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A Day to Honor Veterans. Expo and Benefit Concert open to the public.

November 17, 2012

Mid-Day Events:

The Walking Ring (Outdoor Venue) 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM The Walking Ring will feature vendors that provide services and opportunities for enlisted members, veterans and their families. The Mid-Day Concert will feature C*A*M*M*O artists. 4 Troops, Tommy Stanley and Melissa Gomez. The Mid-Day Concert will feature C*A*M*M*O artists. The stage will be set up in the Walking Ring Benefit Concert. Fundraiser at Sport a King Doors (Indoor Venue).

The goal of this event is to bring awareness and opportunities to service members, veterans and their families. Mission One Voice strives to bridge the gap between them and the communities they serve.

Evening Events:

Doors open at 5:30 PM, show starts at 7:30 PM (approx. 2 ½ hrs.)

•  Ludacris – Screen Actors Guild, Critic’s • 

Choice, MTV and three time Grammy Award winning R&B superstar Wendy Williams – one of the leading media personalities on her own syndicated talk show, actress and New York Times bestselling author.

•  Jermaine Paul - “The Voice” season 2 winner and breakout artist. •  Bruckup – Best known for his wildly

•  • 

popular “The Bruck Up,” to countless appearances with artists like Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. C*A*M*M*O featured artists: Tommy Stanley, 4 Troops & Melissa Gomez. Wikkid Wayne – New York City’s own celebrity DJ.

•  Christine’s VIP Suites •  Charity Raffles to benefit Service Member causes

•  VIP Meet & Greet •  Giveaways by: Wendy Williams, Adorn, Thermospas and more… ** Performers are subject to change

Show Breakdown The Evening Event will consist of a celebrity Host, DJ, and CAMMO talent. The production is scheduled to be 2 hours and will consist of various genres of music including, but not limited to, Country, R&B/ Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop. MOV understands that the military is a microcosm of society and will ensure that talent is secured for all tastes. 00:00:00 to 00:15:00 00:15:00 to 00:30:00 00:30:00 to 00:45:00 00:45:00 to 00:60:00 00:60:00 to 01:20:00 01:20:00 to 01:50:00 Opening Act 4 – Label Artist 01:50:00 to 02:15:00 Set up for Headliner – MC & DJ Interaction 02:15:00 to 03:15:00 Headliner Show Close with awards, etc.

Mission One Partnerships


Through your support of our Veteran’s Day Event, Mission One Voice will bring A-list entertainers, vendors and an outlet to showcase C*A*M*M*O military artists. We’ll be featuring top-notch entertainers such as: •  Syndicated talk show host, author and radio personality, Wendy Williams. •  Auddy Award winning musician, Bruckup. •  Screen Actors Guild, Critic’s Choice, MTV and three Grammy Award winning Ludacris. •  NBC’s “The Voice” winner, breakout artist, Jermaine Paul. •  SkyBlu of LMFAO. We also provide performing outlets to showcase the remarkable talents of C*A*M*M*O produced musicians such as Sony Records artists, 4 Troops, Tommy Stanley and Melissa Gomez. Experience a vibrant, energetic and eclectic event that showcases the very best of entertainment, service and patriotism. It’s not just a concert, it’s a statement of pride and gratitude directed towards the tireless commitment of our veterans, troops and their families. As a C*A*M*M*O / Mission One Voice partner, we ensure each Sponsorship Package is customized for our partner’s individual needs.

