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Check-In with 2 weeks left on the Shores of Lake Winnipesaukee... 2011 PEMI DAY Tecumseh and Pemi battled fiercely all day in nip and tuck contests and the lead changed hands many times. Finally, when the day ended in a slight, steady drizzle at both waterfronts the final score was 9-9-2! A historic tie! Perhaps the first one ever, and certainly the first one in the memories of those who have witnessed over 50 CT-Pemi days! We keep the Hat because the reigning champs must be beaten to get the Hat. More in the upcoming Blue-Gray Newsletter.

Tecumseh Weekend If you plan to come visit camp for the final weekend, the Operetta is Trial by Jury and Gilbert and Sullivan’s Greatest Hits! There will also be a Dedication of Munger Hall at Noon on Saturday (Pics HERE). You are more than welcome to join us for one of these events or for a day visit. **Please note, although you are welcome for a visit, alums cannot sleep on campus during the weekend. Camp is still in session and the council, campers and camp operations are still in active mode and you’re asked not to disrupt that. CLICK HERE for a list of local accommodations. Any questions about the weekend can be directed HERE. Thanks!

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Help continue this great tradition of being able to offer financial aid and scholarships to Tecumseh campers in need!

We are 75% to our 2010-11 goal of $150,000 (Fiscal Year Ends on September 30th)

CLICK HERE to Make your Gift Today! If you have a question about whether you made a gift in 2010-11 yet, email us HERE.

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