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From the CEO

Dear Friends, I always love it when I meet former Camp Fire kids and hear their stories of how Camp Fire made a difference in their lives. They tell me things like: “I learned how to get along with all kinds of people,”; “I learned how to paddle a canoe!”; “I learned not to give up when something is hard, but to find a different way of doing it,”; “I learned to make healthier choices about exercise and food,” or “I learned that adults care about me.” Each story is heartwarming and special, and each story reaffirms that our mission is important—and it is working! Every day, through our Before and After School Program, Community Centers, summer camps and Rural Program, Camp Fire Alaska is providing opportunities for our youth to find the best in themselves and others, discover their sparks­—the things that really excite their minds and spirits—and encourage them to set goals and believe they can achieve them. We at Camp Fire are providing a foundation of caring and support from which youth can reach and grow and truly thrive. Thank you for all you do to make our work possible.

Barbara Dubovich Barbara Dubovich CEO

Discovering the Best in Themselves “A teacher told me that two children in our program have class together and have been known to fight and have conflict at school. She said that they have been playing together without issues recently and when she asked where they learned to share, they said ‘We learned it at Camp Fire’.” – Before & After School Program Site Director


Who We Are 13 to 15 year olds 11.8 %

16 to 18 year olds 0.3 %

4 to 6 year olds 13.8 %

Age of Participants

7 to 9 year olds 42.9 %

10 to 12 year olds 31.2 %

Gender of Participants

Male: 50.8%

Multi-Ethnic 4.4 %

Female: 49.2%

Other/Not Identified 4.5 %

Hispanic 2.5 %

African American 3.2 %

Ethnicity of Participants

Caucasian 32.6 % Asian American/Pacific Islander 2.8 % 3

Alaska Native/Native American 50 %

Who We Are • In 2013, Camp Fire Alaska served more than 5,000 children across the state of Alaska • 376 youth from 235 families received $147,564 in program scholarships • 83% of parents surveyed said that knowing their child is safe and well cared-for at Camp Fire’s programs provides them peace of mind, so they can relax and be more productive at work • 89% of parents surveyed said they valued our caring and professional staff and high-quality programming

Helping Working Families “As a parent, it makes me feel good that my daughter has a safe as well as fun and nurturing environment after school while I’m at work.” – Camp Fire Parent “Camp Fire helps me stay sane! It takes the pressure off me about my work schedule, and my son loves it.” – Camp Fire Parent “I’m so thankful that my child has a safe place to go after school. I can work a job with normal hours as a single parent. Thank You!” – Camp Fire Parent

Growing Social & Emotional Competence “My son is sociable, well adjusted and takes responsibility for his own behavior choices.” – Camp Fire Parent “The staff interact with the children and create a true commuity where everyone is accepted and the expectations and boundaries are clear. “ – Camp Fire Parent “My daughter has come out of her shell and is more social and talkative with others.” – Camp Fire Parent 4 4

Before & After School

After School Program

• Camp Fire’s Before and After School Programs are located in 28 elementary schools (more than half the elementary schools in the Anchorage School District), 8 of which are located in Title 1 schools • We served more than 1,300 children a day in 2013 • 87% of youth surveyed agreed with the statement: “I am able to show others at Camp Fire what is special and unique about me.”


In-Service Full Day Program

Step-It-Up-2-Thrive is a theory of youth development and change that is based on identifying sparks–the interests, skills or talents that bring each individual child to life—then developing a growth mindset to allow change to happen. This involves setting goals and believing they can do new things, encouraging self-reflection about what can help them succeed, and understanding the risk factors in the way. Thrive helps youth develop goal management skills to help them keep moving ahead (by trying again and trying new things), even when faced with challenges. Camp Fire was the first US national youth development organization to implement this methodology. In Alaska, Camp Fire began Thrive programming in 2012, incorporating the approach at several Before & After School Program sites. In 2013 the agency began expanding it to other programs.

