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Some View Points on International Auto Shipping to Qatar and Kuwait If you are considering seriously on international auto shipping to Qatar or Kuwait, or to any other Middle East country, it is necessary to check in detail on the important points. These important points are crucial to safeguard your interests and all the more give you inside details on the international auto shipping facility. Whether you are going for car shipping to Qatar or car shipping to Kuwait, you have to be precise about the information and the federal rules and regulations as only then you will enjoy hassle free international auto shipping to Middle East countries. Most of the individuals who are moving to Middle East countries on short assignments do not actually have the idea on how and what procedures have to followed when opting for international auto shipping. The irony is that despite hiring the services of international auto shipping company, such individuals are least aware about comprehensive range of services which are being offered the shipping company. It happens because individuals are reluctant or ignorant to know about the services of the international auto shipping company, and all the more, they do not make any efforts of comparing the auto shipping price quotes which are offered by various cargo and freight shipping companies engaged in shipping to Kuwait and Qatar. Here are few important perpetuates which you have to take into consideration when you are planning car shipping to Kuwait or car shipping to Qatar: Car Shipping to Kuwait • • • • •

The car owner should be present before the customs department in person for the clearance purpose. It is necessary because the customs clearance department would ensure that the car belongs to the original owner. Non-Kuwaiti individuals/firms are restricted for importing the vehicles into Kuwait. Keep this point clear in your mind. No matter which car model you are importing to Kuwait, it is very necessary that you check on the import duty. Consult your shipping company on this issue as it will let you know about the exact details on customs and import duty. Keep authentic Registration Certificate and Purchase Invoice with you as the customs authorities in Kuwait will check them. Any falsification would mean that you will be penalized and in extreme conditions your car will be confiscated by Kuwaiti customs authorities. Valid permanent residence should be shown by the car owner before he/she can import the car to Kuwait.

Car Shipping to Qatar • • •

All types of cars and automobiles which are to be imported to Qatar should be at least 3 years old as evident from the registration papers of the car or automobile. All personal used vehicles can be imported to Qatar without any customs duty being charged from them. It is very important that the owner of car or automobile should be permanent resident of Qatar before car or automobile registration is sought.

Keep in your mind that you consider all the above factors in detail as this would ensure smooth transfer of car shipping to Qatar or Kuwait and within stipulated time frame. Author Bio: The author has rich experience on International Auto Shipping, Car Shipping to Kuwait, Car Shipping to Qatar, and writes exclusively on subjects related to international shipping. Main Keywords: International Auto Shipping, Car Shipping to Kuwait, Car Shipping to Qatar

Some View Points on International Auto Shipping to Qatar and Kuwait