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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR MARKHOS was indeed an amazing and exciting experience from start to end, with its major highlight being a three-day, two-night stay at the Costa Bella Resort and Hotel in Cebu. In a group consisting of twenty-six eager BS-Marketing major students and one renowned professor, it was obvious that all 72-hours were well spent. Teamwork was an essential element in the success of this trip, and everyone – the program committee, documentary committee, finance, security and first aid – definitely made sure to achieve this goal. So in order to commemorate this experience, we here at Safari, have created a special issue dedicated to all of you, who helped make that trip full of amazing and enjoyable memories. And we hope that you will all never forget the wonderful days that we all spent together in the sand, sun and sea of Cebu! Cath Laureola Editor-In-Chief

Cath Laureola


Nadine Narciso

Executive Editor

Camille Solis

Executive Managing Editor

Denise Tan

Art Director

Gino Buenaventura

Photography Director

Kirstie Inocencio

Fashion Director

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Contributing Photographers Tam Prieto Albert Trinidad Contributing Writers Mike Batobalonos, Daniel Bocaling Mark Co, Angelo De Dios Carlos Papa, Yra Pascual Ian Rabadan, Rodney Raymundo Maita Ocampo, Ila Sison Cole Sy, Willy Wilwayco, Job Zamora Interns Kenzo Castillo, Alvin Lao Emmanuel Sy, Ronnie Sy Mikel Zubiri

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CONTENTS Cebu Survival Kit

Zipline ’ n i p p i r T



Costa Bella

Safari Nights



Get the look


Cebu Commandments

Who’s that Chick?




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7 must

-haves Cebu t for your rip

By: Tam Prieto, Gino Buenaventura, and Willy Wilwayco



g to a difn when travelin ve gi a ly n ai a tanrt This is ce ld want to have ou w u yo e, rs u f co eneries ferent place. O ful places and sc from ti u ea b e th f o r trip and gible memory unter during ou at job for you! co en ld ou w u that yo ly does th , a camera real ce n ie er p ex r u o



e en you travel to a plac zed, This is most useful wh ni ga ride. It keeps you or e an pl a s ire qu re ts at en th g important docum sin lo d oi av u yo s lp and he ports. ch as tickets and pass be and identification su astic envelope would pl a in l al em th g in Keep r it will pen inside the kit fo ideal. Also include a come in handy.


Upon traveling to a pl with unfamiliar da ace that was new to you ily weather condit ions, it is best to be safe as we were. So pack the necessary gear that will prot ect you from both sunny and rainy weather. (E .g. Sunglasses, ca ps, rain coat, sunblock)

7 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI



MANYAK PROTECTION GEAR Staying at a resort with fellow classmates leaves less room for privacy and personal space. With games that could have only come out of the sleazy imagination of the program committee, women need to be ready for anything. Note that such items may or may not include: pepper spray, switchblade, taser, slippers, chastity belt or the good old kick to the groin.


or nab u forget get to bring one yo If – g ba rf ba e til rsa Ah, the ve y plastic or aboard the plane, then an from the the complimentary ones ed to store food "taken" us be n ca It . do ll wi g es ba paper m any insane eating gam fro s ip ch ss ce ex de hi to hotel buffet, even plain .g. Safari Baboy night) or (E ss ro ac e m co ay ded m u yo more than the recommen ed um ns co e u'v yo en wh puke in it arding the plane. alcohol intake before bo


EXTRA UNDERWEAR Need we say more? Actually, make that extra proper underwear.


7 LEAVE THE STRESS & GO ON VACATION Fun games, g ood food, gre at booze and friends. Who new could ask for more? Enoug h said SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 8

Magellan’s Cross represents the dawn of Christianity in the Philippines

The classic architecture is a symbolism of the history of Roman Catholicism in our country.



A tourist destination that can’t be missed, a splendid sight to see in the heart of Cebu.

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT Prayers being offered to Sto. Niño; Candles being lit to be offered; Prayer candles to offered by tourists and locals; insignia of Magellan‟s Cross at the bottom of the cross.

