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CLASSROOM ENGAGEMENT onviolent Schools engage every student as a potential leader. They work to meet each student where they are and ignite in them a love of learning. In Nonviolent Schools, every young person is engaged in critical thinking and encouraged to understand and interact with their community and the world. • • • • • •

Ensure that a variety of elective options and career-oriented courses are available at all neighborhood high schools, both during the school day and after school hours. Guarantee that students receiving remediation have a balanced curriculum that includes engaging and relevant course work. Implement an ethnic studies curriculum at the high school level that allows for crosscultural learning of American history that is inclusive of all ethnic groups represented in the school district. Prioritize hands-on and project-based learning and courses that develop criticalthinking skills. Fully implement Policy 102, that calls for Mutliracial-Multicultural-Gender Education in schools Provide classroom engagement and conflict resolution training for all teachers.

Project Based Learning:

Classroom Engagment  

Student created solutions to better classroom engagement