“Together we can bring awareness to the seemingly insurmountable issues facing today s military as they return home.” - Alycia Lerer, Founder of Mission One Voice

About Mission One Voice A C*A*M*M*O 501 (c) 3 Program

MISSION ONE VOICE, a program The Center…MOV was created as a vehicle to give back to our very deserving men and women in uniform, as well as their families.   The Mission One Voice model creates a seamless multi-media marketing approach that enables a brand to target strategy to reach multiple demographic groups. This approach stimulates brand exposure and growth among the military and the communities they serve. The Mission One Voice (M*O*V) initiative produces “A-list” artists and events, as well as hands on opportunities for service members and veterans who train through our programs. By providing a therapeutic outlet as well as a chance for industry professionals to discover and work with our talent. C*A*M*M*O’s Mission One Voice has created new, direct brand marketing opportunities using a humanitarian approach and traditional cause marketing techniques that allows sponsors to become corporate partners. Through these efforts, we pay tribute and support our troops & their families.  

About C*A*M*M*O The Center for American Military Music Opportunities, C*A*M*M*O, is an innovative 501(c) 3 organization who serves U.S. military members and veterans, including the National Guard and Reserves, using a unique combination of music-based therapy, outreach and development. We have three goals: •  Create therapeutic programs utilizing evidence-based music therapy for service members and veterans with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress and other service-connect health issues. •  Train and educate service members and veterans in the music industry and other related job skills. •  Develop commercial opportunities for service members and veterans into topnotch music artists and who want to pursue a professional music career. Neurologic research has demonstrated that music has impact on the human brain and validates its use as a therapeutic tool. Music therapy can profoundly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, can help manage pain, and can stimulate brain activity impaired by traumatic injury. We work with boardcertified music therapists to design creative treatment approaches and unique therapeutic programming delivered in a variety of formats. We’re proud to be sponsoring the first portable music therapy program available to veterans.

We’re positioning C*A*M*M*O* to become the premier music therapy services provider for American service members and veterans. Success in any career field not only depends on developing one’s craft and technical abilities, but on having access to successful mentors. C*A*M*M*O has built close partnerships with leaders in the music industry, including Sony, Universal and MTV, as well as television (ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS). Through these and other partnerships with local, regional and national productions and events, C*A*M*M*O has placed service members and veterans in a variety of industry-related opportunities; for example: •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Musicians (including headline and supporting acts) Stage and production managers Music directors and arrangers Audio and production engineers Production assistants and coordinators Casting directors We also work with colleges that offer recording and video curriculum, to place our program participants in internships.

C*A*M*M*O and Mission One Vo i c e w o r k s e a m l e s s l y t o provide these services as a therapeutic outlet to our troops.

Sponsorship Packages Â

Mission One Voice has unique sponsorship packages ranging from affordable $1000, $5000, $15,000 & $20,000 packages to our comprehensive and high-end packages at a competitive price of $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 & $100,000. Mission One Voice is happy to discuss your promotional goals and how Mission One Voice sponsorship can help your organization accomplish those goals while supporting our service members. All sponsorship packages are customized to suit the event and the SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS will apply traditional and digital marketing techniques and campaigns including, but not limited to: N ONE VOICE MISSIO FMWR &Army Entertainment FORT BLISS In association with Presents







The Premier Sponsor $25,000 per Event •  Logo or Corporate name to appear in print material and merchandise related to event including, but not limited to, invites, flyers, press releases, select publications, etc. •  Special booth in VIP area with 15 tickets for admittance into exclusive VIP areas at each event. •  DVD with video and photo recap of the event will be provided to your company for additional advertising and promotion opportunities. •  Meet and greet with all celebrity guests in attendance at celebrity green room (area limited to celebrities and sponsor guests). •  Online Product Endorsements & Sampling/or promotions in interactive Live Chat and social networking platforms during streaming broadcast. •  Audio and video to enhance the power of your brand through dynamic, dominant digital imaging displayed on state-of the art screens positioned throughout the event.*

The Stripe Sponsor $50,000 per Event (includes all promotional opportunities from all previous packages) •  Branding opportunity to distribute promotional inserts in VIP gift bags presented to all invited guests to the meet and greet. •  2 Fifteen second PRE-ROLL ADS during streaming broadcast PER CONCERT DATE. •  Additional Corporate Mention on Radio Media Partners •  Online Advertising Support using new bi-directional communications in a windowless environment via desktop, mobile device, through Transmedia Partnerships •  Database sharing from captured guest registration  

The Star Sponsor $75,000 per Event (includes all promotional opportunities from all previous packages) • 

DVD with video and photo recap of the event will be provided to your company for additional advertising and promotion opportunities.