9 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

shrine to Cebu‟s beloved Child, God and King, Basilica Del Santo Niño is perhaps the busiest of all the churches in the province. It is also an architectural gem steeped in history and religious significance. In fact, the Cross of Magellan is found south of the basilica and the class was so lucky enough to take a peek and offer prayers. The basilica was founded by Fr. Andres de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565, the very day the Legazpi-Urdaneta expedition arrived in the island. On May 8 of the same year, when Legazpi and his men planned the urbanization of the city, they allotted a "place for the church and the convent of San Agustin, "where the Santo Niño image had been found." It was made merely with wood, nipa, and earth back then, but later on it was constructed with hard stone as ordered by the Governor of Cebu, Fernando Valdés y Tamon, in 1735. In 1599, the convent was made a house of studies of grammar, headed by the Visayan linguist, Fr. Alonso de Mentrida. It also served as a rest house for missionaries working in the province and as a retirement home for the aged and the sick. The church has always been the Sanctuary of the Sto. Niño, under the custody of the Augustinians. It is a popular site for devotees and tourists alike as they gather around to worship the miraculous Sto. Niño or the Holy Child. The highlight of the year in terms of visits is the Feast of the Sto. Niño which celebrates the Sinulog.

BY: Camille Solis

Ambot sa

imo!” -Kirstie

Nads “Guys ano ba, lumalaki na fandom ko!” Mikel “ Baka fanbase?”

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 10

Gino Buenaventura and Ronnie Sy doing the Superman down Papa Kit’s Zipline.


ecember of year 2010, Papa Kit‟s Marina and Fishing Lagoon, which was owned by Democrito Mendoza, officially opened its 800 meter Zip line to the public. They poured more than P3 million as initial investments to open this Zip line adventure and it took them one month to construct it. They also hired professional zip liners for the safety of their customers. The Zip line is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. Moving on from the technical stuff, Papa Kit‟s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is a kind of place that is perfect for adventures or thrill seekers and for the family or barkadas. They have an exciting zip line, horseback riding, fishing lagoons and a restaurant. Moreover, it is indeed the place to be in accordance with our class‟ theme, Safari! The place is very Safari-ous because the place is surrounded by a lake, fishponds, woods, rocks, trees, and talahiban. ~Kulang na lang wild animals! The zip lining area is located at the top of the mountain, so we only not enjoyed the destination but the journey of going up there too, because going up there you‟ll need to ride a certain mode of transportation, which I don‟t know what it is called, but it‟s like an open multi-cab (without doors) that looks like a golf cart that can carry at least 10 passengers. So upon reaching the top, you‟ll see the zip line facility. And there it goes up in the sky... It‟s zip time!

11 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

ipline ’ n i p p i r


By: Ian Rabadan Alvin Lao Carlos Papa

’s At Papa Kit


Steps on how to have the BEST zip line experience EVER!

Step 1: Safety First Of course before you go up to the platform you‟ll need to have the complete gear for zip lining, which are the harness and the helmet. And make sure to take important things out of your pockets because you‟ll never know it might fall and who knows if you‟re gonna get it again. Step 2: It takes two to zip line No doubt zip lining is fun. But what better way to experience it when you have your best friend or closest classmate to share the experience with. It‟s advisable that you pick a person you‟re close with and go to the platform, other than experiencing it on your own. Step 3: Extreme measures When going to Papa Kit‟s, tourists normally do the sitting position when zip lining. Those are people who I think have worries of heights. Some people though find it clichéd. So why not make it a bit more intense. There is another position for zip lining called the “Superman”. Just pay another 200 bucks and have a better zip line experience. Step 4: Positioning is everything What‟s the purpose of the staff in the platform? For correct positioning of course. Before they start your zip line they tell you to straighten your arms and bend your knees (for the Superman type position). Not sure for the sitting position though. And oh by the way, making your body straight will make you go faster! Step 5: Don’t look down! On second thought, please do! – Hey it‟s a zip line why won‟t you look down? And don‟t forget to scream! Even if you don‟t want too, it will make you eventually.

