities sitting on 1.62 acres +/-. $100’s. SALE PENDING - Pittsfield - Very nice 3BR 2BA home with finished basement in Quail Ridge Subdivision. $200’s. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 116 N. Jackson - Beautifully restored and very well maintained 6BR 2BA home with full finished basement, 1 car detached garage and fenced in back yard. Motivated Sellers!! $100’s. SALE PENDING - Barry - 207 2400 E. - Custom log home with nice outbuilding, all sitting on 10 acres. SALE PENDING - Pleasant Hill - 16784 Cold Run Creek - Nice newer home with outbuilding on 45 acres. SALE PENDING - NEW LISTING - Pittsfield - 423 E. Fayette St. - Very nice 2BR home with many updates in a great location. Priced to sell!! $60’s. SALE PENDING - Pittsfield - 1302 Lakeview Dr. - Totally custom home sitting on 4 acres +/- with all the extras. The perfect home site with your own private pond at the edge of Pittsfield. $300’s. SALE PENDING - Griggsville - 616 W. Quincy - Well maintained 5BR 1.5BA 2 story home with original woodwork, newer garage and additional carport sitting on corner lot. $70’s. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 104 Liberty Court - 2BR 1BA ranch style home with new roof and many updates. $50’s. SALE PENDING - Pittsfield - 311 E. Benson - Maintenance free 3BR 1BA home that is move-in ready. Bank owned. $50’s. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 125 Haney Lane - Maintenance free 3BR 2BA brick home with 2 car attached garage, pool and deck in a quiet subdivision. $100’s. SALE PENDING - Barry - 2 Orchard Dr. - Nice 3BR 2BA home in nice location. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Pittsfield - 34229 270th Ave. - 3,200 sq. ft. finished 3BR 3BA home with 2 car attached and 2 car detached garage sitting on 5 acres +/-. $200’s. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Hardin - 106 Oakridge - Beautiful 5BR 3BA split level home in a great neighborhood with many updates! $100’s. SALE PENDING - Kampsville - 108 W. Maple - Beautiful 3BR 2 1/2BA ranch home with many updates located on a dead end road. $90’s. SALE PENDING - PRICE REDUCED - Barry - 1400 Rodgers St. - Nice shop with geo-thermal in great location. SOLD - Hardin - 206 Barry St. - Adorable 3BR 2BA 1230 sq. ft. manufactured home in quiet neighborhood. $60’s. SOLD - Pittsfield - 715 Prospect - Great 3BR 1BA home with full basement and newer roof and windows. SOLD - Pittsfield - 40404 Co. Hwy. 8 - Excellent 4BR 2BA home sitting on 1.38 acres in quiet location close to town. $100’s. SOLD - Griggsville - 309 S. Union - 3BR 2BA home with 2 car garage and many updates. In cooperation with Wade Real Estate.


SUMMER HILL - Hwy. 54 - Great building lot in the heart of Summer Hill. $7,500.

PITTSFIELD - 217 S. Illinois St. Empty 67.5’X160’ lot. Nice flat lot to build a home. $13,000

KINDERHOOK - 310 High St. - Cute 1-2BR home with nice 2 car detached garage with large garden space and numerous fruit trees sitting on 2 lots. $38,500.


ist New L

PLEASANT HILL - 701 S. Main Adorable 2-3BR 1BA home with many updates and beautiful landscaping! This is the perfect starter home! $45,000.

NEBO - 720 East Park St. - Nice 2BR home with knotty pine ceiling and pine floors, wrap around deck and detached garage with a big yard. Would make a great starter home. $45,000.

DETROIT - 106 E. Farm St. - Nice 3BR home with 2 car detached garage that has been newly updated. A lot of house for the money! $49,900.

Pleasant Hill - 801 S. Main - 4BR 2BA home with attached garage sitting on nice corner lot. Price right! Needs some TLC!! $59,000.

BARRY - 658 Main St. - Affordable 3-4BR 2BA home with some updating. Could be converted to 2 apartments. Priced to sell!! $59,500.

ending Sale P

PEARL - 46823 103rd Ave. - 3BR home with 2 car detached garage and large shed sitting on 4.8 acres +/-. $54,900.


PITTSFIELD - 339 S. Illinois Neat 2BR 1BA home with new roof and maintenance free exterior. $61,500.

ist New L

PITTSFIELD - 343 S. Mason Extra nice 2BR home with loads of updates in a nice neighborhood. $75,000.

