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jANuARY 1, 2014

VOLuME 141 - ISSuE 1

IDOC recommendations may allow prisoner housing By bOb CROSSEN Calhoun News-Herald The Calhoun County state’s attorney is awaiting word from the Illinois Department of Corrections regarding its recommendations which may allow the county jail to house prisoners. Though the county would not pay Jersey County to house the prisoners if it could house them in Calhoun, it would incur its own costs to man the jail with qualified guards with a 24/7 watch. During a regular meeting of the Calhoun County Commissioners Dec. 16, State’s Attorney Rick Ringhausen said he conferred with officials from the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) about the requirements to open the jail and got mixed opinions. “They decided to have the department of corrections attorney call to discuss that issue and I have not heard from them yet,” Ringhausen said. As of Dec. 23, Ringhausen said he had still not heart from IDOC on the issue. The state’s attorney said the issue boils down to how many people need to be on duty to man the jail and how much it could cost to pay those individuals who must be certified to guard the cells. Ringhausen said preliminary estimates indicate that constant watch of four prisoners – requiring at least two individuals on duty at all times – could cost the department around $160 per day for a single shift. He said adding a second shift would cost the department a heftier sum of money. “They recommend that. You can’t get a



firm answer on whether that’s required or not,” Ringhausen said. He indicated dispatchers could be trained to stand watch over the cells, but mandates require them to remain at their dispatching post while fulfilling those duties. He said a road deputy could fill in as the second qualified candidate to save money as well, if allowed by IDOC. “Assuming we can get by with that, then I think it would be financially worth our while to open at least two of the cells,” Ringhausen said. “You can still use two of them for storage if need be. It just hinges on [having a second shift].” If the county cannot staff the jail due to financial concerns, he said all the other recommendations for the jail are a moot point as it would not be operational anyway. The sheriff’s office is a relatively new building, built as an addition to the old school building in the center of Hardin which is the subject of a courthouse renovation project. The construction of the office – paid for with a grant – also included the construction of a small jail which has been used more for storage of evidence than prisoners. Commissioner chairman Doug Wilschetz said he would like to see the jail utilized for prisoners if possible. “It seems like such a waste to have it and not do anything with it,” Wilschetz said. Other recommendations by IDOC include having a day room and a recreation area outside for the prisoners. Ringhausen said the county may not need to meet those recommendations if the jail can be fit to house prisoners.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Submitted photo

Six-month-old  Bradley  Bonner,  son of Bryan and Sarah Bonner  of  Brussels,  would  like  to  wish  Calhoun  News-Herald  readers  a  Happy  New  Year!    Bradley  and  the  entire  Calhoun  News-Herald  staff  hopes  that  2014  brings  health,  happiness,  peace  and  prosperity to everyone.

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Hardin  resident  Gary  Bell  removes  the  Christmas  lights  from  the  eave  of  his  home  Thursday  afternoon,  the  day  after  Christmas.  Bell  said  he  would  normally  leave  his  decorations up longer past the holiday, but wanted to take advantage of the mild lateDecember temperatures. 

2014 may be a banner year for bald eagle viewing Lady Warriors finish third in Jerseyville. See page b6


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By RObERt L YONS Calhoun News-Herald The early winter’s bitter cold temperatures have made the region more welcoming for some annual visitors. Scott Isringhausen, urban fishing coordinator and former Pere Marquette site interpreter, said he believes this will be a great winter for bald eagle viewing. “It got so cold so early and we got ice, it just pushed the eagles into the area earlier. The potential is there to be a great year,” Isringhausen said. “I think this could be one of the best we’ve had in the last several years, to be honest with you. It’s setting up


like that.” The state park’s Bald Eagle Days programs resume Jan. 3, with six dates in the first month of the year. There will be 11 days of the program in February and two more in March. The program, led by Isringhausen, teaches participants about bald eagles while embarking on a viewing tour of the birds in their natural habitat. The bi-state region is the second largest home of wintering bald eagles in the United States, behind only an area encompassing northern California and southern Oregon. Alaska has the largest bald eagle population in the nation. “The eagles that we’re seeing here


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Dennis Vogel, of Vogel Bros. Painting, applies a coat of white oilbased paint Thursday to a corner in the office shared by Country  Insurance and the Calhoun County Farm Bureau. 

are primarily coming from northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and Canada,” Isringhausen said. He said the giant birds, with wingspans up to seven and a half feet, draw visitors to the area from all across the United States. Local residents, however, don’t have far to travel to get a glimpse of the magnificent creatures. “People don’t realize how fortunate we are, this truly being the second best place in the lower 48 states,” Isringhausen said. “To have the bald eagle here in its natural habitat and setting, we truly are blessed.” He said the Riverbend area receives a shot in the arm from the tourism industry that picks up with the arrival

of the eagles. He said there have been studies done which give an average of how much each visitor spends at local businesses. “I don’t know a dollar number, but the economic impact is great,” he said. In 2013, Isringhausen became the Illinois Department of Natural Resources urban fishing coordinator for southern Illinois. But, he said IDNR hasn’t filled his position as Pere Marquette’s site interpreter, so he had the opportunity to lead the Bald Eagle Days program once again. “At the very least, I want to be involved in training that person [hired as site interpreter],” Isringhausen,

who has been with Pere Marquette since the inception of Bald Eagle Days, said. “But, I like it and am real excited about doing them again this year.” All programs begin at 8:30 a.m. and reservations are required. Because of Isringhausen’s role as urban fish coordinator, the eagle programs will only be offered on weekdays. For more information, contact Pere Marquette State Park at (618) 786-3323. Isringhausen said the park is hoping to have its live eagle cam up and running soon, also. Since 2011 a live video feed from a nearby eagles’ nest has been broadcast onto a screen in the Pere Marquette visitor’s center.

January Sievers steps into superintendent role Teachers have to answer to a new administrator in the Calhoun Community Unit School District No. 40 Jan. 1, and she is anxious to get into the thick of it. Kate Sievers, a Hardin native who started her teaching career in CCUSD, said she is excited to begin expanding her work environment to include the teachers and staff at the elementary school. “We have a wonderful teaching staff at District Unit 40,” Sievers said. “I look forward to working with all those people. They are genuinely good people who are here to make lives better for students, not only academically, but as a whole child, too.” A graduate of Calhoun High School, Sievers attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville where she completed a bachelor’s degree in finance and went on to finish a master’s degree in reading, as well.

logo that will distinguish and promote Calhoun County’s peaches, apples and perhaps other produce,” Reed said. “We are aware other sellers are using our quality name for their products. Anyone can make a sign that says Calhoun produce in quotes.”

Services (CMS). Barb Ledder, administrator for the Hardin facility, said she is honored and excited the rehabilitation center has been recognized for all the hard work she and her employees have put into providing the best possible care to their residents. A few years ago, she said the federal government began rating nursing homes with the highest possible score being five stars, an achievement met by the Hardin nursing home. “They look at all sorts of quality of care issues, staffing, care,” Ledder said. “They look at whether you’ve received any violations in the last six months … and so they ranked us pretty high.”

