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DEAR APPLICANT, I want to tell you a story about a kid with many dreams. His biggest dream of life would undoubtedly be able to get up one day and know that the world which saw me grow no gap present of inequality, that violence has receded and has let in the respect for life as law essential for the development of a society in peace. But He realized that He couldn’t do that by himself, He needs help. Help of people like you, committed and aware about what’s going on with the world and how us the young leaders can explode our leadership potential and boost this movement to impact more lives. He is looking for brave individuals, rebels who challenge the status quo, for young leaders who really want to develop their leadership at the same time they develop AIESEC in such an amazing city like Montería. I want to congratulate you for being brave enough to take this next step in your leadership path. I know that there are going to be ups and downs. But that’s the best part of being a team, to build confidence and trust between each other and resist the hard times to succeed in what we want. I invite you to strive for happiness, whatever it means for you. I invite you to choose the road of your own dreams. And finally I’m glad to invite you to join me through this new adventure of life!

Always yours, the nigga.

EB MEMBER PROFILE While the members of AIESEC in Colombia’s EBs come from diverse backgrounds and environments, several general characteristics, skills and knowledge are expected of everyone, there are some aspects that you must consider if you want to be part of this challenge.

INTELLECTUAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL Many aspects of one’s personality can effect being part of a leadership team in AIESEC Local chapter. Some of them are obvious: constant learning, systematic thinking, creativity, adaptability to change, sense of responsibility, capacity of analysis, patience, listening, and supportiveness but also you have to keep in mind that the most important thing is to understand why as a leader of this amazing organization in AIESEC in Colombia you are doing what you are doing. Great leaders inspire action and lead consciously.

AIESEC UNDERSTANDING A broad understanding of the association is required in order to execute an LCEB position properly. An understanding of our vision, values, identity, current direction, country development, and systems is certainly something we will look for in all candidates.


A broad knowledge of world and organizational systems, current trends and issues facing society and cultural issues are important to lead a Local Committee. Practical understanding of new management theories (e.g. learning organization, self- organizing systems) is also important in managing the diverse environments in which AIESEC operates. In addition, each position requires skills and knowledge in the areas of financial management and budgeting, project management, human resources management, and good understanding of English.


Overall, there is no perfect candidate profile; however, good candidates will possess strong competencies in the areas of social behavior, motivation, task orientation, and people management skills. The key component is balance - within the individuals and within the team of individuals.


Application Lunch: 11/10/2016 Application Submission: 21/10/2016 Belbin and Personality test: 22/10 – 26/10 Interviews: 22/10 – 26/10 Confidence Assembly and announcement: 27/10/2016

REQUIREMENTS If you want to undertake the role of an Executive Board Vice President of AIESEC “Comité Local” for 2017 you must:  Working for delivering the results of the local committee for 2017.  Attending to VPM and CROSSWAY 2016.  Attending to transition and final events of 2017.  Being prepared for any situation that may arise in the process.

SUBCOMMITTEE INTERVIEWS For any EB candidate the selection criteria will come from an evaluation of the following facts by the elections subcommittee:       

Applicant profile (competencies level, soft skills level, past experiences). Organizational knowledge. External environment awareness. Functional knowledge. Emotional intelligence. Team member and team leader role. Local reality knowledge.

The elections subcommittee will be composed by: 1. External 2. Current Functional LCVP 4. LCP elected 5. LCP Current

APPLICATION PROCESS The application process is divided into 3 parts:  Your Profile: Please fill your personal data in the application (max. 1 page)  Questionnaires: Answer all the questions listed below. (max. 8 Pages)  Video: attach the link of a 3 minutes video where you explain the summary of your application

 The entire application (profile, questionnaires, and video link) should be maximum 10 pages in font size 11 points.  Make sure you create 1 file for your profile and all your answers.  We expect 1 PDF file only. Late applications won’t be received, no exceptions. Please submit your application in following format : “LCVP2017_Area_Application_ AIESEC Colombia Local Entity_ name surname.pdf ́ e.g.: LCVP2017_TXP_application_AIESECSanAndres_DavidOspina.pdf) Application Link :








1. PROFILE Information    

Name Mail Phone Skype

About Me Introduce yourself briefly and include 1 photo of yourself.

YOUR AIESEC EXPERIENCE 1. Positions held in AIESEC (Please include responsabilities, learning points and quantifiable achievements). 2. Please describe one of your greatest successes and one of your biggest failures in AIESEC. What did you learn out of them? 3. What are the 2 areas that you will be interested in? Please list them and explained why you choose the.

