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News 2012

Air that moves the world

News 2012 International Standard Cylinders - Series 40 (250-320mm Bores) Stainless Steel Cylinders - Series 97 180° Angular Grippers - Series CGSN Wide Opening Parallel Grippers - Series CGLN Valve Islands - Series F Electronic Vacuum/Pressure Switches - Series SWDN Electronic Vacuum/Pressure Switches - Series SWCN Electronic Proportional Micro Regulator - Series K8P Directly Operated Proportional Valves - Series AP Super-Rapid Fittings C-Food - Series FD6000 Super-Rapid Fittings in Stainless Steel 316L - Series X6000

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Camozzi News 2012

Never Ending Innovation

The Camozzi product portfolio continues

with Series SWDN and SWCN, whilst

to evolve with many new additions

two other new products enrich the

becoming available in 2012.

proportional technology offering.

Each new addition has been carefully

The first is the new highly compact and

developed to meet the specific

accurate Series K8P electronic proportional

requirements of individual sectors.

micro regulator. This is accompanied by

The cylinder range will be expanded

Series AP directly operated proportional

with the introduction of Series 97

valves which offer high reliability and

and the new 250-320mm bores versions

suitability for use with various types of fluid.

of Series 40, whilst two new ranges

Finally the Camozzi range of fittings is

of grippers (Series CGSN and CGLN)

also evolving thanks to the introduction

will enrich the handling offering.

of Series FD6000 for the food industry

With Series F Camozzi introduces

and Series X6000 stainless steel 316L.

a compact and versatile valve island

Camozzi is always responsive to

which offers high performance

customer requirements and this year we

and ease of installation. The range of

remain as committed as ever to the

pressure/vacuum switches is strengthened

supply of innovative and quality solutions.

Product presentation

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1 > Movement


Cylinders according standards


Stainless steel cylinders


180째 angular grippers


Wide opening parallel grippers


2 > Control


Valve Islands


Electronic vacuum/pressure switches


Electronic vacuum/pressure switches


Electronic proportional micro regulator


Directly operated proportional valves


4 > Connection


Super-rapid fittings C-Food


Super-rapid fittings in Stainless Steel 316L


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News 2012

Cylinders according to international standards 250-320mm

Series 40 The new 250-320mm bores versions of Series 40 have been designed for applications where very high force is required. These new large bores are particularly suitable for use in metal processing, chemical and mining industries as well as in the production and maintenance of railway rolling stock.

General data

A permanent magnet on the piston is able to send, through proximity switches mounted on the

cylinder sliding axis, electrical signals to indicate its position.

The advantages > In compliance with ISO 15552 standards and with the previous DIN/ISO 6431-VDMA 24562 standards > Strong and reliable > Adjustable pneumatic cushioning

Stainless steel cylinders

Series 97 Series 97 cylinders are available in several versions. The clean design, ease of installation and resistance to chemical agents makes these cylinders suitable for use in the off-shore, naval, pharmaceutical, nuclear and food industries.

General data


Series 97 cylinders are normally equipped with end-stroke cushioning which can be adjusted through a screw on the end block.

In order to quieten the impact of the piston on the head block, these cylinders are also equipped with a mechanical cushioning.

The advantages > Clean design > Stainless steel AISI 304 > End-stroke cushoning


180° angular grippers

Series CGSN Series CGSN grippers guarantee precision and flexibility during installation. Each gripper has calibrated holes on the base and side for very precise positioning. Installation is made even easier due to the availability of male and female mounting brackets.

General data

The 180° opening of Series CGSN grippers allow wide working areas. A permanent magnet is able to send, through proximity switches inserted in the grooves

on the body, of electrical signals to indicate the position of the gripping fingers. The link mechanism used ensures a high gripping force.

The advantages > High flexibility during installation > Steel gripping fingers resistant to corrosion > Wide working area

Wide opening parallel grippers

Series CGLN Series CGLN grippers can handle workpieces of different sizes thanks to the wide range of sizes and strokes available. Positioning is made easier by the installation holes provided in the base.

General data

Series CGLN’s double piston ensures a high gripping force from within a compact unit.

The insertion of magnetic proximity switches into the grooves on the body allows the position of the gripping element to be monitored.

The advantages > High flexibility during mounting > High grip force > Rack and pinion synchronized mechanism > Switches built into the body



News 2012

Valve Islands

Series F Series F valve islands have been designed to offer a highly reliable and cost effective solution. Series F is a very compact valve system which also combines quality, versatility and fast installation.

General data

Available valve functions

These valve islands have integrated boards and are available with a multipole connection to enable up to a maximum of 24 coils.

