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SHOWCASE symbols on the jobsite. The result is more efficient, faster installation. The proprietary edge sealant on Edge Gold panels and extension of the no-sand guarantee to 200 days protects builders from edge swell after exposure to weather during construction. Weyerhaeuser also provides a 50-year limited warranty to reinforce the floor panel's long-term performance. Edge Gold panels install flat and remain flat for a quality floor, improving customer satisfaction and reducing callbacks. Builders have used Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold flooring panels in residential, multifamily and light commercial projects for more than 15 years. Other features that help simplify construction include: • Tongue-and-groove edges with a self-gapping fit • Touch sanded face for a uniform thickness • Delivery of panels working-side-up for easy installation For more information, visit

First Truck-Mounted Concrete Mixer to Produce Concrete by Weight Not Volume

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ Flooring Panel Enhancements Expedite Installation

Maxon Industries introduces the new Techcrete truck-mounted/mobile concrete mixer. The patent pending 10 cubic yard Maxon Techcrete is the first concrete mixer to offer a continuous component weighing system with load cells and Maxon’s exclusive on-board batch controls. The result is the only truck-mounted mixer that produces concrete by weight, not volume, for improved quality assurance, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity. Features of the New Maxon Techcrete include: Load cells independently weigh the sand/aggregate and cement; Printed load ticket displays actual weight of components, actual cement to water ratio and total yards produced; On-board processor can be programmed with an infinite number of mix designs; Precise material delivery system; Processor stores details of last 50 batches produced; Unique proportional load sensing hydraulic valve system; Infintely variable production rates. For more information contact: Maxon Industries, Inc., 3204 West Mill Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209. Phone (414) 351-4000; Fax: (414) 351-9057; website:, E-mail:

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ flooring panels now feature a new fastening template to help builders work faster on the jobsite. The simplified nailing template uses pre-printed dashes – instead of symbols – to guide fastener placement. The panels also incorporate a proprietary edge seal formulation that significantly reduces edge swell. These features combine to improve cycle times and floor performance, and decrease the risk of callbacks. In addition, Weyerhaeuser has more than doubled the time period for the Edge Gold flooring no-sand guarantee, from 90 days to 200 days. Builders using Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold flooring panels can now quickly identify where to nail or screw fasteners into joists. Clear and simple dashes on each panel indicate the possible on-center spacings of underlying joists, without the need to decode




Milwaukee® Introduces Industry’s First 6 in 1 Combination and Long Nose Pliers Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of the industry’s first 6 in 1 Combination Pliers and LongNose Pliers. In addition to standard pliers applications, the innovative new tools can be used for reaming pipe, cutting wire, stripping wire and making loops. The 6 in 1 Combination Pliers also have the ability to cut bolts, while the 6 in 1 Long Nose Pliers can easily pull nails. For users that prefer traditional pivot-joint pliers, the 6 in 1 Long Nose Pliers still feature metal deburring, wire stripping, and loop making, without the spring-open action. Backed by Milwaukee’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, each of the new tools is made with forged metal and machined precision for maximum tool strength and durability. The tools also feature rust protection to increase tool life and reduce corrosion. Durable rubber “Voice Of The Construction Industry”®

January February CAM Magazine 2012  

IN THIS ISSUE: A Letter to the Membership from the President of CAM; On the Jobsite: Knowledge is Power at Expanded Manufacturing Facility C...

January February CAM Magazine 2012  

IN THIS ISSUE: A Letter to the Membership from the President of CAM; On the Jobsite: Knowledge is Power at Expanded Manufacturing Facility C...