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How do the hotel concierges use technology to make personal recommendations? The concierges use mobile applications: they provide tips to the guests, for example about their own city or places they know well, and we are constantly updating them. Since concierges are usually local employees the advice are nice and effective. The concierges use Foursquare as well, that way the guests get recommendations from the places they visit, everywhere they go, there are updates from the Ritz Carlton concierges. Cell phones are a highly used instrument for the guests, it helps to give direction to the guests when they arrive in the country, they can be independent because they don’t need the assistance of a concierge physically there waiting at the airport. Guests can order in advance personal things, such as meals ready for them when they check in. It is possible for the guests to do that when they enter the car, no need to do it too much in advance, the information will be directly related to the food and beverage department.

How do they relate to 3rd party recommendation sites? What is the strategy? All employees must work as a whole rather than as a sum of distinct parts. To enable efficient work at all levels, rules of courtesy and assistance shall be applied by all employees. It is therefore to apply the standards of etiquette that are attributed to "ladies and gentlemen. Group including the concierge work a lot with the new technology to help the guests. Thanks to their mobile application the concierge can take care of the customer and meet their needs. The concierge recommendations are also on Foursquare because they want to advise their guests only what is the best. Thanks to Foursquare if you travel with Ritz Carlton all over the world you discover the best and the more sophisticated everywhere you are. Ritz Carlton is simply the best.

What is the strategy behind 'Art of the Craft'? The Ritz-Carlton is located in a total quality approach. To do this, a strategy was put in place to respond to customers more demanding a minimum of time. The total quality management must be available at all levels, whether people in contact with customers or only those in relation to other employees. Through this video you can see the strategy Ritz Carlton. Indeed, thanks to this group when traveling everything is easy, magic is more than experience is a memory. The group wants to take care of every detail of the trip "Let us stay with you" but so intimate. The customer has to dream but at the same time feel at home.

The video also shows that the values are respected, in fact is not "only" employees but who work with passion that the art of hospitality: “They’re not employees. They’re ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen ”.

Provide Analysis - compare Ritz Carlton online stategy to Renaissance Hotels Navigator program Renaissance provide services from “local experts” who share their experience of the destination, they work outside the hotel, they provide a “local touch”. It is a more modern and dynamic way to provide concierge service. Ritz Carlton insist more on the quality of their employees called ”ladies and gentleman”, a very elegant way to distinguish their staff, whereas Renaissance qualify their employees as adventurous and local. Renaissance gives hotel guests inside access to the destination's local haunts, as seen and frequented by the locals of that destination. The upscale twist on the traditional concierge was Renaissance's way of making the traditional travel guide book come to life, complete with personalization services and individual recommendations. In the past six months, the program has morphed from beyond the concierge desk to iPads, iPhones and PDAs, allowing guests to track their paths and get further information on-the-go as they chart their navigation through new cities. RitzCarlton is more traditional than renaissance.


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