Winter Break

Discovering a Spark


“A child experiencing some challenging behaviors asked if she could bring in a sewing kit and sew during program. After watching her sew for a while, I asked if she would be interested in repairing some fraying and tears in our chairs in the quiet area. The child took on the tasks with incredible enthusiasm. The chairs were repaired and, more importantly, the child is now bringing a positive attitude to program every day and is always looking for ways to help staff and other children.” – Before & After School Program Site Director

Community Centers • Camp Fire’s 3 Community Centers served 130 children in 2013, the majority of which are from Title I schools • This program is available year-round at no cost to families

Our Community Garden

Safe Places to Grow Camp Fire’s Community Centers are located in the economically challenged neighborhoods of Mountain View and Fairview as well as the Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s Loussac Place. Centers provide vital support for low-income working parents and safe places for children to go. Research confirms that after school hours are the most high-risk time of day for crime by and against youth. Knowing their children are safe and cared for allows parents to better focus on improving their family’s economic stability.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Snow City Cafe

Our staff works with youth to establish a foundation of resiliency, how to make healthy life choices, and develop employability skills that will allow them to thrive now and in the future.

Setting and Fulfilling a Goal “I was 10 years old when I decided I would work for Camp Fire when I grew up. My family was living in the old Loussac Manor and I was going to Camp Fire’s Community Center Program after school. In 2013, that childhood dream came true. Being able to go back to where I grew up and to play that supportive role I admired so much in my Camp Fire staff is an amazing experience. As a staff member, I feel a special sense of belonging, and my purpose is all the more intentional. I am aware of how the opportunities I had as a child helped me be more confident in myself and others. Today, it’s as if I can see myself in each of the kids – their eagerness to learn and experience new things, their persistence in activities, and their enthusiasm.” I have also learned that this job is so much more than just taking care of kids. It’s an ongoing process of planning, creating, teaching, mentoring and evaluating. I continue to learn with Camp Fire! – Community Center Program Staff

Hands-on Banking with Wells Fargo


Rural Program

• Served 2,075 youth in 2013 • Visited 27 communities • Offered 64 weeks of programming • Focused on cold-water and boating safety, dental health, nutrition and cooking, outdoor recreation, healthy life choices, and team building

Learning About Healthy Food Choices

Practicing Healthy Outdoor Activities

Wise Kids in Alaska In addition to cold water and boating safety, dental health and other day camp activities, our 2013 Rural Program staff took the “Wise Kids” curriculum out to more than 2,000 youth. Wise Kids establishes a foundation for healthy life choices as kids and adults. In rural Alaska communities, dental decay, obesity and diabetes have been climbing over the last few decades, Today, between 27% and 40% of youth here are overweight or obese, and dental decay is 4.5 times higher than the national average. The Wise Kids program offers hour-long sessions, with 15 minutes of self-directed learning on a topic, 15 minutes of group learning, and 30 minutes of active play. Youth responded enthusiastically to the fun and engaging lessons on portion size, the food groups, healthy eating, and exercise choices. Each community held a healthy living competition in which youth were awarded points for making good food choices, daily exercise and water consumption. Staff reported that children would often knock on their doors after program hours to talk about how much water they drank or to show them the number of steps on their pedometers that day. Camp Fire is grateful to General Mills for a grant supporting the program and to ExxonMobil for providing backpacks and BP for providing water bottles.

Establishing a Growth Mindset


“The kids learned alternative healthy activities to use their time during the day. Obesity is a problem here and Camp Fire gave options to help kids make healthy decisions.” – Program Coordinator, liamna/Newhalen Clinic

Summer Camps Thriving in the Great Outdoors Research shows that children who attend summer camp are more resilient, confident, competent, independent, and socially connected. Camp Fire’s summer programs give youth opportunities to experience growth through challenge.

