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AND…Did You Know?... You can make your financial commitment in part or completely by Gifting Stock! There are potential tax advantages and you may want to consider this before the year’s end, but do be sure to consult with your tax advisor. For more information, contact Jeri Brandes at 201-444-6225. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Budget Drive Committee Members: Rob Willis, Eileen Jarrett, Jeff Summerville, Ira Mendelsberg, Mike Patterson

The Intern’s Corner

The Emerson Circle has started again. I imagine the notices in the bulletin and email blasts have missed your attention. In the last meetings only one has shown up for the gatherings. No worries really. I understand that there is much competing for your time and attention. The Emerson Circle will continue on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays (if holidays and travel schedules don't intrude). In fact there are activities planned for the coming year: a four speaker Spring-Winter lecture series and a trip to Concord, MA. Why bother you ask?

It was only ten years ago when I found myself at the crossroads of my commitment to Unitarian Universalism that I came to the Transcendentalists, specifically Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mind you as an English major I had many chance encounters which I deftly side stepped. I considered myself too much of a modernist to bother with antique voices and thoughts. All arrows were pointing to Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott, Hawthorne and others but I ignored the whole lot of them. It happened that one Sunday afternoon I overheard two parents chatting in the courtyard of my home congregation of All Souls in Manhattan. One said to the other "As a Unitarian Universalist you can believe whatever you want." I was alarmed. What have I committed my children to? A lifelong wandering in the desert? It was then that I committed myself to read Emerson as his name had so often been spoken from the pulpit and according to Bartlett's, he is the most quoted American. It was through Emerson and the Transcendentalists that I learned that the proof of creation abounds all around once. One need only to open their eyes and be awake to what is present. Also I came to appreciate that Divinity is immanent in each of us. We need only to trust ourselves; allow the little light within us to shine. The Emerson Circle will continue while I am here and perhaps after I have left. Often the treasures of our forebearers get consigned to the antique bin of history. But I believe that there is something durable, lasting and valuable in the writings and thoughts of these "like minded" people who seemingly agreed on little that I want to do my small part to keep the Transcendentalist embers warm and bright. It took 19th century Romantics to reawaken the Romantic within me.

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Newsletter usr nov14