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Total Curriculum: Christmas 2013

Welcome to our Total Curriculum newsletter for Christmas 2013.

The first term of the year is almost at an end and it has been a term of the usual incredible array of activities and events at Campbell College Junior School. From the always popular ‘Pumpkin Party’ (Above) to the opening of our new Key Stage Two building and much more. We hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into the total curriculum of the school.

A New Home for KS2 The academic year began with the opening of our new Key Stage Two building. This year’s Preps 5-7 were the lucky classes who got to christen the classrooms as well as all the other wonderful new rooms at our disposal. These include a brand new ICT suite with 25 Apple iMac computers, a full sized indoor gym and designated Art room. All have been an instant hit and have remained so since.

Mrs Rowan addresses pupils from Junior School in our new gym hall

Charity Work

Our wall of Christmas shoeboxes and pupils from Junior School on our inside-out day

This term we have continued our fine tradition of Charity work. In November pupils were invited to bring in a pound for inside-out uniform day and also a further pound for the disaster relief fund in the Philippines. We have also been taking part in the annual shoebox Christmas appeal which provides a collection of much needed gifts to children in the impoverished areas of Eastern Europe.

In late October the boys took part in the annual House Cross Country race in the Campbell grounds. Preps 4-7 took part in two races with all the boys showing great determination throughout each. All boys earned a valuable house point for taking part. Prep 4/5 Winner: Tayo Olysanya Prep 6/7 Winner: Jake Stafford (Left) Prep 4 and 5 battle it out for first place

The Romans are Coming! The Prep 6 pupils have enjoyed studying the Romans this term. As a climax to the topic they reenacted a battle between the Romans and Celts, using armour forged in the heat of the Art room. The boys had a wonderful time and got a fantastic glimpse into what it must have been like to be involved in the preparation and execution of such a ferocious battle.

House News! This term’s new P. 7 House Captains are:

Patrick McColl (Lace)

Lighting the Lamp In late November, Prep 5 and selected classes from across the country were invited to Campbell College for a very special event. The 50th anniversary of the death of famed author C.S. Lewis was marked by First Minister Peter Robinson and Campbell College Headmaster Mr Robinson. Many cite the inspiration for the famous lampost in Lewis’ Narnia novels as being the lampost located within the Campbell grounds. Hundreds of school children and eager adults looked on as the lampost was lit again for the first time in many years.

Ben Coulter (Sutton)

Finlay Stafford (Vye)

Natural Learners At Campbell College Junior School the boys have been taking advantage of the amazing opportunities our grounds present. This term pupils from Prep 1 - Prep 7 have been getting outside and taking part in interactive learning experiences that reinforce their learning in the classroom. (Right) Prep 5 pupils go seed hunting. (Below) Prep 1 are exploring the grounds and searching for signs of nature.

Music Makers! In mid November, ,Prep 5 visited the Norther Ireland School of Music to take part in their annual ‘Music Makers’ morning. With the unerring guidance of Mrs Wilson both classes prepared a shared musical piece and presented it to the organisers and other schools assembled. Prep 5 SM with their assembled instruments

Prep 5 KC who took charge of the other instruments

Art Attack Prep 3 have been designing Winter jumpers this term! Oliver Tweed, Oliver Park and James Webber can be seen below modelling their latest designs; all based on tessellated, rectangular and square sponge prints.


Christmas Performances! The end of the Christmas term heralds the coming of some of the most enjoyable evenings of the year for staff, pupils and parents: The Christmas concerts.

Total Curriculum Newsletter: Christmas 2013  
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