Celebrities will mention your organization/business. Interviews with media outlets will be available.


Mention in all public and military media interviews.


4 Fifteen second PRE-ROLL ADS during streaming broadcast PER CONCERT DATE.

Title Sponsor $100,000 per Event (includes all promotional opportunities from all previous packages) • 



Create a customized interactive branding campaign that would be synonymous with the MOV concert series via contest, apps, QR Codes, widgets, etc.


Top recognition as leading sponsor with verbal recognition onsite by the MC/Host during each general assembly and any pre-event radio/television promotion.


Special booth in VIP area with 20 tickets for admittance into exclusive VIP areas at each event.

Title Sponsor (Continued)


Corporate name mention in all television and/or radio promotions. Up to three: 30 commercial spots when available.


Photo opportunity with celebs for company and talent–specially hired photographer exclusively assigned to sponsor to Cover all photo opts in front of step and repeat.


Display of Corporate Logo on wrapped tour vehicle/bus.


Recognition as sponsor of the award given to contest winners


Celebrity mention and interviews.


Mention in all public and military media interviews.


Presentation of award plaque to company representative, and opportunity to address the audience.


Online marketing: social media exposure of event on Twitter and Facebook pages.


E-blasts to public and private sectors including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.


8 Fifteen second PRE-ROLL ADS during streaming broadcast PER CONCERT DATE.

Sponsorship Terms

Mission One Voice will furnish “Sponsor” with the sponsorship rights and amenities for the Mission One Voice Concert event or series of events selected and paid for by sponsor. Terms: The Sponsorship Agreement begins on the effective date and terminates upon conclusion of sponsored date(s). Payment: Sponsors will pay the rate (less the value of any in-kind contributions) and any additional contribution with 30 days of receipt of an invoice from Mission One Voice or its fiscal agent, for its sponsorship in accordance with the Sponsorship Agreement. Trademark & Copyrights: Use of Event Marks. Mission One Voice grants Sponsor a nonexclusive license to use the MOV trademark and its variations of the same form in connection with the Sponsor s MOV activities. Sponsor grants MOV a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the Sponsor s marks in connection with the MOV activities as a sponsor. Rescheduling or Cancellation of Event(s): MOV reserves the right to reschedule or cancel Concert Series for any reason including: (1) weather ;(2) failure to receive commitments for the necessary number of sponsors; (3) acts of God or any other cause beyond MOV s reasonable control. In the event MOV Concert Series is cancelled in whole, MOV or its fiscal agents will issue refunds on a pro rata amount, based on sponsorship amounts actually paid, of the sponsorship fees received less the expenses incurred by MOV. No further refund or other amounts will be due from MOV for any reason. In no way will the refund to the Sponsor exceed the amount of the sponsorship paid. Termination: MOV reserves the right to accept or reject Sponsors in it s sole discretion. Upon termination, MOV or it s fiscal agent will refund to Sponsor any amounts paid to MOV and return any remaining in-kind contributions under the sponsorship agreement. Tax Status: This Sponsorship agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts, each of which will be considered an original and all to any which constitutes one and the same agreement. Facsimile or email copies will be treated as originals for these purposes. All sponsorship dollars are donated to CAMMO to support the Mission One Voice initiatives and CAMMO therapeutic and development programs for Service Members. A tax form will be issued from CAMMO directly to the prospective sponsor based on the amount that is donated by the sponsor. This Agreement is personal between the parties and neither party may assign it without the prior written consist of the other party.



Gulfstream Presentation  

Gulfstream Presentation

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