CNH year in review: part one

Farm Bureau looking to protect Calhoun name The Calhoun County Farm Bureau is looking into creating a trademark with a unique logo to designate true Calhoun County produce from impostors using the county’s name to sell their produce. Robert Reed, president of the Farm Bureau, said by creating a logo or seal, Calhoun county farmers – most notably peach, apple and other fruit growers – can protect the Calhoun name and what differentiates their product from others. “Calhoun County Farm Bureau is interested in meeting with Calhoun County producers to develop a unique C



February Kampsville cuts water to delinquent billpayers The village of Kampsville announced it will turn off water to those who have not paid their water and sewer bills to the city in three months due to a numerous lot failing to pay their bills on time. Millie Schumann said when she took on the position of village clerk, issues with water bill payments were terrible. She said very few people would pay them, but added eventually the village got to a sustainable position. However, in the past two years, she said the problem has gotten out of hand with numerous people failing to pay the bills on a regular basis. Schumann said she estimates around 50 households are delinquent, or have not paid their water bills in at least three months. “We have 16 that are completely out of control,” Schumann said, “and then I’d say 50 of the others. They come in once in a while, but they don’t come in like they should.” March Nursing center awarded five stars from CMS Calhoun Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Hardin was the recipient of a five-star recognition issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

Board dismisses Kieffer in 5-0 vote After voting to dismiss Brandi Kieffer as Calhoun County supervisor of assessments during a special meeting March 12, the Calhoun County commissioners approved to hire former Jersey County Supervisor of Assessments Tom Glynn in an interim capacity at its regular meeting Monday. The vote to dismiss Kieffer was approved by all five commissioners – Doug Wilschetz, Phil Robeen, Larry Wieneke, Gene Breden and Pat Droege – and Glynn’s hiring was approved by all but Wieneke, who was absent from Monday’s regular meeting. Regarding the dismissal of Kieffer as the supervisor of assessments, State’s Attorney Rick Ringhausen issued a press release stating Kieffer was dismissed based “upon a failure to timely publish the notice of assessment changes on Dec. 31, 2012; failure to perform the (See, year iN review, A2)


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in review (Continued from A1) quadrennial assessments in 2007 and 2011; submitting an inaccurate tentative assessment abstract which resulted in loss of the state’s portion of her salary reimbursement; failing to correct the error once being made aware; and failing to attend a hearing on Feb. 28, 2013, at which the error could have been corrected.”

Senate recognizes Calhoun Entertainment Company for 25 years The hours of rehearsals and years of dedication to an annual play all became worth it last weekend when the Illinois Senate recognized the Calhoun Entertainment Company for its 25 years of service to the community. Jerry Sievers, Calhoun Entertainment Company founder and musical director, said he was surprised when the award was presented to him before the show held in the Kampsville grade school gymnasium, adding it meant a lot to him. “It brought tears to my eyes. I was not expecting anything at all like this. It made me feel – it made me feel good,” Sievers said. April Kieffer charged with insurance fraud, three others charged Submerged in 25 feet of water, the Calhoun County sheriff’s office, with the aid of a dive team and conservation officers, retrieved a van from the Mississippi River believed to have been stolen in late December. According to court documents, Sherrie Brandie Kieffer, former Calhoun County supervisor of assessments, reported the 2000 Chrysler Town and County van stolen Dec. 29, 2012. Filed March 29 with the Calhoun County Circuit Clerk, court records indicate Kieffer was charged with filing a false police report of vehicle theft, as well as insurance fraud. According to those documents, on Feb. 19, 2013, Kieffer “knowingly obtained via deception, control over $3,198.50 … from the Nationwide Insurance Company by making a false claim on an insurance policy issued by the Nationwide Insurance Company.” Kristi L. Blumenberg, Zachary T. Blumenberg and Jeffrey P. Angel have all been charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud in relation to the case. Kampsville restaurant owner receives Patriot Award Nominated by one of his employees, the owner and operator of Kampsville Inn was issued a Patriot Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Louis Hazelwood, owner of

Kampsville Inn located just off the Kampsville Ferry, said he is happy to receive the award, adding he did not think such a thing existed. “It is quite an honor, quite and honor,” Hazelwood said. “It surprised me.” Established in 1972 by the Department of Defense operational committee, ESGR was created with the intent of honoring those who employ individuals in the National Guard and Reserves. Nearly 5,000 people volunteer for the organization in 54 committees in all 50 states. According to the ESGR website, the Service Member Patriot Award “reflects the efforts made to support Citizen Warriors through a wide-range of measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families and granting leaves of absence if needed.” An employee of Hazelwood, Kyle Halsey, who is serving in Afghanistan, nominated Hazelwood for the award. Hazelwood said he made sacrifices to keep Halsey’s position open for him while serving his country. Illinois River flooding closes roads, endangers businesses Calhoun County Board of Commissioners Chairman Doug Wilschetz signed a disaster proclamation Friday, April 19 during an emergency meeting of the commissioners to discuss flooding of the county. Illinois signed a disaster declaration for numerous counties throughout the state, and Calhoun County was a member of that list. As such, the state will provide materials or manpower upon requests of locals through a chain of command that begins with the mayor. Monetary assistance only occurs if a financial threshold is broken and the president declares a disaster in the area. The proclamation signed by the county commissioner chairman will be in effect until April 30 unless it is extended by the commissioners. May Kieffer indicted with six counts of official misconduct Sherrie Brandie Kieffer was indicted with six counts of official misconduct for selling Calhoun County property for personal gain dating back to 2007, according to court records filed May 7. According to the court documents, Kieffer, former Calhoun County supervisor of assessments, sold real estate assessment records to First American CoreLogic between 2007 and 2013, except for 2012, for her own personal gain. The court documents state the alleged acts violate the Illinois Compiled Statute regarding official

Calhoun News-Herald


Hardin, Illinois


misconduct by committing an act “with the intent to obtain a personal advantage for himself or another,” in excess of the individual’s lawful authority. On or about Oct. 23, 2007, Kieffer sold the records for $1,511.50 but in following years, that price increased to amounts greater than $2,500, reaching up to $3,534.65. Judge Richard J. Greenlief recused himself from the case May 7 and referred it for reassignment. Billy-Bob Products focus of reality show, filming in June He’s made millions selling fake teeth, novelty pacifiers and other gaff products, and now his life and business will be the focus of a television show scheduled to air later this year. Jonah White, chief executive officer of Billy-Bob Products, said he wanted to make a television show about his life after he was contacted by Mark Burnett Productions to film a segment of the show, “How’d You Get So Rich,” starring Joan Rivers. White said his lifestyle lends itself to broadcast television because it is extreme. In fact, entering White’s property requires opening and closing gates so the water buffalo, cows and other cattle don’t wander down Hamburg Michael Road off the 500acre plot of land, on top of which stands his log home. June Governor adds Calhoun to federal disaster area declaration request A little more than a month-and-ahalf after river flooding forced road closures, long detours and reduced business, heavy rains have led to even greater flooding and a request from Gov. Pat Quinn to declare Calhoun County a federal disaster area. On May 29, Gov. Quinn requested eight additional counties – including Calhoun and Pike – be added to the federal disaster declaration approved by President Barack Obama earlier in May. According to a press release issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) June 1, Calhoun County – along with the seven other counties requested by Quinn – was added to the federal disaster declaration, bringing the total number of Illinois counties declared to 33. The declaration is for severe storms and flooding between April 16 and May 5. Gene Stumpf, Emergency Services Disaster Agency coordinator, said without the declaration, the county would not have been able to pay for all emergency flood expenses from its budget. During the April flooding, the county highway department laid gravel on the highway south of Hardin

and built rock levies to protect businesses along the waterfront. Stumpf said the federal declaration will pay for 75 percent of the cost. Illinois House and Senate pass concealed carry bill The last state in the country to form a law for carrying concealed weapons passed a bill last week that could allow the practice through issuance of permits with required training. Illinois is the only state in the U.S. that does not have a concealed carry weapon law, and in December 2012, a federal court invalidated Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons, forcing Illinois legislators to draft a bill by June 9. At the request of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, that deadline was extended to July 9, offering Gov. Pat Quinn time to read through the bill before signing it into law. Quinn has 60 days from the time the bill reaches his desk to act on it before it would automatically become law, according to the Illinois Constitution. The Illinois House passed SB2193 Friday, May 24 by a wide margin in a 89 to 28 vote after which the Illinois Senate deliberated the issue, passing the measure in a 45 to 12 vote Friday, May 31. Passage of the bill through the Illinois General Assembly was monumental in establishing the law for Illinois. Calhoun County Sheriff Bill Heffington said the establishment of a concealed carry law will give some people the sense of security when they are alone. “If criminals can carry guns regardless, I think it’s a good thing that the innocent people be able to defend themselves, as well,” Heffington said. Kampsville Museum opens Friday After undergoing renovations and exhibit restructuring last year, the Kampsville Museum has been struck by two historic floods, causing administration to delay reopening until Friday. Carol Colaninno, education director for the Center for American Archeology which runs the Kampsville Museum, said the flooding may have caused some trouble for the museum, but said it inadvertently led to a historical aesthetic for the building. “After the first flood, we tore up the old carpet in the building,” Colaninno said, “and underneath the old carpet were the original 1902 hardwood floors.” With the carpet torn up, and the more than 100-year-old unfinished hardwood floors exposed, she said the museum building itself has become part of the exhibit. As an old general store the building has history of its own that Colaninno said she hopes can be further explored by museum staff.