Note: For thrill seekers As stated in step 4 positioning is everything to get the most out of the zip line experience, but Papa Kit‟s only offer two position which is the Sitting Position (200php) or the Superman Position (400php) and yes they do vary in prices because of the number of harness you are going to use. Anyway if you chose the cheaper one which is the sitting position, why not try it upside down? So instead of your hands holding the rope it would be your feet, but remember to empty your pockets first, unless after zip lining you would want to go for a swim ü. Now if you choose the superman position, I suggest you do it backwards. Why backwards? For starters if they are going to take a picture of you, they won‟t see your butt, but your face instead. Also it would make the zip lining experience longer because you won‟t know when it‟s gonna end since you can‟t see the end!! We only live once, so live it to the fullest and happiest!! We don‟t go for zip line every often so we better make the most out of it. SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 12

Costa Bella Paradise in Cebu

13 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI


osta Bella is located in Buyong, Mactan Island. The place is only 20 minutes away from the airport, making it a convenient place to stay and unwind if you‟re looking to spend your vacation on the beach. Getting there means that you‟ll have to pass by a zig zaggy dark secluded road until you see the front driveway but it‟s all worth the sorta scary ride. A welcome sign will greet you there and their friendly staff will kindly assist you in checking in. If you need to get to the city, the resort is also quite near the Mactan Bridge which connects the Island to the major island hub of Cebu. Getting to the city proper takes around 30 minutes from the resort.

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 14

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP Costabella’s water slide pool side; Deluxe Suite; Beach 15 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

The resort has wide array of facilities which includes swimming pools, private beach, function areas, and more. Visitors may use these facilities for their own relaxation or enjoyment. The amenities offered by Costa Bella like scuba diving, banana boats will surely bring excitement to their stay in this resort. The rooms are well furnished and all fully air conditioned. We got to tour of the other more pricey rooms which gives you the best view of their beach and the islands. All rooms are wellpositioned such that the sun greets you a nice fresh good morning but won‟t hit it hard enough to cook the living beings inside during noontimes when the sun can get really hot and toasty. But more than the amenities, what makes Costa Bella great is the quality of service they provide. Their staffs are all friendly and hospitable. The friendliness of their staff will surely make you feel warm, and taken care of. Their food is also great. The visitors are sure to have their stomachs filled with their mouthwatering dishes served by their excellent chefs. All these at a price that, while isn‟t cheap, feels entirely well worth every peso you spent for it. Staying there will general set us back around $300 dollars for a 3 day-2 night stay inclusive of airfare, lodging, and buffet consumables, which means that we didn‟t had to spend much getting there for necessities. You can just leave all your worries behind, party and drink all you want for 2 nights.




Rating: 

Rating: 

Rating: 

What I liked best about the Resort: The resort is great but their staff and room service is even better with everything being clean and wellmaintained. The food was good too.

What I liked most about the Resort: The whole place itself. The facilities & service staff are outstanding!

What I liked most about the Resort: It is a very peaceful place to relax, the food is good and the staff is very friendly. It is very clean and gives value for money. Nice facilities and rooms.

What I liked least about the Resort: What I liked least about the Resort: Their noise restriction during night The place is a bit too far from civili- time. It prevents you from enjoying the time with your friends and your zation, making it difficult to go and explore the other parts of Cebu. Also, actual stay in Cebu. the Wifi speed and range could be better.

What I liked least about the Resort: The buffet should have more variety, especially if your stay is long. The beach is a bit small and not as nice as I expected. SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 16

Safari Nights Tales of a Program Committee By Angelo De Dios and Cole Sy

Our main objective was clear. We were to make this three -day Cebu trip to Costa Bella Resort as memorable as possible for everyone in our class. This was a vital goal since several members of the class would be graduating in the following term, and we wanted nothing more but to have them enjoy this experience to the fullest. We are the program committee. This is a story about how a group of five people – Angelo De Dios,Yra Pascual, Cole Sy, Albert Trinidad and Job Zamora planned to put our inspiration into a reality. Our inspiration being that this trip to Cebu had to be wet, wild and dirty.

19 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

Let the games begin! Saturday afternoon arrived before we knew it, but before we could begin with the actual program, rain poured heavily forcing us to rearrange the games in order to not delay everything. We divided the class into 3 groups with 7 members each and this was done by drawing lots – making sure there were at least 2 girls per group. And in order to keep track with the winnings per game, we used a point system, 10 points for 1st place, 8 points for 2nd place, and 6 points for 3rd place. Game 1: Shoot Your Ball The concept of this game is based on the famous game “Quidditch” in the Harry Potter book series. Two competing groups will have to score a goal through throwing or shooting the ball to a hula hoop in the pool. They teams would each get to play one another, so there would be three rounds. We opted to have this game first due to the rain, which was appropriate After the tiring round-robin matches, the following scores were earned and all teams were tied. Shoot Your Ball