GRIGGSVILLE - 114 W. Walnut - Totally remodeled 2BR home with solid hardwood floors and lots of closet space. Perfect starter or retirement home! $79,500.


e Reduc Price

Major eduction Price R

SUMMER HILL - 19620 U.S. Hwy. 54 - Classic 4BR 2BA farm home with modern updates and hardwood floors in the living room and dining room. Motivated Seller!! $89,900


ist New L

PITTSFIELD - 444 Kellogg St. 2-3BR 2BA manufactured home with 2 car attached garage on corner lot. $119,900.

PITTSFIELD - 331 Piper Lane - Beautiful 2 story completely remodeled 4BR 2BA home with an impressive master suite. $164,900.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Winchester, Illinois


MORE PROPERTY SOLD! Pike County, IL 30 Acres m/l. High production tillable farm in west central Illinois. Calhoun County, IL 30 Acres m/l. Hunting property with country home. McDonough County, IL 26 Acres m/l. Nearly all timber tract in Western Illinois. Fulton County, IL 167 Acres m/l. Highend hunting property on the Spoon River. Fulton County, IL 80 Acres m/l. Ownership interest in a Central Illinois hunting property. Pike County, IL 140 Acres m/l. Golden Triangle hunting with home/lodge and stocked lake. Adams County, IL 78 Acres m/l. Thick, big buck sanctuary hunting ground Pike County, IL 93 Acres m/l. Topnotch hunting farm w/ home, in West Pike County. Fulton County, IL 500 Acres m/l. Whitetail and waterfowl hunting property in Illinois. Pike County, IL 20 Acres m/l. Small Golden Triangle hunting tract. Adams County, IL 56 Acres m/l. Turnkey hunting tract, metal outbuilding in the Golden Triangle. Adams County, IL 80 Acres m/l. Income from CRP on this Golden Triangle hunting tract. Schuyler County, IL 50 Acres m/l. Beautiful country home and acreage near Rushville. Schuyler County, IL 69 Acres m/l. Diverse Central Illinois farm offering a good ROI. Fulton County, IL 149 Acres m/l. Great deer and turkey habitat in the Spoon River Bottoms. Fulton County, IL 60 Acres m/l. Hunting and Recreation on this income producing farm near Peoria. Pike County, IL 161 Acres m/l. Awesome hunting property in the Golden Triangle in Illinois. Fulton County, IL 90 Acres m/l. Outstanding hunting, recreation, and income, near Peoria. Pike County, IL 1,148 Acres m/l. Phenomenal Golden Triangle hunting & income acreage w/Lodge. Pike County, IL 2 Acres m/l. Spacious log home in Northern Pike County. Adams County, IL 98 Acres m/l. Hunting tract w/ CRP in the Golden Triangle of Illinois. Calhoun County, IL 70 Acres m/l. Investment farm in West Central Illinois. Peoria County, IL 202 Acres m/l. Income producing and topend hunting land near Peoria. Schuyler County, IL 7 Acres m/l. Unique home and hunting acreage near Rushville. Pike County, IL 45 Acres m/l. Prime South Pike hunting acreage. Fulton County, IL 127 Acres m/l. Secluded timber tract with pond in Central Illinois. Fulton County, IL 70 Acres m/l. Turnkey West Central Illinois hunting and w/ home. Fulton County, IL 205 Acres m/l. Combination hunting, tillable and fishing property Brown County, IL 85 Acres m/l. Combo tract w/ home bordering Siloam Springs State Park. Pike County, IL 41 Acres m/l. Allaround recreational tract with cabin in the Golden Triangle. Fulton County, IL 200 Acres m/l. Great hunting and pasture ground in Illinois. Fulton County, IL 15 Acres m/l. Small Acreage hunting or hobby farm with home in Central Illinois. Calhoun County, IL 35 Acres m/l. Hunting land in Golden Triangle in Illinois. Hancock County, IL 70 Acres m/l. Excellent hunting and recreational tract in West Central Illinois. Calhoun County, IL 75 Acres m/l. Mississippi River Bluff country hunting and recreational farm. Brown County, IL 120 Acres m/l. Topend Golden Triangle hunting property in Central Illinois. Calhoun County, IL 465 Acres m/l. Worldclass hunting property w/ beautiful home Schuyler County, IL 36 Acres m/l. Great hunting tract with creek and timber. Schuyler County, IL 80 Acres m/l. Big buck hunting located near Sugar Creek. Marshall County, IL 50 Acres m/l. Combination tillable & timber hunting land Pike County, IL 276 Acres m/l. Great hunting property with two ponds. Pike County, IL 98 Acres m/l. Tons of deer and turkey sign on this Golden Triangle hunting farm. Schuyler County, IL 126 Acres m/l. Big buck hunting acreage with lodge. Hancock County, IL 12 Acres m/l. Lamoine River hunting and fishing retreat with lodge. Schuyler County, IL 20 Acres m/l. Small hunting property in QDM neighborhood near Rushville.