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OBITUARIES TAyLOR Sharon K. Taylor, 69, died Monday, Dec. 23, 2013. Sharon was born in Brussels April 5, 1944. She was one of nine children born to Rose Zimmerman and Edward Meyer. She married Howard L. Taylor on April 27, 1963 and raised a son and daughter with him. She dedicated her life to her family. She is survived by her son, Bryan K. Taylor, his wife, Claudia Taylor; her daughter, Lisa MT Spivey, and her husband Gerald D. Spivey Jr. She will be remembered for being a loving, caring, giving mother and wife; and her fun, silly, and crazy spirit will not be forgotten. She was predeceased by her husband and her parents. Services for Sharon were held at McDougal’s Caldwell Chapel on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013 with a viewing starting at 10 am. A funeral will follow at 11 am with interment in the Safford Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of McDougal’s Caldwell Funeral Chapel. Online condolences may be extended at

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Helen Nevius 6/11/1923 – 11/1/2013 Charles A. “Charlie” Schleeper 7/28/1941 – 11/2/2013

Sharon K. Taylor 4/5/1944 – 12/23/2013

Francis H. Rose 1936 – 11/6/2013

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

■ Point News The Winneberg Club House in Golden Eagle is up and running again for its members and friends. To kick off the renovation 40 members attended its Annual Christmas Dinner/Party, with “rob-YourNeighbor” for a fun evening on Saturday night. A buffet dinner was prepared by Cindy Jenkins and she included a banquet table of delicious homemade desserts. “P.J.” and Jane O’Neil of Florida and Mark and Roxanne Ryan of IN were also present, they have no intentions of ever missing this annual affair. The Club House is beautifully decorated for Christmas and the New Years holidays and is ready for a 2014 calendar of wonderful activities. The “Red Hatters” of Calhoun held their Christmas Dinner and Party on Dec. 17 at the Point Pleasant Winery in Golden Eagle. After a delicious dinner games were played and gift exchange was held. Those enjoying the wonderful evening together were Vera Droege, Geneva Heffington, Tammy McKinnon, Jane Pohlman, Cynthia Heffington, Susie Kamp, Bernadette Snyders, Christine Johnes, Maggi Wester, Betty Ryan, Angeline Klaas, Ellen Klocke, Linda Hoffman, Mary Lee Funk, Rita Kraushaar and myself. Karen Eilerman and her daughter Donna Hurley, along with Jean Hurley and her daughter Stacy Brannan enjoyed dinner last Monday night at the Ritz Steakhouse in St. Louis. Afterwards they attended the fantastic concert of the TransSiberian Orchestra at the Scott Trade Center. Barb Hagen, accompanied by Yvonne Baecht attended the Christmas Dinner and Party at Principia College in Elsah last Friday. Present were all employees and retirees. On Wednesday evening, Dec. 18, Brittney Kirn, Sous Chef at the Bravo Italian Restaurant in St. Louis West County, hosted a din-

ner for family members at the restaurant. Present for the evening were Dennis and Shelly Scherer, Tommy and Ashley Keppler and Noah, Trevor and Cyndi Axford, Madison and Mackenzie, John and Julie Carnes, Hannah, Lydia and Caleb and myself. Many thanks Brittney for the wonderful meal and evening together. Lonnie and Charlene Haug hosted a pre-Christmas Dinner on Sunday, Dec. 22. All members of the Charles and Virginia Murphy family were in attendance for the day. Larry and Barb Pohlman hosted a dinner on Christmas Eve with all their family present. Brett and Sue Pohlman and Bruce and Melinda Pohlman and their families, along with Bart and Chris Pohlman and Chris and Mollie Halemeyer. They all enjoyed a great meal and wonderful evening together. Yvonne Baecht and Barb Hagen recently enjoyed a luncheon and afternoon of visiting at the home of Donna Darr in Jerseyville. Present were other retirees of Principal College Housekeeping Department. Dennis and Shelly Scherer of O’Fallon, MO hosted Christmas Eve at their house. In attendance for dinner that evening were Brittney Kirn, Pat Scherer, Lloyd and Lauren White, Austin and Emma, Trevor and Cyndi Axford, Madison and Mackenzie, Tommy and Ashley Keppler and Noah and myself. On Christmas Day Trevor and Cyndi Axford and daughters hosted dinner and a fun filled evening of “RobYour-Neighbor”. Present were John and Julie Carnes, Hannah, Lydia and Caleb, Dennis and Shelly Scherer, Brittney Kirn and myself. I remained with the Axford’s and returned home on Friday. Francis and Liz Toppmeyer hosted Christmas Eve at their home. Present were Ed and Lisa Heffington

Calhoun News-Herald

by Carol Sue Carnes ■ 833-2333 and Emily, Matt and Ellen Nichols and Lakin, John and Julie Carnes, Hannah, Lydia and Caleb, Todd and Jane Mandernach and Wyatt and Mark and Mary Toppmeyer, Maggie and Max. Congratulations to Travis and Jeanine (Zahrli) Hagen of Hamburg on the birth of a daughter on Dec. 22. The infant, weighing 7 pounds 13 ozs. has been given the name Ruby Jude. Grandparents are Jerry and Judy Zahrli of Golden Eagle and Cindy LaBeau, (and the late Brett Hagen), great grandparents Jean Hagen of Hamburg and Bob and Carole Klunk of Hardin (and the late Martha Stelbrink). Congratulations to John and Linda (Hartman) Macauley of Maryville on the birth of a son on Dec. 21. The infant, weighing 7 lbs. 11 ozs. has been given the name Owen William. Elder children Keira and Xavier. Grandparents are Bill and Barb Hartman and Yvonne (and the late Jim) Macauley, and great grandmother Mildred Schulte, all of Golden Eagle. Roy and Barb Hagen entertained their family on Christmas Eve. Present for dinner and the evening together were Lee and Elaine Mans. Dave and Kara Hagen, Emma and Ryan, Kenny and Judy Devening, Paige and Mitchell and Derrick and Jan Bick, Cole & Kaela. Birthday greetings this week to my granddaughter Lydia Carnes, also Kris Hagen, Lea Bell, Ben Hanneken, Holly Swan, Joan Bonner, Glenn Pohlman, Megan Nolte, Dorothy Meyer, Kevin Carey, Kevin Eberlin, Cami Plough, Katie Held, Duane Mossman, Missy Rowling, Charles Kinder, Baylee Kiel, Edwina Meyer, Jena Sievers and all others celebrating their natal day at this time. Happy Anniversary to Bob and Liz Banghart, Bob and Anita Nolte and all other couples celebrating a wedding anniversary this week.

■ Summit Grove News

by Martha Narup ■ 653-4306

Hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve party. Ready to start 2014. Larry and Betty Singers visited Ida’s on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve Tuesday, Bill, Rita, Lexi, and Vivian came and got Martha and went to Christmas Mass. Martha and Vivian then went and spent the night at the Sievers home. Adam Hermann made a visit early on Christmas morning to the Sievers. Terry Narup and

Dan and Megan Jenkins came down Christmas Day and we all had a gift exchange and had good food that we all enjoyed. Terry brought Martha home Christmas night. Happy birthday to Shelia Cassidy on Jan. 2, and Leanna Mulkins on Jan. 4. Christmas dinner was held at the home of Bobby and Donna Mulkins on Christmas. All the family exchanged gifts and enjoyed dinner. Martha, Terry, Bill, Rita, Dennis,

and Carmen enjoyed eating at the Rotten Apple in Grafton on Dec. 21. Latter there was a surprise 40th birthday party for Kristina Gresham. It was planned by her husband, Bo. A large crowd attended. We all enjoyed the band and hor d‘oeuvres.

American Legion Bingo Canceled The Brussels American Legion Auxiliary will be canceling any further bingos on Sunday nights. The Auxiliary members decided at the December meeting due to the poor attendance and especially with the winter months to stop at this time. The members want to thank all those faithful players who came out and participated.

