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Vol. 54 No. 7 1

March 2015

Dear Friends, The month of March brings the theme of Commitment to our doorstep. Your commitment to USR comes in many forms. It comes in showing up on Sunday, perhaps participating in a task force or committee, volunteering to help in RE or coffee hour, serving as an usher or just sitting to enjoy the Sunday services. In sum, the commitment you demonstrate often comes in participating in this community because it is meaningful to you. Your commitment to USR allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

From the Intern Minister’s Mailbox

Since 1873 this Society has stood as a beacon of liberal religion. It has served as a gathering place for you and others like you, and generations of others to come, to find a home when most didn’t seem quite right. It is here that you have found sanctuary in a like-minded caring community. It is the place you have decided upon after searching all others. This month you are invited to help to give shape to USR’s future by contributing to the Annual Budget Drive.

Now for the hard part…Spoiler alert…It’s financial. Let’s try an experiment. Get out your checkbook (or annual budget drive pledge card) and a pen (black ink preferred). Remember what you committed to USR last year? Now take your pen and press hard against the paper and write-in double that amount. Is your hand shaking a bit? What is causing your hand to tremor? Now scratch out that amount and write-in triple the amount from last year (be sure to put your initials by the correction). How do you feel now? I would venture to say that if you haven’t fainted by now my guess is you feel emboldened. Emboldened by the possibilities of what your financial contribution can do for this Society. Be bold! In the last several months I have experienced the unique resilience and strength of the USR community. This is a caring community filled with compassion and love. I ask you to affirm your commitment to USR by voting with your dollars. State your intentions and double down on USR. Or better yet, triple! If you intend to leave then I would have guessed you would have done so by now. If you are here to stay, signal to the community your hopes, dreams and aspirations with your bold commitment of financial support. I invite you to make March your month of Commitment to USR. Return your Annual Budget Drive commitment card and signal to this community how much you care and how deeply you believe in USR. With love, Carlos

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