Total goals scored

Team 1 or SA


Team 2 or FA


Team 3 or RI


Game 2: Hit My Angry Bird We based this concept to the famous “Angry Bird” game, where one group would have to throw an angry bird at the other groups to earn points. But of course there was a catch, the thrower must be blindfolded and the other members of the group would be the ones giving them directions. The other groups would have to stand still in a bordered area, hoping not to be hit and be called out of the game. Hit my Angry Bird

Number of hits

Team 1 or SA


Team 2 or FA


Team 3 or RI


SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 20

Game 3: Protect Your Balls The rained stopped now as the third game began. The concept was that each team would be given 4 water balloons per members and they must protect their balloons against other teams who would be out to pop them. The catch is that no one must use their hands to pop the balloons. And the team that ended up with the most balloons after ten minutes wins. After those ten exciting minutes of teams swiping at one another and wrestling in the dirt for balloons, the results ended up as follows: Protect your Balls Team 1 or SA Team 2 or FA Team 3 or RI

21 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

Number of balloons left 5 13 11

This game was inspired by the Amazing Race and Wipeout game shows because we had each team run through several challenges and obstacles and the fastest team to finish the course wins. These were the challenges that we created: 1 - Two members have eat 7 marshmallows each 2 – Next two members have to take 2 shots of vodka and an energy drink 3 – Last two members have to spin 5 times, run to the pool to do one lap Final checkpoint – The entire group shares 2 sachets of shampoo to their hair and strike a pose OVERALL Team 1 or SA Team 2 or FA


Team 3 or RI


After a period of resting, cleaning up, and having dinner, the evening event started around 10 in the evening. The night event had a theme to it which we called “Safari Night”. The inspiration of this came as a unanimous decision from the class so it required everyone to wear a safari-themed outfit for the night. And with this we planned out games which would best capture the essence of the atmosphere. We planned a line-up of games which was called “Safari Baboy” but there would be 4 challenges that the groups would have to do. The first challenge was that each group must choose a representative which they would wrap with tissue paper to form a mummy-like and that representative would have to run to the finish line. The second challenge was that each group will be given a plethora of junk food, snacks, and candies and they have to eat everything but they cannot directly put it to their mouths but to their respective groupmates‟ mouth. The first group to finish everything would be the winner. The third challenge is that after finishing all the food, they will now have to take a shot of rum each, like a relay, and the fastest team to finish wins. The last challenge was only for one girl representative per group. She was then blind-folded and be asked by the organizers to find a plastic toy spider in a bucket of a fake slime. And the first girl to find it wins it for her group. As expected the “lucky” ladies to have gone through this challenge shrieked and laughed while rummaging their hand into the bucket of fake slime.

After all 4 challenges, the time and placement of each group were counted, and team 1 or “SA” won and in which they got a bottle of Bacardi Superior rum as a prize, which they drank after the event. And as promised after the evening event there would be a sky lantern-event by the shore. Everyone was so excited in lighting up their lanterns and letting it float to the sky lighting up the beach. Everyone was amazed looking up to like yellow stars in the dark bluish sky. Finally after all the lanterns flew away, we all surprised our professor Miss Acosta which was signaled by our program head who counted to three before we bombarded her with a giant class hug It was truly a tiring day especially for us, the program committee, but it was all worth-it after seeing everyone happy, laughing, enjoying each other‟s company. It was truly a day to remember and cherish as we were the ones who made all the activities and seeing every one of us wishing we can have that one day back so as to relive the momentous experience. We had achieved our goal.