Happy Birthday Corner

ly increased since the last price increase in the 1990s. In Minnesota, for example, land has increased from an average price of $400 to $1,400 an acre since 1998, an increase of 250 percent. While the duck stamp price remains stagnant, the cost to conserve land and habitats that host waterfowl and other species has increased dramatically. At its current price, the buying power of the federal duck stamp has never been lower over its 79-year history. The Congressional Budget Office found that because the federal duck stamp is a user fee, such a price increase would have no net impact on federal spending. “Once again, sportsmen and women have demonstrated their willingness to pay for conservation by supporting a long-overdue increase from $15 to $25. With 98 cents of every $1 from duck stamp receipts going to conserve wetlands habitat, it is vital that the cost of the stamp keep up with inflation and land acquisition costs,” Hall said.

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Adam and Suzi (Hazelwonder) Gerson of Hardin are proud to announce the birth of their son, Clayton James Gerson. He was born Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 2:48 p.m. weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long. Grandparents are Joy Gerson, Joe and Kim Gerson, and Jim and Laura Hazelwonder, all of Hardin. Great-grandparents are Sam and Virginia Bailey of Hardin, Jim Hazelwonder of Fieldon, and Ed and Bernadine Hillen of Meppen.


Ashley Fulmer and Andy Robeen of Kampsville are the proud parents of a daughter, Anistyn Marie Faith Robeen born Dec. 23 at 6:47 p.m. at Jersey Community Hospital. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz. and was 18 in long. Grandparents are Brad and Tammy Robeen of Hamburg and Shelia Robeen of Jerseyville, Richard and Tiffany Fulmer of Kampsville and Cindy Fulmer of Kampsville. Great- grandparents are Curt and Carol Robeen of Hardin and Marty and Alberta Couch of New Salem, IL.

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SOCIAL Becker named to Dean’s List

Ray Becker of Hardin has been named on the Dean’s List for academic accomplishments during the 2013 fall term at William Woods University To be named to the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and have achieved a minimum 3.6 semester and cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale. William Woods University is an independent, professions-oriented, liberal arts-based institution serving the educational needs of both men and women. William Woods has an enrollment of about 3,000 students, and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines in both campus and outreach settings, The 170-acre main campus is located in the mid-Missouri community of Fulton. Since it’s founding in 1870, the mission of William Woods has been to provide a quality education while ensuring the development of the individual.

ST. JUDE NOVENA May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved, throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, helper of hopeless, pray for us. Say this prayer nine times a day, for nine days, by the eighth day your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank You St. Jude S.W. 12.25, 1.1, 1.8


DUE TO THE HOLIDAY, THE LEGEND CONTINUES” VISIT US ON FACEBOOK OR ON Menus are subject to change OUR WEBSITE Week of Jan. 6-10 FOR INFORMATION Brussels schools MONDAY: (Breakfast) Pancake FOR OUR & Sausage/Stick (Lunch) Meatball Sub, Green Beans, Romaine MOVIE TITLES Lettuce Salad, Applesauce. Rated PG-13 (119 min.)

Carter’s 5th birthday

Carter Dean Lott, son of Stephanie Saner and Cory Lott, both of Jerseyville, will celebrate his 5th birthday Jan. 3. Grandparents are Chad and Tina Lott of Burlington, Iowa, and Roger and Jeannie Lott of Jerseyville.

SHOWTIMES Friday - 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Saturday - 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Sunday - 2:00, 4:30, 7:00 Mon. thru Thus. - 4:30, 7:00 ADMISSION PRICES Adults - $6.00 Children (12 and under) - $5.00 Matinees (All ages) - $5.00 3-D Movies Additional - $2.00


“The One”

Senate bill introduced to raise price of federal duck stamp A bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate Dec. 19 to increase the price of the federal duck stamp to $25. The current price of $15 was set more than 20 years ago, in 1991. “We appreciate the introduction of a federal duck stamp increase bill by Senators Begich, Baucus, Coons and Tester to meet very real on-theground wetland habitat conservation needs. We are committed to seeing this legislation signed into law and look forward to working with senators on both sides of the aisle to enact this,” said Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall. Since its enactment in 1934, the federal duck stamp program has protected more than 6 million acres of wetlands ‚ an area the size of Vermont ‚ through expenditures of more than $750 million. This has contributed to the conservation of more than 2.5 million acres in the Prairie Pothole Region, including the protection of 7,000 waterfowl production areas totaling 675,000 acres. Land values have drastical-

Hardin, Illinois

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calhoun News-Herald


Hardin, Illinois


Happy New Year to you all! The Golden Eagle Ferry closed on Christmas Eve due to ice in the river. The Winfield Ferry is operating until the Golden Eagle Ferry can resume operations. If it gets warm you may want to call to see which ferry is running. Bill and Kathy Schulte of Arnold, MO. hosted the Flanigan Family Christmas on Christmas Day. Family that attended from the county was: Mary Ann Flanigan, Joe and Kathy Schulte, Dennis and Jeanne and Abby Johnes, Jon and Melanie Tepen, and Jim and Theresa Johnes. Everyone enjoyed the holiday together. The Irene Walendorf families were home on Christmas Eve to celebrate. They had a wonderful time especially watching the little ones open presents and playing together. Vera Ann Klockenkemper visited Elda and Ted Hayn and their family at their home in Kampsville Christmas Day. A delicious meal and visiting together were highlights of their day. Bernie and Robin Hillen celebrated Christmas with the whole family with so many new grandchildren the house was full of good cheer. Katie Bick was home from St. Louis to celebrate Christmas Eve with her parents, Lindy and Martha Bick. Ralph and Sarah Jane Funk were home for Christmas and celebrated with their children and family. Those present were: Kathy Funk, Susie and Norman Underwood, and Bonnie and Mark Neimeyer and son Adam, Gary and Renee Funk and their children Josh and Katie. Ralph and Sarah Jane continue to improve in health at the Calhoun Nursing and Rehab Center. Corrine Berrey went home for Christmas and celebrated with her family. Those attending were: Kenny and Carol Berrey, Kevin and Dianne Berrey and children, Corrine is residing at the Calhoun Nursing and Rehab Center, and is doing much better.

The Linda Russell family celebrated Christmas together the Sunday before Christmas. Cindy and Hayden Brand, Bob and Bonnie Stepanek and boys Austin, Michael, Jeremy and Angie Russell and Zoe Jane were together. Jeremy and Angie’s baby Sadie Jo is still hospitalized, but is doing well, making Christmas extra special. Bill and Elaine Titus had a Christmas Eve celebration with the family at Wilma Krysl’s home. Christmas day Bill and Elaine had dinner at Jerome and Betty Hayn’s. Christmas evening Brian Rose and friend visited Bill and Elaine at home. All had a merry time. Kenny and Betty Eilerman celebrated Christmas with family. Saturday evening Dec. 21 the Eilerman side of the family gathered at Meppen Hall for Christmas. Sunday night Dec. 22 the Tepen side of the family at the Hills and Hollers Lodge for Christmas. Christmas eve Kenny and Betty entertained at their home with family and friends. Those present were: Lisa and Nicholas, Greg and friend, Lauren Brannon and her daughter Addison, Michael and Tracie Eilerman and daughters Haylie and Michaela, and Allison, and Brian and Kay Eilerman and children Emily, Jacob, and Lindsey. On Christmas Day Kenny and Betty enjoyed the day together. Mike and Tracie Eilerman left Friday Dec 27 for a trip to Las Vegas with members of Tracie’s family. They will return Monday. Their children Michaela, Haylie, and Allison are staying with their grandparents Kenny and Betty Eilerman. Their Aunt Lisa and Nick and Greg were great help with the kids. Lee and Gene Tepen entertained their children Tuesday Christmas Eve at their home with a dinner. Those attending were: Jason and Cheryl Tepen and children Sophia and Owen and mark and Amanda Tepen. The Highlight was watching Sophia and Owen open presents.

