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rying, mourning, and isolating himself because of shame, He feels darkness covering him, with himself to blame. Sickness engulfs his person, discriminated by others. Stigmatized and left alone without sisters or brothers. At birth, blood from the mother gives life to continue his breath. Now, blood that should sustain life is what leads him to death. At Camillus’s birth, blood flowed as a sign of the promise of life. And the same blood that shines hope to people in illness and strife.

A reminder for us to discern the true relationships of weakness and power, to connect us to the heavenly banquet of God with those who struggle and suffer. By Rev.



Cancino Jr., MI



Blood, as sign of life binds families and communities together, That calls us to see Christ’s blood on the cross as solidarity with the other. It reminds us to discern true relationships of weakness and power, Connecting us to the heavenly banquet of God with those who struggle and suffer.

Provincial’s Corner

he 25th anniversary celebration of St. Camillus Polyclinic-Pasig is a day of thanksgiving to the Lord for His constant inspiration and guidance to us in serving the sick with “heart in our hands." The celebration’s theme, “Its Mission Continues…", is very apt for our institution’s mission of serving the sick with love like that of a mother to her only child who is sick. It is a mission that is never ending as long as there are sick people needing us. It is also a day of saying THANK YOU, translated into a concrete action, to the people who keep on believing and trusting us with the way we take care of their sick loved ones. We hope that we were able to share with them the healing, comforting, and transforming love and compassion of Jesus, as we tried our best to translate the charism of service to the sick that St. Camillus, our patron, handed down to us, in the services we rendered them. It is also a day of recognizing the great contribution of our staff and personnel, the most important resources we have, particularly those who have been with us since we started St. Camillus Polyclinic-Pasig in July 1986, for their being true Camillian collaborators for two and a half decades and those who are already beyond ten years and those who have been with us for some years now. Last but not the least, we cannot but remem-


By Fr. Rolando J. Fernandez, MI

ber and thank those who started this Polyclinic: Fr. Luigi Galvani, Ml, the founder, and Bro. Angelino Aldegheri, MI, who worked hard to have the structure and laid down the very foundation of the clinic; and those who have been part of this institution—the past medical directors and administrators, staff, and personnel. To them, "A million thanks!" Thank you also, current members of the administration, staff, and personnel, for your unwavering support and collaboration with the Camillians and for your immeasurable dedication to work for the sick with love and commitment. As we enter the new chapter of our Polyclinic, the soon to be St. Camillus Medical Center, there are many new challenges ahead of us. We have, therefore, to ready ourselves technically, professionally, pastorally, and spiritually so that we may be able to serve the sick under our care in their totality with love. We always have to work as a team imbued with Christian values and Camillian spirit. Let the spirit of the Good Samaritan be always alive in us and take St. Camillus as our model in caring for the sick. May the Lord Jesus, through St. Camillus de Lellis, the patron saint of the sick, hospitals, and healthcare workers, and Mary, Health of the Sick, always inspire us as we continue our mission of service to the sick. More power and God bless us all!


shepherd’s care

team taiwan

REASONS OF THE CELEBRATION A triple-treat celebration: graduation, baptism, and Eucharist, was held on July 14, 2011 at the center for the handicapped in Lotung, Taiwan. By Fr. Giuseppe Didoné, MI

Scholastics’ Home

sa balay ni isko

ISKOmmunity holds fiesta in H4, NKTI By Sch. Dab Anthony R. Obong, MI The fiesta celebration in both institutions was highlighted with a Healing Mass, which the scholastics organized, where the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick was incorporated in the Eucharist. In SLH, part of the celebration was the rite of the pinning of red cross of Anthony John B. Mangubat, this year’s new adult seminarian. The ceremony marked his formal acceptance to the St. Camillus Adult Formation Centre. After the Eucharist in NKTI, the kissing of the relic of St. Camillus followed. In a program held afterwards, a video on the Camillians in the Philippines was shown followed by a short insight about the presentation given by this writer. For teaching us how to “see Christ in the sick and be Christ for the sick,” VIVA SAN CAMILLO!