2x3/2 NC 2x3/2 NO 1 3/2 NC + 1 3/2 NO 5/2 Monostable and Bistable 5/3 Centres Closed 2 x 2/2 NC 2 x 2/2 NO 1 2/2 NC + 1 2/2 NO


•Technopolymer (PBT) Construction •All pneumatic connections on one side •Modularity: single •Size: 12 mm - 14 mm •Nominal flow rate: 250 Nl/min - 500 Nl/min •Interchangeable fittings cartridge (for 4, 6 and 8mm tube) •Cartridge micro pilots: K8 •Temperature range: 0 to 50°C •Working pressure: -0.9 to 10 bar

The advantages > Extremely compact design > Flexibility > High performance > Easy installation


Electronic vacuum/pressure switches

Series SWDN The advantages > Compact and lightweight > Equipped with a digital indicator > Programmable switching point and hysteresis

Electronic vacuum/pressure switches

Series SWCN The advantages > Compact and lightweight > Equipped with a digital indicator > Programmable switching point and hysteresis > Upper and lower limit values can be programmed through two PNP switch outputs

Series SWDN and SWCN

General data

electronic vacuum/pressure switches are compact and lightweight. They are particularly suitable for safety monitoring, the optimization of cycle times or as energy saving devices.

Series SWDN and SWCN electronic vacuum/pressure switches can be mounted directly on to a handling system’s gripping point and are able to control vacuum continuously.

They are equipped with a digital indicator which can be used to precisely set upper and lower limit values. In addition, the protected keypad allows both switching point and hysteresis to be programmed.



News 2012

Electronic proportional micro regulator

Series K8P Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulators have evolved from our Series K8 mini-solenoid valves. Series K8P regulators guarantee excellent pressure regulation, fast response times, self-regulation, and low energy consumption. Series K8P is a high-performance proportional pressure regulator which is suitable for use in applications where high precision, quick response times and low consumption are required. A self-adjusting function has been integrated into the regulator control algorithm in order to guarantee the highest levels of performance.

General data


Series K8P can be used with inert gas to maintain a constant pressure in pneumatic cylinders or in expansion valve chambers. It has also been designed to mantain a constant pressure during chemical reactions in Life Science applications. Additional applications include the provision of a constant pulling power applied to the wires in winding machines, the modulation of pressure during the smoothing process in woodworking machines as well as controlling the opening of diaphragm valves.

These micro pressure regulators can also be used as a pilot valve to control the opening of high flow valves and to check the power in lifting systems through proportional pressure control.

The advantages > > > > > >

High precision Reduced response time Minimum consumption Self-regulation function Flexibility of use Compact design


Directly operated proportional valves

Series AP Series AP directly operated proportional valves are able to control air flows starting from a minimum of 25l/min with size 16 mm up to a maximum of 130l/min with size 22 mm and nominal diameters range from 0.8mm up to 2.4 mm. The opening of the valves can be proportionally controlled through a PWN or current signal. The type of signal and advanced technology used in the design of these valves significantly reduces hysteresis, repeatability and sensibility values which eradicates frictions and stick-slip effects.

General data

The Series AP range of solenoids are 100% continuously rated and every single valve is tested to its maximum working pressure. These valves are manufactured to the highest standards and this is reflected in the hysteresis graph showing the repeated response and reliability of this range of valves.

It is possible to customise these valves for individual applications. The Series AP valves can be used where open loop flow control is required with inert gas and clean fluids to control free flows or emptying chambers using vacuum. The use of specific seals make these valves suitable for a wide range of applications in the fluid control sector.

The advantages > High reliability > Control of air flows from 25 l/min up to 130 l/min > Open loop flow control > Flexibility in use > Accurate calibration > Suitable for passage of fluids



News 2012

Super-rapid fittings C-Food

Series FD6000 C-Food Series FD6000 fittings, available upon request, have been evolved from Series 6000. Resistance against wear and corrosion is guaranteed by the C-Food process (hardness 400 vickers - 200 hours neutral saline smoke according to: DIN 50021, ASTM B 117, UNI ISO 9227). C-Food fittings have been designed for use in many applications pneumatics, fluids, food and packaging industries.

General data

The C-Food treatment, which gives its name to the range for the food contact, is a very stable electrodeposited intermetallic alloy substituting the classic electronic nickel-chromium treatment, which complies

with the International Standards about drinking water for human consumption, in particular with standard NSF 61 section 8- pH5 Hot Commercial (82째C) that can be regarded as the most challenging in this area.

The advantages > Resistant against wear, corrosion and the cleaning of food machinery > Suitable for the passage of cold and hot drinking water

Super-rapid fittings in Stainless Steel 316L

Series X6000 Series X6000 fittings have been designed to offer versatility and ease of installation without any compromise in quality or performance. They are suitable for applications in the pneumatics, fluids, chemical, medical, food and packaging industries.

General data


Series X6000 fittings are practical and safe and allow the connection of fluids even in aggressive environments. The collet ensures excellent grip between the fitting and tubing.

The advantages > Reliable and strong design > Excellent grip > High performance even in aggressive environments



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