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MINDPRINTS An artifact is an object recovered by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest. A mindprint,* however, has a life, a story, and a vitality of its own. It leads one to trace the path of a life, turning attention on the human influence. Mindprints should not be forgotten, sparking new realizations, and compelling one to reflect on the mind that once shaped it. Here are a few mindprints from 170 years of the Vincentians in Germantown. *Term coined by Henry David Thoreau

FR. SKELLY BIBLE Judging from the ragged pages, Fr. Joseph Skelly, CM, founder of the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, regularly opened his bible for spiritual guidance and reflection.

ST. JOAN OF ARC STATUE A fixture on the desk of Fr. Skelly.

MEDAL MOLDS In the early years when the Miraculous Medals were minted, several molds were created for varying sizes. 4 | MIRACULOUS MEDAL MESSAGE

COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS These medals were minted in celebration of Fr. Skelly’s 35th and 50th ordination anniversaries.

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