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Camp Ramps Camp-Ramps is your professional partner for high quality funsport facilities for the sports BMX, Skateboard, Le Parkour/Freerunning, MTB, FMX and Pitbike. We design and construct customized concepts for you, which not only provide top-of-range materials as well as a perfect finish, but also a high innovation level and absolute acceptance by the athletes. Due to our personal experience and our closeness to the scenes at the same time, we are capable to design and to realize the right concept for every demand. Our service-spectrum reaches from fixed installations for public or private projects up to event-setups for contests, shows or fairs. On the following pages we want to present our service- and product-range to you in detail..


1. EVENT-SETUPS Camp-Ramps designs customized event-concepts for the fun sports BMX/MTB, Skateboard, Pitbike, FMX, le Parkour and Freerunning. We are your reliable partner from the planning process up to the realization. Camp-Ramps has already successfully realized special event-setups for different events like i.e. Red Bull Bridge Masters PSP The Way, or the Suzuki BMX Masters. Our work is characterized by precision already in the planning process, high quality of the material, a perfect finish and short assembly times. It is really important to adjust the installation exactly to the event and the settings. For example it is important to consider the skill level of the participating riders and the show-effect at the same time.

Camp-Ramps event-setups put your event on the track to success, because show and sport harmonize in perfection on our setups and athletes as well as organizers appreciate this. Furthermore we involve the client deep into the planning process to provide an output that fulfils the clients’ expectations the best as possible. For events, Camp-Ramps develops special modular-concepts, in which the constructions consist of several preassembled parts/modules. This makes the transport of the setup much easier and rigorously reduces the assembly times. The modular building style has already proved itself at different events and saves a lot of time and money on site. With Camp-Ramps you have an absolutely reliable, experienced and scene-accepted partner at your side, with whom your event is going to set standards.

Suzuki BMX Masters, Cologne (Str eetparcour) 2005-20


2. PUBLIC FACILITIES Camp-Ramps managed to become a reference in the field of public fixed facilities and coaches your project from the first planning meetings up to the opening of the finished park. Our product range in this section covers Skateboard, BMX, MTB or Le Parkour/Freerunning-installations on the highest level concerning quality, technical innovation and longevity. Camp-Ramps offers outdoor-facilities as well as indoor solutions. The exact choice and combination of the materials like wood, concrete, asphalt, steel and synthetic working materials make our funsport-installations a veritable experience. We only use chosen high-grade materials and work under high quality standards, which always forces us to provide the best possible output for our clients. For outdoor-purposes, our wooden elements can be equipped i.e. with a low abrasion synthetic riding surface. For elements with direct contact to the ground we suggest our concrete solutions.

Our parks correspond to the TĂœV and security terms and regulations and are at the same time highly frequented and accepted by the scene and the athletes, which is very important for funsport-installations. It is unnecessary to invest in a project, which is not adopted and used in the end. For communities, private investors or public facilities Camp-Ramps is the right company to speak to and realizes your ideas and imaginations. From your idea we work out an overall-concept in cooperation with you considering all circumstances and the exact objectives. The construction of the facility takes place under stringent compliance to the deďŹ ned date-, material- and quality-guidelines. Also the assembly on site happens professionally, reliably and quickly. Within the last years we have successfully realized various facilities according to very different concepts. All these installations are still existent and very popular.

3. PARKOUR & FREERUNNING Within the last Years the new fun sports Le Parkour and Freerunning have evolved a lot and attract more and more young people from all over the world. The art to move through an urban environment the most efďŹ cient as possible has already bred a steadily growing, worldwide connected and active Le Parkour- / Freerunning scene that always pushes the limits further forward.


Camp-Ramps is busy in the Le Parkour/Freerunning scene for several years now and already realized various challenging setups for different events. The diversiďŹ ed and innovative designed setups caused an enormously positive feedback from the athletes as well as from the organizers. Camp-Ramps designs and builds your customized event-setup considering all guidelines and circumstances. We are your partner for spectacular, eye-catching event-installations from the idea up to the realization. Due to the combination of different wooden and steel-elements we are capable of realizing nearly all imaginable constructions for all requirements.

The closeness to the scene, our experience in the event-business and last but not least our big network of opinion leaders, media and partners enable us to also work out and realize complete event-concepts for you.

