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strategic. targeted. communication that gets results for you.

We’re strategic. We’re targeted. We work hard to get results. We’d love to work with you too!

Campaign Group Campaign Group is a dynamic marketing and communications company with clients across Australia. We work with big and small businesses from a range of industries but we take the same approach to every challenge – working closely with our clients to create and deliver a plan that is squarely focused on their goals.

What we can do for you We’re experts at aligning your marketing and communications messages and tools with your objectives and ensuring they are professionally delivered, on time and on budget. Whether you are already on track and ready to grow or seeking a new direction, it’s vital to plan how you’ll share your message with the right people in the right way. Working with the right people to do that is important too. Your brand image is valuable. We won’t suggest that you spend your budget on me-too ideas that may look and sound clever but don’t reach your clients or enhance your brand. Our promise is to get it right for you the first time to realise your core business aims and to help you to build your business from there. We can commit to our promises because our team has 35+ years of experience and training in our fields of journalism, marketing, PR and business management. You can trust that we know what we’re doing and we’re focused on you.


Marketing and communications services to meet your needs We offer fully customised and integrated services in:

Innovative marketing planning & strategy

Professional media relations & publicity management

Community consultation & engagement

Marketing & media training for your team

Targeted public relations

Online strategy

Corporate communication

Internal communication

Tools development & production

Campaign Group will always provide you with sensible and forward-thinking marketing advice and we are innovative and creative about delivery, which is why we work so well with professional designers, print specialists and online experts to hit your mark.


About us Rebecca Grisman – Managing Director Rebecca Grisman established Campaign Group to meet a market need for experienced and strategic communication support and her passion for finding real-world solutions, especially for clients facing business challenges, has driven the company’s continued growth. Campaign Group’s client portfolio includes a range of SMEs, not-for-profit organisations, major Queensland companies and national firms. Rebecca has postgraduate qualifications in business and communication management. She gives her time to mentoring journalism and marketing programs at three universities and several charity boards to provide the link between business planning and development and the local community. Just some of the charities that Rebecca has worked alongside include Special Schools, Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation, MontroseAccess, Sunshine Coast Rescue Helicopter Service, QUT Foundation and the Leukaemia Foundation to help them realise their aims. Rebecca has directed marketing, communications and community engagement for major companies, government authorities and not-for-profit organisations and managed teams and projects in the education, media, local and state government, property development, consulting and charity sectors.


Carolyn Tucker – Client Services Director Carolyn Tucker’s award-winning career in journalism and corporate communications spans more than 20 years of senior experience in research, writing, editing and managing professional communication. Carolyn’s experience in major news media includes roles as a senior journalist, sub-editor and chief-of-staff for state-wide and national print, radio and television organisations. Carolyn became well known throughout Queensland as a presenter of the drive and morning current affairs and talkback programs on 612 ABC Brisbane and then for Channel Seven’s Today Tonight program. She also assisted ABC Online to develop and present their broadband news service and online news production. Carolyn moved to the Sunshine Coast for a seachange and worked for several media organisations before taking on contracts in communications consulting for many of the region’s foremost public and private sector clients, providing advice on communications strategy, media training and media management. Carolyn joined Campaign Group in 2012 and her extensive experience in media liaison, community engagement, communication planning and managing issues, and her broad network of national media contacts, provides our team with significant additional media and professional writing expertise. Carolyn is also an experienced facilitator for community engagement and media and communications training and many of our clients highly value both her skills and forward thinking approach.


Bianca Swann – Marketing and Client Services Bianca has worked in marketing and customer support in Queensland’s property, retail and hospitality industries and she has extensive experience in administration, sales team support, database management and client service. Bianca has almost completed university studies in communication, combining studies in journalism, marketing and PR. Her interests are in online and offline communication platforms and trends so that our clients can integrate their marketing plans with real world tools. Bianca is an excellent copy writer and enjoys media liaison. She is often the frontline for us in providing our clients great service and timely advice and support.