Team building activity at Camp Si-La-Meo

• Together, our three summer programs served 1,567 youth in 2013 • 578 youth attended Camp K on Kenai Lake • 521 youth attended Camp Si-La-Meo • 468 youth attended Summer Adventure Program

Allowing Change to Happen “Every week my niece came home talking of new experiences, new things she tried, and all the great counselors that did not baby her but, rather, expanded her inner adventurous child: jumping off a diving board without needing a life vest; saying “yes” to getting in a canoe and even tipping it; allowing others to get close enough to bond with her; a desire to be healthy and take a walk; an imagination and wish to create things from the nature that lay around her. She was more open to embracing nature and respecting it, more open to speaking up and being her own, individual self. Thank you!” – Camp Fire Parent

One of many field trips at Summer Adventure Program

Overcoming Challenges “I love that Camp Fire accommodates special needs children in all its programs.” – Camp Fire Parent

Archery at Camp K on Kenai Lake

Having Fun While Learning “I was extremely pleased with the program. My daughter was having fun and busy, and I wasn’t worried about her at all. She loved it! She’s been to other summer programs and liked them well enough, but you guys knocked it out of the park!.” – Camp Fire Parent


Camp K Partner Groups

Operation Purple Camp

All Kids Can Go To Camp In addition to regular summer camp sessions, Camp K provides special summer camp programs for Alaskan youth through community partnerships. Agencies and groups in the community host the camps and Camp Fire Alaska provides a range of contracted support, from full use of our facilities and equipment, to complete turn-key summer camp experiences.

American Diabetes Association Camp

We look forward to growing these partnerships, and the re-development of Camp K that was completed in 2013 (see next page) will allow us to accommodate campers with a wider range of special physical and medical needs.

Partner Camps • Operation Purple Camp: for children of deployed military parents, co-sponsored by the National Military Family Association • ADA Camp: for children with juvenile diabetes, sponsored by the American Diabetes Association


• Camp ARCTIC (ARthritis Can’t Tame my Independence and Courage): for children who have juvenile idiopathic arthritis and their parents, sponsored by a coalition including the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the Alaska Native Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital at Providence • Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp: for children with asthma, sponsored by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of Alaska and the Central Peninsula General Hospital • North Star Behavioral Health Camp: for clients of the pediatric behavioral health agency • Alaska Children’s Services Camp: for clients of the pediatric psychiatric services agency


•Denali Family Services Camp: for clients of the community services referral agency

Camp K Dedication

Building on a New Foundation

Camp K Staff at Season Opening

Camp K on Kenai Lake first opened in 1964 (under the name Camp Kushtaka), using cabins that had been retired by the U.S. Forest Service. Ingenuity and elbow grease allowed Camp Fire Alaska to keep those buildings in service more than 45 years longer, but it was pretty clear by the late 1990s that the camp was in serious need of an overhaul. Camp Fire Alaska launched “The Campaign to Make it Possible,” in 2008, and raised the $3.25 million needed to redevelop the buildings and infrastructure at Camp K. The Campaign, and construction, concluded in 2013 and on May 31st more than 100 Camp Fire Alaska supporters and alumni gathered at camp to celebrate. Following a blessing of the land by a representative of the local Kenaitze Tribe, CEO Barb Dubovich thanked the major donors and long list of supporters of the project.

Building Dedication

The Rasmuson Foundation, major contributors to the project, made a surprise switch in the Community Hall naming. At the end of the ceremony they changed out the new building’s sign, which bore their name, to one they preferred: Dubovich Community Hall, in recognition of Camp Fire Alaska CEO Barb Dubovich’s service to the youth in Alaska, Camp Fire, and the camp redevelopment project. The new facilities include a large community dining hall building, wheelchair accessible cabins, a medical center, showers, and flush toilets and will help Camp Fire serve a wider section of the Alaska community, including those with special health needs, and will allow Camp Fire to continue offering quality outdoor programming here for another 50 years— and even longer.

