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News - You - Can - Use October 1, 2012

Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet

Volume 1, Issue 8

Nixon’s Nook Highlights:  PLC—Tuesday in Triage  Everyone should be on hallway supervision.  Now is the time to make phone calls home to parents for behavioral issues in the classroom.  Do not forget to turn in your phone logs every Friday.  IPS Online should be updated monthly if not weekly.

Now that we are embarking on the next nine weeks, we need to focus on what we will do to aid some of the students who are not functioning at the level that they are capable. Are you writing those SRT passes for students who are failing your classes? Also, we need to ensure that the we all understand what rigor means and the relevance of that rigor for students in the classroom.

Rigor: Are we making sure to utilize Bloom’s Taxonomy in everything that we do instructionally?



Richard Flis


Sharri Lund



My only skill is taking tests.

Are we taking advantage of our PLC and using QAR in the classroom?

Oct. B-Days Barbara Sorgius

Relevance: Can your students tell others why they are learning what they are learning in your classroom?

Are the skill sets your students learning in your classroom applicable to these various scenarios?

Reminders: SLO conferences should be held by October 5. Please participate in the district workshops as applicable to your content area or not—any support is helpful. HBCU College Fair is this Thursday, October 4. All students should be in their classes during the school day!

Due to the number of studnets who are in the hallways in the morning the following procedure will be implemented starting the Week of October 22, 2012. 1st Period Tardy Plan Execution 7:20 doors shut—no student in without a pass Strike 1 warning— documented Strike 2 detention—

documented Strike 3 suspension one day—documented Please follow this procedure upon return from Fall Break, and thank you to those teachers who have been diligent with the dress code issues.

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News - You - Can - Use

White’s Musings

"You teach best what you most need to learn." -- Richard David Bach

This week is the end of the nine weeks. Next week is intersession. This is an opportunity for us to reflect on our best practices and implement new ones. Not including intersession, we have thirteen school days in October. This month features many important events. The week of October 1st-5th is Circle City Classic week. Of course, this features many events here at Attucks including the Alumni line dance on Wednesday and the College Fair on Thursday night. The week of October 8th-12th is intersession. Nine teach-

ers have graciously offered their time and expertise to help get our middle school students ready ISTEP+ and our high school students ready for the ECA. When we return from fall break, we have other special activities. One activity which you may or may not know about is the Attucks Museum tour. These tours are being conducted during SRT. They are being organized by Mr. Chester and me. So far two 6th grade SRTs have completed the tour. I will be contacting 12th grade SRT teachers this month. The emphasis

of the tour depends on the grade level. We are looking at making this an Attucks tradition…a yearly museum tour for all of our students. One final event that I want to mention in this musing is PSAT. The PSAT will be given to sophomores and juniors on October 31st. Judg-

your worries drift away. Imagine your restful place. Picture it as vividly as you can—everything you can see, hear, smell, and feel. Visualization works best if you incorporate as many sensory details as possible, using at least three of your senses. When visualizing, choose imagery that appeals to you; don’t select images because someone else suggests them, or because you think they should be appealing. Let your own images come up and work for you. If you are thinking about a dock on a quiet lake, for example:  Walk slowly around the dock and notice the colors and textures around you.  Spend some time ex-

ploring each of your senses.  See the sun setting over the water.  Hear the birds singing.  Smell the pine trees.  Feel the cool water on your bare feet. Taste the fresh, clean air. Enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation that envelopes you as you slowly explore your restful place. When you are ready, gently open your eyes and come back to the present. Don't worry if you sometimes zone out or lose track of where you are during a guided imagery session. This is normal. Try one this week. Let me know your experience! Have a peaceful week.

Kopke’s Korner Kopke’s Take Good Care of You… Relaxation technique 5: Visualization meditation for stress relief Visualization, or guided imagery, is a variation on traditional meditation that requires you to employ not only your visual sense, but also your sense of taste, touch, smell, and sound. When used as a relaxation technique, visualization involves imagining a scene in which you feel at peace. Practicing visualization Find a quiet, relaxed place. Beginners sometimes fall asleep during a visualization meditation, so you might try sitting up or standing. (This is really difficult for me!) Close your eyes and let

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Volume 1, Issue 8

Weyand’s “World” Did you know that 488 students at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School chose to enter IPS from: Charter, Home, Parochial, Private, Transfer (out of district students), Township, and Takeover schools? This large number of students, choosing IPS and in particular Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School demonstrates the importance of not only recruiting quality new students, but retaining (keeping) our current students. Of course, not all of the 488 students entered Crispus Attucks directly – many came to us from other IPS schools after entering IPS, but the fact remains – parents have and do make school choices. Across Indiana, public schooling is now an open marketplace, and as an all school Magnet Program, we are one of many “products” for parents/ students to choose. In other words, our parents and students are customers in

the public school marketplace and IPS needs their business – even when Crispus Attucks is not the best fit for the student. Success in the public education marketplace, requires the Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School staff to maintain positive relationships with families at all times – thus retaining the ability to guide even the families/ students exiting our program towards other more appropriate IPS school programs. Recruiting for the 2013-2014 school year has started and one of our first recruiting events is this Wednesday. We are hosting Harshman Middle School students in grades seven and eight who are taking Algebra II and have expressed an interest in attending Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School. The Harshman students will: shadow, eat lunch, and tour the museum prior to leaving. A follow up meeting is being

planned with the Harshman PTO to answer any parent questions that may arise from the student visit. Additionally, this and next Thursday evening (10/4/2012 and 10/11/2012) the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is sponsoring student recruitment nights – and CAMMHS is the only IPS school asked to participate. This is one of several recruiting events allowing us to compete “head to head” with our charter, parochial, and private school competitors. Many other events and visits are, or are being scheduled to take place prior to the on-time magnet application deadline in December. I will keep you informed of all magnet recruiting events and solicit your assistance whenever possible, and remember our number one selling point is what takes place in your classroom. Have a great week! ~ MW ~

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

-- Henry Brooks Adams

Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet 1140 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 Phone: 317-226-2800 Fax: 317-2263495

VISION All Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet students will achieve personal and professional success in their learning and become responsible, successful, and productive citizens. MISSION Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School embraces our rich history, introduces students to healthcare professions, and provides a rigorous college preparatory education. 