Together with the Adult Formation Community and the Woodwater Center for Healing staff, half of the members of the Scholasticate Community celebrated the Feast Day of St. Camillus at the H4 Pavilion of San Lazaro Hospital (SLH) in Sta. Cruz, Manila, last July 14, 2011. They were headed by Fr. Evan Paul A. Villanueva, MI, director of scholastics. On that same day, another group of scholastics were with Fr. Boy S. Guinit, MI, assistant director of scholastics, and had a similar celebration at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) in East Avenue, Quezon City. The separate celebrations were linked with one desire, though: To make the day more significant and meaningful by sharing its “festivity” with other people most importantly the sick and the medical staff and personnel of the said hospitals.


In the next twenty-five (or even fifty or more) years, we are confident that St. Camillus Polyclinic-Pasig will continue to shine brightly as it carries on with its mission of providing excellent and quality healthcare services to the sick

in focus

SCP-Pasig shines brightly at 25 wenty-five years has passed and St. Camillus Polyclinic-Pasig (SCP-P) remains steadfast in its mission and commitment of rendering heart-filled healthcare services to the sick. Matter-of-factly, it is shining brightly at 25! SCP-P’s highly anticipated silver anniversary celebration was finally held last July 11-16, 2011. The week-long celebration opened with a motorcade and a performance by a musical band organized by Dr. Emelie C. de Guzman. Triduum Masses were also held on July 1113 in preparation for St. Camillus Feast Day on July 14. Within the week, thousands of patients received free medical consultation by the Polyclinic’s physicians along with the other free healthcare services like Pap smear, tooth extraction, electrocardiogram testing, bone screening, foot screening, chest x-ray, digital rectal examination, urinalysis, and cholesterol/FBS/ triglyceride analysis. The services, by the way, were complemented with lay fora made possible through the help of Dr. Vener A. Mejia.

The fora focussed on Dental Health Awareness (Dr. Ophelia B. Bendijo), GSK Asthma (Dr. Erma G. Lazaro), Diabetes and Urinary Tract Infection (GETZ Pharma and Dr. Mejia), and Dermatitis Skin Diseases (Glenmark Pharma). The sessions intended to increase the level of awareness and broaden the knowledge of the patients, and of the SCP-P employees, on the different medical conditions discussed. Meanwhile, the Polyclinic also set up a tiangge (bazaar) selling goods and other products like apparels and toys at very affordable prices. A fellowship event attended by the employees and special guests culminated the silver anniversary celebration. Dr. Manuel B. Blanco and Lolita E. Junio hosted the program where the employees from the different sections of the Polyclinic showcased their hidden talents through song and dance performances. In the same occasion, Fr. Rolando J. Fernandez, MI, director of Camillian healthcare institutions, along with Dr. Edwin T. Labro, medical director, acknowledged the SCP-P employees who had rendered their loyal services to the institution for more than 10 years. They were Diosdado D. Gucela, Eugenia A. Gucela, Ramiro G. Cecilio, Ma. Cecilia N. Sanglap, Ricardo A. Nalasa, Susana B. Severino, Norma Z. delos Santos, Imelda B. Corral, Eleanor A. Jimenez, and Irene P. Navarro. In the next twenty-five (or even fifty or more) years, we are confident that St. Camillus Polyclinic-Pasig will continue to shine brightly as it carries on with its mission of providing excellent and quality healthcare services to the sick. With God’s grace and guidance, and through His instruments of mercy and compassion—the loyal and competent people behind SCP-P, every patient in need will surely receive the heart-filled medical attention and treatment they deserve.


By Irmadel G. Vertucio, OTRP

aids does matter

HCCT, Woodwater people at the helm With “Spread the love, not the virus” as one of its guiding principles, the Woodwater Center for Healing continues to infect more people with love virus—to care and journey with our sisters and brothers living with and affected by HIV/AIDS—through the HIV Confidential Counseling and Testing (HCCT) training it conducted last July 6-9, 2011 at the St. Camillus Pastoral Healthcare Center in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Participated in by 16 individuals from different advocacy and religious groups, the training’s inputs and workshops were given mostly by the Woodwater staff this time around. And how it came across to the new HIV counselors? Here are some of them:

cy, to continue nourishing myself and my faith to be of service to other people. Ron Genato (Take the Test Project)

I feel that I have come to the right place and my goal has been met. I am now ready to commit myself to the advocacy and I am grateful that my journey has started here at Woodwater. Ian Felix Alquiros (The Love Yourself Project)

Great experience. This training had opened my eyes to the reality of HIV/ AIDS in the Philippines. I found out that we all need each other to fight this illness. I believe with each other we all can fight HIV/AIDS and help people already living with HIV/AIDS. Point to remember is that we all have to work together. James Bon (The Love Yourself Project)

Empowering. Enlightening.