Fixed installations It became obvious, that within the Le Parkour- and Freerunning scene there is a growing demand for permanent existing Parkour-parks like the classic skate- or bikeparks. In this ďŹ eld, Camp-Ramps offers indoor- as well as outdoor-solutions for all requirements and budgets. The parks consist of concrete-, wooden- or steel-elements that can also be combined. Longevity due to the weatherproof and tough materials as well as a maximum usability and acceptance due to the customized concept are facts that characterize our parks.

Parkour gym Camp-Ramps also offers complete Le Parkour- or Freerunning training spots for private clients or public facilities. Always considering the special needs of the client, we design sophisticated room utilisation concepts with different elements and areas for different training purposes. Besides the already mentioned wooden, concrete or steel-elements, we also use specially designed methodology training blocks from foam, general gymnastic devices or individual climbing- or boulder-walls. As a matter of course, we stringently work according to the current safety regulations and only use chosen, high-grade materials.

For the field of Le Parkour- and Freerunning, Camp-Ramps has designed a novel scaffolding system, which can be used for different applications and with which complete, individual Le Parkour and Freerunning worlds can be created. The system can easily and quickly be assembled and is very strong and warp resistant at the same time. Therefore, the system is not only perfect for fixed installations, but also very useful for event-applications as well as for shows and fairs. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Due to the different options in the choice of the material to use, the scaffolding system can be perfectly configured for indoor-, outdoor- and mobile applications. Pipe-elements from stainless steel in combination with connection cubes from aircraft grade aluminium produce an impressive look and are perfect for fixed indoor and outdoor installations. Pipe-elements from aluminium make the system an universal tool for event- and fair-applications. The scaffolding system is also compatible with lots of different light- and sound- systems as well as standards for event-purposes, which enables our scaffolding system for this very creative field with lots of possibilities in application. The connection pipes can be produced in different lengths, which make nearly every imaginable construction possible. Already existing installations can easily be modified by hand, which can be important to adapt the facility to the advance of the athletes without having to build a completely new installation. In combination with our wooden and concrete-elements, the CampRamps scaffolding system offers countless possibilities to create your individual Le Parkour- and Freerunning facility.

5. CLIMBING& BOULDER WALLS Camp-Ramps is your partner for high-quality climbingand boulderwalls for indoor and outdoor applications. For private clients, public projects or for events and competitions Camp-Ramps offers best manufactured and persistent products. We design specially customized climbing wall concepts that correspond perfectly to the clients’ needs and the project itself. Our concepts provide the maximum out of the budget and the location. For events Camp-Ramps uses the selfdeveloped modular building style, which makes the walls easy and quickly to assemble on site from preassembled smaller elements. Beneath the material for the carcass construction, the client can also choose the climbing panels as well as their surface structure. This makes our constructions the best choice for all requirements and applications. Camp-Ramps also sets standards in the field of safety. Our product range includes i.e. shock-absorbing security floorings as well as highquality rope-security systems. Get impressed and convinced by our ideas and the quality of our work while realizing your project!

Media: Good public relations work has to be target-oriented but also issue-oriented at the same time. Especially in the ďŹ eld of extreme sports, a precise adjustment of the PR-activities to the particular scene and the connected media is essential. Our longtime experience in the ďŹ eld of public relations as well as our closeness to the scenes makes us your ideal partner for al questions concerning event-communication. We have very close contacts to all relevant key media and our databases are always kept up-to-date and are constantly extended. This enables us to communicate your event professionally and close to the target group.

Support: For events and shows Camp-Ramps also offers support in all questions concerning the acquisition of riders and participants. We have very good contacts to athletes from the sports BMX/MTB, FMX, Pitbike and Le Parkour/Freerunning and have access to a big pool of athletes, photographers and moderators that we can book for or invite to your event. It doesn’t matter if you need pro riders, scene-celebrities top-interviewpartners or amateurs: we have the matching contacts for all requirements. Our experience for your success!

Camp Ramps product catalog  
Camp Ramps product catalog  

Camp-Ramps is your professional partner for high quality-funsport facilities for the sports BMX, Skateboard, Le Parkour/Freerunning, MTB, FM...