PERSONAL 1. Why have you decided to run for LCVP of AIESEC in Montería? 2. What are your personal long-term goals? How do you see your potential LCVP position contributing to them?



1. Please list your 3 main strengths and 3 main weaknesses and answer the following questions for each.  Personal strength: How this will make you a better LCVP?  Personal Weaknesses: What are you doing to overcome these weaknesses? 2. According to OD Model, which organizational changes will your EB need to focus during your term, in order to get you entity to the next stage.

3. How would you describe our organizational culture? Please propose what should be the next Jaguar Power, according to the evolution we have every year.



1. GV projects have 2 main characteristics:  Solve a social issue that the country has and provide for the GV participant a cross-cultural living experience.  Opportunity to create a social impact and personal development (always focused in develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership). - Taking the points mentioned before into consideration, what are the main social issues that your city has? What are the products (from the national portfolio) that you can offer to solve those social issues and how are you going to execute it? 2. Analyze the evolution of the Delivery & quality processes during the realization peak. What should be the next steps and how are you going to guarantee the financial sustainability of the area? Write down at least 3 strategies. 3. Make a timeline where you describe your monthly priorities and IP-APP-RE (November 2016- June 2017) 4. Mention at least 3 strategies to keep growing and describe what would be your goal (in terms of RE) as LCVP?

OGV 1. What are the three main challenges in growing OGV that you can see in your LC right now? Please list 3 main initiatives that you as VP would like to work on to overcome those challenges. 2. Imagine that you have goal to deliver +50 oGVs during your VP term for this peak. How would your work each target? Your only limitation would be your imagination. 3. Make a timeline where you describe your monthly priorities and IP-AP-RE (November 2016- June 2017) What would be your goal for the term 2017? 4. How would you ensure Product Packaging sales in our LC? Taking into account this is a national strategy that we have not capitalized.

IGET 1. Please make a SWOT Analysis of iGET in AIESEC MONTERIA 2. Develop 3 clear strategies to keep growing based on: GT, GE, National Projects like Future Colombia. 3. Make a timeline where you describe your monthly priorities and IP-AP-RE (November 2016- June 2017) What would be your goal for the term 2016?

4. What is your specific proposal to capitalize new markets in MonterĂ­a? Mention the segment and the proposal.

FM and Legality 1. Which Strategy will you propose to ensure a legal and financial on time culture in the local Committee? 2. What would be the main investments that Finance should focus in order to increase operations, maintain the membership empowering and develop the leadership potential in your LC? 3. Describe the main synergies of F&M in the Local Committe. How would you improve them? 4. Make a timeline where you describe your monthly priorities according to your main functions. (January-June)

TXP 1. Make a SWOT of the TXP area actual state. Taking into account the TXP growth model, which will be your 3 focuses, and 3 strategies for each of them that will take TXP to their level. 2. Taking into account that TXP is going to be in charge of organizational culture. What is your proposal to strengthen the jaguars organizational culture? (Don’t forget to include Internal relations)

3. How would you manage internal communication with VP IR in the LC? Mention channels, strategies and messages. 4. How are you going to ensure that your productivity will increase in your term?

s8S 1. Analyze the evolution of the Standars&Satisfaction processes during the realization peak. What should be the next steps and how are you going to guarantee the financial sustainability of the areas? Write down at least 3 strategies you are going to implement to. 2. Suppose a summer peak of 100 iGV and 25 iGIP trainees. Establish the delivery process, keep in mind global families product, project or exchange timeline, responsible and legal/audit process. 3. considering that global families is a program that is in development and growth in the local committee. Which would be your strategies to ensure 200 homes, with standards of quality and satisfaction for our trainees? 4. Which are your main bottlenecks in the synergy with ICX areas? How would you overcome them?

INTERNAL And EXTERNAL RELATIONS 1. Today, at a local level, the conversion rate from Open to Match in OGX* is lower than 10% what would you do in your LC to guarantee a 50% conversion rate? Make a 6-month plan. 2. Elaborate a short SWOT Analysis of Marketing and communication situation in your LC. What will be the extra mile you are going to bring as LCVP? 3. Taking into account our universities partners and the different kind of students they have. What would be your strategies to approach each segment? 4. How would you ensure new universities relations? 5. Please mention 3 different communications channels to make sure information is effectively getting to the targeted goal. What would be the differences between the 3 of them? 6. How do you think area can be the Organizational culture manager and how you can improve the organizational values in your local entity trought your culture?

¿Are you in?

Aplicaciones EB 2017 @MT  
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