As good As we Are; We can Always get Better!

    

Eye of the Together Inspiring Great Expectations & Results!

GOALS Academic success requires both rigorous instruction and a willingness to learn. All staff will demonstrate and encourage the values of excellence, scholarship, courage, and respect. All students deserve a safe, caring, and encouraging learning environment. High expectations prepare student for excellence. All students can learn and everyone is accountable for their success. Parents, students, and teachers are ultimately responsible or student achievement both academically and socially.

Borton’s Blog Preparing to Study: A Good Study Place You need a good study place to be prepared to study. You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions: Is my Study Place available to me whenever I need it? Your Study Place does you little good if you cannot use it when you need it. If you are using a Study Place that you must share with others for any reason, work out a schedule so that you know when you can use it. Is my Study Place free from interruptions? It is important to have uninterrupted study time. You may have to hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door or take the phone off the hook. Is my Study Place free from distractions? Research shows that most students study best in a quiet environment. If you find that playing a stereo or TV improves your mood, keep the volume low. Does my Study Place contain all the study materials I need? Be sure your Study Place includes reference sources and supplies such as pens and pencils, paper, ruler, calculator, and whatever else you might need. If you use a computer for your schoolwork, it should be in your Study Place . Does my Study Space contain a large enough desk or table? While working on an assignment or studying for a test, use a desk or table that is large enough to hold everything you need. Allow enough room for writing and try to avoid clutter. Does my Study Place have enough storage space? You need enough room to store your study materials. Be sure you have enough storage space to allow you to keep your desktop or other work surface clear of unnecessary materials that can get in the way. Does my Study Place have a comfortable chair? A chair that is not comfortable can cause discomfort or pain that will interfere with your studying. A chair that is too comfortable might make you sleepy. Select a chair in which you can sit for long periods while maintaining your attention. Does my Study Place have enough light? The amount of light you need depends on what you are doing. The important thing is that you can clearly see what you need to see without any strain or discomfort. Does my Study Place have a comfortable temperature? If your Study Place is too warm, you might become sleepy. If it is too cold, your thinking may slow down and become unclear. Select a temperature at which your mind and body function best. Having a good Study Place is important for good studying.

News from the Tiger Den Our soccer team lost to Northwest in the first round of the City tournament Saturday. They are hosting Indy Met on Senior Night Friday before wrapping up their regular season at Bethesda Christian on Saturday. They will play Monday night in the Ritter Sectional against Shortridge. This will be a rematch from a game earlier in the season that Shortridge rallied in the 2 nd half to win. The middle school soccer team played very well in their game vs. Warren Township, losing 1-0. Warren township has combined all three middle school soccer teams into one squad. Our kids played them even for most of the game and should be congratulated on their efforts. The boys’ varsity tennis team lost in the City tournament and to Ben Davis in the sectional on Wednesday. The varsity girls volleyball team played in the Heritage Christian Invitational Saturday. They lost to the host school and also a close match to Marion before dominating Lighthouse Christian. They lost to Speedway on Tuesday but will be playing in the PAAC tournament on Saturday at the Gathering Place in Greenwood. They open at 9 AM vs. Shortridge. The middle school team lost to Greenwood Christian on Tuesday but will travel to Liberty Christian Friday. The cross country teams participated in the IPSAC meet on Monday. Both the boys and girls teams finished 2 nd in the conference with Isamar Mojica making the All-Conference team. The girls’ team narrowly missed out on defending their conference title, losing to Northwest 60-61. On Thursday we hosted the City meet at Graham Martin Park. The girls’ varsity team finished 7 th out of 14 schools. The boys’ varsity team was incomplete as Coach Rogers ran most of his runners in the freshmen race. The freshmen came in 4 th in their race. The middle school cross country team ran once this week, defeating both Eminence and Monrovia in a race Wednesday. Upcoming schedule: Sept .29 – PAAC volleyball tournament @ the Gathering Place in Greenwood Oct. 1 – Soccer Sectionals @ Cardinal Ritter 7 PM vs. Shortridge City volleyball Crispus Attucks vs. Broad Ripple/Arlington winner. This will be at Crispus Attucks starting at approx. 7 PM. Middle school cross country @ St. Richard’s Invitational Middle school volleyball @ Kingsway Christian Oct. 2 – Middle school soccer vs. Bethesda Christian 4:45 PM Cross country @ Guerin Catholic Oct. 4 – Middle school volleyball @ Anderson Prep Middle school cross country @ Creston Oct. 5 – Varsity and middle school volleyball @ Bethesda Christian Oct. 6 – PAAC middle school volleyball tournament @ Baptist Academy Cross Country @ Lion Pride Invitational (Horizon Christian)

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