Recognizing Alumni


Financial Statement

As of December 31, 2013 Other Income 1%

Board of Directors

Contributions 11.6 %

Grants & Contracts 18 %


Barbara Rosetti President

United Way 2.9 %

Current $ 1,127,539 Longterm $ 1,168,466 Property $ 3,938,449

Barbara Henjum 1st Vice President

Total Assets Program Revenue 66.5 %

Monica Kane 2nd Vice President Nichole Gifford Secretary Donovan Rulien II Treasurer Lisa Doehl Lynn Erwin Michael Kreger Christina Nordstrom Linda Phillips Carol Richards Bill Rosetti Steven Theno Walter Williams IV Barbara Dubovich CEO



Development & Marketing 3.8 % Administration 16.8 % Day Camp 5.8 %

$ 6,234,454


Campaign 0.5 % Depreciation 2%

Current $ 324,275 Def. Rev. $ 83,322 Long-term $ 53,642

Total Liabilities $ 461,239


Camp K 3.9 %

Net Assets $ 5,773,215

Rural 4.2 % Community Centers 4.2 %

School Age Programs 58.8 %

Audited financial statements for the year ending December 31st, 2013 were prepared by BDO, Certified Public Accountants. Camp Fire Alaska is an equal-opportunity employer and provider.

Campaign Supporters

The Campaign to Make it Possible Lead Gifts State of Alaska, BP, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. ExxonMobil, Steve and Jan Fishback, Eric McCallum and Robin Smith, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Mat-Su Health Foundation, Neeser, Inc., Ed and Cathy Rasmuson, Rasmuson Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation

Major Gifts AT&T Alaska National Insurance Company, In Memory of Mary Louise Rasmuson

Alcan General, Inc. Atwood Foundation BP Foundation Blythe & Rob Campbell Steve & Karen Compton Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Irma DeSmet Ray Dinger Dowl HKM Barbara Dubovich Robert & Linda Felland

Heather Flynn,

In memory of Joan Hurst

David & Jodi Forsland Rick & Cyndie Fox Family Saul R. Friedman & Andrena Stone John Gliva & Alice Galvin Matt Kolesky & Shannon DeMarco Ken & Satrina Lord Lynden Logistics, Inc. Ruth Mathes McClintock Land Associates Nancy Munro Northrim Bank Kerry & Connie Ozer

Scott & Sara Pate Rasmuson Foundation

Board Designated Grants from Lile Gibbons, Judy Rasmuson and Natasha von Imhof

Jim & Pinkie Richardson John & Caroline Rodgers Kitty Smith Steve Theno Dianne Toebe USKH Inc. Carol, Bob & Christina Waters

Community Gifts Dwayne & Sandy Adams Toby Allen & Laurie Miller Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Anchorage Chpt. No. 139, Women of the Moose Anchorage Home Builders Care Endowment Anchorage Lions Club Anchorage Mt. McKinley Lions Club Anonymous Marge Arnold Sandy, Liam & Anna Beitel Wayne & Mary Boden Barbara Bowerman Leo Bustad & Jeanne Davis Cabin Fever Gary & Jan Caddell

Debra Caldera CAP Management Carol Comeau Glenn & Pam Cravez Rob, Judith & Whitney Crotty Joseph & Joan Darnell Herbert Eckmann Martin & Robin Eckmann Sebastian & Nancy Eckmann/Nordic Constructors Nan Elliott Mark Fryer & Wanda Seamster Sharon Gleason Golder Associates Laurie Gregory & Griff Steiner Jack & Nancy Grieco Sandra Haldane

Barbara Henjum Leslie Hiebert & Phillip Treuer Carol Hodge Suzanne Holmes & Michael Pannone William Hopkins Carol Howarth & Jim Mendenhall James & Janet Huettl Jon & Marnie Isaacs Marbeth Johns Monica & Tim Kane Jeff Keim Jill Klein & Dov Margalit Mary Knopf & Craig Rice Tony & Susan Knowles Karen Koeder Mike Kreger Jo Lamson 12