by Dorothy Klockenkemper ■ 396-2468

Lindy and Martha Bick took a trip to Cedar Rapids, IA to visit their daughter Amy and husband Ben and grandson Ian for the Christmas holiday. Ian received a kayak as a present, which was exactly what he wanted. Amy is going to visit a friend, Kate Tupper in Joplin, Mo the weekend after Christmas. Katie has a great dog, Charlie. He accompanies her everywhere. He especially likes coming to the farm. The singing Sunday at the Methodist Church was held Dec. 29. Pastor Phil Grable led the group in song and prayer. Janet Grable accompanied him on the piano. The service was well attended. The Old Fill Inn Station announces winter hours of operation. Monday 8 a.m.- 2 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., Friday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. The nightly supper specials are: Tuesday Taco and taco salad, Wednesday steak, Thursday fried chicken, Friday steak and fried fish, Saturday steak and Sunday fried chicken. Other specials are posted. Lunch specials are available daily. Jim and Arlene Brodbeck celebrated Christmas with the whole family. It was a great day. Rebecca Brodbeck graduated from the School of Nursing from Lewis and Clark Community College Dec. 18. Those attending graduation were: Aaron Peters, Jim and Laura Brodbeck, Curt and Cheri Peters and Seth, Jim and Arlene Brodbeck, Mary Droege, Brittany Peters, and Margaret Peters. Congratulations Rebecca on become a Registered nurse. After the ceremony everyone celebrated at Applebee’s Restaurant. Tony and Jana Sievers hosted Christmas at their home. Alice June Fiedler, Jessica, Jennifer and girls Hayley and Carlie. Jill and Tom Duve, and Krista and her friend were there

too. All enjoyed it. Suzanne Kamp celebrated Christmas at her home with the whole family. They had a new baby arrive this year making Christmas bright. All the children had a wonderful day. John Snyders of Niceville FL visited Geneva Heffington and other relatives last week. He traveled on to New York to visit other family members over the holiday. Virgil and Angeline Klaas celebrated Christmas Eve together with their whole family. The New Year By Ruth B. Fields The old year slips into its silver silence, Within our hearts we whisper our good-by; For it has held some treasures for us all, Some tears, bright hope, gay laughter or a sigh. For life cannot produce its lovely flowers With only fair and cloudless skies above, It must be intermixed with sun and showers, As sorrow often is alloyed with love. So softly close the door of the year, It cannot ever open once again; And let a smile dispel your parting tear, As the rainbow shines across departing rain. The heart will long remember these lost hours, Lift up your eyes to greet the coming morn, Though precious are our memory’s pressed flowers, The New Year comes with hope and faith and song.

■ Blessings from Belleview

by Chris Thomas ■ 217-734-9012

While it was a bit risky, there was no denying the beauty of sunlight dancing and reflecting off the ice glazed trees from ice that came through the area. Our roads in many places were slick so I made the call to cancel Sunday School and push the Children’s Christmas drama to Dec. 29. We still had church for those who wanted to make it and I was surprised to see half our congregation, even a few who drove in from Pearl and Kampsville in attendance. What a blessed service as we sang carols, I shared a message, and we participated in communion. We are also looking forward to our Family Fun Fellowship on New Year’s Eve beginning at 6 PM. Join us for soup, chili, and sandwiches as well as a fun time of games. We also want to say welcome home to Scott Browning who has come home after years of service to the United States Air Force. His wife Pam and two children Paige and Paxton I am sure are glad to have him home. Welcome home Scott. I would like to send a shout out for our special days coming up this week. Happy anniversary to Jeff and Michelle Bridges who celebrate it on January 1. Happy birthday to Nick Wright who celebrates on January 3. On our return from Quincy while driving through the rain, I noticed the words on the passenger side mirror: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Despite all the years that I have notice those words, it was on this day that they stood out. I love the idea of a new year. It brings to mind a picture of a clean slate or new opportunities. 2013 has proved to be a difficult year for some, for others, it has brought joy and blessings, and maybe for a select few there has been an equal

balance of both. As we enter the threshold of 2014, the year 2013 is now behind us. We can either see it through the rearview or the side view mirror. However we look at it, it is now in the past. We cannot change history. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it. Maybe we do not look fondly on 2013 because of mistakes we have made. I want to present a different warning than the warning on the side mirror: “Objects in mirror are closer because we make them that way.” Too often we are guilty of magnifying the mistakes of the past. In doing so we find ourselves paralyzing our hopes, dreams, and faith because we fear that the mistakes of our past will get in the way or prevent us from accomplishing something greater. The wonder of God’s grace is that every mistake we have ever made has been forgiven and is in the past. Unfortunately there are people who forget that or simply we have a hard time in forgetting that. The past is past…keep it there. Too often we prop our excuses on the mistakes and failures of the past. Instead of saying yes, we allow the mistakes and failures of the past to rationalize our no. We are far from perfect and perfection with certainly is hard to come by while on this earth but we can continue to strive to be better. As 2014 comes in, I will place 2013 in my rearview mirror and move forward with renewed commitment, anticipation, and blessings. I will not allow 2103 determine my 2014. Happy New Year and I pray that it brings you life’s greatest blessings. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead. (Philippians 3:13)

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What’s Happening

January 3: Warrior Pride Chicken and Noodles Supper at Calhoun High School. Starts at 5 p.m. January 9: Annual Calhoun County Quilt and Church Tour planning meeting. 9:30 a.m. University of Illinois Extension Office, Hardin. Interested/ curious members of the public are invited to attend. January 10: St. Norbert’s Kids Quarter Auction at St. Norbert’s School Gym January 21: CCF Economic Development Meeting 6p.m.7p.m. at the Extension Office. January 28: CCF Board Meeting at 4:30 p.m. at the Extension Office.

NOTICE PUBLIC INFORMATIONAL MEETING FOR IMPROVEMENT OF MAIN STREET Scheduled by VILLAGE OF BRUSSELS The Village of Brussels will hold an informational meeting for the purpose of presenting the proposed improvement of Main Street to the public. The project begins at the intersection of Krausel Lane, Prosker Lane and County Highway No. 1 and extends southeasterly approximately 5,338 feet (1.011 miles) to a point 270 feet north of Well House Road. The meeting will be held at the Brussels American Legion Hall located along Main Street under the water tower in Brussels, Illinois on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 from 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Representatives from the Village’s consulting engineering firm will be present to discuss the project and answer questions. The meeting will use an open house format. There will be no formal presentation. Project representatives will be available to address topics such as alignment, easements, right-of-way and construction details. Related exhibits, reports, maps, preliminary plans and handouts will be available for public review. All interested persons and agencies are invited to attend. The meeting room is accessible to persons with a disability. Disabled persons planning to attend this meeting who are in need of special accommodations should notify the contact person by January 2. For more information, contact the project engineer Dave Godar, Sheppard, Morgan and Schwaab, Inc., 10 Central Industrial Drive, Suite 3, Granite City, Illinois 62040 (618) 877-8700. 12.25.13, 1.1.14

February 18: Calhoun Fair Board Meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Fair Board Office.

Calhoun News-herald

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Jacksonville Chrysler Dodge jeep ram • Jacksonville Chrysler Dodge jeep ram • Jacksonville

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Calhoun News-Herald

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calhoun News-Herald

Hardin, Illinois

County teams compete in Xmas tournies


Michael Weaver/Calhoun News-Herald

Grace Baalman drives to the hoop for the Lady Warriors against Granite City Friday in Jerseyville.

Carmen Ensinger/Calhoun News-Herald

Travis Kamp powers the ball away from a Griggsville-Perry player on a rebound attempt Dec. 26 in Carrollton.

Carmen Ensinger/Calhoun News-Herald

Riley Caselton makes a move toward the hoop against GriggsvillePerry in the Dec. 26 tournament game at Carrollton.

Carmen Ensinger/Calhoun News-Herald

Carmen Ensinger/Calhoun News-Herald

Carmen Ensinger/Calhoun News-Herald

Levi Zirkelbach battles with a Carrollton player for a possession of an airborne ball during the Dec. 26 tournament game.

Gus Baalman watches his layup hit the backboard during the Warriors' tournament game against Carrollton.

Tyler Friedel swats the ball away from a Griggsville-Perry player Dec. 26 in Carrollton.





