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GolfBuddy Platinum Buy From AMAZON US Customer Reviews: “I now have 4 rounds with my new Golf Buddy Platinum. First, I’ve had a laser range finder for years and was hesitant to add a GPS device. I’ve tried apps on my smart phones and found they just eat up the battery. My group plays all over our area, plus throw in an occasional golf trip and we end up playing over 70 different courses a year. We all have had an occasional lost shot or ball because of unknown hazards so a GPS unit with hole layout was a important criteria.The non-subscription of Golf Buddy is what attracted me the most, then hole layout, readability, battery life and price were the next determinants.Quick and dirty:Accuracy: Excellent. Standing side by side with a buddy and his laser, we both get the same yardage.Battery: My first charge lasted over 11 hours of play (3 18 hole rounds). I turn it on entering the parking lot and off walking off 18. I’m not using the scoring feature.Images: Well defined for locating doglegs and hazards. Nice feature is being able to touch the screen and getting a yardage to a selected spot.Readability: No problem. Older eyes sometimes require some “zooming in” but it’s not the unit, it’s me.Overall, I’m very pleased with this product; and my laser rangefinder is getting dusty.” “The Golf Buddy has everything the Skycaddie has and more. Golf Buddy has it all right in your hand as opposed to the web. Stats for fairways, greens and putts right there as you play. A 4 person scorecard …

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