The BP Gathering Area

Community Gifts

ConocoPhillips Medical Center and Shower House


Linford of Alaska: Suzanne Linford Eunice Lott George & Norah Maling Katie McKinney Sally Mead Jo & Peter Michalski Art Mitchell Carol Mitchell-Springer& Charles Springer John Mohr Nancy Nolan, Bill Britt, &d Brian Britt Patrick Nutter &d Joanne PhillipsNutter Lynette Ortolano Mia Oxley Mona Painter Judy Phillips Linda Phillips Polar Supply Co. Carol Richards Patrick & April Reilly Bill & Barb Rosetti Stan Smith Scholarship Fund (AHBC Endowment) Spenard Builders Supply Michael Stinebaugh & Charlotte Fox Nan Thompson Lois Watson Richard & Katherine Wells Eric West Wildman TR Inc. W.Paul Wunnicke & Alisa Carroll 13

Gifts In-kind Alaska Steel Company Alaska Heavenly Lodge Alcan Electrical & Engineering, Inc. Ashburn & Mason Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon, Inc. Carlile Transportation Carlos Tree Services Combs Sheet Metal Cook Inlet Housing Authority Cook Inlet Tribal Youth Build Program Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. ECI/Hyer, Inc. EDC Inc. Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Goldner & Associates JR Heritage K - F Construction Services Kenai Welding Kraxberger Drilling, Inc.

L & J Enterprises Land Design North Dov Margalit / Res 3D McClintock Land Associates Jan Mitchell Neeser Construction, Inc. Mayme Ohnemus Partusch Plumbing & Heating PDC, Inc. Engineers Rainproof Roofing Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program Spenard Builders Supply Steve Fishback, AIA Sunrise Inn Totem Ocean Trailer Express Universal Roofing of Alaska Inc. Western Insulfoam Dubovich Community Hall

Annual Fund Supporters Champions for Children Society We are fortunate to have the generous support of many friends and contributors dedicated to our mission of giving every child the opportunity to discover the best of themselves and others in a fun, safe learning environment. Members of Camp Fire’s Champions for Children Society have each made a multiyear commitment of $5,000 or more to Camp Fire’s annual fund.

$5,000+ per year Blythe Campbell Ed and Cathy Rasmuson

$2,000+ per year Bethany Buchanan Jennifer Deitz/Alaska Career College Don Rulien

$1,000+ per year Lisa Brest Penny Cotten Valerie Nurr’araaluk Davidson Myrna DeCota David & Cindy Devlin Ray Dinger Michael Divens Lisa & Bob Doehl Barbara Dubovich S. Lynn Erwin Steve & Jan Fishback Heather Flynn Saul Friedman Nichole Gifford Tina Grovier & Patrick Flynn Sandra Haldane Carol Harris Stephanie Joannides Jewel Jones Gwen Kennedy, Ph. D.

$1,000+ per year

2013 Champions for Children Breakfast Sponsors


Jill Klein & Dov Margalit Mary Knopf & Craig Rice Ed & Robin Kornfield Jo Lamson Eunice Lott Becca & Jed Luczycki Debe Mahoney Eric McCallum & Robin Smith Don McClintock & Joanie Cleary Brian & Amy Meissner James Metcalfe & Moira Smith Patrick & Joanne Nutter Bobbi & Jim Olson Connie & Kerry Ozer Pattey Parker Scott & Sara Pate Linda Phillips John & Caroline Rodgers Barb & Bill Rosetti Sheila Selkregg Jaquel Shepperson The Shin Family Catherine Smith Alex & Susan Slivka Spenard Builders Supply Carla Stephenson Elaine Taylor Walter & Audrie Williams Candace Winkler & Matt Kropke


Annual Fund Supporters $100,000+ Rasmuson Foundation United Way of Anchorage

$50,000-$99,999 ExxonMobil Municipal Light & Power Municipality of Anchorage

$25,000-$49,999 Camp Fire National Headquarters ConocoPhillips Alaska Cook Inlet Housing Authority Robert & Linda Felland Fred Meyer Fund Northrim Bank