The company we keep We don’t claim to be experts in your business, but we dedicate time to understanding what you do best, your plans and your issues, so that we can give you our best advice and support in return. Industries that we’ve worked with: Engineering

Finance and insurance

Government – local, state, federal


Legal services


Charities and not-for-profit organisations

Quarrying and mining

Property development and sales

Building, construction and landscaping



Transport and infrastructure


Social and emergency housing

Retirement and aged care

Tourism and hospitality Education and training


How can we help you? Strategy & Planning Strategic communication can help you decide your aims, identify your target audiences and choose the best way to speak directly to people in the way they want to hear from you. We believe that planned marketing is essential for your success. We can assist you to implement cost effective strategy and planning, training and positioning. If you have a plan, we’ll support you in delivering it; if you don’t, we’ll help you create a plan that works. We’ve worked on a number of large scale projects requiring internal or corporate communication to reach key stakeholders, and managed specialised tactics for communicating and engaging with communities or whole market sectors. We can help you stage and rollout projects to wide-ranging audiences or simply talk to neighbours and existing clients like the valued individuals they are.

Publicity, Media Management & Relationship Building Media are powerful yet varied channels for sharing key messages with your target audience. Advertising, publicity and positioning can be highly effective when it’s delivered strategically. Bad publicity is never good, full stop. Our backgrounds on both sides of PR and journalism means we have strategic ideas for best using paid and unpaid tactics for reaching your target audience, so you can best decide how to spend your budget wisely. Positively highlighting your name or business in the news relies on establishing good rapport with media and recurring good news requires effective and professional media relationships. Most businesses don’t have the time, contacts or knowledge to develop media links but when an issue occurs it can make a real difference if you’ve been proactive, or if reacting is the only option you have. 8

Campaign Group can help you decide key messages for your business and plan a targeted schedule of positive, proactive story ideas for media that reach your audiences, and we can help you form professional working relationships longterm. Our professional team has regional, national and international media contacts to match your audiences and boost your brand awareness and credibility. We also know how to respond in times of concern so that you can voice your view. We will be there when you need us, with a plan that works.

Community Consultation & Engagement Your local community or the general public can show support or otherwise impact on your business and its plans, based on the quality of information they have and how they understand it. It is crucial that you consider and engage people at the right time with your key messages. Campaign Group has extensive experience in preparing and delivering community consultation, information campaigns, issues management and fundraising efforts and we can work with you to identify your objectives and develop a strategy to connect you with your stakeholders.

Corporate & Internal Communication Your brand is reflected in everything your business does, from your logo to the attitude of staff to the bottom line in your annual report. What you decide to say and how you say it is crucial to your marketing and business success, so Campaign Group’s professional copy writers and editors can help mould your brand into words through print and web tools, advertising, newsletters and brochures, policy documents, and all of your internal or external communication. We can also work with you and involve your team to take ownership of how you present your business and build your reputation effectively. 9

Training We can create customised media, PR and marketing management workshops and seminars to suit your business, for your managers or for all of your team. We can also record training to facilitate improving specific skills, or create templates, processes and policies for you to use for training your people in future.

Events Campaign Group has more than 20 years of experience in coordinating memorable events, from intimate business lunches to major launches, celebrations, conferences or Gala Balls. You can leave the planning and pressure to us and just relax or enjoy the spotlight!

Tools Development and Production We will work with you to create online, electronic and tangible tools that will leverage your current resources, and we will help you at every step from product design to production and delivery.


Our Consulting Principles promise you great service We take pride in being very straightforward and easy to deal with, and if we’re not the right people for your project we’ll say so. Here are our key principles for working with you: 1. We work to a plan that’s strategically aligned to your goals, and we’ll stick to that plan or review it with you. 2. We can work with you to optimise your budget. We’d like you to think of us as your marketing team and grow in partnership with you. 3. We quote all of our costs up front so there are no surprise fees or charges in our work for you. If your needs change, we’re happy to requote to fit your brief. 4. The very nature of our business is to be timely and responsive to your needs; we’ll be there when you need us. 5. We only take on clients that we believe we can assist. If your needs are beyond the scope of our expertise, we’ll advise you and, if possible, refer you to an appropriate professional for help.

From the outset to the end, our focus is on strategically communicating with your target market to get results.


Contact Us We look forward to working with you! Postal Address PO Box 1569 Buddina QLD 4575 Contact

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Strategic, targeted communication that gets results for you.

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