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Samsung Vibrant Best GPS Fix EVER!!!!! ran into a fix for every samsung vibrant owner thats been plagued by the gps problem. wish i could have recorded with a different camera to really show you guys how to do it. but if i get enough interested responses, ill borrow one if i have to. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE SITE THAT I AM SHOWING YOU! attention to detail is important.not liable for you guys screwing up anything on your phones! Excited about this guys so please post your results. heres the link to the website with all the details. heres the steps i took. 1. turn off gps then turn off your phone 2. take off back cover and take out battery, sim card, and sd card 3. unscrew the 7 screws 4. pry off back cover with fingernail or flathead (CAREFULLY) 5. watch that volume rocker, power switch and a small circular piece next to bottom of sim card dont come out. 6. find the gps connector 7.cut thin and small piece of copper wire (like a fleck) and fit it CAREFULLYbetween connector piece. just enough to lift it up a bit. 8. reassemble phone and turn it on 9. wipe gps stats 10. enjoy PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THAT LEAD AS IT IS EASY TO BREAK!!!!

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Samsung Vibrant Best GPS Fix EVER!!!!!  
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