$10,000-$24,999 BP Roberta Quintavell Wells Fargo

$1,000-$9,999 The Alaska Children’s Trust Alaska National Insurance Company Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Anchorage Community Land Trust Jeanne Anderson Anonymous Bill Stroecker Foundation Anne and Tom Brooks Safeway Michelle Cassano Midge Clouse Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Cook Inlet Tribal Council Donlin Gold Dowl LLC Enstar Natural Gas Company ExxonMobil Foundation Matt Hirschfield IBEW Local 1547 Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather Leo and Jeanne Bustad Fund Dennis and Stephanie McMillian Eric Moleski NANA Development Corporation Christina Nordstrom Perkins Coie LLP Rain Proof Roofing, Inc. Cathryn Rasmuson Patrick & April Reilly 15

Rent A Can Jim & Pinkie Richardson Cindy Sims The Carr Foundation, Inc. Steve & Chris Theno thread Trapper’s Creek Inc. University Kiwanis Club

$500 - $999 Alaska Airlines James & Melody Brown Gamma Phi Beta Blythe Campbell Barbara Cash Cindy Coulter & Rich Tolbert Joe Darnell Davis Wright Tremaine Jack Fowler & Amber Chapin Patty Ginsburg & Steve Lindbeck John Gliva & Alice Galvin Scott & Yvonne Goldsmith Carol Gore Leslie Hiebert Suzanne Holmes & Mike Pannone Linda and Kurt Hulteen Scott Jepsen and Amber Babcock Millie J. Johnson Vickie Kelly Mary Knopf Katherine Martin Northrim Benefits Group Sara & Scott Pate Family Ed & Cathy Rasmuson Carma Reed & Jiri Biciste Michael Ripley Catherine Smith Soroptimist International of Cook Inlet Robert K. Stewart Jr. Tiaga Mining Company Donna Urling Walter & Audrie Williams Susan M. Williams

$100-$499 Sandy & Dwayne Adams Bob Anderson Jane Angvik Chris Arend Bear Baker Rhonda Rae Beauchamp Sven & Stephanie Berglund Jeff Berry Lauren Beskow Keven Kleweno & Dawn Bishop Kleweno Wayne & Mary Boden Emily Bokar Susan Bomalaski

Paula Bradison Brady Design Mary Beth Bragiel Gary & Jan Caddell Amelita Cadiz Debra Caldera Bryan Carey Tom & Susan Case Mark & Jennifer Chahanovich Jed Chamberlain Diane Colley Amy Costello Lamar Cotten Rob & Karen Cowart Glenn and Pam Cravez Eric & Joanna Croft Emily Cross Paula Davis & Kevin Banks Jodi Dingle Kym Dixon Lindsey Dixon Gary Donnelly Tracy Dunn Herbert Eckmann Ella Ede Raquel Edelen Jennifer Edwards-Fahl Don Ellis Michelle Englelke S. Lynn Erwin Fred Esposito Laile Fairbairn Doris Falconer Kitty & Drais Farnham Brian Farrell Alice Federenko Sarah & Mark Fineman Craig Fisher Barbara Fleek Shawn & Rona Florio Kim Fontana Chuck & Julie Foster Kim Fox Chad & Kristen Frampton Cheryl Frasca RIM First People Hollis French Saul Friedman & Andie Stone Catherine Gardner Janet Gellert Craig & Suzanne Goodrich Judith Goodrum Lisa Gray Dirk Greeley Susanne Fleek-Green Jack Grieco Tony Guerriero Bill Smith/Haircrafters Vicki & Andrew Halcro Jackie Hansen


