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sually, the first stage of a bad

brake up is denial. Under certain circumstances it isn’t the first time you guys have broken up, so naturally you think it’s going to be like any other time. You know, you fuss, you, fight and then you makeup? But then you realize that maybe this time is different. Before you know it a couple days have gone bye, then weeks and then entire month. After you’ve undergone that stage the second stage is usually anger. It is only natural to feel this way after breaking up with someone you care deeply about. Your most likely mad at the fact that the one you use to spend every moment with is now officially single and willing to be with anyone of their choice. Not only are you undergoing anger but your probably experiencing emotional pain. The third stage is most likely depression. Sometimes you lose lack of interest in the world and your surrounding. You mines as well admit it, when that person leaves, you feel as if you whole world of functioning has abruptly turned it back against you also. Trying to func-

tion day to day may snot seem realistic after a bad break up but trust me you can make it. See, you have to realize that even though this situation your going through isn’t the best you have to do something constructive to occupy your mind even when it seem impossible. The next stage is negotiation. Yes, I said it, sometimes you have to be the bigger person and you never know if something is going to work out unless you try, right? I know, I know, this sounds like a cliché , but it may also work if done properly. The final stage of a big break up is acceptance. Whether you like it or not you have to accept the situations for what it is. If you guys makeup then great, I hope that it works out for the two of you. But if somehow you don’t see eye to eye and still decide to go separate ways that that is alright to. Trust me the life will go on, I promise. Just remember “Que Sere Sera” whatever will be, will be. Getting over your ex is a hard thing to do.

You know you deserve it… Relationships can be physically and emotionally damaging but in the middle of all the chaos don’t forget about the one thing that is most important, you. Every now and then a gal should pamper herself, right? Its hard to let go of a breakup but don’t let yourself go in the process of getting over a relationship. Here are a few things you can do to help you get back to you. Call up some girlfriends and have a sleep over. Order your favorite movies, get snacks and have a good time .

Change is always a good thing, why not go get a makeover? In with the new and out with the old. Be a brand new you.

What better way to relieve stress than a nice massage. Go to the spa with some friends to wind down and relax.

Forget about that guy and leave your troubles behind for awhile. Take a road trip with some friends, enjoy yourself.

It’s a prove fact guys want what they can’t have. So, get dolled up and show him what he’s missing out on.

Once he realizes your moving though life happily without him he’ll want you back even more.

Before you know it he’ll be texting and calling you non-stop to see “how your doing.” The next step is up to you. You have to decide whether you should proceed back into a relationship with you ex of seek other options. That’s your decision.

You still have feelings for your ex, so your not suffering any-

If he disappointed you once, it ’ s a big chance that he will

more if you get back together.

do it again.

It ’ s more comfortable continuing a relationship than taking it

You broke up for a reason. Think about it and see if you can get

from the beginning

over it. If you can ’ t and if it remains a reason to fight, the break

For the time when you were good, the relationship deserves a

up will fallow anyways.

second chance. You already know him with the good and the bad. You cant know what you`ll find in the future. It can be worse.

You renounce at the chance to meet a new person who can be better than your ex.

Getting your ex back won ’ t allow you to enjoy the

Calls every now and then to see how your doing

Calls every other hour to see who your with

Moved on and reStill has up old Facemoved old reminds of book pictures of the you two of you

See you out every now and then

Coincidentally always sees you out in public

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