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Glue Free Quick Weave™ Technique Please Read…… purchase at WWW.CONTAGIOUSHAIR.COM Learn how to apply my infamous “Glue-Free Quickweave™” Technique. No need for stocking caps, end wraps, wrapping paper. Hair is 100% protected from bonding glue and adhesives. Visit for more info or to order your product. To clarify, GPS is the name of the product demonstrated in my videos. Glue-Free Quick weave™ is the trademark name of my signature technique using GPS. GPS is a protectant used to prevent glue & adhesive from coming in contact with your natural hair. You will still need to apply your glue to your wefts in order for them to adhere to your hair. Other questions are answered in the comments bottom right, in my channel profile, and in my FAQ video part 1 If you ask a question and don’t get a response, this is why.

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Glue Free Quick Weave™ Technique