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In this Little article you can read something about one extreme sport called BMX.BMX is an extreme sport in which guys or girls use their bikes to do extreme tricks B MX was born in Southern California, when a couple of children began riding their bikes. They wanted to copy the motorcyclist of the moment. In the middle of the 70s the BMX started to grow and specialist stores began to create special bikes for this sport. The BMX has been one of the most important Street sport, and today, it’s growing more.

This sport has two different modalities: they are Freestyle and race. Freestyle is the modality in which the bikers use their bicycles to do tricks on the Street and on special street parks. Race is the modality in which the bikers do races off roads. This modality is the only one that is considerated an Olympic game.

BMX has different competitions. The most important in Freestyle are the X-Games, and in race the most important are the Olympic games. The X-Games were born in 1993 when ESPN sport had the idea to do a competition to gather the most extreme

sports. The first edition was in 1995. BMX is an Olympic game since 2008 in the Beijing’s Games. Once a year the BMX corporation do the world race in different countries.

In this great sport we can find a lot of teams. They are the sponsors of the bikers. Teams are the responsible to find new competitions for the members. BMX has a lot of teams but a couple of them are the most important. They are Federal and Animal. These teams are characterized by making the best bicycle parts.

You can find many important bikers. The first biker that was recognized was Dave Mirra. He was the first person that won the XGames in Freestyle. Today the best biker is Garret Raynolds. He has won five consecutive times the X-Games. Here in Colombia the most important biker is our sportwoman Mariana Pajon. She won gold medal in the Olympic Games.

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