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JAMES 1:27 ORPHANAGE HOME RESTORATION SPONSORED AND EXECUTED BY: Way to the Nations (WN) Starting Date: 01/04/2013

Estimated Ending Date: 23/12/2013

Project Responsible: Leonardo Santos Objective: To improve and/or build facilities at James 1:27 in order to offer the fifty children living there an environment as close as possible to a family house, prioritising health and safety issues that are critical at the moment. 1st STAGE:          

Building of sockerwell; Building of two toilet rooms (one female and one male) with basin; Building of two changing rooms (1 male and one female) with 4 showers each; Restoration of children’s bedrooms; Installation and/or improvement of electrical wiring system for internal and external illumination and power plugs in all rooms of the orphanage; Repair of generator; Repair of damaged floors (patching) of meeting hall and bedrooms; Restoration and finishing of a room to set up Way to the Nations office; Restoration and finishing of a room to set up food storage; Restoration and finishing of a room to set up storage for donations such as clothes, shoes, toys, sports material, school material, etc;

2nd STAGE:    

Building of a kitchen; Building of a canteen; Building of a shower room with toilet and basin for staff and volunteers; Building of reading room.

3rd STAGE:    

Restoration and improvement of classrooms at Okon Primary school based at the orphanage; Building of Playground Area; Building of sports court; Repair of old Van or purchase of a car for transportation of children to hospital, school, beach, WN team for enlightenment campaigns and other activities;

 

Paint external walls with different colours, nature, animals, etc to give life and a fun characteristic to the place (see example below). Bill, the painter, said he is able to do something like that; Restore two bedrooms and set up sleeping rooms for volunteers/guests ; Plant Grass on some areas of the orphanage.

Contacts: Leo (in Brazil) : 00955 Karen (Lagos): 08039210201 Bosco (Lagos): 07064584877 Diana WN(Eket): 08062163276 / 08183501572 Emman (driver and assistant): 08067 498335 Bill (painter): 08067 040800 Joseph (Builder): 08065894456 Godwin (Plumber): 08027961013 Ev. Luke (Driver and carpenter): 08056034851

Elder Atarah (Electrician): 08023436385 Bishop Evans (bat): 08138027860 Press (carpenter who makes beds): 08038029441 Sam (sells sand, gravel): 08037767030

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Reforma do Orfanato Sant James  
Reforma do Orfanato Sant James  

Reforma do Orfanato Sant James