Wednesday, January 1, 2014



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100 AUTo

400d foR ReNT Pike county

900d No TReSPASSINg Pike county

1986 dodge Ram 1/2 ton, short bed pickup, 2 wheel drive, V-8 Automatic. Daily driver. 217-285-5116. 1.1

1 ANd 2 BR apartments available. No smoking. No pets. Security deposit required. 217-285-4502 TF

No TReSPASSINg on any and all land owned by Double Creek Farms, Inc. TF

offIce SPAce Prime location. Ample parking. West Washington St., Pittsfield. Call 217-285-2848 or 217285-5925. 1.8

1100 ReAl eSTATe

Newly Remodeled office space on the square in Pittsfield. For more information, call 217-473-8811. TF

HoUSe foR SAle: 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, 925 Johnson Street, Carlinville. $35,000. Call 217-248-8451. 1.1

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2 BedRoom trailer for rent in Pittsfield. Call 217-2854674, leave message, or call 217-491-0088. TF

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615 HUNTINg lookINg To leASe hunting ground. Short term or long term. 618-550-9406.

deeR HUNTeRS: Rent Pittsfield country home away from home. 3 BR, sleeps 6+, fully furnished, move-in ready. 573-549-2530. Cell: 636-358-6994. TF

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900A No TReSPASSINg calhoun county ABSolUTely No TReSPASSINg on the property of Lloyd and Debbie DeSherlia in Batchtown. Violators will be prosecuted. 8.7.14

commeRcIAl BUIldINg for rent. Hardin, IL. Call (618)498-1234 and ask for Business Department. TF

No TReSPASSINg on Marty Aderton property in Hardin.

400c foR ReNT Jersey county

No TReSPASSINg On Jack and Mary Jeaen Aderton properety in Hardin. 5.1.14

foR ReNT Recently Remodeled 2 bedroom home on corner 5 shaded lots. References Required. $550 month plus deposit. Dow. 618-535-0071. 12.25

400d foR ReNT Pike county Two BedRoom mobile home in rural Pittsfield. Griggsville school district. No smoking. No inside pets. Deposit required. 217-8332015. 1.8 2 BR HoUSe for rent No smoking No pets. Security deposit required. 217-2854502. TF

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ReSPoNSIBle HUNTeRS looking to lease 40-500 acres for the 2013 hunting season. Call Josh 304-5326015. tf


No TReSPASSINg no hunting on property owned by Martha Knight (also known as Marty Aderton), Lincoln Valley Road, Hardin. 11.11.14

900c No TReSPASSINg Jersey county PRIvATe PRoPeRTy No hunting or trespassing on any property owned by the Charles Rothe family in Jerseyville, Illinois, in Jersey County. Violators will be prosecuted. 12.19.14

Potential for Climate Controlled Storage Units 1 Currently used as Storage Unit

Contact Darrell Moore (217) 473-5486

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Commercial Building for rent


Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department

Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department

Hardin, IL

Worrell-Leka Land Services, LLC

lARge, New beautiful home near Summer Hill for sale with 19 1/2, acres, a finished basement, pond, in-ground pool, attached and detached garage with living quarters in the back of it, pull barn and much, much more. Please call 217-473-8811 for more information. tf

1500 yARd SAleS

100 Automotive * 200 Business* 210 Church Services 220 Collectibles* 300 Farm Market* 400 For Rent* A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County F: Miscellaneous • 500 For Sale* • 600 Help Wanted* • 610 Hobby Shop/Handicrafts*

Business Opportunity In Winchester

1100d ReAl eSTATe Pike county

HoUSe foR SAle: 4 Excellent starter home for a single person or a couple in a small rural community with excellent neighbors. 918 square feet cozy home is situated on a large lot. If interested, please call 1-217-242-7262. tf

• • • • • •

Commercial Buildings For Sale

Great Auctions Start Here! The People's Marketplace Classifieds

THe TRAdINg PoST 501 E. Prairie St., Jerseyville, IL. Open Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Over 7,000 sq. ft. of clean furniture, appliances, sporting goods and tools. Plus 2000 smalls @ $2.00 or less! We buy full or partial estates/households of GOOD, CLEAN furniture and appliances. Why buy new when "slightly used" will do? For more information, call: 618-639-4569. TFN

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The People’s Marketplace CALHOUN NEWS-HERALD

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Hardin, IL


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4.4 days

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the people’s marketplaCe Classifieds

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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hours. NO REFUNDS. The subject property is subject to general real estate taxes, special assessments or special taxes levied against said real estate, water bills, etc., and is offered for sale without any representation as to quality or quantity of title and without recourse to plaintiff. The sale is further subject to confirmation by the court. Upon payment in full of the bid amount, the purchaser shall receive a Certificate of Sale, which will entitle the purchaser to a Deed to the real estate after confirmation of the sale. The property will NOT be open for inspection. Prospective bidders are admonished to check the court file to verify all information. The successful purchaser has the sole responsibility/expense of evicting any tenants or other individuals presently in possession of the subject premises. If this property is a condominium unit, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee shall pay the assessments and the legal fees required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 ILCS 605/9(g)(1) and (g) (4). IF YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEOWNER), YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN IN POSSESSION FOR 30 DYAS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSION, IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 15-1701(C) OF THE ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For Information: Visit our website at http:\\ Between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. only Pierce & Associates, Plaintiff’s Attorneys, 1 North Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois 60602. Tel. No. (312) 372-2060. Please refer to file #PA1213354 Plaintiff’s attorney is not required to provide additional information other than that set forth in this notice of sale. I580518 12.25.13, 1.1.14, 1.8

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calhoun News-Herald


Hardin, Illinois


HAMBURG – Attractive and fully furnished cabin on the Mississippi River North of Hamburg. Totally remodeled with new flooring and updated kitchen & bathroom. Fantastic views of the river from either the large deck or 11’ x 18’ screened in porch.

JoAnA Reputation Corbett Realty For Results One French Street • Hardin, IL • 576-2221

To view these and other fine properties visit our website at

FARM LAND FOR SALE Carol Reese and Joyce Robinson, Successor Co-Trustees of the Leo and Marguerite Burns Revocable Trust will offer for sale on February 1, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.. at the Knights of Colombus Hall, 307 N. State St., Jerseyville, IL 62052, 141 acres more or less. Property is located in Ruyle Township, Jersey County, Illinois. For a brochure setting out details regarding the land and sale conducted by Auctioneer Michael Prough (License #440-000322) contact the Attorneys for the Trust, Wittman & Lorton P.C., 123 W. Pearl St., Jerseyville, IL. Phone 618-498-2167 WE HAVE SOLD MOST OF OUR LISTINGS! WE HAVE MANY BUYERS LOOKING FOR LAND IN THIS AREA & WE ARE IN NEED OF LISTINGS! CALL TODAY & RECEIVE THE PERSONAL ATTENTION YOU DESERVE! Scott Gatewood 217-491-0181 David McCartney 217-491-1014 Mack Raikes 217-415-1235 Steve Albrecht 217-248-1269 Cory Wilkinson 618-535-7255 Shane Hunt 217-491-1299 Chris Comer 573-248-6461 Kyle Gehrs 217-691-4789 Keith Vaeth 573-517-2257 320 W. Washington St., Pittsfield, Illinois 62363 • • Ph: 217-285-6000 PIKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS New Listing: 360 Acres With Cabin Located In Southern Pike County Excellent Hunting!! Call Scott New Listing: 62 Acres Located in Western Pike County, 2 acre stocked pond, great area! $4,400/ acre Call Scott 80 Acres Excellent Tillable and Timber Call David 35 Acres Excellent Hunting Property With CRP Income $3,750/acre Call Scott 5 Acres All Timber, Located In Western Pike County, Prime Hunting Call David 2 Acres Great building spot located close to Kinderhook $27,500 Call Chris 76 Acres Pittsfield Township, Timber, G Brushy DINThick PEN Great Hunting Farm $3,500/acre Call David 40 Acres With Home ExcellentGhunting property with ENDIN nice home CallPDavid 43 Acres Excellent hunting and building site $3,650/acre Call David 68 Acres Almost 100%D Tillable Land Located West SOL Call Scott Of Pittsfield $8,500/acre 15 Acres, Mostly timber,DNice Creek Located In L SO Southern Pike Co. $3,590/acre Call Scott 44 Acres All timber farm at the end of a dead end D L O S road! $3,290/acre Call Scott ADAMS COUNTY, ILLINOIS New Listing: 58 Acres Great investment property! Well balanced property with 25 tillable acres! $3,890/acre Call Scott 13 Acres Prime Tillable Property Call Scott In G NDINProperties PEWhitetail cooperation with 40 Acres Located 15 minutes from Quincy on a dead end road, Proven farm, $3,650/acre Call Chris 171 Acres Great tillable farm with excellent income SOLDwith Pike County Real potential! In cooperation Estate CALHOUN COUNTY, ILLINOIS 550 Acres Unbelievable recreational property! Call Scott 64.5 Acres Located outside of Kampsville, Big timber farm $2,950/acre Call Chris 68 Acres Big Timber Close To The MissisD Located OLFood sippi River, S Great Plot Areas! Call Scott In cooperation with Whitetail Properties 45.61 acres - Located in Northern Calhoun County, LD farm. $3950/acre. Call SO Solid timber, great hunting Scott 245.5 Acres With Home Perfect mix of timber and LD$3,395/acre Call SOarea fields, located in great Chris JERSEY COUNTY, ILLINOIS: New Listing: 41.5 Acres Great hunting & building location, $175,890 Call Kyle BROWN COUNTY, ILLINOIS: 138.5 Acres 47 Acres Tillable, Balance in timber, SOLDwith Agrivest Inc. Call Scott In cooperation MONTGOMERY COUNTY, ILLINOIS: New Listing: 21.5 Acres Pure Hunting! $73,100 Call Kyle YOUR LOCAL TRUSTED RESOURCE