Annual Fund Supporters cont’d

Stephanie Hanson Jason Hartz Kristi Helgen Ed & Michele Hendrickson Barbara Henjum Kolby Hickel Miller Melanie Hill Brad Hillwig Annie Holt Angela Horn Dale-ann Hosack James & Janet Huettl Kelly Hurd Magen James Sally Janis Beth Johnson Randy Johnson Christine Jolley Joette & Joel Jones Lora Jorgensen Bob Juliussen Mark Kiminski Monica Kane Shirley & Gordon Keith Ellen Maling Paul Kovach Greg Kramer JoAnn Laribee Charlie Adams, Leading Edge Consulting Linda Leary Denis LeBlanc Nicole Lebo John A. Leman Sheet Metal Inc. Tom Livingston John R. Lohff & Nancy Blunck Celia Foley & Bob Lohr Long Island Construction Co. Eunice Lott Kate Lynch Carlette Mack Deborah Manfred David & Victoria Manzer David Marquez Cheri Marston Caren L. Mathis Mat-Su Health Foundation Mary Mayer Don McClintock & Joanie Cleary Becky McFarland John P McManamin Brad Melocik Senator Kevin Meyer Moriah Miles Fred Millen Michael Millen Arthur Mitchell John & Alice Mohr

Mary Louise Molenda Dustin Morris Rachel Morse Kris Natwick Marlene Nebel Tom Newins Steve Noble Beth Nordlund Patrick Nutter Michael Oblath Gale O’Connell-Smith David & Susan Oesting Brad & Melanie Osborne Stewart Osgood & Amy Erickson Debbie Ossiander Susan Parkes Sean & Sandra Parnell Bill & Holly Parsons William Pearch Virginia Rusch & Ira Perman Debbie Peterson Judy Phillips Linda Phillips Patty Rafter Steven Rampke Rich Rapuzzi Cassandra Stalzer Aleesha Towns Bain Carol Richards John Rodgers Ronald Roehl Lisa Rogers Denise Romans Katy Rosane Jess Rude Tammy Sandoval Jane Schlittler Natasha Schmidt Sharon Schoonmaker Brent Senette Katelyn Senn Sevigny Studio Bob Shake Stephen Sheaffer Bec Smith Phil & Deborah Smith Fred Sorensen Nic & Jolie Strohmeyer Connie Struempf Lynnette Sullivan Dorea Sun The Swanson Family Dean & Celeste Syta Maria Tagliavento Dean Thompson Alison Till Jim Torgerson Dave & Marcia Trudgen

Maryellen Tuttel VFW Post 9365 Carol Waters Scott Weaver Michael Webb Susan West Justine Whitman Bill Wielechowski Barbara Wild Dora & Marcus Wilson Gina Wilson-Ramirez Dr. Helena Wisniewski Deanna Wlad Therron Woerner Sue M. Wolfe Rob & Courtney Wood Christi Woods Geoffrey L. Wright

up to $99 Mary Anne Aadnesen Christine Anderson Kara Anderson Ben & Kelsie Anderson Shawna Bailey Shannon Baker Jim Balamaci Pam Barkeley Rachel Batres Heather Beaty Shannon & Chrissy Bell Katie Bender Gretchen T. Bersch Rajeev Bhargava Craig Billingsley Eric & Misty Billingsley Kendra Booth Barbara Bowerman Kim Farrell Brewington Matt Brock Phoebe Brooks Anna Campione Joe A. Chavez Walter Clark Emily Cohn Roberta Collier Don Crandall Shannon Cross-Azbill Judith Crotty Rodney Crum Randy Cunningham Ian Curphey Julie Danielson Laura Davidson Monica DeLeon Barbara Derr David & Cindy Devlin


Annual Fund Supporters up to $99 Diane DiSanto Sheli Dodson Kelly & Frans Droop Jeremiah Dunham Dawn Dupps Mary J. Elam Scott English Michael Erb & Bobi Rinehart MaryPat Fairchild Lars Flora Linda Ford Karen Linn Forrest Melinda Freemon Marsha K. Fry Irene Garcia Sezy and Jay Hanson Christine Gibbs Mary Gibbs Alan Goodoien Larry & Dahna Graham Maxcell Graves Jocelyn Green Carolynn Greene Penny Greene Max Gruenberg Jane Gumpert Keith Hand Kristen Hansen Diane Harps Anna Haylock Jennifer Henzler Brian Hickey Tanya Hickok Mara Hill Jesse Hooper Aaron Hopkinson Darrel Howells Kelly Ingram Janis Ivanoff Hillary Jacques Christopher Jensen Katie Jensen James Johnson D.K. & Katherine Johnston Nicole Jones Paul Jones Justin J. Juntenen Karla Jutzi Alison E. Kear Victoria Kendall David Kennedy Phyllis Kincaid Louise Kling Karen Koeder Tamra Kornfield Andrea Krautler 17