I feel honored to be doing the challenging work of an HIV counselor as it is in the intersection of my skills, my passion to help others, my commitment to my community, and the needs of society. Chris Lagman (The Love Yourself Project) The HCCT helped me identify my issues that need to be resolved. Aida Magsipoc (San Juan de Dios College)

Dr. Agnes Mendoza (HIV Advocate) My experience with HCCT made me feel, empathize, and connect with my clients as a counselor. And it made me realize that I really want to do this advocacy. My heart was deeply touched. Vinn Pagtakhan (The Love Yourself Project) I felt that I was equipped with more knowledge and capacity to understand the situation, to discern the role I need to play in my HIV advoca-

I feel better equipped to care for all those who come to me for help. Jake Lopez (No Day But Today Project) At first, I was doubtful if I can be a counselor. After the sessions, I became confident on how it is done and was made more aware of how I can help my peers. I am thankful that I became beneficiary of your advocacy. This is God’s presence made evident through you to me. Ricky Bragado (HIV Advocate)

The Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998 (RA 8504) pronounces the necessity of a holistic health care of persons living with HIV (PLHIVs). It likewise extends to them full protection of his or her human rights and civil liberties and ensures their right to privacy. In this light, the AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP) published a Quick Reference Guide for Returning OFWs. As its title implies, the booklet would serve as quick guide to services, care, and support for returning overseas Filipino workers who are HIV-positive. Hence the Guide provides a directory of essential legal, social, medical, spiritual, educational, and financial assistance provided by government and non-government welfare organizations. As one of the partners of this endeavor, the Woodwater Center for Healing attended the launching of the Guide last July 26, 2011. Bro. John Jay C. Magpusao, MI, Girlie E. Condino, RSW, and Owie F. Legwes represented the Woodwater during the event held at Annabelle’s Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. ASP is the leading movement of professionals and advocates committed to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS through the provision of technical expertise and facilitation of information exchange among AIDS service organizations, stakeholders involved in HIV prevention, and communities.


Quick Guide for OFWs

good news

Camillus in

La Salle

By Bro. Gabriel A. Alpapara, DLSUMC Pastoral Coordinator

he sun was high and shone very happily that day. It was July 14, 2011, a very significant day for us in the Office of Pastoral Care Services of De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC ) in Dasmariñas City, Cavite, as we celebrated with great joy the first feast of our dear patron saint, St. Camillus de Lellis. Through the help of Rev. Fr. Rolando J. Fernandez, MI, Provincial Superior of the Camillians-Philippine Province, we were able to obtain a beautiful small statue of St. Camillus that now adorns our department’s altar and enjoys our veneration and devotion ever since we obtained it. Upon my visit to the Camillian’s Provincialate in Loyola Heights, Quezon City, together with a seminarian friend, I was able to meet Bro. John Jay C. Magpusao, MI, who was indeed very generous enough to offer me some novena booklets, which I distributed during the triduum. Hand-in-hand with the devotion to Camillus, we are also starting to introduce the devotion to Our Lady, Mary, Health of the Sick. A beautiful picture of her is also venerated in our office, thanks again to the generosity of the Camillians. Now we enjoy the loving intercession of our dear St. Camillus, and as our patron, we propagate his life and the devotion to him in our own little ways among the numerous people we serve. May St. Camillus continue to teach us to “Put more Love into our hands” and to continually see Christ in the faces of the sick and the suffering.

Since the establishment of the Office of Pastoral Care Services almost two years ago, we still didn’t have a patron saint. Unanimously, we thought of Camillus de Lellis as the most deserving man for the Job!