Schuyler County, IL 180 Acres m/l. Income producing farmland with excellent hunting. Pike County, IL 85 Acres m/l. Highly productive Central Illinois combination farm. Pike County, IL 13 Acres m/l. Small hunting acreage in West Central Illinois with build site. Pike County, IL 15 Acres m/l. Nice, secluded hunting property with home. Schuyler County, IL 42 Acres m/l. Hunting farm with bedding areas and food plot. Schuyler County, IL 8 Acres m/l. Hunting property with home, barn and pond. Schuyler County, IL 40 Acres m/l. Tract offers a combination of hunting and tillable. Fulton County, IL 25 Acres m/l. Good income from this mostly tillable tract. Fulton County, IL 65 Acres m/l. Central Illinois with outstanding hunting and income. Schuyler County, IL 100 Acres m/l. Boone and Crockett producing hunting land. Fulton County, IL 24 Acres m/l. Beautiful secluded home overlooking a pond. Fulton County, IL 210 Acres m/l. The ultimate waterfowl, fishing and deer hunting property Pike County, IL 202 Acres m/l. Golden Triangle recreational farm with good income. Pike County, IL 20 Acres m/l. Small hunting property in West Central Illinois. Fulton County, IL 120 Acres m/l. Hunting, tillable and pasture acreage in West Central Illinois. Fulton County, IL 535 Acres m/l. Excellent deer and turkey hunting farm with lodge. Schuyler County, IL 40 Acres m/l. Premier hunting land on Mill Creek in Central Illinois. Schuyler County, IL 114 Acres m/l. Turnkey Lodge and buck hunting farm. Henderson County, IL 40 Acres m/l. Beautiful red pine timber acreage holds the deer. Schuyler County, IL 60 Acres m/l. Central Illinois bigbuck hunting land with metal outbuilding. Schuyler County, IL 99 Acres m/l. Phenomenal Central Illinois hunting tract on the Lamoine River. Schuyler County, IL 104 Acres m/l. Great deer and turkey hunting farm. Schuyler County, IL 69 Acres m/l. Wellrounded hunting and investment tract in Illinois. Fulton County, IL 1,023 Acres m/l. Diverse Central Illinois hunting property. Fulton County, IL 250 Acres m/l. Scenic Central Illinois big timer tract that holds the big bucks. Fulton County, IL 50 Acres m/l. Excellent hunting and tillable tract in Illinois. Fulton County, IL 130 Acres m/l. A whitetail hunter’s dream property in Central Illinois. Schuyler County, IL 66 Acres m/l. Illinois bigbuck hunting property priced to sell fast. Fulton County, IL 2, 855 Acres m/l. A complete hunting and farmland tract, has it all. Fulton County, IL 20 Acres m/l. Great building site in a secluded location. Fulton County, IL 73 Acres m/l. An excellent hunting farm with holding power. Knox County, IL 26 Acres m/l. Incredible building or campsite overlooking large pond. Mercer County, IL 155 Acres m/l. Familyowned farm with outstanding hunting history. Brown County, IL 501 Acres m/l. Very wellmanaged hunting property with beautiful lodge. Brown County, IL 120 Acres m/l. Hunting tract on Mckee Creek. Henderson County, IL 29 Acres m/l. Great cover in the Mississippi River Bottoms. Knox County, IL 33 Acres m/l. Beautiful country home on lovely acreage. Brown County, IL 137 Acres m/l. Buckhorn Township bigbuck architecture. Brown County, IL 102 Acres m/l. The complete package hunting, income, and more. Henderson County, IL 128 Acres m/l. Outstanding recreational opportunities here. Schuyler County, IL 80 Acres m/l. Premier hunting area for the record book bucks. Schuyler County, IL 40 Acres m/l. Wellrounded hunting tract. Schuyler County, IL 40 Acres m/l. Outstanding hunting opportunities here. Marshall County, IL 192 Acres m/l. Hunting tract with loads of options and potential. Schuyler County, IL 30 Acres m/l. 100% Hardwood timber hunting property.

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