Kathleen Kuersten Mary Jane Landstrom Rachel Langtry Olive & Simon Tanguy Libbrecht Sheila Lomboy Emily Lucy Bridgett Mackey Amy Mackey-Hornak Jonathan Maroney Ryan McCourt Donna McCray Jeanie McKinney Jeanne McQueary Jonathon Meister Roberta Miljure Ken Miller Gina Moreno Amber Morey Jody Moses Breann Moss Jill Myer Kimberly Nahom Ginger Nishimoto Winifred Nowak Jason & Keri Nutter Dennis E. O’Connell Dan & Dynasti Otis Danese & Pat Owens Judith Owens-Manley Jen Payne Ann Peltier Kameron & Monica Perez-Verdia Mary Linda Pryor Travis Rector Barbara Redmon Kathleen Redmond Julie Reich Tim Ridenour Tyler Robinson & Kathleen Bisson Tim & Christy Rockwell Dana Rogers Wendy Romberg Janna Ruggles Sadler’s Home Furnishings Freya Sakkinen Darl Schaaff Nan Schleusner Ryan Shannon Swaran Singh Carolynn Smith Tammy Smith Eric & Tia Spade Rebecca Sparks Sheila Sparks David Stahl Emily Stark Anne Stefanich Jody Steffen Ronda Stoebner

David & Natalie Stokes Toby Stueber Saralyn Tabachnick Nick Tabaczka Teresa Tramp Eva Hill Jim Vail Julia Van Gilder Deborah Vandruff Julie Vincek Sonja Wade Michael S. Walters Julie Webb Daren Williams Kamie Willis Nancy Wilson Nicole Wilton Sofia Wong Helen Woodings

Gifts In-kind Alaska Integrated Media Anchorage Chamber of Commerce BP Lisa Doehl Barbara Dubovich ExxonMobil Scott & Yvonne Goldsmith Fluor Alaska, Inc. Gwen Kennedy Joanne Phillips-Nutter Ray's Pro Shop Snow City Café Southcentral Youth Music PTSA Carla Stephenson Neeser Construction of Anchorage Designations Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Rachel Batres Thomas Bloomfield Megan Carlson Joseph Darnell Barbara Derr Ray Dinger Suzanne Hayes Pamela Keeler Judy Kitagawa Mike Kreger Jeanne Lematta Becky McFarland Kim Miller Cheryl Moon Robert Owens Susan Perry Carol Richards Bill Rosetti

Darcy Skinner Carla Stephenson JoAnna Tomuro-Leavens Phillip Treuer Kurt Vause Michele Wasson

Anonymous (60) Sandra Adams Sabre Anelon Jane Atkinson Jennifer Bailey Tore Banta Stephanie Berglund Janis & Michael Bronson Jason Butler Rianne Campbell Megan Carlson Mary Chouinard Thomas Chouinard Misty Dawn Crim Sheli Dodson Kristina Dosik Barbara Dubovich Sabastian Dunton Patricia Flanigan George Garrison Linda Gerber Johanna Grasso Carol Harris Mara Hill Diane Kaplan & Mel Sather Kiarra Kelly Elena Lage Jo Lamson Panu Lucier Becca Luczycki Jed Luczycki Don McClintock Sally Mead Jessica Menkens Margaret Metcalfe Peter Michalski Beth Nordlund Ella Nordlund Katrinia Nunemann Patrick Nutter Connie &Kerry Ozer Michelle Pearson Joanne Phillips-Nutter Andrea Post Tahnee Seccarecci Darcy Skinner Cassandra Stalzer Maria Tagliavento Philip Treuer Paul Twardock Deborah Vandruff Kurt Vause Sallye Werner Tracie Wright


2013 Annual report  
2013 Annual report