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Vol. 54 No. 4

December 2014 1

Everything seems out of balance in December: the earth tilts too much on its axis casting dark shadows on our hemisphere; we are taken out of our routine and entreated to merriment; the season’s cues concentrate our attention where it may otherwise not be: on family, friends and ourselves. Our expectations of the season might be colored by the tincture of the year which has past and the one yet to come. December becomes the fulcrum as one year closes and another is about to commence. This can be a challenging period for some in which the voids in our lives seem a bit bigger and more present than usual.

From the Intern Minister’s Mailbox

The season is filled with the yearnings of our deepest longings. In us is a sense of quiet awakening and murmuring expectation in the midst of winter’s dark and cold. Waiting to spring forth ever so restlessly is dormant new life, ever so small becoming larger within, filling us with radiant possibilities with ever widening constellations that touch us all as hope from the ether of our soul seeks its companion in the glimmering stars above.

It is a season which brings us joyous possibilities, the anticipation of an amazing birth; the swelling pride of an expectant mother and that one star above which will outshine all others that is infinite and eternal. This season I invite you to dwell upon what is deep within your heart or consider what separates us from ourselves and others. As the winter turns hard as stone, let us feel the love that is deepest and most profound. Let it make us gather up our life’s lessons and hopes unheard. The winds of heaven do mix forever with sweet emotion. So go—catch that star—and hold its incandescence to let it touch you and shine splendidly outward. For the season is upon us. Merry Christmas!

Dear beloved community, Heartfelt thanks to those who have sent me cards and messages of support and care. It is helping to sustain me in this time of isolation and uncertainty. I remain hopeful, look forward to returning to you in February and wish you all a holiday season filled with blessings of laughter, peace, and good health. Though not with you physically I am with you in spirit and continue to be…. Yours for the good cause, Rev. Kathleen

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Newsletter usr dec14