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 22

23 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI


ack in 2008, in the village of Coppull in Lancahire UK, 40 year old Simon Latham looked up at the sky and spotted four “silent lights”, the incident was witnessed by several other people and in a few days time it became the one of the biggest controversies to hit the newsstands. It was later made known that they were in fact, Chinese sky lanterns that were released by the Finch family to symbolize the arrival of their mother. Sky lanterns, also known as Kongming Lantern are airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in some Asian cultures. They are constructed from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame, and contain a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material. Chinese sky lanterns are used as a symbol to signify the importance of a particular event. It is most commonly used during wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and holidays to name a few. In fact, it is considered good luck to release such lanterns as many Thai people believe they are symbolic of ones problems floating away. They are oftentimes offered to temples and monks as they believe they will receive enlightenment in return, as the flame of the lantern is said to symbolize wisdom and that the lantern‟s light shows them to „the right path‟. Last July 23, 2011, we light 27 sky lanterns and released them into the night sky in Cebu. We did so at the end of our culminating night to symbolize all the fun we had and the success we made. It felt amazing seeing those lanterns slowly fade away; there are no words to describe such a peaceful sight. Everyone had smiles on their faces that lasted as long as the flames in the lanterns did. For those few minutes, it seemed as if we were the only ones there, like no one else was watching. All our worries and problems seemed to have faded. That night, that single event, united the entire class. That night, a tradition was born. SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 24

25 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI


ebu City is crowned as the Queen City of the South that lies in the heart of the Philippine archipelago. Being the countryâ€&#x;s oldest city, exploring will make one have a glimpse of its rich cultural history with a number of historic relics that has lived through the years standing until today. Not only would your eyes be hooked in to the popular heritage sites, Cebu also offers its idyllic white sand beaches, pristine clear waters and diving ground. Excellent diving facilities and the services of dive guides will accommodate you to a wonderful view of life under the sea through various sports activities like diving and snorkeling. Aside from its rich marine life, caves and mountains are also present suited for spelunking, mountain trekking and other sports activities that make you experience it to a whole new level. Cebu City has its very own MactanCebu International Airport where travelers from all over the world may fly directly to and grab the opportunity to experience the wonders the city has to offer. On their arrival, they will get to meet the people of Cebu, the Cebuanos, who are known for their hospitality, friendliness, faith and sense of patriotism. And their journey to the beautiful city of Cebu which we all came to love, begins.

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 26


1 Thou shall have awesome sunglasses to protect thy eyes

2 Thou shall have furry animal head gears

Ronnie (wearing Rayban Aviator) and Gino (wearing Rayban Wayfarer) were spotted at the beach with some Korean chicks. The chicks were totally digging Ronnie and Gino‟s look! Swag points for Ronnie and Gino! Sorry Kenzo!

Cath, Jhoana, Gelo and Cole spotted wearing furry animal head gears at the Safari Night Party! Mikel‟s safari hat is so last year! Furry animal head gears are the new in thing this season!

Thou shall have a camera ready

3 27 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

Mike and Camille nailed the tourist look thanks to their best fashion accessory, a camera. Better luck next time guys! Better yet, it‟s time to invest in a new camera!

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 28


Name: Sel Age: 22 Birthday: April 13 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Sexy, witty, geeky What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Flying lanterns

Name: Kirstie Age: 19 Birthday: October 11 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Exciting, decent, unique What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Breakfast, lunch, dinner,

Name: Maita Age: 22 Birthday: March 1 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Maginoo peromedyo bastos What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Lahat!

who’s that chick? Name: Yra Age: 20 Birthday: July 27 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Tall, funny, loyal What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip?

29 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

Name: Ila Age: 20 Birthday: October 4 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: No such person What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Baboy game

Name: Cath Age: 21 Birthday: August 14 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Athletic, music lover, understanding What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Inuman nights with everyone

Name: Jhoana Age: 31 Birthday: March 6 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: A real man Name: Tam Age: 21 Birthday: January 2 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Loyal, respectful, fun What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Meeting a lot of Marketing friends

What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Every bit of it

Name: Nads Age: 19 Birthday: June 22 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Not like me! What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? Bacardi Apple, Absolut Kurant, Boracay Rum, Coke Name: Camille Age: 20 Birthday: April 11 Describe your kind of guy in 3 words: Someone out there What was your favorite part of the Cebu trip? From start to finish

s l r i g e h t t e e m ! u b e c of SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 30

o s u P y a M g n Saging Lang a Mikel George n sa buhay ni pa na ga ka ng go an ang mga ba Ating subaybay lis ille So Isinalin ni: Cam

Gaano kasakit ba ang maghati ng puso? Ms: Mikel, tatanungin kita. Diretsong tanungan. Anong pakiramdam ng nakikihati sa puso ni Maita? George: Ms., ang sakit talaga. Ms: Sabihin mo sa ating mga audience. George: Masakit... pero kailangang tiisin. Ganyan talaga pag mahal mo ang tao. Nakukuha mo pa ngang ngumiti, napapansin ko eh. Paano mo inaanda ang pain? George: Ganyan na lang. Smile. It confuses people. Ms.: Anong message mo kay Ash? George:Sino? Ms. : Kay Ash, kahati mo sa puso ni Maita. George: Edward, may movie ka nga… Wala lang.