Aside from our department, St. Camillus was also chosen as the special protector of the hospital’s nurses and the office’s Clinical-Pastoral Trainees (CPT). Prior to the feast day, the Office of Pastoral Care Services in cooperation with other hospital departments held triduum of prayers followed by the recitation of the holy rosary in honor of St. Camillus. It was well-attended by the hospital staff, nurses, and patients. The hospital chaplain and pastoral care administrator, Rev. Fr. Manuelito “Manny” L. Villas of the Diocese of Imus, presided over the Eucharist in honor of the glorious saint. Fr. Manny underlined during his homily that despite Camillus’s height (which was for sure a very hard thing for him to do), he humbly bent towards the sick in order to lovingly minister to them. He reminded everyone especially the doctors, nurses, and pastoral caregivers that like St. Camillus, “we should always see Christ in the faces of the sick persons to whom we serve.” But wait a minute. “St. Camillus in a La Salle institution? How did it happen?” For sure you were already asking this question right now. Right? Being a Catholic institution, almost all the departments of DLSUMC have a special protector saint. Since the establishment of the Office of Pastoral Care Services almost two years ago, we still didn’t have a patron saint. Unanimously, we thought of Camillus de Lellis as the most deserving man for the Job! With the nature of our ministry towards the sick, St. Camillus really portrayed our mission and ministry, which is to see Christ among the sick and the suffering. On a personal note, I obtained my knowledge and devotion to St. Camillus when I entered the Capuchins as a postulant. This led me, together with my fellow seminarian collaborator, Bro. Reinier R. Dumaop of the Diocese of Imus, to suggest to our chaplain that St. Camillus be elevated as our heavenly patron. Unknowingly, Fr. Manny have the same thing in mind. Not only did he make St. Camillus as the hospital chaplaincy’s patron but lovingly extended Camillus as special protector to the nurses and to the pastoral care volunteers and CPTs of the office. We have 36 new CPTs serving 11 hospitals in the Diocese of Imus.

Forty-four By Sch. Jose Leonardo L. Degillo, MI

For the past years, the Luwalhati ng Maynila in Marikina City has been one of the partners in our ministry of serving and caring for the elderly. Spending time with the lolos and lolas there has become an integral part of the Camillian seminarians’ formation. Our music and laughter became their hymns and refresher. Their stories and witnessing became our lessons and reflections. Ultimately, we affected each other. Our love for them was expressed in every moment we spent together. A kind of love shared in the form of service— through giving them morning care, cleaning their rooms and surroundings, cutting their nails and hair. Above all, we experienced love as we celebrated together the Eucharist every Sunday. And the chats we had after the celebration further elaborated the communion we had with each other. Remember the years we spent together! Last July 23, 2011 marked the 44th year of Luwalhati ng Maynila’s foundation. The FIDES Foundation, a collaborator of Luwalhati, also celebrated in that same occasion their 25 years of “Passion to Serve,” as the theme of the celebration went. Mrs. Viel Aquino-Dee, presidential sister, and her husband also graced the celebration. “Truly, we enjoyed because of the festive decorations and the abundant food,” said Emilia de la Cruz, “and especially because of the Mass,” she continued. Lola Emilia, 86, is the person who stayed longest in Luwalhati. She spent the past

thirteen years of her life there, in prayer and service. She prays often due to the ample time she has in the place. And she serves her community by being the keeper of the liturgical materials of the institution. She helps and assists seminarians in preparing for any liturgy, especially the Eucharist. Young and old both desire meaning in life. Both learn the wisdom of God’s love through daily experiences of joy and sorrow, pain and relief, discomfort and prosperity. Common experiences become our teacher. In our complex lives, simplicity is the beauty of our learning. Feel the presence of the Lord with those persons we serve, hoping that they may also feel the Lord’s presence in us. Our Order received from God through St. Camillus the gift of witnessing to the world the ever-present love of Christ for the sick (Article 1, Camillian Constitution). United as a Christian community undertaking the path of love, we unite our efforts to promote a better future by living a meaningful present. Respond to the signs of the times with Christian values. This is our call! God’s grace makes this call possible. As the recessional song led by the scholastics during the anniversary’s Eucharistic celebration expressed, “Pumanaog Ka, Poon, sa tahanang laan sa ‘Yong kaluwalhatian. Puspusin Mo ng biyaya ang dumudulog sa ‘Yong dambana.” Together let us make this world a glorious home for all—Luwalhati ng Lahat!

in loving memory


a Aning or Nanay Aning to the Camillians, Anicia M. Capacio, 55, joined our Creator last July 7, 2011.

Serving as office secretary of the Camillian-run Nuestra Señora dela Annunciata Parish in Boso-Boso, San Jose, Antipolo City, until her death, she was also among the pioneering members of the Camillian Healthcare Volunteers (CHV) organized by the congregation 20 years ago in her native place, Boso-Boso. An ever-loving, loyal, and very instrumental collaborator of the Camillians in their mission in the area, Nanay Aning will surely be missed by everyone.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~ Mohandas Gandhi ~



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CamUp - July 2011  

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