41 Acres Awesome hunting 40 acres! $163,000 SOLD with Century 21 Call Kyle *in cooperation Simpson Realty SCHUYLER COUNTY, ILLINOIS: 71 AcresS20 LD Tillable, balance in timber, Great OAcres hunting farm! $3,490/acre Call Scott AUDRAIN COUNTY, MISSOURI: 27 Acres, 100%L D Offering 5% Return On O Tillable, Investment,SCall Chris MONROE COUNTY, MISSOURI: 50 Acres m/l Great hunting property with small D OLChris hunters cabin! S Call PIKE COUNTY, MISSOURI: ING 26.16 WithP Home Chris ENDCall New Listing: 48 Acres Hunting & Tillable! Call Chris 40 Acres HardS toO find small property Call Chris LD KNOX COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 160 Acres Excellent combination farm with great hunting! Call Chris LINN COUNTY, MISSOURI: 40 Acres Great Investment property with excellent LD interest SO*broker hunting Call Keith RANDOLPH COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 20 Acres Nice small tillable property! Call Chris RALLS COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 29 Acres Great Views of the Mississippi River! Call Chris New Listing: 30.5 Acres Tillable, Timber, Creek Call Chris New Listing: 79 Acres. Big Timber Farm Call Chris New Listing: 103 Acres Located Close To Center, MO Call Chris New Listing: 125 Acres Great hunting farm priced right! Call Chris 22 Acres With Home. Great getaway farm located LD SOChris outside of Saverton Call SULLIVAN COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 20 Acres. Nice affordable property Call Keith New Listing: 58 Acres Hunting farm with home Call Keith New Listing: 80 Acres Nice balance of timber & tillable Call Keith New Listing: 96 Acres Huge bordering timber & priced right! Call Keith 166 Acres Nice all around SOLDproperty *In cooperation with Whitetail Properties SCOTLAND COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 50.77 Acres Offering great income! Call Chris LEWIS COUNTY, MISSOURI: New Listing: 68.30 Acres Great combination farm Call Chris New Listing: 164 Acres 127 Acres tillable, 37 acres brush Call Chris FOR




VISIT US ONLINE w w w . m c c a r t n e y - r e a l e s t a t e . c o m DAVID T. McCARTNEY Managing Broker 217-491-1014

Celebrating over

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75 years in business!

ESTABLISHED 1938 SONYA MILLER (217) 653-2943 KAREN McCONNELL (217) 723-4217 JOYCE MILLER-BOREN 217-257-6196 LLOYD PHILLIPS 217-257-7096

320 W. Washington Street Pittsfield, Illinois 62363

ELAINE HOAGLIN (217) 491-1141 ANGELA MOSS 285-2126 DENNIS & JUDY DOUGLAS 217-430-1557

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES: NEW LISTING - PITTSFIELD 117 SOUTH JACKSON - Super nice 2 bdrm, home that features; living rm, dining rm, 1 bath, full basement, CA, newer roof, new dishwasher and sink, one car attached garage, some applianced to convey. All situated on a 80x80 lot. Great investment. CALL DAVID NEW LISTING - PITTSFIELD - 648 SOUTH WALNUT - Very nice ranch family home that features; 3 bdrms, 2 baths, partially finished basment with family room and utility room. Central air, newer water heater, one car garage, vinyl siding and good roof. Great opportunity. NEW LISTING-PITTSFIELD-414 WEST FAYETTE-Charming well maintained family home with wonderful character and charm. This home offers; two/three bedrooms one-one-half bath, living room, kitchen; CA, newer roof, carport, much more. This home is just perfect for the family starting out or wanting to down size. Call ELAINE NEW LISTING-PITTSFIELD-HIGHWAY 54-1.85 Acres/ml of commercial acreage located in the Industrial Park. Great location, great business investment and opportunity!! Priced to sell, motivated seller. Call DAVID NEW LISTING-NEBO-14026 395th Ave. Super nice story and half family home situated on 4+ acres m/l! Home features, four bedrooms, four ½baths; roomy family room, dining room and a great kitchen, concrete and tumbled marble counter tops, whole house was totally remodeled in 2005, GEO, slate tile, all kitchen appliance convey. Very well maintained home. Call DAVID MILTON-Lot measuring 180x170 with four buildings, located in the center of Milton. Great investment and business opportunity. Call DAVID MILTON-455 PITTSFIELD ST.-Very Nice three bedroom, two bath family home with many updates; full basement, CA; newer roof, Devries cabinets, updated electrical; attached garage; all situated on big lot. Call DAVID PITTSFIELD-REDUCED!-501 S. MADISON-Two year old ranch home, centrally located; three bedrooms, three baths, family room; full finished basement has foam/fiberglass insulated walls; GEO/heat/CA with humidity control; super insulated; custom oak cabinets and trim, three car attached garage, nice lot, covered front porch; steeple chase trees planted this spring., Call DAVID PITTSFIELD-REDUCED-328 CROSSMAN LANE-Very efficient, two bedroom home with one car attached garage; great starter home or wanting to down size; new windows; refinished floors; new inside paint; new kitchen cabinets/fixtures; newly remodeled bathroom; on corner lot. Very efficient; priced right!! Great investment!! Call DAVID PITTSFIELD-REDUCED BY $40,000-916 EAST WASHINGTON-Two story family home on Historical East Washington St. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, three car attached garage, fenced in ground pool, total 3095 sq. ft, situated on .74 acres m/l. Great investment!! Call DAVID. PITTSFIELD-818 EAST WASHINGTON ST.-REDUCED BY $10,000- Two story family home situated on Historical East Washington St. This home features; three/four bedrooms, 2 full and one half bath; kitchen has wonderful cabinets. All situated on .63 acre m/l. Great location, Call KIRBY PENDING!! MILTON-588 ELM ST.-REDUCED BY $10,000- Two story family home!! This home features, three bedrooms, 1 Bath, one car attached garage. Just added new roof and shutters! MOTIVATED SELLER!! MAKE AN OFFER!! GREAT INVESTMENT! GREAT PRICE!! Call DAVID PITTSFIELD-419 S. MEMORIAL-REDUCED BY $20,000-Very nice and elegant two story family home centrally located; this home features added charm with refinished interior for that era; four bedrooms, two baths, CA, electric, two car attached garage, extra big lot. A MUST SEE!! Call DAVID. PENDING/SOLD SOLD-ROCKPORT-18011 US HWY 54 SOLD-PITTSFIELD-#7 AIRPORT ROAD SOLD-PITTSFIELD-245 SOUTH JACKSON SOLD-PITTSFIELD-681 S. WALNUT SOLD-PITTSFIELD-520 EAST WASHINGTON-In Cooperation with Pike County RE SOLD-BARRY-722 HULL SOLD-PITTSFIELD-37382 265 AVE. SOLD-PITTSFIELD-TWO RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOTS ON KELLOGG ST. SOLD-PITTSFIELD-COMMERCIAL-101 INDUSTRIAL PARK DRIVE SOLD-PITTSFIELD-24610 393RD RD. HOUSE WITH ACREAGE, In Cooperation with Pike County RE SOLD-PITTSFIELD-TWO STORY HOME WITH ACREAGE In Cooperation with Wade Real Estate


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calhoun News-Herald


Hardin, Illinois




730 S. State St. Suite A, Jerseyville, IL 62052 618-498-2321


500 N. Main St., Carrollton, IL 62016 217-942-5182


Century 21 House Center Plus wishes you a safe and Happy New Year! Thank you to all of the families who supported our team in 2013. We consider it a honor to represent you! We look forward to doing business with you in 2014!