“Smile, it confuses people.” 31 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI


SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 32

get kirstie’s safari look + Apply MAC Prep er Prime Eye all ov your eyelid

upOutline your with per lash line ne: MAC Fluidli Blacktrack


Use MAC Paint Pot: Rubenesque as your base shadow


ber lights m a C A M d Blen palette and orange 4


Draw animal spots using MAC black liquid liner

6 Finish by using MAC Eye Pencil for your waterline and MAC Zoom Lash for your eyelashes

33 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI


SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 34


TAP Otap is a crispy oval biscuit which has be come a trademark of Cebu. It is pr imarily made of eggs , flour, shortening, sugar and m argarine. This local bi scuit is very messy to eat becaus e it crumbles easily but the taste makes it hard to resis t. Known for its uniq ue flaky texture, distinctive sw eetness, and accent burnt flavor, Otap claims the title of best provincial sp ecialty in the region’s baking indu stry.


and pusit. Another Cebu’s pride is dried danggit d their love who Just like the Scandinavians os are uan Ceb , salmon fillet and preserved cod TagIf it. pus proud of their favorite danggit and Cecal typi alogs have tapsilog for breakfast, a e without buano breakfast won’t be complet e grown these two. The danggit and pusit hav only by through the years making it loved not laid their Cebuanos but by everyone who has tongue on it.


The famous co SQUILLOS o dle is what w kie with the whole in the m e call Rosquill idos. The textu comparable re is to that of Salvaro but thicker. Rosq mad uill shortening, su os is made of eggs, flo e ur, gar, and marg ar old style of p reparation has ine with its agebeen passed fr generations to om generations. T ant is the m ost popular am his biscuit variones since it is shaped like ong the younger a flower and like a flat dou looks ghnut.

35 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

When you go on a vacation within the Philippines, it is impossible to miss buying local delicacies as pasalubong. Here are some of Cebu’s best delicacies that everyone should not miss out. These are just a few of the pasalubong items we brought to Manila! By: Ila Sison, Mike Batobalonos and Daniel Bocaling

N LECHO git if you fail to le ’t it, n Cebu is . As locals say to it is v n r ople ho You uano lec on like other pe the b e C e er try th e lech and nev not mak they do about the quality g roasted pig rin do. – it’s his mouth-wate The Cebuano T . o v ty fla r. pig quanti r its juicy clude oiling the es o f s u o clud ly in is fam o not on ut also in recipe d g it perfectly b ight spices to r tin and roas e pig with the y have to cater e th th ith the stuffing he taste. Since t me up w nger a e c c s n a o h n a n lo u e also, Ceb on for a travelers lling frozen lech quality is still se the idea of theless, e n o N . e shelf lif assured.

DRIED M ANGOE S, M TAMAN GO, MAN ANGORIND/ Cebu is fa GO PUR mous for EE its ex The

Cebua port-q brought li nos’ creativity and uality mangoes. fe to well resourcefu -p like dried mangoes reserved Mango p lness and mang ro dried ripe o puree. T ducts mangoes h e the globe se su n are being so e ity. The a one can only expe xported across bu ct paved the ndance of tamarin the finest quald in the p way for a rovince nother pa tion. The sa ta fondly call marind mango o lubong innovar w m mango an angorind or taman hat the locals d tamarin go is a hy d. bri of sweet mango fl This chewy candy is d of avor and Something sharp sou a mix you canno r spin. t miss!

SALVARO Salvaro, similar to Otap, is an oval crisp-brown biscuit. However, it is wafer-thin and has a smooth and powdered texture to it. It uses entirely indigenous ingredients such as coconut, shortening, sugar and flour. The ingredients sound pretty common but the coconut flavoring definitely adds a new dimension to this rather familiar recipe.

“Yummy!” - Mike

“ Lechon is th e new KFC! Finger-lickin good!” - Emman

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 36

37 | AUGUST 2011 | SAFARI

SAFARI | AUGUST 2011 | 38


Second upload


Second upload