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HD, 10:03 1 Channel A/V 2017 A/V performance Sonar +D Ancient Greeks had two words to define “time�. One was Kairos which represented the qualitative and organic time and had a permanent nature. The other was Kronos that instead represented the artificial and quantitative time. Through the centuries, the first conception of time was lost and societies evolved experiencing and feeling a vital flow self-imposed. The video is a reflection on movement as the human visual key to mark time. Using analog video feedback technique , I point out what’s the organic growth as opposed to figures and artificial compositions. Kairos is therefore represented by expansions of uncontrollable fractals if not in the input. WATCH


HD, 10:03 3 Channel A/V 2018 Istanbul Biennale Tryptic on 3 channel videos exploring the digital video feedback used as techniques to show the same organic growth on 3 different compositions. This technique is used to create paintings in movement and explore the generative and random expansions of the pixel itself from a starting point of chaos.





Can’t cry on cue

HD, 10:03 1 Channel A/V 2017 Music video for “Solid Void - Can’t cry” on cue a track from the first lp out on Realia. The video was made fully analog by editing previous composition made in digital on a chain of analog videomixer.


Realia A/V

A/V performance, 30 min ~ 2019 A/V performance in collaboration with Solid Void. The performance, premiered at Saturnalia festival, present the ep Solid Void , out on the Milanese collective Realia.



Video HD, 1 Channel, 20 min 2019 AEON is a generative process. The smallest addressable element of the video - the pixel - is in a constant state of change, thus activating a process of artificial morphogenesis, which in turn recreates organic dynamics in a non-organic device. This expansion is the result of a technique called video feedback. One of the best-known examples of this phenomenon, is the whistle generated by by pointing a microphone directly into the speaker to which is wired. The whistle will develop and grow following the Fibonacci sequence, and when converted into video format, will translate into organic patterns that could theoretically expand infinitely. The generative approach is an indissoluble link between the device - the tv - and the content shown. The screen ceases to simply be a passive vehicle of content and starts actively participating to the making of content. It upends its role of communicator and abstracts into anti-content, presenting itself as magnetic practice.


RS II, 2016

Live visual and videomapping Santa Maria Rossa in Monzoro, Cusago 2016

Intrinsic France, 2017

Live visual and videomapping Parc de JosĂŠphine Baker - Dordogne Valley 2017

Beykoz Kundura 2017

Live visual and videomapping Beykoz Kundura, Istanbul 2017

Intrinsic London, 2018

Live visual and videomapping Dalston mosque, London 2018

Discosizer, 2018

Installation with white thread and black light. Discosizer, Milano 2018

Mutabor, 2018

Live visual, videomapping and lighting Mutabor - Moscow 2019


Cielofuturo is the alias of Francesco Tosini, video and graphic artist born and raised in Milan. Using analog and digital tools, his works focuses on the visualization of the intrinsic energy in the process between organic growth and matter, creating a personal cosmology that lives between the virtual and physical worlds. Specifically he investigate the “video feedback� technique, exploring the natural and non stationary creation of organic pattern just starting from the pixel as unity. From this creation of Chaos he uses several techniques to highlights the behave of lights and its natural growth visualized in monitor or computer. This growth, which is used as medium to work on the synesthesia and perception, create a sort of meditation and trance state as leverage on a collective unconscious and primordial memories.



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