501 Broadway, Greenfield 4216282 $130,000 Great 4 bedroom home with lots of space! Large closets, hardwood floors, all appliances stay, 30x40 garage/machine shed with 200 electric, on 3 city lots! Room to grow vegetables, have a machine shop and plenty of room for your growing family plus guests. Molly Farmer 217-851-1663



12730 INWOOD LN., ELSAH 4217626 $95,900 4 Bedroom home situated on a quiet cul-de-sac with large wooded lot. Walk out basement attached garage, 2 baths, 3 bedrooms on main floor and 1 in lower level with possible 5th bedroom currently bonus room. Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

1000 WARREN ST., JERSEYVILLE 4217500 $60,000 Home on corner lot. 1 possible 2 bedroom home with full basement. Dining room and living room have wood floors. Enclosed back porch, deck off back and 1 car detached garage. Kim Frazer 618-535-2262



531-533 S. Main St., Carrollton 4217397 $45,000 Commercial building with 5,000 sq. ft. on square in Carrollton. Many possibilities! Molly Farmer 217-851-1663

708 EAST ST., GREENFIELD 4216982 $61,500 Home Warranty Included! Nice 2 bedroom home with carpeting throughout home. Appliances can stay, big 2 car garage, fully fenced back yard with lockable shed and picnic table. Lots of storage space in this home, plus main floor laundry and eat in kitchen. Great home-great price. Don’t miss this one! Molly Farmer 217-851-1663


283 Lewis St., Palmyra 4216861 $107,000 Beautiful home with fresh paint and NO repairs needed! Home Warranty included with purchase. Move right in and enjoy all the space this home has to offer with large rooms, walk in closets, appliances stay. Big fenced back yard, attached 2 car garage. Molly Farmer 217-851-1663

It’s that time of year again! If moving is one of your New Year Resolutions call one of our Brokers today! Roberta Wallace Managing Broker 618-535-5820

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Broker 217-851-1663

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Brad Stockstill Broker 618-535-4628

SPORTS Lady Warriors finish third in Jerseyville Calhoun News-Herald


Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Hardin, Illinois

SaM ELLIoTT Calhoun News-Herald

Mike Weaver/Calhoun News-Herald

Calhoun freshman Grace Baalman posts up against a Hillsboro defender Saturday at Jersey Community High School. The Lady Warriors beat Hillsboro 66-56 in the third-place game at the seventh annual Jerseyville Holiday Tournament after going 2-1 in pool play, losing only to two-time defending and eventual champion Civic Memorial. Baalman averaged 18 points per game through Calhoun's four tournament outings and was named to the event's all-tournament team. The Lady Warriors (13-2, 4-0 Western Illinois Valley Conference) continue their season by hosting Brussels at 7:45 p.m. Friday at Calhoun High School.

The Calhoun High School girls basketball team rebounded from just its second loss of the season by winning three-straight games in two days to finish third at the seventh annual Jerseyville Holiday Tournament. The Lady Warriors' title hopes took a hit when Civic Memorial, the tournament's two-time defending champion, won a 75-42 decision Thursday on its way to a thirdstraight title. But Calhoun wouldn't lose again. "The girls did a good job bouncing back," Lady Warriors head coach Aaron Baalman said. "We let a couple bad decisions in that CM game turn into a 19-0 run and, for the most part, that second quarter did us in. But finishing 3-1 as a small school in the field — we’ve got to take some positives out of that." Emma Baalman scored 13 points to lead Calhoun against CM, which got out to a 45-19 lead at the halftime break. "Civic Memorial is just so quick and strong," coach Baalman said. "We just aren't at that level yet." The Lady Warriors earned their spot in the tournament's third-place game by winning twice in as many games to complete Pool B play Friday at JCHS. Calhoun's day began with a 47-27 win against Granite City in which freshman Grace Baalman totaled 20 points and 12 rebounds. Sophomore Kassidy Klocke added 19 points. Calhoun knocked off the tournament host by winning a 62-44 decision against JCHS later Friday. Grace Baalman led the way with another double-double, this time scoring 23 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. Emma Baalman added 20 points and classmate Sydney White finished with 15 and nine rebounds. The Lady Warriors were matched against Hillsboro in Saturday's third-place game after the Lady Hilltoppers finished second behind Southwestern in Pool A. Calhoun was forced to play without Grace and Emma Baalman for extended periods due to foul trouble, but Klocke's 23 points and seven assists helped the Lady Warriors win a 66-56 decision.

Mike Weaver/Calhoun News-Herald

Calhoun sophomore Sydney White drives through the Jersey Community High School defense Friday at JCHS. White had her highest-scoring game of the Jerseyville Holiday Tournament against the host Lady Panthers, totaling 15 points with nine rebounds.

Mike Weaver/Calhoun News-Herald

Lady Warriors sophomore Kassidy Klocke eyes the basket against Jersey Community High School Friday at the Jerseyville Holiday Tournament. Klocke was named to the event's all-tournament team as Calhoun went 3-1 and placed third at the eight-team tournament.

"Kassidy did a great job of taking charge with Grace and Emma out," coach Baalman said. "She has been emerging as the leader of this team." Klocke and Grace Baalman, who totaled 20 points and six rebounds against Hillsboro, were

Carrollton tourney provides tough tests

selected to the Jerseyville event's all-tournament team. The Lady Warriors (13-2) face county rival Brussels (7-6) at 7:45 p.m. Friday to continue a stretch of seven-straight non-conference outings.


Jean Hagen, Managing Broker - 232-1110 Jeff Oldham, PHD, Broker - 576-2531

Price reduced 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath new, low maintenance, home on 9.5 acres situated on a major County rd. just south of Otterville. Property is close enough to major cities to offer the buyer urban advantages yet maintain rural independence 100 ft lot with river frontage and boat ramp. Hamburg Large 1 bdrm cabin with river frontage. Michael. 4 bdrm, 2 bath 2 story home on 3 lots located in Hardin. The property includes a detached large two car garage and a large boat shed. The property is close to a major town boat launch. The home has excellent views of the Illinois river. 1.8 acre lot. with road frontage. Ideal area ready to build on. Batchtown Small quaint cabin overlooking the Ill River sitting on 5 secluded Hardin town lots. 5.7 acres and adjoining 3.6 acres may be available.

“We Make Good Things Happen.”


80 Acres Highly Productive Farmland for Sale

Carmen Ensigner/Calhoun News-Herald

Carmen Ensigner/Calhoun News-Herald

Brussels' Travis Kamp rises for a shot against Griggsville-Perry Thursday at Carrollton High School. The Raiders were edged by G-P 63-48 in their Carrollton Holiday Tournament opener. Brussels lost a 68-53 decision against Beardstown Friday and was bested by Calhoun in a Crate Game rematch 69-52 Saturday. The Raiders ended their tournament against Southwestern Monday, but results were not available at press time.

Calhoun's Levi Zirkelbach stretches for a rebound against the host Hawks Thursday at the Carrollton Holiday Tournament. The Warriors were edged by Carrollton 68-58 before being edged 76-64 by Griggsville-Perry Friday. Mitchell Bick's game-high 20 points helped Calhoun to a 69-52 win against Brussels Saturday. The Warriors capped their tournament by facing Beardstown Monday, but results were not available at press time.





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78.6 Acres Tillable 142 PI/192 Corn Yield Index Lease open for 2014 Located in Greene County near Kane, IL Priced at $14,800/acre

Call Josh Young, Broker at 217.851.0242 Email: Kunkel Commercial Group, O’Fallon, IL

CNH 1.1.14  

CNH 1.1.14

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